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          Emporio Armani Because It’s You Giorgio Armani for women

          Emporio Armani Because It’s You Giorgio Armani for women

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          Perfume rating 3.70 out of 5 with 1,813 votes

          Emporio Armani Because It’s You by Giorgio Armani is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Emporio Armani Because It’s You was launched in 2017. The nose behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo. Top notes are Raspberry, Lemon and Neroli; middle note is Rose; base notes are Vanilla, Musk and Amberwood.

          Armani announces a new fragrant pair and a new pillar of the Emporio Armani line which is supposed to represent "an olfactive embodiment of authentic modern-day love." The feminine edition Because It's You and the masculine Stronger With You come out in June 2017.

          Top notes: raspberry, neroli. Heart: rose absolute. Base: vanilla, musk.

          Because It's You is available as a 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

          Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Espa?ol, Fran?ais, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικ?, 漢語, Nederlands, Srpski, Roman?, ???????, Укра?нська, Монгол, ?????.

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          blind bought it because of the hype. honestly it smells kind of generic like i get this type of dna in many other perfumes. but i am shocked by the projection on this one. i get like a cloud of perfumes around me. and the smell is making me happy. i would not mind to buy a backup of this if there is markdown on the price.


          Dry down reminds me of Roses Vanille but Roses Vanille is way richer and stronger.

          I wish it didnt have the raspberry note, it ruins it for me and makes it smell super generic and gives me headache.


          Ann Filpo or whoever made this perfume miserably failed it! Seriously its too sweet that burns my nose, the dry down is awfuly powdery! I blind bought it and Yuk reminds me of drugstore sprays! Please dont waste your money


          Start raspberry on my skin, stays rose ?? (the rose absolute which is characterised with fruity undertones) and finishes with murkier with a bit of vanilla. Very nice one.

          Rose Zircon

          Smells like sweet Raspberry-Vanilla jelly / syrup..

          Without looking to the list notes, at first i thought it was Passion Fruit.. *LOL*.. XD

          Smells yummy, fresh but bold (not light nor heavy), fun, happy, classy, feminine, grown up, easy to like..

          Shares same DNA with YSL Black Opium Floral Shock, Armani Si Fiori, Armani Diamonds, YSL Mon Paris, "lighter" variation of Lancome La Vie Est Belle (forget the exact name, coz it's too many), "brighter" variation of Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose, etc..

          Been there, done that type of fragrance..
          But this one IMHO is more loveable because of its " Translucent / Transparent - Aesthetic ".. So it succeeds keeping the sweetness light / bright enough..
          It's bold but not nauseating..

          Because It's You EDP Women is a very pleasant fragrance.. Sillage & longevity is great..

          I like it & understand its beauty, but it just not a perfect fit for my inner soul (i'm not a sweeth-tooth person, this is borderline for me).. =)


          Fresh, green rose and sour, watery raspberry.

          Great for summer heat, otherwise I would never touch it.


          Actually, a good one. Listen, Armani isn’t reinventing the wheel here, it’s a tart-fruity-floral-fresh-sweet everyday kind a scent. Which in my opinion, I need in between of using my heavy niche powerhouses. ;) But what it does, it does well. Really strong opening, with huge projection. Longevity is great to, smell it on clothes and jackets for days. Spring and summer leaning for sure. It’s a happy scent, sparkling, tart and a bit sharp in the opening. Only negative for me, besides not being the most original fragrance in the bunch, is that the tartness in it SOMETIMES (not all the time), can go a bit cat-pissy on me. ??


          Nabbed this at TJ Maxx (Aug 2020), $10 for a rollerball. It was a blind buy.

          Personally, I think this frag is generic enough that it manages to capture the smell of walking past the perfume counter at Macy's.

          I don't think it's special or unique, but that doesn't mean it isn't good (because it is).

          I notice rose first, berry second, vanilla third.

          I strongly dislike rose. I normally avoid rose fragrances at all costs. But, I don't hate it here. I think it's balanced pretty well.

          I could see wearing this out and getting a lot of compliments, because it does smell very good.

          YSL Mon Paris and Armani's Si are both great comparisons.
          I think if you like Si but want something lighter and with less sillage, this would be a safe buy.

          (Also, this reminds me a lot of Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren, minus the rose. If, like me, you hate rose and want a good generic raspberry/vanilla, pick up Midnight Romance instead)


          Last year, I went to Bristol for a Hen night and we went to a cocktail making class, while a very naked butler stood behind us and showed us how to make the drinks. One of them was a "Raspberry Lemon Drop" and this perfume smells JUST like that! Fizzy, fruity, slightly alcoholic and actually pretty sexy. Wearing this reminds me of that night and being playful, flirtatious and cheeky.

          This perfume is really fun and energetic. Sparkling raspberry, lemon sherbert, rose petals and a musky vanilla dry down. I really like it a lot! Totally addictive and sweet. Seductive yet innocent.

          Because It's You is also quite versatile for me. I can imagine wearing this for a fun evening on the town in a tight little mini dress, but I can also imagine wearing it with my other half, walking through a sun-kissed city in a denim jacket and ditsy mini skirt, holding hands and drinking pink lemonade with tons of ice. Because It's You really is a people pleaser, but that's okay. I don't mind having this in my collection for days when I'm feeling carefree and vibrant and *want* constant compliments.

          Overall, refreshing, sexy, delicious and *almost* edible. I feel happy and full of love and life when I wear this. Boyfriend tackled me when he came home from work and told me I smelt like sweets. So, if that's your vibe, then go for it. I'm really quite enamoured with my fruity little blind buy.


          Such a loud opening-amazing and delicious. Reminiscent of a European multi-fruit cocktail, however the dry down is nothing special. It has a good longevity? ??♀?Can`t relate. That aspect is absolutely disappointing. The exciting opening disappears after 30 minutes and your left with some sweetness. If your on the go usually and want people to smell you as you walk by, not a chance with this one. For half the price, id recommend Dolce Gabbana`s ''l'imperatrice 3''. ??


          I love this! Suuuuper surypy sweet, though somewhat synthetic raspberry in the opening, then some rose and vanilla. If Lancome's La Vie Est Belle and Tresor Midnight Rose had a baby, it would probably smell like this.

          I'm typically not the biggest fan of overly sweet perfumes, but I'm fine with this one. I have to be in the mood for it, though. I would wear this as a daytime fall/winter scent. Very long-lasting and projects like crazy.

          However, I kinda hate the name of this perfume, I just think it's too long and clumsy... Overall, the marketing of this perfume is just cringey and weird. The cheesy catchphrases like "Toghether we can touch the sky" lowkey made me not even want to buy this perfume, lmao. But at the end of the day, it's the scent that really matters.


          Caramel, caramel, caramel.
          A sliver of something zesty-pink in the opening, then pure caramel. Not unpleasant, but not charming either. It lingers through the night, until the next morning, at which point it′s a vanilla-sweet-powdery scent that I can′t bear.


          I get many compliments on this perfume; it seems like people around me love the perfume more than I do! :) Armani perfumes never fail to deliver. Nice, floral-vanilla perfume.


          I cannot express how much I adore this scent, it was love at first sniff. I had been trying to find the perfect day perfume for a long time and fir the life of me I couldnt find THE ONE. My mum passed away of cancer a few weeks ago and she bought me this before she passed, she chose it purely for the name and from first sniff it blew me away, this is exactly what I've been looking for, after 2 years of trying to find the perfect one for me and going through endless samples you can imagine my shock when the perfume that my mum just so happened to get me was perfect...and it's all the more special because my mum chose it.

          The scent itself to me is soft and rosy with a hint of vanilla, it reminds me very much of Valentino Donna which is also a fave of mine, however the last I heard that was being discontinued and so my mission continued...this to me smells extremely similar minus the leather that's in Donna (others might not agree) but this is how it smells to me and it's beautiful. It's like rose petals to me with a sprinkling of sugar and a touch of vanilla, it sounds boring ...but it somehow manages not to be, its innocent and sexy all at the same time.

          Absolutely blown away by this fragrance ??


          It is weird to say but this is essentially for me a less sophisticated version of YSL Mon Paris. I have them both on right now and they are of the same family, but Mon Paris has something a bit more unique where this smells more generic (and Mon Paris is pretty darn generic). Sweet, fruity, floral, I'd say probably more work-friendly than its cousin. Honestly though, it could be many other perfumes cousin, it is very run of the mill. You have smelled it a hundred times before. 4.5/10


          This smells exactly like Mon Paris by YSL


          This is super pretty. It’s reminds me of what an EDT version of YSL Mon Paris would smell like because they smell so similar!! This is just softer and more close to the skin. This is definitely a crowd pleaser and I can’t see anyone being bothered by it, or not liking it.


          Syrupy raspberry and vanilla. Absolutely delicious and addictive. I agree that the marketing doesn’t fit it, the bottle should’ve been pink. It is indeed similar to mon paris, it just has that sweet popular designer scent vibe.


          It's pretty and sweet, I just wish it was a little bit more fresh. I feel like this perfume really wishes to be a day to day scent, but the floral notes are too weak and it becomes too syrupy, what a shame. I want to like it but it kinda annoys me. This is only suitable for winter and nightime.


          This perfume is so beautiful ??


          Sweet floral fruity...

          This is the 2nd fragrance I've tried from Emporio Armani, and my impression is that this side of the Armani business is not quite as polished as the main Giorgio Armani house.

          I get a sweet vibe, like honeysuckle, syrupy vanilla and some other gentle florals, mixed with some tart, syrupy fruit (raspberry). There's also some white floral notes and some prominent rose as well.

          My impression is that this would probably suitable for a younger crowd. I think there are some more refined options out there from other well-known brands, and I would say this is a low-level designer type fragrance, but nevertheless this would work well for young women just entering adulthood and making their way in the world. I could say it's done in a more refined style of fruity floral but this seems to be right on trend these days. Again in think there are other options (e.g. Giorgio Armani - Si) or perhaps even something from Dior. Not bad by any means, and a good, contemporary scent for the younger demographic.


          I liked it a lot when I bought it but I ended up giving it away. It's sweet and fruity and that's about it. It's just not something I'm into right now. For me, it smells very similar to YSL's Mon Paris which I also need to find a new home for.


          I'm normally not a fan of sweet scents but this smells fresh and just a little sweet and sophisticated at the same time. amazing sillage and longevity. Spray on myself in the room, go out to the shops, come back an hour later and can smell it in the room. Spring/summer scent.


          I agree with someone that said it is very reminiscent of Si and YSL's Mon Paris. It has that sweet syrupy vanilla from Armani Si and the elegant romantic rose and raspberry from Mon Paris. If you are a fan of one of these two fragrances, I guess you will find this one very nice.
          I love Mon Paris, therefore I also like this fragrance, even though it is a bit too sweet for my liking, and for the same reason I don't find it unique nor a must have. It has the tendency to be a bit loud in terms of sweetness and creaminess. Especially the dry down. The opening is rather bearable due to the lemon notes.
          Nevertheless, a feminine and lovely romantic fragrance, very long lasting, good quality and not offensive in any way, imo.


          A real sugar bomb! I am normally not to keen on scents that screams teenage-drama, and I actually don't like this, when I sniff it from the bottle...

          But on the skin... this is a whole other thing. This develops and becomes much deeper. But if you are the least hesitant about sweet scents, don't blind buy this. For the price, it is not worth getting, without trying it first; and most important, test it on your skin.

          I wear this for most of the year. Rainy days works best, it gets a bit deeper and berrier when its gloomy and grey outside.

          Also, the sillage and projection from this is really good. Will definitely get you trough an entire day without the need of respraying.


          I have the sample spray of this. I like it, but it gets a bit acidic/sharp and powdery. I would rather just get rosewater and layer it with a gourmand I think.


          It's okay, wintery and sweet, with a little bit of the La vie est belle aura, because that hardcore vanilla-rosy at first is in your face and brings a little bit of aggression. Definitely doesnt need to be re-applied throughout the day, for its obsessive sugary sensation. Gets great after hours, leaving the musk to settle.


          Just bought this perfume last weekend. Smells so amazing at the counter but by the time I got home, this did not smell that way. Smells a little bit familiar with something that I used to wear in the past. Longevity is average. Sillage is poor I think (?)


          I want my perfumes to last and this ticks the box! It's perfect for work as it lasts all day and you don't need alot either.


          I love it!! It's very syrupy sweet, just so you know. It's a little midnight Rose, a little Si and a little Mon Paris to me. All scents that I adore, so this one a winner in my book.
          Update:it is rare for me to be able to smell yesterday's perfume, after I have slept. But I sprayed my chest once, and each wrist once... Yesterday afternoon, and I can still smell it after sleeping all night! That's impressive.


          This one has been beckoning me on casual passing.
          It appeared my favorite of this line. I am a sweet tooth tho and you'll see why its easy to fall for - not that you need to be of course!

          It sucked me in with its confectionary delights. A diabetics nightmare ! Seriously, this is sweet, charming and kissable juice. So high sweet, so realistc - at first!
          Imagine all lollies mixed in together and dont forget the strawberries and cream ones (quite a few of those).

          Long story short : Try not to judge a perfume by it top presentation note(s). We all know that !
          BIY dissipates fairly quickly and becomes thin and screechy with a faint vanilla cream with not much rose. I dont know about the rose absolu either ? The test card doesnt hold up well either.
          It could be just me, perhaps it just needs a very young girls skin, i dont know ?

          You have smelt this lots of times :- Rihannas, Britneys and even the latest Burberry her is reminiscent, just to name a few. Nothing wrong with any aforementioned (rebelle fleur works quite nicely respectively) but in relation to high end brand and price point GArmani Because Its You is lacking something.

          Edit : And NO, for me i do not get Si (EDP) they are different leagues . And a BIG NO, not Mon Paris (Edp) Mon paris has a bit of refinement in its sweetness and development - BIY is more brash simple sweet. Lastly, not a similar sweetness as used in La Vie est belle (regular Edp) either. Not that i like LVEB (Edp) in its sweet monotone metallic flat glory. For me, i cannot core liken any of them.


          About one year ago I tested this in store during kind of wet and cool-ish European spring weather. The kind of weather, when the last cool of winter hasn't completely left just yet, but it can already get quite warm as soon as you catch a ray of sunlight.

          Back then I was taken with how just one spritz on my wrist would envelope me with albeit quite synthetic yet still very mood lifting raspberry. An additional dash of comforting vanilla and musk and it was enough to making me get a small bottle as a pick me up for this in between winter and spring kind of season.

          More than a year later I used up about two thirds of my bottle. I do like it, but it obviously didn't become a favorite. It's feminine, lighthearted, cozy and fruity alright, but it's a tad bit too synthetic smelling for my everyday taste. I mean, figures. At the end of the day fruity fragrances are bound to be a bit synthetic.
          The dry down is a more or less generic musky vanilla plus remaining sweetness of the raspberry. It's nice. Projection is decent, longevity too. And still I can't help myself from wishing there was either one more strong note to give the mix a bit more 'character' or that the raspberry was a tad less synthetic smelling and the allover mix less generic.

          However, that doesn't mean I don't like it. Whenever I wear it, it still puts me in an upbeat mood, my husband likes it. It's a safe pick for the day definitely. But I kind of doubt I'll get another bottle after this one finishes.

          For a final note, I kind of suspect I would have dug this a lot more in my early 20s. Back then it easily could have become a signature scent of mine... at least for a season.


          A very sweet raspberry vanilla fragrance with a musky rose background. The sweetness can get cloying however it is a beautiful scent. I enjoy wearing this occasionally.


          Funny how because it's you smells exactly like kenzo world and this one smells sort of like world intense. Go figure...


          This is a very safe perfume. Smells like roses,berries and vanilla. Very appropriate sweet scent. I use this as my daily perfume. It does reminds me of midnight rose, but this one is not as dark and more appropriate


          An elegant fragrance for daytime autumnly work-yours.


          its like perfume for girl. 5 years old. :)) for me its too sweet, too much raspberry. vanilla i like, but its too sweet, its stuck in my nose.


          To me, it smells mostly of sweet rose & vanilla and fruity raspberry with the tiniest hint of citrus. It's elegant.

          Scent: Sweet
          Scent Intensity: Strong
          Scent Longevity: Long-Lasting

          My Score: 9/10


          The first time I smelled this one I liked, but did not love. My daughter however tried it at the fragrance counter and absolutely loved it, so I gifted it to her on Mother's Day. She's been wearing it and loving it, she says it smells delicious! don't know...to me it's just meh, and smelling it on her doesn't change it for me, it's just meh.


          Because of you, despite it's silly long name, is a lovely addition to the sweet perfumes out there. Its main advantage and difference from all the fruitchoulis that flooded the perfume market in recent years, is it being fruity and sweet, while managing to stay elegant and, wow, contains NO patchouli!

          It opens with raspberry, a bit artificial at times, but the rose and probably citruses tone it down soon and it quickly becomes classier. The rose and vanilla are not sweet or even cloying as in many of the sweet perfumes, but make Because of you feminine and sweet.

          Later in the day, in the drydown, the rose starts to smell familiar. It reminds me of rose in Valentino Donna and also Armani Si. These are all the perfumes that have a similar vibe but different character.

          If you're looking for a sweet, yet not too sweet, and youthful, yet feminine perfume, try Armani Because of You. Wait until the top notes go by and then just enjoy it without the fear of patchouli emerging anywhere;)


          I do like this, it's a syrupy raspberry rose with citrus at the top. I don't get a lot of vanilla in it, mostly the rose and raspberry. Sillage is decent, as is longevity. I've paired it with vanilla lotion which is nice but tonight I paired with hempz grapefruit raspberry. I like this combo for the spring weather, little fresher.

          Sailor Pluto

          Mmmm this is nice! :) It starts off fresh and sweet, I smell mainly raspberry and lemon. Then a couple of hours later, I see the reference to Nina Ricci's L'Extase in the sense that there is a 'jammy' note to this scent, but without the darkness of L'Extase. I really like this one, it's super nice!


          I’m confused by this perfume. It projects as sweet my husband says, but on my skin it’s all lemon and maybe a little rose. I am struggling to find the vanilla and other notes. I don’t dislike it but there is nothing memorable or exciting about this perfume on me. It’s certainly not as sweet as some of the sugary candy scents making the rounds these days, which I count in it’s favor. Mostly I guess I would say this scent is FINE.

          Penny Royale

          Overwhelmingly sweet. Very much like Si, but more tart. It reminds me of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but with a huge punch of raspberry, and drenched in caramel sugar. Way too sweet for me to ever wear. I imagine this could very easily be overpowering and nausea-inducing if someone oversprayed it and sat next to me at a movie theater, for example.


          ........too sweet.
          Every component is just too sweet in this one.

          Headache inducing......

          Women with a ′strong′ taste would love this one.

          Very dominant scent!


          My friend loves this scent so I bought it for her, then took a test drive after she opened the package. A sweet fruity rose scent, and I don’t hate it. Easy to wear though not unique.


          This is just so overly sweet. It's like inhaling pure caramel, nothing else. That sounds quite delicious, actually, and it's not that this one would give me a headache or as though it smells bad. It's just so very boring, a one note little thing.


          Raspberry syrup 80% + caramelized black currant syrup 20% + honey (nice) + rose + red wine?.
          Sometimes I get red gummy bears (raspberry and black currant).

          Definitely sweeter than Si. Fruity honey. Sweet and "happy".


          Salty jam and then the musk starts to come through. This is really not very nice on me but perhaps it’s my skin chemistry.


          Smells identical to kenzo world


          Strange, but on me it smells like a peach.


          Nakira93 said a lot of things that I completely agree with on this scent.

          The longevity is indeed great, and the same goes for the sillage. In that respect this is truly like a respectable vintage 80's perfume. The scent itself then again has nothing to do with 80's, but instead this is a modern extremely fuity and sweet scent.

          I can easily understand why the same people who like "sugar bombs" such as Lancome's La Vie Est Belle and V&R Flowerbomb also like this scent. I thought I could be a fan too, since I really like YSL's Mon Paris and Mon Paris Couture, which are both very sweet, berry and fruity scents.

          Unfortunately I wasn't right. I might even be ok with the sweetnes, possibly, but there is far too much going on in this scent and it ends up falling all over the place.

          While YSL Mon Paris is, according to my nose, a sophisticated fun scent, this one is surely fun for those who like this, but my nose does not agree on any of the sophisticated aspects in this GA scent.

          This is just like someone just threw a lot of raspberries, vanilla and musk + some neroli, violet leaves and patchouli into the same bottle, without thinking anything, and expected a miracle to happen. The neroli/violet leaves/patchouli also makes this unpleasantly sharp, which is a weird combination with the cloying sweetness.

          So I'll leave this one for those who will definitely enjoy this much more than me and will refrain from byuing any more bottles.


          I love this as an evening perfume, but also very appropriate for an office daytime setting. The perfume is very sweet (raspberry and vanilla). I originally got this as a sample from Ulta and went in to buy a bottle.


          Omg!!! I've been on the search for a day time appropriate version of Lancome's Tresor Midnight Rose for a loooong time and I think that this is it!!! The same sweet strawberry and rose combination but on the fresh side instead of dark!! I love it!!!!


          I love this perfume. Smells delicious, soapy, and sophisticated.

          Longevity is superb . I put it on at 8:50am its now 7:36pm and I still can smell it!

          Sillage is amazing. The aroma is very dense (as potent as mon paris by ysl) so you might want to spray lightly. You only need a couple of sprays to last you. Either way you will either have to choose to have a scent cloud around you or a scent cloud around everybody.

          Scent quality is surprisingly surprising lol. This scent morphs into different smells at different stages. All stages smell wonderful. The raspberry stays throughout (which I love), and the longer I wear the scent it turns more warm, musky and soapy on me.

          Its the perfect scent for a feminine lady. I think all ages can pull this off, all year round.I think I will definitely repurchase this.

          Kind of imagine if the sweet and fruity intenseness of mon paris had a baby with the sweet and tart aspect of versace Eros EDT mixed with an expensive soap. That's what this smells like to my nose.


          There is something about this fragrance that kind of made me feel like I need it. I first smelled it.... I loved it. It's not my style at all, I prefer oriental fragrances that are strong, smoky and floral.
          This perfume is not like that! on me, it's slightly fruity, with just a hint of citrus to it. It predominantly smells of very sweet, strong vanilla and Amber.
          The dry down is mainly sweet vanilla on me with a musky rose.
          I passed on it the first time.

          Next time, I was perfume shopping for my lover while I was away. I saw its male companion displayed and I thought I should give it a try because me and him were very picky about choosing a fragrance for him. I was stunned. The masculine 'stronger with you' was amazing. I then thought I should spray both of them on the same hand and I was shook. Seriously, both scents together work so well!! I knew it was his fragrance and that I should get both!

          Together, the spicy warm masculine version embraces the sweet and musky feminine one creating a beautiful cloud of intense seduction and desire. They smell strong yet soft. These perfumes are meant to be worn at the same time!
          That's why I always spray his perfume over mine.... ;D

          All that aside, I think the feminine fragrance should be worn during the colder days to avoid smelling 'sticky' during hot days but hey, if you like it that way then nobody should tell you otherwise.
          Unfortunately it doesn't last that long. If I'm lucky, it will last for 3 hours. The sillage is not bad. It doesn't offend anybody. Any woman could pull anything off if she wants too. This fragrance is one of them.
          In my opinion, I think it could be worn all day. It's safe to say that it also is suitable as an everyday perfume.

          Overall, I think it's a lovely perfume. I like the way it smells on me. I'll continue to wear it as long as I don't run out of the masculine counterpart :P


          Boring. Light, fruity and non-descript. I had high hopes for this one because it was suggested on the side bar of nearly all of my favorite scents, but I was disappointed. It was a very boring, watered down version of Mon Paris to my nose.


          This is so sweet it almost made my teeth hurt. Not heavy, but strong smell of cotton candy.

          Mona Lygre

          I couldn't resist this beautiful perfume any longer, so it came home with me today, even though it has a very peculiar name :))

          It's name could have been "little hungry monster" or "bring it on" or even better "give it to me", and I still would have bought it.

          And, of cause I love it!

          The raspberry is very dominant and so is the vanilla, and the drydown is absolutely wonderful on my skin :))


          Didnt like this on the middle and drydown ...turns too synthetic and over sweet. I like the mens wayy better.


          I received several samples of this perfume with my Sephora purchases and I really enjoyed wearing it. It is so pretty and light, fresh and fruity. Really something I enjoy but I have not purchased a full bottle bc it reminds me of SO many other frags. It is very mainstream and "becky" but I still may buy it one day. It works well with my skin and that is all that really matters. I see 90 percent of perfumistas declaring that the sweet and fruity smells are immature or strictly for youth. I could not disagree more. I am 48 but I STILL love to smell sweet and fruity. That is what I love and the kind of smell that I want to smell on myself all day. I will never see the reasoning behind certain perfumes being for certain age groups. Just because i am in my 40s does not mean I want to smell sophisticated all of the time. In fact the fun of perfume to me is finding great long lasting sweet scents that elevate your mood, regardless of age. My signature is Chloe EDP and in my opinion there is nothing better available in any price range. It is so beautiful on me. I actually could have saved my money on the other 200 perfumes I have collected and just honestly stuck with the different versions of Chloe. This perfume does not smell like Chloe but has the same kind of fresh vibe.


          This is a clean, shampoo type fragrance. Nothing special, seems familiar... Type of thing. If you don't want a huge perfume scent, but a hint of something, I would recommend. Projection close to skin, silage very slight.


          Smells to me of freesia, which I love, and reminds me of Chic and Vanitas. I do like it, but it is not complex or sophisticated, just nice.


          Pretty raspberry fragrance, nice bottle that feels heavy. It's very feminine and sweet. But the scent has no sillage on me unfortunately. I could hardly smell it. It is more like a fruity body spray, really light.

          Edited: okay, after wearing this a few more times, the performance is better than I originally thought. The opening top notes are SO pretty, but they do tend to fade away quickly. Wish they lasted longer. The bottle is plain and utilitarian, and the name is silly. I think it would be much more popular if they had given it a different name/look. Nevertheless, I'm the happy owner of a 1 ounce bottle. :)


          I did not want to like this perfume. No, really! I am not a fan of sweet fruity scents at all! When I received a couple of samples back in January I thought it would be a nice perfume for my mom, who seems to like sweet red berry scents. So I gave one of the vials to her. And still one cold winter day I tried it on my skin and thought it actually smelled quite nice. I think it was at the end of the very same day that I got complimented by my other half on the fragrance I was wearing (oh well, he does love raspberries!). So I used it once more, and another time, and then until I ran out of my sample. Funnily enough, my mother wasn't that drawn to it, so I nicked her sample too. Pretty much every time I was wearing this perfume, my other half noticed, and at that point I started thinking - might as well get a bottle if it smells so nice on me?

          Slowly but surely, I was beginning to enjoy this sweet raspberry-rose cloud forming around me on the days that I used Because It's You. It has an amazing lasting power, staying on the clothes and skin all day. Two sprays on the neck and you're guaranteed to remain in that perfume bubble for most of the day. It is slightly sharp on initial application but quickly settles down to a warm musky-vanilla base with a well-blended raspberry-rose accord on the foreground. I find it to be quite linear though, the smell doesn't change much thoughout the day, only the raspberry seem to slowly get quieter and quieter.

          I think it is best suited for cool weather - since I got myself a partial bottle in May, I haven't used it once until today (it was a chilly morning in Glasgow!). While it was still warm every quick sniff of the bottle confirmed my suspicion of this being too cloying for the heat. In winter and early spring though it gave me that warm 'fuzzy' feeling and I was really enjoying how it smelled on the clothes. I don't think it is very suited for autumn in terms of the mood, but hey, if you like it, you do you.

          Although Because It's You stays on the skin all day, if you want to amp it up for the night - I found that Woman in Gold by Kilian works very well with this, at it is from the same perfume family but a bit more complex and intense.

          P.S. I'm not going to comment on the name Because It's Stupid.


          I just want to put out there before I begin that I haven't seen any of the advertising for this. I just smelled it because it was at my Sephora and it was a scent I haven't smelled before.

          I honestly don't smell any of the raspberry or vanilla, except *maybe* (and I say that doubtfully) in the initial spray, before the drydown. Post-drydown, I find it to have the same powdery, slightly floral effect as other modern perfumes that have that light peachy, slightly pinkish color, e.g. Proenza Schouler Arizona, Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme, and to some extent, even Chloe Nomade and Tory Burch Love Relentlessly. I was surprised to not see orris, iris, or cactus flower in the notes. Perhaps my nose is interpreting a dry rose/vanilla scent as powder/orris/iris.


          Just changed my dislike to a like.

          I'm still in two minds, one part says generic and boring, the other says ooh, that raspberry... I'm a bit of a sucker for a good raspberry note. We'll see how the sample goes.

          I hate the marketing with a vengeance though, so heterotypical and boring. And the men's one is a pig on wheels.


          It's very lovely borderline gourmand candy scent.
          I made my girlfriend buy this fragrance for herself.
          So I can smell it on her.
          Again it's a very lovely scent.
          Simple, clean, sweet and long lasting.
          If your meeting someone for the first time ladies.
          Wear this sexy beast.
          You'll be remembered.

          I used six sprays...both wrist, back & front of my neck, chest, and front of my shirt.

          Will I buy this again? Yes.

          What's the strength of this? EDP.

          Does this fragrance enter BEAST MODE, good, just okay or weak sauce at best? Good.

          Can you use it as a unisex scent? Yes.

          Am I willing to trade this fragrance? Yes.

          Should You Skip It, Sample It First or Blind Buy It? Sample it first. But if you love Raspberries(Candy or fruit), then blind buy this.

          Is it the old, new formulation? New.

          What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? In production.

          SKU Number: 3605522041967 (Sample)
          Batch Number: Unknown (Production Date: Unknown)

          Age: 21+
          From: Boscovs
          Size: 3ML
          Scent: 5/5 (Lovely).
          Value: 5/5 (free).
          Sillage: 5/5 (Five feet).
          Longevity: 5/5 (Eight hours plus).
          Creativity: 5/5 (Sweet, fruity, musky).
          Projection: 5/5 (Two hours & a half).
          Versatility: 5/5 (Anytime & Anywhere).
          Compliments: 3.25/5 (Okay).

          Until next time, I'll catch you on the flipside.


          i can see why it became my mama's new favorite fragrance..sweet vanilla raspberry and rose flower scent all combine together. this fragrance suits all age of girl and women. if you're into sweet+floral scent, you should go for this..


          Fruity, airy and sweet. Perfectly nice fragrance for everyday. Nothing new but lasts longer than most Armani's perfumes and it won't offend anyone. I got many compliments from men mainly.


          When I hear fruity floral I tend to think of scents such as bright crystal/beautiful sheer/babydoll, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with those, but they aren't in the same league as this in my opinion.

          Beautifully sweet, laced with vanilla but not REALLY a gourmand. I wouldn't call it fresh, but there's no smoke (thank G_d) or patchouli. I really think patchouli has been overused in the last couple of years as a balance for sweeter perfumes and I'm kind of sick of it. This is one of the few truly sweet fruitys that has legs. It lasts for awhile and has a nice cloud, why should the Heavier, Bank of England perfumes get all the fun of that?

          Also there's no cloying note like some truly sweet perfumes seem to get (looking right at you "sweet sticky things").


          I am not an allergic or sensitive one,but this one got me..at first,I tried it in a cooler climate in autumn & loved it! Decided to buy it when the weather got warm and in a different geographical location---can't stand it! I can see it causing a nausea or headache in some people. Offensive,loud,very sweet. Not an office perfume.
          Make sure you try it many times before purchasing!!

          Mrs. ELE Arjona

          Usually I don't hop on the hype train, but my Husband I and I were unaware of all the advertising when we smelled Because its You and the Male counterpart at Khols. They were having a bogo and we really liked the fragrances and went for it.

          I had no idea what the notes were and to me it smelled sophisticated and made me feel happy. I was a little surprised when I saw the note profile and saw there was rose, because usually rose is very heavy to me. Perhaps the the sweetness of the raspberry, neroli and vanilla coupled with the sour of the lemon keeps it in check. Its a Eau De Parfum so I find its actually long lasting even in the Florida Heat. As for the individual note break down its very well blended. I don't get the raspberry note as a raspberry or as artificial raspberry, I just think it smells good.

          I see people are giving it somewhat mixed reviews, and I see a lot of the dreaded GENERIC word in the less favorable reviews. This does seem like something that was made to please a crowd, and you know what, I'm okay with that because I honestly like it. I wouldn't have bought either one unless I got the deal I got, because I prefer a bargain whereas my Husband gets what he wants. I may have waited until it was easier to obtain on a fragrance site, but it was still on my want list from the moment I first tested it in the store. I have a perfume not on this website called Cygnus, and its close enough that it would have been a redundant purchase had I not gotten a good deal.

          I observed the Ad Campaign after purchasing, and I think its cute. If I get invited to a wedding shower this might just be the gift I bring. Hype or Hate, I'm telling you friends to test it out and make up your own mind because I really enjoy it and am happy I was able to afford a 1.7oz


          I work with someone who wears this ALL the time. Initially I thought it was ok, but I cannot detect a rose note in it. It smells primarily of super sweet "general fruity" & vanilla. It has a hellish persistent sickly sweet base note that seems to be popular at the moment (I agree with the review likening this one to Kenzo world (minus the freshness). Is it the vanilla/"amberwood" combination?... I don't know, but it is strong & cloying. The locker room where I work absolutely reeks of it, & it's beginning to grate. What was "ok" to me is turning into "oh no, not that pervasive crappy base note again" This is not a fresh perfume, it becomes more & more oppressive as it lingers on & on & on....The dry down is tiresome & unpleasant, especially in warm temperatures. I don't care about balloons, I'm actually beginning to hate this perfume, & the fact that some days it even manages to permeate into my jacket. The longer I'm forced to endure this every day, the more I just want it to go away .... sorry BIY fans.


          I have a tester for this and shall I say this is the first perfume I have smelt for the first time and loved, the smell is delicious. I wore this on a night out recently and I got over 10 compliments from both men and women.
          yes this may not be the most original fragrance but you can never go wrong with raspberry and rose.
          I love it and can't wait to add it to my collection when I finish my dkny fresh blossom.


          Nice,pleasant but not original at all


          Love at first sniff! It's a deep, sweet, fruity, sexy and at the same time airy scent that gets me compliments. Very potent and longlasting like most perfumes from Armani. Usually I don′t like vanilla in perfumes but in this it′s well blended and doesn′t take over in the mix. Linear because it doesn′t change much at all during the day wich I really like. Suits both daytime and evening and the bottle is cute. One of my favourites.


          I normally don't really enjoy very fruity scents. But this is an exception.
          Upon smelling this without actually spraying it, I thought this was just another silly fruity floral fragrance. And don't get me wrong, it was.
          However, to me, I am extremely shocked to know I find this very pleasant. The fine blend of raspberry and vanilla is what my nose smells.
          The first few minutes, it is a blast of fruits. Just that fruity sweetness. Nothing special.
          However, as it warms up to your skin, it gradually transforms into a beautiful, beautiful vanilla scent. But, the raspberry from the opening hasn't vanished. It doesn't vanish until the very end. Neither does the beautiful vanilla.
          I would not label this oriental, or gourmand. Just a fruity floral fragrance, to be perfectly honest.
          However, this is a type that many gourmand lovers would enjoy.
          The scent would get 8/10 from a heavy gourmand lover like me.
          Longevity is average-to-long-lasting, 6-7 hours.
          Projection is very average as well, 6.5/10.
          Not a very unique perfume, but definitely wouldn't mind having this beauty in my collection.
          (P.S- To me, the bottle is such a let-down. It looks so bad)


          Let's play "Spot the Fake Reviewer" again, shall we?

          Gigi The Fashionista
          etc etc etc (I think it likely there are more)

          These reviewers are all the same person.

          Once I see a review by one on a perfume page, I "amuse" myself by checking for others; if one of the characters has written a review (nearly always positive, rambling reveries, with personal life references and tendency to thank the perfumer, house, Fragrantica and/or eBay) I can almost guarantee there will be a review written by - at least - one of the others.

          All of these characters usually have photographs of real people as their avatar; these pictures change periodically - and I have noticed they are replaced by a picture of someone else (probably without permission or knowledge of its owner).

          Because It's You, has lately been give a positive review by SouthernBlonde (recently updated, blurred photograph on "her" personal profile, which now closely resembles a less busty Marilyn Monroe and is definitely NOT the same person as previously pictured). Prior to that, sasha.talan was kind enough to contribute a positive review; scroll a little further and see a positive review from shauna.parra.

          This is not helpful to genuine site users as it gives a false impression of how "good" the perfume is, not least because the core of the multiple characters' reviews are all - effectively - identical.

          Whoever is responsible for this clearly has an external locus of identity requiring validation - at least that is my cod-psychological evaluation - and let's not forget, they can "thumbs-up" their own reviews, each time they log in as a different character.

          For what it's worth, I think the originator DOES have a genuine interest and knowledge of perfume and its history, although some of their comments identifying individual notes are so detailed it's difficult to believe a chromatograph wasn't used (or that s/he isn't a professional nose).

          It's a shame s/he decided to employ all these aliases, as the result has been to undermine, make me impatient of, and dismiss the useful contributions of the original.

          12 May 2018 ETA: Southern Blonde is now ANOTHER woman in a white panama hat with black ribbon around it. It's a shame the owners of these photographs can't be notified about their misuse.

          23 May 2018 ETA: Southern Blonde has updated her profile pic yet again. This time it's a blond woman in sunglasses, accompanied by a brunette in sunglasses. NOT the same person yet again!


          I like this. Its very fruity and cheerful. Makes me in a good mood! And I think it would make a good summer perfume for me...And I too smell the jam..hehe. A pleasant surprice, even though my hubby did not appreciate it.


          The opening is lovely, fruity and yummy. 10 mins later goes straight to drydown which smells awful and pathetic. Save your money. Doesn't deserve Emporio label (compared to the old one). This is aimed at young crowd that knows nothing about fragrance and buys based on how it smells in the first two minutes


          I tried this today. There was an initial blast of ripe, plump, sweet, strawberries, rather than raspberries, then it mellowed down into a floral nectary smell. I could imagine butteries, and fragrant plants, and warmth, and juicy warm, jam-like smells. I found the fruit very comforting. It's quite a casual, carefree perfume. Not pretentious.


          The only fragrance that gets me the most compliments. frankly enough this was gifted to me as a Christmas present. A very sophisticated piece of Giorgio Armani out of the three that I own. Love it.


          My first impression was, 'Swedish Berries,' (the candy). Then...a half hour later, it became much more sophisticated and developed an aroma of ripe raspberries warmed by the late afternoon sun, with a touch of vanilla custard Many gourmand scents turn me off but this won me over. The musc/amber aspects temper it from getting too food-y. As a bonus, my husband, whose absolute favorite fruit is raspberries, smiles every time I wear this.


          actually smell It’s really Acid and sweet for feminine I like it I will give it 7/10


          When this came out, it made me kind of angry for some reason. The plain boring bottle, the silly name and the marketing together with the male version, evoking images of annoying couples presenting their love to anyone who doesn't care - all very unappealing. The scent on a paper strip wasn't exactly exciting either.

          But at the moment I'm trying out all my samples, among them one of Because It's You (really, that name, what were they thinking?).
          Well, it's not bad actually, it's pleasant. But still, not impressive. It could be a lighter and sweeter flanker to Si, it has a similar lush texture, just with more vanilla, raspberry instead of cassis and without the sharp patchouli. It's a juicy, fruity, sweet rose scent.
          At some point it has a slight violet dragee note on my skin, and then it dries down to a rather thin sweet berry scent.
          It doesn't smell exactly like any other perfume, but it still feels very common and generic, like it's made of fragments from a lot of other popular fragrances. Maybe this is just the perfect mixture for someone, but not for me.


          funny how nozes and minds work, for me it's of course the fruit first (but not raspberry...peach!) but it's not heavy, it's a class and fresh one, a bit like if ck one was more gourmand... with a touch of kenzo world (yeah i know)
          Or a lady million more intense and less boring.

          and oooh, the longevity is awesome! all day long for me.


          I am enjoying it now and I need to say it is lovely, fresh but sweet, not overpowering. I can smell a lot the roses, neroli and lemon and I really love the combination of rose and lemon with something sweet, it is always smell great, it gives the life to the rose. For me it is more sweet floral scent then fruity.
          It reminds a bit of Dior eau fraiche, but it is a bit stronger.


          Warm, fruity, intoxicating.... Raspberry and neroli cloud done in a distinct Armani way. Closer to the skin sits a floral, ever so slight powdery musk. It may smell familiar or similar to other fragrances but it’s alright with me. This fruity floral isn’t sharp, no patchouli, no leather, no oud, just smooth, sunny and bright.

          Mona Lygre

          I have sniffed it many times, and, it will be mine some day, it smells absolutely wonderful on my skin =))


          A tart and citrus raspberry blend at first spray. Youthful and mature all at once, so I wasn't sure how to feel about wearing this. I'm still not sure. Dries down to a powdery rose and vanilla musk, but the rose is shy, almost as if it's unsure if it should reveal itself. Pleasant and perplexing at the same time. Not an incredibly complex composition, but an appealing raspberry frag for any age. Sweet, but not cloying like so many modern gourmands, of which I am not a fan. Classy and clean, but not soapy, IMO. Not a scent I would typically search for. Purchased after sniffing the roller-ball version at Kohl's and without testing on my skin. (If I'd detected the powder, I wouldn't have purchased.) Another impulse buy I'll be giving to my teenage daughter.


          I was gifted a small bottle of this yesterday and it smells VERY similar to Jlo Live Luxe and Escada Island Kiss.
          the notes here list Raspberry, but I definitely smell Pineapple and berries, just like Jlo Live Luxe and Escada Island Kiss. I am in LOVE <3 with this scent


          My new love. Very fresh and elegant like J'ador. Very lucky combination with Neroli.
          Now I want to add something. The day after I've tryed it, I've made a decision to check the EDP ones more. I went to another shop, and did it. So strange, but the same perfume become another. Now it's almost the same like Insolence Guerlain, very powerdly and sweet.


          PS I forgot to add that it’s kind of like berries covered in powdered sugar that’s spicy lol if that makes sense haha


          It's quite good on me! At first I was confused and ambivilant about it! I couldnt understand whether I like it or not! However, after an hour I started liking it! And gives me a special feeling which cant be explained! Most importantly my husband really loves it on my skin! After long time I found a perfume which lasts long on me!


          As a lover of raspberry and vanilla I couldn’t wait to smell this !....okay so here it goes lol considering I only had it on for 30minutes this is what I found ... at first spritz I sensed a Similar smell as maybe Guerlain Paris or something else idk what ... then it softened a bit and is reminding me a tiny bit of Armani code I think it shares a tiny bit of its DNA because at least to me I smell a little spice... this is not little girl perfume so don’t not try it because people are saying it may be because the simple fruity teenage notes .. I’m beginning to love it , it’s becoming more complex or have more depth to it and I can def see a man loving this on the skin! My guy uses Armani code and Armani aqua da jo (probably misspelled lol but it would be cool to have a woman’s Armani to spray too! Maybe I’ll get the 1oz:) I keep smelling my arm n it’s intoxicating to me at least lol ps now I’m getting more of a dry down and smell powder or rose I’m not sure which .(not my fav notes.. I may love tresor in love more , decisions decisions lol


          This is a wonderful sweet, fruity floral. I like this a lot better than Mon Paris. I will be adding this one to my collection soon.

          Jane Doll

          I really like this fragrance. It's fruit forward, but the floral gives it depth and some maturity. Fruity smells tend to remind me of something a teenager would wear, but I would wear this (I'm 31). It's flirty, and this fragrance plays out the scenario in my head "I know my crush is going to be at this event, so I'm going to wear this scent to smell good." The vanilla does not stand out in this fragrance but seems to coalesce everything together. When this dries down, say a good 5 hours later, the majority of the fruitiness is gone but the deeper floral notes stay.


          Uncatchy raspberry, lemon and vanilla mess.


          A rather simple elegant bottle, almost a little plain. But the scent is anything put plain.

          A fresh slightly sweet raspberry vanilla. Not too sweet. My husband smells fresh apples in this. Crisp and clean with a playful edge. Something that’s versatile and for all ages in my point of view.

          Happy I picked up a full bottle of this, definitely a unique and well done raspberry scent.


          Fruity, sweet (but not too sweet) with some soft floral notes and a little bit of citrusy freshness. Safe, pleasant, and great for a casual daytime fragrance. I find it to also be a mood lifter.


          Because it's you and I apparently don't like you very much obvs, I got together a load of old Escadas, a more plasticky hint of the treacleyness of Euphoria, mixed them up, watered them down and then poured them into a really boring bottle, then I overcharged you.
          Seriously if you do like this, and that's fine, then do yourself a favour and try some Escadas because they will probably blow your mind with their strength and fruitiness and actual character, as opposed to this which is trying to sneak into polite company and not be too obvious and so manages to be nothing. They will also usually be way cheaper. Or try Hugo Boss Nuit, which is also generically fruity but not as synthetic smelling.
          Oh and the name is just embarrassingly awful, on a par with Girl of Now. Bleurgh. I'm just waiting for one called Me Time.


          Still resembles Tory Burch Love Relentlessly to me


          If you have tried it and, for some reason, it was not what you have expected - too generic or too fruity - reconsider and give it a second chance. Allow this fragrance to wear you for app. one hour - you will be surprised.
          It is rather fruitty and too sweet for me at the beginning, however not something unplesent. After an hower it gets more warm and more classy.


          Enjoyable fragrance. Certainly not off-putting or syrupy or anything like that. It starts sweet with the berry note, settles into a warm -what smells like- cedar (not listed), nuances of vanilla . Not THAT clever but certainly not gross. Kind of reminds me of Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men but a touch stronger. Don't hate, just move on.


          This fragrance is prominently sweet raspberry. A little generic, but not saccharine or sickly. Florals, musk, sharp lemon, and a smart interpretation of amber/woods with amberwood. Not unpleasant. I just wish it had a twist to it that made it more modern, contemporary, or fresher. This has been done before in other ways, by other brands.


          This is so pretty. I normally don't like rose, and this one doesn't feel out of place when I wear it. I got it as a gift, and based on the notes I probably wouldn't have bothered sampling it, but I'm so happy to have it in my collection. Lasting power is very long and sillage is noticeable but not overpowering. First spray is fruity sweet, but that aspect seems to fade. My skin doesn't bring out the vanilla, just a fruity rose that becomes almost woodsy. It is more mature than some other Armani offerings I've tried (like Diamonds.) If you don't like rose and come across this fragrance, I urge you to sample it anyway, it really is beautiful.


          LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!! For me it has been love at first sniff. This perfume could have been called "Si girl". I am a fan of sugar and fruit bombs, like Pink sugar for example, and I never minded smelling like a walking fruit or dessert. lol But THIS is the classy version of sugary-fruity scents that I love. It is sweet, girly, fun, but at the same time very classy and... well, not mature, but at least grown-up! I absolutely love it and gave it to myself for my birthday in November.


          Very pretty raspberry vanilla. Not cheap or poor quality at all! I love it!

          @june7rose, have you even smelled this or looked at the notes? There is NO patchouli in this... are you just writing a bad review to be a you know what?


          Oh my god!!!, this is just like a blast of love... it opens sweet but not overly sweet, with a distinct raspberry and some other tropical note thats isnt announced, it just smells JUICY. Then when it settles, it transformn in this deeper slightly spicy but no overly so vanilla, raspberry and soft rose scent...the rose is almost indetectable...but I think its in the blend for a different twist.. very nice...Im in love right now!!
          Dont be fool by the simplistic bottle...its amazing!!


          Fragrance -Emporio Armani Because It’s You
          Bottle from - 2017

          Because It’s You is a seductive,flirtatious,sweet,fruity and lovely blend of raspberry,vanilla and rose with a hint of musk and with a wisper of neroli.Reminds me of a romantic and idealistic woman who just want a kiss and a cuddle.I like this one.

          Longevity - 8/10(8+ hours)
          Silage/Projection - 8/10(moderate to heavy projection and silage for the first 2-3 hours)
          Weather - best in spring,autumn and winter.
          Age - 18+
          Compliments - 9/10
          Scent - 8,5/10

          Main notes according to me - raspberry,vanilla,rose,musk,neroli.

          The drydown is nice and i get some -sweetness,vanilla and musk.

          Emotions -seductive,romantic,flirtatious,sweet,sexy,charming.

          Occasion - perfect for romantic evening,dates and night out.

          You'll get compliments and LOVE with this one.


          I am waiting for a sale on this it's such a juicy lychee, mouthwatering,tropical cocktail dreamy fragrance I think it smells amazing. Bottle is the 'basic b**tch' category , which is great as it will be one of the few bottles I'll be able too carry in my handbag , great mood lifter in cold climates, great usage for winter sun holidays x yum , sweet delicious no weird woody dry down x


          Smells generic, sweet and cheap.


          Finally something sweet, without a piercing patchouli !
          I like the idea of LVEB, Tresor la Nuit and the likes, but the patchouli tends to take the centre stage on my skin, drowning all the sweet notes. This is really nice, very sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Going on my want- list :)


          Starts out really sweet has a vanilla dry down. Great for fall.


          Not a fruit chuli! Actually quite nice. Begins very fruity then I get more roses vanille and some musk. I likey.


          Nothing special very generic fruity potion. You can find something similar for a better price. Even the projection and longevity are not that good. The bottle looks like the scent will be something else, something more cold and sophisticated. I ll give this one a pass!


          This is a great job
          nice smell, I hope we will love each other


          Additional to prev review.

          Sits close to skin
          Comparing to mon Paris edt

          This is quiet in comparison, not as juicy on the skin, dusky musky fruit. Very pleasant.
          Nice smell.

          Needs to be tested without mon Paris, as that one clouds the others, it's got a bigger sillage


          I got to sample this finally! I love it! I want a FB now. Without looking at notes and not knowing much about it, I tested it. It is sweet, a tad musky but I love how the musk is in this one and there is a bit of rose. I knew I smelled raspberry immediately, seeing the note this morning confirmed that. Raspberry is one of my favorite notes. :) The sweetness between that raspberry and vanilla are beautiful! I'd say this has near the same sweet smell from raspberry as Diamonds. Well done Armani!


          Passion fruit
          Juicy like fruit juice

          Similar ...the scent by Hugo boss or maybe riri by Rihanna.

          Just smelled the top didn't spray


          Oh wow! I am infatuated by Because It's You.
          Do you know the smell of freshly cooked raspberry jam?
          It's still warm, it has lemon slice and some sugar, maybe herbs like thyme and rosemary ...I have checked if such recipe of jam is possible and I was right! Sure, memories about mum cooking raspberry jam every summer helped me a lot.
          I can't believe how fast perfume "experts" are to write off the "sweet generic" perfume, shame on you! Wash off your noses with coffee and check it again. Comparison with other sweet musky perfumes is an insult, because this is grankid of Givenchy Hot Couture.


          I was really attracted to the bottle so I decided to give the juice a chance and I’m really happy with the smell! Yeah, it’s fruity-sweet (not my usual type) but it has enough jammy rose and vanilla in it to keep me interested. It reminds me of a day-time, slightly brighter version of Lanc?me’s Tresór Midnight Rose, which I like as well. It’s very feminine, a bit flirty, but not childish. I have a wedding to go to next weekend and I think this perfume will be the perfect fragrance to wear, especially with my dark red, lacey cocktail dress! I look forward to wearing this often this Fall.


          I tested it yesterday and the initial spray I immediately thought of Champagne by YSL. I was happy because I love that scent. The dry down changed quite a bit but it is nice nevertheless. I will get it in the future but right now I have other perfumes lined up waiting for me :)


          Sweet vanilla and fruits, nothing groundbreaking, but really lively and girly smell. I like this one, it smells like party and hapiness.


          A very beautifully , sweet scented sexy fragrance, I absolutely adore it, the bottle design is quite mediocre. I wish the design was more collectible. Sweet delicious the dry down is not musky it stays sweet x


          sweet bakhoor in a bottle. Can't wait to add it to my collection. Surprisingly, this one of Armani's more affordable perfumes, which is a plus.


          I bought this today, I don't know what is in it and I don't care its good :)


          This perfume is the most beautiful, comforting, sensual, and yes sexy (imo), raspberry/rose vanilla. It's a somewhat familiar scent, as some have already mentioned, but that doesn't stop it from being an undeniably attractive perfume. It's very edible and warm, it's enveloping and romantic. The vanilla is smooth and creamy, and perhaps a little boozy, and the neroli melds perfectly into the mix. It's also a compliment getter, going by my own experience. I would definitely wear this on colder days and nights, and it is very suited to romantic occasions. The sillage is good and the longevity, especially on clothes, is impressive. I adore it. I actually like the name, and the concept behind the male and female versions, too. It blends seamlessly with its male counterpart (Stronger with you), which I also like.


          I generally think armani fragrances are good, but this one... not so much.

          Not that its bad, its just not good!

          There is nothing either special or interesting about it. Smells like every other fruity tangy floral out there, and they are everywhere. It seems like a fragrance for the young crowd, really young, slightly immature smelling. But for that customer, you might as well find the same for a third the price. And as this smell is everywhere, thsts not hard to find.

          Dissapointing from the house of Armani.


          Opening: raspberry hard candy, sweet, juicy, fun and girly,perhaps a bit loud (the way sweet fruitchoulis and other modern perfumes tend to be).
          Then the rose is added, fresh and pink, and I also think peony or freesia may be there too.
          The drydown is soft and a bit soapy.
          A nice perfume, however the bottle and name do not do it justice; they feel plain, unimaginative.


          This is such a sweet pretty little baby!

          I got it from Macy's after testing it one time and loved it. A fresh citrus floral with girly feminine charms. This is a perfume I can wear daily not as a signature but as an easy to wear morning scent after my shower. It's a sweet delicious raspberry with rose, lemon, and amber musk dry down. Clean, not terribly sophisticated but very modern and enjoyable.

          At the first spritz, mmmm, I smell delicious orange citrus notes of neroli and tart lemon. Then it turns into a very distinct raspberry flavor. This is like a raspberry scented flavored water. Sweet berry. Then it turns into a rose, not a realistic herbal rose but a candied rose with a sweet feminine girly girl air.

          The rose lingers for a while, letting you know this is for HER to wear a young girl's perfume but mature with the dry down notes of amber and musk, clean musk, with a warmth and a your skin but better effect. This is linear but not boring and has a decent life of over 4-5 hours. When you spray too much it sours so it's best applied lightly. Good for hot summer months or cool spring days.

          Thank You Armani
          Shauna Parra


          I had a rep at Sephora make a sample for me of this. I thought at first it was too strong, but when I had it on about 2 hours it beautiful floral with little sweetness. I really like it, I didn't think it lasted long enough on me though.

          arwa hussein

          floral ,powdery ,makeupyyy it smells delicious , Very close to LVEB FLORAL


          This smells so tropical to me. And yet there is not one tropical note listed. But I get a pineapple or some sort of sour tropical sweet fruit. Very strange.
          I like this one. I would enjoy smelling it on a lady.


          This is a cheap crossed up version of Armani si ...which the first few mins promises something really nice and then after that is over with ...its a musky cheap mess ...returned it quickly.


          I smelled it yesterday morning and yeah. It's so nice when fragrantica reviewers confirm me, mostly those that say their opinion straight forward. I always come here to see what people think or say, but also to add my personal point of view.

          First sniff, hmmm yeah! You're all right, it looks like a 'celebrity' kind of sweet/fresh/strong perfume. It looks like I am juicy couture by Juicy Couture, minus the cocktail vibe. Sencond one, not bad, I can smell a soft raspberry from a distance but when it comes closer all I detect is a girlier and lighter edition of Armani Si! I am not kidding, it has all the potential to be an edition of this line, plus they share some notes that are very Armani-sh.

          My nose can now catch La vie est belle Florale. God it's like I sprayed this one on a paper and it's just less intense or heady. I am 99% there's patchouli in this perfume as well as iris. All in all, do I like it? Hmm not really. Would I wear it? Why not for once or twice to see how my skin react. Am I impressed? No, nothing new. Sillage and longevity? Great longevity, normal to soft sillage. Special characteristic of Because of you:
          " It combines all great features of the perfumes mentioned above, even by you guys (Si-Giorgio Armani, Mon Paris-YSL, La vie est belle florale-Lancome, I am juicy couture-JC) and it may work for the woman of today that has many facets."


          The melodramatic name doesn't appeal to me, but I think this is a lovely, extremely feminine, warm scent. "Because It's You" seems like it would be the name of a fragrance from Avon or Mary Kay...but Armani? I wouldn't have imagined it. But I probably wouldn't have imagined "Mania" either. Because It's You's syrupy quality reminds me a little bit of original Mania, and Tocade, with raspberry instead of rose. "Because it's you", is not a fragrance I would purchase for myself (other than a small rollerball, maybe), but if someone gave me a bottle, I would enjoy wearing it once in a while, for sure. It has a conceptualized "masculine partner", the fragrance "Stronger With You". The idea reminds me of the Faith Hill-Tim McGraw themed fragrance duo that came out several years ago. Did that sell well? I remember the ads, but I never came across the fragrances.
          I think that "Because" is a well-done fragrance, in its category. Probably more people love fruit notes in fragrances than don't love them. Personally, I don't search for them, but there are some fruity perfumes I really enjoy. If you love fruit notes, this is one you must try! Raspberry Is a radiant jewel in Because It's You, and the raspberry component of this is very much like beloved fragrances with heavy raspberry, particularly YSL Mon Paris and Lanc?me Tresor Midnight Rose.


          In a nutshell: This is black opium light + lots of raspberry.

          Because It's You ("BiY") opens with a sweet, bright raspberry that will undoubtedly be appealing to many. That opening is certainly it's sale's pitch. BiY progresses to a more candy like (artificial) raspberry, and when fully dried down, the Black Opium "homage" is very evident. It's not an overly sophisticated fragrance that will probably have mass appeal because of the overwhelming raspberry and lower price point. It's a little too sweet for me, but those who like sweeter fragrances may like it better. (For a more cherry-berry, I personally prefer Guerlain's Petit Robe Noir). I'm a bit disappointed because BiY is not so original as I'd hoped and it was a bit of a let down after the opening. Beyond that, the name of the fragrance is just terrible, and the companion fragrance's name is even worse. Perhaps it could be re-marketed as "Because" or just "You"!


          There's a paper sample insert in the latest Ulta sale catalog I got today (8/31/17) and on the first sniff, I was not displeased, thinking that this smells quite similar in essence to Mon Paris, but without the patchouli (which I actually don't mind in the Mon Paris I have). Now I need to smell it from the bottle as the paper samples notoriously don't smell like the actual bottled fragrance, at least in my experiences. Will see if it lives up to the pleasant enough sweetness it promises on paper! :)

          EDIT: so I've received a sample and right out of the package I can smell the similarities to Mon Paris even more strongly and I'm liking it even more. I also get hints of LVEB, Si and a bit of Black Opium so this is clearly taking a page out of the fruitchuli book, but without the patchouli. Will test on skin soon and hopefully that great fruitiness doesn't fade too much...

          EDIT #2: well, I tried it on my skin and that raspberry note is just a bit too sweet for taste. I also get a strong neroli note (which I hate in every fragrance that has it) and that inevitable sour/'pissy' vibe from it as the scent dries down. Disappointing, but there is a silver lining! I got the shower gel and that smells much better to me than the perfume does.

          EDIT #3: well, the shower gel is now history, LOL! I kept trying to like it, but I just couldn't stomach it anymore and it had to go. If that raspberry note was toned down by half it would be much better for my taste.


          Exactly like lancome LVEB and Armani Si !!!


          I received a sample vial of this fragrance and 10 minutes after applying, all I could think of was Tory Burch Love Relentlessly. I instantly knew it smelled familiar but took awhile for the name to come to mind. Reading the other reviews though makes me wonder if I got a mislabeled sample. The one I have definitely does not smell like Si.


          Awesome longevity! Delicious sweetness , I'm taken ! Very happy with my new purchase !


          I can almost guarantee you have smelled this before under a different name. Maybe it was an Axe spray or maybe it was one of those samples you doused yourself with at the mall. Whatever it was this is very similar.

          Longevity is decent. Projection is very low.

          Not even worthy of a review.


          I immediately came to mind Modern Muse Le Rouge. Mmlr smells expensive and exclusive and so do this one and they are very simalar but I would choose Mmlr. Rose and raspberry are the most prominent notes. Smells grown up. Conclution, I like it!


          Received this perfume as an anniversary gift from my husband. It's a lovely release from Emperio Armani. I'm always excited whenever Armani releases a new fragrance. They're always very special and this is no different. It's a crowd pleaser.. very fruity with raspberry being the star of the show. It has just enough freshness in it to stop it being sickly sweet but mind you.. JUST enough. I think this will be amazing when the weather cools down.. I haven't had a chance to smell it in cold weather yet but I can't wait. Very warm and cosy fragrance. I LIKE it a lot. Not yet in love.

          Kath Grace

          Round One: Oh my! This is so sharp I think it bit my nose! My first reaction was so strong that I recoiled from the bottle.

          Second Try: After resting my nose I became curious and gave it another try. Still sharp.

          Third Attempt: I spritzed it on a fragrance card and wandered around with it for a few minutes, sniffing as I walked. The raspberry in this smells slightly "off".

          I do not see myself wearing this or enjoying it on anyone else.


          This smells like a love child of LVEB and Nina's L'Extase, just add raspberry. Not that it's a bad thing! It's sweet, so for those that are tired of the trend, you're probably not gonna like it. But for you gourmand and sweets lovers out there, you probably WILL like it. For me, of course I like it. It's actually a heavy hitter on me, so I think this will do better in the cooler temps. I can't see myself wearing in the summer, but who knows, maybe I'll experiment around with it. Longevity is great too, at least on my skin; when I tested it, I got around 8 hours out of it before it settled to a more moderate aroma. Honestly, I still have a hard time believing it's an Armani scent, like some other reviewers have noted. It really does smell like a celebrity perfume, and I mean that in the nicest way possible! Lol

          Overall, for you raspberry and/or gourmand lovers, give it a whirl. If you're not a fan of either, then move on to the next.


          'Because it's'... Escada Turqoise Summer! Oh yes, that's where I smelled this before.


          It bought me from the first sniff. Yes, it's fruity and sweet, but not cheap smelling (like it does Armani Si on my skin) or cloying (like LVEB, Le Petite Robe Noire and similar). It is sweet and light with strong sexy vibe that screams "I am confident, successful young woman".
          It is a real pearl.. The first scent after a while that really got my interest. Everything fits - the smell, the philosophy and the advertisement. It will soon be added to my collection, for sure.


          first impression was 'I've smelt this before, it reminds me of something' can't think what though.
          still, it's a nice, sweet scent that lasts a good couple of hours. stupid name but nice bottle. i quite like it.

          Self-Propelling Fantasy

          A sweet, heavy, fruity musk. There is an undertone that smells a bit like glue. It's a fairly strong perfume, and somewhat stuffy, with tenacious longevity. I don't really like it.


          As others have said, fruity, musky and very sweet. I see from the notes that the fruit is raspberry, but to me it smells like mango. After the first few minutes, there's a medicinal note that begins to emerge and tempers the sweetness, although the mango is still there. There are so many sweet, fruity perfumes around at the moment but this is quite a pleasant variant.


          Sweet, vanilla citrus-y raspberry. At first I smelled peach, but soon it was almost gone. Musk and rose in background. Rose and citrus gives to it more cooler, feminine and solemn touch. At first there is something clean about it, but not really in a soapy way, but then later little bit soapiness comes out more. In similar vibe like most sweet perfumes in these days.


          This is really nice, years back I used to own Armani Idole and I really liked it, it just had no staying power! This really reminds me of Idole, even though the notes listed are different, it has that same character. This time with more longevity. I can pick up the orange and mandarin notes mentioned in other reviews. The addition of vanilla and musk soften it, probably adding to the longevity as well. The rose is very nice here too, I often don't like rose as it can be too 'room spray' for me, but here it is a very nice addition. I can still smell this on my arm the next day. The dry down for me is soft rose, raspberry and vanilla. I think I'm going to want to buy this one!


          Super fruity but not in your face raspberry more like citrusy raspberry. It's not your basic fruity floral though, still more interesting than most. I bought the men's version though, it's really lovely.


          Because It's You is a modern fruity floral, albeit a familiar one with a clumsy name. Raspberry and vanilla form the heart notes on my skin with a rosy tinge that keeps it from being a basic fruity vanilla fragrance. Projection was about an arm’s length and longevity was around 6 hours. The only flower here is the musky, jammy rose that reminded me of Nina Ricci L’Extase or Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. Though listed in the notes, I unfortunately didn’t get the legendary Armani neroli + vanilla combination here or its signature sultry edge. Those of you who are tempted to blind by a full bottle, be advised that, although this is a very easy to wear, pretty fragrance, it is a modest perfume that is more in the vein of Victoria’s Secret then designer-made. I highly recommend a skin test first.


          Surprised there's no passion fruit in the notes because that's what I noticed straight away when I smelled it. I disagree with a lot of the above reviews, I figured I'd try it out of curiosity since I own the men's one and I was pleasantly surprised. I think it's a very nice perfume, if I had a girlfriend I'd definitely buy it for her


          I was not expecting what I smelled when I tried this. For me this smells strongly of orange or mandarin. I don't get a lot of raspberry. To me it smells a bit like Armani Si and a little bit Coco Madamoselle and Miss Dior Cherie but with more of an orange note. I hope that gives you an idea. I think it's ok but I have a sample vial I am going to use until I decide.
          Update- decided to buy a bottle after finishing my sample and enjoying it:)


          My first impression is that it smells rather cheap, simplistic almost...it is very sweet,like caramel sweet...and yes could be a Rihanna or Ariana Grande perfume, for the young, or the lovers of fruity sweet scents.,the raspberry definitely dominates but more in the heart....Anne Flipo didnt work hard on that one..I dont recognize the Armani quality here! it isnt unpleasant but it has nothing going for it either..but with blind buys, you never know!
          I am jusr not into sweet scents lately...


          This is a big NO for me. Smells like all the heavy and sticky raspberry-rose-vanilla scents these days. Reminds me of many fragrances, I never liked, for example Diamonds, Tresor Midnight Rose and so on. I don't like that soapy rose note that is mixed with nasty raspberry note. There are good rose and raspberry scents, but this one is not one of them. I think it can't even compete with Zara's fragrances, that's how boring and generic this perfume is.


          If i haven′t read that this is an Armani product, i would have thought it is a celebrity fragrance: Veeery fruity, sweet and slightly floral. Done a thousand times already.It could have been a classy interpretation of the current floral fruity trend (that i particulary like), but it is just a generic juice.

          Valy in the sky

          Very intense and sweet raspberry, smells like something familiar (maybe like someone said like Armani Diamonds but the focus here is on raspberry) - Nice, I′m gonna give it another try and see...


          smells exactly like nina ricci l'extase just add raspberry; sugar sweet, nice musk on the drydown :-) this would be nice on an autumn evening. i love it, but not enough that i'd buy it.


          BIY reminded me a lot of Armani Diamonds, which used to be one of my absolute favourite perfumes during high school and takes me back to the sweetest memories. I like Armani's use of raspberry: It's not for everybody, and I know many people don't find fruity classy at all, but to me it adds a playful twist to an otherwise clean scent. I'd adore this if I were my younger self!


          Sweet, fruity, vanilla fragrance. In summer it smells a bit like a cake. Not so light so better for cold season.


          Love love love, want want want!:)
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