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          Rose Gold Oscar de la Renta for women

          Rose Gold Oscar de la Renta for women

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          Perfume rating 3.92 out of 5 with 26 votes

          Rose Gold by Oscar de la Renta is a fragrance for women.

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          Rose Gold reminds me a lot of Rose Essentielle. It just doesn't have that extremely cool sandalwood. Do you remember those climbing, white-pink roses? With a clear, fresh scent, with that green scent of leaves and stems? That's how Rose Gold smells! Plus something aromatic, something my not very experienced nose can't recognize. Maybe tonka bean? The sillage is moderate but with persistence it is not bad at all. It starts easily, discreetly, makes you think it will disappear quickly. But it's not like that at all! It gets stronger and stronger over time, so after an hour it feels soooo good! ?? It is a successful blind, the bottle has 200 ml and looks gorgeous!


          Launched in 2016. Limited edition.
          The first list is for Rose edt. The second is for Rose Gold.


          I think these notes are for the Gold version, the freesia, and the pear or maybe I am wrong.


          Top Notes freesia, woodland lily, pear
          Heart Center Notes peony, rose, rose
          Base Notes amber, musk, woody elements

          There is another list of notes, as there may be some confusion but many websites say the pear, freesia is the gold version, which has peony. Below is what is stated for the other version the first, rose version, that has heliotrope and is more vanillic.

          Fragrance Notes

          Top Notes Rose
          Heart Notes Heliotrope, Rose, Tuberose, Ylang-ylang
          Base Notes Musky notes, Vanilla, Tonka bean


          There's no description or notes for this perfüme?


          I blind bought this because I generally love ODLR. This smells beautifully rosy for about 5 minutes, then. . . . nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have tried it 3 times, with the same result. I hope Inter Parfums destroys every bottle, because this can only hurt their company. Inter Parfums has licenses for some great brands, like Van Cleef and Arpels (First is a great 20th century classic still produced and still beautiful) and Agent Provocateur. I also purchased White Gold, which is beautiful and long lasting. So avoid Rose Gold, but try White Gold if you love citrus.
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