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          La Vie Est Belle Lancome for women

          main accords

          white floral

          Perfume rating 3.62 out of 5 with 17,277 votes

          La Vie Est Belle by Lancome is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. La Vie Est Belle was launched in 2012. La Vie Est Belle was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. Top notes are Black Currant and Pear; middle notes are iris, Jasmine and Orange Blossom; base notes are Praline, Vanilla, Patchouli and Tonka Bean.

          La Vie Est Belle is a new Lancome fragrance, available on the market from fall 2012. The concept of this fragrance is centered on the idea of natural and simple beauty, freedom from conventions and the choice of once own vision of happiness. The fragrance is a kind of outlook on life, inspired by joy and pleasure in small things.

          This gourmand yet elegant composition is developed by perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. The final formula is the result achieved after three years of probation and 5000 versions. Iris is the key ingredient of the perfume, surrounded by orange blossoms and jasmine in the heart. The composition’s opening provides fruity flavors of black currant and pear, while the base is warm, gourmand and powdery due to almond-like accords of tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla.

          The flacon is a redesigned version of the classic Lancome bottle from 1949. Actress Julia Roberts is the face of the campaign, shot by director Tarsem Singh.

          It is available in EDP concentration.

          Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Espa?ol, Fran?ais, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικ?, 漢語, Nederlands, Srpski, Roman?, ???????, Укра?нська, Монгол, ?????.

          Perfume Pyramid

          Top Notes

          Black Currant

          Middle Notes

          Orange Blossom

          Base Notes

          Tonka Bean

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          I just got this...seriously. I wish I had discovered it sooner because I am in LOVE with it! I know it's super mainstream and everybody wears it, but a perfume snob, I am not. It kind of reminds me of Coco mademoiselle in a way, like the structure is similar, but that pear note..WOW. I never knew I would enjoy pear in a perfume but it is done SO RIGHT in this one. I have definitely found a new favorite and I'm glad I finally tried it! I've never really liked many Lancome perfumes and I figured I wouldn't like this one either.


          It is soooo sweet it's overwhelming. I tried it once and I had to wash it off, it was so strong on me, purely vanilla. give it a try only if you can stand very strong gourmand smells


          it has zero edge, but it's a really nice gourmand and it grew on me tbh. it very well made and it's a bit different from most 'pretty-pretty' perfumes. i personally like a bit more intrigue to a fragrance and obviously this is overused, but regardless, everyone likes this and so do i, i guess


          I usally stay away from mainstream perfumes, but i could not resist this lol. I bought it and i love it. It is beautiful, Classy, graceful and JOYFUL. This is well blended, it has some OMPH to it, which i ALWAYS look for in a fragrance. You can smell all the notes indinidually and i always get compliments!


          Beast mode scent.. when it came out it was one of a kind. Dont get me wrong i like it but i am bored of it. Quality is great. If its your cup of tea go for it dont listen to anybodys opinion.


          I know that a lot of people wear this perfume, but I have to say, it’s inevitable. This fragrance is sophisticated, classy, sweet, soft, and just gorgeous in every aspect. You can wear this in ANY occasion or weather. Sillage is moderate to strong and the longevity is amazing (12+ hours on clothes and 8+ hour on skin). You CANNOT go wrong with this perfume.


          this is very sharp! Also very heavy...i really dis like it nowadays


          9/10 score from me.

          This is a very pleasant feminine perfume, it is sweet but I do not find it overbearing unless you spray too much. For me, 2-3 sprays is absolutely perfect and lasts all day and night long.

          I personally think this perfume would suit women in their 20's-30's, and I think it is a safe blind buy. It's the kind of perfume that you just really enjoy smelling :) I think it's very versatile, great for all occasions/day/night/weather.


          An insufferably screechy sweet perfume, so sweet I feel like I could get diabetes just by catching random whiffs of it in the air. This might appeal to the younger crowds (teenage girls perhaps) but to me these sort of fragrances are the death of perfumery.


          Feminine, but more so in a girly, youthful sort of way. It's the poster child for female perfumes of the 21st century, it totally encapsulates the sweet and gourmand trend most designer perfumes are following these days. LVEB smells like perfume, vaguely as in "this person is wearing perfume and it smells sweet but there's nothing really standing out about it apart from the fact that it is, indeed, perfume". I don't know, I kind of like it and I kind of hate myself for it because it's so generic but it's a sweet and fruity bonbon, what's not to like?

          Sharply, syrupy sweet but lacking richness; it's more like a fat-free meringue than a rich cheesecake if you know what I mean. I get the fruity sweet pralines like a concentrated body spray from B&BW. Also, oddly enough it reminds me of a sweeter and less rosy Chloe by Chloe, or something Juicy Couture would release except 10x the strength. Projects like a beast, no comment on longevity, didn't wear it for long enough.


          A beautiful, elegant scent. Strongly feminine, but fairly well-balanced. Slightly mature, maybe 35 and up. Unfortunately, this no longer suits my newly unisex-leaning taste.

          If you are looking for a nearly full bottle of this juice from 2015, PM me.


          Pretty bottle, but this scent is soooo cloying and sickly sweet. Something in it makes me instantly nauseous. The intense version is even worse... yuck. I’m sorry to those who enjoy it, but it literally makes my stomach churn. It’s like a grape flavoured Kool Aid concoction with tons and tons and tons of sugar, sugary cough syrup, and synthetic strawberry air freshener mixed in... Why was this fragrance made?? Smelling this fragrance reminds me of that gross scene in Elf where Will Farrell eats spaghetti with maple syrup and smarties and marshmallows all scrambled together... puke-inducing. You have to be able to stomach sickly sweet scents to enjoy this... it’s stroooong and aggressively sugary. This fragrance has a lot of dislikes for a reason. I can’t find anything redeeming about it besides the strong projection, but even then with a fragrance this intensely nauseating that is a huge con for me. I threw my samples directly into the garbage because I needed to get the smell out of my house. I’m sorry, but I’ve never felt this physically ill from a perfume before. :(


          It smelled lovely on the blotter, with a strong and sweet opening that quickly mellowed down to a very alluring scent. However I tried the tester on my wrist, and it doesn’t work on me. Such a shame because I really wanted to own this iconic perfume. It’s been 2 hours since it’s been sprayed on my wrist, and it is still sickly sweet and cloying, doesn’t appear that it will dry down to be mellow and alluring like the blotter.
          I guess I can’t expect a gourmand-sweet fragrance to be fresh, but this is definitely headache inducing to me. Maybe it’s the vanilla and Tonka bean that doesn’t suit my skin. I did try on LVEV En Rose and Flowers of Happiness on the blotter, they are both unremarkable and light florals, but will try on skin next time since LVEB is so different on my skin and on paper.


          Unfortunately doesn't work with my chemistry. It turns way too sickly sweet on me, I have to wash it off because its not for me. Smells yummy in the bottle though. Same with all the flankers of this I tried. If you've never tried a gourmand fragrance, I recommend trying this on your skin for a good while before you buy. It turns on me after a little bit of time. My skin is oddly picky with gourmand type scents. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. Unfortunately LVEB just wasn't meant for me.


          This and Tresor are the most complementary perfume hands down! Literally every time I when I have this on, someone would follow me to ask what it is!
          This is very sweet but it’s a personal preference. It heavy vanilla and praline and the dry down my goodness ??
          This is an absolute masterpiece.
          It’s a perfect gift for your loved one. 10/10


          Beautiful indeed. But only if you use 2 spritz.

          [email protected]

          There is a reason this perfume is so popular. Simply because is delicious and it delivers. When I first sniffed it years ago, I thought it smelled generic, overly sweet and kind of cheap, I didn’t give it a chance to develop. But then seeing it everywhere and giving it a second and third chance I realised I needed to have it. This is classic, it will never go out of style, even if everyone is rolling their eyes about it, I think everyone secretly loves it.


          Meh! My husband loves this.. I know it because I wear flower bomb from time to time (which I love the dry down on) and when I wear the flowerbomb he asks what smells good as if I were cooking, damn these gourmands. I’m in total agreement with the review that said Coco would hate this and to think allure is such a deep vanilla and yet elegant. Arghh... I do believe a person should have a scent a signature one at that. But they’ve left us little as of late with this seasonal nauseating BBW and VS sprays. I long for a trip to NM after reading these reviews. I’m ready to drop cash on something decadent that doesn’t smell like an orange eating powdery old lady, *$ or Jamba Juice - will keep U posted.

          Eternity Girl

          It amuses me all the reviews complaining everyone wears it so that somehow reduces the appeal of it.
          LVEB perfume is a 'gift' to the world in my view, absolutely stunning. I adore it and love to spray this on before bed and drift off in a cloud of supreme happiness and comfort.
          If ultra sweet is your bliss it doesn't matter how common they are. More people wearing them the better. I love coming across people wearing my favourite scents. And it can be a great icebreaker for conversation. Its a massive love for me.


          The scent itself might not be that bad but I really can't tolerate it. I wanted to know this perfume from the top notes to the base but it triggered a headache I had to scrub off after 30 mins. Overpowering and sharply sweet.


          This was my first gourmand perfume. I had a sample and fell in love. Fast forward a few years and I have many gourmand perfumes. This is still amazing with great projection and longevity. Huge compliment getter.


          La Vie Est Belle is lovely and most certainly not overdone, despite it being extremely popular. I have never smelt it on anyone else so I don't know where that all comes from.
          It is feminine, sweet & elegant.
          I would say that it is kind of similar to Flowerbomb on the dry down in some ways. But definitely not so alike that you feel like you can't own both and/or tell the difference. Flowerbomb is more floral sweet and LVEB is more sugary/praline/vanillary if that makes sense.

          Depending on how much you apply (can be a powerhouse), this fragrance can be worn all year round :)


          This is my all time favourite perfume, I don’t care how ‘overdone’ it is. Tbh where I am from, I haven’t smelled it on anyone else anyway.

          My boyfriend loves this too (he compliments this one, and also Sweet like candy by Ariana Grande haha). It’s a great everyday scent, lasts for a crazy amount of time and is a massive compliment getter! One time I wore this and a bus driver thanked me for wearing such a nice perfume...no joke haha.


          I’m not a fan of sweet scents so beware if this is biased. This fragrance is so sharp and overpowering. The sweetness is syrupy to me. It also has a slight salty smell on me. Not sure if it just doesn’t mix well on my skin but it gives me cough syrup vibes. I don’t understand the hype. I was told by many that this was a great fragrance. Not here to yuck anyone’s yum, just personally disappointed in this one.


          La vie est belle seem to have great reviews and I do get compliments when I wear it. Which gives me mixed feelings because I don't really enjoy wearing it. When I try it on I just feel; "meh". I just get this strong sweet sugar scent. Nothing else. I do enjoy gourmands and sweet scents but often I get more notes out of them than just sugar/praline/ or whatever that strong sweet smell is supposed to be.
          I have Prada Candy and I would choose that one over LVB but that is my personal opinion. Maybe it has something with my skin chemistry....or brain haha
          I just feel it's on verge of being suffocating when I spray it on because of its one note of pungent sweet.
          But if you want compliments then this one is a great and safe choice for it.


          La Vie Est Belle is probably one of the most feminine high end label scents i can think of. i’m talking full femininity here. this fragrance to me smells kinda like sweets, the vanilla is very prominent. i probably enjoy this one because vanilla is one of my favourite scents in a perfume. this is also a pretty heavy scent so be cautious of this if strong perfumes make you nauseous. lasting power is promising, i get majority of the day wear from it. packaging is gorg too.

          i rate this a 9/10.


          Can I be 100% honest with you guys? I literally use this frag as my bathroom spray.

          It’s WAY too strong for me to wear. Not office friendly, transport friendly, or migraine friendly. It’s ubiquitous, overpowering, and all I get are saccharine sweet notes. Nothing complex or delicious.

          But to its credit, it absolutely obliterates any other smell within 5 miles of it. So it has a place of pride, permanently, in my bathroom.


          I do not understand what has happened, but this fragrance seems like have bought every third woman in the world and I feel it on every corner!
          I always remember fragrances very well, so this one I really can detect among of other fragrances..but the thing is that, I just feel it just everywhere..In my home country, also in the country where I currently live and in some other countries where I travel..
          Should I purchase it?.. for to smell like most of the people around me anywhere? Can it become my signature scent? :)) lol
          We are all unique..if we all smell the same then we are just a crowd..
          It is like, when I ask my girlfriend, :"do you feel my perfume?"..-"yes I feel, but it is my perfume!". No, girls, says woman neighbor: "This is my perfume scent!"


          I love La Vie Est Belle. Not only I wear it, but also I spritz some on my pillow at night and then fall sleep wonderfully. It's a dream fragrance.


          I have been avoiding this perfume for years because of it's popularity. I have never tried it before until yesterday. And I get it now... This is just gorgeous! And the lasting power, wow! I also do get the similarities drawn between this and V&RFB; which is a favorite of mine. They are different in some ways that definitely justifies having both. It's popular for a reason.


          You definitely get your money’s worth with this. More than one spray would be overwhelming. Great longevity and projection .


          I use to like this smell, but no it's to overhyped. I can smell that at least one time a day whenever i go.


          Like an old lady who has overperfumed herself because her sniffer doesn't work so well anymore. Overly heavy patchouli with a hint of vanilla and flowers. Nothing special whatsoever except that it is so strong. Disappointing given the other fragrances from these perfumers. I've sampled this at least 3 times and I don't understand the mass appeal, at all.


          Very, very good, distinctive, strong perfume. Not overly fruity. Ethereal and delicate, but somehow solid like a sheer silk scarf; that's magic, right there.This is what I wear when I want to be noticed. I have many perfumes and this one is not necessarily my favorite, but it never fails to get noticed, and in a good way. That's no surprise: the sillage is enormous and instantly recognizable. I cannot discern the notes in it, it is simply LVEB. Massive hit from Lancome. The only downside is that virtually Everyone I know wears it. Oh well... who cares? it's still the best sillage performer


          One of the best fragrances of all times, the first one with a palatable STRONG sweet base, deplorably ruined by mass use. I absolutely love this, and it’s one of my staples, the only truly sweet perfume I would choose if I had to keep one sweet fragrance only.

          LVEB has become popular precisely because it is a very pleasant sweet perfume. It is perfumed caramel sweet, not sugar sweet, not burned sugar sweet, not caramel sweet (no milkiness).
          Compare its sweetness to Aquolina Pink Sugar, Flowerbomb (screechy as hell), Jimmy Choo (another nose grater, I swear) and you will understand what I mean.

          It’s French hard candy made from scratch in a confectionery atelier (not mass-produced jawbreakers, mind you), with half a drop of an old lady scent like Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, with a tiny hint of Chanel Allure for the powdery note, topped with a heap of flowers (I smell orange blossom, jasmine and honeysuckle, and a tiny drop of completely non-incense-y patchouli).
          That’s how I can best describe this perfume, since I don’t know notes and can’t name anything.

          If you know French candy, you know the aroma, slightly violet-y and iris-y, not just raw sugar. The note is aromatic, girly and youthful.

          This was one of the two perfumes a boyfriend ever asked about directly, as in ‘what is THAT scent you’re wearing?’. He only commented about 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden for the record (big winner with men – they adore it. My first-first boyfriend from college was crazy about 5th Avenue too). Everything else I wore throughout 5 years that we were together was met with ‘meh, whatever, nice, flowers, dunno’.

          It is a shame it has become so popular, however I find myself always reaching for it. The only complaint would be that on me, it changes undertone (at least to me) depending on what I’m wearing- it smells differently on wool and cotton (probably the fibers absorb the alcohol first, then the oilier molecules) as opposed to synthetic materials.

          Will continue to purchase – I absolutely love it. Would try the flankers, just out of curiosity.


          This was my signature scent throughout my late teens (18-20). I loved the sweet aspect of it and I never found it sickly sweet at the time. I still reach for it from time to time especially for nights out as it lasts very well.

          It's a great gift idea for anyone femme in their late teens and early twenties

          Miss Moon Shine

          La Vie Est Belle is a Masterpiece. PERIOD.

          Honestly, not many perfumes make my eyes roll back out of pleasure these days, but this never fails to do so.

          Love or hate kind of fragrance? Okay, I guess it is based on some reviews (so much sugar is not for everyone), but so are all the best things. That is a sign of something original and special to me. La Vie Est Belle is copied a lot so we might don't think about it as being very original anymore, but it wouldn't be so loved and copied in the first place if it wasn't groundbreaking when it was released.

          This fragrance is so powerful, sweet and rich that you only need a drop. It is warm, cosy, luxurious and inviting yet keeping an undeniable air of 'cool' class and feminine sophistication. She knows what the good things in life are and how to enjoy them.

          Gourmand sweetness, this adorable praline, is blended with classy powdery iris notes so skilfully, that it's truly addictive and balanced in a sense that it keeps the fragrance elegant - some super sweet scents might be lacking this quality. La Vie Est Belle is indeed a grown up gourmand.

          I got my Mom a bottle few years ago, and now it is her favourite! She has even repurchased. I guess we both love sweet sweetness in life.:)


          Yes everyone wears this perfume, yes you can smell it every where, but guess what ? I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT. Seriously one of the best perfumes ever


          o v e r f a m i l i a r

          But I love it. For being comforting.
          It is a perfect scent to lift the mood on a rainy day. I often use it before sleep and the sweet praline on my pillow is the first thing I smell when I wake up.
          I love sweet scents with patchouli dry down, they are so 'me'.

          What I dislike - this fragrance is always the same; whenever you smell it you know exactly it is LVEB, no matter who is wearing it. Also it doesn't develop much, I smell mainly praline and patchouli and at the end just patchouli. I wish it was a bit more complex throughout the main wearing time.

          I first smelled it on someone when it first came out and instantly loved it. Before I knew it everyone was wearing it and it put me off. I finally decided I need to wear it at least once and so purchased a 50ml bottle. My fiancé loves it. I feel good wearing it. So it is a perfect weekend scent for me.

          The bottle is adorable but awkward to handle and I always worry I may drop it.
          Will I repurchase? Yes, as an easy wearing weekend scent.


          This is just a diabetic generic bomb. PERIOD.

          There's nothing interesting, distinctive, or alluring about this at all. Lest you want to have olfactory cavities...

          It's not that I can't take gourmand nuclear perfumes, as I adore and rock Angel, Poison, Hypnotic Poison, Lolita Lempicka, Flower Bomb, etc. even the pre-reformulation versions.
          What all these have in common, even though they're nothing alike, is that they all have something to temper the sweetness either with something smokey, dark, earthy or musky. Even Pink Sugar has something to balance all the candy shop it contains.

          This perfume though, is a pure sweetness explosion of world war proportions. Patchouli might be in the description pyramid, but is either very scarcely used or might be a very clean and unobtrusive one.
          The best I can describe it is you finishing a whole container of chocolates, and the nausea feeling you have because you ate way too many. This is what LVEB is.

          Apart from it being a sugar filled weapon, there is nothing memorable of this perfume per se, if you smell it (because it will definitely be noticed) you'll just think it is another sugar bomb perfume lacking any particular DNA. If it's LVEB or any other subpar gourmand offering of the moment, you'll never know.
          It won't be recognized like the other perfumes I mentioned.


          The patchouli in this is very very strong, it is the most prominent note by far. I personally loved it because i'm a huge fan of strong, sweet, intoxicating scents. I love how sweet this is. It is a must for gourmand lovers. For me there is a huge similarity with Flowerbomb edp by Viktor and Rolf, i like LVEB better though. The main problem is that is has become probably one of the most used female fragrances ever. Everywhere i go i always smell it on somebody, is extremely easy to recognize, so it is not that worth it anymore. There was a boom like 3-4 years ago when it seemed like it was the only perfume available on the market hahaha. Anyways, old but gold. I just wished it wasn't that popular. It is one of the few perfumes i managed to finish from my collection. That says a lot.


          This is the most headache-inducing horrible fragrance ever! it cost me around $130 for a 30ml here in New Zealand. What a waste of money.

          Really suggest getting tester before committing to the full bottle like the fool I am.

          If anyone wants to swap I would gladly send this away


          I bought this 6-7 years ago immediately after the first sniff. At the time flower bomb edp was my signature scent, but LVEB was the powerful mature and rich older sister. I finished half of the 100ml bottle and gave it away as it was becoming too sweet cloying and patchouli heavy.
          I am not sure if its been reformulated now- certainly the juice looks neon orange pink colour and somehow cheaper...


          Love this scent very sweet and girly, it can be quite sharp to the nose at times but it’s definitely a crowd pleaser also lasts a good amount of time and you can smell it a mile off. A well rounded scent although a little generic but a must try for any fragrance enthusiast. One of those scents that smell better on other people than yourself.

          Little Principessa

          It's a perfume of quality. You know it from the first moment you smell it. BUT it is so popular and usual (I really don't know why) that the scent will seem familiar to you even if you never tested it before. It's a good perfume though, nothing special and I recommend it to every woman that loves sweet, classic perfumes. In my skin it smells like patchouli and praline and it is both sweet and sour. It seems to be made more for the night rather than for the day and especially for the workplace. Absolutely NOT for the workplace and for a hot day. Test this one before you buy it because it is not a neutral - for all skins fragrance.


          This was a blind buy and from the first sniff, I immediately regretted buying it... On me, it's a cloying, sticky, sweet mess. Also bought a shimmering body lotion, and that was ok. But this - can't tolerate it! I have a full 1oz bottle up for a swap if anyone's interested!


          In the ocean of sweet frags this is one I'd never choose. The notes sound fine, but actually undistinguishable in the scent itself and the result is just a chemical over-sugared mess.
          But if you like it sweet: Flowerbomb, Good Girl, Scandal, Mon Guerlain for example, have way more quality than this.


          Just horrible how female perfumery is milked like cows.
          I once smelled this on a young girl of my football soccer team and I liked it.
          For my daughters 18th Birthday I was thinking of buying it for her. So far all the fragrances I have bought for her, she liked them a lot.
          So I thought, which one shall I pick? Which one did I smell on the other girl?
          I'm counting here 23 versions and I'm sure Fragrantica has missed a few.
          Ho well. There are 49 versions (since the last time I looked) of JPG Le Male. So I guess it must be normal.

          Now this one is a polarizing fragrance for sure. My powerful desk top gets stuck here, due to the massive number of reviews. I'm pretty sure I can ignore the rating and go for the original.


          This perfume is lovely, but it did not smell good on me. The drydown smell was a metallic, canned tomatoes smell on me. haha!


          Very sweet perfume so distinctive. It’s quite a young pretty scent. Not too florally


          I don’t care if it is one of the most popular perfumes out there, I love it. It’s warm, sweet and sensual. I always get compliments and people regularly ask me what I am wearing and are surprised when I say LVEB. I think the problem is many people overspray it, I just put a small dab on the inside of my elbows and it lasts for hours. I have been wearing it regularly for the last 8 years and I am only on my second bottle. Treat LVEB with respect and it will love back. Overspray and it will give you and everyone around you a blinding headache


          I really don`t understand the hype about this perfume.As somebody who really loves vanilla in perfumes, I can say that this is one of the worst vanilla fragrances ever. It smells cheap. synthetic, it has no character. A perfume for people who know nothing about perfumes, for those who only want to have something on. One of those that men buy to women when they don`t know their taste, just because it`s popular. After some classics that Lancome has, I`m pretty much disappointed that they made something like this.... But, oh well.... It`s all about money, isn`t it?


          Ok wow. Just...no! There is absolutely nothing I enjoy about this fragrance. At first I was hoping it would change as I wear it - nope - still nauseating. I cannot stand this smell, yet I enjoy sweet fragrances normally. It smells cheap and dated. It is very tasteless...not what I expected from Lancome. This is sweet, overbearing, cloying...ugh.


          I don’t understand the appeal of this at all! I tried it once as a possible wedding fragrance contender and had to wash my clothes and shower twice. It makes me horrendously ill...it seems like it would be sweet but it seems sour or bitter.
          I was sitting at the optometrist and the assistant was wearing it. I almost walked out from it making me so physically ill. I’ll usually smell something and think “oh not my thing” but this is a definite ‘despise’


          La Vie est Belle is a very very sweet fragrance due to the vanilla, praline, and tonka. The patchouli and the blackcurrent help to add some depth to the sugary scent. However, I personally find that the performance on my skin is way too overpowering and nauseating. One spray on my wrist made my whole house smell like La Vie est Belle. So, if you want a very sweet perfume that has beast sillage and performance, this one is for you. Unfortunately, I don't see myself wearing it again as I risk suffocating everyone around me (including myself). Thankfully I only got a 5 ml decant which I will be passing on to my mother, but I'm interested to try out the edt/eau légère versions.


          I should be into this kind of scent! I love Elie Saab's Girl of Now Forever that has been often referenced as similar to this. I love Gaultier's perfumes, including original Scandal that was a blind buy for me. But whenever I try this La vie Est Belle, I feel like getting goose bumps and willing to have couple of shots of double espresso. True olfactory hardcore!
          For me - it lacks the fundament. It feels too raw, too incomplete, too imperfectioned. As per commercial, I would expect something more mature, à la Maison Francis Kurkdjian. But this one...
          You know, sometimes it happen that you pass by a person who looks inappropriate to it' s age. Like, for instance, you meet a lady in her 70's or 80's with pleated mini skirt, piggy tales and bright hairclips with hello kitty or minion elements. This kind of personality would probably celebrate the life wearing La Vie Est Belle.


          I remember smelling this when it first came out but I've never owned a bottle until now, a couple of months into UK lockdown. Even now I wasn't sure I could dedicate myself even to 30ml, so I chose to get a 4ml sample bottle.

          I think I got La Vie Est Belle at this weird time because I felt like I wanted something comforting, La Vie Est Belle is the ultimate in comforting. I also didn't mind smelling like everyone else when I couldn't be with everyone else.

          I can see why LVEB is popular. It's super sweet vanilla / tonka bean, praline, patchouli, with a touch of orange blossom and a very, very light background bitterness of rich blackcurrant. It's long lasting with huge sillage. It's an easy going fragrance and I've enjoyed trying it but I don't think I will buy any more when my tiny bottle is gone.


          This fragrance has the best memories attached to it. I remember 5 years ago when I first smelt it, it was love at first sniff and I have never regretted adding it to my collection. I could never make it a signature as it was way too sweet for everyday but whenever I did, you would know when I was in the room. I have fallen in love while wearing this fragrance, the complements I have received from this fragrance is unreal as well. Whether it’s overrated and everyone wears, its for good reason. It’s a classic, timeless beauty suitable for all ages. It captivates you from the beggining to the end and leaves a lasting impression. I don’t think I will ever be without this fragrance in my collection, I truly love it so much. Too beautiful and too nostalgic for me.

          Eternity Girl

          Until about 7 weeks ago I had never experienced this perfume. I knew of it of course but was never drawn to try it and knew no one who wore it.
          But 7 weeks ago I literally ran down a supermarket aisle after the most glorious trail of scent I had EVER found myself enveloped in. Who was wearing this scent I NEED TO HAVE THIS !! It reminded me of Flowerbomb but a syrupy Flowerbomb.
          I tracked it to a staff member and asked. She said she never remembers the name but would show me a pic on her phone. La Vie Est Belle!!!
          I went the very next day and bought a 50ml and thought well this is my ISO lockdown treat for myself. Such a yummy indulgent gourmand. Its a big love but I can't wear it 2 days in a row. Its too much and loses its specialness. So once a week or so.


          I’ve been wearing La Vie Est Belle since 2013. I have brought many other perfumes inbetween but this still remains in my possession constantly and what I consider my signature. I know it’s very ‘basic’ in that she’s one of the “popular girls”, and it’s not particularly adventurous or totally individualistic, but I have an affinity to this overly sweet, yummy, girly goodness. I know it repulses some and others say it’s headache and even nausea inducing, and I could see how that maybe the case for some if you don’t take to sweetness — just not for me.

          It’s the longest lasting perfume I’ve ever owned, and I’ve been through... a lot of perfume to say the least! I recently found a jacket I wore once on a date in 2016 stashed away in an old bag, it’s now 2020 and the jacket AND the bag still just project LVEB like it was just sprayed. I don’t get compliments on anything like I do with this. People have told me after I leave them they can smell my perfume on them after giving a hug or leaning on their furniture, so it’s by no means subtle — but I love that. I love scents that are noticeable, but inoffensive— which I think this is. I will continue to buy this for as long as I am alive and this is still being widely distributed.


          this was a gift. I don't like it because it is so intense, it has a gigantic trail that leaves everyone nauseous. a colleague used it all the time, and when you are sensitive to odors this is a nightmare. However the smell is very nice, I tried the edt and it is much more tolerable, but it is still strong for me.


          This perfume is a nice sweet, powdery, warm and feminine perfume. It does smell lovely, but it doesn't make it to the top of the list of my favourites. It's quite difficult to distinguish the notes in this one; I'd say it smells like blackcurrant, orange blossom and vanilla. I can also smell praline. It's great if you also like sweet powdery perfumes. It's definitely a crowd pleaser that suits all ages. It's that type of perfume that could suit all occasions, and that you wear all the time. I actually prefer this original version over the intense.
          However, I did realise that the performance was sadly not as great on me as many other people found it to be on them.


          It took me almost a year to buy this because of many negative reviews. Actually I had tried this at Sephora, I sprayed it on paper, I really like this scent but it was so strong that it gave me mild headache. Day after that, I sniffed the paper and I still can smell it but I did't get headache, what I notice the scent became even better. It is syrupy sweet, more on fruity side, I don't think it smells spicy like other people wrote. Because it is strong, one or two spritz is enough for me, I think more than three spritz will become too much. I bought this after I watched Gabby Loves Perfume youtube channel, she mentioned about many people suddenly hate this perfume because it is so popular which I think is true.

          If you love sweet/gourmand perfumes, if you can tolerate with patchouli note AND if you are not sensitive to certain perfumes, give it a try, maybe with sample or miniature or small 30ml bottle, ignore the negative reviews. I am not a fan of patchouli note, but patchouli in this La Vie Est Belle is not as strong as the one in Flowerbomb or Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo EDP.

          Edit: after wearing this twice now I get the SPICYNESS other reviewers were writing about. Mine is 2019 batch, it smells less sweet, more spicy and lighter than the one I smelt in 2018 at store and the tester at store can be the perfume of an older version.


          PROS: Elegant, STRONG, subtly sweet SPICEY and warm, well blended and smells rich.

          CONS: Too much alcohol it gives me a headache and the sprayer doesn't give you much control to how much you want to spray. It's sprays a whole damn lot. It's so strong that even when I pass through it, I get migraines. The sweetness goes away and the spice and patchouli over power the vanilla and fruity part of the fragrance. I feel sweaty all the time and dirty. I wore this in the summer and felt like I couldn't breathe, like if I had a blanket over me at all times. Asthma vibes. Reminds me of more mature perfumes that my grandma wears, where the fragrance has a ton of alcohol.

          MY EXPERIENCE: At first smell I wanted it and bought the biggest bottle they had. I took it home and wore it every day but realized that my love at first smell wasn't accurate. It was way too strong, way too spicy and I smelled too much alcohol. I also started picking up the patchouli and I felt extremely dirty and sweaty all the time. This is not a summer fragrance in my opinion. Sweat with this fragrance just makes you feel and smell more like sweat bc of the patchouli. After two weeks, I gave it to my grandma who isn't a hard critic like I am and loves anything.

          BOTTOMLINE: I understand why people love this perfume. It isn't horrible and smells feminine with a twist in the beginning, but I'm the kind of person who notices EVERYTHING. If you're easy to please, I think you'll LOVE this fragrance. I see this worn by someone who's in their 30s and up but I can see 20 yr olds pulling this off. I wouldn't be offended by someone else around me wearing it but I personally get asthma LMAO I suggest to buy a small sample on eBay and really try it for a week before buying a whole bottle though.


          I love LVEB. After smelling it on a friend who was wearing it during a hike, of all things...I asked what perfume she was wearing and when she said it was Lancome LVEB I thought ‘Oh wow, how could this sweet, mainstream, fragrance appeal to me?!’ Followed by, ‘Damn this smells divine on a hike...’ After that day I fought with myself about buying it but a week later I got myself a 100ml bottle. This stuff is sparkling, fruity, sweet, and beautifully feminine. It makes me smile when I smell it. LVEB caught me in her comforting, easeful little cloud.


          Finally tried this omnipresent fragrance on my skin, after ignoring it for years in department stores due to the hype.

          To my nose I get mainly currant, pear, praline and some vanilla. All these notes make it very sweet, but unlike many other fruitchoulis out on the market, the notes here are well-executed. They meld well and create a really pleasant sillage, as well as being very long-lasting on the skin. I especially like the pear note in this, as it gives the scent some freshness.

          This is definitely way too sweet to my liking - I like a bit more contrast and complexity in my perfumes - but it's still well done. I think most of the hate towards La Vie Est Belle comes from the fact that it's so popular, and not the fact that it smells bad.

          I can see this especially being worn by a warm, kind, youthful woman in her 30s-60s as a daytime signature scent.

          Also wanted to mention that I *love* the bottle - timeless, feminine design.


          When I first smelt this fragrances it was very sweet to me but when it settled down it’s lovely and it’s amazing smell it on someone on the street. It can remember flower bomb but LA VIE EST BELLE is much more feminine and smooth fragrance


          Beautiful strong sweet smelling. Love at first sniff


          New personal favourite!

          In a earlier review, I stated I was "beginning to fall in love with this".
          Well, I'm there. This is love. This is the real deal.

          I can't get over how *often* I low-key crave this perfume. This is a meticulously crafted, sweet, sophisticated juggernaut of a scent. I have since bought a 50ml bottle a few weeks ago, and I'm still delighted with myself.

          This is a Seriously-Considering-Wearing-Every-Day-Fragrance, or SCWEDF, if abbreviations please you. :)

          Additionally, this is EASILY one of my most common compliment-getters. I have been complimented on this perfume at different locations, times of day, and people of differing ages, sex, and race.

          Crowd-pleaser? Yes...but I, for one, am sometimes in a crowd, and I liked to be pleased.


          Amended Kitty rating: 10/10!


          I remember smelling it for the first time on a paper tester in a magazine - I was convinced that it is the most beautiful scent to ever exist, It was just so pleasing, clean and sweet and uplifting. Years later I bought a bottle on my own. I enjoyed smelling like pralines and tonka, it always seemed to put me in a good mood. However the ubiquituousness of this scent discourages me from craving it.


          I owned a full bottle of flowerbomb a few years ago and sure these two perfumes share a similar vibe but honestly to me this one smells a lot like blackberry syrup for a while which makes me absolutely adore it.

          Hate on me if you want I love this Perfume. It's stunning. It smells like Oregon. Like blackberry syrup and trees.LVEB = pure nostalgia for me. Love it.


          To my nose, this is a good starter perfume and in my opinion, this would be suitable for a young femme person who is getting there introduction to designer fragrances, which doesn't always have to be a bad thing, at all.


          This fragrance is sugar with no flavor. Like baking a dessert and not adding vanilla, cinnamon, etc. The same way that salt is not a stand-in for actual seasoning, sugar is not a stand-in for flavorings and this fragrance seems to have none. It's not a bad fragrance by any means, but there's just nothing particularly interesting or striking about it.


          No matter your age, I believe you must try this perfume at least twice in your life, even if you don't care for it at first. Give it more than one chance and don't listen to those trying to pigeonhole LVEB into a certain age segment. And if ninety percent of the female population wears it, so what? LVEB has earned its place in the perfume world, it's a high quality mainstream fragrance and about as polarizing as Mugler's Angel, and if it makes you feel youthful, charming and sexy, then all the better, enjoy it! Perfume is on the market to make us feel better about ourselves in the first place, ladies.

          Now I'll share with you my experience with this new classic fragrance, and it might not be an entirely positive review, but I must be honest here.
          I've owned a bottle of LVEB for more than three years now and it's a strong like for me, not a love due to the fact that the patchouli in it is too prominent on my skin and gets a dirty ashtray vibe after a few hours of wear. Anyway, despite its behavior on my skin, I do enjoy it. I reach for it more rarely than I do other fragrances in my collection, and even though LVEB never got me compliments, I'd buy another bottle of it... But unfortunately, my husband hates LVEB and all its flankers. So I'll be sticking to Flowerbomb, which he loves on me and always gets me compliments.


          i blind bought this because of reviews on youtube. jeremy fragrance and his male friends all seemed to love it...but i was surprised to smell how SPICY it is. i'm not sure what ingredient is doing it for me- patouli and tonka bean perhaps? i thought the bottle and descriptors as sweet and feminine but this is so spicy to me i cant wear it.


          I'm a male and I wear this shite lmao, to me it's smells very vanilla with a hint of praline and Tonka bean . The longetivy is great I can smell it on my clothes for days .On my skin it lasts about 6 hours max.


          i got a sample of this a while back and only just tested it. the initial spray was pleasant, but i must admit this scent does not excite me. it's a sweet, feminine fragrance but it's really nothing special. it smells quite similar to lots of other scents i own, i don't find it particularly unique. perhaps would be a good scent for someone beginning to explore the perfume world, but doesn't require bravery to wear like some others. would rather spend my money on something more memorable.


          I love the original LVEB. I did smell a sample of LVEB Intense and went on to buy this but was SO disappointed. I don’t know why but it just didn’t last on me at all. I wonder if anyone else found this.


          Meh. It's feminine, but not much else. Old timey opening that seems slightly mottled and powdery making way for.. apricot? A bit of orange making it smell happy, but that's only for a couple of minutes. Apricot blooming into something a bit more serious, mature, slightly warmer apricot jam. 90s flowers showing up. Beautiful, but I can't say I care much for them because they remind me strongly of high-end Laura Ashley room spray circa 1996. Then vanilla. Chocolate? And there it remains. Warm sweetness with a layer of flowers: feminine.

          This isn't a kiddie fragrance, I can see this being worn by women in their late 20s and lady's in their 40s and even 50s. The feeling I'm left with though, is that nothing about the scent is outspoken at all. It's a little sophisticated but not unwearably so, it's happy but not extatic, it's creative but not eccentric, outspoken but not loud, feminine but not girly or slutty. Almost as if it was carefully constructed to leave the personality blank as much as possible. This scent probably appeals to a large group of women because it doesn't cross any lines.

          If I had to conjure an image, this woman is 45, quite energetic, secure, has a warm personality, a fashionably decorated home and she has a shawl artfully draped around her shoulders. Maybe a broach.

          It's a tad too heavy for office-frag if you ask me. Wear it to something festive, an event, the theatre or a semi-mature birthday. Best for early evening in spring, autumn and winter since it's too warm and sweet for summer.


          One of the most popular perfumes and one of the most overrated perfumes. There is nothing particularly special about it in my opinion. It is similar to Coco Mademoiselle but I think LVEB turns on my skin and smells cheap. I don't understand the love for this one, but I do like some flankers.


          Such a classic, beautiful scent! In my opinion, it covers a beautiful range of ages as both younger and older women could wear this. Definitely a crowd-pleaser as it's not too hard on the nose (unless you spray more than 3 times!) Leaves a thick trail and lasts amazingly long (but definitely not as strong as it used to be when it was first released).

          While it definitely reminds me of V&R Flowerbomb, I also get hits of Jimmy Choo Illicit! The perfect balance of sweet and powdery, great gift idea.

          Pro: Classic, beloved by most
          Con: Not extremely unique as its a popular scent so if you like distinct, edgy scents this would be a pass (:


          Unfortunately, midnightauro is right. I have used this for years but I just opened a new bottle yesterday and it is a lot weaker. There are a lot of perfumes that smell similar to LVEB but there was always something deep and juicy, I always thought it was the black currant, that set this apart for me. That deep intoxicating smell I loved is gone and it is now a very weak copy of what it used to be. I am sad to say I will no longer be rebuying this & I wanted to warn people to not just rebuy this blindly(like me) when they run out to be careful before they buy.


          This was my favorite fragrance for a while but something changed along the way. My older bottle and sample vials are -strong-. Like, I can smell it on my sheets when I wash them at the end of the week strong. The new bottle is lighter, and disappears by the end of the day. The smell is the same, but the power is diminished. I already have severely dry skin and fragrance just leaves the building within an hour or two, but this was one that could overpower my dryness. Much like my other vintage bottles, I'll be clinging on to the last drops of my original one until I am laid in my grave.


          I don't expect this to be a popular post, but here it goes...

          To be brutally sincere; I hate that I like this. I don't love it (if I did, I would honestly cop to it, see my other reviews of guilty loves I have). I hate that this perfume is the current benchmark for many releases, and that I've smelled it all over earth countless times. I get irrationally annoyed when non-fragheads worship this fragrance and announce that it's their signature scent and that they'll "never wear anything else", oh so very proudly, as if 50 other people in a 1-mile radius haven't proclaimed precisely the same thing. Yeah. It bugs me to utter death, and it doesn't help that many avid sprayers of LVEB are so, so *prissy*. I'm really trying to work past it, but in my experience it's been the token fragrance of snobs. It's sad...grievous truly, that for many regular folk, the buck stops here. It's a killer of individuality. But, I suppose it's not the fragrance's or Lancome's fault, this was too easy, too strong, and too sweet to not have that effect on the public. I'm beginning to resent even the bottle, with it's annoying amount of wasted glass, and uppity little ascot...

          Funny how benign things can really begin to grate on you. If this wasn't so overdone, I would probably be delighted by the design. Again, I'm trying to work past my bitterness and think objectively, and how I would perceive this if it weren't for *people*.

          So, with that being said, I objectively enjoy this considering fragrance alone. It's very sweet in it's opening (which is fine, I can do sweet), but dries down to a lovely powdered vanilla; like an upscale vanilla bean champagne cake covered with powdered sugar. I really do get pear here, it's lovely. There is enough patchouli here to offset it, adding some dimension to the sweetness so that things don't become too thick. The longevity and sillage are both far above average.


          This is REALLY sweet initially then dries down into the sweet fuzziness I smelled on a friend; I could detect other notes, not sure what they are. With all due respect, this being my first time testing it, I was expecting a bit more than just the cloying, sweetness; it gives the same vibe as mon guerlain but the sweetness here is a bit more rounded.
          I don’t get all the rave about it but to each their own. I personally am not a fan of very sweet fragrances, I need other notes to be in the forefront and this doesn’t deliver
          I’ll give this another chance later. who knows? I might find something new


          OMG....I’m over 45! Well crap,,I guess I can’t wear it...????


          Honestly what can I say about La Vie Est Belle?

          It's incredible.

          When I first smelled it years ago, I didn't love it, but I think at the time it was maybe too.... overtly feminine for me.

          However, that being said, I reapproached it a week ago and fell in love.

          It is so incredibly sweet, powdery, feminine, floral with just the right amount of gourmand notes. It's a powerhouse of the best perfume accords you can use.

          It smells INCREDIBLE on my skin. The longevity is ok; it lasts forever on clothing but you'll want to reapply it on your skin.

          I love love love it. For me it's like a sweeter less sophisticated version of Miss Dior. The two don't smell alike - but I compare them because those are my two go-to scents when I want to smell simply "good" with no questions about it.

          I give it a 10/10, despite it's popularity and the fact that many people feel it's old news.


          I first tried la vie about 4 yrs ago or more. I didnt care for it ..too screetchy! Well,,,wow! Whatever they have done in reformulation is genius! This is effervescent and gorgeous!
          I love wearing this now! Please do try the new reformulated version..just stunning! ??


          I'm slowly beginning to fall in love with this fragrance.

          I love how it's perfectly sweet, fruity AND floral.

          Initially, I hated how sweet it was. I found it overwhelming.
          Now - perhaps not surprisingly - a little bit goes a long way. This can be heavenly sweet without being cloying.

          My main delight here is that it's so sophisticated! Only a classy lady wears this. The well-blended composition means I actually have a hard time picking out individual notes. Not a bad thing, just duly noted.

          The longevity are awesome (6 hours +), and the sillage garnered me a lovely compliment ("Wow, someone smells really nice. Is that you? It smells gorgeous!").


          Kitty rating: 8.5/10 (Rating has potential to increase).


          Went to the Lancome counter today specifically to smell this as I love both praline (the chocolate) and pralines (the roasted nuts) since I can never tell which one perfume houses mean when they say praline. It's also so highly touted as the King of Gourmands on the boards that I thought I would love it.

          Love it, I did not. First of all this doesn't smell like either versions of praline(s) at all whatsoever. It doesn't smell like hazelnut chocolates and it doesn't smell like sugar roasted nuts. To be honest I could not detect one single note from the note pyramid in this. No black currant or pear, no patchouli, no orange blossom. Nada. It was just a general "sweet" scent with absolutely no depth. Extremely generic but I mean, Body Fantasies in Cotton Candy smells 100% better and more refined.

          I really don't mind a scent being considered "run of the mill", "nothing new" or even "basic", I mean most of my loves are Victoria's Secret scents. But, this just smells SWEET with no purpose and not good sweet at that. I personally got tropical fruits, like an Escada perfume but the cheap drugstore knock off, gone terribly wrong.

          I could definitely see a lot of people liking it but I'm very surprised so many Fragranticans do. It's so banal and to my personal nose, not even a pleasant banal. It's offensively sweet. I personally don't consider this gourmand at all. It's tropical fruit to my nose bathed in white sugar. Saved me a purchase, though.


          The queen of all gourmands. The prettiest perfume ever.


          Technically brilliant and reportedly made from fine raw materials, LVEB is fatally flawed because it is so monstrously loud.

          There is no mystery to it LVEB. That's its problem. There is nothing strange about it. It gives you everything you think you want and holds nothing in reserve to challenge or intrigue you.

          Still, occasionally I enjoy its rich, creamy notes and lavish character. A few dabs at the back of my neck and the base of my throat is all I can tolerate. I try to create some mystery for LVEB by winding the volume down low so that all I get is a sweet, haunting little tune, the sort of thing you sense in the far distance but even as you glance around, aahh ... she's gone. She's disappeared around the corner with just her scented scarf trailing behind.


          I love gourmands perfumes but this one for me is not, my husband gave it to me years ago, and when I want a perfume I always want 100ml, so I told him I wanted the largest bottle ... big mistake I could only use it for two days, I did not know how to remove the scent from my clothes! It burned my nose, I stopped using it, and so far I can't find the bottle. I hope to find it and know if my taste for this perfume has changed, and I also stopped using it because I think it’s way too strong and the truth is that there are many people who wear this perfume and I want something more unique.


          Definitely a crowd pleaser. LVEB is so dang common it doesn't give you any uniqueness. However, I think you just can't go wrong with this perfume. It's timeless, feminine, and elegant. In the summer heat it might get cloying. But the beast mode performance of LVEB with the silage that can cut through the chilly air is undoubtedly perfect for the winter time.

          LVEB is a perfect blend of floral and gourmand notes, which gives this scent the sensuality and sexiness. The yummy praline and vanilla is my favorite part, as it make the scent smell so edible.

          Love it or hate it, it's still such an iconic fragrance and I sincerely recommend people to try it at least once.


          This is mixed for me. I really liked it when I first purchased a few years ago. I now find it too sweet / synthetic smelling. I actually love the body wash that I receive when I purchased the perfume (and I usually never like perfume-scented body washes). To me, the body wash is much more subtle and less cloying. I do still wear this occasionally.


          @Rosemary, I've run into the same problem of not being able to find a tester of la nuit tresor. Fortunately, you can buy taste of kiss by la rive for a very decent price online. La rive is a duoe brand that cooperates with big name brands, so they are very legitimate. If you want to spend a little more, armaf, another legit dupe brand, has their version as well. Trust me, I had sworn off all knockoffs until I found la rive and armaf! Oh yeah, and to make my post relevant, la nuit tresor has some similarities to la vie est belle, and absolutely none with tresor. In fact, lveb has always reminded me of original tresor while la nuit has no relation to the original


          Lately I’ve been wanting something rich and decadent. This fragrance might be the best gourmand fruitchouli ever created. It’s just delicious. There’s all kinds of criticism along the vein of “it smells girly and juvenile” it’s too common and basic. If liking this makes me basic I want to run to the window and scream, “I’m basic!!” It’s dominated by the praline and fruity notes with patchouli in the background. This is a floral fruit patchouli fragrance that really gets the balance of the patchouli right. It doesn’t overwhelm the other notes and adds the right amount of spice IMO. It has that powdery iris adding a grown up sophistication that so many fragrances of this vein lack. Honestly, I truly think that the only reason that this perfume gets so much flak is because so many people wear it. And why do so many people wear it? Because it’s sooooo good. Or perhaps some people really just don’t like sweet perfumes. (I used to be one of those people BTW)

          It’s really NOT basic. It’s actually quite elegant. I think the iris and the tonka bean when paired with the black currant and pear are just divine then dip it all in chocolate. It’s warm and sensual. Also this develops on my skin in a wonderful way. It calms down from the opening and develops into a warm vanilla, softer patchouli, smooth chocolate, and slight powdery iris. But, the dry down after about 2 hours the iris, jasmine, and black current become the stars. This really develops into something much more beautiful and mature on my skin. I’m a closet lover of this fragrance and I think a lot of people are just kind of upset that so many people wear it. If no one knew about it or it wasn’t as popular I know I would wear this A LOT. But, it is very common and I’d like to smell a little bit more uniquely like me. But, to heck with it I’m still going to wear it sometimes. I wear what I like. I’d like to try this fragrances big sister La Nuit Tresor but my local mall doesn’t have a tester.


          This is a nice girlish bottle and inside of this I can smell coco mademoiselle with flower bomb and in the drydown a little bit of angel. This is not an elegant mixture but it is not unpleasant either. Not what I expected from Lancome. Nice adverts, though.Not so potent as years before. I recently tried it, I am wearing right now from a sample and I think it has not the disturbing thickness it had with its release. Its name is appropriate, if you are searching for the lightness of the happiness of preparing yourself to go to a party, this nice waiting that, unfortunately, at the end proves to be a little shallow or, at least, common


          I agree with the comment below. However for me it has been positive. The iris seems to be dimmed down, and so is the projection. For some this may mean a loss of depth. Since it is a more simply sweet perfume now, however you do still smell that it is La Vie Est Belle.

          It also seems to be softer than first. The Coco Mademoiselle Intense I am wearing is projecting considerably more (just 1 spray comparisons).


          Unfortunately (though for many on the contrary) LVEB underwent reformulation ... I will start with a bottle, because there is a visible difference on it. The original version had a brand logo on the atomizer; Roses... Versions that are currently available for sale have the inscription La vie est belle on the atomizer. And the smell itself has changed. In the original version, praline with currant and patchouli reigned, in the new version, praline with tonka and patchouli. Parameters have also changed. The new version has a much softer projection ... Unfortunately, in the new version Patchouli from spicy and feisty turns into musty, however, the base falls out more interesting, it smells alternately with delicate smoke and milk chocolate. I recommend testing the new version, because the differences are significant


          This is such a beautiful scent with the fruitiness and powdery on top. It’s too feminine for me, as I like little smoke/woods to my fragrances.


          This is my elder sister’s favorite perfume.It’s so well-blended high-quality perfume.But the reason that I don’t prefer is the combination of iris-patchouli.Actually it performs and projects quitely good.However doesn’t suit with my skin.


          I was loving this fragrance but now it so sweet to my test
          long lasting
          Deep vanilla


          I’m still just not sure about this one. The opening burns my nose, the black currant and pear smell like a hot rotten pie, almost fizzy like fermentation. Then there’s a strong vibe of burnt marshmallows, like when you get them really charred and only eat the charred part. That’s exactly what it is to me. Plus some kind of minty herb which is probably patchouli but smells camphorous. The dry down becomes wearable, but not really very interesting. After an hour or so It remains that slightly basil/patchouli burnt marshmallow Until it just becomes Tonka. I think there are people out there who will love this. I’m sure there are many.


          One of the gourmand fragrance for women. For those who love it, just use it. Please ignore the negative reviews and comments from some reviewers from YouTube, Fragrantica and etc.

          As a guy, I would give this 8/10.

          Special request: Please don't spray too much otherwise you may choke the people around you??. Go with 2-3 sprays.


          I don't know what it is but I cannot get into this one. The overwhelming patchouli to my nose and the cheap scent as it settles on my skin leaves me scratching my head over this one's popularity.


          I lost my house and entire perfume collection to a California fire in Oct of 2019 and I have been , slowly repurchasing the loves from my collection. This was one of the first repurchases. La vie est Belle is a beautiful blackberry vanilla with woods in the background to my nose. Absolutely beautiful. She is my sweetest scent because she is sweet yes but also sophisticated at the same time so it doesn't feel like something a teen would wear.
          One spritz rubbed into both wrist then neck is all you need. Just ONE. Otherwise she can be cloying. That's what the negative reviews are about and the negative reviews are probably the older generation who love a different type of scent not a gourmand. I am 25 this is perfect for me.


          I love this perfume, I can definitely smell a sweet truffle scent going on. Just by looking at the bottle you wouldn’t think that this would be a sweet pastry scent but it is! My signature was always pink sugar but I’m in my early 20s and I wanted something a little more “grow-up” and this was the perfect fit. Luckily I cannot detect the patchouli in this (I dislike patchouli) it settles so well on my skin and lasts all day!


          My Chanel Gabrielle Essence bottle broke, so I have transferred the juice into a bottle previously used for La Vie Est Belle. My goodness, they are so good together!
          Both have a fruity top, Lancome adds some pears to those peaches and berries. In the middle, Lancome brings some iris, the orange blossom and jasmine are enchanced. In the dry down, Chanel is no longer all that elegant floral, with addition of praline and patchouli. Was an accident, worked out magically!


          I have had a complicated relationship with this perfume, mostly because I love it so much but I don’t want to smell common. I used to consider this my signature but it’s popularity put me off a little so I went crazy shopping around for other perfumes that could be my new signature. I have tried Mon Paris, Flowerbomb, J’adore, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears,Tresor Midnight Rose, Victoria’s Secret,Chanel ,... I haven’t found ONE that matches up to the beauty of La Vie Est Belle. Not even close. Tonight I spritzed LVEB on each of my wrists & forgot about it. Sitting on the couch watching tv with my fam, all of a sudden I started to smell creamy vanilla Ice Cream somewhere near me, & looked around to see who was eating it but nobody was... it was my wrists & it smelled lovely unlike any other perfume I’ve tried over the last couple of years since I quit LVEB. No matter how common this fragrance is, I just can’t get rid of it. Screw “uniqueness” this IS MY SIGNATURE!


          I am wearing this now (received a sample) and I really do not like it at all.

          It's like a sweet teenage scent graduated to a nicer bottle and with a better brand name slapped on.


          Starts with a burst of deep minty berry pear, on a bed of sugar patchouli. Turns into the classic LVEB praline patchouli within 30 mins and stays that way for about 3 hours. Later it turns into a sweeter vanilla base that lasts and lasts. Projection is a few feet, sillage can be 2+ days on clothes. Monster perfume power which is great bang for your buck, but it's too popular here - mostly I smell it on middle-aged ladies who are wearing a LOT of makeup.


          LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this amazingly gorgeous and perfect fragrance. La vie belle is a stunner. She projects like a monster, she gets compliments left and right,she last on clothes for weeks, she makes your eyes roll back. SERIOUSLY WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR. She is classy but not a snob, she is sweet, but not an easy catch, she announces herself when she walks in the room and demands respect. If LA Vie Belle could talk she would enter a room and say "At last, I have arrived, you may be seated now".

          The fragrance is absolutely divine, remarkable and stunning. La Vie belle has no flaws. I commend the House of Lancome for creating such decadence and perfection. A complete masterpiece. If you didn't like it upon first sniff, please give it a second even a third try.

          If I could choose one fragrance for the rest of my life (which I would hate to have to do) BUT if I had to choose, it would be none other than, La Vie Belle.

          I feel so blessed to have found this 2.5 oz in Costco for guess how much?....... $57.99 US! Shout out to Costco for having it all.This can be worn to work (very lightly) but is best suited for other occasions when you realllyyyyyy need to smell good and want to get noticed for your scent. I'm so mad I didn't wear this at my Wedding.

          Side Note to the La Vie Belle Haters:PLEASE STOP SAYING "Everyone smells like this". EVERYONE LIKE WHO? Seriously, how many people in your immediate circle are wearing this fragrance? (The You tubers you watch don't count) We have to stop saying its basic, because your imaginary "everyone" is wearing it. There is nothing basic about this. Yes it is popular, but so worthy of its greatness. To-date, I have yet to encounter anyone wearing this. So please don't ruin the reputation of this fragrance for those who are truly interested.

          Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!


          i love this perfume. yes this is a basic smell but i love it! but people should learn to not spritz more than once. or everybody will suffocate around you. btw this is reformulated. i had it in 2014 and the scent lasted more than my new bottle that i bought this morning in sephora...!


          I am not trying to offend anybody but, the honest way I see it, wearing this - perfume - is a crime. You are having 0 respect for the stomachs of people around you.

          I understand that some people might love LVEV. Actually, I think it is the classic you either love it or hate it case. But trust me people who love it: People who hate it can′t stand being around you because the scent you are wearing simply revolts their stomachs. It is serious for us.

          About 80% of the local females where I live wear this during the winter (thank God only winter) and my work often involves being close to these females for a fair amount of time. It was especially hard this afternoon when I seriously thought I was going to throw up on the spot.

          But, please, don′t take my message wrong. I am just asking for a bit of mercy in a ``funny ′′way


          I went from dislike to like to love then again dislike.

          I really tried to love it, kinda force myself to like it becouse everybody loves LVEB so what is wrong with me...

          But as I see, I am not the only one who dislike this as well.

          The truth is, I really like it on other people, when I catch a whiff of the scent when the lady walks in front of me. It's the same as whith G.A. Sì.

          I just can't stand it on myself.I like sweet scents, God knows I really do but this is too much , not for me, too synthetic, too plastic , too sharp and in your face in a bad way. I don't like to wear it. I don't feel like myself I am sorry. But sometimes when I am able to smell it from others , I kinda enjoy it.


          Bought this a few years ago after tested it for a few times
          A very sweet but sophisticated perfume and definitely on the sweet powdery side

          Longevity is amazing as i can still smell at late night even when sprayed in the morning

          The downside only on the amount of the perfume.
          Here the biggest bottle only contain 75ml and for that size still the price is a bit expensive


          Awful, artificial, heavy and plastic like smell. I used to own it but it gave me headaches and whenever I smell it on someone, there is nothing pretty to me about it, more like ''i just walked out of a factory''. A woman I imagine wearing it has super heavy makeup, fake nails/lashes/everything, sparkles, stiletto heels. Not that it's bad, but I can't think natural beauty.


          I tested LVEB today and I'm glad I didn't blind buy it. On a strip of paper, the fragrance was the right kind of Christmas sweet fragrance I was looking for so I was only ever going to buy 30ml, but on my skin LVEB turns to white florals?! Not very sharp white florals, sorta sparkly white florals which isn't bad but I'm not feeling it now and I can think of cheaper alternatives that smell the same on me; EL Pure White Linen fx.

          The tester was nearly empty and standing under a bright light and the sales asssistants were all very busy today. I wonder if that could have anything to do with my weird experience? But that doesn't explain why it smelled just fine on the paper.

          I might buy one of those small Lancome gift sets online in January because it usually contains LVEB so that I can properly test it and decide if I want to buy 30ml OF LVEB for X-mas 2020.


          It's amazing how the reviews can be so black and white on LVEB!

          But truth to be told, LVEB is nothing less than an 'ICON' in modern perfumery, hundreds of clones were created for her..

          I'm someone who appreciates both ends of the spectrum, the sweetest gourmands and the darkest of chypre, in the Floral Gourmand this is really THE BEST.

          It's not just the smell (for me the Iris shines and it is quite floral and absolutely nothing smells synthetic here) and not that it really puts a smile on my face, it's the performance as well, 90% of my perfumes smell great but disappoint me with their performance, this darling is not an EDP, it's more of a pure parfum, 2 sprays last a whole day..

          Honestly this is a perfume crafted meticulously..

          Love it or Hate it, there's nothing like LVEB.

          Just bought the florale ;)


          So beautiful! Sweet, candy, deep yet bright. Perfect scent. For me the vanilla and tonka bean sings, the fruity gourmand is divine, the praline, the pear, just wow. I love how jasmine works with this yet its not at all floraly, it's definitely a true true gourmand. Edible candy, yet very grown up and sophisticated, not at all too young. It smells refined and expensive, something many true gourmands fail to do. This is beautiful. Oh and lasts all day, just gorgeous.


          I think I like it so much!


          Apsolutely amazing. I love LVEB, dont find it to sweet or to strong ,just right . The performance is 10/10. You will be noticed for shure.. kinda confused with so many negative comments though...


          This makes me sick to my stomach :(


          This reminds me of a modern age no. 5. Not as vintage smelling but very classic, i can't see anyone disliking it because it's such a neutral good smelling perfume. Problem is it's so common, if you like smelling unique like me stay away because I don't think it would layer well either, it's DNA is so strong. Would be great as a présent because anyone would like it and great for special occasions and fancy events


          By now everything has been said about LVEB,it is stil a beautiful fragrance,extremely popular but for a reaon.With the launch of Idole,LVEB has been put to one side for awhile but even if Idole is indeed a lovely scent I do not think it will be as succesful as LVEB.I hope there will be more flankers in the future so far they all have been so good.


          My second review on La Vie Est Belle.
          My first review was written 7 years ago.
          La Vie est Belle became extremely popular. There was a time when I thought every second woman was wearing it. I loved La Vie est Belle from the time it was launched, but so did many other women, and I do not like to smell like everyone else, so I waited.
          Finally this December I bought a gift set for myself, during a difficult time in my life.
          This scent truly comforts and lifts up the mood, it does have the positive energy hidden in the notes.
          I truly admire the noses behind this success story, they created something special. The bottle design is great, too.


          I felt a second review was in order as LVEB has become my signature fragrance.

          I guess you can say I like the basics; basic like a string of pearls, a well-tailored black suit, and tasteful black leather stilettos. This is the type of "basic" that I perceive of La Vie est Belle.

          The composition opens with an enveloping sweetness that somehow manages a concurrent delicacy; like a dancing ballerina, she seems frail but her bones and musculature are strong and true, vibrant and ready. Don't mistake her dexterity for mere frivolity; on the contrary: feminine, sweet, rich and decadent, if you're looking for a candied personal scent cloud, give LVEB a go. This composition is very artfully, masterfully, and deliberately engineered to be precisely what she is. As usual, this community has collectively voted each note accurately, it's safe to say that one can pre-imagine this based on the notes listed to the right (the ones we've voted on).

          I heard a YouTube reviewer say in description of this fragrance, something like "La Vie est Belle is basic but it's basic done to perfection". I concur with her wholeheartedly; this treasure has conquered me completely and I say that without shame, dazzled by the sheer beauty of this simple, yet iconic fragrance.

          If she loves you (as she loves me - my chemistry, that is) - she will love you passionately and completely.
          Fragrance: Still a 10/10.
          Performance including projection, sillage, and longevity: 10/10
          Value: Superb. To me, worth so much more than present asking prices, I'm grateful to have fallen for this attainable, simple, basic beauty.

          LVeB is very well suited to glamorous women, and I am eternally mesmerized.


          This one gets compared to V+F Flowerbomb a lot. I have both, and I have to say I definitely prefer Flowerbomb. LVEB smell less well-rounded and therefore like less of an "adult" fragrance. I can see a teenage girl loving this, but I don't think it works for a grown woman. The simplistic sugary-sweetness reminds me of Bath and Body Works-esque scents. Flowerbomb, on the other hand, rounds out the sugar scent with a bit of spice and tartness that I feel elevates it to being a more womanly scent.

          I have a full, almost unused bottle of this, so if anyone wants it, send me a message lol!