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          Crystal Noir Versace for women

          Crystal Noir Versace for women

          main accords

          warm spicy
          white floral
          fresh spicy

          main accords

          warm spicy
          white floral
          fresh spicy

          Perfume rating 3.88 out of 5 with 14,006 votes

          Crystal Noir by Versace is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Crystal Noir was launched in 2004. The nose behind this fragrance is Antoine Lie. Top notes are Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom; middle notes are Coconut, Gardenia, Orange Blossom and Peony; base notes are Sandalwood, Musk and Amber.

          According to Donatella Versace, Crystal Noir is a rare essence, sensual and delicate. The central note of the composition is mysterious gardenia, fresh, sensual, luminous and creamy, reproduced by 'headspace' technology. Amber and musk in the base make the scent dark and mysterious, very sensual and distinct. The fragrance was created by Antoine Lie in 2004.

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          Most Popular Positive Reviews


          I chose this for myself and wore it during the 5 years of my last relationship. Now I am forcing myself to remove unwanted memories by finding a new fragrance.I cannot find ANYTHING I love as much as this, and that turns heads+gets compliments like this=(

          It is VERY spicy, dark, mysterious, flirty, devilish, femme fatale, "i'm pretty but don't fuck with me or i'll stab you with my stiletto's"

          My ex couldn't keep his nose away from my neck, and in fact his best male friend ended up purchasing this for himself after constantly sniffing me one time we were all out on the town.

          I've had men stop me and ask me what I was wearing many times, and have been hit on more than with any other fragrance.

          I truly believe this is NOT for every body. Literally...i think you have to have a natural chemistry to your hormones and flesh for this to work with you. Also, it takes a very animalistic, primal, strong, sexy and aggressive person to pull this off. THIS IS VERY UNISEX in my opinion.

          PLEASE, if you have any recommendations for me and my journey onto my next signature fragrance that is similar in character to this one...let me know!

          Sailor Pluto

          -Reformulated EDT Review-

          This fragrance is probably the only one I can think of where fresh perfume lovers and oriental perfume lovers will both be in heaven! There is the DNA of the Versace Crystal line in this which makes it fresh and aquatic with a soapy touch, but there is also the spices and perfumey heaviness of an oriental! I have to disagree with those who say that this is an evening only perfume, to me this is totally A-okay for the day even in heavy heat and humidity. The freshness, aquatic and soapy nature of this scent prevent it from becoming cloying or nausea-inducing. This scent is very nice, I love it!!

          -EDP Review-

          So I blind bought the EDP since I love the reformulated EDT so much, I thought it would be a safe blind buy. And I was curious to see how similar or different they are.

          Well, the EDP smells like the opening of the reformulated EDT. I can’t distinguish the notes as they are very well blended. After 30 minutes to the 2-hour mark, the reformulated EDT turns into an soapy-aquatic-tuberose-cashmeran fresh perfume, but the EDP stays in the warm-oriental-sweet-ish realm. I actually find that there is a similarity between this EDP and Mugler's Alien..

          Personally, I prefer the reformulated EDT because it is more multidimensional, original and interesting than the linear EDP.


          Let me start off by saying that this has done what no other fragrance has done before - give Alien a run for its money in becoming my signature scent.

          It is the sexiest, sultriest fragrance I was able to come across, to date. The coconut is very prominent in this, but not in a high-schooler-bodyspray type of way. The pepper and ginger mixed with the musk give mysteriousness to the exotic, tropical base. It reminds me of a nightclub, short dresses, heels, cigarettes, sticky/sweaty bodies. It's almost sluttish without smelling overpowering and cloying.

          How did I overlook this beauty for so long? Thank you Versace for making this gem. I own the other Crystals, and this one is, hands down, the very best. I am in love.


          This is a stand-out scent that positively oozes sophistication. It doesn't shout to be heard - the uniqueness of the scent comes from its unusual blend of beautiful notes.

          I find Crystal Noir perfect for work - it's very unusual, not in the least bit boring or common, but subtle and never overpowers. It comes on all coconut and woods, but the most subtle 'real' coconut you can imagine. There is a definite 'expensive spa' feel to this. The woodsy vibe runs throughout, keeping the scent on the down-low and never screechy. It makes me feel powerful, in control, put-together.

          I get the 'noir' aspect here - it's the beautiful introvert in the room, dressed in a black sequin gown, slinking mysteriously in the background. Cool, aloof, classy as all hell.


          A review from a guy.

          This stuff is intoxicating and my favorite woman's fragrance ever. There, I could stop right now but let me elaborate a little bit.

          Crystal noir is above all goddamn sensual, it's smooth, it's intimate and it feels like a modern perfume while avoiding all the heavy stuff that instantly makes a girl 20 years older scent-wise. That creamy but upscale coconut vibe on top of the sandalwood is to die for.

          My first experience with this fragrance was when taking a flight from Delhi to Coimbatore and this exotic beautiful flight attendant was running up and down the plane to assist people with their peanuts (hehe). I was reading a book during the flight but every time she passed by I was like ... daaaaammmn, this smells so good. Normally I don't do chitchat with flight attendants as I find that really cheesy but my curiosity was killing me. So I went up to air hostess and 5 mins later I got the name of the fragrance and paid her a compliment on having good taste.

          I had far worse flight experiences.

          Anyway, back in Europe it's needless to say that I went to the first duty free shop and bought a nice bottle (EDP) of Crystal Noir for my girlfriend.Happy to report it's even more beautiful on my girlfriend! I'm not familiar with female fragrances but I've never smelled it before so to my nose it was quite unique. To be honest, I even want to wear this myself, it's that good.

          Ladies, get this. Or maybe not because strangers will run you down in the street asking weird questions.

          Most Popular Negative Reviews


          This will come off as a negative review, but no disrespect is intended as to the quality of this fragrance. It is obviously well-made. But...
          Is it weird that the smell of this one kind of scares me? I don't know what it is... it is absolutely dark, but I almost invariably love darkness in perfumes, so no... not the darkness.
          It's not sharp. It's quite round, actually... another quality I love.
          God, I wish I could effectively put this into words. To me, it smells like it wants to hurt me. It smells mean, in a quiet, sneaky way. Sinister! That's it.
          But... why?
          I don't love gardenia or coconut, but I have never felt physically threatened by either of them, until now... ;)
          And, I love every single note in the composition besides those two!
          Could it be that the combo of coconut and gardenia stirs some subconscious traumatic memory? Was I bullied by someone at the beach? What?


          Imagine sweating in a coconut latex flavoured suit while wearing some heavy white floral perfume and there you have it: Versace Crystal Noir! Sounds weird? Maybe a bit, but at least it's unique and has a big personality.

          Crystal Noir opens heavenly, with an explosion of black pepper and gardenia, followed closely by a lactonic accord. Coconut peaks its head now and then, only to make things interesting. This stage lasts for about an hour before everything goes crazy. Coconut decides to take control, gardenia turns rubbery and the musk gives it a sweaty, body odour like smell. Coconut is non-gourmand, non exotic here. Nothing about pina coladas and summer vacation on an tropical island.

          Performance is excellent, both longevity and sillage wise. To my nose, differences between EDT and EDP are minor. EdT allows coconut to show faster, while EdP is more peppery-floral at first. Nobody but the wearer will know what version he/she has on.

          PS: this is a review for older batches. I read about a major reformulation 1-2 years ago, apparently coconut is gone, replaced by some red fruits.


          Beautiful, feminine and alluring. It doesn't shout SEXY, instead it's the type that has noses turned into your neck for just ~one more last~ sniff. Crystal Noir is a creamy, warm, slightly spicy coconut scent. Nothing stands out too much, none of the notes are overpowering, but coconut and pepper are always lingering there, and that's what gives this dark and sweet brew character. A good choice for a night out - or a night in, actually, with the right company... if you know what I mean ;)

          Edit: It is just simply amazing how Crystal Noir accomodates to the different temperatures: in the colder weather it's comfortably warm but as soon as heat hits the air, this miracle of a fragrance turns into crispy and much, much fresher.


          I bought a mini version of this online because I couldn't find anywhere to test it. I was expecting it to be super spicy but it is not at all. I think the notes come together so well in this. It is a perfect blend of floral pepper coconut amber and wood. I believe this is a scent that people of many different note preferences will enjoy.

          Edit: I bought this during the summer to save for colder weather. When I first smelled it I really liked it. However, I just picked it up to smell it again (11/14) and I was surprised to find I didn't like it as much. It smells a little to masculine to me now. If anyone wants to swap for my mini, PM me.


          At first sniff, clean woody potent Eau De Toilette.
          I have always gotten the smell of clean woods, especially from the bottle.

          On my skin The Gardenia comes out. I am not a fan of Gardenia but this one lingers beautifully.
          But it has a sort of sweetness to it.
          I would not have said it smells like Coconut. But the sweetness and warmth comes definitely from the Coconut and Amber.
          On some on else the coconut might come out more.
          During the whole time I get a twitch of pepper. Can also be explained as a fresh strong draft at moments.

          I am so damn sad. Loved this in the beginning, as you can see^
          I just get coconut at this stage.
          What I have learn is that I do not like coconut...

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          All Reviews By Date


          Blind buy: 5ml of the EDT. All my favorite perfumes have orange blossom, so this was a no-brainer.

          Even in the bottle, the initial scent that I got was heavenly! First 2 hours is the sharp floral notes; I used to own J'adore Dior a few years ago and the opening of VCN slightly reminds me of that. Perhaps the jasmine in JD and the gardenia in CNV are scrambling my memory scents.

          A small dab behind my ears, base of the throat, and cleavage. I am in my late 20's with oily skin, so scent silage and longevity tend to be stronger, even with EDTs. Current climate also dictates that I go easy with the application (autumn).

          The dry down is *chef's kiss*. Spicy coconut; a strong musky ginger presence but I can still pick up on the amber and sandalwood. I couldn't quite grasp the orange blossom as much, but the slight tartness is reminiscent of my other EDP/EDTs with it in it. Overall, what an intriguing combination of notes! And lasts for another 5 - 6 hours too. I would catch myself being surprised by the scent, when I get wafts of myself out of nowhere.

          I'd love to take this back to my home country and test it out in the tropical heat and humidity. I don't discriminate on night wear or day wear, CNV is ok for whenever and wherever in my opinion. I also think this could work extremely well with a guy's skin chemistry.



          This is a nice fragrance, but it doesn't knock my socks off. The coconut is nicely balanced with the gardenia and spices. After the dry down it stays true to form and has good lasting power and sillage. I think, on me, this just smells like many other spicy florals, with a hint of fresh from the coconut. Again, it's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it just doesn't bring anything really unique to the table either.


          I'm rather confused by this fragrance. Around 2-3 years after it came out, I tested it and was really impressed - warm, sweet (not too much), a little fresh, a bit 'dark' really well-blended.
          Then some time down the road, I decided to get a small bottle, tested again, and it seemed really toned down and different somehow - something that has happened a few times with scents over the years. I had tested the EDT, so I tried out the EDP, in case I had gotten them mixed up - still too different and muted from what had been before.
          I was fairly new to perfume then (still not a notes expert), so maybe I had grown sophisticated in my tastes from that first try, or a possible reformulation took place that was so drastic that even my pleb nose was completely thrown off.
          I test both EDT and EDP every now and then, but they still don't have that wow factor that blew me away the first time.


          This perfume is beautiful . I have the EDT version and I adore it . It smells like a soft floral, sweet but not candy sweet , slightly coconut perfume . You definitely get notes of ginger but it isn’t too sharp or anything . This perfume is like walking into a sauna with fresh cut flowers and the slightest hint of coconut and spices . This is not coconut dominant or juvenile smelling at all. All of the scents melt into each other and give you a clean , soft yet strong smell. Like walking in an exotic garden. It gets creamy in the dry down too. In my opinion this could be used year round . Men love it .



          I just can’t make up my mind on this one when I smell it in the cap I love it !!! But on my skin it just slightly too spicey but it isn’t even that that bothers me so much there is something in this perfume that reminds me of the smell of sweat or B.O ... it doesn’t directly smell like that but it has the same vibe and I find it so off putting (obviously) !! ... but then there’s apart of me that likes how dark and distant it is ... EDT version btw ... I don’t get any coconut either like zero .... I am truly torn when it comes to this fragrance ... on paper it should be everything I love but I’m just kind of overwhelmed by it in a bad way


          I have and love the EDT version: waxy coconut, spices and creamy white flowers.
          Magic and alluring.
          Elegant, feminine, sultry, long lasting.

          [email protected]

          I tried EDT in the store, was in love instantly. Reminds me of a Garnier hair serum I used as a teenager when I would straighten my hair, so exotic and luxurious. So I decided to buy EDP, gosh people are right when they say EDT and EDP are two different scents. EDP is more dark and less coconutty, if there is any coconut at all. I decided to add some coconut myself, so I layered it with the Body shop coconut EDT. It did not turn out the way I expected, it is nice, but weird, still dark, more for autumn and winter or night. Definitely not fresh and exotic like the EDT. I prefer EDT.


          Mine is the EDT VERSION. wow wow wow what an amazing Gem. This one takes the cake. I have nothing that resembles this.


          This is gorgeous warm, spicy, ambery, sexy perfume that lasts for few hours and then becomes a very comforting skin scent. It is very similar to JM dark amber ginger lily (DAGL), but without the hefty price tag as you can purchase crystal noir for quarter of the price of DAGL and I believe, just as lovely to wear. Another beautiful, well made Versace fragrance.
          P.s. mine is the edt version.


          This is a love. Not because it’s individualism, but because it’s just good. It’s sultry but not loud.


          Disappointed, blind so totally my fault. There is nothing that says mystery or spice to me. I am swapping asap I was expecting something other that a shampoo smell. I was looking forward to its arrival but I will continue to be on the hunt for something I fall in love with. Definitely suitable for caregiver or office setting though.


          I have a spray vial of the reformulated edt. The first thing I noticed was that the smell felt very familiar. I hear people saying soapy under the reviews, but I don’t recall a soap smelling like this. I don’t get bubbles, bar or liquid. It does have that deep sweetness typically found in public restroom hand soap but it’s not soapy.

          Then others have said this smells like a face cream, but I don’t get face cream either. I have to agree with parodoxx because this does smell a lot like aveno baby lavender and vanilla lotion.

          I haven’t used that lotion in years but the smell is pretty spot on. It’s a little spicier than the lotion. It also has that deep coconut smell that doesn’t come across as edible or even real coconut at that. I call it designer coconut because hair care and body products that say coconut have this type of coconut smell. It’s hard to decipher the florals but the gardenia is the only one standing out on my skin.

          Because of the spice/ginger, “coconut” and florals, crystal Noir is more mature smelling than the baby lotion. They would layer together nicely.


          I just found this sent in 2020, when you first spray it I smell a strong perfumed soap that quickly turns sharp and just as quickly starts to smell of creamy coconut but not over the top coconut, addictive dreamy sensual sexy sent, it’s yummy spicy creamy I want to keep smelling myself sent


          I have a 5 mL mini of the EDT, which I have been using for the past few weeks. I smell mostly sandalwood, pepper, and light cardamom plus ginger. It's a spicy, dark/musky fragrance on me, especially in colder weather. Crystal Noir smelled better on me in the humidity - the creamy florals really bloomed in the night air, and now that the weather has turned cooler, the creamy nature is much more subdued.

          I remember when I first heard about this perfume. My roommate in college had told me that she had smelled the most beautiful sexy perfume on a girl in her class, and that the girl had said the perfume was called "Dark Crystal." When I went to the store to find this perfume, I was confused and smelled Bright Crystal at first, because I couldn't find this "Dark Crystal" anywhere. It took silly little me some time to realize that Crystal Noir is literally "Dark Crystal"...

          Crystal Noir and Dead Sexy by TokyoMilk were the first perfumes I had smelled like this - kind of "boyfriend" smells, dark and woody. I loved it. I still love it, especially in the warmer weather, even though it seems like a wintery mysterious perfume from the name and bottle. I could see myself purchasing a full bottle for summertime use in the future :) especially because the bottle is so beautiful!


          Smells like generic bathroom soap.


          I chose a 50ml bottle of the EDT from a very limited range of fragrances available as a reward for doing some surveys. I thought I had never smelt it, but I guess I was wrong. This is so familiar, but not because it smells like any of my other perfumes, I must just have known someone who used this as a signature scent.

          I smell ginger first, but tempered with a super creamy coconut, and supported by spicy black pepper. The cardamom supports too but is definitely second to the pepper. The main florals are gardenia and peony, which work so well with the pepper, but it's really ginger, coconut and pepper that lead the scent.

          Wow, this is so different. I've heard it described as, "a perfume for a vampire on holiday", I'm not sure I'd imagine a vampire wearing this, it does smell late summer-autumn appropriate to me, when the sun is warm but rare. It's so spicy, it reminds me a lot of Origins Ginger Essence perfume.

          I wouldn't have bought it over some other things on my wish list, but I am really enjoying having it for free. The choice of perfumes on offer as a reward for for doing the surveys was, on the whole, rather poor, so I think this was absolutely the best choice. For those interested, I checked the date of manufacture of my bottle, it was June 2019, so after the reformulation, but I can still see why Crystal Noir is a modern classic and I would urge people to try it.

          EDIT: I read the new notes listed on Versace's website for this fragrance, which are totally different to those listed on this site. What is this magic?! I can detect perhaps the fig and blackcurrant, but there is certainly ginger and pepper here, along with something creamy that smells like coconut, maybe it is just fig and sandalwood? I don't understand, because the original notes make total sense with what I smell, but the new notes only half make sense. There IS ginger, there IS pepper!

          Me memes

          I recommend buying the EDT version. It’s fresher, brighter, spicy, and more mysterious in the opening thru mid. The EDP is linear from beginning to end and is missing the opening notes of the EDT. The EDP smells like how the EDT dries down...smells like a creamy lotion or soap.


          This is one of those classy warm creamy smokey elegant perfumes that are crowd pleasers not because they are loud or overly sweet but because they are so well made they are unique.

          And as is the case with most fragrance houses, from the fragrantica reviews I read before posting mine, this has probably been reformulated, and of course I am talking about the pre-reformulation version of this perfume.

          This one is intoxicating, rich, warm, beautiful <3

          It projects well, with an aura that envelops you like a blanket and makes you feel precious and beautiful.

          It lasts for many hours, stays on clothes and in general is (or was) a gem of a perfume. The only note I would personally remove or lessen a bit would be the ginger that gives it an edge in its middle tones. The dry-down is where this perfume excels and luckily the one stage it lasts most throughout its duration ;)

          Big love this one for those of us lucky enough to have the original, pre-formulation version

          EDIT: Forgot to mention that Gucci Bamboo edt is the fresher version of Crystal Noir, perfecty balanced, creamy and fresh at the same time. Whoever doesn't have the pre-reformulation version of Crystal Noir, choose this one, it is trully a gem


          I like the aroma (coconut, wood and some flowers), but the very poor longevity and projection (current edp) prevent me from purchasing


          Vintage is the way to go with this one. I smelled the reformulation in the store and it was nothing like the vintage. Sadly....

          If you can get your hands on a v-bottle, do it! You will love it. Unique, gorgeous, and has some good lasting power.

          Stay well everyone!


          This is a masterpiece: Complex, unique and its smell very much dependent on the people's skin.

          On me the coconut and the white flowers are quite dominant especially at the beginning, it is almost like a summer perfume but with all the spicy notes settling I can get the dark character that I smell and like on others.

          I would actually call it more fresh-spicy than warm-spicy

          And honestly I don't even understand how come this and Bright Crystal got to avoid being copied by the designer companies (there are obviously cheap dupes for them, but they managed to remain unique in their own level)


          (EDT) Blind-bought a mini bottle because I like coconut. It doesn't work for me personally. This one is so weird - starts off very green and herbal, and then the coconut comes through. Can't help but think of Thai food!


          This is a review of the EDT.

          This stuff is DIVINE!

          It is incredibly difficult to explain how it smells because it's clean and soapy, but also deep and spicy and it's so well blended that it smells like all components are in perfect harmony.

          That said, my nose picks up the waxy coconut and creamy gardenia which is a match made in heaven apparently. On my skin this does not develop much, but overtime the coconut becomes a little less central and a little less waxy.

          Projection and longevity on me are poor unfortunately after 3 hours this is a skin scent for me, but I don't mind respraying.

          All in all, performance issues aside, if you are a coconut lover like me, I think this is worth checking out!


          I just got the edt, I smelled edp in store and didn’t smell the coconut, in edt I DO AND IM SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! It’s definitely different, and original, considering I’m 17 in my age group it’d be unique to wear I reckon, I don’t smell people in my age group wearing this. I love it though, it’s sexy, dark, almost cold and stand offish but in such an intriguing way. It’s mysterious! Not sure with longevity or projection but that doesn’t seem to be a problem with this fragrance! Solid 8/10!


          I've also tried a sample vial, and with the ingredients Paula.svf mentioned, I have the reformulated EDT. I'm sorry to say I think it's nothing special. Soapy indeed, not a trace of coconut and nothing spicey. There's also a nasty harsh ingredient popping out, I can't identify it, but it really puts me off. Lasting power is not very good. Won't be buying a bottle of this one.


          Definitely my kind of sexy, what I wanted Secret Obsession to be but wasn't at all. It gives me a deep tropical vibe; very clean and smooth with the coconut, amber, ginger, and tuberose combo. I don't know how this scent managed to be airy but deep, dark, and edgy at the same time. Will definitely get major use in the Fall and Winter months, and dare I say, Summer nights? A beautiful staple in every perfume collection.


          Warm spicy is very correct, it makes me feel like a very sophisticated CEO of a company who wears Christian Louboutin pumps daily.
          I was gifted this for my birthday from my father, which figures as there is almost a non-domineering masculine vibe from it as well.
          I would recommend this over Good Girl if you're looking for a sexy and intimidating fragrance.


          First impression on myself is I love it! But after wearing a bit longer I realized it reminds me of Aveeno baby nighttime lavender body lotion. More expensive but honestly a little disappointing. I love the smell but it’s not a sexy perfume on me or maybe to me because of that. Instead it smells clean and soapy. After wearing for 2 hours it’s almost completely gone and it’s just a barely there subtle more floral soapy scent. I would wear this as a comfort or clean scent but I’m sad I’m not getting the delicious sexy smell so many other reviewers found.
          I am trying this in the summer in the am. I see many others say it’s a winter night time fragrance so I think I’ll try again this winter and see if things change and amend my review if so.


          to me there's a kind of fizzy carbonated scent here in the opening... like a coconut sparkling water almost. maybe that's the ginger? slightly remains in the drydown where white floral emerges and blends with the creaminess of coconut. powdery amber or musk remains after some time. or a dry sandalwood? powdery scents tend to do well for me with my dry skin.

          I wore it to work and a coworker complimented, but she thought I was wearing a Japanese cherry blossom type spray lol. so perhaps not very identifiable at a distance. I can see the similarity though.

          I like it though I think it's a bit too formal or womanly for me. I think it would be great with a dark tart jammy fruit note maybe fig or plum? blackcurrant? could make it more casual. but its pretty good for a coconut scent, not a lot of sunscreen vibes to me.

          nice sent

          I like this perfume, It's white floral and coconut fragrance.
          The scent of coconut is most prominent note in this perfume, It's soft elegant warm creamy scent, The bottle design is very pretty and unique. The performance is very good.


          I like this in the bottle, but on my skin it makes me nauseous (I think it's the lactonic notes). I'm sure this would be lovely on someone else.


          I have this in the EDT formulation. On my skin, it’s mostly orange blossom and coconut. It’s a bit too much like sunscreen, albeit a luxurious sunscreen, which isn’t to my taste. The note breakdown made me think this would be a dense and complex scent so I’m really surprised by how unimaginative it is. I like it but can’t see myself wearing it very often so will probably send it off to a new home.


          New Crystal Noir formulation review

          I ordered a sample of this hoping to enjoy the very much loved and long lasting according to the votes Crystal Noir. I sprayed it on my had and my nose smell like the solid hand soaps I used when I was little. Very soapy smell. Not likeable enough to buy it. But I was surprised to see on my sample card that the notes are 99% different from the ones listed on fragrantica. I have done some research and apparently the perfume was entirely reformulated and here are the new notes from the new formula of Crystal Noir:

          Black fig


          Dry Down
          Vanilla Pod

          Hard to understand why such a dramatic reformulations of a very much loved scent.
          The new one smells different from the one people are talking here for sure as I cannot detect any coconut, ginger or pepper notes which I was very curious to have a sniff.


          Crystal Noir is the first perfume I have. in the beginning I knew him accidentally. it smells mysterious and sexy and dark in a good way. its juicy of coconut ginger. prefer use in night time. bu i use all day and night


          Really like this fragrance - The fresh white floral with creamy coconut, with a deep sexy edge. I don't know how they've made something so clean smell so dark. Love it - amazing for day and night, quite original, suits a confident and sexy woman.


          Reviewing the EDT.

          Blind bought this for the coconut, however I don't get any of that on my skin. Opens with quite a sharp laundry detergent vibe, and stays that way throughout. Clean, bright floral without any warmth or roundness. Doesn't strike me as a noir scent at all, I'd say a spring/summer day scent.


          This might be the most worn perfume Ive ever had! Its been 15 years I wear it and buy 3 bottles at once because I know Ill run out quick. This perfume is nothing like Ive smelled before! It is officially my signature smell and my friends could smell me from far away and know Im around. Definitely buy the toulette one because perfume doest contain the coconut in it and is more concentrated. The smell is very sophisticated and sexy at least to me. I get alot of compliments when I wear it. Its very unique and my most favorite!


          I tried this fragrance because I found the coconut accord to be interesting and a departure from my usual gourmands. I get a very subtle coconut note. On my skin this has a masculine quality. Very unusual and elegant fragrance. Not crazy about it, but I like it.


          I have the edt. This reminds me of jo malone dark amber & ginger lily, but it is more fresh and spicy at the beginning. Great for daily use and suitable for mature woman.


          I just got the EDT in Australia. I don't really like it, I ended up smelling like a fabric softener and it wasn't a hit with the hubby. I like spicy notes, but I'm wondering if there trully is a difference in scent with the EDP compared to the EDT. And what it is. From reading reviews some say the EDP is stronger with coconut and less spicy, but others have said its the opposite, that the EDT has more coconut to it, then other reviews say its been completely reformulated.. so confused. I can't find samples here unfortunately but I'm willing to give the EDP a go if it really is worth it.

          Edit: Okay so I tried it again (the EDT) and was pleased with it. Its soft and spicy without being too scratchy. I will give the EDP a go.


          Oh yes - the edt does have coconut in it for sure. One of my favourite evening/night time fragrances! So smooth. I love Versace, in general, by the way.
          I love this in all times of the year - maybe with an exception for the springtime, when everything is so crisp and tender and fragile. But in every other season - hot or cold...


          I wear this now and again, and i do like it.
          This perfume is nice rich n lovely, the coconut is nice.
          Its special.lovely bottle too.


          One of my signature scents. My favorites always get discontinued ?? I will freak out the day I cant find this purfume!


          This perfume has been reformulated.
          The notes listed on Fragrantica are no longer used in this perfume.

          EDT is only version

          Check the Versace Website:

          Head: Blackcurrant, Black Fig, Violet
          Heart: Tuberose, Frangipani, Jasmine
          Dry Down: Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vanilla Pod, Heliotropine


          This is a beautiful unique fragrance. It smells like a spicy luxury soap and does not smell like any other perfume I have tried. My only issue is the longevity on this is poor. I have the EDT version, not sure if the EDP would be better, but reviews I have heard says the two have completely different scent profiles.


          I don’t know why I cannot smell any coconut! :( i went to store and sprayed it on my skin, but didn’t smell any coconut. At first it was enormous!! And I didn’t like it, 30 minutes passed and it actually smelled good. But mostly it’s patchouli, but like a classy patchouli. Suits for winter nights only. I can see it on a young lady wearing it in classy date .


          One of the weirdest perfumes I own, honestly. I was expecting this to be a super spicy, warm nighttime fragrance, but to me this is mostly a fresh coconut water floral scent. It's fresh and cold, but also oddly heavy at the same time. I kind of like this scent, but I also find it a little cloying because of the heaviness. I only get a little bit of spiciness. This would probably make a nice summer nighttime scent, or maybe even a daytime scent.


          A lovely dark rendition of gardenia, creamy & a bit of green, not too heavy & sweet like they can be.. Definitely sensuous & tropical, clear but rich like syrup. Like a warm clear night in the tropics, full moon & light breeze.


          It’s nice! Different! Used it I loved it and will probably get it again to complete my winter perfume collection, won’t be my favourite tho, but if sometime wants a to wear something different which is not musky for a nice change, this perfume would do a nice job ????


          EDP sample...Want! Creamy, powdery, sophisticated, lasted around 8 hours, silage medium but buildable-big. I'm not sure that this is a thing in fragrance... but deep. I'll explain. Often I find fragrance finishes before I've finished the inhale but this takes itself right to the bottom of my inhale. Like it let's me finish first if you know what I mean.

          The notes are a learning curve for me. I wouldn't seek something with cardamom or ginger. On paper they represent what I don't want in my fragrance. And I don't like them in flavour either. Is it the way that those notes interact with coconut that gives the coconut such character? I've got some research to do for sure.


          Edp and Edt are completely different fragrances. Edt it's a very harsh, detergent smelling perfume, but Edp it's more creamy, coconutty and sweet- BEAUTIFUL! So be aware that EDT don't have a coconut that's why it's so much worse than EDP.


          I was recommended this perfume after one of my favourites was discontinued, and I've found a new love. Obviously it's unique in its own way, but it's pretty close. Initially I get the spicy top notes, mainly ginger and pepper, which quickly settles to a divine coconut/floral musky amber. The eau de toilette lasts a good 7 hours on my skin. This is definitely a compliment better, and I'm sure will always be in my collection from now on. The only downside is the hideous bottle top, you could knock someone out with it ??


          Crystal Noir seems to be like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. Reading these reviews and everyone seems to be talking about different perfumes, it’s amazing how differently each person interprets this one... To me? This is fresh snapped greens, ginger and pepper, and lactonic tuberose/gardenia. I love it. Its a whipped cream cocktail of sexy, a lusciously soft and exotic clean fragrance. Turns heads, and can last up to 24 hours on my skin. A great “basic” to have in my wardrobe. I have the edp.


          The EDT smells like detergent powder or baking soda + coconut. The coconut become stronger over time until it smells like coconut oil. Luckily I have a miniature not a full bottle. I thought I will like this because I like coconut in perfume but nope.


          Out of all the fragrances that I own (110+), this fragrance is my absolute favourite! I have received compliments from friends, colleagues and I have also received unsolicited compliments from this! This fragrance is amazing, sensual, spicy and the coconut is blended so well. Easily a signature scent as it can be worn for so many different occasions. It is a dumb reach for me and I have so many backups, Versace would be absolutely out of their minds to reformulate or discontinue to this coconut masterpiece!!


          Delicious Fragrance If I can drink,I will
          It smells like Roasted Coconut with vanilla and Coconut Yogurt.at night out This perfume is good mix with my Sweaty smell more beautiful.


          Very interesting scent. But most definitely not for me. To me it smells like baby wipes which is so odd.


          Its an interesting scent, quite mature for myself actually. Im 28, but prefer sweet, sexy, playful scents.
          It has this warm sharpness with a hint of coconut. Great fot winter or cool summer nights.

          Message me to swap! 3.4 oz edp


          I got my 1.7 oz edp yesterday , It was a blind buy for me .I usually stick with sweet and fruity .Yes I got coconut note but a powdery coconut ,pepper is there but doesnt stay through out its life time ,it is rich ,very classy ! not sure about sexy, this is for powerful and confident women .(which is not me ) overall it is just too mature and strong for me .The longevity is too long lol . I Just really cannot picture myself wearing this .

          Message me if anyone want to swap??


          Versace Crystal Noir EDT smells like coconut hand soap. I have a coconut foaming hand soap from Walmart that's a pretty good dupe! It doesn't last more than 3-4 hours on my skin. Not worth the hype from all the youtubers unless you like soapy scents. My son told me it smells like "old lady soap from a retirement home". Sorry if that sounds rude to all the mature ladies in retirement homes out there, but I really appreciate an honest opinion. I don't love it or even like it but it's not an offensive scent.


          Tried a tester all I could small was coconut, might be a nice perfume for a beach holiday in the Caribbean but not for me


          Tested this because it is the only Versace perfume on sale. According to the sales assistant, not a lot of customers like this kind of scent and most will go for the pink bottle. It did not attract me (neither do the pink) but I sprayed on my wrist while I walked in the mall. I went back to get it because I enjoyed it so much and the longevity is amazing. People around me do not particularly like this scent on me and some said I smell like a grandma. My friend sneezed non-stop upon smelling it. People who think of getting it online without testing in store please try it first.

          Dorange Sense

          Crystal Noir reminds me vaguely of TF Soleil Blanc or Guerlain Samsara concerning its creaminess. Could be considered a niche fragrance if blindly tested. Good quality for a good price. Only the bottle... good lord why is this so ugly? I found a way nicer presentation in 10ml quantity (the EDT). Thank the lord. I don’t think this is a dark scent. Appropriate for the day. A 100€ bodylotion type of scent. Also the best coconut fragrance because not as sweet beachy as usual or green sharp like in a philosykos type of scent. This is a bop! Very glad I gave it a try.

          Edit: It's the first time I can appreciate a recommendation from all those designer fragrance youtubers.

          Lately one of my go-to scents. But notice... this fragrance works best in hot weather from 24° on. When it's only slightly colder the ginger is way to prominent and gives off a weird sharp synthetic vibe.

          I layer the EDT with a simple coconut-vanilla attar... thank me later.
          I also think it's well to pair with a simple oud scent like Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud.


          It's an interesting perfume, dark and sensual. I love the opening, but I have issues with the dry down, when the coconut is way too strong for my taste. However, Crystal Noir is long lasting and I'm loving it on other ladies.


          Absolutely amazing, dark, mysterious, sexy and unique iconic scent. For a bold woman who wants to stand out. The Amber, pepper, coconut & citrus are what I mainly smell, and this perfume is long lasting. People around you will notice it and usually compliment you.
          I don't think younger men love this scent on a woman, it is a bit heavy although I have gotten great compliments from many men. (with good noses)
          Usually young guys like vanilla, honey and sweet smells.
          This Versace gem is sweet, but with a dark sultry & tropical vibe. I think it a great in fall, winter and on cool spring/ summer nights. MUST TRY & BUY


          I don't own anything like it. I also accidentally spilled it on myself.


          All in all, I find it quite unique. I wasn't angry that I spilled it all over myself. At first I thought it was berries, but yes, coconut with a bit of a punch. Like a coconut cocktail of sorts. I think this is unisex. Spicy fruity.

          Vibe: Late afternoon at the bar in the tropics. A bit of the sunset is creeping in.
          The Look: Slinky stringy cowl top with wrap around pants.
          Form: 7 mL EDT blind buy


          CN does unfortunatly not work on me. I like getting wafts of this when other people are wearing it but I can't stand wearing it myself. It is spicy and floral and has some sweetness, but to me this is a cold and slightly sharp scent. I rarely find perfumes cloying but something about the cold vibe together with the coconutty sweetness and sharp notes with ginger and spices and what not, makes me a bit nauseaus when wearing it too close to my face. It's a shame I can't stand it on me as I really like it on others. Well, lucky you guys! :P


          Peppery, flowery juice from a freshly opened coconut, - a very intriguing combination.

          I blind bought 30ml after numerous recommendations and I do not regret it. I've had spices in perfume before(Opium YSL), but this is a black pepper bomb sitting on a milky base with some sweet undertones. It is a stretch to call it Noir, because the scent is very fresh and uplifting, perfectly suitable for daywear. The pepper dissipates after a couple of hours and then it is a perfectly lovely flowery whipped cream that sits rather close to skin.

          I am positively surprized by Versace in this case and will gladly keep Crystal Noir in my collection.

          PS: Well, 30ml are almost up, I had to get a 90ml bottle now.


          This is an incredibly sexy perfume. Coconut and gardenia are most prominent in my opinion. I bought this now In the spring but after spending time with this I believe it would be best for winters because of the musk in the base. I spent a lot of time being distracted by other frags and kept putting off buying this one, I’m glad I finally did.


          I have a mini of the EDT that I blind bought (online checkout get-that-free-shipping impulse buy).

          This fragrance opens with citrusy, zingy black currant. Soft spices are noticeable from the get-go. There’s something to this that smells sweaty and synthetic in a not-so-great way (I think it’s the sour notes mixed with the spices). Someone below mentioned bug spray, and once I read that, I thought, oof, I see the connection. Once the tartness calms down a little, you’re left with a light, spiced, lotiony, creamy skin scent.

          This doesn’t come across as “noir” to me. It’s fairly light and tame, and besides the spices, there’s nothing really dark about it. It feels a little ambiguous and jumbled as a scent to me—it tries too much to be a little bit of everything. Light, fresh, fruity, citrusy, spicy, powdery. I excepted this to be warmer, opulent, full-bodied and moody, with a little more point of view given all of the hype. Overall, it’s not my favorite and I will probably swap it or use it to spruce up my bath water.

          (Of course there is a chance I am just anosmic to something in this, that gives me the impression it's much lighter than most perceive.)


          When I think of dark, sexy and mysterious, I think of this! I love it. One of my favorite fall-winter fragrances.


          pretty simple... first spray I'm overwhelmed with coconut and for some reason this smells like pure tropical boozy drink and I'm obsessed. My go to summer daytime fragrance.


          Just in case, these are the notes for the EDT again,

          Head: Blackcurrant, Black Fig, Violet
          Heart: Tuberose, Frangipani, Jasmine
          Dry Down: Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vanilla Pod, Heliotropine

          Olfactive family: floral - oriental


          (edt) The note that is most prominent and the note the sticks around from beginning to end is coconut. It's a coconut perfume with light florals floating around it. It reminds me of a coconut shampoo. That's what makes it a "like" as opposed to a "love" for me. It has a shampoo/body spay vibe. I don't really perceive this perfume as "noir." I picked up a decant hoping that it would be a noir fragrance light enough to not cause headaches (to me noir= mysterious, sexy, sensual), but it doesn't have the wow factor I was hoping for. Also, this doesn't really smell "warm" to me. In fact if I could visualize the vibe of this fragrance it would be quite cold. Like a chilled coconut liqueur or something (or maybe a coconut milk based drink). Longevity for this perfume is about three hours on me. This perfume smells nice. I will finish the decant but I won't purchase a full sized bottle.


          I really like this! Sweet yet clean with a little depth. This will be for the EDT but I've heard there's not much difference.

          The opening smells like cleaner. My initial thought was, "I done [email protected] UP." The coconut is a bit synthetic IMO (also, if it's even there since there is a general lack of consensus on this ONE note) but that maybe the contribution of the gardenia which can read sickly sweet to my nose at times. The pepper pulls through in an interesting way keeps it sharp; attention grabbing. Peony gives it levity but the dry down is where it's at: smooth and creamy with a little bit of spice (cardamom and amber?).

          I purchased this for summer nights out (god willing we get summer nights out this year) and I'm fairly certain that's all I'll use it for. I originally bought Reb'l Fleur for that purpose but the tuberose in that is just beastly. I prefer this for our typical drink grab with other couples at a nice bar.

          Projection is decent (arm's length with heavy spray)
          Longevity: TBD

          Longevity EDIT: I wore this the other night; about 5 or so sprays. The cleaner vibe sticks around for longer with more sprays (about 30ish minutes). The sweetness was more pronounced wearing it so close to my face. My boyfriend likes it but he picked up the cleaner vibe (lavender fabuloso) this time around when he smelled it in that 30min window. The drydown did stick around all night--I could smell this in the morning after spraying it at around 8:30pm.

          Edit: The last time I wore this, my bf asked what I had cleaned...this is officially a room spray.


          What I feared about this perfume= 1) overwhelming coconut smelling like sunscreen and 2) wood notes (like pepper) taking over & the final verdict.....

          Oh baby! Sexy, seductive come to mind. Definitely warm, slightly spicy, with an ever-present (yet not loud) sweet/nutty aroma that's unique & alluring! While coconut stands out, it blends in well with pepper and all notes listed.

          It also lasts (7-8 hours) which is a positive and to me unique; I have nothing else that smells like this. Most importantly, the coconut does not smell like sunscreen (like most perfumes!) This is amazing. I haven't worn it yet, but I'm confident I'll get compliments. Girls..get it! Guys love it.


          This fragrance is about as "delicate" as being hit in the face with a pepper grinder...and I LOVE it.
          Crystal Noir was gifted to me completely blindly at Christmas. It's a strong, spicy perfume that is warming and lingers on your clothes for days. I have never smelt anything quite like it.


          Hello Ladies,

          Would you think a man can wear this? Please PM me! Thank you!



          Self admitted oversprayer here. Usually 5 -10 sprays of everything I wear. Did 6 of this today. Good lord that was a mistake. I feel nauseous. DO NOT be heavy with the trigger on this one. Thank goodness it was the end of my mini cause I’m not sure I can ever wear this one again.


          Rich, creamy, deep, luscious, seductive.... It's a beautiful sexy fragrance. The type of sexiness that comes to mind is alluring, gorgeous, and sensual.... not in a dirty sexy kind of way, but in a reserved sexy kind of way. She conceals, but is wise enough to know when to show a little bit of skin to keep you curious. This is so pretty and I love it! 10/10 across the board for me. Warm, spicy, fresh, obscure, yet fused together so wonderfully for an exquisite display. I consider it sexy enough for date night and versatile enough for work and or church.


          Writing this review for what Versace CN was for my young self.

          I remember I’ve purchased this in my first year in college from someone that sold stolen perfumes (it was a thing back then). Anyway, so I was a bit reluctant with buying something from the guy and then he hands me this bottle without a cap and i was just stroke with that smell of something I knew I would like forever. I did not know about base notes, but was convinced that it smells like warm hugs, honey-coconuty-bossanova-at-candle-light with someone you adore.
          I m not good with words, but this perfume was very well built and it has its place in people s memory.


          this perfume is the best l have ever used. ?f you want to use perfume which has high sillage, you must try this


          Fabulous tropical sexy fragrance. More coconut than gardenia. I sense the orange flower and ginger too. If you are into white floral and coconut, this is for you. Really nice.


          'A rare essence, sensual and delicate'.
          I have to admit: I do not understand some perfumes. I have to admit that Crystal Noir is one of them. All I can smell is dry wood and coconut. Absolutely nothing else. A very dry and weird scent. Does not make me feel anything in particular, just makes me think of a forest. In the day time. Reminds me of freshly cut wood. Perhaps it would smell better on a man.


          The version l have is the EDT
          On ny skin the coconut is very prominent and creamy but still very dark and spicy.
          To me it smells like a spicy, coconut scented bodylotion on hot skin


          This is like sliding into a fancy sports car that's actually a hovering time machine to go to the ice cream shop of 2041 to get a Coke spider.


          I said in a previous review that I've been waiting for a Versace fragrance to blow me away...and here it is.

          I ordered a mini of this because I wasn't sure if I'd like it, and nowhere around here seems to carry it (although they like to push Dylan Blue on you). I stashed it away for whatever reason and forgot about it.

          Upon dabbing it on, I become enveloped in my most favorite coconut note to date...it's like, punk coconut. This is spiced, and the cardamom seriously pulls through with the ginger; this smells south-east Asian. The weather is pretty chilly here in the PNW today, and I'm almost grateful, because I almost think this does better. I went outside to putt discs (we have a disc golf basket), and this just SINGS in the cold air when you move around.

          It settles into a mellow version of itself after a while, and it doesn't morph necessarily, it just becomes a little sweeter and more subtle.

          Man, I really, really love this. I'm sorry for people who don't, I think it's brilliant. Funny enough, coconut isn't usually my favorite thing (I don't dislike it, but I don't seek it out), but it is here.

          A sexy, punk, south-east Asian, spicy coconut dream ??


          I have the EDT. It’s nothing good. Practically no sillage. It lasts long enough I suppose. The smell lemon or citrus notes strong at the top for some reason? I just expected it to be a lot more interesting. I assume the EDP is much more impressive. Was a blind buy.

          The Simple Nose

          Compliments: God level
          Smell: God level
          Projection: God level
          Sillage: Gid level
          Quality: God level
          Similarity: Prefer not compare
          Blind buy: Yessssssssss


          The best fragrance of the world. Trust me. Is it a women frag? Yes. Is it the best of the best efer made? Yesss


          This is my favorite fragrance. I love the peppery, spicy flowers, and the coconut is like coconut water, not at all like a heavy, sweet coconut. The blending is just beautiful. No particular note dominates. I just adore it.

          Having said that, I do not like this fragrance nearly as much in cold weather. It tends to be too sharp, with a harsh spiciness in the cold. If you've found it harsh but have not tested in much in the heat, I highly recommend doing so.

          This is a scent for warm, humid nights, when it really blossoms to become a dark, sexy, kind of mysterious scent. My husband loves it, and I have gotten more compliments on this fragrance than any other I've ever owned.


          This was such a pleasant suprise for me. This indeed smells like a luxury shampoo, but you know what - the coconut at the base takes it a little bit further. I am not saying this is a gamechanger, but I like it a lot.
          Vibes: coconut, beach party evening, sultry, smooth


          Wow, after about 30 minutes on me, Crystal Noir smells EXACTLY like Caress Daily Silk body wash. It's not a smell I dislike, but to me it always reminded me of the way my Barbie dolls smelled. It's not a bad smell at all; in fact, it's kind of nice. I just wouldn't pay this much for it. If you really like this scent, you might like Caress Daily Silk body wash, either as a substitute or to layer with Crystal Noir.


          I bought this (EDT version) after smelling it on a few people and being amazed by it. Biggest mistake ever. This is the first time that a fragrance smells sooo different on my skin compared to everyone else. I should have tested it on myself. On others it smells more floral and kind of "fluffy" if that makes sense, like a soft and seductive cloud. On me, it's a super sharp spice bomb. It's EXTREMELY strong, I've never smelled anything stronger. I get no coconut and no flowers on my skin, I get all the spices, amplified a hundred times. It's unbearable for me and the only way I can use it so it doesn't go to waste is spraying it behind my knees.

          It smells amazing on the right person but on me it's just a huge fail, and an expensive mistake. Lesson learned for me. Try it on your own skin before buying.


          It is just another sweet perfumes not a must have, if you are perfume collector.


          This is a miss. To me it's trying to be everything, and is nothing as a result. It's trying to be dark, rich and spicy, but its instead fresh and tart. Its a lttle creamy, and peppery. The coconut feels confused like it doesn't quite fit in. It's airy and fresh. And the general spicy darker notes don't sit well. It feels unfinished. I wouldn't purchase it. There are so many better fragrances out there.


          Versace Crystal Noir EDT vs EDP

          This is my second review for Crystal Noir. I purchased the EDT about a month ago and although I absolutely love it, I didn't find the longevity to be great (became a skin scent on me within a couple hours), so I was really curious what I might be missing out on with the EDP. Since the EDP tester wasn't available in stores close by, I purchased it and now have both to compare.

          For reference, both my EDT and EDP are from 2019 batches (purchased at Sephora and The Bay, respectively). I compared them by each spraying one on a wrist. Here are my thoughts:

          Both versions opened up with the same waxy, spicy, not-too-sweet coconut accord, except the EDP may have been a tad spicier and overall stronger.

          30 minutes later: although the EDT seemed less intense/strong compared to the EDP when I put my nose directly to my skin, it had better sillage than the EDP - it seemed to project further, but was also softer, airier and slightly sweeter/feminine as well.

          Three hours later: longevity became an issue for the EDT - it merely became a skin scent for me - beautiful (like clean, warm, lightly spiced skin), but barely noticeable. Meanwhile, the EDP as still very much present, and seemed to have become creamier as well as woodier.

          Eight hours later: the EDT had completely vanished from my skin, but the EDP was still very much there. I also found that I really loved the EDP's drydown compared to its opening - it was creamier, softer and more feminine than how it initially opened on my skin.

          Verdict: Overall, the EDT and EDP are *very* similar and in my opinion, it's not worth owning both. Both are stunning and contain that coconut note (I feel like everyone bickers on this page about which version of the perfume has it or not. They both do - even in the 2019 batches). If you care about longevity, I'd go with the EDP. But if longevity isn't your concern, I'd go with the EDT as it has better sillage for the first couple hours.

          Personally, I think I will stick with the EDP since longevity matters to me, but I will wear both a few more times before making a final decision on which one I'll keep.

          Hope this comparison has helped those who are't sure which version to get :)

          Edit: After wearing it another time, I couldn't help but notice how much more the EDT projected, and how it was softer and slightly sweeter (as opposed to muskier). EDT takes the cake for me.


          Fitting for very young women, especially ladies who like to club as it's loud and bold.

          I don't feel any warmth from this fragrance and I definitely don't get any coconut. It's a sweet floral. Generic, but very crowd-pleasing.

          Performance is out of this world. Lasts 8+ hours on my skin and trust me, you will get attention from people.

          Pretty sure I smelled something like this on women in the 90's but I cannot figure out what it smells like!

          A lovely fragrance but it's not for me. However I can see why people like it and it's worth a try!


          This is very boring to me :( I don't get any warm, creamy, coconut vibes at all. I get a tart, spiced musk. It's pretty Unisex to me and I think maybe if I smelled it on a man I would like it but it's not sweet, indulgent, or intense enough for me to want to wear it. I returned my blind buy sadly I really wanted to like this too.


          I just got a mini of it and it smells totally like Dreamer, the male fragrance also from Versace. Can someone tell me if it is really similar or I was fooled and my tiny bottle is a fake one?


          This scent is so frustrating to me.
          I briefly had the current EDT that I then passed on to my daughter who does enjoy it.
          It just doesn't smell good to me, not from the bottle, not on me and not on my daughter.
          Not horrible or anything like that - just not appealing in any way. Honestly, it doesn't even smell like perfume to me. All I get is coconut and pepper and a bit of woodiness. Nothing at all sweet or floral in any way.
          There are many fragrances that I don't like but can appreciate why others like them.
          Not this one, and I have no idea why. There's nothing in the notes that I can't abide.


          I've had this freak for many years (both EDT and EDP), and went from pure despise to absolute amazement towards it. I've been sporting it for the last three days in row and I think I just now "discovered" the secret ingredient, the one that gives the whole composition that mentholated underbase and I recognized it as licorice. I think that would make sense, especially with that overall dark, rubbery feel of Crystal Noir. And now I'm thinking that some oud would work wonders with it. Sort of a Crystal Noir Nuit :)
          The real review is somewhere below, I'm sure this is not my first time reviewing it. But I will always risk repeating myself stating that this is a master piece.


          This review is for the EDT, batch code from September 2019

          I've overlooked this perfume for so long and I really wish I hadn't. It's stunning! When I smell this I mainly get a not-too-sweet, creamy coconut, heady gardenia and buttery sandalwood, with a tinge of spice (black pepper and ginger). It reminds me of the smell of warm, clean skin - perhaps after spending a day at the beach and showering, or coming out from a high-end spa. The fact that it smells so warm, comforting and natural makes it quite sexy, in an understated way.. it has this inviting smell to it that begs you to lean it closer. There's also something about it that's quite mysterious, and it's hard to explain why. Perfect for hot summer nights where you're baring some skin.

          Also reminds me a little bit of Le Labo's Santal 33 (which I love, and actually gives off a coconut-y aroma on my skin as well) and Ralph Lauren Hot (although that one is stronger/spicier, IMO).

          Edit: Been wearing this one for a few days now, and I'm a little disappointed with two things: (1) longevity - seems to fade away into a skin scent within a couple hours; and (2) the perfume takes on a very buttery, nearly food-like smell on my skin, possibly as a result of the coconut note. Not a bad thing per say, but wish the gardenia stuck around a bit longer to add some freshness.


          It has been a long time since my husband complimented my perfume. A very long time. I've been accumulating perfumes, waiting for that unsolicited compliment. Then it happened.

          I purchased the EDT version of Versace Crystal Noir after sampling it at Macy's. I loved the drydown on my skin. When I returned home, my husband said that I smelled of coconuts. He loves coconuts. I purchased a mini and wore it to work. My husband later told me that my perfume preceeded me into the room and how lovely it was. I instantly ordered the largest bottle.

          Versace Crystal Noir EDT is magic on my skin. I've been wearing it in 75-80F and it dries down to a smooth, dry, sandalwood and coconut scent. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I'm curious about the EDP as well. I understand the hype. It is well deserved. It projects at arms length and last 8+ hours. I'm guaranteed a few compliments when I wear it. Crystal Noir EDT could become the only perfume I'll ever need. Hmmm...


          Received the EDT in a swap, and it’s so very different from what I remember of Crystal Noir from 10 years ago! In the past in smelled of... garlic on me. I mean not straight up garlic, it just had a specific unpleasantness to it. Fast forward to now. The bottle I received combined with my potentially changed skin chemistry makes it smell of sandalwood and coconut. The white florals are just not there. First 10 minutes there’s a mintiness to it too, don’t know if it’s the ginger/pepper combo?
          It reminds me of a more easy on the nose Jeux de Peaux by Lutens. Or a more complex Adam Levine for Her. I got it thinking it would be a summer staple but this is quite wintery to me. And I like it a lot!


          I have a love-hate relationship with the EdP. It’s a musky, spicy, woody white floral. I love spices and I love white florals, but for a couple of hours the spices, musk and woods are abit overpowering, almost suffocating the creaminess of white florals underneath. The orange blossom comes off quite soapy in the beginning (I don’t like that). I don’t smell much in the way of coconut, I get a creamy gardenia instead (it becomes more prominent in the drydown, my favorite part of CN). It smells absolutely sensuous and enticing on warm, humid nights, the floral notes come through better, the scent gets creamier, abit sweeter, and less sharp (very erotic mixed with natural clean sweat!). I wore it on my birthday last year on a balmy summer night and my date was all over it, he found it extremely seductive, very ‘femme fatale’. Recently, I tried layering my signature Lush Lust (a warm, indolic bubblegummy jasmine) over it, and the combination is fantastic, it helps in tempering the harsher musky-spicy notes and really brings out that carnal, natural sweetness of the white florals. If you hate it in winter, please try it again when the weather warms up, Crystal Noir needs abit of heat and humidity to properly bloom. Very good longevity, great projection.


          I'm converted.

          When I first smelt this, I was put off by those top notes.
          This is a rare instance I can smell all of them - the pepper, the ginger, and the cardamom... and I wasn't a fan of such strong spicy notes.

          Generally, I don't love spicy perfumes. They're harsh on me, and bring me no love.

          Then, the game-changers: Monsieur Coconut and Mistress Musk.

          Throwing these rogues after the spice allows them to mingle and get in my head! They won't leave, and now I'm stuck sniffing my wrist constantly and / or making a 90-degree rotation so I can catch my own sillage.

          The longevity on this is actually impressive. I sprayed it last night at about 11:00pm, and could still smell it 9 hours later!

          Perhaps, a first for me: A spicy, slightly sweet, intoxicating, lasting perfume. :)



          Kitty rating: 8.5/10.

          EDIT (07-07-2020) = Increased rating:

          Kitty rating: 9/10.


          Why does this perfume smell like dill to me? I know everyone loves it but it just smells absoulutely awful to my nose!


          I am well aware I am in the minority here, and can only chalk it up to chemistry. I wish I could experience the beautiful fragrance others describe, but i don't. I have tried to like this (EDT), kept an open mind, waited for the harsh opening notes that smell like bug spray on my skin to settle down and reveal something creamy and good. I can no longer kid myself. This is just awful on me, artificial and cloying. If anyone loves it and would like to swap, PM me. US only.


          I have the EDT. It smells like coconut with some florals and musk to me. I pick up on the musk quite heavily on my skin. I like the smell of the perfume but i dont how it sit on my skin, i find it a bit questionable on me at times.


          I have the edt version.

          This smells like a SPA establishment. I smell hint of coconut soap/shampoo/lotion that is used heavily in the spa including the chemical stuff SPA uses. The whole complete package.

          Initial spray has loud chemical scent ish. I think its the orange flower and ginger on gardenia adding chemical vibe.

          Projection is quite strong, also long lasting. i applied one at 3 pm and i can smell it in the morning when i wake up at 6 am, the dry down when orange flower dissipates is very pleasant. however the orange flower stays quite a long time 6+ hours.

          I personally don't mind the chemical vibe to it, so i enjoy this overall scent. The word noir is quite appropriate. there is no pick me up vibe from this scent. It kept me emotionally stagnant when mellow or depressed.


          I don't find it sexy,instead on me it is generally clean and aquatic and the most prominent notes are the pepper and gardenia ones.Safe option,lots of compliments,it truly shines on hot weather,great performance too,can faintly smell it the next day.

          eveline marie

          I am AMAZED. I tested yesterday in Sephora both the EDT and the EDP. At first sniff, same fragrance. A couple of minutes later, I felt the difference. The EDP is richer, creamier with more cardamom and black pepper in the opening. The EDT is louder, more coconuty more...ehmmm..'young' so to say.Now let me tell you why I was amazed: the EDP disappeared from my wrist in about 3 hours. The EDT, well..it's still on my wrist after one night and one shower. So, although I was thinking about the EDP I am now buying the EDT as it lasts forever. Wow...an EDT much stronger than an EDP...just WOW.


          I can’t see how anyone with a nose could dislike this perfume lol the dry down is everything. I could easily see myself buying this perfume 2 bottles at a time. I sprayed it once at the counter at Macy’s on a card. It smelled good but not enough for me to buy it on the spot. Honey let me tell you the next morning I kept smelling the card. It is delicious and I am going to buy this perfume because I have got to have it! I can see this perfume for both day and night. Causal and formal. If you’re a gourmand sweet girl give this a try. This is like a spiced pina colada paradise in your nostrils ??lol

          - edit - I am going to layer this baby with Amber romance from Victoria secret or warm vanilla sugar from bath & body works ?? so excited for fall/ winter


          Beautiful, elegant and seductive perfume. Something mysterious and sensual about it. I wouldn't have liked it in my twenties but perfect for a confident woman in thirties


          This is a review for the EDT, which I believe doesn't contain coconut? Which is strange because I definitely do detect some notes of it.

          It's a very nice and soft fragrance. I wouldn't say I love it, but I can see why others do. It's what I would call a 'sexy soft' scent. The vanilla pod, pepper and sandalwood give it a nice thick and full personality while the blackcurrant, violet and jasmine give it an airy vibe. This is actually good because sometimes you get a perfume where a few notes overload the other, but in this case everything has a perfect balance without being too cloying or musky.

          When I sniff this fragrance, I imagine a confident woman dressed in black with high heels, roaming the city streets at night, on her way to a very chic party. Funnily enough Crystal Noir reminds me of the YSL Black Opium ad you see on TV. Not the scent, just the 'bad girl' image.

          Overall it's a very gorgeous scent with a side of darkness and mystique to it while still being friendly and innocent.


          After many years this is still a best seller for Vdrsace and it is easy to see why once one tried it.It is a beautiful,feminine and misterious scent,ambery and gloral delicate but persistant,gorgeous


          Flo90 This is the EDT one.That's the one I own. The EDP has no coconut in it.


          Why there's no EDT version of this fragrance in the Fragrantica base?!


          This turned out to be a good blind buy. Picked it up for slightly under $60 through Walmart on rollback. (EDIT: I have the EDP)

          Opening is spicy, with ginger, cardamom, and black peppercorn. After about 10 minutes it dries down to a combo of fresh white florals, milky coconut and an underlying hint of spiciness from the lingering pepper. Fragrance is linear. Sandalwood, musk, & amber are the listed base notes. I don't smell much of them, though they give the fragrance a warm, creamy feeling. Eventually fades to a skin scent after 8+ hours on my skin. Sillage is somewhere between moderate and heavy on me.

          I think Versace Crystal Noir is good and I'm impressed by its performance. It feels feminine without being overbearingly floral, gourmand, or sweet. It remains youthful without being too loud or audacious. It manages to be a versatile scent while still feeling somewhat distinct & memorable. This is a perfect go-to when I'm not sure what to wear.

          For some reason it's marketed as a mysterious, sexual fragrance, and that's pretty misleading. I don't consider this to be especially dark or sexy. To my nose this is a fresh gardenia & lactonic coconut scent with some underlying spiciness.

          JEDI 2.0

          A new girl at work wears this. I had to ask what she was wearing, because i could still smell it outside several minutes after she had already walked into the office! Our office is the size of a football field, and we sit totally opposite each other. If she so much as moves, i can smell it on my side of the office. CRAZY NUCLEAR performance, but it never seems to overwhelm, not me at least.

          In terms of the smell itself; to me, it smells like if suede came from a flower. That's pretty much it. It's musky and very captivating, it demands your attention. She always dresses way nicer than the rest of us in the office, and this perfume suits her style IMO.

          My wife prefers fresher, Summery scents, so i will be skipping this one for her. But if you like "darker" scents with ridiculous longevity, this one is worth a try.


          EdT - when sprayed generously on fabric after several hours I get soft but beautiful coconut that lingers for a long time :)


          I get ABSOLUTELY no coconut and no florals, so I'm very confused by the notes people voted on. This perfume, to me, is a fresh, spicy, musky scent. I suppose the main notes that stick out to me are the ginger, cardamom, and pepper; with the ginger being the most prominent.

          Ann Dromeda

          After eyeing this gem for how many weeks reading about it, I finally bought it (EDP) last week. We have gardenia flowers here and I smell it almost everyday. This evokes the real smell of gardenia but with the creaminess of the coconut and the sexy spiciness, creating a stunning and unforgettable scent. Gardenia is about love and purity but because of the combination of all the notes in this perfume, I didn’t feel romantic or pure wearing this. Yes, there’s love but it’s not a loving relationship— it’s like a secret lustful affair with an irresistible and insatiable lover.

          The only pure about this perfume is its mystery— you can spend a million years trying to figure out what’s the mystery all about but you cannot reach the surface of its truth. That’s why if Mona Lisa is a perfume, this would be it.

          “What’s the truth? And what are just conspiracies? What’s with the smile? Or is it really a smile because you seem to evoke sadness too? But most importantly, who are you? The only thing that’s certain is all of your uncertainties.”

          I never thought that the Gardenia I used to adore will be presented like this together with all the other notes. If this affair of mine will continue, it will definitely replace my beloved Narciso Rodriguez EDT as my signature perfume.


          There are two versions of this fragrance EdP AND EdT , you can get both at Debenhams, other high street shops only sell EdT.
          I’ve got EdT and according to Versace website -
          Head: Blackcurrant, Black Fig, Violet (very much what I can mostly detect)
          Hearth:Tuberose, Frangipani, Jasmine
          Dry Down: Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vanilla Pod, Heliotropine
          Olfactive family: floral - oriental

          And I must say it is very soft skin scent barely there, especially in the beginning, it is very much soft blackcurrant with a bit powdery violet lingering through for quite a while until dry down when the scent becomes sweeter & perhaps slightly stronger. Maybe then I can detect a bit of coconut but honestly nothing really potent or sweet. And yes I agree that it does smell like a very luxurious clean soapy type of scent; you could say that even spicy. It is lovely don’t get me wrong but I wish it was stronger AND with that coconut..


          This is very sensual and sultry. There are so many sugary sweet fragrances out there today, that sometimes, it's good to return to scents released over 10 years ago. If you wear this, you'll exude confidence and mystique. This scent doesn't scream "look at me!"... instead it says "I know I'm the prize, so get to know me if you dare" ;) I really enjoy wearing this during summer nights or during Fall. The edt version (which I own) contains a strong coconut without it being overly sweet and it's also quite spicy. Longevity is about 8 hours and sillage moderate.


          I expected this to smell more coconutty and was initially quite disappointed but after some time I realised that what it reminds me of is warm/hot tanned skin after being on the beach all day, but it also isn't the standard "beachy" scent, they have somehow managed to bottle the scent of a woman's hot body with a sexy twist. I can imagine that men would be very drawn to this one, it somehow manages to smell like a perfume but natural at the same time like a warm skin scent. At first I really wasnt sold on this but it was strange because one day I spritzed it and somehow my nose and brain interpreted the scent how a guy would if that makes any sense..it wasnt on purpose either, it just hit me that to a man this would smell seriously sexy


          @amywamywoo there must be some mistake. Those are the notes for Bright Crystal.


          I seriously enjoy this perfume immensely when I come across it on Women. This is a very distinct scent if you have a decent nose. It’s incredibly balmy and incredibly creamy. Yes it is floral no doubt but the 2 main notes here are coconut and amber followed by sandalwood, then gardenia. This is very strong with some serious sillage. Granted, this whole thing is synthesized but has been done superbly well.

          The whole accord that is presented to your nose is a one off. It is beyond neat to smell this because it’s original. It hits those right spots in your mucous membranes. Very feminine and very sexy, just don’t over apply please, this is super strong stuff!


          Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Hands down one of my top 5 all time favorite perfumes!


          I blind-bought this, and wasn't disappointed.

          I really wasn't sure what to expect as I'm very bad at imagining fragrances just from the notes. Well, whatever I expected, that wasn't it!

          As many others mentioned, even though the note list says 'tropical' or 'beachy', it's not really either - I also can't say that the coconut or the gardenia are really all that pronounced. It's a very well-blended perfume, and to my nose it reads as 'creamy-yet-clean, luxurious, slightly floral'. I can't say I can detect any spice or wood in there.

          What it instantly reminded me of was...a spa. Or a really fancy, upscale bathroom in a rich person's house or a hotel - with fancy, upscale shampoos and hair masks and shower gels. By wearing this, you smell 'fresh' and 'clean', like you just walked out of the shower after washing and pampering yourself with the finest products - it's the luxurious, 'nourished' kinda clean, not your run-of-the-mill 'fizzy' or 'citrusy' clean.

          It's really, really good if you're into that vibe (I am). I could still catch faint whiffs of it two hours after spraying, which for me is a lot - my body chemistry absorbs most fragrances within half an hour, and my nose isn't that sensitive. The smell lingers easily 4 hours on my skin, and a day or so on clothes. Excellent!


          Okay guys and gals. The situation stands thus:

          It looks like Versace now only produces an EDT for this fragrance with notes described as: Head: Blackcurrant, Black Fig, Violet Hearth:Tuberose, Frangipani, Jasmine Dry Down: Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Vanilla Pod, Heliotropine

          Olfactive family: floral - oriental

          This opens a little zingy and spicy with an aura of vanilla, some Citrus and dries down quite quickly to a nice warm soapy aromatic with some blackcurrant and floral hints. Sillage and longevity is not impressive. It's a pleasant scent though, albeit quite cheap and not exactly mind blowing. They sell it now for $40NZD in any discount chemist (drugstore for the Americans--about $25USD equivalent).

          If you still love the previous version I would recommend purchasing anything labelled EDP as it's a safe bet that this is an older formula. As I have only been able to sample the new EDT in the stores at the moment I'm really quite sad as the notes shown above sound gorgeous. Will update this if I find an older EDP for comparison.

          Update: so I bought a recent tester batch code 1825705 made in Italy manufactured January 2019. Notes on the back are top : cardomom /pepper /ginger
          Heart :gardenia/peony /Orange flower

          This is a pretty far cry from the notes described on this page. So I smell pretty strong orange and ginger w a touch of cardomom. The florals are quite sweet and I'm not overly into orange flower to be quite honest. I'm enjoying the spice more as it dries down but must say this fragrance is a touch generic and not really my jam. I'm desperate to try the coconut/gardenia concoction described above I must say... The projection is not inspiring either.

          Nikki Nikki

          I ordered the EDP from perfume.com .. based on reviews mainly. I hope i love it. I will update later.
          Ok so its a few days later. Received the EDP and sprayed right away on the opposite side of my wrist. Its now exactly 2 hours later and I have to bury my nose into my skin to smell it. It smells soapy delicate feminine. Im sure it would project more if I was to spray more around my neck ( or all over). Im happy with it. It does not totally WOW me like L'instant by Guerlain always does for example or Tocade by Rochas. But it is good and feminine and not overpowering like those 2 above. Over all I am happy I purchased it. 50 $ for 1.7 ml I think its a bit much for it I would happily repurchase it for around 30 max. I can see lots of smells that would be similar to this on the market even knock off ones .This was a blind buy based on reviews and such. Ill stick to getting what I first test smell. Its pretty but not the best ever omg! like some people make it sound. or maybe not on me... if I change my opinion I will update here as this site was very helpful( and fun!) for me to read about other peoples opinion and I really enjoy trying to contribute as well.


          Very long lasting soap smell.


          Not my type of fragrance. For me it smells like liquid soap, so I don't like it.