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          1000 Kisses Lush for women and men

          1000 Kisses Lush for women and men

          main accords
          fresh spicy

          Perfume rating 4.21 out of 5 with 204 votes

          1000 Kisses by Lush is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women and men. 1000 Kisses was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Mark Constantine.

          The founder and one of the Gorilla Perfumers, Mark Constantine, created 1000 Kisses Deep in honor of the lasting love he shares with his wife. An exquisite and delicate apricot-note from osmanthus blossoms, combined with a touch of mandarin and deep resins, expresses the complexities of true love.

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          Mandarin Orange

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          Orion's Arm

          Fizzy, fruity, exuberant, yet not cloyingly sweet... there's a lovely, spicy, balsamic bitterness that keeps things grounded and just a little bit confusing.

          To take this one over the top, I pair it with Tom Ford Lost Cherry. The apricot-tinged bitterness which I believe is the true heart of 1000 Kisses makes an incredible base for Lost Cherry's gourmet fantasy.


          The opening of 1000 Kisses Deep is wonderful but strange. There is a slightly weird note in there which could for some people tip over into repellent. It's a fine line. Lush loves to tease us like this - is it nice or is it nasty?

          I really like it though. Fizzy orange and juicy apricot, but not overly sweet or sticky. As joyful and exuberant as fruit notes can be. There's also a slightly retro feel, perhaps from the richness of the resin and labdanum. On first sniff I thought of chypres of yore, but only fleetingly.

          Romantic but not immature. Nothing like the berry, pear and praline inflected gourmands on the market today. 1000 Kisses Deep combines simplicity with a touch of old-world glamour. I can't think of anything quite like it. Very much worth your skin time.

          Rather linear though. That's my only criticism. Lasts well on my skin but the sillage is light.

          Edit: I'm enjoying this more and more. The juiciness of the opening lingers for ages but it is not like, for instance, Atelier's Orange Sanguine, which is beautiful but essentially baseless, all sunshine and oranges and nothing else. Here, there is a perpetual reminder that where there is light there is also darkness. I like to pretend I'm wearing one of those really old, romantic but inky-hearted fragrances from Patou or Caron.


          Simply delicious. Mandarin orange and deep resins create a warm but light cloud of deep orange colour around you. One of these scents that simply make you feel good. Complicated enough to keep you interested. Deep enough to have some staying power. Its yummy, like an exotic mandarine apricot jam with spices, the kind of rarity you can find in Italy, made by an artisan, wrapped in a handmade tie around the top, sold in a shop with antique wood panelling. Really enjoying this one.


          this starts with strong resins, and i think what must be caraway....it seems almost like an herbal anise. later i get labdanum and myrrh. it's very resiny overall. after about 20 minutes i get a hint of apricot, and it gets fruitier over time and less resin-y but overall this smells like sweet incense. i love incense but this one just isn't my cup of tea.


          This is one complex scent! Super unique, I can't think of any other perfume I've smelled that smells like this. I love this as it wears on my skin for a couple hours. At first spray it's not my favorite. Lush makes some incredible scents, and while I own this one, and enjoy it, Flower's Barrow and Keep it Fluffy from the original B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful line are worn more often by me.


          I love this. As much as I love it, it has the tendency to sit on the verge of being soapy on my skin but still - versatile, suitable for an office for sure.


          (I am reviewing the solid edition as it's nowhere on the database). This perfume smells exactly like the much loved, but sadly discontinued Beautiful shower gel! Extremely complex and lovely!


          I thought this was going to be a fruity, sweet sugary scent. But not at all! It's light, airy, fresh and musky. It reminds me of Clair de Musc from Serge Lutens.


          This is a Christmas morning Bucks Fizz, that some sneak spiked with Jagermeister.
          The first perfume my now-husband bought for me, right back when we were teenagers in the B Never days, it was my only perfume. Since then, I've explored B/Gorilla/Lush's various other offerings. 1000 Kisses occupies a less complex space than many of their others (Stayin' Alive) for example, but it is a great whiff of citrussy energy, that has asort of herby rumbling under it.
          It does not last as long on me as some other Lushy perfumes such as Breath of God, but I don't mind re-spraying this one as I don't feel the dry down is dramatically different to the initial spray.


          Very lovely, but it's just not meant to be for me. The fruity/powdery/incense is a very nice blend, however, it's much too intense a scent for me to be submerged in. For those with less sensitive systems, or perhaps skin that resists hanging onto scent, go for it!

          Fantastic longevity and sillage. It is a powdery gourmand in the same intensity vein as Karma or Lust, in my opinion.

          Test on paper before skin if you are sensitive! *you have been warned!*


          If anyone has a sample of this or any other lush perfume (besides love and the smell of freedom) let me know, I am really digging love and would like to try this and many others (orange blossom, lust, cocktail, icon, karma) I do order from the site, but many of the smaller sizes of perfumes are sold out. I'll gladly compensate:) just PM me to arrange something.


          Smells like home-made marmalade on my skin. A deep, bitter sweet zest. A nice change from modern perfumery! (I must admit i love foody scents!)


          I love this one! It bright and fruity, and on me, smells delicious.


          On others, this cologne smells lovely. On me, 1000 Kisses smells like 1000 used Kleenexes. Not even joking--on me this fragrance smells like mucus.

          Sad panda.


          The more fragrances I test from Lush, the more I'm convinced that natural perfumery is a work of art. They're not the easiest scents to wear, but they are truly captivating.

          I hear that 1000 Kisses is a fragrance fairly dependant on skin chemistry. Thankfully this scent works beautifully on me. It's a rather strong blend of sweet citrus and balmy resins. I find this fragrance super sexy, a scent that could definitely warrant a thousand kisses.

          1000 Kisses opens with a somewhat medicinal, orange cough-drop accord. Towards the heart, the note of mandarin orange begins to smell more natural, sweet and juicy, with a vast array of resinous accords complimenting the citrusy heart.

          The drydown features a deliciously exotic blend of myrrh and labdanum. In many ways, this fragrance smells as good as a room full of burning incense. I feel very 'zen' wearing 1000 Kisses.

          1000 Kisses is a fragrance suitable for both men and women. It is a unique scent, so I can't guarantee that it will appeal to everyone, but it's definitely worth a try. The sillage is strong, and the lasting power fairly persistent. As far as I know, 1000 Kisses is a Lush exclusive, however it's still relatively easy to find.

          tea and virtue

          Ah, I wish this liked me as much as i liked it... on my clothes, it smelled fabulous, a great mix of the sweetness of the fruits and the spice of the resin, but when i had it on my skin, the fruit all but vanished. It was lovely on my mother, though, so she inherited it from me.


          Lush always makes powerhouse scents, this is no exception. It's like a Lime/Orange Otter Pop punch to the face! If you don't know what an Otter pop is I greeve for your childhood... but I digress.

          It starts off with an almost Margarita scent, citrus, balmy booze and sharpness. It then softens out but it always maintains this sharp dusty lime note that fights with the Mandarin orange for dominance. If 1000 Kisses actually mellowed out into a Mandarin/Labdanum blend like it TRIES to do, it would be amazing. ...but on me the lime smell is too fake, I can't stop thinking of otter pops or car freshener.

          If you love sugar rimmed lemon drops you will like this.

          Chris v.V.

          I had never tried a Lush fragrance before. (Thanks LittleRed for the sample!) If this is what osmanthus smells like -- sign me up! I like this! Such a juicy, juicy flower! I think Vie Cafe's review most closely resembles how I feel about this fragrance. I, too, want to say it has a mint in there; however, now that I know it's geranium, it makes more sense (I'm surprised it isn't listed as one of the readers' top notes, actually). For me, apricots are the prominent fruit in 1000 Kisses. Yes, there's something sweet about it, but not in a "baked cupcakes" way -- more along the lines of B&BW's Cherry Blossom. At first dab I thought it might be too strong, too odd and quirky, but I was hooked after 2 seconds. The drydown comes quickly enough, leaving such a different-smelling musk behind.


          I love this! It smells like Dr. Pepper. It would be a hands down signature scent for me if it lasted longer. I only got about 2 hours wear before it died :(


          1000 Kisses opens with sparkly orange/mandarin notes with a nod to older sister Karma. Middle notes are deliciously ripe, juicy and plummy (apricot jam?), with floral touch of osmanthus. Base notes are warm, balmy, with just the right amount of spice. This is where myrrh and other resins meet with vanilla.

          Overall, this fragrance has a very autumnal vibe to my nose. Ripe autumn fruit is there, winter citrus and so are the earthy, warm notes. It's enough for me to imagine crisp cool air, dry colourful leaves, soft cozy scarves, delicious hot drinks, and homemade fruit jam... In other words, this fragrance embodies the autumn experience.

          I loved it since it was first released by NTBTBB. It reminds me a bit of Knowing by Estee Lauder, although 1000 Kisses is no where near as persistent or "big". But they share the same concept of warmth, spice and ripeness, if that makes sense. And to some extent, it reminds me of the original Mauboussin which also has that plummy, syrupy thing going, in combination with resins, except that 1000 Kisses is "brighter" because of the sparkly orange note. It's a beautiful fragrance that may appeal to fans of those and similar classics, with a modern, very LUSH twist. :)


          Review for the liquid perfume:
          As with all Lush fragrances, this one is a weird one. The initial blast is a soapy-sweet orange. There's a rather odd note in it, a note that I can't quite pinpoint. Neither pleasant nor vile, but quite unsettling. Then 1000 Kisses Deep dries down to something I can only describe as golden Coca-Cola.
          It has the same happy, joyful, dark fizz with big synthetic scents and flavours. But fruitier and even more happy. A bit more natural as well.
          I think of it as a cross between a big cold glass of iced tea (not the lipton kind, but homemade tea) and a glass of Coca-Cola.
          Smelling this perfume was a very special experience. Never before had I enjoyed the olfactory equivalent of such a physical phenomenon as the bubbles in coke.
          The sheer happiness in this perfume made me long for spring and summer.


          Who would have thought I would enjoy something so fruity? On the other hand this is not your usual fruity floral, what it is one of those ambrosial fruity resiny concoctions that just aren't made often enough, if they were fruity would actually probably have a spot in my fragrance wardrobe. This uses osmanthus absolute which is an incredibly erotic scent that hints at jasmine, hay, and apricots paired with the juicy real orange at the beginning of the scent and the sweet resins in the dry down it makes for a scent that makes me think of the phrase "butterfly nectar". The scent is strangely light and airy but with oomph.


          Is it just me, or does the opening of Lush 1000 KISSES smell like a naked Barbie doll whose clothes have been drawn on with Sharpie markers?

          As the perfume settles, I am reminded a bit of Rochas POUPEE. The Sharpie marker fumes disperse, leaving behind a sweet plastic doll.

          I'll try this creation again in solid format. Perhaps it will bloom better from that medium...


          Something like gasoline fuel in the opening (not the best of beginnings...), then tangerine peel, osmanthus and jasmine soap, all this notes combined in a fresh, pleasant soapy smell.
          Manages to be both fruity and floral without being the fruity-floral clichè so common nowadays.
          Really Lush-smelling, if you are a lush-addict like me you know what I mean.
          In the drydown there's something that reminds me of peeled apples and fresh peppermint leaves, really cool and different.
          Loving this! Witnessing this delicious drydown is worth going beyond the gasoline opening.
          Minimum projection, I keep on sniffing my wrist!


          Wow, this scent is like a dream that you don't ever want to wake up from. The minute I opened the solid parfume (which I purchased to see if I would like it and sooooo glad I did) it was like a song that gives you chills because it is so beautiful. Will add this to my list of most loved of all time fragrance. Thank you Lush. Highly recommended that everyone atleast smell this intoxicating love scent.


          This is such a lovely scent. I wore it today, thinking it wouldn't smell good, but... I was surprised :)


          a musky citrus with a hint of something i can't quite put my finger on. i adore the song, i adore the sentiment, and i really adore the scent.


          1 of the most intricate of the their scents. Very complex. Will be a keeper forever!
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