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          Whispers in the Library Maison Martin Margiela for women and men

          Whispers in the Library Maison Martin Margiela for women and men

          main accords
          fresh spicy

          Perfume rating 4.23 out of 5 with 610 votes

          Whispers in the Library by Maison Martin Margiela is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Whispers in the Library was launched in 2019.

          "The slowing down of time between books and the whispers of turning pages."

          Martin Margiela Whispers in the Library belongs in Replica collection.?Notes: pepper, vanilla, precious woods, cedar.

          Available as a 100 ml EDT and a 10 ml travel spray.

          Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Espa?ol, Fran?ais, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικ?, 漢語, Nederlands, Srpski, Roman?, ???????, Укра?нська, Монгол, ?????.

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          I adore this scent. It’s sweet but not overly., if I would have to associate it with an other scent I’d say its like TF Metallica but more feminine and sweeter. I genuinely think it’s a unique scent, very noticeable and great price for value I couldn’t believe the price when they announced it at the checkout, it’s a bargain compared to what prices are out there in other premium perfume houses.


          I bought this as a blind buy from Sephora. Initially, I did not like it for the first few days but it is slowly growing on me. It's a really soft scent with the sweetness of vanilla, and a tinge of pepper as well as woody notes which are really noticeable on the first spray. My only complain is the longevity, but for a EDT, I am thouroughly satisfied.


          First blast of smoky woods and faint incense. This scent mimics reminds me of MMM's By the Fireplace and Jazz Club without the heavy smoke in the former and without the booze in the latter. After a minute, the smokiness dies down a bit and the woods turn rather creamy and peppery. Projection is negligent on my skin but the longevity is there. Thoroughly unisex and great for everything except a hot day/night.

          6+ hours later: still there, going surprisingly strong for an EDT.


          This perfume smells like an old book. Strangely, it's a comforting fragrance and one that would be perfect on a refined gentleman. I bought it for myself (being a female) to smell. I don't see myself wearing it out, but I do like smelling it.


          A beautiful, cozy scent. It starts off peppery but fades to a warm, woodsy vanilla. Perfect for fall and cooler months when you want to feel the coziness of being wrapped in a sweater in a library.


          To me, Whispers In The Library is a very translucent fragrance—subtly sweet, dry, and warmly atmospheric. Within two minutes of application, it had dried right down on my skin, becoming vague and soft.

          The wood notes and the pepper (which is mild) combine to evoke that smell of old paper and binding glue. Meanwhile, the dusty vanilla is, in my opinion, the beautiful fiction of this fragrance. It’s not that libraries smell sweet. It’s the fantasy itself that is sweet; the fantasy of whiling away the hours in some old-world library full of secluded nooks, and lamps, and armchairs.

          I find this fragrance pleasant and comforting, but too vague for my personal preference.


          I normally never gravitate towards vanilla scents. I think they can smell lovely if interpreted correctly (I heard that Vanille Fatale by Tom Ford is a case of vanilla done right), but most vanilla fragrances I smelled are just sickly sweet. That is until Whispers in the Library. I cycled around Amsterdam's city centre in 2019 and paid a short visit to de Bijenkorf. I sprayed this and Springtime in a Park. I could not stop sniffing the wrist on which I sprayed this. It is such a cozy and cuddly fall scent, definitely a sweater scent (I'm thinking cashmere in the color beige).

          As I cycled around the city with autumn wind blowing, I caught the whiff of it every once in a while. It is nostalgic, this is one perfume that can make you so soft-hearted towards it. There is one tea that I think would complement this scent very well, and it is Vanilla Bourbon by TWG. As for the right books, Jack Kerouac or Hermann Hesse will do.


          This is Jazz Club MINUS the boozy tobacco notes. It does smell nice and it's subtle. It's vanilla and some woody notes. Not a complex fragrance at all. It's safe and inoffensive.


          On me, this is very similar to Nirvana Bourbon, as it is a balance between woody and vanilla. This one perhaps has a little more spice and is a tad sweeter. Frankly I like Nirvana Bourbon better because it is woodier, and sweet isn't my jam. I don't get the library name though. I agree with some of the previous reviewers that there should be a paper/leather component to that fragrance that is obviously missing. Overall, if you like a sweeter vanilla but still want some complexity, this could work for you.


          I really like this. Doesn’t give me any library vibes thank goodness. The libraries that I remember were dusty & old, so I’m glad I don’t get that association. However, it’s a nice vanilla & for some reason I get lavender? It reminds me of one of my all time favs Mon Guerlain but not as intense. Simple yet elegant. I just got it today so I’m still testing longevity, but silage is decent, not a skin scent but doesn’t overly project, so moderate.


          Whispers in the Library is essentially a spicy, woodsy vanilla fragrance. It develops during the dry down, with the pepper note combining with the wearer's own skin to mimic the scent of aged leather. At first, I was concerned this might be aiming to replicate the dank stench of old paper, but it skirts around that. This is more reminiscent of the furniture you'd think of in an old, private library (a worn leather couch, lovingly weathered bookshelves) than the books themselves. I'm not quite sure about the point of the vanilla note here other than to keep it from smelling straight up like a tree. I guess they needed a way to feminize this, or they wouldn't be able to sell it as unisex. Although the opening is totally different, the dry down kind of reminds me of Mugler Aura. Overall, it's a cozy wintergreen fragrance good for cooler months. To me it reeks of Christmas, which is perfectly fine, actually. It's not amazing, but it is enjoyable.


          This requires a certain taste. It literally smells like an old musty library with vanilla candles burning on the study tables. I personally love it.


          To me, this is like in baking/cooking. This is the raw product, then the finish product is By the Fireplace.

          Renee G

          It's ok....
          I really did expect more from this. It's missing the leather note that should be mixed with the cedar to invoke that seasoned library. This one misses it's mark.


          Ugh, yuum!

          To me this doesn't smell like books at all, it's the 3rd Margiela fragrance I'm trying out (the other 2 are Beach Walk and Springtime in a park), and the first one out of the 3 where I get that it's unisex, whereas the other 2 were slightly more suited for women in my opinion.

          The pepper does come through straight away, and it's there to stay, but it's well done, and completely in balance with the woody notes, which take over as it dries down.

          This is a great fragrance, I'd love my house/room to smell like this, but do I myself want to smell like this? Not exactly sure.

          Edit: Probably the most overrated scent from the Replica line out of the ones I've tried, I get why people like Jazz Club and By the Fireplace, but this library one I don't find very unique, as lovely as it is!


          All of the reviews on this fragrance are actually quite cohesive, and my opinion of this understated fragrance does not dally from the pack.

          This scent is not 'Nose up the crack of a book in the library.' It does not smell like leather or old tomes. It's not parchment-y or very waxy but far more woody in my opinion. I’d be surprised if anyone complimented you on wearing this by saying, “Damn, you smell like a delicious library!” as you walk by…

          But, to me, it smells like that frustratingly attractive and elusive individual who sits there, emphatically engrossed in book after book, and pays no mind to how many times you ‘accidentally’ drop your pencil because they are completely absorbed in what they are reading. And that’s hot.

          Whispers in the Library is a surprisingly intimate scent. My husband and I both wear it. He more than me (because I not-so-subtly like attention) and he says it reminds him of Dolce&Gabbana The One for men. I somewhat agree but I think Whispers is not at all as sweet and of course, being Replica, smells more ‘natural’.
          It is definitely a skin scent, but if the cuddle lingers and evolves into more the scent becomes quite intoxicating in its simple and refined way.

          Today I wore it over fragrance-less lotion and it lasted more than four hours on my skin (six and counting) and has a little bit more projection, but not much.

          Perfect for an introverted romantic (sexy reading glasses not included)

          My ranking: 7/10 (I care about compliments)
          Hubby’s ranking: 8/10 (he doesn’t)


          Quaint, shy and cozy. A very pleasant fragrance. It’s similar to a sweet, warm hug. Nothing that stands out and nothing too different. Sit down and read a book in bed vibes.


          Whispers in the Library falls short in my expectation. I was hoping for a leather-bound and musty scent that was wrapped in the wonderful vanilla-like smell of old pages.

          This is instead a vanilla and wood bomb that is pleasant smelling, but not very intriguing.

          This is great to wear on a rainy day while enjoying a book and watching the world outside from the comfort of your slippers and a nice sweater.

          Longevity will last you about 4-6 hours and will lay close to your skin to keep you warm and cuddled.

          It's a good scent, just not quite what I was expecting. Wish it was more daring.

          Overall: 5/10


          My first experience with a Maison Martin Margiela! I decided to work my way backwards through the Replica tester pack, so this was up first.

          On first spray, I was astonished that this smells (in the initial spray and opening) very much like "Lalique Le Parfum" (currently my favourite vanilla perfume)! I was actually surprised how vanilla-dominant it was--but it's a pleasant scent! It really morphs on me, and has a JHAG-amboxan-style drydown. After the initial spray, I do get the "old books" vibe. It's so neat!

          Overall, it lasted about six hours on me, through many hand-washings and hand-sanitisings. I don't think I would buy it, but I'd happily take it as a gift! It's fine for office wear (on me the sillage is non-existent), and doesn't lean toward any 'gender', but rather would be delightful on everybody. I would give it 8.1/10.

          [As an aside, if you enjoy the opening of this perfume, I highly recommend you get your nose on the (super affordable!) "Lalique Le Parfum", because you might really enjoy it.]


          Vanilla and talcum powder. Disappointing, because I wanted to smell like books - it was a thing and what initially drew me to the Replca scents.

          After 5 hours with intermittent testing we have yet to detect any clue of "books" or "library" or "wood" or "wax" within this EDT.

          This house seems to boil so many scents down to vanilla, which is such low hanging fruit in the fragrance industry. What associated with biblichor in any way is sweet smelling?

          A gimmick - and a rather expensive one at that. I wanted to like this.

          3/10. It does one thing, and not at all well.


          Old books and vanilla. I love it! It’s very light and doesn’t project much which is my only complaint with this fragrance.


          smells like hairspray


          I just received my travel spray a few days ago. And I’ve had time with it. I think something is wrong with mine. It smells like nothing when I’ve sprayed it. I remember spraying this last year, and I recall it smelling peppery, vanilla, and waxy. I’m definitely going to return mine and get another one. Otherwise, the scent profile itself is amazing!

          Edit: (8/23/20)

          I returned my travel spray for a new one, and there is definitely an improvement! I love it now, it’s definitely feels a lot stronger with the scent and longevity!


          I like the notes in this one—vanilla and tobacco mostly—but goodness me what a soft performer. Even within five minutes of spraying it, I had to get my nose right up to my skin to smell it.

          I generally have a light hand when spraying any perfume, extra light if I’ve been warned it’ll be a beast. I am usually a one spray and done type of person, so I find it funny when people talk about spraying themselves four or five times, because generally that would leave me gasping for air and overwhelmed with fragrance. But this? I think I’d need at least four or five sprays to smell it at all after a few minutes! It’s odd when I compare it to the other Replica scents I’ve tried (I have the Discovery sample set); they tend to be very good performers. For example, I have applied Music Festival VERY lightly and still smelled traces of it for the next three days on my jacket.

          As for the actual scent itself: I can see where the library connotation comes in, because I find old books (and the real wooden bookshelves they tend to sit on) do have a kind of sweet, woody aroma. My grandma had a lot of her father’s books from the 1800s and early 1900s in her attic, and this is kind of how her attic smelled. It brings back nice memories for me. But yeah, the longevity is so fleeting I would never buy a bottle of it. The sample I have will have to suffice.

          miss mills

          Mawreeeo summed up what I think of this fragrance in a nutshell. The only other things I'll add for my part is that the longevity is poor on my skin, which might mean the difference between buying or not buying as it's pretty spendy and that it does give me shades of Eau Duelle but lighter, with hints of tobacco. Yes, it is beautiful however and definitely invites snuggles.


          Just received the Sephora discovery pack & out of 10 this is the stand out. I watched numerous reviews on various fragrances that received rave review but when I smell it they’d smell like shit (not literally) but I beginning to feel like they are all getting paid to lie about these terrible designer & niche fragrances. It stands out to because it doesn’t punch you in the nose pluck at your nostril hairs & shove a finger directly to the top. It’s smooth creamy & a bit tobacco-y imo. Honorable mentions: under the lemon tree & music festival. Not the disgusting by the fireplace lazy Sunday or sailing day UGH!


          Reminds me of MAC Creme de Nude.


          Sweet soft vanilla and spice, not loud by any means. Right away I recognize the scent profile, I have run through my collection and I have it up against Zara, Tobacco Rich Warm Addictive, with the coconut and mild tobacco setting them apart. Problem I have here is that Whispers in the library has a softer performance than the cheaper Zara option. Both become skin scents, and really each has the same get close date night appeal. Whispers in the library is a quality fragrance, certainly shoots for the old hard bound books with rich vanilla pipe tobacco clinging to the pages, but that DNA exists elsewhere on better performing fragrances. Good scent and quality blend, but maybe drop your hard earned money on something with more POP! Mature scent profile, casual winter and fall, unisex for sure. If you make noise in a library, does anyone hear?


          There is an interesting waxy note that is similar to their Lipstick perfume. A lot of vanilla. Mildly woody. Low projection, would make a very appropriate office fragrance. Unfortunately a let down for me, based solely on my expectations from the name of the fragrance. This brings to mind sipping on a hot sweet beverage by a cold window watching snow fall. It's completely removed from my expectations for a library fragrance. What it does right is "Whispers", a perfect name for this fragrance. It is quiet, unassuming, and very polite. It may make a good laying perfume, I will revisit it again and see if I have a change of heart because I really wanted to love it. 6/10


          It is not something that makes you go WOW. Instead, I find it to be a beautiful scent that is alluring and calm. I grew up loving to read, and this does not really remind me of the smell of books, but it does have a library/bookworm feel to it. Like, I would love to smell this while reading at the local library.

          It is a scent I've worn at home and even at work. It may be marked as unisex, but is leans a tad bit more feminine. But as a male, I wear this scent and still love it. I have gotten compliments wearing it to work on a cool rainy day.
          Performance is average. It lasts around 5+ hours on my skin and projection is soft, which is good for a scent like this in my opinion. Would recommend for others to sample! Love the Replica bottle design. I guess I should be considered a fan of Maison Margiela's Replica line. Also recommend checking out By the Fireplace and Lazy Sunday Morning.

          Longevity: 7/10
          Projection: 6/10
          Scent: 9.5/10 (LOVE)


          For a while, this could be mistaken for Guerlain’s Tonka Imperiale if you didn’t look too closely. It’s probably the best scent in the MMM line, with a lot of development and thankfully a minimal amount (although it’s still there) of their infuriating laundry musks. Sadly the performance resembles the current batch of Tonka Imperiale instead of the old stuff, and it’s gone rather quickly. You could do a lot worse in a Sephora, though!

          Scent: 8/19
          Performance: 4/10
          Overall: 7/10


          Good for layering with smoky fragrances but as it is it's a bit too sweet and feminine for me. Definitely a winter / fall scent.


          This is such a soft, sweet, spicy, and cozy scent. It is definitely a comforting fragrance that makes you want to snuggle up. It radiates a sweet vanilla/boozy spice that opens up really peppery and becomes much sweeter as it dries down but it is not cloying. Finally when it becomes a skin scent it is an incredibly irresistible whipser that resembles, faint wood, old pages of books with a contrasting lightness that carries a specific depth. This is down the line unisex, and to smell this on anyone would instantly make me want to give them a really long hug. If you are looking for a winter/fall scent that can add a subtle confidence without being loud or standoffish give this scent a try!


          So many people said this was dead on, I was excited to try it. They are wrong, at least for someone with my chemistry. It is sweet musky vanilla with pink flowers, almost a Prada Candy dupe. Dry down develops some woody notes, but they are so faint they are more of a powder note. This isn’t library at all, its 100% sweet musky vanilla. I can get a whiff of the carmex vibe some people smelled but it’s so faint it doesn’t detract from a very pretty scent. Still, it gets sweeter and sweeter as it dries and it’s just musky vanilla and sugar. Somehow pink. Very much not a library at all. Disappointed, but might use up the sample as it is pretty. But pink. Very sweetly pink.


          I really like this one, I wear it often to work on a fall day or at home when I want a soft, cozy fragrance that isn't overpowering. I totally get the Carmex smell, but in a good way.


          I recently received the sample. I get the cedar and pepper, but not so much of the vanilla. I could smell something sweet and deep like bourbon towards the end. It isn’t sugary at all. I'm not sure if it’s the vanilla everyone is talking about.
          I also detect a waxy wood note for the book shelf and a tiny bit of patchouli for the ink. Smells a bit masculine while I can safely say it’s in the range of unisex.

          This fragrance surely reassemble some other fragrances which have created to express the library type of theme, but this one is mass-appearing and gentle compared to other library-themed fragrances. It smells like a newly renovated modern library in the university rather than an old library built in 1800s. This fragrance is warm, cozy, young, and quiet despite the fact that the modern library in the college is usually filled with agonized students shortening their life expectancies for the final. The only con I can think of is that the longevity. It disappears in four hours. Better than being crucified for four years? Well that’s a fair point.

          Jokes aside, I’d recommend this for people who are looking for a mass-appearing fragrance but not wanting to give up the playfulness. Easy to wear and not offensive while it does have uniqueness. I’m planning on buying a bottle.


          I'm not one for saying a lot.. I'll just say this.. This Fragrance always speaks to me. It provokes such a cool, quiet, confident swag out of me. I am saving to get a full bottle.. I cant speak on what everyone else says... I just know that when I wear it, I'm in my zone...

          Hope this helps someone..

          PS. A blend with this and Jazz Club is out of this world.


          The scent is nice...but so soft and unforgettable. Guess why it has “whispers” in the name.

          Opens with a woody vanilla. The vanilla comes to the forefront as it dries down. Overall, it is very linear...what you get from the start is pretty much what you get for duration.

          Longevity is below average and the projection is horrible.

          Although I enjoy the scent, the entire package is a huge pass for me. Simply not worth the money. Do yourself a favor before purchase, get a sample at Sephora. You can discover for yourself.


          I can't say I'm a huge fan of this fragrance. It's very well done and manifests the feeling of being in a library containing a lot of old books and plenty of old wood, creating a very unique aromatic atmosphere. What they've done with so few official notes is some chemical mastery at work.

          My issue is that the dry down leans very heavily into the vanilla. Yes it does create the aura of old paper books when mixed with the woody notes, cedar, and pepper for the first few hours, but the wood calms down a bit too quickly, leaving just a peppery vanilla fragrance during most of the dry down.

          It's a deep enough aroma to still straddle the unisex line, but I think that this could be marketed well as a darker female fragrance. I've given my 10ml travel bottle to my wife to see if it works for her. A guy could definitely still pull this off, but personally it just isn't for me.

          Sillage: 6/10
          Longevity: 7/10
          Personal Appeal: 6.5/10
          Wife Appeal: 8/10 (She likes it, but also noted the vanilla-heavy dry down not suiting me.)
          When To Wear: Fall is ideal, winter is workable. Not super potent, so could be a daily reach.
          Overall: 7/10


          Lovely little thing... Old leather bound books placed on a hardwood desk while eating creme patissiere. Warm, cosy and sort of melancholic. Perfect for winter and a fluffy cashmir sweater. It does not have a big projection, it sits close to the skin. Very unisex if that is a quantifiable characteristic. Big like!


          Its a nice warm skin scent that more suited to fall and winter. I would wear this if I was feeling a bit low-key/shy ,lounging around the house, visiting family or a historical building. Its a intimate smell but definitely not in a romantic/sexual way. More in a comforting, familiar sort of way. This is very wearable and I couldn't see anybody being offended by this. It also doesn't smell old. I think any age or gender could wear this but it does lean slightly feminine. But overall its quite a classic/universal scent.


          My skin is amplifying the scent of pepper. This perfume doesn’t evoke the scent of library to me but I really love how it smells.


          Longevity is disappointing . I have tried a few perfumes from this perfumer and have found poor longevity in their scents.


          Am I the only one that loves to stick her nose in an old book and inhale deeply? Ever since I was a young girl I loved to read. Our small town had an even smaller little children’s library that was once an antique house. It had all kinds of places to explore, lots of nooks to sit in and tables to read by the windows in a sunny spot. I spent hours there surrounded by books. What I remember most is the smell, the very old library smell, dust shimmering in the sunlight, the silence and the scent of those old books! They would be heating up from being on the top floor of this tiny, filled to the brim old house library, it prickled your nose and stays etched in my memory. So of course this fragrance was a must have when I saw it! Whispers in the Library, yes please! I’m transported back instantly!


          This smells just like tom ford noir.


          Sample kit - interesting First impression. Much more Woody and spicy than I expected. Has a slight barbershop feel with a touch of pepper, cedar/pencil shavings & a little bit of vanilla. If were thinking Library, it’s more reminiscent of the book bindings and those really old, worn clothbound hard cover books. Would seem to work well on cooler fall days, like back to school, leaves beginning to fall…


          Growing on me.... When I was a kid/teen, I was a pretty big loser, so I had my own world which mostly consisted of Stephen King books and heavy metal. This perfume smells like I just walked into B. Dalton Bookstore (an old mall chain) and bought a brand new King book with my paper route money.

          Bummer the sillage/potency is meh.

          Glue, peppery paper, and woody vanilla.


          After a while it’s all about the vanilla. I’d say it leans 60% fem 40% male (if you ask my opinion.) in the end it’s just ok. Not ground breaking just ok.


          Yes, vanilla woods. It does start off smelling like Carmex which honestly isn't bad, but it get better and better by the minute. This is what I imagine the library in Harry Potter smells like. It's gives off a feel of gentle, subtle sophistication. It doesn't project very much at all, but it's a lovely scent to wear to bed or cuddling up with a romance. Slightly feminine leaning, but the pretty boys can pull this off just fine.


          LOVE this scent and this line. It’s a well-engineered scent that transitions from a spicy, orange-vanilla soft decadence into one the best dry downs I’ve experienced recently. Cozy and comforting, with just the right amount of sillage.


          Nothing special, a very light scent leaning feminine. Received as a sample an not bottle worthy imo.


          I just received after a blind buy, and I also get Carmex at first (wax/glue) but that fades, and that's the only unique part. The rest is vanilla with paper/wood/pepper/patch. Is it a musty mahogany gothic library with old books? Nah.
          I don't dislike it tho. It's charming. Medium sillage so far, but appears to be fading fast. Doesn't lean to any gender, very candle-like rather than perfume.

          I guess I can't expect a company to cater to the 10 people who love that old book/attic smell. And would spend this much to make their body smell like that.

          I bought a vintage Mitsouko from a guy that warned me the juice smells rank. "Does it smell like moldy peaches in a musty basement full of rotting moss/wood? Then it's perfect!". And it was. The old and sludgy Mitso is the best.

          I can't recommend Whispers with any enthusiasm, but I also wouldn't talk someone out of it. It seems to work on people, and By the Fireplace had to grow on me with several uses. So this may end up a love.

          Well, the NEXT day (morning) this was quite potent on my sleep shirt, and it DID smell like a brand new paperback! But not a libary-- a brand new paperback. Neat!


          I tested it briefly in store at MECCA the other day with the intention of buying it if I liked the base notes.

          The first smell I got was a very sour scent, similar to the smell of old books or wax. Not entirely unpleasant. However, when I got home 3 hours later my sister told me it smelt very much like Beyonce's Heat Kissed.

          It does smell like a fresher version of it, maybe because of the overpowering vanilla. I don't get anything but a faint linger of the woody notes, which is otherwise overpowered by the vanilla.

          I haven't decided if I want to purchase this yet, maybe for a winter perfume since it does radiate a warmness to it.


          I rarely blind buy fragrance but with Sephora’s winter sale, I decided to go for it. One of my favorites for winter is By the Fireplace and after reading that this fragrance had that same lineage, I bought it.

          And I love it just as much, and it’s different enough to own both. It does not smell like actual books as much as it gives the feel of being in an old mahogony library with a fireplace crackling and leather bound books behind gleaming glass. It is like old vanilla, darkened with time, and a dusty, woodsy fragrance. Although it says cedar and pepper, Both of which I love in fragrance, I don’t get either strongly-maybe a hint. The mixture is sImple yet somehow meaningful.

          It’s not a summer scent for me. I would not wear this on a hot afternoon or warm night. This is meant to be worn with cashmere sweaters and booties. Throw is not powerful but also not a skin scent. People within a couple of feet will smell it. It lasts about six hours for me, then reapplication is necessary.

          This is my 4th or 5th Maison Margiela perfume; this House is doing wonderful things for perfume lovers. I have so many fragrances these days I’m buying travel sprays when possible and then upgrading when I find a love and one that I reach for. All of MM have been upgraded. That and Jo Malone are bringing new joy to fragrance addicts.


          I love this line and own two of the frangrances. Whispers in the Library I tested repeatedly, hoping for the smell of old books and that wonderful, dusty wood.
          All I could smell was wax. At that, Endust wax.
          I think this could have been magnificent; I am not being contrary to annoy. It simply doesn't have that old library vibe.


          If By The Fireplace is roasting marshmallows over burning wood...Whispers is like a raw marshmallow sitting on top a piece of wood that hasn’t been lit yet. It’s a softer more wearable woody/vanilla, less boozy/smokey then BTF. I think this one can be worn more year round whereas BTF is strictly winter/evening, in the heat you’d choke on it.


          I bought a bottle of this only a couple of weeks ago because I fell in love with the associations it gives me and how it makes me feel. Snowy cabin in a winter wood!!

          Plus my Grandad was a book binder, which links the antique peppery wood fragrance with Library cases and richly bound books. Just magic!

          Just an FYI, the juice is already going dark. Anyone else having the same issue? There's a decent vanilla in here so perhaps it's that.


          Wow. I don’t know how this trick is done but after a thankfully brief chemical vanilla opening, i get the distinct smell of library books. It’s not a particular favorite smell for me but I know many people love it. Kind of a sweet wood gum and glue scent. Public schools wreak of the stuff. Then cedar pencil shavings add to the nostalgic ambience. All of this memory-specific stuff fades pretty fast and you’re left with just the “Whispers” I guess which is a pretty boring thin woody vanilla skin scent. God I wonder where Martin Margiela is now and if he regrets selling his name?


          Smells like hairspray!


          I get a lot of vanilla and pepper at the beginning, then it dries down to a very powdery cedar. Very warm and cozy relaxing fragrance. I would use it for nights when I know I will stay in small rooms close to people. Not an everyday fragrance but definitely in my shelf for precise moments of my life.


          Not at all what I would normally like, a bit sweet, but its so unique and warm and enveloping, I can't help but love it. I am so enjoying Maison Margiela's Replica brand. After buying a sample pack that includes 8 fragrances, I would wear at least 5 of them, 3 quite obsessively (Jazz Club, By the Fireplace and this one). Finally, THIS is a house I can get behind. Unique, interesting, great longevity and silage and a decent price for what you get. I'm really looking forward to trying the "Fantasies" series as they sound right up my ally.


          Whispers in the library is one of the few that i liked from The Margiela sample set, it's sweet powdery scent with a light woody background. this one is very pleasant and calming. not the most unique but it's one of my favorites from the lineup.


          I absolutely love this! I bought the 10ml samples of this and Coffee Break so that I could give them both a good try before I decided to buy a full bottle; which I have just done.

          Although at first I was a bit underwhelmed, this really is a true representation of the Maison Margiela brand ethic of 'reproductions of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods'.

          Like most other reviewers I do get a strong (but not sweet) vanilla but this is quickly pushed to the background by a very true representation of a polished wooden banister; and one that has had many hands pass over it over many years. This is such a comfort to me and reminds me of the building in my high school where the library was located! It's astounding how my mind is immediately transported back to those days in library staircase and hall in the mid 1980's!

          Jucmorgo's review is spot on. The overall feeling is peppery, waxy & wooden and most of all comforting. Although not listed as a note, I think the base has some sandalwood too.

          This fragrance puts a huge smile on my face and is worth every cent.


          this starts with peppery woods and a hint of vanilla. it's nice. the cedar gets more prominent after awhile and it smells like cedar, vanilla and patchouli. it's pretty subtle, and nice-a woody spicy vanilla. would really shine in fall or winter.


          Whispers in the Library initially smelled like licorice and dust, then a few minutes later I picked up pepper and patchouli. The pepper, in fact, is very strong in the first phase.

          Drydown mellows into a vanilla infused patchouli. The wood notes must be where I’m getting dust, and I guess that’s the inspiration to connect this scent to the inside of a library.

          In late Pacific Northwest summer weather, which is mild and wet today, this is a whisper of a scent. I’m not one to dislike a scent due to light sillage if the scent has some staying power, and Whisper does, albeit lightly.

          I’m not compelled to buy a full bottle, but I understand the appeal.


          I tested this from one of those samples you rub your wrist on (I got a collection of these in the mail from Sephora), and the card said this had orange blossom and pink pepper. That was definitely wrong. On the website, Sephora lists the notes as "Pepper Essence, Tonka Bean Asolute, Cedarwood" - closer, but still not entirely accurate. And Fragrantica lists "Vanilla, Black Pepper, and Cedar" - also close, but still missing key components. What I detect when I sniff this is vanilla (initially the strongest note), tonka, and *patchouli* (not "woody notes"), with a dusting of pepper.

          Notes confusion out of the way, this is a lovely scent, it really is. Don't be looking for a sillage / projection monster - it's called "Whispers in the Library," so it's definitely discreet. But the vanilla isn't overly sweet, and the base isn't too "herbal" (or what often maligns patch, "dirty"). This is altogether a comforting scent, mainly for daytime and relaxing. I keep sniffing my wrist!

          Edit: I now have the actual perfume, and would like to add that the patchouli in this takes on a sometimes minty quality (which I appreciate).


          Maybe there was something wrong with the bottle in my Sephora but this was one of the worst fragrances I’ve ever tried. Smelled like straight-up insect repellent.


          This is so similar to Queen of Hearts by Queen Latifah! Only that one is 10$


          Patchouli, patchouli, and lastly just to round things out a bit, more patchouli. I mentioned this to the saleswoman, who said yes, it had patchouli in it, "but you can't smell it." We have very different noses. This was a high hope for me that fell flat fast.


          Most boring fragrance of 2019


          Tested this at Sephora, how interesting it is to name a fragrance like that. It smell vanillic sweet to me at first with some woody notes. Now after about 4 hours later, it smells like a marriage of Cologne of the missions le couvent des Minimes and a hint of the ambery spiciness of SL's Ambre Sultan. Nice, contemplating on splurging on a full bottle.


          An interesting first impression. Much more Woody and spicy than I expected. Has a slight barbershop feel with a touch of pepper, cedar/pencil shavings & a little bit of vanilla. If were thinking Library, it’s more reminiscent of the book bindings and those really old, worn clothbound hard cover books. Would seem to work well on cooler fall days, like back to school, leaves beginning to fall… I like the dry down a bit more than the opening. It seems to get a little more integrated and cohesive as it dries on the skin.


          Let me tell you, I went to a Sephora and tested this frag, and I was immediately intrigued. I ended up getting a sample and trying it out. I don't normally go for things like this, or things with vanilla in them because I dislike gourmand scents, but this doesn't immediately come off as being sweet. This is such a warm, slightly woody scent. I detect almost a hint of anise at times but not enough to be along the lines of licorice. This fragrance settles down into a woody musky scent that is still pleasant after 9 hours wear. I can not say enough good things about how wonderfully aromatic this scent is.


          The breaking down of paper over time has the same vanillic molecule as vanilla, hence vanilla is always used in ‘library or book or paper’ scents. I work in a large and old library and have tried several ‘library’ scents but this is the one that has pleased me the most.
          It is present but not overpowering. The wood and vanilla beautifully balanced. Elegant and good quality.
          It’s subtlety is the tipping point, perfect for me to wear at work, in the library.
          Have sampled and will purchase.


          It's rare when a scent is blended so skillfully that it becomes nearly impossible to identify any of its individual notes. Such is the case with Whispers in the Library. It is delicious, and it caught me completely off guard. Truly beautiful, and wholly inoffensive. Soft, light sillage meets incredible, 12+ hour longevity.

          It opens with a cold, creamy, semi-sweet vanilla. It dries down to a sweet wood accord. There are other notes, but again, it's so well blended it's very difficult to pick them out.

          It's unisex. Generally, that's perfumer code for "we just want to market this toward as many people as possible." In this case however I can personally testify for WITL's andromedous nature -- it leans woodier and spicier on my (male) skin, while it's much sweeter on my fiance's (female) skin. I'm not sure how or why that's scientifically possible, but I experienced it firsthand!

          In summary, Whispers in the Library is what I was hoping JHAG's Vanilla Vibes would smell like. If you're uncomfortable paying $120 for the big bottle, at least spend $30 on the 10ml test tube. You won't be disappointed.


          Waxed wood and a little boozy. I don't get paper, much vanilla, or pepper. Skews more masculine in my opinion, especially early on.


          I tested this out again and for some reason this time it lasted a bit longer. I'd describe the smell as the very last stages of an oud scent, very very mild oud and woody notes, blended with the lightest hint of sweet vanilla. You could say the scent just lingers there, and comes and goes like "whispers in the library". The name could also refer to the fact that, in the later stages, it really does smell like paper and waxed wood. I have to admit it I did not like it the first time I sniffed it. But then I went back to the store twice and tested it on paper and on myself, and I have to say I really like it and will probably be purchasing a bottle soon.


          Tested this out yesterday. It's a very soft, almost close to skin scent that lasts quite a bit. To me it smells like a VERY mild oud & woody scent, and for some reason, it smells really similar to the drydown of La Nuit Tresor a La Folie minus the berries and excessive sweetness. I do have to agree with the other reviews saying it reminds them of Carmex lipbalm. Overall like the others mentioned here, it is a simple yet classy masterpiece.


          I bought a decant of this perfume off EBay to test. It is a skin scent with no trail or projection in the Arizona desert heat, only 81 degrees today and I’m wearing it again, but yesterday was hotter when I first tested it.

          Fragrantica shows only 4 notes. After alcohol fades at first spray I smell a non-sweet vanilla with hint of plastic doll that quickly disappeared. Zero pepper. A faint woody scent with vanilla is what stays, very linear with no drastic changes for the 4 hours it lasts on my extremely dry skin. I like it and will buy a bottle for layering with other scents. I’m relieved it isn’t another sweet vanilla scent. There is a very faint whiff of lemon in first hour.

          This seems feminine not unisex. If you enjoy layering perfumes and need a good base vanilla scent this is worth buying. If you already own many vanilla scents or don’t like to layer I would skip this one.


          I received this as a sample at Sephora, ironically I had just sprayed "book" by commodity out of curiosity and had decided definitely NO (dill pickles?) I never would had picked up whispers in the library so I am really glad the sales girl stuck a sample in my bag. Upon first spray I was surprised by how vanilla the scent was (again usually not my thing) but this kind of vanilla was different, like a comforting oatmeal kind of vanilla, not overly sweet. And I don't know how they did it but the notes come together in a way that really conjures up the image of a library! There is a warm paper and old wood feel that is so comforting. I imagine coming in early to study before anyone else has arrived with a chai latte in hand, a lucid quiet calmness. Very simple yet interesting scent. Totally inoffensive without being boring. Love this.


          Vanilla ( not in a sweet way) mixed with cedar, dry wood and a pinch of Black pepper.
          So simple so addictive.
          Very subtle and very classy and inoffensive in its own way.
          I fell in love at first spray and sniff.
          The opening is powdery almost dusty vanilla, followed by dry woodsy notes, If you get close to it you can detect the peppery hints.
          Lovely... you can almost hear the quiet in this scent,
          A masterpiece in my opinion.
          Longevity is amazing and the silage is moderate.
          Perfection in a bottle.


          I just bought it (in Europe). I was afraid to try it because of some online comments, but my concerns turned out to be without reason.
          I have a couple of MM scent and I thought there is nothing that could be better than By the Fireplace or Jazz club or Untitled.
          Yes, there is.
          Whispers in the library!
          Comforting, elegant but not fancy/trendy, hipster, alternative yet warm and everyone can wear it.... The scent seems to be in harmony with everything.
          Not vanilla, yet vanilla-ish like a hint of Bourbon vanilla, woodsy but not sharp rather blended with this nice vanilla presence, and there is wax. It is there in the first hour. But it is like ... paper-ish, lip balm-ish, old book scent-ish.... Not disturbing... I think it is really like those old browned paper books that have a kind of sweetish smell.
          Longevity is way more than expected.
          Whole day and on clothes: two days or more.
          This wooden vanilla wax is there in the whole time.
          This is now my new favourite though I prefer natural perfumes. But this is..... Love. :)


          For me it starts off very vanilla heavy, not a sweet overly vanilla but very strong though. Not bad at all, but it kinda throws me off given the name. Once it dries down it becomes semi waxy/woody with a present toned down vanilla note to me. Overall I was expecting a spicy woody paper like scent with hints of vanilla, but instead I get a heavy vanilla smell with a waxy slightly peppery base. For some reason this smells almost similar to Carmex the lip balm... its not bad just not quite what I expected and very simplistic.


          I was going to blind buy this but I'm happy I didn't. Haven't smelled it yet, had high expectations but from reading these reviews it doesn't sound like it smells like what I had imagined!


          Where can I find this fragrance?? Cant find it anywhere online or in store..


          I am not sure what this fragrance has to do with the library, unless they are selling vanilla cupcakes there. This is a sweet, vanilla-based fragrance, which is dusty vanilla from the beginning and then it’s just vanilla. It is almost linear on my skin. The staying power is very good.


          it smells like a limonade to me, the one from back in the days, sweet, sparkly, reminds of something, but not of the books, too sweet for the library whispers in my opinion, not a summer fragrance, its ok, but i wouldnt say its extraordinary, on me, it dries down to plain simple vanilla :( gotta try under the lemon tree - maybe that one will be more unique
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