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          Angel Mugler for women

          main accords

          warm spicy

          Perfume rating 3.63 out of 5 with 20,705 votes

          Angel by Mugler is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Angel was launched in 1992. Angel was created by Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin. Top notes are Cotton Candy, Coconut, Cassis, Jasmine, Melon, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange and Pineapple; middle notes are Honey, Red Berries, Blackberry, Plum, Jasmine, Apricot, Peach, Orchid, Nutmeg, Rose, Lily-of-the-Valley and Caraway; base notes are Patchouli, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk and Sandalwood. This perfume is the winner of award FiFi Award Hall Of Fame 2007.

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          Top Notes

          Cotton Candy
          Mandarin Orange

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          Red Berries

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          Tonka Bean
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          Angel always reminds me of pine trees, like a sweetened Christmas tree scented candle. I know it has a LOT going on, and I can see why it’s so divisive, but she will always hold a special place in my heart. She’s one of my first fragrance loves. I love wearing this on cold nights for a dose of nostalgia, but only once in a blue moon.


          I can’t help but feel this perfume is such a waste of notes. I’m not sure I’ve ever tried a perfume with so many listed notes, other than maybe Good Girl. But the thing is, you just can’t smell the majority of them.
          When this is first sprayed, I have to be honest, it’s absolutely god awful. People describe the ‘dirty’ smell, which is apparently the patchouli, but I’m not sure this is the problem I have with it because I love loads of perfumes with patchouli in them. I don’t typically mind ‘dirty’ or ‘earthy’ smells, but there is an unbelievably sharp awful smell that completely overpowers the top notes. Maybe the cassis? It just makes me recoil. If I can manage to smell for long enough I get some pineapple and coconut try and burst through. Plum? Berries? Peach? Either I’m nose blind or they simply just don’t come through. After around ten/twenty minutes that sharp note goes away and the dry down is quite nice. I smell cotton candy, vanilla, dark chocolate and some honey. A bit of fruitiness. Maybe this is the peach everyone smells but looking at the notes I’d say it smells more like apricot. It stays at this point for a good few hours. I only sprayed on a tiny bit of my skin so I can’t really comment on silage. I personally prefer multiple of the Angel flankers like both Eau Croisiere editions and Nova.


          I think this really depends on body chemistry, but for me the patchouli bomb and weird dirty smell disappears quickly, and turns into a spicy, vanilla, sweet, musky scent. It is the strongest silage of any of the perfumes I own, so I tend to wear it around the house to enjoy it myself. I would not consider this office safe or safe for hot weather, or small tight spaces.


          For some reason, this one always make me sick


          Acrid, spoiled fruit punch with scratchy, rough patchouli. If only you guys could smell Angel how she used to be: perfectly balanced, creamy, more smoothly chocolatey, more nuanced, absolutely heavenly, and far more its own thing than obvious individual notes, like fruit punch or patchouli, poking out blaringly. The scent was strong, but so was almost every designer perfume back then. Judicious application was key.

          Now, for a moment of silence for what was. :(


          It makes my stomach turn, I hate it...but I appreciate its originality


          I was never interested in Angel when it was first released in 1992. I adore Alien and especially Essence Absoule and but before Alien was a Chanel kind of gal. I finally decided to try Angel and found it for a bargain at TJMAXX online in a gift set of EDP and Body Lotion; decided for the price I could give it away if I did not like. First impression was it smelled a lot like Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP which I own. The difference being Angel is much less serious and dark and sexy. I prefer Black Orchid over Angel as it is more refined and elegant. Angel is insanely sweet at first but not cloying and chemical smelling as is Insolence by Guerlain and some of the Bvlgari scents can be. For me it is more of a daytime cool weather scent. A little goes a long long way. This fragrance needs a LOT of room and air or it will suffocate. I found that the Body Lotion was much less sweet and more nuanced and I actually prefer it.

          At the time of this review it is November 2020 and the US is poised to enter a new much more serious phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I have found a very good use for this perfume. I have begun to carry a decanted vial around with me when I go out on mission essential forays into the public. I wear a mask at all times and often a face shield as well. We all know there are many individuals who refuse to wear a mask or social distance. I have discovered that if I discretely spray a blast of Angel when I encounter these types of individuals they either back off or stop. It is very strong right out of the gate and will definitely clear a room. It even has a distinctive insect repellent odor at times, especially if the room is hot and stuffy or the outdoor temperature is over 75 degrees. I have seen people who had their mask down around their chin of below their nose put their mask on once they catch a whiff.


          Reminds me of my childhood trips to Dylan's Candy Bar. This perfume is sweet but also sophisticated. Love it.

          Someones And Zeros

          Ahh, my first... ?
          This story still gives me nostalgia to when I first got into perfume! This one is very near and dear to me for a number of reasons, even if it is very over the top.
          When I was a kid, I would collect perfume sample sheets. I've always loved smelling all sorts of things. One time, when I was sorting through my old papers, I found a Mugler sample sheet that had both Angel and Alien. What I didn't know at the time was that scents don't just get weaker over the years, they shift, too. But when I peeled back the tab and gave it a sniff, I instantly fell in love. The scent of the paper itself definitely played a role in what my nose picked up, but I was swept away. I thought to myself, "if pastel colors had a scent, this would be it!" What I gathered from the top notes from the strip were green nuances and a bit of that melon, believe it or not. The middle and base notes that I smelled were very ethereal, like nothing I can describe. I gathered orchid, sandalwood, creamy cashmere, cocoa, and a tiny bit of a general 'cologne' scent, smooth like lavender and sugar.

          I immediately went online to do some research, and when I saw the bottle, I knew that if I didn't end up liking the smell of the perfume when it was fresh, I *had* to buy it so I could have the bottle anyway. I was stunned by the design.

          After weeks of deciding, I finally broke down and bought it. When it arrived in the mail, I remember jittering with excitement. I opened it up, gave in a spritz, and...
          WHOA. this was TOTALLY different from what I had smelled on the tab. I could smell about 20 different things in it right off the bat, and it was starting to give me a headache. "Oh no, what *is* this?" I thought. I was grumpy about it for a while. Then I tried using it in different ways, spraying it on my clothes vs. my skin, smelling it fresh vs. smelling it after it's been on a while, smelling it in the cold vs. smelling it in the warmth. and that's when I found the sweet spot. What I had to do was spay a very little bit on my clothes in cold weather, and that's when it started to smell like the sample on the sheet again. because there are so many notes in this perfume, they come together to make some really nice things in the right circumstances. It changes wildly over time, too. All the fruity notes come together in the beginning to make this almost 'blueberry' smell that I really like. It absolutely has to be a small amount, otherwise it's sickening. After a while, these top notes die down and leave those soft, ethereal, creamy base notes to stay.

          As for the bottle, it just speaks so, so much to me. I really feel that it describes me, in a way. Every time I look at it in my bathroom, I think, "wow, that's so pretty." A lot of times, when I sketch outfits that I like, I even draw a little necklace with a charm that looks a lot like the Angel bottle.

          That concludes my story of Angel. Today, I still wear very small spritzes of it from time to time. When I go perfume hunting, I like to look for things that have some of the same note combinations as this perfume.


          This stuff is addictive IMO. I remember the first time moment. OMG sweet lord but 100 percent luv- this is a strange scent that needs time. ?
          I do detect a dirty scent or is it the chocolate mixed together?with the patchouli? That sweet caramel and vanilla. It's all about the?base for?me. I see Angle everywhere now just try it.?


          I really have to spend a few words for what is a true masterpiece.

          Angel has been my signature for over 20 years, since the day of its release. Firstly, there is to say that what you have today is nothing like what it was. I have a full bottle of the original formulation and it smells nothing like the one out there now. Also, EDP and EDT have always been very different - shared same DNA and yet did smell as different fragrances.

          Secondly, over so many decades the sense of smell of people has been changed, attacked by means of overly sugary, powdery fruity/floral patchouli (of the cheaper kind) scents.
          For example, I had a sniff yesterday of D&G The only one Intense and almost gagged at the amount of sweetness and powdery notes in it. Every fragrance in commerce today is on this line: think Flowerbomb, the aforementioned D&G, Tresor many renditions, Delina, Mon Guerlain and Petit Robe, Baccarat 540 to name a few popular choices.
          Thank God they are out there to please their lovers of course, but this makes perfumistas (collectors with a passion for perfumery) figure that nowadays nostrils are more accepting of such kind of fragrances, because that's pretty much all that most people can sniff around without having to invest time and money in branching out of that line of fragrances.

          Last but not least - and I know this well because I have been using Angel for so many years - this fragrance alchemy is released best, due to chemistry reaction, by cooler and drier type of skin. Yes, the PH of your skin will make a huge difference in wearing it. Everyone smelling this on me cannot believe it is what's in the bottle. They tried it and on them it won't work the magic as it does on me. Body chemistry here plays a major curveball on many.
          The melon and other fruity notes rarely surfaces on my friends' for example, whilst on me they absolutely shine - and I am envied for this. On me, they say, Angel smells moreish. As someone said here, it is not YOU who choose us, but WE who choose you. Very befitting with Angel!

          So if you are approaching Angel thinking you will get a killing blast of sugar, know you will not. The caramel-ish, chocolatey notes come up very slowly to stay there for a very long time (48 hours on my skin, even after a shower). Good things come to those who wait, is the principle on which this masterpiece has been created ;)
          Also, what some perceive as "dirt" is nothing but the patchouli earthy core that backs such notes.

          To conclude: if you seek a super candy sugar vibe, this is not your fragrance. There's more, way more going on here and to appreciate it one needs a compatible skin PH and to have smelled other than just sugar and powder with hints of fruity/floral notes. It's like for food: variety of flavours helps refine your taste. For perfumes, same rule applies: the more type of fragrances you smell and wear, the more you'll recognize the mastery of those such as this. Even when they are not your cuppa.

          ... and I DO too wear it in the summer, with moderation of course. It's suave in the heat, but I never wear it to dinners. Angel is not for office use either.


          Very enormous. Do not spray too much. 1-2 sprays are enough!

          This perfume starts very strong, and it doesn't show the "sweetness" I expected at first cause I got this as a gift. It kinda smells like toothpaste at first, BUT! After a few hours, it will smell like candy and you can finally enjoy the sweet, caramel candy scent.

          This perfume is not for everyone. You need to wait for at least 2-3 hours for it to actually smell nice.

          You can get a lot of attention for wearing this though, cause it's chaotic evil at first and turns into neutral good after. While it's still chaotic evil, you can completely intimidate someone (in an evil way)!


          I ordered this from FN And I couldn’t wait to smell it. Once I sprayed it I was blown away at how nasty it was. It does not smell like perfume at all. I smell flea spray, dirt, moldy mint chocolate. It literally made me sick. I’ve never been so disgusted by a fragrance.


          This was a blind buy because I was extremely curious about this popular perfume. I regret it but luckily I only got a travel size.

          It smells like mint chocolate that was buried outside in the in the dirt, allowed to ferment, dug back up, and turned into a perfume. I really don't think chocolate and patchouli belong together. It's a pungent smell that slapped me hard in the face when I first sprayed it.

          On a positive note, however, this is STRONG and will last you forever considering you only need a spray or two and that'll last all day. This is the only perfume I recommend the "mist and walk through" method to wear it purely because of how strong it is.


          I think Mugler has been trolling his customers since the inception of Angel. To put this fragrance into a girly sky blue star and call it Angel is a prank, as is calling a basic but extremely pungent white floral Alien. Or how about naming the masculine-leaning scent with notes of fish eggs Womanity and making it pink? These perfumes are great, but the joke is definitely on us.


          I wanted to like it, love the bottle design, but unfortunatelty it smells like smoked fish sprinkled with sugar. Shocking.


          I do not get "chocolate" from this perfume at all. The only thing that I can compare this to is shaving cream. It lasts forever. But it's not a smell I wanted to last. This is strange . Shaving cream mixed with patchouli . I don't understand it ! I love perfumes of all kinds... but this is one that I cant get behind.


          This smells god awful on me. A very strong no. It’s the chocolate I think. It’s sooo weird. A scrubber for sure. I don’t know if it’s just my skin or I don’t like it. I’ve never smelled it on anyone else before. But it’s a hard pass for me


          Ah, the Cult Classic!

          I've had a small bottle of "Angel" for a while now, and I must be one of the few people who don't fall in either the "Love It!' or "Hate It!" camp.
          For me: It's aiight.

          Is it a patchouli bomb?
          Hell yes.
          Is it full of praline/hella-chocolatey?
          Yes, but it's chocolate mixed with dirt.

          Does that sound appealing to you?
          Yes - Then buy this sucker, and to HELL with everyone else.
          No - Don't buy it. Spend your hard-earned cash on your own winner.

          Perfumites, I feel I must apologise here. I feel like I am breaking some Ground Rules for "Angel".
          1.) I wear this in hot weather. Yes, I do.
          2.) I wear this in the gym. With all that sweat and projection, I must be one uniquely smelly creature.

          But I don't care - I wear what I want!

          This has great longevity.
          It has great sillage.
          It's most definitely a complex fragrance. "Chocolatey dirt" is the most basic description I can give you.
          It's the scent itself that has to convince you - and I'm, well... I'm okay with it.
          I'll used up my bottle, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to replace it when the time comes.
          Borderline repurchase-worthy.


          Kitty rating: 6/10.


          It the sort of perfume that grew on me. I had seen rave reviews but at first I could see why the hype was about. It kinda smelled foul when I smelled it out of the bottle. The initial smell when you first spray it, it took me sometime to get used to it or even like it. But when it settles, it definitely leaves behind this beautiful smell that I could'nt help but keep smelling my wrists. Its a perfume that can be worn all day in any kind of weather.


          Interesting fragrance. Quite strong and loud.


          It's my ultimate Christmas fragrance, it creates the right holiday atmosphere for me. It's so warm, and I like the combination of sweetness and spiciness. You gotta be open minded with this scent, it shows how great it is if you wear it more and more (even if you don't like it at first)


          I have had a long term love/hate relationship with this fragrance since I first smelled it. I tried it in the department stores in my middle school years and so on, and I was grossed out by it since then. It just smelled so bad to me. The bottle is so amazing I wanted to love it, but at the time I was just gagging because it was so strong, weird, and sweet. I was used to only subtle light scents.

          It is only very recent, a couple months ago, (I'm almost 30 now) I'm revisiting it and I'm just strangely addicted to this fragrance. I was still like, woah this is strong, but I craved more! I think my taste had changed because now I'm just wanting to douse myself in this and I want it to be stronger haha. Many of Mugler scents have always been intriguing/different/sexy and I am into that more and more these days.

          For my preference, I would only want to wear this in the cooler fall/winter months. Sometimes strong scents give me a headache in the hotter weather.

          Note: I found some original TM 2014 ones at my unloved run down local drugstore, hidden behind locked glass in the dark. Picked up the last 2. I'm not totally sure if that matters, but I'm on the hunt for all things mugler! Whenever I smell the testers in store lately, it still smells about the same to me. I'm still new to this one though.


          I'm a bit biased, as I truly love Mugler - but Angel for me is Mugler's signature fragrance in more than one way.

          Alien is a beautiful fragrance, and widely liked. But Alien is harmonic.

          Angel is kind of conflicted - first time you smell it or spray it, it will be overwhelming. It will smell all too powerful, all at once (even more pronounced with Muse).

          However - it evolves beautifully, for me at least.
          It melts into a sweet smell, with underlying sharper shadowy tones, making it more alluring.

          I once read that Angel, as Diorella, has a signature "rotting" smell.
          But it isn't rotting, nor is it so straightforward.

          It is simply a conflict of this sharper, darker tone in its sweetness.

          This is what makes perfumes in general interesting to me - an invitation to explore, to let the fragrance evolve, and to accomodate fragrance's personality.

          Angel definitely showed me a perfume with a personality, and how to appreciate a fragrance's development and complexity.


          I have a love/hate relationship with this fragrance.

          When I first smelled it, I thought it was a gross BO patchouli bomb on paper. I gave it another chance months later on my skin and loved it. It smelled like a delicious chocolate cake.

          The issue I have now is loving the top notes but then finding that the dry down kind of smells like sweaty genitals, to the point where others around you may think that you're trying to cover up your sweaty vag with copious oversprays of a chocolate gourmand fragrance.

          Angel should just be called Sexual Chocolate.


          "It is not you who chose us. We chose you." This line would rather come from a sci-fi movie where alien encounters occur, but this is how I feel about Angel. I am not really a fan of gourmands and I think I have low tolerance to sweetness, but there are these strange occasions (or encounters) when I feel "abducted" and brought to a sugary land, where I feel at home. And that is the situation with Angel as well. There is some sort of magic in it that I am unable to resist.

          Yes, the opening is not easy, but it is where Angel stands out. It is icy, frosted, foreign, artificial and unfamiliar. There is also that masculine effect running through that may repulse many as it is slightly sour. I also perceive a strong pineapple presence and slowly the frosted confection starts to unfurl. The scent has an interesting edge that feels dry, frosty and wintery, yet cozy and fantastic, and I think winter is where Angel belongs to.

          I believe that in the current Angel the drydown has been modified as it has this pink and girly sweetness, which I don't recall from older versions of the fragrance. It is a bit so-so, but it is manageable. Still, Angel is a fragrance with a powerful signature, which is enchanting and original.


          When I was a little girl in the 90s, Angel and A*Men were some of the first fragrances I consciously tried in our small local Douglas. They often fascinated me, but there were also times when I hated Angel, particularly after I bought a gross dupe as a teenager. Nowadays I own Angel Muse and Eau Croisiére 2020, which I both love, but I never had a bottle of Angel EDP.
          Some time ago a friend gave me a sample so it was time to revisit Angel and add my thoughts to the myriad of reviews. My sample says "Thierry Mugler" and comes in a black plastic sprayer, so it's not the most recent.

          First of all, if you are new to perfumes and have never smelled Angel, don't expect a typical gourmand in the current sense of the word. Yes, it's the godmother of all our beloved sweet perfume delicacies, but it's not edible smelling and quite challenging. It's way more polarizing than Alien, just look at the dislikes bar above.

          The opening is not even pleasant in my opinion. The patchouli is so earthy and dirty here and the whole fragrance smells sweaty and kind of like cumin. The gourmand notes and fruits are hiding beneath.
          But wait for the drydown! The sweaty note vanishes after about half an hour and the honey and chocolate come out. This is one of those fragrances that get better the longer you wear it. After a while I can even smell some clean florals and musk that ground the fragrance, but it's mainly a cornucopia of comforting food notes. Caramel and honey are so creamy in here, but the patchouli keeps it earthy and I also sense a crystallized texture like damp cotton candy. The most noticeable fruity note are the red berries, but I feel I got more of those when I was younger.

          The name "Angel" fits the fragrance perfectly. It can be frightening and otherworldly like a biblical angel, but also sweet and adorable like the chubby little angels on Christmas decorations or Fiorucci shirts. And it's always slightly mysterious.
          I don't know I will ever get a bottle of the real thing, but I respect what Mugler did for the fragrance world with this one and I will always have an Angel flanker in my collection.


          My signature fragrance during high school. Most unfortunately, after having my heart broken in my first serious relationship during my senior year I could not stand to smell it on myself. So I put it away in the back of a drawer and forgot about it.

          The other day I found my nearly empty bottle whilst cleaning out my old bedroom at my mother’s house. Hopeful, I applied a little and crossed my fingers that I had recovered enough all these years later to maybe even wear it again. But, no dice! I still cannot bring myself to enjoy it. Even happily married this most important gourmand is still ruined.


          I hate this, the patchouli smells like dirt to me


          Addictive scent. The vanilla pops up and wafts through the night air. My husband hates this one whenever the patchouli hits. But when Mr. Hyde (sweet vanilla) comes out to play it is really so nice. And over time the patchouli becomes the side that you really want... Like I said addictive...


          My favourite winter perfume ever!


          Incredible to me that some people find Angel sweet, sugary and feminine. To my nose, Angel sits squarely in the other camp: intense, dark, and masculine - sexy, spicy chocolate with orgasmic patchouli.

          And much like Moderndandy, it strongly reminds me of Davidoff Zino (a highly underrated fragrance IMO). In fact, when Angel was first released, my first thought was: Mugler has created a more complex Zino marketed for women.

          Angel truly is a brilliant fragrance - evidently with olfactory duality. Excellent sillage and projection. Wear it at night. Expect to be followed around.


          Angel is a olfactive 5D fairy. What less brave people describes during opening as dirt and filth and sweat, that is the Earth, where you are born. In singularity with this awareness, quickly and unexpectedly, you are taken into Angel's wings, perhaps you are feeling surprised or shocked, astonished, or scared, disgust, or sky lunched, but if you don't recognise it's soul and being, or not curious to sense it, Angel leaves in a millisecond and let you be at your own state.

          Always just one spritz, ONE, and from the distance, to a clean naked body. You will be anosmic to it in time, but never go more with it.


          First time trying this classic. Smells futuristic and dated at the same time! Really unique, but not anymore. Fruity-chocolate-patchuli. For me it resembles Zino Davidoff with added fruity notes - patchouli here is a bit retro.

          It's really similar to A*Men. FM Music for a while is in the same category, and FM MfaW is more feminine in my opinion. Mugler Angel is a masculine-leaning unisex, it reminds me Zino Davidoff TOO much.

          Wow, drydown is magnificent! Green patchouli which is sweet! Longevity is absolutely insane!

          PS I was turned off by Mugler bottles before, sci-fi themed design is not something that I like in fragrance, but it actually looks quite nice IRL.


          Wow, isn't perfume utterly strange. I reviewed this one back in May (4 months ago) and said I found it sharp and acidic with a bitter cleaning product scent - not sweet at all! I tried to sell this, but didn't, and today on a strange whim tried it on myself again. And I love it! Today I'm getting green patchouli, dirty chocolate, berries... Somehow it's sweet and fresh all at the same time. I've recently gotten much more into gourmands and sweet scents, so perhaps I've trained my nose into this direction? I'm honestly not sure, but I guess it's an interesting lesson in coming back to things you think you're sure you hate!


          Finally, tried a sample of Angel with my order from the Mugler website...I rarely hate any perfume I try. It takes a lot for me to truly hate a fragrance but, this one just smelled like chemicals, syrupy fruit, and other strange notes. I love Angel Muse and Alien but, this one has me beat. Mad respect for the people that love this though. I wish I could.


          I like it, it is a sweet and feminine/girly fragrance. This might be the one that inspired so many popular patchouli scents on the market.


          It's intoxicating & very different. Not your average perfume; there's a woody/patchouli element to it at first, enveloped with honey or amber. I personally love it. I would recommend testing it out first before purchasing to see how it smells on your own skin. Once purchased, only one or two sprays are needed for full effect.


          What is there to say about Angel that has not been said?

          Angel has been my aunt's signature fragrance for as long as I can remember, and I believe even before that. Once I finally figured out what this perfume was called, I immediately put it on my Hannukah wish list when I was in High School.

          Angel is a very complicated fragrance, and due to this may smell different on different people. On me, the warmer scents come forward. The patchouli is certainly present, but the caramel and chocolate notes appear more forward.

          This perfume always elicits compliments. It feels refined and unique. The longevity is legendary. The sillage is certainly the largest I have experienced. I do not recommend more than two sprays. This does mean the perfume lasts longer than other, poorer performing scents. I have owned the same bottle for close to seven years with fairly consistent wear and still have quite a bit left.


          The most powerfull scent on the world.

          I have always said that there is no this perfume that can be explained by explaining. It is a touchstone in the perfume world. You like it or not, but you have to admit that it's a very important perfume about historical. Personally, when I see a woman who suits this perfume, all my molecules are moving in that direction. Angel is a very special fragrance that has remained true to the history of perfume since the first day of the fragrance concept. I also use it as a man, and again, great results come out.



          It's funny to me how much people either simply love or hate this fragrance.

          It is one of the most popular scents and for good reason.
          It's sweet and it's strong.

          I got this because I got Le Labo fresh cannabis santal. I loved it but it doesn't last very long. I purchased this and Angel Muse to see which one would appropriately replace it, and this is perfect.

          Chocolate and patchouli dominate this powerhouse. I LOVE chocolate scents and I think patchouli is the perfect thing to ground it. Although Angel Muse has very detectable Angel DNA, the OG Angel is a little less sweet and more earthy. The chocolate is more dominant and I prefer it to the hazelnut spread in Angel Muse.

          It gets lighter and a little fruitier on the dry down.

          This is my favorite scent for winter. It is like coming in from the freezing cold and sipping on a mug of warm Mexican hot cocoa.

          If you are sensitive to strong smells, gourmands/sweet perfumes, and cloying patchoulis, you should probably try before you buy or check out some of the flankers.


          I think I am one of the lucky ones, to have this smell nice on me or simply find the smell to be rather pleasant. Even though, it is obviously unique. I find it has a spiciness and creaminess, which challenges the sweetness. In fact, there is a lot “challenging” things about this perfume, like the components intertwine to create this balance to keep it standing. This took me off guard as I was expecting to either love it or hate it; I find myself in-between, I like it. Leaning on loving rather than disliking. I smell the chocolate most clearly (not milk chocolate, more like a dry form, or dark chocolate.), enveloped by a less definable but soft composition.
          There is a lot of obviously floral, oriental, gourmand, spicy fragrances out there; most perfumes distinctly belong in a group. In my opinion, Angel differs there in it’s own little way, it doesn't fit completely into any categories, it comes close but essentially stands on its own. Which to me, makes me able to enjoy it so much more, because I feel like I am getting all of the groups at once with Angel, the best of all the worlds... Where with another perfume I might not be able to enjoy it as much, because it is too much of one thing that isn’t for me. It definitely fills a room, but I find that just because it does that, it isn’t offensive or sharp or strong in the in-your-face kind of way. It is just there, as visible as you are! One spray is enough, you can easily get away with two, but more than that would be unnecessary.
          This is worth smelling just for the chance that you will enjoy it! But then again, I guess that counts for a lot of perfumes. (:


          Kim Kardashian's fav scent in high school.

          As a guy that's never exp this perfum, that's all i have to add...lol :D


          It took me almost a whole year to fall in love with this fragrance. Mugler is by far my favourite house and I know from experience, that most fragrances from this brand takes some time to get used to... at least for me. The only one I liked immediately was Aura. But this one made a really horrible first impression on me. And even though I knew this was a love or hate scent, I was surprised how much I disliked it, and to be honest, no one I know likes it either, really, people around me seems to hate it very much. So what the hell happened? I was sniffing my sample for year now, and I’m ready to buy it and appreciate it. Although I’m kinda afraid of wearing it anywhere, since people around me hate it so much ????♀? I will start with wearing it only at home, and later on I think this might be a nice fragrance to wear when I go shopping to the city ??


          I remember the Angel from 10-15 years ago as a perfume that I could not imagine ever wanting to wear. So sweet, so overpowering, you could instantly tell when someone was wearing it, and it was unmistakable. I knew a few people obsessed with this perfume, absolutely holy grail status and while I did understand why, considering its distinctiveness and longevity, I was not interested in the least. There was something synthetic and strange to my nose about Angel. Or maybe it wasn't either and it was perfection but then, it was just too much of a good thing to me. Which can be terrible as well.
          I got a sample recently though, and it made me reconsider. Surely my tastes have changed but this perfume must have changed since then too. As I've come to learn, most perfumes are reformulated or slightly tweaked over time even when this is not specifically made public. After the initial spray, about 10 minutes in, this perfume gives me the most beautiful honey smell I have ever encountered. Although floral honey mixed with some fruitiness, it's unmistakable honey to me, very realistic. I would not call it a gourmand fragrance though, it's very far from that. Or at least of what I'd expect something to smell like when people say gourmand.
          This sample was a nice experience and while I would not buy a full bottle, I've been considering a miniature one ever since.


          I have been avoiding Mugler fragrances for decades, so it was fortunate that I came across a stash of samples on Mercari. Mugler Angel is actually not bad. It’s sweeter and more gourmand than what I normally like, but the woodsy dry down helps to balance it. Think dryer sheets x Halloween candy. Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, honey, cotton candy, coconut, Tonka bean... all represented here. Same for just about any fruit within the top 10 of your grocery store’s produce inventory. There is a touch of floral in it, but those notes kind of play 2nd string here.

          It really does smell better than I thought it would, considering how much I hated A*Men on this guy I used to date. I don’t think it’s worth the amount of hype it receives, though. I feel like people buy Mugler fragrances just to brag about being able to afford them. This is BY FAR not the best fragrance out there, even within its price range. It seems like I’ve smelled cheaper drugstore versions, but I can’t put my finger on it. I probably will never buy this, but I would definitely recommend it to someone who likes high end gourmand fragrances. Glad I can mark this off of my fragrance to-do list.


          I love this fragrance! I smelled it on someone years ago and ran out and bought it but the bottle was so small and it didn’t smell the same....recently I bought alien and like ten others from mugler and I sprayed a sample of angel at the bottom of my shirt and I couldn’t believe how amazing it smelled. I was having the same problem as most do.... when I first bought it I was spraying it way to close to my body and it smelled like mold, now I realize if I spray farther away it smells great. I bought the gravity star and I love it.you have to give angel a fair test and you will start to appreciate it and love it!


          I've always been intrigued by Mugler fragrances. I remember wearing A* Man as a teenager and loving it. Recently, I decided to give the Angel perfume a spritz in a department store (I'm very heavy handed with my perfumes) and literally had a field day in spraying it all over me... big mistake. This perfume will not just bite you, it will gobble you up and literally digest you, and everyone around you.

          I could not get over the initial stench bomb of the dirty patchouli in there. All I could get was body odour. Non of this sweet gourmand that other people talk about. If I had not washed my jumper, the smell would have lasted for days. But my intrigue didn't wander. I purchased the Angel Muse EDT and instantly loved it. However, I still wanted to try the original, so I recently purchased a 50ml bottle for a good price on Ebay.

          Upon spraying it on my skin, and getting that initial waft of patch, my instinct is to suck my cheeks in, the effect a sour sweet would have. But the opening of this fragrance is not sweet at all. If you were to overspray this (like I did), it would not only burn your own nostrils but make everyone around you loathe you. It's nuclear.

          Even when applied lightly, it still makes my nostrils burn, but there's an addicting quality about it that makes you want to smell more, but only briefly as it is a bit overwhelming - almost pungent. However, I'm beginning to understand the patch note a bit more. There's something quite animalistic about the BO/sweatiness of the patch note... that almost makes me think of sex?

          And that note pretty much remains throughout the entire duration of the spritz. It does settle down to a sweet(ish)scent, but nothing like the honey or the candyfloss that is listed on the notes here. I don't understand how you could simply depict a particular note in this fragrance, it's literally a whirlwind of in your face spiciness, that when overdone can be extremely pungent.

          Overall, I understand the appeal of this perfume. It is quite powerful in its effect and is definitely a love it or hate it perfume. The more I'm exposed to it, the more I will come to love it.I just need to understand it more. My mother smelled it on me this morning and she literally cringed, I only had two sprits on each wrist - so do spray with caution.

          You will make a statement of some sort when you wear this.


          I can’t get past the initial notes. The smell reminds me too much of Mr Muscle/Flash wood polish & that’s not something I like to smell of.


          It dawned on me today as I opened up my metal canister that houses all my many types of incense sticks that: on MY skin Angel's drydown smells like a new age store wrapped in frosting.

          I love me a good new age store incense run and I love frosting.

          I 100% approve of this and so does my scent picky husband. I'm 100% not surprised this is my favorite perfume and my signature.

          She knows what she wants, speaks her mind, is sexy, intuitive, has a deep caring loyal heart, and loves to have fun. Be kind to her (one or a few sprays) and she will be an endless pleasure. If you're harsh with her (overspray) she will tell you what's up and the whole world will know too!

          I love her even more now if that was possible. My husband always compliments me when I wear her and he HATES 99.99% of all smells.

          ?? Obsessed ??

          ?? That makes 2 of us ??


          One of the first fragrances I’ve tried, Angel has been a great introduction to perfume because it makes a striking impression, has many easily identifiable but well blended notes, and evolves on the skin in an interesting way.

          The opening is a lovely pink hit of cotton candy and chewing gum, contrasting with spicy dark patchouli. After this fades away, I get red berry juice, which is less interesting but pleasant. Lastly, everything dries down into lovely chocolate, caramel and vanilla, which lasts a long time. Despite being full of candy, Angel never feels overtly sweet.


          simply too heavy for me, with no sharpness or any fruity signs. Just the heavy dark level, makes me sick. Wanted to love this but no...no...


          It's a strong masculine scent to my nose and not my cup of tea! although it is a well blended patchouli bomb that lasts all day long and literally fills the house, I don't get any sweetness at all (which is my thing). For me, honey and vanilla note don't exist in this perfume,only patchouli and many spices.
          I blind bought a bottle of Angel and tried to use to it, but it is very strong to my nose. Afterwards I recognized that my husband thought that I was using his A*man perfume by Mugler which used to be his signature scent, so I happily gave it to him.


          I remember this was similar to LL EDP but more blue less feminine Angel EDT still smells a bit like the old al Original version

          It become A powdery warm spicy cotton candy sweet a bit of caramel vanilla and prominent patchouli scent but Its still a vintage gourmand Which is also a bit heady Somwhere the smell reminds me of coca cola
          Its sensual rebellious yet youtfull and elegant
          real festival boho chic scent
          But not for everyone


          Angel is my holy grail, my nirvana, my signature soulmate!
          It has been for the past decade since I first smelled her. Love, passion and complete obsession at first sniff.

          And even though it has suffered dreaded reformulations, and is currently a ghost of what it once was... it will always be my number one ??

          Unlike the bad reputation it has, even with the much watered version of today... On my skin it is a luscious, sultry, addictive cloud that everyone around me adores and many times follow me for.

          Yes! This is the most complimented perfume of my past, current and most likely future collection. The one strangers stop and ask me what divine and bewitching sorcery I am wearing. On my skin it is that good ??


          The performance is top class in perfumes. If you spray one squirt everyone will notice you. The smell is a head turner but I can't decide if it turns heads because it's so potent or because it's likable. I'd never wear it but I also hate patchouli. It's sweet, spicy, gourmand, rich, earthy and impossible to ignore. It makes me think of something viscous like blueberry maple syrup with melted chocolate and a hearty dose of spices. Not my jam but I can see why this won awards. BTW, I have been wearing Alien for ten years and love it.


          I feel really lucky to love this perfume! From reading other reviews, it seems like the sort of fragrance that behaves differently on everyone. On me, it smells of rich, powdery dark chocolate and syrupy cherries--almost sinfully indulgent (in the best way possible, of course!).

          At least on my skin, Angel has lasting power (10+ hours!) with only a single spray. With a light application (in my experience, more than two sprays and it's overwhelming!), I think Angel could work for any season, day or night. It has a sexiness to it, but it's not overwhelmingly "bedroom" to me. In fact, I asked my mother to sniff my wrist and tell me what she thought, and she said it smelled "innocent and girly" to her.

          To me, Angel is a "diva" perfume: I picture Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, wearing a silver gown dripping with diamonds, standing on an empty stage with the spotlight streaming down, singing a powerful, angelic song... Have you ever met someone and just immediately knew they'd be a star one day? This perfume has that same aura. Starpower, in a bottle.


          Smells like fruit salad (the kind made with syrupy canned fruits) mixed with damp soil and dark chocolate, creating an overall effect on my skin of rotting fruit.


          Angel is a classic—unforgettable and untamable. How I haven’t yet reviewed it is beyond me! I still clearly remember my first run-in with the scent. Or maybe “confrontation” is a better term than “run-in,” for Angel defers to no one. Anyway, I was in high school, staying the night with a few friends at a classmate’s house. My friend Kara, hosting, was a burgeoning fragrance fan, and she wanted us to smell her mom’s intoxicating signature scent. One spritz later, and my mind searched for relevant touchstones but came up lacking. There was simply NOTHING like the Angel that flooded my nostrils.

          Years later, as I became a fragrance fan myself, Angel was an easy early pick-up. I mean, there’s an Angel-sized crater in ‘90s perfume history, and no respectable collection would exclude a bottle. Spritzing again, that manic dominatrix lashed me into submission. The dense wall of patchouli that’s simultaneously sweet, skanky, and earthy! With those red berries! That thick honey dripping off caramel and chocolate! Like water that gets so hot, it begins to feel cold, the sweetness is pushed to take on a borderline-sour quality. And those painful lashes that Mistress Angel unleashes on anyone in her wake? They become blissfully pleasurable...!

          As much as I love Angel, it leaves me with a hangover. It’s so FUN to wear from time to time, but to think of regular wear leaves me a bit queasy. Tonight, though, Angel whispered to me—no, demanded that I spray—and I’m hopelessly in its thrall. I recommend that you, too, submit to this rabid beast.


          I'm basing this review on my experience with a 0.05 oz tester. Off the bat, I smell vanilla ice cream with some citrus and skank. Got a backhanded comment that I smell like a very fancy car freshener. It has turned into a sugary skanky smell after 3 hours of wearing, I have to wash it off and it still stays on skin. Best for someone younger but I'll never wear it again.


          I loathe this perfume not only because of how it smells but even more because it was the beggining of the Candyland Era (where we still are drowning, in oceans of syrup)


          This one really took a lot of time for me to appreciate, some say you either like Angel or Alien, never both, but I'm the oddity because I happen to like both!

          I've always been fascenated by the blue star bottle ever since I was little and would see it advertised on TV and in catalogues and gift guides, but little did I know what the tame and serene looking bottle held inside of it.

          I've smelt Angel on a few people, most notably a tutor I wasn't very fond of and I always instantly recognised it on other people and would think "why would anyone want to smell of burnt patchouli?"
          One Christmas on a whim, I treated myself to a Mugler 12 days of Christmas gift set which included various Angel themed treats and body products as well as minis of Angel EdP, EdT and Muse, as well as a 15ml travel star and a 25ml refillable star as well as a protective case for the 25ml star.

          Oh good greif! what did I get myself into?? on my skin, Angel behaves totaly differenly compared to how it behaves on other peoples skin, I get a heafty smack in the face with the patchouli but it all subsides and wears down to a fruity vanilla with some coconut and pine needles? it smells so good!

          Of the entire orgy of notes, the main ones that I can get from Angel are: pineapple, coconut, patchouli and vanilla, I'm not too sure what gives it the pine needle effect though unless its a combination of the patchouli and the various spices such as nutmeg and corriander.

          This always makes me think of Christmas time and I wear it quite a fair bit during that time too, the body products smell like a more fruity version of the perfume and are my go to if I really want to have a good papmper in the shower, also the hair mist smells like a lighter version of the perfume, so I use it as an eau fraiche when I want to wear something thats not a perfume during the warmer months or when I'm just wanting a pick me up. I've had people look at me in a state of shock when I tell them that its Angel I'm wearing when I'm complimented on it, I really find it interesting how much skin chemisrty plays a role in how this scent smells on various people.

          I cant comment on reformulations and such, but my bottle is fairly strong and it will last all day and sometimes post shower on my skin.

          Angel is really the devil in disguise


          After learning my lesson with alien I didn’t buy this one just asked for a bigger tester and I was lucky cause I spend a fortune for perfumes it was out of question they just gave me some. And thank God I didn’t buy it! It’s a little better then alien, it has a nice mint goes through it but overall it’s very powdery and overpowering, far to much for me and my sensitive stomach. ??


          This has been my mother’s favorite perfume my whole life. Just thinking about the smell makes me shudder. Stuff is so potent and smells nasty. I love patchouli too but can’t stand this.


          Angel is no angel at all, it pours from your skin like sickly sweet black tar filling every room you enter and enveloping everyone you stand close to. Smells like an engima, sweet rotting fruits, vanilla and the sweat of a long sexual encounter dancing around eachother. youll be hated or loved for wearing it but you will be remembered. excellent as a male perfume if you like being a peacock. mixes beautifully with smoke, giving it even more oriental touch. An angel at first glance but get close to it and youll be pulled in by the claws of a demon.


          Finally came to a conclusion on this one.

          Angel is more unique than any other oriental vanilla fragrance I've tried. The prominent patchouli note, the underlying spiciness, and the woody & balsamic notes present in the drydown amp it up to a whole new level. It's fascinating to say the least.

          Still, for the first 3 or 4 hours of its lifespan, this smells like cotton candy, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and industrial sheet metal. She speaks brazenly but says very little, and she says it crudely. It's an original, and in that sense it's a masterpiece of some type, but it's absolutely unwearable.

          Having said that, Angel is a firmly established part of culture now. There are scores of fragrances like Flowerbomb, Black Opium, & La Vie Est Belle that are bizarre, half-ripoffs of Angel. Rather than wearing them... wear this? I dunno, wear whatever you love most.


          I have to say I do not enjoy this. This is patchouli and chocolate, but so strong that it makes me sick when I smell it. I love patchouli too, but this is on another level that makes me sick. Not a fan and I would not recommend blind buying this, I found out I did not like it after only ordering a sample online and I am so glad I did that first!


          to shorten my review, it's basically a creamy, sweet vanilla scent when the patchouli that smells like b.o wears down


          Honest review, it smells good after like 5-10 mins. The first 5 mins you get a strong patchouli chocolate smell which i don't enjoy, but after 10-15 mins the strong patchouli dries down and you smell the vanilla! There's still patchouli but it's definitely not as strong as the first 5 mins. The scent is very offensive and headache inducing at first but then it turns into a nice creamy vanilla with a little bit of patchouli on my skin!


          I can appreciate this fragrance for it’s uniqueness. I bought a .27 ml decant and at first I really liked how it smelled of a candy I couldn’t put my finger on, but once I put it on my skin, the smell was waaaaay to strong and potent. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me and I’m glad I didn’t get a big bottle of it.


          I so looked forward to trying this, based on the reviews, notes and iconic history—sadly, it seems Im one of the unlucky ones that doesn’t get any sweetness or vanilla from this! I’m waiting for the moment I miraculously begin to love this, but I seriously doubt it, because the only note I get is heavy, strong, patchouli—I almost got a headache from just two sprays. It dries down to quite a musky, masculine scent that is definitely better than the opening, but not really for me. I’m also really surprised by the strong “dirt after rain” smell I saw mentioned, as I had a chuckle, thinking everybody had weird noses, but no—I absolutely smell wet dirt on this, even hours later, which is not really something I want to smell like.


          I have reviewed this divine fragrance previously but it deserves revisiting. Angel is pure, powdery heaven! The dry down is reminiscent of Guerlain’s Shalimar. However, Angel is Shalimar on steroids. This is one of the few perfumes that I own that garners constant attention. I’ve been stopped in restaurants and in museums by men asking about this alluring fragrance. The vanilla-tonka bean-patchouli notes are mesmerizing.


          I always saw pictures of “Angel” by Thierry Mugler online, but every time I’d go to beauty shops or to Duty-Free, the perfume has always been SOLD OUT. In short, I didn’t have the opportunity to see or hold an actual bottle of it.
          It made me wonder, “Wow, it definitely must be a showstopper if it’s always sold out!”

          Lo and behold, yesterday was my 25th birthday, and I received “Angel” as a gift.
          It’s not just any bottle of “Angel”, it’s the ORIGINAL formula from 1992! The net weight is 25ml (0.8oz), and I couldn’t contain my excitement! I just couldn’t believe it! I was ecstatic!
          Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have ever thought that I would get a hold of a true icon in the perfume world by owning the vintage version of this beautiful, artsy, tasteful masterpiece. The best birthday present ever. :]

          I’m in LOVE with the star design! It’s an eye-catcher, purely striking, and definitely a fragrance that I’ll forever cherish.
          Unfortunately, it’s a non-refillable one, so I’ll only use it when I’ll go on super important events or on fancy dates. Otherwise, I’ll have it in my perfume drawer, tucked away with several other wonderful concoctions of fragrances.

          I can totally see why “Angel” is known as the first true gourmand perfume. It certainly was a game-changer in the industry! ALL the notes that are listed in here are spot-on! I bluntly think that it’s like mixology for the nose. The one thing I’d say is that I feel a TINY hint of heliotrope in there, but I’m overall EXTREMELY pleased!

          I spritzed it ONCE on my wrists as pulse points (just to see if I’d like it or not), and OMG, it’s strong!! I had it on me for about 13 hours! I couldn’t get enough, and sniffed my wrists within those hours as it felt amazing!! 28 years passed by, and it seems like it was made yesterday.

          11/10 for me!


          I halfly blind bought this perfume yesterday - i wore it when i came back home, this morning before my shower and then again after showering. I must admit, it has been an adventure for me these two days because; first of all, this is the definition of a unique and outstanding perfume, that really needs time to be figured out. Second of all, i had to learn to appreciate the opening and first half an hour, in order to "deserve" the mesmerizing outcome of the drydown. Angel had a explosive opening on my skin, but even after three times of wearing it, i simply adore every phase of this perfume. And i must add to this review, that to me there is no "team Alien" or "team Angel" - i've had Alien in my collection for three years or so, and i must say that you can easily love both if you're into perfumes from another league of creativity.
          I have grown to love this beauty within two days, so you have to give it a chance before deciding to dislike

          Side note, this perfume reminds me of Lee Stafford's heat protection for hair.


          I don’t like this. On me it smells like dirt after it’s rained, soap and body odor. I sadly get no sweetness, not fruitiness, no nothing. It’s all patchouli on me. And not a good patch.

          I’ll have to try it during winter. But as of now, its a no from me.


          I adore the smell of Angel on other people.........but very sadly, it does not love me back! :(

          Interestingly, both my Mom and I have the same experience with this perfume (and we both wish our skin our take it!), so it's probably just something in our chemistry that is ruining it. (Both of us have skin that eat/tarnish metal; is there a correlation?!)

          I am interested to try Alien now, as most people love one or the other: perhaps it will be to me what Angel is to others?!

          Today, I layered "Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT" and "Angel", and it's my match made in Heaven!!! The NR lightens up the Angel, and the Angel beefs up the NR! Woohoo, I am thrilled that I can now enjoy this scent like everyone else!!! :D


          I posted about a year ago when I tried this EDP for the first time and thought it smelled like sweet shaving cream. Well, I've given it a few more chances, because I love all of its flankers. It took a while, but I'm finally acquiring a taste for this scent... as long as it's NOT sprayed on my skin. Best way to wear it that I've found so far is a few sprays on the inside of my robe, let it sink in, and wear it for a few minutes. Even in this indirect way the scent clings to me for hours afterward, but without the rabid musky, cooked-fruity notes.


          I can understand the devicivness off Angel. It's a very strong blousy scent. While I love the honeyed apricot of the opening it doesn't hang around for that long, and the dry down is a little sour for my taste. Though neither will ever find a permanent place in my collection, I prefer the EDP although it doesn't have the nostalgic value the EDT has for me.


          I wasn't sure what to expect with this polarizing scent but I absolutely love it! It is so unique and different. I love the combination of sweet, fruity and the patchouli mixed together. It is a scent that has depth and layers and a lot of personality. I think that this is a scent that could quickly become overwhelming if too much is applied. One spray is plenty! Mugler scents are so complex and different. I also have Alien and love that just as much. I think that this perfume probably works best in cooler temps as it is pretty strong. This perfume really is a work of art and a little goes a long way. I am resisting the urge to apply more because this angel could easily turn into a devil. Beautiful and unique, I am sold!


          I bought this based off of a friends recommendation. I can not say enough how nauseating this was for me, I gave it away. I did not like this at all.


          I'm a big fan of sweet gourmand, and looking at all of the notes, I should love Angel. I don't. The patchouli overpowers everything else for me, and is totally migraine-inducing.
          I can detect an Angel wearer as soon as they enter a room, and I suspect that it's because a lot of people who love this go overboard with the spray and douse themselves in it. I get an almost Pavlovian nausea whenever it's even mentioned.
          Someone here mentioned that you are either an Angel person or an Alien person. I'm definitely for the extra-terrestrial.


          I first bought (blindly) this scent last year. What surprises me is that even though I’m middle aged, and this scent has been around for a few decades, I don’t think I ever smelled it, at any time and anywhere, until my order arrived. How is that possible? I don’t live under a rock!

          For me, this is an intense scent and when I wear it, I keep smelling it, trying to identify notes (at which I’m not skilled). Initially, the blackberry is very strong. And some type of barber shop/shave cream scent that’s almost effervescent. A lot of the notes listed, I never detect. The effervescence doesn’t stay around long, but the blackberry does for me, only disappearing well into the dry-down.

          I have this in multiple forms (EDP, hair mist, lotion, and body oil). The body oil is my favorite, for sure. It seems brighter and a bit more fruity to me. The spray bottle works well, the mist is nice, and it feels great on clean, damp skin. The sillage is smaller with the oil, which isn’t a bad thing for such a forceful scent. So when I want to go Full Angel, I use all the forms, and when I want subtlety, just the oil (and maybe a light spritz of the hair mist).


          I didn't think I would like Angel after looking at the note breakdown. Prominent notes include chocolate, caramel, honey, vanilla, and cotton candy. I was convinced it would smell like diabetes. When I eventually tried it I was surprised. I guess I shouldn't judge a fragrance until I smell it. I appreciate that Angel has far more balance to it than lots of other sugar-sweet fragrances I've sampled. The prominent patchouli note, the spices, and the underlying woody, balsamic notes keep the intense gourmand aspect of this fragrance in check.

          I think it's unique, but I don't know if I'd buy a bottle. It's not very wearable, it can be too overwhelmingly sweet. Will keep testing.


          Gosh... this is divisive isn't it. An absolute scrubber for me. I blind bought both Angel and Alien (I love to live life on the edge), and I found I actually adore Alien. Strong, intense jasmine with a lot of punch behind it. Angel however... I do not see "sweet" or vanilla at all. I got a sharp, almost painful acidic berry/cleaner scent with a bitter undertone. I am actually quite surprised that it is *so* different on my skin to so many others - could it have gone bad? I'm not sure. I didn't let it sit and develop into what could have been a lovely dry down, as there was no way I could stomach that screechy, bitter opening. Unfortunately I'll be giving this away immediately (message me if you're in Australia, I can probably post it to you if my friends don't want it), but thankfully I adore Alien so that's staying with me. I have a theory based on reviews here that you're either an Angel or an Alien lover, but never both. I've chosen my Mugler.


          To my wonderful fellow angel lover a few reviews below, @la_clope, please don’t spray that much! Believe me, I’m a huge angel lover, but one spray is good, 2 if you *really* need it. Oversprayers are a big reason why so many despise this beautiful scent. Some people also might have asthma, or things of the like, so it’s always best to not go too heavy on things. But especially not with angel’s incredibly silage and longevity :)


          I’m revisiting my forgotten splash with just a few drops left. Oh dear gorgeous, gorgeous. The hateful comments make me smile. If you’re not used to the 80s, then this won’t work as well.

          Angel is a mockery of aldehydes, oakmoss and just anything restrainedly French. It’s a dripping mess of childhood fantasies trying to emulate the powerbombs of the past decade. Moreover, its blue color represents what it contains in contrast. Anything but girly!

          You can smell the red berries from the start with lots and tons of praline and honey. You think it’s pretty? Well, kinda. But there’s some kind of fougere at work here, some guava accord, some cumin I guess and lots of the patchouli dirtied with soil.

          In some perfumes, chocolate adds a certain richness to accords, but here, it lends a masculine backdrop.

          Mind you, it’s the most complimented fragrance I wore. Men love this on me.

          Smells like sweaty sex after you slathered berry lotion and baked cake using overripe fruits and chocolate.

          Messy but yummy.


          Angel is not for the faint hearted. I am an Alien lover, so I wanted to expand my horizons and see what else Mugler had to offer. One spray on my wrist had me feeling nauseous for the rest of the day. I couldn’t even work out what the notes were, only that it was just way too sweet for my liking. Looking at the notes, now I can understand why my poor nose felt overwhelmed and disgusted. There is far too much going on, too many notes. I think that you have to spray this into the air and walk into the mist to wear this as the performance is CRAZY and you don’t want to offend those around you, especially in the office, etc.

          Angel is sickeningly sweet, and if you are into that then this could be for you. I wouldn’t say that this is a safe blind buy, so try and find a sample before committing to a whole bottle. For now, I will stick to Alien and revisit this in the winter to see if I have changed my mind.


          Like so many of you I am Angel convert, turning from hater to lover, Saulus to Paulus. And like many converts, I am overly zealous in my adoration.

          I clearly remember the first moment I smelled it. I used to take the bus to school, and at the bus stop I often saw two sisters who were the ultimate fashionistas. (I honestly do not think they ever repeated a single outfit within an entire year - they were like two extras from the film Clueless.) Of course, these sisters were the first ones to use Angel. When I first smelled it, I was mortified, almost too scared to enter the bus. Why would anyone want to smell like this?

          Fastforward 20 years or so, Angel starts getting my attention again. And now I am captivated. This is so, so, so good. Does Mugler put in secret additives that make me crave this so? Like the tobacco industry did with cigarettes? How can this be so delicious?


          I know Angel is a classic, and for good reason. This is a very complex fragrance, and one that is very unique, and also one that has very loyal followers. I own it and wish to keep it in my collection because it is truly one that belongs there. Although I occasionally wear it on a cold winter's day, it is really not one that I particularly enjoy. It is sweet, but in a dirty way, and the patchouli is just so intense. I honestly cannot wait to smell the new EDT--I feel like I would actually enjoy wearing that one bc this one is just too much. But if it were toned down and the fruitiness and sweetness were less intense, maybe I would even love it. Still a great fragrance though and I have received compliments the few times I've worn it. It is very long-lasting, too, but smells a little dated, honestly. Or maybe just mature.


          I tried Angel several times throughout the past year, to see if I would ever even tolerate it, but nope, it still disgusts me to this day. Whether I spray it on myself or on a fragrance test strip, I’m overwhelmed by this repulsive, hot musk. And not the fancy perfume-y kind either. It genuinely smells like terrible body odor from someone who’s been sweating and hasn’t showered for a week. I picked up the sweet gourmand notes as well, which I am a huge fan of, but I can’t fathom why Angel is so incredibly gross to my nose. This really bummed me out, as I’m always on the hunt for well-blended notes like chocolate and caramel, and since Angel has quite a history of raved reviews,
          I’m pretty understanding when it comes to perfumes I don’t like, and I would love to say I’m exaggerating, but this is the nastiest perfume I’ve ever smelled.


          I used to be a hater of the classic Angel and generally considered myself to be more of an Alien person. THe first Angels I came to really enjoy were Muse (both EDP and EDT) and Angel Eau Croisiere (exquisite juicy mango). However, just for the collection I got myself the 15 ml blue shard of the classic Alien, occasionally trying it on to see if my perception changes. For several monthes it smelled of sharp greenery mixed with ageing and unclean bodies (and some stale chocolate), altogether unpleasant. And then suddenly something changed. I mean, I still smell the same perfume, and I can sense which parts of it I used to perceive as bodily unclean, but the whole construction of it now smells oddly delicious, though I cannot say that it is a very sweet smell to my nose. It does have some chocolatiness to it, but it is underscored by a heavy green-metallic motif. Anyway, I've become an Angel lover.


          Can this be unisex? Inbox meet please as I am planning to buy it if it is?

          Answer: Yes, ordered it, used it and loving it.

          Beast mode performance.


          This is just too sweet for me. It turns and smells cheap and unflattering on my skin. Something about it just doesn't mix with my body chemistry and I end up hating the way it smells. I don't get the love for this one.


          Just tested a sample of this finally. I remember when this first came out years ago. I didn’t like it then but couldn’t remember why. It all cams flooding back to me today. Remember when Nordstrom had sprayers at the escalators? Ugh. That’s how I was introduced. Against my will. I had forgotten which scent until I put it on again today, nearly 30 years later! Ugh. No no NO. I will never buy a honey and patchouli fragrance after this! I adore strong 80s/90’s style perfumes.. but this is rank! It smells super foul in the opening and only softens but doesn’t ever rid my skin of that foul stench. It’s Vincent Price in a perfume. No offense to the fans of either!


          opens very fruity moves to patchouli in a half hour.
          I like it but it makes me feel nauseous.


          I loved the bottle but the perfume did not love me back.
          My partner HATES this , sometimes I spray it around me if he has annoyed me :P

          I tried it out and I was just undecided , it seemed to smell a bit like dirt on me.
          I tried for 3 days with it but it doesn't want to sit with the Chanel's on my dressing table.

          So I have a 25ml refillable bottle that I won't be using, happy to trade if anyone wants to own angel.

          I'am really wanting to find my own Mugler perfume for my collection though as the projection and sillage is amazing.


          I have tried to like this but I just can't. All I could smell was harsh, sharp caramel. It makes me feels nauseous.


          I have Angel & Angel Muse. Can’t decide if I like either of them. They’re extremely similar with Muse being stronger imo. Angel smells like vaginal juices and swamp butt on first spray. 15 mins later it’s straight patchouli. Another 15 mins later it turns sweet. An hour later it goes back to all patchouli with very slight vanilla. I can’t smell the vanilla unless I put my wrist directly to my nostrils and inhale deeply but the patchouli is smelled from a pretty good distance. I like patchouli scents a lot (TF Black Orchid is one of my signature scents), but this one is overwhelming bordering on stinky. It smells like body odor. It smells like sex juices and sweat mixed with cheap vanilla body spray. It reminds me of the strip clubs I used to dance at. Not pleasant but not a turn off either. Projects far and lasts for about 6 hrs on me. I reach for this and Muse when nothing else is available. I don’t like it but I don’t exactly hate it.


          Never trust anyone who dislikes Angel.


          Smell of the 90s. You never meet it nowadays, but I think everyone had it. Classy but also playful. Undeservedly forgotten.


          I have been trying samples of this fragrance once in a blue moon for years, as my first reaction was, for a long time, to oscillate between not liking it (the sourness mixed with the sweet notes!) and then getting intrigued and loving it. I suspected the time would come when I would end up either fully hating it or fully loving it, and that time has come now :)

          I am pleased to say that I love it. It's unlike any other fragrance I have tried. It's very intriguing and oscillates between sweet, sour, earthy, almost moldy, to even airy. It is a really really well done composition, and for me it deserves praise. This is one of the earthiest (as in wet earth, almost mold) patchoulis I have ever smelled, and the cacophony of notes of different types somehow works in me to create a perfume that changes through time, seducing me and mesmerizing me.

          I'll have to keep testing it more and more frequently as it is really unlike any fragrance I own. Now to look for a nice bottle with a good price. :)


          Angel smells BEAUTIFUL....after the first 5 hours! And for this very reason, I cannot bring myself to purchase this in a full bottle. I like to enjoy my fragrances from start to finish. But it is lovely...I just don't have time LOL.


          In talking with L’Oreal account exec’s and a couple different buyers from two retailers, both parties are scared sh*tless on this takeover. Things don’t look pretty so far with L’Oreal slowly taking control over the reigns. Angel holds a position in the top 10 most popular scents, but by L’Oreal learning as to how Mugler was run by Clarins, L’Oreal right now is choking from biting more than they can chew with this buyout. It’s like going to watch James Cameron’s “Titanic”, popcorn and soda ready, just watching the ship leave the port in Southampton. As long as Mr. Mugler survives on that door in the ocean at the end, all will be good.


          I hate this fragrance. I cant put my finger on it but there is just something about it that makes me feel sick. I can't stomach the smell on my skin.


          Three months after writing this off,
          I began to fall in love with Angel Muse and Angel Eau Sucree.
          I gave the decant bottle another chance, and.....

          Yes, I can say I love it. Ones spray does the trick. It’s a sexy earthy patchouli with a strong honey and chocolate in my skin. I bought a bottle, and I’m sad to have discovered it when winter is going away.

          The longevity and projection is so good. One spray on my back gives me all I need for 24 hours.


          My review is very late to the game and maybe won't be that useful. Angel has been around since forever, I lived my younger years in South America and even though a lot of people used to talk about this fragrance over there, I always ignored it since I was into young sweet girly fragrances.

          Now, at my late thirties I have discovered that many fragrances that I hated when I was younger now go very well with my skin. Also the fact that there is winter here I am able to use some that did go well with me but just didn't agree with the weather down there. I stumbled across Angel EDT at Ulta and I sprayed it on, I loved it. My boyfriend told me, don't buy it I will get it for you. I got my very anticipated bottle for Christmas but it was the EDP. My goodness is this strong! The week I got this I was so sick I couldn't even smell it, then I sprayed some on my skin + clothes, my coworker told me that the scent was too old for me.

          Today, I decided to spray it only on my skin. My boyfriend asked me what I was wearing, and he was surprised it was the fragrance that he gave me. I got to compliments at work already. I am not going to go through notes because they are 2k+ reviews on this. But before throwing it out play a little bit with the way you spray it on, it may work for you. I am smelling my wrist right now and it doesn't smell strong at all, it melted very well with just the skin.


          I want to love this but I just scrubbed it. There is a BO note!! And a rather vile sweetness. I’ll try it again on fresh skin though. I do have Hanae Mori Butterfly on my wrists and clothes and a new Ebay Chanel #5 on my elbows- making sure it’s not fake! So perhaps I was asking too much to try Angel in the middle of my forearm lol. But I’m thinking neither Angel nor Alien are for me- love the bottles though.
          I am so sad- I can’t stand this one. Tried it again and the strange BO note in the opening makes me want to gag! I know the drydown can be nice because my jacket smells heavenly where I sprayed it a few days ago.. Maybe I’m just not ready to not wear my precious Hanae Mori which I finally own- I used to just douse myself in Sephora.
          Update- Angel has a difficult patchouli hurdle for people to get over before they can appreciate it or have the patience to appreciate it. It’s about 2 weeks later now and I think this is an incredible scent. I think I love it. It’s amazingly long legged!


          In my opinion, all gourmand perfumes need to be designed very carefully so that they don't become nauseating. Too much sugar may just make you sick!
          This olfactory fatigue can occur during either its recurring use, or in a single application due to a strong projection and longevity. A high sillage can also infect those around us and create some group aversion to the fragrance. If a perfume stays on the market for a long time, its continued familiarity can also lead to some annoyance. As the eyes may also smell, the design and the very bold presentation of a bottle can get our attention at first, but over time it can become tiring.
          Angel is a very gourmand perfume, with high longevity, sillage and projection. It has been on the market for 28 years now and its bottle must have the most unique design in the history of perfumery!
          So what is its secret? It can only tied to its formula and blending mastery, and so justifying why many women and men find Angel so sexy and appealing.
          As with any masterpiece, this perfume also has its legion of haters. The loudness they create just increase the Angel awareness. The good things of life are always yin and yang. Quite a lot of years ago we the market witnessed the same effect with Tabu.

          In the opening and heart we find a pi?ata full of ripe sweet fruit, desserts and cotton candy that in a short time are mixed with an extensive bouquet of nectary flowers. The scent is intense and pleasantly intrusive. The ambery bottom throws us with a bomb of a seductive patchouli, sweet spices, chocolate and caramel. Visually, I could only imagine this overly sweet scenario with some suspicion. However my nose does not think the same way. It likes what is proposed and even qualifies this fragrance with a unisex tendency so that I am willing to use it too.
          In a woman I find this fragrance just irresistible.
          I do recommend it!


          Can't stand this one!

          It smells dirty and overpowering to me, like very strong tree sap, patchouli, BO, and mothballs. There'a also a definite note of decay.

          Imagine a rotting tree in a forest, partially covered over with moss, after it's been raining.


          The dry down is worth waiting for...imagine being in the middle of the woods, the forest air smells of damp earth and tree bark, the indigo sky is speckled with millions of glittering stars. It’s peaceful and serene. You pull out a Mars bar from your jacket pocket, unwrap it, and you find that it’s melted slightly from your body heat, and the delicious, warm chocolate-y caramel aroma fills your nose. Yeah, pretty amazing and atmospheric, but it takes a good few hours to get there. I had a mini, and used It to scent my scarves, very comforting in winter.


          Oh god. This smells horrendous on my skin.

          I really mean horrendous. I mean the Sephora lady came around to check on me and when she smelled it on me she went “oh...ew!”

          When I first sprayed it, it sort of smelled