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          Date For Men Fragrance One for men

          Date For Men Fragrance One for men

          main accords
          fresh spicy
          warm spicy

          Perfume rating 2.89 out of 5 with 678 votes

          Date For Men by Fragrance One is a Oriental fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Date For Men was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. Top notes are juniper berry, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Lemon; middle notes are Cardamom and Patchouli; base notes are Vetiver and Agarwood (Oud).

          DATE for Men is an Oriental Fruity Powerhouse. "We have a clash of 4 fruits (Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Juniper Berry) mixed with a clash of Oriental Sexual Masculinity of 4 Notes (Patchouli, OUD, Vetiver, Cardamom)."

          Work Hard - Play Hard : "The Fruity opening is the flirtiness on a date, the laugh and smile, the rich mids through patchouli and cardamom brings the seduction, then we have the immortally masculine OUD, and super sexual vetiver."? - a note from the brand

          Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Espa?ol, Fran?ais, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικ?, 漢語, Nederlands, Srpski, Roman?, ???????, Укра?нська, Монгол, ?????.

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          Perfume Pyramid

          Top Notes

          juniper berry
          Mandarin Orange

          Middle Notes


          Base Notes

          Agarwood (Oud)

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          Perfume longevity: 2.96 out of 5.

          Perfume sillage: 2.49 out of 4.

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          Its very synthetic, stupid perfume i couldnt understand it please go to the youtube and watch fragrances bros. Chanal, He has a very good review to this stupid perfume!
          Jeremy had send it to this Chanal reviewer!
          Don't buy it its not woth it,
          maybe 20$ not more i swear!


          I thought fragrantica is a good website for fragrance lovers, but i can't get this serieus. People compare this with Dora and axe? Had Alberto morillas do something bad in your personal live, because it looks like hate to Alberto morillas. Strange people on fragrantica.


          For those wondering about the ratings you need to consider all the jealous trolls that sabotaged the rating here without ever buying or smelling this fragrance. Redolessence just did a video ("Top 10 best date fragrances for men judged by Athena" - 11/17/2020) with his beautiful niece and this one (Date) took first place. Don't listen to the trolls and get a sniff for yourself.


          Smells great, performance is outstanding; very high longevity but price is too high. Dont buy without discount.


          Dear my friends
          How can this fragrance has a such enemies. Alberto morillas is a legend. And jeremy has a such deep deep experience in this profession. I personally enjoyed this perfume alot. And I got so many comments on it. Maybe something goes wrong with his fans.


          I own 10ml of Date For Men. I am a fan of Jeremy. I really am. But I’m not a fan of Juniper. I just didn’t realize it until buying this. I knew I didn’t like this aroma but I didn’t know that the aroma was Juniper. Juniper is strong, sharp, synthetic, slightly fresh, and even less sweet. It really is synthetic in a bad way, in my opinion. And it lasts a Long time. Aside from the initial strong citrus and berry aromas and a significant but not dominant ambroxan, (deodorant), aroma at the very beginning the Juniper is all I really smell. A few hours in and I start to smell the ambroxan again from time to time.

          On a Safe Scale of 1-10 this is a 6.


          Though it’s a nice fragrance smell and performance, but smells familiar and you can find imo easily a replacement and many in the same genre. By couple of words nothing new to the table but could be a choice from many in the same genre.


          Date for Men has an amazing opening.

          It lasts around 8 hours on my skin.
          It projects for about 3-4 hours.
          If you spray on clothes it lasts for days.

          ...but those base notes...
          Vetiver and Augarwood?
          Vetiver needs to be retired, or used minimally.


          I got a decent yesterday from my friend and the opening is amazing and but it stayed on my skin for around 2-4 hours. TBH I still prefer JPG ultra male. But still, I will buy it if there is at my place.


          Jeremy failed to sell his perfumes to the people who has a bit more knowledge than his followers. It is a different group, where:
          A) He does not have earned respect or merits
          B) He is trying to sell something for blind buy, while even Frederic Malle perfumes are not that arrogant
          C) He is trying to sell something at the price which is difficult to justify. If you are a celebrity - your price tag shall be ~$30. If you are a designer - is he a designer? If you are a niche perfumer....
          D) I assume returns are not accepted.
          Sounds like a fraud. And we normally put fraudsters in the jail.

          By his marketing strategy he is saying: I am important enough in this industry to say it is good enough without trying and pay high price. If you try to do the same anywhere, most likely you will get same responses as below and your goods rated low.


          The opening is amazing.. I wish it could have been even a linear scent with just the opening, and not much different with the drydown. Honestly though, it's solid.. Definitely a compliment getter if people are near you During the opening.
          Once it dries down it gets a little rough but then gets smooth and sweet. (think burnt sugar)


          I don't agree with the proposed pricing, nor would I pay 200 euro's or whatever it was going for, but as far as the scent itself, it's actually quite good. Not sure if it's anything super original or unique, but it smells pretty refined and very appealing. It smells like a top tier mass appealing designer fragrance or something. It's fruity, and rich with a nice base that evens it out and gives it some depth. I actually am really enjoying this decant someone was nice enough to send to me. Seems like a lot of people say it's like ultra male.. I guess i can see the resemblance, but when I tried ultra male a long time ago I found it sickeningly sweet.. Even though this might be in a similar class, I think I enjoy this one better. Something in this also smells slightly fresh and creamy.. As far as the scent goes, and no other drama, thumbs up from me.


          "Date for Men is a Fall/Winter Fragrance."
          Well, it was supposed to be a DATE fragrance, so besides the ridiculous pricing and the cheap looking presentation, apparently they messed up the versatility and the marketing of this fragrance as well.


          I am trying to wait until the Winter to wear it and review Date for Men, but i have to say it smells Heavenly from bottle sniffs.

          Understand that all of these reviews are judging DfM in the Summer. It is NOT a summer fragrance.

          Date for Men is a Fall/Winter Fragrance.

          If you simply look at the Performance ratings you will see people voting this as Poor with no sillage.
          That is just HATE.
          Even if you dont like the juice it still lasts 10-12 hours.

          This is why i cant trust the reviews/ratings of Popular fragrances here on Fragrantica.


          I like it! It’s actually pretty strong and smells very pleasant. Most definitely has that strong sweet fruity vibe. Longevity is amazing. Absolutely no hate here on my part.... Advice the projectIon works better with this fragrance on the cloths rather than the skin. Free advice from me. Either way I’d say he knocked it out of the park with this one, good for Jermey.


          I completely agreed with @Jewmack.

          Unisex smell very close to Date, however it has slightly powdery touch.
          Jeremy stated that he was considering to put highest price tag because he thinks it smell the best, however he decided not to.


          140euro for 50ml which added up 280euro for 100ml which is much higher than already expensive "date".

          yes it is long lasting.

          most of designer fragrances are very likable, it aimed to get more compliments, thats what Fragrance One. is doing with doubled or trippled price tag.
          yes it does last long time, does it worth paying for? i strongly disagree.

          Jeremy once said all of his fragrances doesnt smell similar, however Unisex is very similar smelling to Date for Men. He shouldnt state anything unless he is sure not to change his mind.


          CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP !!
          Just like cheap smelly banana sale for $20 each.

          I was like what the hell bro ??


          I don t know who on Earth would pay 250 dollars for some generic s**t. Jeremy is basically a noob in perfume business and he put prices like Creed, epic. For example, in my country for 250 dollars I can buy Chanel BDC , Allure Extreme, YSL Y and Prada CArbon, so 4 amazing fragrances from great houses for one bottle of s**t and still some people buying this fragrance, it's beyond me lol.


          "Generic", "lame" and "boring" all come to mind with every realese from this overpriced house. ZERO marketing enticement is the only thing on display here. A big thumbs down. ????


          So let’s start on a positive, at least he does some good deals, bogof, 30%off etc

          Now the scent well having tried this I can say there is something very familiar about this, it’s fruity, little bit of spice and most likely synthetic oud, but I was having a clear out recently and came across some stuff I don’t wear anymore JPG ultra male and Paco 1 million and for old time sake had a wee sniff and bomb there it was, date!!! So again it appears that this is simply the above 2 scents combined,
          I’m starting to get a feeling that this is jezza’s approach take some great scents and copy and mix them! Again as with my previous review of office ultra male and 1 million stand apart on quality and scent compared to this.

          Pricing- again what on earth! £200 I could buy ultra male and 1 million and still have pocket change, i would find it very difficult to part with £200 for this luckily I got some samples, as if I was going to spend £200 on scents I’d be looking at Initio or PDM maybe even Fredric Malle or Amouage yes the list of “niche” houses goes on.

          Performance is solid here, it’s not earth shattering but it is absolutely solid lasts long and projects relatively well.

          Performance 8/10
          Uniqueness 2/10
          Scent 5/10

          Not the best and not the worst but for £200 there’s much better out there.

          Unfortunately again I feel there is a little “fake news” with the branding as on my previous review of office- it’s not the best, it’s not got the best ingredients.


          First, I own both Office for Men and Date for Men. Fragrance One fragrances have amazing performances. This delivers on its promise. Fruity in the beginning and masculine on the dry down. It makes a good date fragrance and can be enjoyed by the masses. It is unique enough to be original. I don’t think it is like Ultra Male. If you had only smelled this and never smelled Ultra Male, and when you first smell Ultra Male you would not say “that smells like Date for Men” this is a fragrance I am glad I own and wear it generally during the cooler time of year. I wouldn’t pay full retail for this, and if you are patient there are always deals like BOGO or just 50% off. Also, just spraying on paper or spraying in the air, this is okay but not great. It NEEDS to be on your skin for the dry down.


          I’ve had date for men since it came out and left a decent review for it.


          If you’re wondering why I am leaving the review here...
          Two reasons:

          1. I HAVE to give a review on this unisex because Unisex isn’t available on here yet. And I have to stop people from getting it.

          2. This smells identical to Date. I am not exaggerating this.

          After waiting so damn long to receive this (apparently, covid has slowed down deliveries), I get it today and sprayed my hand instantly let out a sigh of disappointment.

          This smells 95% like Date for man. Worse yet, instead of getting the 100 ML bottle, they send you 50ML. I liked office for man and date. But this pissed me off.

          I literally said out loud “I waited for this?” DO NOT BUY THIS [unisex].

          Just buy date for man if you really wanna buy unisex. With that being said... I probably won’t be getting another frag from him. I’m so disappointed.


          I gave him a 3 because “date for man” wasn’t too bad.” This is just a shitty flanker

          P.S. immediately after spraying this, I was washing it off so I can eat my meal without this overpowering my senses. The water just runs off the spray spot. It’s like pure oil. VERY strong smell. I’m sure this lasts for at least 10 hours plus. But it’ll give you a headache.


          I don't know why this gets so much hate. It smells amazing. $248 USD amazing? Absolutely not. I have the 10ml, and I don't see myself wearing this all of the time so I doubt I'll need a bigger size. Just like the name implies, it would work very well for a date, formal event, or other occasion when you want to be noticed. It's quite strong, and my skin kills projection, so even 2 sprays for me is the maximum. Unlike Office, which I also have in the 10ml size, this is an extrait de parfum. Be careful with the sprays!

          Also, I doubt there's any real oud in Date for Men. It smells like a sweeter and more citrusy Ultramale.


          I have to preface i received this fragrance, along with Office in a giveaway on this very website. There's no quid pro quo. I just entered and got selected.

          I am aware of Jeremy Fragrance and the derision that these his first releases have received. Some of it is pretty scathing and I can understand it better when contextualized by the somewhat hefty price tag. But since I didn't pay even a discount price for either fragrance, and I never would have blind bought something at their price point, I'm realize I'm reviewing from a compromised position.

          First off, all else aside, Jeremy's concept is perfectly sound. The idea of naming the fragrance for the occasion to wear it is a great foundation to construct a scent upon, and to that end, both Office and Date are unqualified successes. They are well built, have outstanding quality, and both are custom fitted to their respective occasions.

          ...perhaps to a fault. I understand not wanting to strike out on your first time at the plate, but unfortunately, when you play it this safe, what you are left with are scents with so many familiar components that you forget them the instant you clear their wake. They simply don't stick in your mind. One of the odd peculiarities of both fragrances is how they they pay homage to their fairly obvious influences without veering into clone territory, and yet still fail to transcend these influences in any capacity. They are not derivative, but they convey a lack of aspiration to push any boundaries.

          If you have even a passing familiarity with Aventus, Bleu de Chanel, M7, La Nuit De l'Homme, Vintage Black, Aqua di Gio, or Drakkoir Noir, you will likely find these redundant. So, who exactly is the target for this line? I think the right person is someone who likes to smell good but doesn't want the burden of an entire collection. The buyer is someone for whom these scents represent the entirety of their repertoire. Say what you will, but I think Jeremy may find his niche, because there are a lot of people who are minimalist in their consumption and only want one or two scents on their dresser, and these will effectively cover the bases.


          A very long-lasting fruity fragrance, with a little bit of masculine base underneath. What kind of fruity? Like a red fruit tea. Smells great and women really love it! Obviously it has a synthetic vibe to it. But it your not smelling it up close on your nose all day, it shouldn't bother you (so just depends how you spray it). In a romantic, snuggling type situation or for bed, this really shines through. A++


          I bought both his fragrances for men, that being Office and Date.

          I went into this fully expecting to hate these fragrances, due to all the hate by "fragrance reviewers" on youtube and members of the fragrance community here. I took my first smell and thought f%#&, these smell great.

          I do not understand the hate for these fragrances. Are they expensive, yes. Absolutely, without a doubt. Why? We can only guess. Maybe the juice inside is so well blended that it need to make up for it. Maybe the ingredients costed so much they couldn't do anything in the way of bottle design and box. I don't know, and unless you work in the operation you wont either. Bottle and box design are boring, but if the fragrance smells good... who cares.

          I think people let their zelophobia get in the way of giving this a honest and open minded review. Which is sad because if not for the hate, someone may have found their signature fragrance that works for them. Instead of an honest review, they attack it out of jealousy. I would have hoped our community is better than that. I guess I may have been mistaken.

          Now for the truth. Is this everything it was said it was? Yes, this is a compliment beast for those that are not fragrance snobs. Most all people will like this fragrance. If you are interested, go and buy the small tester bottle and try it before committing to the whole bottle because it is a bit pricey. Don't expect much in the way of presentation, as I said though it should be about the smell not looks. This fragrance does last a good amount of time. Spray accordingly. Over spray anything will make you sick and under spray will make it forgettable.. keep that in mind.

          Do I personally like it? yes, it smells great. Is it my style? no. Will I wear it? sure if the mood strikes me. Will I buy another bottle? maybe? I would like the price to get a little bit lower.

          As i always say, try before you buy.

          Stay healthy, stay safe.

          Your local Fire Station is here for you, stay in for us.


          The problem with Jeremy's fragrances (including this one) is that they're all basically caricatures of every recent popular fragrance crammed into one. It's like someone programmed a machine to create the "best" male fragrance, and what you end up with is a rather soulless concoction lacking any semblance of individuality. I'm not a fan of Sauvage or Aventus, but those fragrances have unique individuality about them that makes them worth owning. Date for Men on the other hand, is a fragrance that tries too hard to be likable, but instead comes off as 100% inauthentic.


          With all the love ultra male gets, I don’t understand the hate on this..are we rating the fragrance? Or Jeremy’s marketing ? Come On people. This fragrance smells sooo good, yes it does smell similar to ultra male but owning Both of them I can say they are different..the juniper and Cardamom really add some character to it. Would I pick this over ultra male? No. Reason #1 would be the price And #2 is I just like ultra male better BUT that’s the only reason why. If this fragrance wasn’t the same price as creed fragrances id definitely buy. Plus it easily last 8+ hours..no lie there.

          UPDATE: 2 things; 1. This last way over 8 hours, I washed/dried a shirt and I could still smell the fragrance..very impressed. 2. The dry down isn’t as good as the first hour of spraying..gets kind of clawing. Where as in ultra male I never get tired of it ??


          This smells like one million lucky, ultra male dna. People should not downvote without smelling it. And the cardamom starts developing after 1 hour but is really good.


          A nice fragrance. I little too fruity for my taste, but still smells like a quality fragrance. Could be unisex. Definitely more of a daytime spring or summer fragrance.


          I am sorry and this is the very first time I will hijack this space for non review purposes...

          I am not fond of Jeremy and never take his videos seriously as he can be a bit of an annoying tit at times, but to troll his perfume down the way most of you have done is truly shameful...
          I would doubt if more than 1% of the people that hit the dislike button, actually smelled the perfume...


          The mid and a dry down are so close to one million lucky and not Ultra Male! Is a nice fragance !, by the way! I’m not a fan of Jeremy , he is a joke to be hones! But the fragance is not that bad that people try to said!!


          Picked this up on a BOGOF with Office. I like the scent although I would say it’s better suited to someone late teens to mid twenties. It has good performance, both longevity and sillage. I like the sweetness and once it dries down it lingers nicely for hours. Safe purchase if you can get over the price, even on a discount it is overpriced


          its like a cheap ultramale clone only sold for 50 times its real price ...

          Morrillas dude is so bad with cheap ass clones


          There are a lot of Youtube reviews and reaction videos that make Date and Office seem amazing. Yet the reviews here on Fragrantica are quite critical. I figured it must just be Jeremy haters trying to take him down. I just received my 10ml samples of Date and Office and now I understand. Hopefully this review will explain what is going on.

          Basically, it seems that both Date and Office were designed to give an amazing first impression, and as such they have been getting amazing reaction videos on Youtube. The problem is the drydown is nothing special at all, and as any experienced buyer knows, the drydown is all that really matters because that is what you are going to smell like for the rest of the day.

          Ok the two scents in more detail...

          The first few seconds of Office are like an ambroxan bomb. Very strong! But that is okay because within a few seconds it evens out. For the first 10 minutes it's a nice scent. The "vibe" is like Sauvage mixed with Aqua di Gio. It's fresh, a little citrusy, and definitely inoffensive. It would definitely be okay for the office. It is well blended and I don't feel that any particular note overpowers any other one. It is hard to pick out individual notes it just smells clean and fresh. The problem is... it just doesn't stand out to me. It just smells like a generic fresh clean fragrance. In trying to make a fragrance that would never offend anyone at the office, it ends up being a fragrance that will never make you stand out at all. Why pay so much money to be average?

          After 10 minutes the projection and enjoyment of the fragrance goes down significantly. It could be a high end clean, fresh smelling slightly citrusy deodorant. It's not bad it's just... boring.

          The first few seconds are mindblowing. WOW! A perfect blend of gourmand and fruit. It's like that feeling you get from the first hit of Paco Rabane One Million but it smells very unique. For the first 10 minutes I could not stop sniffing it. It's lovely. Perfectly blended with no particular note standing out above the others. I don't think I have ever smelled something quite like it, it's a delightful blend of gourmand, fruity and citrus notes with a hint of patchouli. It does not smell especially natural OR synthetic. It's in a category of its own like Chanel Bleu. It smells like "Date" and nothing else on the market. I remember thinking "if it continues to smell like this, then yes it is worth 220 Euros and I will buy a whole bottle".

          BUT... that is just the first 10 minutes. Sadly... they do not last. As the scent progresses, it loses nearly all of its charm. It devolves into the bubblegum note from JPG Ultra Male. That's it. No oud, no musk, just bubblegum with one or two synthetic smelling sharp/spicy notes in the background to flesh it out. It doesn't even smell masculine after 10 minutes. This could be a unisex perfume. The performance of the best part of this scent is shockingly bad. I don't care for the bubblegum smell so... meh.

          As fans of his channel will know, Jeremy loves Aqua di Gio Profumo, JPG Ultra Male, Paco Invictus, Versace Eros and Dior Sauvage. I think when he hired Alberto Morillas to design his fragrances for him he basically asked to recreate hybrids of the DNA of his favourite scents. So of course he loves Date and Office and genuinely believes they are the best fragrances on earth. It's an approach I understand but I don't particularly like any of those fragrances. Their drydowns are simply not for me. Looking at the notes on the website I thought I'd be buying something truly unique, instead I feel like I've bought clones of some popular fragrances.

          Jeremy talks about how his fragrances are super long lasting and this is only half true. You can still smell something after many hours. In fact you can still smell them even after thoroughly washing your skin, but the problem is that what you smell isn't very appealing! Office is just the generic synthetic scent I described earlier and Date is just that one JPG bubblegum note.

          As we all know, it is the top notes and first impression that make the sale of a fragrance in a department store and I think Jeremy/Albert applied that mindset when creating these fragrances but it just doesn't work for internet sales. They should have worked backwards, and figured out how to make the best possible drydown even if it means the opening 10 seconds are not as mindblowing. Date and Office are all about the first impressions and they don't have much to offer beyond that.

          If you love the JPG bubblegum note then you could try a 10ml sample of Date. Overall it is slightly better than Ultra Male. If you are looking for a less sexy, cleaner Dior Sauvage you could try a 10ml sample of Office. For everyone else I just don't see why you'd want to buy these.


          Got my 10ml today. Definitely smell ultra male on the opening. The opening is superb and I was ready to say its bottle worthy at full msrp for me but the Dry down is not as good. Kinda fruity ambroxan with laundry detergent. The dry down isn't bad but its not as good as the opening. I'd buy this full bottle with a discount code. The difference between this and office is for the money on this one you could buy something like xerjoff instead and thats some stiff competition. At 179 you are kinda in between a lot of designer and niche


          Jeremy is very influential.So influential that he actually has investors behind him. Dont hate on him for that.It's called business. On another note would i purchase any of his fragrances not really. For the price of the fragrances i would go to Xerjoff or any other high end niche fragrance brand to invest in something unique.


          Ok, so I have come to this fragrance as I have come to Office, bought it as a BOGO deal.
          To my amateur nose, doesn’t remind me JPG Ultra Male at all. What I am missing is pear note. In here there is no pear whatsoever. Yes, there is some sweet note, but to me is reminding me something sweet like Maninka note in HB The Scent. Not a bad scent, just seems to me very similar. So what is conclusion, buy Hugo Boss Scent Intense(EDP) and you have moreless same vibe. Again, have to say, totally unbaised opinion. No hate, I like Jeremy and I think he is great reviewer.


          Not going to get into the stuff already said too much. Pretty much I got a decent as no way was I paying even a fraction of the asking price and there is no reason Jeremy has to go the niche price route when they do the codes.
          If and when you do smell it, it's powerful, sweet and average appealing for the most part. I spray on the chest as you have to see this is nuclear at first and like lot say, it's Ultra Male but slightly goes it's own way.
          Do not recommend.


          A fresher, less cloying mix between Eros and Ultramale. Would be a good buy for 50-60 euro retail, as it is overly synthetic and not at all natural smelling. For the current retail price of 249 euro? Rolling on the floor laughing critical strike.


          Longevity is outrageous but sillage is moderate. what youll mostly get from this is a powdery spicy sour fruit bomb with woods in the background and no it does not smell at all like ultra male and ive been wearing and analyzing ultra male for 2 years now. It shares a similarity with la nuit de lhomme with the cardamon powdery spice vibe but other than that it doesnt really smell like anything in particular. Good scent but not for me, im not into powdery fruity cozy fragrances.


          As good as any mid range designer. So yes it smells good and people will like it. To me its oki/good. But the price is crazy and no i dont smell any oud!


          Call me a weirdo, but I'd rather date women.


          In a nutshell:
          To me it smells like Mont Blanc Explorer mixed with Coach for Men or JPG Ultra Male.
          Sweet ambery ambroxan with a hint of freshness.
          It's pleasant enough, strong, projects well, quite long lasting, but it's generic.
          Not my cup of tea. My wife didn't really care for it either.
          And the price is utterly ridiculous for a full bottle. Get the b.o.g.o. free 10mL samples.


          My opinion of this is it is nothing special. A meh for me. Thankfully I waited to buy the small travel size version. Of course I’m female so buying a full bottle makes no sense. Will I try his Unisex fragrance when it comes out? Sure, but I won’t buy an entire bottle. I’d be more interested in his version of a sexy woman’s fragrance so long as it doesn’t smell just like Viva la Juicy Gold.


          The opening is really intoxicating! It's almost a bit too strong, but once the middle notes start to mix with the base notes, it's obvious that it belongs on a guy. You have to realize that not all women want to smell something too masculine on a guy all the time. You gotta mix it up, so this is where Date come in, and it's awesome. The performance on this is the best I've ever seen, it lasts a very long time.

          Bryan Acevedo

          Performance is really good and the opening is intoxicating and enormous. It is juicy and alluring.Still prefer office for men but this one is also really good; I consider it unisex. There's zero oud in here.


          If you are under 30 and still clubbing, buy this thing its not something that will blow your mind but IT WILL WORK.

          Its somewhat a fruitier ultra male without the excessive sweetness, after the first 15 minutes its a very linear fragrance wich in my opinion its not a bad thing if its good.

          It is a smell that I enjoy, very pleasant and I've showed it to 3 persons and they liked it.

          Longevity is just beastmode this thing is way too powerful, watch out with the sprayer, I had the oportunity to use it once before the lockdown and I got a compliment but also killed my coworkers.

          It is one of the fragrances that I wanna use so bad after this lockdown.

          Scent 7.5/10
          Longevity 10/10
          Sillage 10/10
          Versatility 4/10

          Mass appealing monster with extreme longevity, good frag. Dont pay retail.


          I bought a new 10ml of Date and Office together as part of Jeremy’s ‘buy one get one free’ campaign. In my opinion this was a great deal as like many people, I wanted to try these fragrances but did not want to spend hundreds on a blind buy.

          Overall, I like this fragrance, but I’m glad I only got the 10ml as this is something I would not normally wear. If I was to use one word to describe this fragrance it would be ‘candy’. Normally I wouldn’t wear such fragrances as I am more into greens, woods, leathers, ouds, and the darker side of gourmands.

          The opening of this fragrance is sickly fruits, like if you took each flavour of skittle and tasted them all at once. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s quite appealing to the nose and the only ‘natural’ smelling note I can pick up is a sweet mandarin orange. After this it seems to remain linear for the next 2 hours on my skin, with the only other note creeping in being the refreshing, gin like juniper note. If anything after about half an hour of settling this smells a bit like a very weak ‘gin and juice’ mix (as in a little bit of gin in a lot of sweet ‘tropical flavoured’ juice). Surprisingly summery for a sweet fragrance.

          Up until the three hour mark unfortunately it is quite generic, reminding me of many fragrances that one would call ‘sweet clubbing scents’. The interesting thing that comes through is the ‘woods’. A lot of people say there is no Oud in this and I would both agree and disagree with this. There is no explicit, distinctive ‘Oud’. However, at about 3 hours in I was shocked as my nose got a whiff of a slight ‘skankiness’ which reminded me of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid (don’t get me wrong these fragrances are very different, but that was my initial reaction). I believe that probably is the ‘Oud from Laos’ poking through, but like all the other listed woods they are still drowned by the dominant sweetness at this point. If anything, I barely detect any ‘woods’ and can only assume they are there in the background.

          To conclude, this is a very pleasant and somewhat linear SWEET scent, very appealing. There probably is Oud and other woods in there but they are drowned by fructose. As for whether or not it’s appropriate for a date, I’d say no. I’d much rather wear something warmer and more ‘inviting’ like la nuit de l’homme, TF Oud Wood or even something like Aventus than this. If anything Jeremy should have called this Club for Men... I dread to think how sweet his actual club for men would be. Btw do not use 5 sprays, I did and it becomes a vortex of Capri Sun drowning those around you relentlessly for hours.

          Longevity: 9/10, especially on clothes. I sprayed some on a jacket in my room 5 days ago and it’s still here strong, but on skin it lasted about 18 hours.

          Projection: my family across the whole house could smell it (although they all thought it smelled like lynx lol, a bit harsh but I think if anything it’s because I over sprayed)

          Smell: 8/10, it’s actually very pleasant, albeit generic. Not exactly my kind of thing but I can appreciate it

          Price: Very designery smelling, the full price is a joke

          Compliments: in quarantine you don’t exactly get compliments. My family actually didn’t like it. However, I did get a surprising number of wasps and other insects flying through my window.

          No joke this attracts wasps, so don’t wear this outside in summer. Anyway, the final thing I’ll say is that this is actually much better than Office. Will I buy a bottle? No, I can’t see myself wearing this, especially in Lockdown. But the 10ml is certainly a worthy addition to my collection.


          Actually a super nice fragrance. Reminds me of ultramale if you get rid of the sickinly sweetness, and add some more sexyness and versatility.

          Easily up there with my best compliment getters, but wont be purchasing a full bottle due to price tag.


          I know this is a bit overpriced, but noone is forcing you to buy this?

          This fragrance gets so many compliments. Its like ultramale but without the sickening sweetness and a bit more spices. Girls love it, but def. a winter fragrance.


          The truth about jeremy fragrance (his name is actually Daniel Schutz):


          The hate on here is partly based on the fact this is selling for ~ $200. The premium price you’re paying for is to fund someone’s lifestyle and that’s the honest truth.


          Smells identical to Dunhill icon racing or in the vein of Invictus Aqua legend


          Jesus, this is one of the most hated fragrance along with Secretions Magnifiques. Everyone knows why. That's because his way of practicing business stinks like Secretions Magnifiques. Just can't put up with that lying sob and ripping off so-called army of his.


          Ordered a sample this and was really pleasantly surprised. Not only does it not smell like ultra male (which I’m not a fan of) but the sweetness is really balanced by a clean masculine background. Very versatile could wear it to work, during the say, at night, formal casual. Ironically the only situation I WOULDNT wear this for is a date lol


          I typically don't find myself drawn to fragrances that are marketed for people looking for something to wear when they go out whether it's on a date or to a club. That said, I am interested in learning about fragrances in general so I like to get my nose on as many as I can.

          Date's purpose is clearly marketed. I received a bottle and decided to test it on skin so I could get an accurate sense of how it would wear on me.

          1 spray on my wrist was all I did and for about an hour I was completely engulfed in the fragrance. I could smell nothing else. I had sprayed a different fragrance on my opposite wrist as I was getting a first impression of that. Thank goodness I sprayed it first because after I sprayed Date, even putting my nose directly on my skin where I sprayed the first one was pointless. The opening of Date is simply HUGE.

          On the Fragrance One site there are suggested ways of applying the fragrances, and it literally states 5 sprays. Had I done that I think I would have suffocated.

          2 hours later it had finally settled as well as matured. The huge opening was not a pleasant smell to me. Somewhat familiar, yes, but not what I would call inviting. As it dried down, the abrasive opening sweetened quite a bit but still came across as a bit overly synthetic to me.

          Everything about the smell was familiar, though. Date and clubbing fragrances are the types I'm least familiar with so I really couldn't tell you what they reminded me of, but nothing about the smell was unique to me. At this point I would be hard pressed to wear this one again.

          The bottle is identical to Office save for the copy. The glass is average as is the atomizer. The cap is incredibly thin and feels cheap but fits snuggly atop the atomizer (for now).

          So then there's the price - $247 retail in the US. Full disclosure, I didn't pay that price. From my perspective, that is an absurd amount to pay for what you get.

          I'm in my mid 40's and maybe why that's why this scent profile doesn't appeal to me. When I have an evening planned with a lady, I'm reaching for my decant of Musc Ravageur because it is so damn sexy. Retail price-wise, MR is only about $40 more than Date.

          I guess the true target audience for Date is the younger man who has come into some money either through family, career, or hustle, doesn't know much about fragrances, and couldn't care less about the price.


          Oh my, with so much negativity around this fragrance, its creator may need to rename it. Perhaps Hate For Men?


          Now all the people put the hate here for the scent it self their is nothing to hate its really nice yes its expensive and I believe I won't buy a full bottle of that but there no need for trash reviews


          It smells like less sweet Ultra Male. If you like it, just get the original.


          @MrStealYoGirl Your comment doesen't make that much sense. I get it you love the scent and the work behind the parfum but disagreeing with someone elses opinion and getting mad over it... I havent seen the bottle live but it's pretty much visible the presentation is not the best. That doesen't bother me the most but the price... for smelling high quality generic, I'm paying as for niche. I'm gonna pass on this for now.


          Let me shed some light on why you shouldn't pay attention to the majority of reviews of this page...This is really how toxic this site has become...A couple days ago I posted an in depth, unbiased, and for the most part, positive review on Date for Men. And concluded my review by making a statement on how people on here SHOULD judge a fragrance by their own nose and act like adults, rather than to make a judgemental review or give a bad rating solely because you disagree/don't like the brand or it's creator, in particular, this one. And that the folks who compared this to Fairyland Bloop Emoji perfume were plain childish idiots...Well, if you look below, you won't find my review as I suppose (from the triggered ones) it garnered enough downvotes to be removed. Normally I could care less, but this is just a testament to how childish these people are. I didn't join the rest of the haters, and in fact called the immature ones out on their BS, and apparently free speech doesn't sit well on this site. So, just a word of warning to be careful of what you say on this page, as if you don't go along you'll be censored as well. This is what this site has become. Just thought y'all should know, should you read this before it gets deleted as well.

          God bless.


          To STEVENSKINNER...

          You sir, are full of [email protected] I don't care HOW "off" your skin chemistry is, how dry your skin is....there is absolutely NO WAY you sprayed this anywhere near "40X's", and smelled nothing. Lol. This is the very reason I just can't stand coming to this site anymore. Why would you even say something so ridiculous??? How does that even make sense to you?


          MMG6 hit it RIGHT on the head. Take that review as gold. Just got my bottle, and couldn't put my experience into better words.

          It's not bad, however there is just this lingering, and overbearing chemical smell the last couple of hours.


          It opens like Ultra Male but that's where the comparison ends.

          This is much more direct, denser, sharper, greener, and woodier than Ultra Male. After 30 minutes they share almost nothing in common.

          To me Ultra Male is a soft, diffuse, fluffy scent that leaves a poofy cloud of it's soft goodness around you. Ultra Male is unisex and quite bubblegummy.

          Date for men is much harder hitting, masculine, and as Jeremy would say it "BAM, punches you in the face". It's also quite green and woody. It's masculine as hell and lasts a very long time, over 24 hours on my skin.

          In the end it's a sweet, green, woody, direct and in your face kind of fragrance. The green-ness kind of throws me off a bit and I'm not really sure this is a "date" or even "club" fragrance.

          It's still a very good fragrance, I enjoy it a lot. Wait for a sale as it's not worth it at full price for a single bottle.


          Jeremy is a salesman, he only cares about compliments and "ladies' reaction", and he wants to convince you that he knows what he is doing and he knows what you want; the asking price is ridiculous (It's $200 too expensive), and I'm pretty sure most of it is spent on advertising; most houses go unisex, but Jeremy even dictates the specific situations by dull and uninspirational names ("Office" and "Date"). I think his ultimate goal was to create another Aventus, a versatile fragrance loved by the masses (do we really want another Aventus wannabe?)
          you cant make a fragrance appealing by making absurd statements like "this is the ultimate/best fragrance" or using words like "immortally masculine OUD, and super sexual vetiver".
          His flashy marketing strategy, unlike the asking price, is cheap and immature. I dont know who his target audience is, but I think he will have a hard time selling his products at that price. Sure it's hyped now, but that will not last, unless he starts selling tacky clothing too.


          Im sure if he made his colognes more affordable, lets say around 60$ a bottle, he wouldnt get this negative feedback from everyone. He is over priced and not worth the money. Greed greed greed, all he wants is money. He would sell a lot more at an affordable price, he aint no Versace.


          To charge Niche prices when you have no history or accomplishments to justify this pricing I personally find offensive, Why would I buy this when I can get Portrait Of a Lady for the same price?


          This is an unbiased review.

          I read somewhere that Date was an agglomeration of many popular scents out there, and I find it to be very true.

          To my nose, it opens with a sweet aqueous pear-apple accord previously seen many, many times, then it moves to strong ambroxan, cardamom and soft citrus. Its more sweet than zingy, and has spice without being spicy. I pick up on juniper, and then a chemical bitterness starts to form. At this point is highly similar to Ultra Male combined with reformulated Eros.

          The middle/base consists of a weak vetiver-patch where the vetiver is thin and the patchouli is almost non-existent. No oud. I pick up orange and more ambroxan.

          And I officially got a headache. The formulation is too cheap.


          The scent is good, the price is not. this is a generic type of scent, mass appealing nothing wrong with that, and it is not as bad has everybody seems to think. 7/10. A bit of a Dunhill Icon Racing vibe to it IMO.

          Iki Rizki

          It's not the same, but IMHO has same vibe with Jay Z GOLD.
          Decent scent not blowing me up.
          Fresh, sweet and a little bit powdery.
          Not to loud good for close encounter.


          You know those times when you go into a Sephora and test out a few different fragrances on your skin (say like one on your left wrist, another on your right wrist, etc); Well in this case imagine you sprayed some La Male Ultra on one then Wanted by Night on the other, plus another couple you can’t recall some where else (Something blue-ish? Mont Blanc Explorer maybe?) then you'd get the vibe of the fragrance soup that’s going on here.
          Date for Men smells like a combo of these to my nose, but with out actually being better than any one of them.
          Too bad.


          Ok I don’t review often, however I felt I needed to on this particular fragrance.
          I bought this bottle retail from fragrance one .
          Let me start off by saying the opening is very good, a bit strong but good.
          The mid still good and very enjoyable.
          The DRY down, well this is where is gets a bit tricky . The dry down for the first few hours is great. After about 5 - 8 hours it turns into some sort of terrible chemical smell with a hint of the original scent lingering. I tried it in 3 different locations at different times. My skin , a shirt in my closet and on a scent card. All 3 times the dry down after the first 5-8 hours is absolutely impossible for me to tolerate. The next day I can still
          Smell is but it’s not good at all. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch or what, but I give this a 5 out of 10 . After the extended dry down I have to wash it off . Someone please tell me what the deal is here.




          VALUE: 0/10
          SCENT: 3/10
          LONGEVITY: 8.5/10
          PROJECTION: 6.5/10
          VERSATILITY: 4/10



          Claims it to be an extrait de parfum, yet on the bottle and on the website it is declarated as an EDP.
          No oud recognizable whatsoever (He jacked the price because of the OUD, but there is no detectable oud in this... ??)
          Charges even more than for Office.

          Is just not worth it, costs way too much. It's sweet, fruity, loud, cloying, bubblegum type of vibe and it's really annoying to me. It should be in the Invictus price range or close enough to that, which is $60+ for 100 ml bottle. €219.99 EUR ?! It's ridiculous! In this regard, he is very disrespectful...!

          Eamon the Niche lover

          Can't wait for the "death for men", the fragrance you'll wear in your coffin.

          Or it could also be "gastroenteritis for men" the fragrance you can wear when you want your anus to smell good when you're ill.

          And there are other possibilities like "clown for men" : a fragrance you could wear when you have the opportunity to talk to TOM FORD and at this moment you tell him "I love your fragrances TOM, especially the ambre nuit!" (which is a true story about this clown of jeremy in case you don't know lol).


          I think if a fragrance is more expensive than Tom Ford private line, Maison Lanc?me, Creed, Xerjoff and Byredo Then it needs to be world class. From bottle design to ingredients! Luxury prices are meant to equate to luxury product!
          Jeremy is not a person who began reviewing Niche fragrances. He gave common reviews for the common man now he has set this price out of reach for people who generally buy designer fragrances in accessible department stores. Maybe the fragrance should be called Le Ego Pour Moi,
          Anyway enjoy your fragrances!


          60% of the time, it works every time.
          ---Brian Fantana


          What a synthetic mess... Smells as if you mixed Ultra Male, Dylan Blue, and Office for Men and then added extra ambroxan... So sick and tired of ambroxan frags... That note overpowers everything... If I paid $30 for this frag, I would still feel ripped off...


          This is my first wearing of my decant of Date for Men, the sophomore release of Jeremy Fragrance’s brand, Fragrance Once, following the first release, Office for Men. Whereas Office for Men is pleasant, citrus/woody blend, Date for Men veers into slightly darker, more floral territory.

          It has a slightly rosy character with a blend of citruses and cardamom giving way to a heart of juniper and woods, drying down to musk, patchouli, oud, and vetiver. I cannot rationalize why I get the slight smell of rose but it fits in with the juniper somewhere in my mind. The composition is fairly well balanced and easy to wear, fitting its name of being something a man might wear on a date, though I wouldn’t argue that it’s particularly masculine along typical gender lines, but rather, a pleasant unisex fragrance.

          Overall, I find the opening quite lovely, well-balanced between the freshness of the citruses and the floral and spicy components, but after 20 minutes or so, the heart is much less interesting, even a bit of a turnoff, but then it settles again into a balanced dry down. It’s familiar territory but done reasonably well.

          Date for Men performs a bit better than Office for Men but its performance isn’t notable, on par with most of what’s out there in terms of the medium-weight day-to-night transition type fragrances.

          The pricing is $248 for 100ml and seems difficult to justify, which was more or less my response to Office for Men, but with the more robust performance of Date comes higher pricing. Plus, overall, Office is simply a bit more pleasant and agreeable than Date to the point of being an easier sell.

          Date for Men is a fragrance I’d expect to be in the designer price range for retail (i.e. $50-90 for 100ml) and available cheaper on the secondary market. It’s a nice fragrance, like Office, but the retail price is enough of a stretch that I find it difficult to imagine it’ll ever be affordable enough on the secondary market, but who knows.

          6 out of 10


          @SandyMelak That’s funny because 90% of people who smelled it disliked it. Also you can purchase both invictus and Le Male for less than this overpriced fragrance.


          To the reviewer below @SandyMelak: No fragrance needs to be stronger or better performing than JPG Ultra Male, because you'll end up nauseating yourself and people around you.


          Yes the price is high, no I don't think it's worth the current full price of €219.99. I mean, there's a lot you can get elsewhere for that, in the UK that's Roja cologne type money.

          As for the fragrance itself, it's nice. It's pleasing and I'd certainly be surprised if many people genuinely disliked it. It does have similarities to JPG Ultra Male, but that quickly changes for me. JPG UM has quite a strong vanilla note on my skin which I don't really like and Date does not, so for that reason I'd probably pick Date. They do open quite similar for me though.

          Unsurprisingly I smell a lot of Office for men in this. It's certainly not unique though and the current selling model you'd only really buy it if either you buy into Jeremy or you want to support him. But I will stress again it's very pleasant so I can only imagine the like to dislike ratio here is the disdain toward Jeremy.


          FACT: In no way does this fragrance smell like a $100+ scent, it smells cheap and easy (think Paco Rabanne knock off).

          FACT: Jeremy is charging $260+ not because he thinks this is a great scent, but because of his own massively inflated opinion of himself (otherwise he'd be selling it for a fair price given the shoddy presentation and mediocre smell).

          Save your money and get Ultra Male (which is a top fragrance - composed by Maison Francis Kurkdjian), or just buy any cheap sweet smelling fragrance from TK Maxx from brands like Diesel etc.


          Let me first say that this is not a "bad" fragrance, but there is not an ounce of anything special or unique here.

          Jeremy kept talking the "oud" note up in this one and I thought at first, "that makes no sense, women don't like oud" - unless it's playing a backup role to other more appealing notes and that is what "Date" for men is - the Oud note can't be detected in this fragrance much at all, but you can spot a woody backbone to this that must be the Oud.

          This fragrance does remind me of Ultra Male, but unfortunately, a lesser version. Ultra Male has more depth and richness to it.

          Date for men is certainly pleasant and crowd pleasing - the credo of the Fragrance One house, so they hit their target again in that respect. It opens up with a nice mix of fruity notes that combine to give off a "berry" type of note and that's pretty much what this fragrance is, a pronounced "berry" type of note with a darker woody-style background. It's nice, it's pleasant and seems to last a decent amount of time.

          My issues with this fragrance...
          The price for this - $247.99 is nothing less than horrifically absurd. My other issue with "Date" is that the quality of this fragrance doesn't match the high-end niche price-tag - I don't even feel that it matches the quality of a Chanel or Dior. That's my other complaint, while it's nice and pleasant, it's also generic to my nose - smells very run of the mill & I also believe it to be a mistake to advertise this fragrance as an "Oud" fragrance - the buyer will be disappointed because the oud is nearly undetectable.

          As mentioned, this does slightly remind of a much lesser version of Ultra Male, I also recall once trying "Onyx" by Azzaro and it had a similar fruity opening with darker undertones, but it's been ages since I've tried that.

          Though again, this is pleasant and smells nice (though generic), I would not pay anymore than $80 for this. I think Fragrance One needs to keep these prices high because of the low expectation of sales - not intended in a jabby way - Chanel for example knows it will sell millions of bottles, so it can keep the price down and still hit it's mark for sales - that's my assumption for the pricing. For Fragrance One to receive the profit margin they're after & knowing this won't sell like the major fragrance houses, they have to up the price - not confirmed, just my thoughts on it.

          Happy Smells

          Hòa Au Mario

          Nothing special. same as many sweet fragrances out there which cost about $30. Office for Men is much better in terms of uniqueness.


          @fragmaster I completely agree with your assessment of "Date". Sadly, Steven's fragrances are all inspirations, too. If you have BR540, Carlisle, Aventus and Ultra Male, his offerings will be very familiar. I can't trust any "influencer" that tries to mass market a fragrance with their name on it.


          Why would anyone pay $250+, or even $100+ for a designer'esq typical Alberto Morrilas creation that smells like a JPG Ultra Male knock of, when you can buy JPG Ultra Male, which is a Maison Francis Kurkdjian creation (one of the best designer and niche perfumers ever), for less than $80 which defeats Date For Men in all aspects?

          It's like buying fake Cola for thrice the price of Genuine Coca Cola (just to support the owners ambition....albeit a highly narcissistic and vulgar owner....not a good charitable cause in my book).

          Furthermore, the presentation is plain and simply piss poor, so much worse than most fake counterfeit fragrances who obviously still make an effort because they are indistinguishable and fool most people (let alone genuine and reputable company offerings), yet exponentially more expensive!!! The world has gone mad.

          PS: to all you JF fanboys, I'm not hating on his success (fair play to him - he is doing well), I'll always give credit where credit is due (or voice my honest diplomatic opinion if needed), but I would respect JF himself a lot more if he bought something new to the table (regardless of how good it might of been) as opposed to playing it super safe, and charging extortionate prices based on his own opinion of himself.


          Finally received mine. Before I begin, just know that I wear Office as a daily driver. I really do like Office.

          However, I am actually shocked that Jeremy was confident putting this out on the market while he, being the fragrance guru, knows so much about cologne and what is already out on the market.

          In all seriousness, this new "sweet bubblegum" was the new craze ever since Invictus came out, so why the hell would Jeremy copy that? Even last year everyone was sick of the overwhelming sweetness that just kept coming out to the masses.

          If you haven't tried this yet....Well I have some bad news for you. This is one of those bubblegum sweet frags....I honestly can't believe it. Again, it just baffles me how he was so confident putting this out. It is no different than the rest. WTF!!!

          I really hate shitting on the guy, but to ask $250 for this is absolute ROBBERY. What a shame this turned out to be...unbelievable.


          I really liked office for men and followed it by Date for men but was really disappointed with, I think Office is more original but Date isn't, It smells very generic and boring with ZERO oud, I spent $200 on it but I feel I got ripped off with this one.


          Received today. Took 30 days to arrive via FedEx...Jeremy's customer service is appalling.

          Fragrance didn't last 1 minute for me. I sprayed it several times. I even sprayed it on someone else and went for a walk with them because I was so concerned about the performance. I walked behind them and not once could I smell it. I had to literally smell their skin 1cm away to get a hint of it.

          It reminds me a lot, to me a clone of A&F First Instinct.

          I am extremely disappointing with this fragrance.

          Today I would have sprayed it at least 40 times...and nothing. I will sell it on EBay.

          I have followed Jeremy since the beginning and I feel majorly turned off from the experience of this fragrance.


          It’s a sweet, generic fragrance to me. It’s more of a night out scent, a little more of a clubbing kind of scent. I wouldn’t wear this on a date. It smells somewhat like 1 million (but not as in your face as 1 million) mixed with Invictus bubblegumm-ish sweetness. It’s very fruity, but at the same time quite sweet in the opening through the mid, as it heads through the mid the sweetness in here is a little different comes off almost like a sugary leather scent but more fruitier. More so, spicy sweet cardamom and vetiver in the dry down with a little touch of patchouli, there is no OUD in it, no trace of Oud... Where is the Oud that Jeremy has been hyping up ?!

          Jeremy has left a seriously bad taste in my mouth and several thousand others as well. It’s absolutely absurd to charge those prices and get very basic, immature and syrupy juice. It’s his passion, he should have spent more time not making more designer garbage and focus on true quality. Apart from that, obviously you will never get a 100% honest review when Jeremy is sitting right next to the reviewer, because none of them would insult him by saying they didn’t like it. They would just pretend they liked it to be polite.

          I do like Office, Funky for Men (Date) not at all.


          After a what seemed like eternity, I finally received my bottle earlier today. I sprayed my right hand, smelled it, and shortly thereafter, my jaw dropped.

          Here is an honest unbiased review of this fragrance.

          First, the bottle design just sucks. The design SCREAMS generic. The bottle cap is laughable. However, I am not buying the fragrance for looks. I care about the juice (Although, PDM kinda spoiled me with their design).

          So as I have been waiting to receive this product, I have been following this thread to see what people have to say about it. And from what I gathered, it smells identical to JPG ultra male. I also bought his office for man and people have stated “office smells like ‘so and so.” And while Office for man does have some similar vibes to other fragrances. It does NOT smell identical to anything out there and I think it smells fantastic. So I doubted what the reviews stated here.

          So I sprayed my right hand and took a huge whiff and to my surprise... it does smell similar to ultra male. I gotta admit, I’m NOT a huge fan of ultra male. I made a review on ultra male a while back about not liking it much. They smell similar but you can distinguish the difference between the two.

          So if I don’t like it, why did my jaw drop? About five minutes after I sprayed my hand. My employee (female) comes in.

          I stick my hand out and had her smell it and asked her “what do you think?” She hit me back with “WOW! That smells amazing! It smells sexy. it smells masculine.”

          I am flabbergasted at this point. My jaw literally drops. I honestly didn’t think women would find this scent “sexy.” Good? Maybe. Sexy? Hell no. Masculine? To me... Nope. But she absolutely loved it.

          Here’s the deal... I typically don’t wear sweet frags on my dates and don’t think they smell “sexy”. I prefer something a little more masculine like Aventus, Sauvage, PDM Herod, etc. Hell... even office for man would be picked over this one for me. But DFM (date for man) took me by surprise.

          With that being said. Here are the main takeaways. It DOES project VERY well. She stated that she smelled me down the hallway before smelling my hand. It lasts for quite some time. I can still smell it on my skin and it has been over 12 hours (nose touching hand) and washed hands several times. It smells similar to ultra male from the initial spray. But the dry down an hour later is superb!

          So is it worth it? I bought mine for about 120 bucks with the “VIP50” code on his site. And I collect pimp juice. Although I am not a fan of ultra male. I do NOT regret getting DFM. If you like Ultra male and have the coin. Sure, get it. It lasts substantially longer and the dry down is outstanding. It has received rave reviews from one of my employees. But that’s just one. I’ll have to ask the others.

          I’ll have to give it a thumbs up. However, it is NOT a safe blind buy considering the price. But if you’re collector and can afford it. I think it is. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t risk it; get something else.


          unlike the office which it was not even close to the designer brands, this one is. i like it but i can pay for ultra male
          which is a beast and way way and wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper.


          German reputation: Quality, craftsmanship, expensive.

          Only one holds true for this release. At least it doesn't come in a cardboard cap.

          Nothing made in Germany should be this barebones and basic.


          Received in the mail earlier this week and wore it on the back of my hand periodically to get a feel of what I got myself into. I've owned Invictus and Ultra Male and I can see similarities with them but only a small bit. Date has a more juicy quality....almost like biting into a fresh stick of Juicy Fruit. That juicy note dries down after an hour or so and start to get the cardamom. It's pretty linear for the next 8-10 hours on my skin.

          For the hell of it it layered this with Molecule 01 this morning and seemed to have stumbled onto something great here....I'll reserve my judgement till I had an entire day of wear but I like what I'm working with here! The cedar note in Molecule 01 brings a new element to Date!


          It’s Ulra Male with added sweetness. Jeremy seems to be imitating designer frags and charging niche prices. It’s too common and too pricey. He needs to work on the originality but he seems to be chasing the dollar by cloning together major similarities to other popular scents.


          It smells like ultra male. Whats the point of buying a knock off, by Alberto Morillas, mostly a designer frag guy, so its overpriced designer fragrance? And the worst is this price is for nothing, it reflects jeremys inflated ego, who is the worst person ever, who steals content, dissed his fans, lies in his promotions. The guy got the looks and reached some success but he is a rotten person.

          I say go buy Ultramale. A corporation will treat you much nicer.

          Dr. Vicius

          Who you wanna date?

          This is the main question, you have to ask yourself...

          If you want to date someone, ordinary, cloying, simple, shabby, unexciting, just from the lot, this would be just perfect. Someone expecting all the time that you are going to be the one paying for all, because they think they are the best thing ever created, and they think they deserve it, and you just have to admit it and pay... this juice is made for you. And do not get me wrong here, you could be a very smart guy, but if this is what you want and you accept it and you go for it... Bravo! I do respect it. Really do.

          In the other hand, if you prefer to date someone more refine, elegant, mysterious, natural and unique, you better safe your money and go for many other options out there.

          Uniqueness: Low

          Scent: 5.5/10

          Performance: High

          Would I buy it: No


          Just got this fragrance in the mail today. It smells really cheap right from the start. The same synthetic smell as Invictus and Armani Code Profumo Absoluto whatever? I hate this style of fragrance that is so popular today. I don't think anyone who's into fragrances will like this at all. Slightly better in the dry down but still smells cheap. People on here were bashing Sauvage Parfum, well I can confirm Savage Parfum smells much much better than this. Just buy $250 bottle of Aventus instead and call it a day.

          Oh and the performance is good. Hopefully this will get me some compliments so I don't feel too awful buying this Headache in a Bottle.

          Update: Ok the top notes worn off and I'm left with a nice spicy musky wood smell. Now I'm kinda liking it. The top is awful though.


          Sweet Citrus bubblegum scent with ambroxan backbone.

          This should have been the "club" for men.

          It is a loud fragrance with excellent longevity.

          I dont detect authentic oud here but The drydown has a synthetic tamed leathery oud accord similar to mancera lemon oud mint vibe.

          I purchased this with office for men and I like date for men much more.

          It is safe, complement getter and very pleasing scent.

          The price is on the niche side but to me it is very much in the designer fragrances league in terms of character and quality.

          With regards to comparison to JPG Ultra Male, I dont think they are very similar. To my nose, Date for men is better, darker and more serious as the fragrance dries down. However, they both have the same designerish bubblegumy vibe.


          Believe it or not, but that text is copy-pasted from Fragrance One's official website, which is full of mistakes btw.
          1. Right upon launching Date for Men they wrote "flintiness" instead of "flirtiness" in the short description of the perfume.
          2. Also, someone should enlighten them about the fact that juniper berry is not a fruit, but a cone.
          3. They market their fragrance as EDP both on their website and the packaging when according to Jeremy it's actually an extrait de perfume.
          Amateurism at its best.


          Thankfully i only bought a decant!
          Its not bad its not great its just mediocre.
          Like many others said... the oud is minimal.
          Its very mainstreamish... strangely i get a lot of ambroxan (not listed in the notes) , citrus fruits and a liiiitle bit of cardamon in the beginning.
          It somehow reminded me of a slightly fruitier version of his office fragrance in the beginning. after about an hour you get hints of vetiver and minimalistic oud... i really dont want to hate on this but the price is ridiculous! the money he wants for this is more than twice the value imho. i dont know how much he had to pay Mr Morillas for creating this but i think he wont be selling a lot of it if he doesnt drop the price dramatically. its just so sad. he tried to do everything the save way. famous perfumer, crowd pleasing scent, simple design... but it all just ended up being mediocre and boring. and not a lot of people want to pay niche prices for average products. even if the incredients are high quality. (at least they both last long and performe well) but all in all sadly the result is very disapointing.


          Not sure how i feel about this. I do like oud but is it in this fragrance ? I mean, you can call whatever you like for oud but is it real oud ?

          Lets got to Firmenich and find out. Their catalogue can be downloaded and they have some oud. They have three syntetics and five naturals.

          One " natural " is OUD FIRBEST and if you read about that oud you will find out there are ZERO oud in that. It doesn′t contain natural oud and therefor is not subject to CITES agreements. You can download a pdf and read more at Firmenich. Still it is under " naturals " though no real natural oud is in it.

          Since it smell very similar to JPG ultra male ( which i sold ) the pricing should be in that range. Does it smell good ? No, too sweet for me. Great value for the buck ? No.

          The question is the difference between real oud and natural oud. For some people it sounds the same and state that it is 100% oud. Though as mentioned above some sell natural oud that contains none oud whatsoever.

          As i said, i don′t smell any real oud in this but that′s just my opinion. I do not know which " recipie " that are used to create this " 30% of real oud from Laos ".


          I received my bottle today, and my forst impression was “30% OUD FRAGRANCE?!?!” I smell 0 oud, you can smell the fruits initially and it is nice, slight cardimon i get the vetiver more than the cardimon tho and again 0 oud
          Im a oud fan and thats the reason I bought it yet im very disappointed that the oud is barely noticed,
          Conclusion yes i see the similarity to ultra male but it aint a cologne or anything its pleasent but not creative or anything its not a must have or must smell either, designer smell for a niche price but at the end wear what you like guys



          Terrible, terrible fragrance! He basically took the sweetness of ultra male and combined it with the freshness of invictus aqua. And voila, the end result will cost you 219 euros with a paper-cheap packaging and a razor-sharp cap that you could use to shave your beard off! I mean seriously I wouldn't mind a missing cap, than having one that makes it look even cheaper...

          And no, I'm not here hating on him. I'm stating my opinion on a guy who claims that he's a fragrance "expert" and collaborates with a well-known perfumer, and the end result is something like Date for men, where there is no creativity nor originality of that particular smell! Basically, copying two designer fragrances and charging you niche price... And even tho I paid 50% less, I still don't believe it's worth it!

          At least, office for men has still it's "own" smell despite the similarity to other fragrances like Dior sauvage and Creed aventus. However, Date for men is straight copy of the two fragrances mentioned above.

          If you would like to smell generic for a niche price, then you have come to the right place. I personally, would happily spend that money on Xerjoff or MFK quality.

          pontifex maximus

          nice, i am very excited about his next fragrance: strung out on coke for men.


          Can I have a decent review here?


          It's an alright designer fragrance, with a niche price.

          Smells like a mix of JPG Ultra Male and Mont Blanc Legend Intense. Nothing groundbreaking. Smells very designer-ish and basic.

          Performance seems to be a bit lackluster too.

          Skip this one. Totally not worth the price. You can get way better fragrances for half the price.


          Victoria Regia

          @Kevgeez - there was a fragrance event in NYC about a month ago. Jeremy was there promoting this product. Lots of people tried it.


          @noire9 - Stop whining, the views of the majority here are a natural, fair, and justified response to Jeremy's disposition and his 'Bull in a China shop' tact. If this wasn't the case, then the reviews, comments, and ratings would be different. It's important people are able to speak openly and freely.


          Oh heavens! The reviews here are legendary.
          I thought the bottle design could be more interesting it’s quite Sean Jean Puff Daddy ‘ Unforgivable’style... And how much?
          No way, I am sure Jeremy is a designer fragrance lover so he himself wouldn’t spend that much on his personal fragrance collection.
          It’s too expensive for a fragrance that most will have to blind buy. Tut tut. But followed will follow indeed.


          retronig, there is nothing inherently right about "living your dream" when your dream is to basically defraud young, impressionable men who only want to fit in with the alphas and get laid. Convincing them that your pedestrian juice will somehow make all their dreams come true. Please. I recommend that you learn what true hate is. This is not hate, this is commentary about someone with money (although probably not as much as he would like you to believe) using a media platform to push his product and lifestyle, both of which are not to many people's taste. That is a legitimate basis for commentary, even negative. That's what happens when you put your "brand" out there; it's received as it's received. You can't control it. His marketing landed with a wet thud to anyone who doesn't respond to his preening, douchey persona. That's not jealousy. I genuinely would never want to be a preening, insecure douche with pedestrian taste.

          TxDieselKid, hey from Texas, but you're 100% wrong on this. It is absolutely legitimate to review a fragrance you have never smelled, people do it on here all the time. Oh I would never buy this fragrance because of its butt-ugly bottle, or I might like this but I won't buy it because Dolce & Gabbana are problematic, or this is way too overpriced, or whatever. Where did you get the idea that Fragrantica is this pure, Consumer Reports-type site that does DNA testing to ensure that reviewers have actually tested the fragrances they're reviewing?

          This is my advice to all the people on here clutching their pearls at the fact that others might dare be snarky or negative in dealing with this.... subject, product, person, whatever: Don't be weird. Don't jump to the defense of people whose only task is to exploit you for their own financial gain, and build the "brand" of their manufactured self. Get some savvy, please. You're being marketed to, and you're swallowing it credulously.


          Why is this being compared to Fairyland Bloop??

          Fairland Bloop is way better than this fragrance, c'mon guys.


          So I can see how this gets comparisons to Ultra Male...it is sweet at first spray. Armani Code Profumo has also been mentioned below as a similar scent, but I actually think it's closer to Eros without the mint and more woods, and not as powerful. Similar vibes to Montblanc Legend Night. It isn't overwhelmingly candy sweet like UM, but still too sweet for my liking, but some deeper notes do mellow it out after awhile. I truly do enjoy the scent - it is a comfortable smell and mass appealing for the modern fragrance crowd, but not something that I personally would want to wear. I typically prefer more classic scents for dates, and also do not like the increasing sweetness/femininity in men's fragrances as of late. (the only exception to that is Eros) Again, the fragrance itself is not bad. 2h of projection and 8+ hours on skin, which is good as my skin is dry and fragrances do not last long on me. I would actually wear this one over Office for Men.

          edit: I also agree with the other comments on here...stick to the facts folks. The scents are not bad and poor Jeremy is getting more undeserved hate than the Trump fragrances, which also get butchered due to politics. This site isn't about cost, or drama, but about the juice inside the bottle.


          Any one who comes on here to talk about anything OTHER than this fragrance and how it smells/preforms is destroying all the credibility that the site has. This is NOT the place to to criticize the man that came out with the fragrance, save that for discussion forums, not a review site.


          I'm writing just to say that I've never tested this fragrance myself, but I'm reading the reviews here and I think that it's unfair to say it's terrible, just because you don't like the individual selling it.

          Fragnatica is a site to review fragrances without any bias whatsoever, and it's doing a bad favor to the people genuinely interested in learning more about a particular fragrance when you do stuff like that.

          Victoria Regia

          My husband tried this fragrance. He said it is "pretty good". He seems to prefer oriental scents with tobacco and vanilla. Sorry I don't have anything more concrete to report as I have not tried it myself, but this gets a thumbs up from the hubby.


          I did try it from a friend. I do like the smell. Very pleasent fragrance. I do like it and lasts maybe 7-8 hours on me which is good. But its not worth the price Jeremy is asking. But the smell is good. If it was cheaper like 100$ I would highly advise it. Its much better then Offive for Men.


          I tried sample of date and prefer ultra male. overpriced.

          I would not not support Jeremy because he is a low quality individual. He is a self-centered, narcissistic, egotistical, quick to put down people and he steals. He put down his fans in his videos, he stole information from other youtubers. He puts down women. When he acts nice its only for his own benefit. He got a stardom/starstruck disease. His marketing tactics are deceptive. And he gets these psychological fits when things dont go his way. Nice shell with a rotten insides. I would never support a person like this. I think it is completely fair to to not support a liar, a manipulator and a thief.


          Jeremy should of create something unique for the 250 dollar .. i understand he gone for the mainstream route with some oud but i woukd expect something Guerlain quality for that price . Guess if you add the 50% discount its cost only 125 . But i dont know why he wont just offer it 125 at getgo without having any discount prices .


          I will briefly explain the process and idea behind Jeremy's ambition to become an established fragrance brand:

          Whilst very few bottles will sell at full retail, Jeremy knows this and is therefore only paying for a very limited quantity to be made. However, those who pay out full retail are essentially paying for the rest to be manufactured. Once Jeremy hits a certain amount of sales, he is able to have more produced and then eventually lower the price, whilst still making a very tidy profit even if he sold them for $40 each. However, he wants you to think he is losing out by selling you two bottles for $160 after a year (that my friend is not the case, you are still being ripped of massively!).

          Even when 'Date' 'for' 'Men' comes down in price (which it will - unless Jeremy goes bankrupt), then this very mediocre, budget designer esque fragrance will still be tenfold times more expensive than it should be.

          At full retail, he doesn't expect normal people to make the purchase, however, some of his followers are still going to fork out the $300+ amount even if they are poor, and this makes me sick because I feel so sorry for them that they are being conned into being even poorer, whilst putting money into a frauds pocket to further inflate his false sense of grandiose ego.

          Alberto Morrillas is a good cheap designer perfumer, not a high end niche creator. Also only some of his scents are good, but the majority were poorly received and became discontinued scents - look at his repertoire!


          Jeremy is narcissistic asshole, who is extremely egotistical, condescending (tries not to show it) who dissed his followers. He also steals content. And it got worse with some silly fame: stardom disease. Radolesence is on Jeremys nuts since they cross promote. Huge negative points for radolesence, you are a spineless punk ass radolesence. Its exactly right to not support a persons product because the person is a piece of shit.

          50% of America dont like Trump because he is an asshole, so they dont support his policies. I am in no way comparing the two. Trump is a president and super successful. Jeremy is a dirtbag. Dont buy his product cause he is an asshole.

          Jeremy if you read this, its not hate cause you're successful or you got good looks. Not at all. The negatives are because you are a piece of shit of a person.


          I receveid sample today...... I smelled it and i' was schocked!!!!.... but wait, I already felt that somewhere! I run in my bathroom, I grab my bottle of armani code profumo and the ...... believe me guys it is 90% similar to ACP, smell good but preserve your money for something more créative and for less....


          The opening kind of smell like JPG Ultra Male. It does not smell that natural.


          It reminds me of JPG Ultra male which is a fragrance that i don't like. I like sweet fragrances but not so sweet. As for the oud, it's very faint. I was expecting from Jeremy a fragrance similar to YSL La Nuit de l'homme (my all time favorite) but he gave us another version of Ultra Male. A 3/10 from me only for the projection and the longevity which are good.


          @Robotnik you arent actually leaving an actual review as well ?? just saying..??


          @Robotnik19 I absolutely agree on everything you said and I just want to add one more thing. Everyone is talking about Jeremy's prices and bashing him, also taking in consideration that Morillas is the perfumer. On the other hand, NOBODY has said anything about Steven Redolessence prices which are even higher than Jeremy's. Even worse, people support Navitus prices.
          I haven't bought any of Jeremy's or Steven's frags because the prices are too high.
          However, the point is - don't have double standards guys and don't be so jealous.
          I'm also wondering how would any of you price your fragrance if you were in his position, having such a big reputation in the community...certainly not $60.


          Well foir sure he has no idea what juniper berry is
          It's like calling tomato a vegetable


          "We have a clash of 4 fruits (Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Juniper Berry)"

          Juniper berry ain't a fruit.


          Stop makeing stupid comments we want real thoughts real review give everyone a chance


          Sorry not a review (surprise surprise)

          I'm not taking sides but people crying about the negative comments, well reading the moaning about them is just as tiresome to be honest. Some people must have more money that sense though to blind buy such expensive fragrances! I might consider purchasing a (reasonably priced ie under 10 euros incl. shipping) sample but given the approach I find it unsurprising that this venture has attracted criticism, so deal with it.


          Not Even out long enough for it to have been delivered to ANYBODY and everyone is talking trash, not even without trying the fragrance. Website is actually turning into a joke now.


          Zara or Avon quality in niche price?! 220 € and massive blindbuying?
          Costs more than Amouage or PdM in my country. Pfff.
          Sorry bro, but that's just scalping at this point.


          Smells like haters in here.


          I'm done with this site. Some of the the stuff posted is beyond ridiculous! At the very least, surely you have to smell a damn fragrance before commenting on it!!!


          Yet another reason for social ranking members so that only reputable individuals (e.g., more than 2 years on Fragrantica, posting twenty-five credible reviews (using proper sentences and structured paragraphs), and fifty forum posts) are permitted to vote with full weight. Hucksters creating faux accounts, and voting this smells like a Spongebob fragrance, should not have their votes counted and, only after months of responsible activity, have their reviews/votes given an increasing partial rate of a member in good standing. This way the malarkey members will not make a mockery of the review forums (like this one) and honest members will be able to police these miscreants.


          PLEEAASEE!! I want to read at least one honest,unbiased opinion about this fragrance.....


          This perfume was launched yesterday Dec 01, 2019. How is it possible so many people are commenting and disliking something they did not smell yet? You should be kind of ashamed because this page supposed to be about experiences with FRAGRANCES.

          Imad 78

          When you don't learn the lesson
          The same killing mistakes again


          I just went to the website and was shocked it's 220 Euros. I thought it would at most be the same price as Office. While I do want to try it, of course, I'm going to hold off until the decants come out. This pricing is nuts, I'd say the discounts start after two weeks.

          And to those who've voted on this before even trying it, you're just hurting the community with your dishonesty and hate.


          I don't get it. The sales of Office for Men was doing so poorly that they ran a buy-one-get-one deal almost immediately after it launched. Then he doubles down on whatever that decision was and releases the new one for $50 more. Why would anyone buy this one at full price when they've seen the track record for the last one ?


          Anyone who creates a perfume solely for the purpose of garnering compliments doesn’t get it. Same goes for those that buy it for the same purpose.


          The €220 asking price for this perfume is downright ridiculous!
          In this price range you can buy almost any perfume from Dior's Maison Christian Dior line, Guerlain's L'Art et la Matière line, Chanel's Les Exclusifs line, Xerjoff's 1861 and Velvet lines, most of MFK's perfumes, Amouages and even Creeds.


          So many reviews from people who haven't tried the scent. Let's be objective, once you try it come back and let us know your thoughts about the actual fragrance and not about Jeremy


          No matter how I despise this creator for his douchbagness life and exploitation of the not so fortunate human beings (even though allowed by them), I still give him enough time of the day (like what I am doing right now). For that matter, he'll continue to do what he's doing, and most likely will keep growing, because the masses love douch bags and what they have to offer. BTW, my hard earned money would never support whatever he endorses. Ditto.


          I have smelled it.

          to me is similar to Ultra Male

          but is heavier, because of a bit of woods and oud, but the oud is not too heavy .

          So, YES, it smells like ultramale but more masculine and heavy.

          Also lasts FOREVER.

          That's how smells the fragrance. No more, no less.

          Woman are simply CRAZY about the fragrance...

          The problem is that smells like ultramale so to me the price is ridiculous.

          But the fragrance smells really really good. It's my opinion

          If ultramale is for young people, and very fruity bubble gummy smell, this fragrance is very similar, but for more grown up people and a bit more complex because of the oud and woody notes

          If smells good? Yes. Smells amazing.

          If woman loves? Woman love this fragrance.

          Smells niche? Yes to me. Because smells kind of ultramale but darker and woodier.

          Is good for dates? Of course it is.

          Is sauvage, aventus, baccarat rouge, herod, bleu, ultramale, carolina herrera better than this? NO, they are not.

          It is worth the price? Of course NOT..


          I don’t know if the fragrance will be good or not. It probably won’t be worth the price. But people giving a dislike review for something they haven’t even smelled is unfair, and an annoying trend on Fragrantica. This should be an objective website.


          WAT.....$325 Can.
          ok now ????????????


          I have a feeling the last scent in this series will be Misspent Youth for Men, and if so, I intend to buy that one!


          “I hate vetiver, the fragrance note” - Jeremy Fragrance


          Ok so Jeremy entered the High end Guerlain price territory


          You poor people don't realise that there's real oud and bits of panther in it! About 60% of Date for Men is pure oud oil, and it's matured for 34.9 years! The price is a steal just to make everyone addicted, once everyone is, the price will be 24799$ or your left kidney. Get it while it's cheap! You'll be rich in no time when the final price is reached and you'll be able to sell a bottle as cheap es 15000$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111


          lol :D :D :D

          Niki Immortal

          Will I lose my virginity with this pantydropper?


          A date scent and *hard* (and sex, hey it sells) seems to be the buzz word. I wonder if there's an unlisted Viagra note. Surely this should be in a similar bottle to Fullchoke by Smalto.

          Start saving those pennies fragrance army virgins as this is no doubt a guaranteed pyjama dropper.

          Edit; kind of disappointed there's no date (the fruit) note listed, that's why I'm here :P

          Vapor Trail

          A "super sexual vetiver"...?

          lol, OK...

          Wan Drydown

          If I'm dating someone in the office, which one should i buy? Office or Date?


          Date for Men ==> €220

          Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait ==> €280

          People are free to spend their money however they want to. But if I ever have an extra €250 laying around, I know what I'd rather spend it on.


          I was at the ScentXplore event and I asked Jeremy Fragrance if he had a decant of DFM with him and if I can smell it. And I did.

          Now, I do own his previous frag. Office For Men and I really do believe that his intent was to make a somewhat mass appealing and inoffensive fragrance. And he did. It is far from a unique and creative mix and I found it to be a mere blend of bergamot and all kinds of synthetics. With a high price tag too.

          On a different note. I really did enjoy Date For Men. Surprisingly I really did enjoy the opening blast of mixed fruits - notably Mandarin and Juniper - and the transition to a subtle yet seductive cardamom and Oud dry down.

          I won't fall for his marketing tactics and sniff outs he regularly posts on his Instagram.I would advise people to put Office for men's lousy campaign behind their back and to really give this new frag a try. At least get a sample or small decant


          $247.99.....WOW. I'm not going to bash it, but that price is absurd for a company that is just starting out. I was actually planning on buying it for the same price tag as Office, but $250 is beyond crazy and greedy.

          It still sounds interesting. I guess I will wait for a sample. Let's hope it is worth it and I will eat my words!
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