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          Shalimar Eau de Parfum Guerlain for women

          Shalimar Eau de Parfum Guerlain for women

          main accords

          warm spicy

          main accords

          warm spicy

          Perfume rating 4.06 out of 5 with 12,824 votes

          Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Shalimar Eau de Parfum was launched in 1925. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Guerlain. Top notes are Citruses, Bergamot, Lemon, Cedar and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are iris, Patchouli, Vetiver, Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Incense, Vanilla, Leather, Opoponax, Sandalwood, Civet, Tonka Bean and Musk.

          Shalimar was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925, as a tribute to the legendary love story between Emperor SHAHJAHAN and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Before he became emperor his name was Prince Khurram. According to the legend, twenty- year-old Prince Khurram met a young girl, named Arjumand Banu at the bazaar where her family worked. Mesmerized by her beauty, after becoming emperor, he made her his wife as Mumtaz Mahal, meaning the "Jewel of the Palace". After the wedding, the prince and Mumtaz were inseparable, in war and in peace. She had given 13 children to Shahjahan and died during the birth of their 14th child at the age of 39. Her death devastated Shah Jahan and had built Taj Mahal in memory of his wife and their undying love. Shalimar is named after ‘The Gardens of Shalimar’.It was Mumtaz’s favorite garden. Shalimar is one of the best selling perfumes ever and its magic is undeniable. Perfume is composed of citrus notes; lemon and bergamot, jasmine, may rose, opoponax, Tonka bean, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam and gray amber. The coolness of the citrus notes lead to a floral heart ending with a warm and luxurious trail.

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          Perfume Pyramid

          Top Notes

          Mandarin Orange

          Middle Notes


          Base Notes

          Tonka Bean
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          Most Popular Positive Reviews


          I’m a college professor, and my niche is in aging and the end of life. My students all know about my perfume hobby, as I always spritz the papers and assignments I hand out. It’s even included in an “about me” part of my syllabi. (I think I’ve converted a few to becoming fragrance enthusiasts too!) Today we went to a nursing home for a “meet your neighbors” roundtable so my students could get a glimpse into the lived experiences of elderly community members. I overheard one of my students talking to a lady in her 80s, telling her that their professor likes perfume. I walked over, asking the resident if she too shared the hobby. She nodded, but due to cognitive impairment or social anxiety, had difficulty conversing with me. I asked about Chanel N°5. She balked at the suggestion. “What about Shalimar?” And with that, her eyes lit up, her head nodded, her mouth whispered, “Shalimarrrrrrrrrr...”

          My eyes, too, light up to Shalimar. And my new friend has a mini bottle coming her way on our next visit.

          Shalimar is an all-time classic. Perhaps the sexiest scent ever. May the vanilla, leather, citrus, incense, smoke—and yes, even the civet—seduce you too. Disregard age; throw out gender. Shalimar doesn’t exist for those boxes. It’s transcendent.


          My Grandmother, a beautiful and elegant lady spent most of her working adult life behind the Perfume Counter at Famous Barr in St. Louis. To many, she was known as the "Perfume Lady". To me, she was my "Mimi", and I owe my love of finer fragrance all to her.

          We lost her nearly two years ago. It was heartbreaking to say "goodbye", and I am so grateful that I had the chance to laugh with her just one last time before she took her next step in this amazing journey. It was her dying wish that we all take a little something (or things) from her home by which we could remember and cherish her--and enjoy.

          The day of her funeral was mostly a haze. It was February in St. Louis, frigid, cold, yet hopeful. We honored her in a spirit of joy and laughter. I wore Neela Vermeire's Mohur. I knew Mimi would approve. My mom told me that I smelled "lovely", and took me in her arms and cried. My Great Aunts remembered with pride Mimi's Lunch with Elizabeth Taylor--not on one, but TWO occasions. It seems that she had sold the most White Diamonds AND Passion in the City, and that was her prize.

          Getting back on track--Shalimar. Where does this fit in? For Birthdays and Holidays, Mimi always gifted my Mom with Shalimar. She had all of the concentrations, Extrait in the gorgeous, small Baccarat bottle. So heady and luscious. I remember Mom telling me the difference between the concentrations, and smelling them all back to back as a child, all the way to the Eau de Cologne, with its conical top. I was hooked.

          After the funeral, we all went to Mimi's house, the home she worked hard to build and pay for, for so many years. There were no reminders to take off our shoes, or not to run by the stairs, in case we might fall down. No gentle voice reminding us to stay away from her succculents, lest the spines "jump out at us" and stick us. Just silence and reverence for a life well lived. I stepped into her bedroom, and on her night stand, I beheld her SOLE bottle of perfume displayed. A gold Guerlain atomizer. I picked it up, opened the lid and smelled the incense and leather, the vanilla and musk. I was home. Tears fell from my eyes, and I knew what gift Mimi wanted me to have. I treasure this bottle. When I want to feel close to her, I indulge myself, tenderly kiss the bottle that her hands held and again I feel her presence nearby.

          This is the beauty and magic of Shalimar for me. A fragrance of unparalleled beauty and refinement, just like my Mimi.


          I hate the ageism that's so rampant when it comes to perfumes. It's ridiculous!

          Shalimar has been around a long time yes, but it's loved by many women of all ages, including those in their early 20s like me. :)

          Shalimar is timeless, smells in general are ageless, end of story.


          It is an 88 degree, humid day in Florida. I questioned my choice but, stuck with it. Shalimar EDP. I will never be able to adequately express my delight in this slice of heaven. I can only say that I was bathed with the most alluring, intoxicating, spicy and creamy vanilla for the whole day. Creamy, spicy and dirty - this is my favorite scent. I will wear this in any weather, season or temperature. It guarantees satisfaction for me everytime.

          20 years ago, I would have stayed far away from Shalimar. Now, it's my everything. My ideal of the ideals. The endless array of EDT, souffle, luminiere, light, intense etc., will not do. I've finally grown into womanhood and I can't get enough. Shalimar EDP will always be the cornerstone of my collection.



          This is directed to the harsh, almost violent anti-Shalimar reviews that are peppered in among the adoring, gushy, positive reviews here.

          It almost seems like nonsense to review Shalimar, but I feel like more than a fragrance review, it is essential to tell my experience.

          Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was a fragrance newbie. I loved light, sweet fragrances and anything with any silage whatsoever was "too much." Now that I look back I realize that I was culturally acclimated to believing that strong silage was a sign of age (not in a good way) or cheapness. Interestingly, I thought that high quality fragrances were subtle and watery.

          But then I "accidentally" met Shalimar Parfum Initial. I had smelled Shalimar at Sephora (I believe it was only the EDT at the time), and I almost retched right in the store. But being the collector I am, I thought I "needed" to have at least one form of this fragrance, so I did some research and decided that at the price I got it for and with the reviews, PI was the way to go . . . and boy, was it!

          I adored PI, mostly after I started getting rave compliments from people. It wasn't the initial top notes, but the drydown that was so stunning. And I thought "why not get right to the drydown," but realized that the top notes were essential or you'd have just a powdery, vanilla scent like so many others.

          As time has passed, I determined to try the hated Shalimar again, partially because of the rave reviews for its leather note. I gingerly sprayed a test strip, and let it dry down before carefully sniffing. Okay. There's my beloved leather! I can now put this in the "like" category.

          But then I got a decant of the EDT, and after avoiding it for several months, I started to spray a teeny bit here and there. Usually before a shower or before bed. I started to notice the development from one moment to the next, and was startled at how amazingly complex this scent was. Much more than any other scent I had tried (or probably more than any I've tried to this date), this fragrance continued to morph and change and wrap around me like gorgeous (and sometimes "stanky" in a good way) sparkling, seductive, serpents (ok, stupid analogy, but I had to use all "Ss" for effect).

          By the time I tried the EDP again, I was already in love. Now I don't wear the EDP yet, and don't know that I ever would. It's stunning, but almost like you don't wear your fine china. This one is a masterpiece to be admired, not for casual wear (for me). But all the other Shalimars are fair game.

          So please, please, PLEASE! For your own sake, do NOT spray this on, sniff, cough, and then write scathing reviews after disposing of what you consider to be toxic waste. This is art! And it's gorgeous to myself, who was once a hater.

          If you have not learned to love civet, oakmoss, aldehydes and other "big-girl" notes, start with some of the easier flankers. Souffle, PI (any of them, but especially Si Sensuelle), and Eau de Shalimar are a much better way to start. These are all beautiful granddaughters of the Grand Dame herself.

          As a perfume lover, you owe it to yourself to learn how to understand this one.
          Most Popular Negative Reviews


          I get nothing but strong smoke and rubber, even after several hours. This smells gorgeous on my sister, who manages to carry off heavy oriental fragrances with aplomb, even though she is a petite blue-eyed blonde who is not the least bit sultry. I, on the other hand, have been trying to wear this classic vintage fragrance for three nights in a row, and I smell like I went to a bonfire where rubber tires were thrown into the burning leaves. ( and I am also a blue-eyed unsultry blonde). Life is simply not fair, and Shalimar is a scrubber for me. I'm going back to my Chanel No 19, and some fresh air.

          Update: This is crazy. I began to miss this perfume, and to crave the smokey vanilla notes that seemed so wrong for me two days ago. I reapplied some, at home, and kept sniffing my wrists all evening, drinking in the scent. I can't believe it. I've fallen in love with Shalimar. This is the extrait, the real stuff. And, incredibly, I am going to buy a full bottle. I would never have predicted this in a million years.


          It's no secret!--

          When that grey day comes and me and my siblings go back to Mom's house to put sticky notes out to stake our claim on the treasures and tidbits she acquired throughout her long and prosperous life, I'm showin' up early and makin' a beeline for that big, round glass bottle with the red dot. Ginourmous bottle of 1970's Shalimar, you're gonna be mine some day!


          Reviewing the Parfum.

          While I adore Shalimar, it took a while for me to really get to know her. She is a little bit like the bitchy girl at the party--seems very unfriendly until you talk with her and discover how warm she really is. The opening is always a bit revolting. It's loaded with lemon and a touch of orange. At the same time it's so sharply animalic that it makes me queasy every time I put it on. I feel the same way about the EDP.

          However, as it mellows out on my skin it becomes something else. It's unbelievably exotic, maybe even erotic. It's a deliciously creamy vanilla & citrus perfume that has been smoked like a sausage in a smokehouse. The scent of leather is the softest black leather you could ever imagine.

          The parfum is a lot more intimate than the EDP. It lasts a long time, but sillage is not as big as the EDP, so it's better for when someone is nibbling your ear instead of for a big event.

          It's so easy to see why Shalimar has been a hit for like 100 years. It's timeless--an utter masterpiece! *Muah!* BRAVISSIMO!!!

          (Comparison with EDP: If it helps anyone I will add that I find the Parfum to be more powdery with more citrus than the newest EDP, and in all honesty, I find the vanilla in the EDP is more prominent)


          I wanted to like this perfume so much, but I just couldn't. It's so offensive and akin to dirty animal that I just didn't know what was going on when I sprayed it. What happened to the perfume people were ranting and raving about on the reviews? Unfortunately when I got my brother to wear it, on him it smelled like luxury. I ended up giving him the bottle. I felt so disappointed like a date that had cancelled. I guess it's a hot or a miss.


          Haha, yes the first time I smelled Shalimar EDP I almost had the same reaction as AlbanianArabG - to me it smelled like toxic bug spray from a can. I was determined to find out her legendary secrets though. Took a paper strip home and every time I got near it, it gave me a headache. But the next day there was a beautiful powdery vanilla radiating from the strip. Aha, so that was her secret! I took my time to get to know Shalimar. It was like learning to eat olives or learning to drink coffee. Who likes their first bite or sip? ;-)
          Now I find Shalimar beautiful, but some days I still can't wear her, most be chemistry. The problem I mostly have with her now is the longevity, only a few hours. Still, I've got time, we'll get along as equals one day.

          PS: Just smelled my bottle - no, today is not a day we get along, so I'm going to wear Eau de Shalimar instead ;-)

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          Starts with a 90s pang of heavy incense vanilla.
          Develops into a bit of a plastic-doll-head vanilla, with an undercurrent of incense still going strong.


          How awesome it is that we live in a world with Shalimar with it? Somehow I always knew that it waits for me. From wafts of fragrance from my decadent aunts, to Shalimar being a supposed substitute to my beloved, discontinued Kobako Sensuelle, I've always felt reassured that it's there.
          I finally tested it last winter, sprayed it on my leather glove and velvet jacket sleeve. It held up beautifully for several days, and every time I put them on, I was comforted by the most beautiful clean, citrus, oriental, vanilla leather scent.
          This fragrance is melancholy in a bottle: it feels like New England fall, like Christmas and funeral at once, like Donna Tartt's books, like old Orient. Like places and times you never knew, but they are there, as lively and beautiful as ever. All contained in that amber liquid.
          Shalimar is a whole olfactory experience, and I;m grateful that there are scents like this - this is basically an essence of perfumery.


          How can it be 95 years old? It is modern even today; cannot think of it as something vintage or dated. There is something magical here.
          Some citruses start our olfactory journey and right after some resins and a creamy incense and this wonderful vanilla - not sweet sugary and not into your face as in Dior Addict (which I love as well) but as a Haute Cuisine Crème Br?leé.
          It is so well balanced. Everything here goes hand in hand, and each note gives a step to the other shine.
          For me Shalimar could be classified as the perfect creation of perfumery.
          It is elegant but it is sexy at the same time. I do not feel Shalimar as female or male I feel it as powerful, because that is the sensation it gives to you.
          The only thing I feel sad is - like all the true perfumery gems - it is watered down. It is not what it used to be and I hope that some day another version like the original shall be released. Until there, I continue living the fantasy this Shalimar gives me.


          Very feminine majestic very vintage reminds me of a royal lady in Edwardian time

          It starts with very bitter sweet lemon It turns into a warm mouldy babypowder smell I think its more a floriental
          I expected something more exotic creamy and sensual but its more elegant It both can be a very chic special occasion scent yet bohemian

          most historic scent i ever smelled


          This beautiful, haunting, perfume has a gorgeous rich incense, opoponax, and almost cedar-like scent... like walking into a hot cedar steam sauna in a luxurious spa. Shalimar actually reminds a little of the perfume Desirade Aubusson for women. Regal, classic, timeless.


          Throughout the last 95 years, there are only a few things left unsaid about the most famous Guerlain’s creation. That’s why it’s my responsibility
          to give this Guerlain Shalimar Review a proper in-depth love letter.

          Here are my 5 quick takes:

          - Holy Grail Scent from early 20th century
          - First Oriental fragrance in the world
          - Ideal for Fall and Winter in a romantic setting
          - Fragrance suitable for experienced connoisseurs
          - Created by Jacques Guerlain

          Guerlain Shalimar is hands down the Holy Grail Scent worth your time. A creative masterpiece,
          and a fragrance which pushed the fragrance industry forward.

          Check out the full review on scentgrail.com


          To me Shalimar is a citrusy rush at first sniff, with incense trailing at it’s tail, rough in texture like it’s had a bit of sugar added. Homemade limeade with incense burning somewhere. Reminds me also of how my parents’ room used to smell when my dad was getting ready. His old spice aftershave smelled like the opening . The ones in the porcelain bottles?
          In the dry down, the citrus settles and the incense blooms, contained in a vanillic body that remains close to the skin. I wear this when I want to be transported to a different place and time and slowly, in a better mood, ease back to reality.


          Oh myyyyyy when I’m in the mood to wear this nothing else will do.

          Men go mad for this even now, so I don’t know why some say it’s dated or hard to wear. In fact because tastes have changed so much towards liquid sugar this has turned into a hidden gem. Resinous and sensual, this is a gold standard for orientals and vanillas.

          Complete classic.


          I wanted to love this, because it has been around forever and because it epitomizes female perfumery. However, on me, it smells like I am trying to fit into someone else's skin. The powder becomes the most prevalent note. I could not wait to get it out of my house and sent to my bestie. On her, it smells amazing and is a love for her. To be fair to this perfume (and Guerlain generally), none of the perfumes by Guerlain that I have tested smell right on me. I believe it is something they use in the base that intensely disagrees with my skin chemistry.


          I have been avoiding this perfume for so long because I read some reviews here that it smells dated and like old lady. OMG, I regret for not testing it earlier. The opening can be a little bit off-putting but after 3 to 5 minutes, OMG divine. I am loving it, this is how a perfume is done. It gives you nice aura, not monster sillage, so you will be able to smell it on yourself and those around you, but it is not a room filler and won't choke someone standing across the room. Hope this never gets discontinued and I will be definitely repurchasing after the current bottle runs out.

          EDIT: this is basically the best perfume and I have found my signature. The rest of this journey through the perfume world will be further exploration of what's out there, I've found the holy grail. Nothing will be able to surpass this wonder, of that I'm sure.


          I can speak from experience....don't judge a perfume too quickly.
          I hated shalimar but at the same time it was intriguing me.
          I couldn't pass by this scent without trying it....and I still hated it.

          I can't explain why, but there was something with this perfume that I really wanted to like it.

          Than I noticed that the EDT was a little lighter, better for my nose...so I bought it.
          I fell in love!
          but now the EDT is not enough for me.
          I need the Shalimar EDP.
          It is more sophisticated then the EDT more mysterious and more feminine.
          Somehow I learned to love it.
          I wouldn't say that it is an everyday scent.I think it is for special mood and special occasions.
          I think,for a collector Shalimar is a must.


          Oh Shalimar! What can one say about you? I remember when I bought my first very small bottle in a blue and white design, no doubt an after Christmas discount. It was 1977 and I was a young divorced mom with children and very little money to spend on perfume. I sprayed a tiny amount on my wrist and fell in love instantly. Since then, I have been rarely without a bottle of Shalimar. Unfortunately, there have been reformulations since then, but Shalimar still smells deliciously enough. It is not as long lasting anymore, though. Vanilla, incense, leather - very sweet and dark and in a class of its own. Now, if Guerlain would bring it back, even for a short while, in the mid-century round bottles with the crystal stoppers - I think Shalimar, Mitsouko and one other (l'heure bleu?) came in those, Guerlain would make a killing.


          im a guy and this smells completly masculine, this is the best perfume i have smelled in y life when i wear it girls stop me on the street to ask me what im wearing, its insane.
          It reminds me of Dior Homme intense or parfum, but like a niche version of it.


          j'ai porté ce parfum original, et c'est de lui dont je me souviens : c'était suave, patchouli, avec un sillage que je pensais ultra féminin. Aujourd'hui, avec l'évolution des parfums que l'on trouve dans une parfumerie, ce serait un parfum mystérieux à mettre dans un musée. Il serait parfait pour une tenture de théatre, celle du film Mullholland drive...


          Got a free 5 ml sample.
          I mostly smell citrus, sandalwood, a bit of incense and vanilla.
          To me this fragrance is mostly a citrus woody scent. It smells warm, fresh, a bit soapy from the citrus and a bit sweet.
          This fragrance smells very luxurious. I imagine women who are rich and live in high societies wearing this fragrance everyday.

          On my skin it lasted like 4-5 hours. On clothing it can last more than 12 hours.

          This fragrance has won my heart. I will like to buy a full bottle of it someday.


          Would you believe that after four decades of fume cognisance, I honestly do not think I've smelt SHALIMAR?… well, not consciously that I know of. Perhaps as a child I was exposed to this vaunted icon of olfactive luxury but when I came upon a bottle for a reasonable price I thought I'd finally find out for myself what makes this grande concoction a cornerstone of the modern fragrance world. What is this SHALIMAR of historic fame all about?

          Admittedly, knowing the vanilla centred theme involved, I had never been jumping up & down to try this. But thanks to a positive chance experience will an original bottle of TOCADE, vanilla is no longer something I outright dismiss. My bottle of SHALIMAR is a 2016 batch code, so naturally I cannot comment on precious formulations of the past. I've sprayed my forearms generously before retiring on a few nights now and let it do its thing.

          Well, lo & behold, I must confess… I don't get it. What's the big deal? Is it another case of reformulation mutilating a once exquisite elixir? Or has a lifetime of expectations set the bar too high? Hours of lemon vanilla flavoured custard scented joss sticks smouldering down into Guerlinade infused baby powder.
          The End.

          The days are hot & dry, and the nights refreshingly cool where I am at present -- ideal conditions I assume, though perhaps colder would be better? I mean… this SHALIMAR is nice. It's not unpleasant. And 12 hours later its a fine & tasty skin scent, but I'm failing to get any "exotic" "mysterious" "oriental" decadence which, it turns out na?vely, I've always supposed were the DNA of this pillar of French perfumery... Mughal gardens of eternal love & what not.

          So, is it just me? Or is SHALIMAR not all its cracked up to be? What am I missing?? I feel quite nervous to say all this out loud! But I must be honest by force of shock, if nothing else.
          Nonplussed, and not a little disappointed - having hoped for a "WOW! now I get it!" moment - I will continue to experiment in different settings & conditions. But for now, and at the risk of coming off disrespectful, SHALIMAR seems appropriate for the test environment I've allotted it… i.e., sleep.
          ( and ZZZ )

          Desert Panda

          On me, this is a bold perfume that lingers for a while. I was gifted this by a family member who could not wear it.

          It was an evening scent for me. I liked it but never loved it. I would always wear this with a long slinky evening gown and get tons of compliments. The perfume wore me and it was never me wearing the perfume.

          It just did not match with me and eventually I passed my large bottle to another family member.


          This wears like a classic Hollywood movie star from the beginning of the art of film. It is STRONG, and something that I remember as being too strong for my taste. I tried this back in High School when I was dating my first love who was really into attending the film society functions. This, I would reserve for a movie night where the classics are being honored, the silent movie stars -- that type of thing. This is a scent that I would wear when I wanted to dress up in costume, representing the era that this perfume first appeared. It immediately pulls you back in time, and definitely resonates with a by-gone era. It appears "dated". (However, if you truly love and resonate with this fragrance, you'll know it. It could really be YOUR THING. Don't let me stop you from wearing and appreciating it!)

          This is too strong. It is one of the rare fragrances that gives me an instant headache. For this reason, I would be careful to make sure that you spray this a few hours before going out in public, or being cramped in a classroom or office -- or any type of theater setting.

          Although Shalimar is too strong for me, I really love the notes and the way my chemistry reacts to Mitsouko Eau de Parfum Guerlain for women. This is what makes perfumes so "personal". What one person can or can't wear - is what makes perfume so unique and such an expression of personality and chemistry.

          Ciara also has some strong incense type notes with a powdery type resonance. If you like these stronger incense type perfumes you may want to try Ciara in the 100% and 80% strengths. Kenzos Jungle Elephant is also a unique incense type perfume, the reviews are polarizing. People either are drawn to it, or not -- it is a fabulously unique blend of spices and incense. Love it!


          I never knew the story behind Shalimar -
          But this classic love story is worth keeping in mind.
          (Copied from the Shalimar blurb on Fragrantica.com)

          "Shalimar was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925, as a tribute to the legendary love story between Emperor SHAHJAHAN and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Before he became emperor his name was Prince Khurram. According to the legend, twenty- year-old Prince Khurram met a young girl, named Arjumand Banu at the bazaar where her family worked. Mesmerized by her beauty, after becoming emperor, he made her his wife as Mumtaz Mahal, meaning the "Jewel of the Palace". After the wedding, the prince and Mumtaz were inseparable, in war and in peace. She had given 13 children to Shahjahan and died during the birth of their 14th child at the age of 39. Her death devastated Shah Jahan and had built Taj Mahal in memory of his wife and their undying love. Shalimar is named after ‘The Gardens of Shalimar’.It was Mumtaz’s favorite garden. Shalimar is one of the best selling perfumes ever and its magic is undeniable. Perfume is composed of citrus notes; lemon and bergamot, jasmine, may rose, opoponax, Tonka bean, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam and gray amber. The coolness of the citrus notes lead to a floral heart ending with a warm and luxurious trail."

          This story gives me new appreciation for the fragrance, I'll have to find a tester and sample this again. The story definitely helps to sell the fragrance.


          I posted this review yesterday but I took it down because in all fairness I hadn't smelled Shalimar in months, I've been unloyally distracted by other perfume flirts. But didn't need to refresh memory that much or ponder a lot about it, boy does this thing tattoo into you unconscious or what, which is conclusive testimony to its uniqueness, a ton of smellodrama.

          I've smelled Shalimar all throughout my life, as far as I can remember Shalimar has been perfume dowry from women in my family, like an unspoken duty to pass it on to the next generation along with knowledge, advice and the broken porcelain figurines nobody wants. Yet Shalimar is still a bit of a mystery to me. All of those notes with all of that silky space between them, they develop so slow like they are trying to break up time so to become one in a layer within your senses and your skin yet fulfilled by just leaving sweet dusty echoes rippling in your memory. All written in iris creme brulee, speakeasy smoke and leather burlesque. I will always love this. Turns the air around you into velvet.


          I want to like this, but no matter how many times I try it I just can't enjoy it. It is very overpowering. Strong citrus in the opening and smokey vanilla. The dry down is somewhat pleasant, but personally I can't wear this. I'd love to smell this on someone else to see if it changes my opinion. I've had other fragrances that I've disliked on myself but loved on others. Love the bottle!

          EDIT: I take it all back. I'm in love.


          I happened to try this perfume in a shop a few years ago - around the time I discovered that a single perfume can smell quite different on different people. Before this, I had been making great use of test strips. So, with a sense of curiosity, I sprayed a little Shalimar onto my wrist. What else could I do? The bottle seemed so majestic and so classical. Of all the perfumes, from all the houses and all the designers, she was the most beautiful and mysterious.

          To a perfume novice, which I was, having never owned a perfume that wasn't a randomly selected Christmas gift, the initial scent was overwhelming. Shalimar is powerful, possessing an almost suffocating, persistent aroma. I had made a mistake. It was too much. What had I been thinking? Why hadn't I just sprayed it on a testing strip, or even into the air?

          Despite this, I went about my business. I pottered around shops, bought a few things, settled in a cafe for a cup of tea. The whole time, intermittently lifting my wrist to my nose. How warm it seemed, with hints of citrus and flowers I could not name. Again and again, I would catch myself doing the same thing. It was addictive, inhaling the slowly changing scent. And the longer I wore it the greater it seemed.

          I didn't buy it. I carried on without perfume. But every time I got the chance, I would head into the shop where I had first encountered Shalimar, and I would spray it again, letting her occupy my wrists and my nose.

          In the end, my mother bought it for me, for my birthday. I hadn't been able to keep it from my lips "Shalimar, have you tried it?". Now, with my own bottle. I could wear it as I pleased. This was an exciting prospect. It still is, two years later.

          Perhaps, my favourite time to wear Shalimar is before I go to bed. Snuggled up, nice and warm. As the cosy, powdery scent transforms into a delicate, softer vanilla.

          Each time I wear it, it is an experience. And I find that it greatly affects my mood for the duration of the day. My mind comforted somehow by the scents that engage my imagination and fill my head with possibilities.

          I have a small perfume collection now but I wonder if anything will ever enrapture me as Shalimar has. I'm 31, so there's still a lot of time for me to try new things. But will anything else be as timeless, as consistent, as fitting? Or did I strike gold, discovering my signature perfume so early on?

          We'll see.


          I’m a guy who really tried to like habit rouge, as it was “shalimar for men”

          Sorry but HR can’t hold a candle to the opulence and decadence that is shalimar. I get an opening of bergamot/citrus followed by a nice clean powdery phase....which then leads into a dirty vanilla musky scent. An absolute stunner from beginning to end.

          Habit rouge just brings back not so great childhood memories and turns into a dry sandalwood. Shalimar has no peers in my book, and she never gets boring.


          I received this for Christmas last year and it is stupendous. The incense, leather and amber-forward notes make it feel fresh out of a contemporary niche line-up. The citrus and herbs in the top notes are not my favourite section (it can feel a bit busy to me) but I recognise the important role they play in cutting through the heft of the fragrance. To me, the florals are not identifiable as they are so well blended, but they take this from being an amber fragrance to being Shalimar. It is complex and it changes over time - this has become a necessity for me to stop me getting bored with my perfumes.
          Currently, I love to wear this at night on warm skin, but it is also a firm favourite for the winter. Having said that, on two summer occasions I have asked strangers what incredible perfume they were wearing (thinking on one occasion it was Coromandel and another MFK Grand Soir) only to discover that it was Shalimar both times! I couldn't believe how their skin magnified and radiated the ambery goodness.


          know perfectly they're two kind of creations, I just don't want to make my perfume story complicate, Shalimar for me it's No5 edp without the aldehyde. more sweet, more mysterious, more dreamy, more feminine and also more dark. it's my No5 edp without the aldehyde there, that's my Shalimar story.

          after Shalimar No5 seems boring. No5 is majestic, Shalimar is seductive.


          I got a sample of this. This isn't really my cup of tea so I'm happy I didn't get a full bottle. It smells so familiar. I've definitely smelled this on a lot of other women before. Personally not a favorite of mine, there are other citrus perfumes I prefer over this one.

          I recently noticed the civet in here and if I'm being honest that really puts me off.


          I could skip the opening of Shalimar and go straight to what it is about a half hour in. That's when the vanilla and wood and incense notes begin to play with that leather. What began as a no becomes a hmmm, which becomes a wow! Out of however many fragrances I've seen called "oriental", this one stands out and truly having an oriental, exotic feel to it. It's sweet and slightly spicy, a gorgeous vanilla and earthy wood. I like Shalimar very much.

          Musings of a Fraghead

          A review from a man in his 30s...

          Shalimar opens up with some fresh bergamot and a slightly sour lemon. Right off the top you can pick up Guerlain's signature- that powdery and slightly floral vanilla. The opening isn't what counts here. The dry down is where the magic begins.

          As it dries down, some of those citruses stay in the background, but the leathery iris starts to take hold. The dry incense attaches to the leather and creates a magical aroma, accented by that powdery vanilla. This is the allure of older Guerlain fragrances. This is also what makes this fragrance lean unisex. A slight touch of something sweet and animalistic lingers, which I think is civet. I can also detect something dry and woody, which would certainly be sandalwood. The tonka bean is warm and gives more warmth to the incense note.

          Overall, what you get is a warm, cozy, and inviting oriental fragrance with powdery and leathery vibes.

          Yes, I wear this and love it. Don't let that pink tag fool you, gents. This is a masterpiece.

          Read full reviews on my blog:



          As with all my Guerlain reviews, a caveat. I am reviewing what I have, which is an early noughties bottle and a surprisingly different (leathery) 90's bottle, and not what is on the shelves currently.

          Some of the heritage Guerlain perfumes have a reputation for being difficult to wear. Even as a Guerlain devotee, I grudgingly agree, up to a point. I have to be in absolutely the right mood and sure of my audience to wear Habit Rouge or Mitsouko. Shalimar, I think many would put in the same category though I find it very wearable. What I think the uninitiated mean when they say these perfumes are difficult is simply that they are strong, distinctive scents and certainly not modern. What is more, they are complex to a degree that conscious thought is required to appreciate them fully.

          Which is the the joy of Shalimar. It is a dense, woody, spicy olfactory rendering of the Alhambra or the Topkapi palace, an essay in maximalism and horror vacui which even Andrew Graham Dixon struggled to describe fully.

          Shalimar is quite simply the last word in orientals.


          I call my self a fragrance aficionado and I have not reviewed this yet? Right, where does one begin and where does one stop? It has been topping best fragrance in its category here and not unjustifiably. It is a classic perfume that in contemporary terms it is totally unisex. Panty/brief dropper. Yes, got comments from men and women alike, loving it. Women love its old vibe and men like it because it smells like coconut vanilla (ok, not the best description but most heterosexual men cannot tell the difference between crimson and scarlet, but ok no problems there).

          It begins with bergamot and other citruses and to be honest its structure is so strict, one cannot really tell what is really coming. The untrained nose is in for a treat. Middle notes to me are incense, some say the don't detect it, think of good quality brandy with smoked oak barrels and the lot, save the alcohol scent. Then the rose kind of kicks in, resins, a party of civet, vetiver, benzoin, jasmin not so detectable, but winking at civet and musk, very oriental seen in contemporary Arabic perfumes, Jacques Guerlan must have been familiar with Arabic perfumes to produce such perfume. Then the iris comes.

          Base, oh my God as if all that party was not enough, a fuzzy, crazy vanilla, not sweet, kind of babyish, yet adultlike. The Grand Dame of powder power with tonka and again vetiver. Mind you the middle notes come and go into the base, and it jumps here and there.

          Historically, I don't think ethylvanillin was poored into Jicky thus accidentally giving us Shalimar. There have been reports that Aimee who made Jicky worked with young Jacques on Jicky, so there is the only link between those fragrances, the Guerlain DNA is everywhere, but this is where similarities end.

          Shalimar EDP is a medium to heavy sillage, that can become heavier with double sprays on areas applied. The first 4-5 hours are massive then it settles to medium noticeable sillage for more than 3 hours. For 8 hours she has you covered. Then she goes into a skin scent.

          Women love it on others and see the vintage old fashioned yet elegant taste. Men see powder and baby time, kind of comforting and find it delicious, a man once had to comment that my 'cologne' was really nice, I avoided telling him it was woman's perfume. No, no, we don't do that.. do we?

          The success of Shalimar is not only due its great marketing surroundings, being the flagship of Guerlain, no matter how many perfumes they come out with, Shalimar will always be their reference point and we should accept it. Although Shalimar has a vintage feeling to it, this is not always bad, it still can be pulled off today, another successful reason for it, it works whether hot or cold outside. Many perfumes, lose their appeal in hot or cold weather. This one is so rich, such a party of molecules and scents, that seems to be a joy to wear it, sunny or rainy weather hot or cold, every time one discovers something new on Shalimar.

          Do I own it? yes, do I recommend it? Yes, I have 2 bottles and it never goes off since it is an oriental with vanilla, middle and base notes will never go off. It is not for the faint hearted. Not suitable for anyone under 30 (and I mean genderless anyone, it's unisex, look at today's perfumes, some masculines are more feminine than Shalimar but I have no problem with that).

          All in all a great niche at affordable price with wonderful flacon, it can be worn any time, morning evening, those imagining furs and grand soirees are living in the past, sorry, and it's a year round fragrance. Plus you will seem sophisticated pulling that beauty off. 9/10 (10 if I could get a bit more sillage)


          I kept coming across mentions of Shalimar in my perfume discovery journey, and thought that I absolutely had to try this well-respected grand dame. I loved all of the stories and descriptors, that it was basically a badass of its time. I had to blind buy this even though I knew it was a total gamble. Of the classics, this perfume seemed to be something I would enjoy more than say, Chanel. And, at the very least, I knew the bottle would be stunning. I do get the initial strong bandaid smell upon first spray. I did, indeed, wait for the dry down. I am a sucker for vanilla and do see how Guerlain earned its reputation in creating beautiful vanilla fragrances. I don't get the incense, but I do get lemons and leather. Overall, I don't think I will get much wear of this one - it's vintage vibes aren't really "me". But I do enjoy this fragrance and am happy to have it in my collection.


          Rarely I found a perfume which dry-down is as exciting and intriguing as its opening, even in the niche level which usually only interesting in their opening but bland and generic dry-down (I'm lookin' at you most PdM and Nishane). Beautiful and timeless.


          There are perfumes, and there is Shalimar. It`s the masterpiece of perfume industry. Pure art. I don`t like citruses in perfumes, but Shalimar is the perfect blend of citrus notes, flowers and spice.What is the best thing about this gem is that it constantly changes. The vanilla dry down is just perfect. This is a perfume for ladies and strong women who know what they want and don`t care about other people`s opinion. It`s heavy, it`s bold, it`s unique. It is one and only. However, I think that you should come to a certain age in order to fully appreciate this beauty. I liked it when I was 30. Now, when I`m 40, I absolutely love it.


          January, 2003

          I have run away from my old life and am hiding out in a cottage in the snowy woods. I have taken only a few possessions with me, including a mini bottle of Guerlain Shalimar. I take to wearing it every day as I settle into a peaceful and strange new life off the grid. Shalimar makes the most sense to me in the context of this setting.

          It opens with one of the most realistic Earl Grey accords I have ever smelled. The morning cup of tea as I sit at the dining table, relieved to be rid of the old life and contemplating how I might move forward this morning on plans for my new life.

          Shalimar moves into a leather gloves note. Makes me feel brave enough to bundle up and venture out into the brisk air and walk around the property. As I do, my body temperature increases, bringing out the sweet smoky opoponax incense. Makes me want to curl up by the fire, or at the very least, go back inside and make another cup of tea while paging through old books forgotten for years on the shelf. Shalimar is the ultimate "sexy librarian" scent in my opinion.

          After a day of wear, the note that is left on my skin is a soft vanilla, a memory of a hug from a long passed ancestor. It lingers on my sweater for days and becomes the olfactory soundtrack to an era of my life when I had to be my own mother and father and grandparents.


          I always faint when I smell this. I get nauseous and then faint. Way too sharp and strong for me:(


          90 degree Carolina heat and Shalimar is gorgeous. So glad I had never smelled it on anyone that I remember before wearing it myself because I’m able to appreciate it free of any baggage. This is one of the most versatile fragrances I own- no wonder it’s such a solid signature for so many! Rain, shine, sun or snow, it’s plush and sweet.


          Unique, sophisticated, chic, long-lasting, dynamic, sexy, all-occasion, all-year round, reasonably priced and from a respectable house.

          THE masterpiece was created in 1925.
          Everyone else is welcome to try.


          Mm, I blind bought it during sales, and only then I discovered that I already left this one a review some time ago :D However, I must have smelled it in some shop because I couldn't remember the scent based on my earlier review where I described Shalimar as rather heavy musk but sweet later. Maybe it was the newer version of it?
          Either way, the Shalimar I got is the Shalimar I wanted - smoky and balsamy. Perfect! I love sweet perfumes, but really wanted to have something different than that, to have a break of the perfume market filled with sweet sugars. And Shalimar does that. While the smokiness settles down, the leather note emerges, which is so gorgeous! My skin has a tendency to emphasise any sweet notes in perfumes, but it doesn't on Shalimar for which I'm very happy!
          All in all, it is a gorgeous perfume. I'm glad I bought it (my only regret is buying only 30ml). This is a perfume for a confident woman.


          Not so much of a review as a short story. Years ago I ended up with a bottle of Chanel Pour Monsieur. At first scent instantly reminded me of my ( maternal) grandma who had been deceased for about 20 years. In shock, I brought it to my mom and asked her if it reminded her of anything. She said Mom. She said mom used to wear a perfume called Shalimar. I looked it up here one day and absolutely remembered the bottle that was in her bedroom. I don’t ever wear the Pour Monsieur, it’s a little too feminine for me as well as “old” smelling, but I’ve always kept the bottle and spray it a few times a year when I think of her.


          This is quite an agressive scent-not what i was expecting. I get citrus,some florals like rose and iris and the civet vanilla base. I do not get so much development-it's quite linear from the opening to the drydown. Overall it smells like a bar of vintage soap. It's quite unisex also. I was expecting a dominant vanilla note,but the civet note is the main note to me. You will like Shalimar if you like other civet fragrances like Kouros,Gentleman or Chanel №5. Performance is like you'd expect quite good. Not a safe blind buy-smells very agressive,soapy and oldschool.


          Medusa666 - This perfume celebrates one of the greatest love stories in human history. That of Shah Johan and Mumtaz Mahal. According to Indian history they shared a deep, passionate love for each other. When Mumtaz died Johan had the Taj Mahal built in her honor as a testament to his love and devotion. Not only is the Taj Mahal one of the most beautiful structures on earth, it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. Johan also had gardens created in her memory. He named the gardens The Abode of Love, which in Sanskrit is Shalimar. To me, the fact that they had so many children is a testament to their love. Clearly, they were consumed with each other and sex was an expression of their love. Most people could only hope to be so lucky to find a love as deep and rich as that. ChelleBelle is correct. You can’t equate that period of time to today’s standard. It should also be noted that even in the modern age women still die in childbirth, sadly some of them during the birth of their first child.

          As for the perfume itself, I love the way it smells on others, but on me it doesn’t play well with my skin. I prefer the Eau de Cologne and the extract, and some of the flankers. Shalimar edp is a strong perfume that needs a strong personality and right chemistry to pull off, otherwise it will wear you. When I smell Shalimar, I think of my now deceased sister. This was her evening signature scent and was a perfect match for her looks and personality. Shalimar edp is very deep, mysterious, passionate, and beautiful, and my sister had all those attributes and more in spades. Though my sister is gone many decades now, as soon as I smell Shalimar it’s as if I can feel her presence around me. I will always love Shalimar just for that alone. It is why, even though I don’t wear it, I have a bottle and always will.

          There is something else I would like to address. Another reviewer left derogatory comments about the House of Guerlain. I purchased a big cabinet to contain my large collection of perfumes and found that I had to dedicate almost one whole shelf just to Guerlain alone. No other house has more perfumes I love than Guerlain. They are a marvelous company with a huge selection, and usually at very reasonable prices too. Maybe the reviewer just needed to try other fragrances from this house. With their enormous selection of all styles of perfume, there is no way she would not be able to find something to love from this house. If she couldn’t, that would say more about her narrowmindedness than about Guerlain. To say that people just like their fragrances because of the brand is ridiculous, since Guerlain isn’t a status symbol like Chanel, et al. are. Their price points alone make them accessible to almost everyone. People buy Guerlain because they love their fragrances and the quality and value they get for their money. Surely millions of people can’t be wrong?


          @medusa666 so, you’re holding people who lived 400 years ago accountable to today’s contemporary standards? Then, you’re not going to buy a fragrance that was created 400 years later because of a judgment you made on people who lived 400 years ago? Sounds reasonable ??


          This is right up there with Youth Dew to me... 2 very vintage scents I just cant wear..I have tried this again & again but still no..I wanted to like this after all the hype about it but I just do not like it..


          Just my opinion but I find nothing wrong with @RottigrlNYC view of this fragrance! It's was just her opinion.

          Too bad it was down voted, I think all non rude, no personal attacks and no swearing 'opinions' should not be deleted - they deserve to be heard.

          I own this BTW and I find it wonderful.


          @Jae Great reply. THANK YOU! Somebody HAD to do it!



          If you think the only reason people like Shalimar is that it's by Guerlain, then you're mistaken. You're foolish to assume that Shalimar, like so many other historical perfumes, can be judged according to contemporary standards in scent. It was born in an era when perfume wasn't meant to hide or replace one's natural scent, but compliment and accentuate it. Hence the dirty, musky, sharp, powdery nature of its olfactory profile. Of course, modern reformulations have rendered the composition less suave, less rich, with perhaps the exception of the extrait version. Also, the idea that the sole purpose of fragrance is to make one "smell good" is a terribly narrow, impoverished view of perfume's potential.

          So, it is not Shalimar's admirers who deserve pity, but you. Judging by your reviews, you've been collecting perfume for a while, so it really is a shame that in all that time, your taste in, and knowledge of, perfume haven't evolved. In fact, it looks like the only time you review is to trash fragrances you don't like, all while insulting those who find value in them (whether historical, creative, sentimental, aesthetic, mimetic, etc.), and sometimes through multiple negative reviews for the same fragrance.

          You're perfectly within your rights to engage with the Fragrantican community in this way. But don't think that the majority of other users agree with your opinions, which are childish and tacky. You could doubtless save a lot of money buying all of your scents from Bath & Body Works; they'll look great in front of your Thomas Kinkade prints and dollar store tchotchkes. Also, my dear, you really need to work on your grammar and spelling. ;)


          Oh but she is dark! Deep and rich, and full of smoke! I picture Hecate throwing incense on sacrificial fires. Vanilla and citrus peel cakes ready to be offered to the gods. Divine. Suitable for those with passionate hearts and deep mysteries.


          I'm a number one GUERLAIN perfumes fan, Samsara ? it's super sensual, love it


          It's a perfume that I can only handle in small doses, therefore I feel more inclined to buy small batches of this since I have rather on/off relationship with this fragrance.

          I will say of all the classics that are still available to the public, I would probably suggest Shalimar over No5.
          Perhaps it has to do with the screechy aldehyde-rich opening of No5 which ends up being a huge turn off.

          If done with a light hand, the opening to Shalimar is a bit more tolerable, and I think it gives the wearer the time to really appreciate the opening. The resins and vanilla start coming through shortly thereafter, and the scent really starts to warm up and become rich.

          Upon drydown it becomes a dynamic, voluptuous vanilla that has massive sillage and longevity. So, even small doses people CAN smell you - and you will get compliments.

          I may grab another decant for myself in the near future.


          This is a very spicy, incensy, citrusy vanilla. It is a performance beast, being incredibly strong after spraying for at least an hour. When it starts to dry down, it goes through many phases, the first being very spicy and incensy, the next being a tart citrus with a spicy vanilla base, and the final being a spicy vanilla.

          If I'm being honest, it's too much for me, and I probably won't ever wear it. Not a huge fan of the scent, I just wanted this in my collection because it's a classic.

          I love Shalimar Souffle de parfum however! :)

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          Such a timeless classic. It smells old but it smells also like something Tom Ford or some niche perfumery could release today. As a guy I really dig it. Decided I needed all the flankers too. Lol well I’ve found them all to be very pretty but super girly and feminine. It just clicked on my head the other day, they’ve now taken all the ..guts? out of Shalimar, and turned them into lemon pound cake. I get it, they’ve been released in the 2010’s for a younger more modern demographic. By the way anyone saying the Eau De Parfum is loud or screechy, try the Eau Du Cologne, you can find great prices on eBay.(not ‘Shalimar Cologne’ from 2015 or so, Eau Du Cologne from 1925) it’s a more well blended version of the fragrance.


          See my relationship with Shalimar is of ups and downs. I used to be so in love with it 4 years ago, but now it just smells so blunt and strong. Although I’m a big fan of musky powdery smells, but currently this one’s not on my list.

          Maybe will give it a try after 4 years from now.


          I don't even know what to say about this temptress that hasn't already been said. When I wear Shalimar it makes me feel like a little girl that has tiptoed into her grandmother's room and sprayed on her most refined perfume. This perfume is unlike anything I have ever smelled before. It is old school, vintage and a mysterious shape shifter. When I first sprayed this on myself all I could smell was a strong medicinal scent. Not extremely unpleasant but not great either. It reminded me of an old man that uses a cloth hanker chief and smells of cough drops. I decided to give it a chance though and to my surprise the dry down smells like a completely different scent than the opening. The best vanilla I have ever smelled mixed with a faint oriental spiciness and a hint of lemon. I can see why this perfume is a classic and I also think it could be a safe for work perfume just make sure to give it enough time to dry down into the beautiful powdery vanilla. I love the bottle and I love how unique this scent is. I definitely don't think I will wear it daily but save it for special occasions. My full bottle should last me quite awhile and I feel like the older I get (I am in my late 30's) the more I will appreciate this gem.


          Update (2020): Oh how my tastes have changed. I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I hated so much about this fragrance. I remember it being powdery, and sure, there is a lovely dusting of powder. I remember it being harsh... well hardly! Even though the projection ans longevity are great, it is hardly an alarmingly noisy fragrance. Is iris an enemy of my skin? Well I think so and the few things I truly dislike about this fragrance look to the iris as culprit. But how lovely the vanilla and incense like qualities that lay here. How delectably mysterious and charming the animal notes, the leather, the tonka bean... what a beautiful, well rounded classy fragrance! Can less than 5 years really change a nose so dramatically? I think Shalimar is, unfortunately, an acquired taste for the uninitiated like me. I am still trudging through the unfamiliar notes and groups of perfumes trying to train my nose and discover my likes and dislikes. But subconsciously things have already shifted. Shalimar is a timeless, classy, beauty. How could I have been so mislead by my senses before? 8/10

          Original (2016): So this has been the perfume I’ve most looked forward to since starting my journey into fragrance. I’ve tried the EDP and the pure parfum version of Shalimar, the former the EDP was an immediate let down for me. In much the same way the hype train for No 5 by Chanel disappointed, so too did Shalimar’s hype train. There is some initial citrus which is rather unpleasant, the iris comes through next overwhelming the other floral notes in it’s powdery cloak. Some leathery qualities, a heady vanilla and some smoke hold the powdery iris together. It remains like this for a great while, and then eventually dulls into something more closely resembling the pure parfum. Now speaking of the latter, what a stunner. This is what I was lead to believe Shalimar was. Luxuriously smooth, the arrangement of florals especially the rose peak out from beneath the sweet wave of citrus that overlaps them. The civet is the real framework for the pure parfum, it boasts and swirls against the vanilla and the sandalwood. Delicious and exquisite. While the EDP of Shalimar is alright, it’s too powdery and too simplified. It’s unevolved and not very interesting. But surprise surprise, the higher concentration of the pure parfum is I suppose expectedly deeper, more complex, and far more composed. The EDP, I’d give a 4/10. But the pure parfum is easily a 9/10, so overall I’ll give the fragrance a good 7.5/10.

          (reposting my review since I deleted it, wrongly thinking I had sampled the EDT, not sure how I was able to get a sample of the pure parfum but it is miles better than the EDP)


          I'll never forget the first time I smell the feeling of Shalimar. I was only 18 years old, it has been deeply shocked, and even have a perfume, so majestic, magnificent, at the same time so gentle and moving, Let the years shed tears. Vanilla and sandalwood intertwined, turned into smoke curl up, can not be separated, like that of the story of lovers embracing. That silence of White marble to build the palace……The past is a dream that has been buried in the dust of history, but the Taj Mahal last forever. If the Taj Mahal is the world's most beautiful buildings, Shalimar is the world's greatest perfume ...... Shalimar perfume, On behalf of love, And it is an era, witness Paris once beautiful and prosperous.


          So, today Shalimar is coming back to me. A while ago, I was feeling the civet too much. But today, I’m feeling that lovely rubbery leathery vanilla citrus thing again. And smokey incense. So happy for that!
          Have now changed this from a like to a very certain love. It is this wonderful oldfashioned theatrical romantic story.
          Now I know, that I can rest asure, even if my body chemistry can sometimes play tricks on me; at least with some fragrances!
          I am going to sleep well tonight, wrapped in this warm indian silk blanket with powder...


          A stunning "feminine" fragrance.

          Guerlain's Shalimar (EdP) is a slightly dated smelling fragrance and I can imagine plenty being reminded of their grandmother. The composition was released in 1925 and is only just starting to develop creases on the forehead - it's not quite as dated as you'd expect. The main notes in this fragrance are vanilla, incense and leather, the incense and leather help to bring a touch of dirtiness to the fragrance and pushes it more to the center of the masculine/feminine spectrum. The vanilla adds sweetness, but is not at all gourmand and gives a nice woodiness to the orchestra. Both men and women should seek this fragrance if a vanilla scent is on the bucket list. This is better worn during Autumn, Winter or cooler temperatures in general.

          Performance is good overall. Longevity is very good and will last throughout the day with only a few sprays. Leaves a beautiful trail and will most likely get you noticed, projecting within arms length.

          Scent: 10/10 (Outstanding)
          Performance: 7/10 (Good)


          It is very strange scent - I love it and do not love at the same time.
          I have searched for fragrance of pure incense for a long time and Shalimar is veeery close to it, but there is some notes I do not like and it prevents me from enjoying it. It is something like strong eau de cologne wich reminds me of my grandmother's scent, something like Chanel No.5.
          If you love Chanel No.5, you will love Shalimar. If not, then it will be hard to love all other beautifull notes Shalimar have...
          It is very long lasting scent, I feel it even next day after using it and even after shower.
          Unfortunately, now I have very beautiful bottle wich I will use very few times only to smell incense, but after that I will not use it again for a while, because the eau de cologne scent will hold back again...
          I would be happy if someone could reccomend the same smell of incense without eau de cologne smell...


          The original Shalimar perfume was designed by Jacques Guerlain in 1921, inspired by Mumtaz Mahal (the name means "Jewel of the Palace"), the wife of Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor of India. By this emperor orders were built the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore. The gardens were laid out as a Persian paradise garden, intended to create a representation of an earthly utopia, where humans could live in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. Shalimar was Mumtaz’s favorite garden.
          The harmony of the Shalimar fragrance was created when Jacques Guerlain poured a bottle of ethylvanillin (a component of artificial vanilla) into a bottle of Jicky, another masterpiece previously created by Guerlain in 1889.

          Shalimar is balsamic, a bit powdery and smoky, and gives us one of the best vanilla accord I have experienced. This perfume has no defined gender. During the development it shows me both feminine and masculine facets. I really think that it fits extremely well both on women or men.
          After spraying a swirl of magnific scents surround us. Citruses - mainly bergamot - mark a rich mildly fresh opening stage. Soon enough this freshiness is lightly sweetened by florals, probably jasmin. The strong powdriness of Iris is easily detectable and it will persist for quite a while.
          The bottom notes are present all the way from the start as well and become dominant after thirty minutes or so. The floral sweetness gives way to the dominant vanilla and only the powdriness is kept from the previous stages. But it is a very rich vanilla, somewhat dark, and totally framed by balms and leather. There is a hint of civet as well.
          The projection is huge without being intrusive. You just feel like enjoying and sharing the scent for as much time as possible, and Shalimar is quite generous in this aspect. When the projection starts to faint and the drydown begins, the balmy vanilla and leather combo will just seem to stay there forever in perfect harmony.
          Shalimar is a very classy and sensual and it's the kind of perfume that just makes you love fragrances.
          __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
          Overall rating: 9.30 / 10.00
          Recommendation: This is a fragrance landmark, with no gender defined. Besides being an extraordinary scent with a generous performance and a magnific presentation, its price is quite affordable for the "package" you get. I do recommend it both for women and men, even as a blind buy.
          ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


          The original Shalimar perfume was designed by Jacques Guerlain in 1921, inspired by Mumtaz Mahal (the name means "Jewel of the Palace"), the wife of Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor of India. By this emperor orders were built the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore. The gardens were laid out as a Persian paradise garden, intended to create a representation of an earthly utopia, where humans could live in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. Shalimar was Mumtaz’s favorite garden.
          The harmony of the Shalimar fragrance was created when Jacques Guerlain poured a bottle of ethylvanillin (a component of artificial vanilla) into a bottle of Jicky, another masterpiece previously created by Guerlain in 1889.

          Shalimar is balsamic, a bit powdery and smoky, and gives us one of the best vanilla accord I have experienced. This perfume has no defined gender. During the development it shows me both feminine and masculine facets. I really think that it fits extremely well both on women or men.
          After spraying a swirl of magnific scents surround us. Citruses - mainly bergamot - mark a rich mildly fresh opening stage. Soon enough this freshiness is lightly sweetened by florals, probably jasmin. The strong powdriness of Iris is easily detectable and it will persist for quite a while.
          The bottom notes are present all the way from the start as well and become dominant after thirty minutes or so. The floral sweetness gives way to the dominant vanilla and only the powdriness is kept from the previous stages. But it is a very rich vanilla, somewhat dark, and totally framed by balms and leather. There is a hint of civet as well.
          The projection is huge without being intrusive. You just feel like enjoying and sharing the scent for as much time as possible, and Shalimar is quite generous in this aspect. When the projection starts to faint and the drydown begins, the balmy vanilla and leather combo will just seem to stay there forever in perfect harmony.
          Shalimar is a very classy and sensual and it's the kind of perfume that just makes you love fragrances.
          __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
          Overall rating: 9.30 / 10.00
          Recommendation: This is a fragrance landmark, with no gender defined. Besides being an extraordinary scent with a generous performance and a magnific presentation, its price is quite affordable for the "package" you get. I do recommend it both for women and men, even as a blind buy.
          ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___


          I loved my grandma. What’s wrong with smelling like her.
          This is a work of art.
          Sharp at the beginning.dries down to warm and soft but not frilly.


          I loved my grandma. What’s wrong with smelling like her.
          This is a work of art.
          Sharp at the beginning.dries down to warm and soft but not frilly.


          I wasn't initially sure I liked this one with the opening notes that are definitely dated. As it settles it leaves a woody, rich scent that is beautiful and easy to love. It may not appeal to all woman, especially younger ones but if you can get past the opening scent the dry down is worth the wait.


          In these uncertain times, when diversions are few as the pandemic affects our lifestyle, keeping us indoors like prisoners, I purchased a backup bottle of this iconic fragrance. Isn't it wonderful that we can still buy online the things we like, the things that make us happy even for a brief moment?

          Shalimar is the only perfume that can offer the comfort I need at times like this. Maybe it's because its powdery-smoky quality reminds me of happy childhood moments, although as far as I can remember none of my relatives have ever worn Shalimar.
          But for some reason I associate the scent of Shalimar with warm comforting hugs, beauty, elegance and mystery. And happy times.
          In my country, in the past, few people could afford to acquire French perfumes... We were behind the iron curtain, and as I grew up I noticed that the only perfumes we could find were those produced in my country. They were good enough products, but nothing that could ever compare with Guerlain. In my view, Guerlain is the perfume house that wears the crown in the fragrance industry.
          I love many Guerlain fragrances, but I think Shalimar is the absolute queen of perfumes. She is like a good novel, a compelling story of love, loss, and ultimately an ending surprisingly tender and sweet. A story that has the power to haunt us and draw us in again and again.
          However, I can't say Shalimar is a safe blind buy. In fact, the first time I smelled it from the bottle at the perfume counter many years ago, its sharp citrus odor repelled me and I didn't want to try it on my skin. But luckily, my husband was intrigued by the scent and insisted I spray a little on my wrist. I held my wrist away from my nose for a few moments, telling my husband that the odd scent reminded me of an insecticide my grandmother had used in and around her house when I was a kid. But at the same time I smiled because it was a nice memory... And the next moment Shalimar blossomed on my skin like a soft powdery flower, wafting toward my face and silently beckoning me to inhale its intriguing scent... And that's when both my husband and I fell in love with it, with the story it developed on my skin.
          So try it before you buy. And if Shalimar loves you, you will always treasure her.


          I don't hate this. Far from it. I don't even dislike it. It's a nice spicy perfume and doesn't smell old ladylike at all.

          Unfortunately, something in it triggers a scratchy sensation in my eyes. I know that sounds weird, but it must be doing something to my sinuses. I had the same experience with Tom Ford Shanghai Lily, which has a similar vibe but different notes (although I'm thinking it may be the incense in both. I've had other perfumes with incense in them that didn't cause me any problems, so it must just be this particular kind of incense).

          So while I do enjoy it, I can't wear it for the sake of my eyes.


          This was my grandmother's signature scent, and I think of her when I wear it. But it's not a "grandma" scent. Grandmothers were young once, and they wanted to smell sexy and rebellious. It's not hard to imagine what they saw in Shalimar, which is still a bit dangerous. It's powder, smoke, leather, bergamot, and vanilla predominantly. The civet has doubtlessly been tamed since its natural origins, but Shalimar still retains the scent of skin and a faint hint of dirt. This is a boudoir fragrance that has become acceptable to wear in polite company. Respect to grandmothers, those naughty minxes.


          I’m wearing a light spritz on my arm as I get ready for bed, and this is one of those nights- warmer and rainy- when this fragrance catches me off guard with how amazing it smells! For some reason I tend to place Shalimar in my cold weather collection, but for me it is most beautiful in spring when it’s just beginning to warm, and rain is in the air. The first spray of this is always a loud muddle and if you run to scrub it off, you miss what all the fuss is about! Don’t even TRY to smell this perfume- that will ruin it! Spray it on someplace discreet where you can’t press your nose to it, let it warm up and dry, then just try to keep your balance when you get those whiffs of the delicious cloud enveloping you...


          Having been exclusively wearing Bernard Chant's perfumes as of late, wearing Shalimar today was a bigger departure than I might have thought. Chant's signature bold and dynamic compositions have put Shalimar's elegance in high relief for me. The wonderful sweet leathery dusty effect is very well balanced and conceived. It is head and shoulders above everything made today. The classicism of Shalimar is also evident in the development of the perfume and being a 20s composition still retains a large amount of citrus in the beginning.

          I layered it with Eau de Guerlain as I left the house this morning, which worked great as an additional citrus lift, not that it was needed.

          I have worn a lot of Shalimar in my time and have had many bottles. I am a fan of all concentrations too. The cologne, edt, edp and parfum are all great. My go to is the edp because the performance is so good. Sadly the body cream does not seem to be available in the Phoenix metro area. It is wonderful if you can get your hands on it.


          I finally tried Shalimar. It is Not. For. Me. The first blast of impact was complete powder, with a touch of antiseptic. The dry down waited for a bit, and when it unfolded, it was musky powder and foot powder and maybe the inside of an old leather satchel. I detect no citrus and felt no coolness in this scent. It is warm, perhaps overly warm, and clingy, and musky. It then dries down into a musky/musty total foot powder with towels in the hamper. Add to all that - the bottle had a sticker on it. So, I will be returning.


          I was visiting my grandma this summer and, as she grabbed her coat to go for a stroll, I noticed she had a half-used bottle of Shalimar EDP inside it.
          "What, u have a closet vixen personality, old lady?"
          She laughed and said my aunt had brought it as a gift from France in the 90s, but she never used it again since my grandpa died, as it was he who liked it. We had a little conversation on the story of Shalimar, and she decided to give it to me "As I'm 97 and don't think I'll get as much out of it as you would".

          So here I am today, trying a vintage Shalimar on a hot winter day. Just one spritz on my wrist is enough to fill a 28 m2 room. It opens up very lemony and fresh, but in no time you get the smoky, resinous, and powdery scent out of it (lemon is still there, though). Its super decadent-sexy, so to speak, I like it, though I'd never wear this during the day, and the scent is so pungent it gives me a bit of a headache. As time goes by, the projection mellows, and the perfume becomes more like an aura of old-school sophistication. All in all, a really enjoyable scent.



          I only have a mini bottle of this classic. I heard this was the favorite perfume of Indonesia’s first President. I got the spices, smoky and woody aroma. After sometimes, it turns out a baby powder smell. Very interesting.. usually this type of scent isn’t my cup of tea. But strangely, i love this. No.. i adore this and plan to buy the full size.


          The only vanilla fragrance a man can wear.

          I have a physical intolerance to vanilla in perfumes. Once I was riding in a taxi with a colleague to an airport and got nausea from her vanilla fragrance. Luckily it was too early in the morning and I didn't have any breakfast, which prevented me from having any additional unpleasant consequences. Since we were seating nearby on a plane, she kindly offered to change her clothes, which I am grateful for to this day.

          But Shalimar is something brilliant. Though, it was initially addressed to women, but as female perfumes with time adopted tendency of becoming sweeter and lighter, now this fragrance is genderless, which is a very good news for its male appreciators.

          It is quite difficult to distance yourself from all the numerous reviews and stories about this fragrance and describe it independently, however I will try. Once being applied, this perfume creates sort of an aura around you. Like an amber-coloured ball filled with all sorts of flowers in gold and orange colour pallet. Though it doesn't smell like a particular flower. It is rather a mixture of everything.

          Picture late summer with all its heat. You are standing in the middle of the field of blooming buckwheat, which is releasing sweet fumes and its nectar is sparkling and oozing, attracting bees. Somewhere on the background you are also feeling an earthy smell of slightly wet soil, but it isn't bothering you much. You are feeling completely happy, because you have nowhere to rush. You are grateful that everything is balanced: it is cozy and warm, but not too hot, as blessed rain in the morning has smoothed the surroundings.

          Shalimar is the timeless aroma of happiness and balance, that bings a cozy hyggelig feeling even in the most windy and drizzling weather. It will never get old. Humans will never discontinue cultivating fields, as they are essential source of food supply. And perfume lovers will not allow to discontinue Shalimar, as for them it has blended into humankind heritage forever.

          Highly recommended for all genders.


          Ok, so I have had this perfume for a few months now. I like it, but it puzzles me that it gets so much love, because I do not know if it is very lovely. I just feel that it is quite strange, and that is why I like it. Sure, I can wear it in public sometimes, but I will have to be in the right mood for it. I also feel that it really shows different faces all the time: I guess it is because my chemistry changes all the time. The first time I tried it on, it was at first a lovely rubbery/leathernote and some citrus. I loved that. But very quickly it changed into a much softer fragrance, vanilla and something else very familiar, maybe from a memory of an aunts perfume when I was a child?? I liked the first blast of rubber and citrus more, and luckily discovered that I could prolong that phase a lot by respraying very lightly after maybe half an hour or so. Great!! I thought.
          But lately, I have almost only smelled the civet. And that is ”old womans bathroom when she cannot keep it clean anymore.” Too bad. Still, it is very interesting and I love to sniff my wrists anyway. I hope that one day or another, I will feel that lovely rubber/citrus/vanilla thing again.


          The first spritz of this perfume is very old-fashioned and will turn a lot of people off but as it settles it becomes a beautiful woody and feminine fragrance that will shine for a night out or special occasion.


          One of the first perfumes I purchased after my undergrad studies with my first real paycheck. I will never forget how special I always feel when wearing this perfume. This is a true definition of an ageless and timeless beauty. Ware this beauty with the body cream and it will take you to a new dimension. Over the years I have purchased perfumes which I have no desire to repurchase, buy not this baby. I keep giving it away to family and friends when they visit because one is supposed to give away things that make you feel special; right after I give it away I repurchase it again. My new experiment for 2020 - Just like DS said it below

          "Perfume is like a personal signature, which is why I like to mix my own. For years I've paired Femme by Rochas with Shalimar and love the results ~ Danielle Steel

          But, wait! I don't have Femme de Rochas.


          i have loved this fragrance for decades and it is the only scent that has been in my wardrobe and has never left. It is the godly mix of bergamot,leather, iris, incense and vanilla that to me embodies opulent evening wear. Unfortunately the latest formulations are a pale ghost compared to older formulations. It has left me with more than three extra bottles in my search for the older formulation. I have one old bottle left and i will use it very sparingly since once it is gone i have to bury the dream of ever owning this beauty again. Shame on you Guerlain for letting this wonder fizzel out.


          I have been thinking about this fragrance for the last couple years. It seemed people either loved it or hated it. It had all the ingredients I love so I finally broke down and ordered the small bottle to see what all the hoopla was about. OMG, I love it. I now wish I had bought a large bottle. Not old lady smelling at all. I find myself spraying a little on before I go to bed and it helps me drift off to sleep. It's comforting and does not make me sneeze. A beautiful inviting fragrance.


          For me, it's the most magical fragrance have ever been created. It has something ethereal in it. Something which I could name as a "Soul". A very mysterious, strong,dark, yet compassionate soul. I don't wear it every day or even in special occasions; it's too strong for me, BUT......whenever I'm cold and can't get warm,it warms me. Whenever I can't sleep, it helps me sleep. And today I had a very sever hip pain that despite the lot of medicine and pain relievers I used, didn't let me sleep. And it did it again. I feel much better after a deep sleep. Thank you dear Shalimar ?


          Hello, does anyone know how many times was shalimar reformulated since its lunch in 1925? Where i can find this information? Thank you all for any advice!!


          Just tried this a couple of times. I have the 2018 formulation, it's a lovely citrus opening with an incense dry down that is comforting and great for a cold winter day or special occasion. Doesn't smell old lady at all. I prefer the scent on skin. It smells a little musty on clothes for some reason. I am interested in trying the vintage version after I wear this formulation for a while and train my nose a little more.


          (2018 reformulation)

          Although its name is Shalimar it makes me think about Italy, italian sun, luxury life, clothes and cosmetics.
          It is a very mediterranean scent.
          After spraying: crushed lemon leaves and twigs, cooling almost minty, resinous like some old cough syrups + trace of jasmin.
          After 15 minutes I get nice creamy, balmy note behind all those lemon bushes (it reminds me after-sun cream I had).
          So now it smells like lemon leaves + discrete note of an luxury cream. And it last unchanged several hours on my skin.
          Shalimar (even after the reformulation) fully deserves to be one of the best perfumes ever (next to Chanel no5). Fresh yet elegant, office-friendly, "theater-friendly" - I can imagine people wearing it everywhere on any occasion.

          Try it if you like other "lemon bushes" - O de Lancome or Eau d'Orange Verte. O de Lancome is more hippie (patchouli base), Eau d'Orange Verte more cologney and Shalimar EDP 2018 more elegant.


          I received a mini as a surprise present. The person who gave it to me had no idea that I tried it multiple times and didn’t like it.

          I still didn’t like it when I opened it today. Loud, strong. I was thinking - ok, the bottle is cute, will be a part of collection. Little did I know the Perfume Gods don’t like when you don’t cherish their creation...

          As I was placing the tiny bottle on the dresser, it slipped from my hands and fell on the floor, the lid came off, and the entire content of it spilled all over the carpet!

          Now, hours later, after having a window open for a while, I’m laying in bed in the Shalimar infused room and... enjoying it! It’s not loud and obnoxious any more. It’s soft, and sweet, a bit powdery, something I might enjoy wearing...

          P.S. The cat seems to like it - he’s laying there where most spill had occurred. The dog is not a fan - she walked in to the room and started sneezing ??


          Just in case you didn't know, Shalimar was Frida Kahlo's favorite. Indeed, she regularly got herself a new bottle as soon as she finished one.

          Smelling one's wrist may earn altogether a new dimension imagining her painting in a silky waft of this scent right now...


          I recently bought the edp from the department store. I know this has been through reformulations, so this will be my impression of the newer version available, not a vintage.

          I have only heard of Shalimar in TV shows or through media. My mom was always a Chanel fragrance lover, so she passed me her Chanels that she had been using, like no.5 parfum or Coco. I was so used to the powdery feminine aldehydes, and powdery notes have always been my favorite in a fragrance.

          Shalimar is, to me, a powdery fragrance with an oriental touch that finishes off in a vanilla that is just right. Some people say they smell leather, but I can’t detect the leather notes. The fragrance is blended so beautifully that I really can’t place all the notes clearly. What stands out on the opening is the spicy, medicinal notes that are not harsh, but beautifully balanced to give it an oriental touch. On paper, it smelled a bit harsh, so I was skeptical of this at first. But on my skin, it’ works out perfectly. It goes on to develop it’s powdery scent and the vanilla comes forward, never too sweet. I love this kind of vanilla, as it is not too cloying and makes one feel more cozy and relaxed. The vanilla stayed with me for a long while.

          I like the longevity of this fragrance, but the projection is not that huge. One or two spray works fine for the office or in warmer situations. I have two of its flankers, and those have more bergamot and fresher notes, so those would work better for a fresher take, of that is what you are looking for.

          I would advise testing the fragrance first if you are a beginner. It is stunning, though. And more modern than I would have thought it to be.

          Le Chypriote

          Wow. This smells very rich and opulent. How do I interpret this for someone who's never smelled the Shalimar DNA before?

          In the opening, she commands your attention with bright citrus, resins, and incense.

          She then reveals her heart of flowers and soft woods - big iris, jammy rose, gentle jasmine and patchouli.

          All the while a sweet musk lingers underneath her veil of supple leather; an exquisite dry-down waiting to happen.

          Projection is predicated on emotions: the more passionate, the better. And longevity is remarkable at over 8 hours.

          Technically unisex, but wears better on the more feminine person.

          This legend is here to stay.

          Jacklyn's Perfumery

          Oh Shalimar..what a vixen you are. As soon as I wear it my husband can't get enough and even wants to wear it. lol. She is classy & sweet, yet screams sexy. First you get tons of citrus on the tops of this fragrance. You also smell intense vetiver and so it's very robust and fresh with incense and leather along with vanilla, but it's so dense it's balsamic. This is such a comfort scent to me and this has everything that a man likes from it being partially a freshie to having sweetness and spice mixed with leather. I have been respraying her alot lately and highly recommend this fragrance. This is a bold and confident fragrance and not for the faint at heart. Great sillage way past arms length. You will get compliments. I have an older bottle so it lasts about 5-8 hours and longer on clothes. This is a classic and the bottle is amazing. I have the vintage cologne as well in a 16oz bottle and it's just as beautiful and more dense on the leather with the citruses. I also love Eau de Shalimar for the spring, summer time. If these notes sound like something you would like just buy it! I don't think I will never not have this it's just that good!


          After years of wearing and loving Shalimar Eau de Toilette, I finally went ahead and got the Parfum.

          I sprayed some EDP on one arm, and some EDT on the other.

          At very first, I was happy to find the EDP smelled just like my usual favorite, but was going to last longer on my skin. After a few seconds, i started to sense that maybe the EDT was sharper... this isn't a sour scent at all, in any way, but somehow in comparison i wanted to say, "more sour."

          After about half an hour, I finally noticed the big difference. The Parfum dries down with a lovely, mellow, smokey incense note - - the sandalwood.
          I love it!

          Two hours later, that note still lingers, but the EDT is almost entirely gone.

          I'm not sure what happens now... I guess I buy a tiny EDT from now on so i can have them both? ??
          I love the soft vanilla marshmallow of the EDT, but i really love this EDP now, too.


          Shalimar may indeed smell the way she does to cut through the thick miasma of gas lamps, sweat and cigar smoke of the 1920’s. Like a martial artist using her opponents force against them, Guerlain’s masterpiece took the pungent air of its day and created those sexy, smoky incense and leather-vanilla hues for a generation of women who seduced their way through the Jazz Age.

          So does she hold up in modern times?

          This is not a scent for a commute to work nor the sterile, air-conditioned office, that’s for sure. I made that mistake early on. The top notes are self-conscious-making and certainly not to be shared on public transport. However, it was the sultry, downright wanton musks of the early afternoon that truly made me blush. I sat at my desk, slightly turned on, musing over the fact that no professional would take me seriously smelling like this.

          Shalimar works best, I’ve discovered, when alone. I wear her hanging out the washing, feeling decadent and other worldly. Or curled up on the couch on a rainy winter’s day, secretly smelling my wrists, watching a documentary. Or swinging about the house to music in the morning, wearing a purple silk robe, making plans for the day.

          Today, alone in the fresh, clean air, the full force and artistry of Shalimar can be enjoyed. Her crazy cat beginning, her soft, romantic vulnerability, her smoky mystery and her earthy, siren calls are all there to be experienced. Shalimar enters the 2020’s still very much a womanly scent full of complexity and contradictions. That’s her enduring appeal.


          This fragrance is mesmerizing.
          One time at a wedding of my friends’ son, I was seated next to a lovely lady who was extended family of the groom. She smelled amazing. As I was talking to her, wafts of her perfume would catch my nose. Finally I asked her what she was wearing. "Shalimar," she answered with a smile.
          Dark, ambery resins and spices and powder. Stunning!
          This perfume suited her perfectly.
          The fragrance is captivating and alluring; sultry and elegant.
          It’s the kind of a scent that a man loves to smell on a beautiful woman.


          Leather, animalistic, smokey, dirty, amber. Masculine strength, with so much mystery and intrigue. Too harsh and sharp for today's world, but for elegant nights out in the world of the 20's, 30's and 40's this would be a show stopper.

          There was a time when this type of scent was worked... back when rooms were heavily filled with clouds of cigarette and cigar smoke, and cars let off tons of smokey exhaust this would cut through the harsh smells of the reality of life in the 20's, 30's, and 40's and would work well in that environment. The gentile class of that era would eat this up as a breath of fresh air. Something strong enough to cut through the heavy air of the era. But for today's clean softer air world, this perfume is a harshhhh offense. Its not just perfume trends that change as many people mention, it's the environment. Movies and TV shows glorify the eras of the past and don't show you how it would smell. By today's standards I think many of us would be coughing and find the smells of those times difficult to tolerate.

          This is a perfect fragrance for a distant world that doesn't exist today. I cant wear it, nor do I like it. I haven't made up my mind if people who insist on wearing this today in public are self