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          Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana for women

          Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana for women

          main accords


          main accords


          Perfume rating 3.81 out of 5 with 19,687 votes

          Light Blue by Dolce&Gabbana is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Light Blue was launched in 2001. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. Top notes are Sicilian Lemon, Apple, Cedar and Bellflower; middle notes are Bamboo, Jasmine and White Rose; base notes are Cedar, Musk and Amber.

          Dolce & Gabbana Light blue is a casual and breezy, sparkling fruity-floral scent that evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer.

          Mouth-watering and fresh notes of lime and cedar are bringing an image of the South woods on the seashore.
          A very popular summer fragrance. Launched in 2001.

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          Top Notes

          Sicilian Lemon

          Middle Notes

          White Rose

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          Most Popular Positive Reviews


          I really, honestly thought I had figured it out. I thought that Light Blue was simple and sweetly fresh: a fragrance that’s easy for clubbing college girls and preppy queens on Nantucket to throw on without a second thought.

          God was I wrong. I wore it, for three days straight. No body wash, no deo. I NEEDED to know the allure.

          Light Blue is lemonade stirred with a wooden spoon, with the sun shining onto the Mediterranean. It’s biting into a green apple after a long hike through a cedar forest. It’s an evening party in a rooftop garden, surrounded by freshly-rained-on wood patio furniture and night blooming jasmine, with limoncello in hand. Simple in accord structure, but with so much attached to it.

          It smells as good, if not BETTER on men. It smells good on everyone I’ve ever smelled it on. It smells good on people who don’t like woody scents. It smells good on old ladies. It smells good on college-age young men. It smells good on both me and my brother. I bet it smells good on your dog.

          Just give in. Light Blue will get you eventually.


          I will preface this by saying I know this is uber-popular. Some people complain about that. Call it basic.

          I. DONT. CARE.

          This stuff is heavenly in the way that a warm breeze rushes across your sun-kissed lips and makes you feel as if the world is spinning around you, and you are the center...and everything is quiet and the sun is not too hot and the dew on the grass is the color of gold as evening sets in.

          So, yeah. I love it. Mechanically speaking, this never turns sour on me, which so many fragrances do, and I am forever grateful of that.


          Dear Light Blue, I really tried to stay away from you. Your popularity, I thought, was just to much. And tried and tried I did. But your cedar proved to be just the right touch. I found myself compelled to spritz you on every time I was in a store where I unknowingly sought you out, needing a fix. But atlast you enslaved me into your masses.

          Clean Lemony green apple crispness giving way to cedars commanding entrance. I think this is a wonderful summer fragrance. It sooths away any rough edges of the day. I constantly bring my wrist to my nose for a fix. On me it hangs close to the skin after the first hour. And needs a reapply after about four.

          Yes, I'm an addict. Back off! I've got a bottle in my hand and am not afraid to use it!


          There's a reason this fragrance has been so very popular. It's because it smells good, is exceptionally easy to wear, and is highly versatile: appropriate for day or night, for work or play, for going out to dinner or for just slobbing around the house. Part of the reason for that versatility, I suspect, is the pure simplicity of its concept: it basically comes down to two equally high-pitched and nasal facets--the sharp musky cedar below and the tart lemon/apple above--oscillating against each other to eternity. The result is a kind of olfactory moire effect, shimmery and (to my nose, anyway) quite pleasant.

          I suspect that Light Blue may also carry an additional appeal to Americans in particular, due to the strong hygienic associations of its three major notes, each of which, in their own way, can be said to represent cleanliness. Lemon, of course, is very strongly associated with cleaning products, while that tart green apple note is commonly used in the US to scent shower gels, shampoos, and astringent facial toners. The cedar, meanwhile, brings to mind cedar-lined linen closets or cedarwood chests, used to keep stored clothing clean and fresh and safe from moths. Put them all together, and you're definitely appealing to a desire for cleanliness, or "freshness." I tend to associate that desire with American tastes -- we do so love the whole squeaky-clean aesthetic here!--but perhaps it is more universal than I realize.

          My one criticism of this fragrance is that it can get a little screechy sometimes. I referred above to both the cedar and the tart fruit facets as "high-pitched and nasal," and while I realize that I'm engaging in an aural analogy there, it's the best way I can think of to describe exactly what I mean. They're both sour, sharp, astringent fragrance types, the sort that can really seem to get all the way up into your sinuses sometimes. Since I enjoy sharp and astringent smells, I'm not bothered at all by that aspect of Light Blue, but I can certainly see how it might get in the way of others' enjoyment. That synthetic cedar in the base (is that the Iso-E-Super people so often talk about?) is also extremely long-lasting and tenacious in a stickily pervasive musk-like way -- should you take a dislike to it, you *will* be smelling it for days, not only wherever you sprayed it, but also on anything and everything that got too close to the original spray. You have been warned.

          Sadly, while I enjoy Light Blue on other people, it doesn't behave very well on me. When I wear it myself, the lemon and apple notes disappear very quickly, while the cedar becomes *ludicrously* accentuated; the end result is that I wind up walking around for hours smelling very much like a hamster cage. A clean hamster cage, mind you, but still very much a hamster cage. So it's not one that I keep around, but I always enjoy smelling it on others. Fortunate indeed for me!, because this fragrance is so very, very popular that once you know what it smells like, you will find yourself encountering it *everywhere*.


          By looking at the above figure, I am assuming I'm the only one who wears this scent in winter. I don't know but I personally often sway towards this one in winter more than summer. I love the bitterness of the citruses in the cold morning air, I love how fresh and awakened it makes me feel, it gives me a boost on those winter mornings when all i want is to lie in bed. It is a very motivating, uplifting scent. The cedar makes it very wintry, i associate cedar with winter, it is the fresh ripe cold feel that note evokes in me.
          I don't know why this scent isn't listed as powdery, as it definitely is powdery and powdery scents are my favourite. I would say this fragrance was a citrus powdery slightly floral scent which is aromatic within the first 30 minutes of spraying after it settles into a pleasant chilling fresh citrus scent.
          I like it, I feel clean, energised, motivated, awakened. It makes me feel sporty but not in a innocent generic way. It has that bite an bitterness about it, This perfume has a certain charm. I find it with a lot of citrus fragrances they are the perfect balance between naughty and nice. Dirty enough to evoke a sense of mystery and magnetism yet nice, comfortable and composed enough for everyday wear.

          I'm a big fan of citrus scents and this is one of my favourites, JPG CLASSIQUE X being my number one, this perhaps comes a close second.

          P.s. this is one of those fragrances that does deserve the hype it gets unlike a few others in the market. e.g. lady million or marc jacobs.

          I like it, it is a fresh citrus powdery winter scent which is happy uplifting but with that bite and bitterness all the while.

          I can imagine this perfume being very fitting for the risqué passionate intimate encounters, it just has that smell and that nitty gritty feel.
          Most Popular Negative Reviews


          I smelled this fragrance on a nurse while I was hospitalised. I kept on sniffing her wrist the poor woman ! It was beautiful !
          So at first occasion, I went to try it on me ! Well, what a disappointment, straight at the bottle, it smelled like a cheap & nasty cologne, on me it was worse !
          But on that nurse, it was absolutely divine, to show how fragrances are unique on everyone !


          Blind buying is so dangerous, but don't be fooled by "first sniff" or paper test! Spray it on your skin! I was shocked by this perfume. It smells so good and fresh on my friend but when I tested it...gosh! It smelled like a rotten fruit on me!


          Cheap and nasty smelling. The worst of "drug store" style cheapies.
          Penetrating and headache inducing. I tried it twice, but had to scrub it off both times.
          clgiles888 is absolutely right when she compares it to Ajax cleaner. That's how it smells, harsh chemicals...


          I soon as I smelled my sample I realized how many times I've already smelled this, and I understand why. It's fresh, clean and bright, easily worn by most anyone and inoffensive to most everyone. Sounds nice enough but not exactly exciting, right? But I think I'm slowly falling in love with this. I've tried it twice. Once more and I may be compelled to pick up a bottle, popularity be damned.

          It starts off a little cool and aquatic on me, notes I don't usually particularly care for. These types of fragrances don't suit my personality well... or so I assumed. It's the lemon that intrigues me from the start because it's so well done. I love lemon but it's used almost ubiquitously in household cleaners and products, making it a hard note to use without evoking thoughts of Pledge, Pine Sol, and the awkwardly sized pills my back requires after a full day of housework. But I digress.

          This lemon smells only mildly synthetic, and that's when I scrunch my brow in an attempt to focus on it. Without straining my senses it's a freshly cut lemon, lightly sprinkled with sugar, laid out on a plate in the sun, ready to be squeezed into an icy glass filled with whatever beverage they consume in Paradise. Oh, and all this takes place on a beach beside the still waters of an Italian grotto. Che bello.

          It's linear on me, and I don't say that by way of a backhanded insult. The only change being that it wears progressively sweeter on me. Naturally.

          A modern classic.

          Darn you, Light Blue. Darn you to heck. I love you.

          Edited to add: This is a backdoor gourmand on me. I don't get the overabundance of cedar that some seem to suffer from. It's not even close to unisex, let alone masculine. So I guess there's nothing to it but to try it on yourself and see how it wears on you.

          10/2/15: My how things change. Over a year later and the ISO E Super in this is overwhelming to me. I get a candy lemon drop wrapped in ISO E plastic. It's such a shame. Maybe if I give it a long break I'll be able to pick out the nuances in it again without being distracted by that one strong note.


          I wore this to work one day and my boss announced that it smelled "like AJAX cleaner in here!" Sadly I agreed, that is exactly what I smelled like. I think my body chemistry disagrees with Fresh scents and makes them smell like chemicals. Probably awesome on others though.

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          All Reviews By Date


          A very strong scent for an edt. But that is a good thing for me! Almost no edt tends to last at all on me. This scent tends to last longer than most edp’s and it’s not just the fact that it’s a long lasting scent. It smells very citrusy, and very fresh and clean, it reminds me of green apples and lemons. I love it’s cleanliness and it’s freshness.


          I'm indifferent to this fragrance. It smells fresh, but it's too generic and synthetic for my liking. It doesn't last on me and for some reason it reminds me of air freshner.


          I love the smell of this but I hate how it smells on me. I like sniffing it in the bottle, heck my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works is bergamot waters which smells exactly like this, but when it touches my skin, it mutates on me and reads incredibly synthetic and oddly round and flat at the same time. Its just wrong with my chemistry and that supremely bums me out because I cannot stand the usual sweet, fruity, gourmand fragrances that are typically marketed to my demographic and I was really looking forward to it! But I guess it is one of the ones that I will have to love in third person:(


          Love this fragrance. Fresh citrus is always an easy go to. Fresh and clean. It's sweet but not sugary or sickly. To me it smells like apples and citrus, and has a very subtle warm/sexy undertone of the cedar/amber notes. On me, I really smell the warmer woody notes and I enjoy it's balance with the apple/citrus. I enjoy how it gets warm and yummy on my skin. Smells clean and refreshing. In my opinion it's a easy gift/blind buy. I think it smells great on everyone. Easy daily/office scent. I'm interested in trying the intense version after I finished mine, I'm on my second bottle.


          For me, is a man-unisex perfume. I don′t like it.


          I've used this fragrance a few years ago and decided it was time to buy a new bottle. I bought the 100ml one and what a disappointment: the smell is great but it doesn't last more than 20 min (literally!) on my skin. I don't expect it to last 8h but this is unacceptable...and as far as I've read in the comments, I'm not the only one.


          I have a “thing” for ‘00s fragrances. Idk what it is. I just love the absolute squeaky-cleanness of this era in perfumery. Fragrances seemed to come in 2 categories in the ‘00s: ozonic freshies like Light Blue, and sugary gourmand/fruitchoulis. I like and own several examples of each ??

          Being honest, I don’t own Light Blue. I own the Designer Imposter body spray called “Capri Breeze,” which has been reviewed as being very close to the real thing. I like it a lot!
          Enough so that I might pop for a small bottle of Light Blue. It’s zesty and fresh in the opening—fruity, but not sweet. Freshly sliced green apples and the “zing” of lemon peel. The drydown is really lovely, sandalwood and cedar. It is extremely cheerful and easy to wear, without smelling simplistic or cheap.

          Not that I don’t love my “challenge” scents like Youth Dew & Fracas... but sometimes you just want the olfactory equivalent of a very refreshing spa beverage, and Light Blue delivers!


          so so very sour and acidic.. dislike tremendously.


          Smells like pledge cleaner. Not offensive, but really not something I want to smell like. I really detect more of the citrus than apple.


          I was highly disappointed by this, I expected something vibrant, lemony. But it smells very cheap, musky, very artificial smelling citrus, sillage and longevity very weak, it becomes a skin scent very quickly. A way better alternative would be CK IN2U.


          "Lemon sorbet doused with rubbing alcohol, technically remarkable in that normally transient top notes are made to last an oddly long time. Trouble is, you want them to go away. If you hate fragrance, you're probably on your 4th bottle." -LT

          I'm by no means a Luca Turin stan, I disagree with much of what he has to say. However, his review of Light Blue is hilarious. For awhile now I thought I was crazy. So many people love D&G Light Blue, but it smells truly terrible to me. Rather than rubbing alcohol, I'd say it smells akin to throwing fresh citrus zest in a blender with a couple of permanent marker stubs. Awful, harsh, chemical. How this became an enduringly popular summer staple is beyond me. Is a large portion of the general population partially anosmic to it?

          Just wear CK One instead.


          First time I smelled it was when I was in junior high school. This was my best friend's signature scent. I really liked it on her but I couldn't afford it then lol. Now this is my day time office scent. This just smells so fresh and sweet but not cloying nor is it too feminine. The longevity is much better on clothes. On my skin, it probably lasts less than 3 hours. I will be purchasing the intense one. I don't think this will ever be replaced.


          I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! It’s like walking in a daytime after rain, the weather is fresh, sun is shining. This perfume is not the most unique that I’ve tried, but it’s definitely has it’s own charm. It’s great at daytime, but I love to wear this at nightime, too. So fresh, such a beautiful perfume. The minus is that it’s pretty expensive.


          Bought a partial as I've been loving my love love and this is the dupe. I love this too. It's 90% the same and I have to be honest side by side it makes my moschino smell like cleaning spray. I still love both, this one is a little more refined, a little sweeter (apple) and less in your face tart lemon zest. But there is something about Moschino that I love, the musky drydown. I think I'll just keep both for the summer:)

          Edit: Second comparison: Both gorgeous but. The Love Love. It just wins. Tarter opening, muskier sexier drydown. Lasts a bit longer and is cheaper.


          Smells good. Nothing unique. Safe for any occasion. Id buy a 100 ml bottle if it was $10. Not a penny more.


          To me, it’s a safe blind buy for gifts or yourself. Neither juvenile or mature, the blend of soft lemon and green apple has universal appeal for everyone. I personally don’t find it floral or fruity-the apple/lemon only sweetens an overall aquatic accord. I could easily see this being gifted to a teen, career woman, stay at home mom, or social butterfly grandma. Perfect for the oversprayer, as it never gets to be too much no matter how much is applied.


          To me this is one of those perfumes that everyone, particularly guys, seems to love, yet I don't and cannot see why it is such a crowd pleaser. I am not a fan of citrus perfumes so I am biased here, but still. It has a very odd composition, the lemon and bergamot (?) notes do not smell like a typical 'lemon' note.

          It's too zesty, it has a sour- bitter tone, and the volatile oils from the lemon zest + the 'musk' blend very oddly. It sort of smells like sweat, body odour with boozy citrus to me. Maybe good for a gym perfume, but I won't be purchasing it just for that.

          I do find its main note present in the opening of many sweet perfumes, including JC Viva la Juicy Gold Couture. That and the caramel seem to be huge crowd pleasers and a hit with men.


          This was my first perfume and probably the best blind buy as a newbie to fragrance. The opening is citrus zest without being sharp - I wish it stayed this fresh! On my skin, it settles into a kind of sweet and slightly gooey lemon-bar scent. Folks will say that this is a summer scent, but Light Blue settles a warmer on me thanks to the touch of musk. I love this during the winter!


          It's light and fresh--a little sporty. Very slight musk and lemon. Longevity and sillage are not great. When the heat and humidity feel too stifling for fragrance, this is a good pick.


          Stale room temperature lemon water with a lemon head candy sinking to the bottom. This is totally unisex. It’s tolerable when the lemon fades always. Not my fave.


          I know everyone seeems to love this stuff, but its a hard pass for me. Everything about the notes sound lovely, but for some reason I dont get citrus or clean aquatic musk, I just get.... nauseated. Something about the top and mid notes just induces nausea for me. I cant place it, or distinguish the note(s) causing it (maybe its just my chemistry?) but even in cool ac it just smells very "off" for me.
          If you wanted to love this but got the funk like me, CK Eternity Aqua smells much better in my opinion.


          Not necessarily a love from me, but people around me seem to love it, and that makes it a winner. It's a good refreshing fragrance, probably the b est of the aquatic-fruity range. From the "fresh" category I prefer Chanel Chance (all flankers included) and Truth by Klein, which has been discontinued


          Lovely light perfume. I have always received compliments when wearing this.


          Swayed by the many You Tubers gushing over how great Light Blue is, I purchased a bottle and the lotion as well as I like to layer scents. When I smell the lotion, it smells amazing, lemony and fresh. With my chemistry, the perfume does not smell so amazing on me. When I smell it on me, it smells kinda like...cardboard, lol. It's weird. I don't know what it smells like to other people when I'm wearing it but it's not pleasing to my nose at all. Will give it to my daughter. Hopefully she has better luck with this scent.


          I bought this expecting a light lemony summertime scent. I definitely get the bluebell flowers upon the opening along with the combined sharp green apple and citrusy lemon. The scent wafting from afar is how I will have to enjoy this one. Unfortunately, this is so disagreeable with my allergies. Thank goodness I did not buy a big bottle. I would much rather wear Versace Man Eau Fraiche or Perry Ellis 360 White. This was just too sharp for my nose and a trigger for my allergies.


          Finished up my third bottle of this lemony goodness. Perfectly refreshing, especially in 100+ degree heat. I do overspray this one. I seem to get anosmic to it, even though everyone else can smell me.

          I am not a fan of the packaging. The blue lid is a thin cheap plastic, the sprayer is the worst kind of mediocre, and the shape of the bottle is hard to hold. Because this is an EDT, you really have to spray quite a bit to maintain your sillage and aroma, and the packaging makes that difficult.

          I plan to try the intense version next summer to see if both the packaging and longevity are better.


          Kinda smells like BO to be honest.


          It was my favorite summer/signature scent for many years, most people I know like/love it.
          Performs great in hot weather and I can smell the citrus on me for hours and hours.


          A strong lemon, a relaxed apple, some woody ideas. It's fine. 6/10


          A unisex citrus fragrance that used to make me sneeze. I don't miss it at all.

          Fava Beans

          I was excited to try this. I needed a Monday energy boost and was thinking something citrus might do the trick.

          Oh look, it's ISO Super E. I can smell very little else, sad to say.


          I would strongly encourage my fellow Gentlemen to give this beauty a whirl. A wonderfully fresh, crisp, clean and woody gem for the Spring/Summer! Don't be fooled by the marketing, this is a completely unisex fragrance and y'all are missing out on something really good.


          Fresh, light, and clean this is a great fragrance. I can definitely tell why so many people love this as it really does sparkle. The notes are well blended and while wet, the lemon and apple combination come out strong. The cedar and florals come next then, for me, the musk and amber are the last to arrive.

          I think the choice of Bellflower and Bamboo are what make the fragrance.They compliment the apple lemon ceder goodness in a way that turns this more aquatic and more interesting.

          For those who like this but would like a more warm elegant scent impression or something a bit more appropriate to fall and winter, I'd suggest Etoile Fragonard for Women.

          I would like this so much more if the silage and longevity were stronger on me. A definite "like", very accessible scent, completely inoffensive, modern and chic, a very safe blind buy, but should be easy to find to sample as it is so popular.

          Edit to add: The hubby liked this so much that he immediately ordered me a 50ml as soon as he smelled it on me, so it certainly is a crowd pleaser.


          I’m not sure what to make of this scent. I’m familiar with every note in it except the blue bell, so I’m assuming that’s the one that’s throwing me off. The initial note is not fragrance at all, but straight alcohol! Thankfully, this goes away after a minute or so. The lemon + cedar combo makes me want to polish furniture. As it dries down, it starts to smell like baby powder mixed with another scent I can’t put my finger on. Something in this fragrance smells medicinal/industrial. While I can pick up the cedar wood, I’m not getting any of the floral or crisp notes other reviewers seem to like in this. I have a slight headache now.


          I love this on paper and on others, so much so I bought a 30ml. It's so bright and zesty and just downright feel good. Lasts a decent amount of time too. Unfortunately my skin does something horrible to certain citrus fruit notes and turns it kind of sour and dirty. I ended up giving my bottle away, but I still love to catch a sniff of this on others.


          This is one of my perfume since 2014. D&G Light Blue became my signature scent since 2018. No matter what my current favorite perfume is, I will always love Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Classic. Btw, i tried the intense Light blue, I must say, its a must try! Not a love at first sniff coz you will like more the classic but in the long run, intense is better than the classic! My signature by the way! Included on my top 5, classic and intense dolce and gabbana light blue!


          I recently pulled out my bottle of the modern classic. It's been at least two years since I last wore it and I just wanted something crisp and cool to wear. It's funny how easy it is to become jaded and even a bit snobbish about insanely popular designer fragrances, and perhaps that's the reason why I haven't worn it in so long, but there is a reason why this has been a best seller for so many years. It's insanely refreshing and really quite pretty.

          By and large a citrus fragrance with woodsy undertones, the apple adds a touch of crispness that makes it yummy but far from sugary sweet as many fruity notes can be it's definitely a linear fragrance, and the zestiness of the opening remains throughout the the wear time, which has moderate longevity, appropriate for an EDT. I definitely pick up the jasmine after about to minutes, scrubbed clean of any trace of indole and not at all heady as white florals tend to be. Above all, it's clean, though not soapy on my skin.

          In all honesty, I am enjoying it more now than I did when I first purchased it almost 10 years ago!! It's amazing that after all that time, all the notes are still in tact. I look forward to giving this a few more wears this summer, and even though it is easily identified by many people, I don't mind. Not every perfume needs to be rare and exotic. Sometimes it's enough to just smell nice!


          First of all I love the misty blue bottle and it totally enticed me to buying it.I got a small try out bottle as a gift in a perfume shop and it had around 5 whiffs and I decided to get the big one.
          Its an aqua perfume with freshness of lemon zest and I love clean and fresh perfumes. I see a lot of people talk about it being the perfect summer perfume but for me it is my perfect monsoon perfume reminding me of cloudy beaches. Oh how I love cloudy beaches. This is what the perfume is to me ..freshness on a cloudy day, sweet flowers on pillows or curtains, love and peace at home or a picnic to the nearby beach. It is a happy perfume. Alas I broke the blue bottle while I was half at it and I definitely want to buy one again.


          Crisp, bright, sharp, sparkling. These are the 4 words that I would use to describe this fragrance. I'd obviously heard of this one before receiving it as a gift since it's such a popular fragrance but I'd never planned on purchasing just due to the popularity and knowing I'd smell like everyone else. I see why it's popular, it's pretty nice. Maybe a little generic but I'll wear it anyway.


          In my head I always class this scent as easy wearing, forget about it, wear it when you have an easy day kind of perfume, just some refreshing "citrus" when it's hot out.

          But when I wear it I am always reminded that it lasts surprisingly long, it gives you whiffs of confidence throughout the day and is a total compliment getter!

          I think it smells H A P P Y.

          And I know people say it's a citrusy smell and how it's so well done that it doesn't smell like a toilette freshener but honestly I am coming to the conclusion this is not a citrus smell at all. It's warm and woodsy and it's a very warm beige type of fragrance in my world. So much so that this really shines in winter for me as well and never feels too fresh in cold weather.

          A total winner. I must not forget how good this is haha.


          Juicy sparkling citrus and apple, cedar in the background. Doesn't smell synthetic to me, which is a plus.
          It's nice but nothing interesting. I don't know why it's hyped over so much.


          @akali . . .yes, this reminds me also of CKOne, but this one has more citrus, so not quite the same. This one to me is more like a memory or dream of CK One that you just can't put your finger on or wake up and can't quite remember the dream. I find this, as so many others have said, to be wearable by all, great and small. It is uplifting and refreshing. For those who are outside of this box, more's the pity.


          A less harsh version of creed Taberome. Pleasant smell


          I like this so much. I had liked this so much. Until that one (or two?) times it smelled milky sour so had to stop wearing it. I really don’t know how this happened?? If anyone could tell me? (Only culprit I could think is my skin being acidic, eg. like my makeup just straight oxides during the day). This perfume made me search for alternatives, sadly, and try to find out and avoid whichever note made me feel like gagging.

          I will continue loving this though, because it’s one of those perfumes that’s so easy to wear with anything at any season of the year, specially on those days you want to wear perfume but don’t know which perfume to wear. And when it’s sweltering hot. I just really have to find out how to wear it again without getting that sour note!


          This is much too woody for me. All I get is pencil shavings with a splash of lemon and old flowers. I met up with some girlfriends for dinner and I noticed a foul smelling stale powdery monstrosity in the air. I realized I was smelling Light Blue on my friend. I'm the anomaly in the population bc most people adore this fragrance. I find it offensive.


          This is pretty. It opens up with wonderful sparkling citrus, roses and wood. It smells like a combination of wet wipes and lemon zest, very summery and pleasant. The drydown is very delicate, like jasmine and fresh cotton, however the wood is still there, giving a bit of accent to the scent.

          All is good and all is beautiful... for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, this vanishes completely. Nothing, not even the faintest of smells left behind. It disappears as if it was never there, on skin or clothes.


          I think the reason I, and many other people, like this perfume is because it's so familiar.

          To me, this smells like the summers of my childhood. It smells like my mum packing up the car to go to the beach, or for a picnic. It smells like my mum letting me wear a spritz of it while we eat summer fruit on the deck of my childhood home on a hot day.

          Obviously the associations would be different depending on your age when this came out, but I think everyone would have known someone who wore this back in the day, so it smells nostalgic. Yeah, some could say it's overused and common, but I don't really care, I just enjoy it.

          I definitely get a lot of straight-up lemon from this, but that's what I like about it. It's a summer classic.

          It actually hangs around for quite a while on me, but faintly. It doesn't stay strong for hours, it kind of fades down and stays as a skin scent for most of the day.


          Very nice! I don’t usually opt for citrus fragrances but this is an exception.

          I don’t think the scent is too “lemony” I think the apple and cedar balance out the lemon. As usual I would recommend wearing the fragrance to know it instead of just sniffing it on paper.

          This is very fresh, bright and smells like nostalgia in a bottle! Whenever I wear this it makes me think of summer days in Italy.


          Light Blue is a light musk, with lemony citrus, and a hint of cedar. Many people call this a fresh scent, but it's heady and not breezy on me. IAfter several years, I'm still undecided as to whether I like it.


          Not a fan of citrus fragrances, but Light Blue is an exception. The only citrus fragrance that doesn't give me a headache or nausea. Plus in my opinion, this is the only sexy scent with citrus as the main note. I knoooow.. it's odd. Citrus isn't sexy at all, it's fresh, summer, light, uplifting. But this one could make me feel sexy and smells good.


          D&G Light Blue smells so nostalgic, but I know why: it smells like Calvin Klein CK One. How come NOBODY has mentioned this yet?! I read some of the reviews here, and I do agree that this does indeed smell unisex due to the masculine notes; this fragrance isn't quite sweet or girly at all. It's very fresh, clean and has lots of citrus. Smells like lemons, other citrus, woody musk with a bit of green and mojito in there. I personally like this fragrance but wouldn't wear it everyday. This fragrance seems to suit those who are mature (over age of 25) and enjoy fresh/citrus/woodsy scents or for anyone looking for a fragrance that isn't sugary at all and just wants a simple fresh fragrance. If you're looking for something similar to Light Blue but adds a hint of sweetness, then I highly recommend Burberry Brit for Her, as it is also a fresh citrus fragrance but adds a slight hint of sweetness.

          *Edit: (A month after leaving review) Ok...not gonna lie, but this has been growing on me, and I'm wearing it quite often now.

          Uniqueness: 6/10
          Sillage: 7/10 (leaves decent trails)
          Longevity: 5/10 (lasts about 4-5 hours on skin)
          Sweetness: 1/10 (perfect, as this is going for a fresh comp)
          Season: Spring/Summer
          Overall: 6/10


          Lemons, lemons and more lemons. That's all I get out if it. To be frank, I only got it because it's a classic, and it was discounted and came in a gorgeous set box. On its own it's meh, nothing special, but I like to pair it with sweet fragrances, like Pink Sugar, to freshen them up in the summer or get a lemon cake type of scent.


          Lest and more very clean and comfortable
          first smell Like I am in the middle of a garden of lemon blossoms.and I feel like walking in Sea Beautiful sunny This smell is so unique loveeee it 10/10


          It’s not a bad scent necessarily. But its just too lemon-y. I don’t like how linear it is on my skin. I want to immediately wash it off. Its unfortunate because so many people love it.


          Am I the only one that thinks light blue is unisex or kinda manly? I do love it though. I’m looking for something similar but just a little lighter, less cedar and musk?


          Light blue smells like a citrusy, basil mojito with lots of simple syrup to sweeten it up. That’s what I get from it. Pleasant, casual scent one you can’t go wrong with.

          Edit: wore it on a hot day and all I got was a sharp pee smell on the dry down. Am I the only one who notices that? I had my boyfriend smell my wrist and he agreed he could smell a sort of sour pee scent as well. I’m scared to try it again. Maybe my body chemistry doesn’t mix well with it,


          Nice summer scent. My aunt is in love with this. I gave mine to her because she used her bottle up. I would like to smell light blue intense or light blue sunset in salina.


          Really like the initial lemon/apple notes but entire scent doesn't seem to last very long. Would probably last longer on clothing/hair? ??

          UPDATE: Base notes do appear to last longer than I originally thought, but the intensity and type of scent is very soft/faint.


          Sparkling and succulent sour green apple and citruse.

          I always find it interesting how the citrus opening stays sparkling for so long... the scent is not terribly long lasting (try the intense version for better longevity)but the opening lingers, there is almost no dry down on my skin.... is it the Aldehydes that carry that refreshing succulent accord for so long?...


          This is the third time I'm reviewing this fragrance. I was inspired to write my third and final review after I read my last two reviews. I first purchased this in late 2018. I absolutely hated it. I thought it smelled like lemon-scented dish soap and generic floral scents with some hints of bamboo. In my first review, I gave it a 6/10. I compared it to $2 Ajax dish soap and I said I would not buy this fragrance again. LOL THE LIES.

          About a week later, I got a whiff of the scent as I put my jacket on. So I sprayed it again and gave myself a day to fully experience it. I liked it much better. My review moved up to a 7.5/10 and I compared it to a spa day.

          Fast forward to 2020, Dolce and Gabbana light blue is my signature scent. I get complimented all the time. When I used to work at a suit store, I got at least 2 compliments a day. I get asked what I'm wearing all the time despite the fact that this scent is really popular. I repurchased it 3 times since my first review and I'm close to finishing my current bottle. I wear this every single day. That includes right before I go to bed. Now, I give this a 10/10. It's so perfect for me. It's clean, fresh, girly, sweet, intoxicating, and beautiful. Complex, but simple at the same time. I LOVE this fragrance.

          I say all this to say: sometimes it takes time to get used to a fragrance. Wear it a few times before you make your final judgment. There's a reason why sample bottles give you enough liquid to spray the perfume multiple times. If I gave the fragrance away after the first time I smelled it, I would not have known how much I actually love it.


          happy summery scent without smelling directly like sunscreen.
          No knockout longevity but that’s to be expected with something so fresh and top note heavy


          I wear it before I go to sleep. Having sweet dreams everytime??♀?


          It's fresh citrus scent in a synthetic way, I couldn't really like the perfume.
          I think this scent could be probably worn by anybody without ever being really wrong, but also without ever being really right. I didn't feel like I was going to be able to express anything with this scent - just off for me. I want my scent to feel more personal and interesting, which is not this one.

          Morning rain

          Summer in a bottle... beautiful, fresh citrusy scent that never grows old.

          Midnight cat

          It’s very classic fresh citrus scent a bit musky
          Very pleasant safe choice inoffensive.
          The eau intense doesn’t compare of course
          The smell is more there and long lasting and the bottle
          Is way cuter !


          Quite a generic smell. My friend loves it but i don't. It's not a bad scent...there's just nothing special about it.


          I get why the hype, really. As someone who likes non-citrus frag, this scent is actually quite pleasant. It is fresh, clean, and well-executed. Totally a go frag for a daytime summer scent.

          Albeit being dominant in citrus scent, I can smell that apple and sweet-smelling jasmine. Sillage is heavy, so be careful with the quantity when spraying.

          I bought it because of the hype, like... it's millions of people's perfume. However I soon discover that I don't do well with citrusy scents. Brand name and nose behind the frag could help if you go that way (and I do go that way), but it doesn't always work.

          Try before buying, seriously. This perfume is not for me, because I prefer floral fruity gourmand scents. However it could be yes for you if you like aquatic summer fresh citrus scent.

          Oh, also... it reminds me of my uncle, I just realize.

          Fluffie Awan

          the worst perfume in terms of sillage and longevity. i like the smell but zero performance . if you are obsessed with brands then go for it but i wont be paying for the name.

          worst perfume


          Very crisp and bright citrus fragrance, that can easily be unisex IMO. The perfect summer scent. Some people say it’s generic, but I find it really attractive, clean and uplifting.


          I used to adore this!!! Now I smell so much lemon and green apple it just doesn't feel interesting or seductive like it once did. The musk and lemon can mix with the skin and get to a body odor smell real quick too. But it's a classic, iconic, and it belongs in the collection.


          This is super fresh and filled with citrus. This is awesome for those summer days at the beach and I think is a great unisex fragrance. This is one for everyone who wants a fresh and clean summer time scent.


          Citrus, super fresh scent, the most complemented of all times by men and women in my experience. I used to wear it as my signature scent throughout my life and suits any place, weather/season. I would describe it as a mind bending perfume.


          I used to own this perfume after smelling it on someone else and liking it on them.

          Although it is expertly well done (there's a reason it's a global best seller), it is too headache inducing for me and I find it quite polarizing.

          My boyfriend has voiced he likes it, but I can't bring myself to wear it.

          It's also touted as being one of the sexiest summer fragrances for women, but I really prefer something more soft and feminine as opposed to the bright citrus.

          As a disclaimer, I prefer more vanilla, floral, oriental type scents over the fresh citrus.

          For me this fragrance is a 2/10... it's just too headache inducing and crisp for me.


          My high school biology teacher used to wear Light Blue. I distinctly remember her perfume, and also smelling it on another lady one time and being taken aback that the same musky fresh smell was present away from my classroom. It was the first women's perfume that I had smelled that was markedly not feminine. It was intoxicating on my teacher, I couldn't pick out any notes at that time (probably didn't realize perfumes had notes) but just smelled this musky fresh scent that really suited her and her androgynous style. I never liked it on myself, but from a dabber bottle, I again feel the magic of this perfume.

          When sprayed on, Light Blue is too sharp and overbearing on my skin. But dabbed on, it's just perfect. It's a sweeter lemon than I remember, and actually I smell a lot of lovely jasmine on my skin. The apple is sparkling, tart and sweet. Perfectly sweet and refreshing for the hot sunny weather I am currently in :)


          At first I couldn't understand why this fragrance got so much hype around it since all I could smell from the bottle is fresh citrus note, like actual freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice. But as the scent dries down on my skin it leaves a sweet but cooling and woody smell that is super pleasing to the nose. It's so sexy, feminine and youthful. It's the perfect scent for the summertime and I'd say you can hardly over spray this as it's so fresh and clean. The performance of Light Blue is undoubtedly incomparable to other deep and rich perfume DNA but it does cling on to my skin for a good 4-5hrs or even longer if I don't sweat much.

          Edit: It might smell a bit soapy to some. Personally I don't get any soapy vibe at all but my mum did give me that feedback.


          Not a review but an observation. I just purchased my fourth bottle of this and it's a 'TESTER" bottle that says made in France. The longevity and silage on this tester bottle is incredible. Lasts up to next day on my skin whereas the previous bottles barely made the four hour mark...are the tester bottles made more concentrated that regular bottles in the suede box? Tester box is plain white. Anyway this is route I'm going from now on if this is the case. I was thinking of getting the Intense version but it looks as if I don't even need to.


          This takes me back to my early 20's. I don't wear this as often, but this will always be a nostalgic scent for me. This has always been a versatile fragrance for me; both casual and sophisticated, day or night.


          Crisp fresh mouth watering feminine scent!
          Aquatic and citrus done right
          Very exotic


          Love this; happy sunny summer fragrance! I love to leave my house, just showered, and let the wind blow this all around me!!
          But I am so surprised, that there is no coconut included in the notes?? To me, I get that feeling very clear! Strange?! Does anyone else feel the same thing?
          Very fresh. I don’t care if everyone else is wearing it too, I will always keep it; it is an essential to me!!


          Light Blue was the first perfume I ever purchased in my late teens and it has stood in my closet forever. Recently I really dove into perfumes, and although I gave away a few of my old ones I'm keeping this one. Sadly the poor longevity ensures that the 30ml bottle is still half full.

          I love the citrus opening, but it dies on me quickly, revealing a clean, fresh, energetic rosy / mildly citrus scent. I detect something spicy, but I can't figure out what it is. It reminds me of a day in spring where you have just opened up the windows and let the spring air into your bedroom airing everything out and putting new bedsheets on.

          To me not boring at all and I haven't come across anything like it yet.


          This smells lovely! Crisp summer breeze in a bottle. Since there are so many reviews here about Light Blue already, I'll skip my own cause mine is just similar to what they have to say: amazing scent, however poor sillage, poor longevity. To those who say it's like lemonade, I feel it's more delicate than just lemonade, this is not straight on citrus, something in it makes it a little sweet but not cloying. I can see how people connect it with Lanvin Eclat DArpege, there's a similarity between the two but this one wins my heart with its woody notes that balance out the whole equation while Lanvin is simply too airy and boring. You call this boring, try Lanvin.
          Anyway, I wish this perfume has a greater sillage, cause I can barely smell it on myself. I have to spray like six times to get whiffs of it but not enough for the people around me to realize I'm wearing something. Unless you just want to wear it for yourself and you don't care if anyone else notices it, I highly recommend spraying it onto your pillow or use it as a room mist, it works wonders


          I disagree with this scent as boring at all. Perfume isn’t about how long you smell it on your skin or how it initially smells. It changes with your body chemistry. When you can no longer smell this it reactivates when you sweat even and it’ll smell like you just sprayed it at random moments. Others will certainly smell it on you all day.


          A very nice, clean, fresh fragrance that is perfect for the warm weather. It’s not the most groundbreaking perfume I’ve ever tried but is one that has a universal appeal during the summertime.


          This smells exactly like freshly made lemonade. Happy, clean and fresh. A great mood lifter and perfect for sunny days.


          This scent is about as safe and boring as they come. To my nose and on my skin it has very little depth or character and smells like a laundry detergent/dish soap/fabric softener. A citrus-scented liquid hand soap would probably give you the same effect for a fraction of the price.


          I love it. Citrusy and fresh, it smells like CK One.


          Light Blue is one of my favourite Spring/Summer perfumes. It is a beautiful, fresh, uplifting, crisp citrus fragrance. Particularly bergamotty to me. I wish it would last longer for my nose, but others notice it on me, even when I can't. Happy, clean, fresh and summery though, what's not to like?!

          Kir Royal

          Very cheerful, crisp and uplifting scent with endless longevity and enormous sillage, fantastic in hot weather. Love this dearly, but sadly can't wear because of more than obvious popularity of this perfume. Gave it to my mom, on her skin it is not as loud and obvious, more powdery and introvert. On my skin it's all about citruses, zing, lemonade and cedar, on her I smell rose, jasmine and amber. Very irresistible on her indeed! So try before you buy.


          I never paid much attention to LB until a friend of mine wore it to a dinner party.well she smelled amazing.Then I bought a small bottle which I mainly use during summer but I spritzed some on today and it seems to work in the cold too,very versatile an really beautiful,clean and sophisticated,very popular for a reason


          Nice, but to light for me.
          French and summery but to much citrus for my taste.
          Smells like a fresh shower gel, nothing more.
          It doesn’t stay on my skin for to long, only about a few hours

          It is a very good perfume for layering.
          Perfect for lighten up a strong oud perfume.

          I don’t know why I bought this in the first place?
          Ended up only for layering.


          Used to buy this perfume all the time. It was one of the most pleasant smelling scents during its time. Even if I have moved on to a lot more other fragrances, I would still spray this from time to time and it still has magic!


          Impetuous. Salty.
          There is some inexplicable eroticism in this fragrance.
          A little sharp, at first glance simple, but exciting.

          Sun, sea, cypresses... A couple in love is vacationing in Greece.


          So far, I have trouble even detecting it on myself. Maybe I need to spray more. Also, I do suspect this is better for summer.
          Can't say this was a success for me. Very light & elusive. Not unpleasant, just too much struggle to smell anything.


          I wore this perfume for years in my late teens/early 20s. It's an out of the shower refreshing citrus scent but I have grown out of it. I love to smell it on others in public. I get a fleeting tummy roll of nostalgia and excitement when I detect it but I think that is more my personal memories associated with it rather than the fragrance itself doing anything special.


          Smells a lot like Lanvin Eclat D’arpege, but less airy and fresh. This is more flat and contained.


          ??? ???? ???? ???? ???????


          I wanted to buy it since some years, but I was not convinced due to some reviews about the longevity and sillage. Then I found a Halloween discount and bought a 200ml bottle.
          The smell is divine. I have a big collection of fragrances and with LB, I would NORMALLY not need anything else. Because it's fresh, appropriate for all seasons and moment of the day , the lemon is a mood uplifter and the cedar gives a powdery ( at least for me) feeling. It remembers me the smell of a baby, but meanwhile has a seductive scent, like body of a healthy person.
          But I say " normally" because the durability and sillage are a real dissapointment. After 40 min I can no longer smell the lemon, but only the cedar which dissapears in another hour. So the total lasting power is for me around 2 hours , and this with spraying even on clothes and hair.
          In the evening I can smell it on clothes with the nose energetically pressed on the textile. This is such a shame, for both the price , and for the divine smell.

          I have an original bottle , produced in March 2019, in France. I will continue to use it until it's finished , but I am not sure I will repurchase it just for the sake of the beautiful smell. I may , as I feel I want to have it in my collection even if I do not reach for it daily due to poor parameters.

          As a funny comparison , the Donna from La Rive is a 98% dupe of LB ( more similar than Moschino ILL), but today I'm wearing Donna and I can still smell it after 4h from application. Same poot longevity as LB had as well the dupa from Zara " Forget me not" , but by the time I was using it, I was thinking that it is because it's not too good quality and LB for sure will be stronger.

          Too bad for the longevity and sillage.....I heard that the Intense version is not a significative improvement in terms of parameters..

          Anyway , if you like the smell and find it discounted, you may try it.


          I love this scent. This was one of the perfumes that started my fragrance addiction, lol! It just smells like the ocean - clean, refreshing, but also slightly sexy. The perfect scent for when it is hot outside.

          I tried it on today at store, and this has much more citrus in the opening than I remember! Could it be that I am confusing this with the intense version? Maybe.

          To me, this is a bit too citrusy, so it's a 'like' rather than 'love'.


          Smells very powdery on me after dry down. It does definitely linger. This is not one of my first go to choices.


          I steered clear of Light Blue for many years as a former friend once wore it I didn't want to be reminded of her, but I'm so glad I took a chance and revisited it. It's now one of my favourites. The zingy opening is a delight. The flowers come through well and the dry down is so soft and sweet I love it. For an EDT it lasts incredibly well. I bought a gift set and the matching body products are also lovely. I can see why this is so popular and why men love it so much. It's alluring but in a wholesome way, without any of the dirty notes you get in some perfumes. I prefer it to the EDP Intense version as I feel that one doesn't emphasise the floral nature of the original EDT.


          LOVE this scent. This is my favorite citrus-y fresh summer scent, bar none. Upon first spray I get a punch of lime and sea salt that makes me fall in love with the scent all over again. There's a light depth to it though that makes it interesting, and not just another fresh citrus scent. The musk and bamboo really do wonders.

          This scent is the epitome of spending a summer day in Positano, right on the Mediterranean. The only drawback is that the lasting power is below average, sadly. However, not to fret because I am going to purchase the eau intense version next, which supposedly has much better longevity and sillage. Can't wait!

          8/10 solely because of lasting power. Recommend it


          The inexpensive cologne clone of Light Blue from CVS smelled good on me so I tested out the real thing, thinking it could only be better. NOPE. Acrid, medicinal smell that stayed and would not go away. My body chemistry and this did not get along at all.

          Sara Jahan

          I love love love this. My favourite perfume of all times, in summer in winter, i prefer the intense version though cause that lasts more than this does.this fragrance is very fresh, citrusy, welcoming. My sister and 3 year old nephew used to wear this all the time. I feel like this perfume can be worn by everyone, kids, males females alike.


          Dishwasher lemon cutting through an iso-e super tsunami gurggling green apple rinds and cedar chips reeled into the synthetic citronellol shore. But Light Blue is more than just citrus florals and sharp woods. It is a brilliant technical composition that fell victim to the usual overexposure and copycat curse that befalls when innovation reproduces with popularity.

          A hesperidic granny smith over a soapy amber soared by that iso-e super, synthetic, high-pitched (what seems to be a ubiquitous if not omniprescent note in perfumery today, much like the maltol-patch of the "fruitchouli" another heritage from Cresp through the Angel bloodline) that lifts like a seafaring lump of grey cedar and ferries it to the apple ledge with a zesty if not thin, rose-in-teeth, de-boozed by the sun, taratella limoncello.

          I get the appeal. It runs a happy gamut of greens and yellows with a pep in its strut and clouds around you more like a circling halo than the typical wake of a sillage but I enjoy Light Blue best from afar, on me it's like my nose being blasted by an electrostatic bullhorn, on someone else feels like a complicit smile and partaking on a share of their charisma.


          This is a safe and delightful fragrance. I did not like it all that much initially, but someone described this as an Italian summer and I could not stop thinking about it since! I do think "Italy" when I sniff it, even though I've never been there (lol). Fresh, citrusy, and light—bordering cologne. I smell mostly lime. I know it's supposed to smell feminine, but to me, it's quite unisex.

          It's not one of my personal favorites but it does smell good. I don't think it's special, either, but it is quite memorable, if only for how loved it is. And for good reason! A definite "Like" for me.

          natasha calli

          There’s a reason why this was one of my favorite scents. Although I can’t really make this my signature scent because half of the country wears this scent, it is still a wonderful, citrusy fragrance perfect for the summer. A fresh, clean perfect fan favorite that men love on women.


          On some people, this smells like fresh squeezed lemonade on a breezy day at the beach. Clean, sparkling, kinda yummy. If it works for you, it's nice!

          On my skin though? Wow. I couldn't scrub my wrist hard enough to get this horrendous smell off!! It smelled so sterile... exactly like latex gloves at a dentist or hospital mixed with...fluoride? Just a nasty, chemical, sterile latex smell. Sorry Light Blue, but yuck!!!

          Not a safe blind buy.


          Smells like you just cleaned your house on the beach, you slip on a white flowy dress and take your dog for a walk, you both walk on the sand by the shore and you bump into an old friend , you come back home and you sit on the front porch sipping margaritas with him as the sun goes down. you smell a bit like lemon zest, refreshing, youthful and have a hint of saltiness on your skin.


          This is like, 100% grapefruit! A classic scent with good structure that at one point in 2006 you could smell on 1/10 women!

          Palmer Eldritch

          I have the same experience as the reviewer below me...this scent is very 'citronella bug repellent' especially on me.

          I'm not a huge fan of this since it reminds me of disinfectant wipes/supplies (especially dettol lol) due to the very strong, persistent lemon note mixed lightly with green apple.

          The rest of the notes are amazing on paper, but I only detect them very faintly on the skin.

          This is nothing special for me really & not worth the price. However that's just my thoughts & experience :)

          I would recommend this for lovers of extreme citrus


          I wanted to love this scent so bad! But unfortunately I just don’t think it mixes well with my body chemistry. The dry down leaves the smell of citronella bug repellent on me and actually gives me a headache.


          This is lovely in the summer heat. There are very few citrus perfumes I like and this is one of them. I get maybe 3-4 h wear of this one. Not bad for a eau de toilette!

          In the beginning I get apples, wood and citrus then it developes into slight deeper bamboo and light rose scent. Lovely!


          Idk why, but this scent reminds me of pepperoni pizza. ?? It's a unisex scent that leans more on masculinity,for me at least. I think this will suits teenagers or/and young adults.


          You can't dislike it but it too sweet, to simple and to old.
          There are much better options


          Fresh, citrus, fruity to begin with I'm thinking ooo this is lovely, refreshing, clean. Then in the dry down it turns very vintage smelling, very 90's masculine, maybe it's the cedar?


          IMO this is so incredibly inoffensive. To me there's just nothing to dislike about it. It's light, fresh, and clean. At first, when the top notes faded a bit, I thought it was kind of masculine.

          But it isn't, it's just a very different type of feminine scent than I'm used to. It's not warm, sweet, and yummy. It's like a womanly clean watery floral. Like wearing white linen in an ocean breeze, with a touch of floral. Even if it's lingering in my nose after just applying, it doesn't bother me, it's never too much.

          If you like sweet, this isn't it. I do wish the apple and lemon stuck around, or their was something sweeter in the base. But nevertheless it's a wonderful, safe buy that everyone will like. I could see a teenager and a grandmother wearing this, I feel like it's totally ageless, and timeless.


          Nothing in this fragrance wows me and I don’t love it but it does lighten up a hot summers day, although it’s not my favourite it does the job of freshening up..


          Living in south Florida I was looking for a nice summer scent since it’s summer 9 out of 12 months here. I naturally gravitate towards winter smells which smell terrible in the heat. I picked up a rollerball of this at the store and fell in love! The perfect fresh light summer smell without smelling too young. It lasts about 5 hours on me which is impressive for an eau de toilette! It has a bit of oiliness to it which I think is what helps it stick better. Opens up with a fresh lemon smell and settles down to a warmer scent.


          how would someone not love this frozen lemonade??? This thing is an ICON of freshness, a summer daydream... Too expensive in MY opinion for what it offers, but if you do not mind... reapply!!! ANd be happy with this gourgeous sexy thing!


          Question for light blue lovers who have tried the flankers: which of the recent ones have the LEAST (but not none) cedar?

          I used to hang cedar blocks in my closet, so high doses of cedar always make me think of at least that. Unfortunately, I'm also one of the people who gets pencil shavings from lots of cedar. However, I do like cedar a lot as a supporting note, so long as it's subtle, so I don't need or want a scent that is TOTALLY cedar free. I find that woody notes give fruity scents depth and I'm not that into the fruity so-called dupes that have no detectable woody/deeper notes. That's why I'm specifically asking about flankers, NOT dupes from other companies. I've tried so many "dupes" and I've realized that I don't like when there's no cedar at all. I need some cedar to get that signature light blue scent, I just want *less*, that's all. The problem is just that on me, cedar is the number one note in original LB and THAT'S too much. More citrus is always a bonus too, as I love citrus!

          I'm thinking either LB sun or LB italian zest. I will probably blind buy a small bottle if you guys think it's a good idea. I would absolutely adore light blue if the cedar were toned down to a background note, and even better if the citrus were amped up. Thanks in advance I really appreciate any help! Feel free to PM me if you don't want to use up review space :]

          Random side note: men should totally try this too. It would be so sexy and if it's as cedary on others as it is on me it would be a perfect summer scent for men. Refreshing, sexy, and not like all the other typical summer type colognes. I know there is a men's version too but I honestly would prefer to smell this one, woman or man.


          @renzo yes, if you like it, then you definitely should wear it! And I wouldn't think weirdly or really in any way about a man who wore this (I mean I wouldn't think it smells too feminine or anything, if you're wondering about that.)

          I'm... slightly disappointed with this fragrance. I tried it on my skin today at a shop, and because I know how popular it is, I kind of wanted to dislike it (the hipster in me), but I couldn't bring myself to hate the perfume. It's so.... bland. Yet nice, kind of. At least it was first. I found myself sniffing my wrist for the first hour or so, really enjoying the scent, and now, a few hours later, I can mostly just smell something reminiscent of those super artifical smelling "peach" scented products - which is a scent I find utterly annoying and repulsive (and there aren't many scents that I feel that much of a negative emotion for). But still, it's not even enough of that for me to hate it with a passion. I'm just kind of ambivalent. And annoyed. I want more of something. Maybe I should try this again with more sprays. It's definitely not a very long lasting perfume. Yeah, I think I'll have to give this a second try.


          Latest incarnation tested TODAY June 2019 , lasts 25 minutes. This smells nice but should be $19.99 at Marshalls / Ross !


          I don't understand how this is so popular. Smelling Light Blue is the equivalent of smelling ground pepper for me. I just want to sneeze. It gets right up my nose in an unpleasant harsh way. It is so peppery to me, what note is even causing this?! I can't work it out.


          Despite its popularity, it's not a typical summery fresh fragrance. It has some citrus to give it the cooling effect, but it also has some depth, perhaps some masculine woods. It could be worn in any season, any occasion, if you can deal with weak longevity and projection

          Edit: AAAAAHHHH the drydown on warm skin is soooo delicious and sexy


          I ordered a few carded vials to sample.
          My first impression is this is a great fresh cologne, and it smells very niche and expensive.
          I recently sampled and reviewed "Pure White Cologne" by Creed, and they are 90% the same, but the Creed is only 10X more expensive.
          Enough said.

          Yes, is very gender neutral (unisex), but the aldehydes give it a slightly feminine lean. As Pure White is also geared towards women.

          Rating: 8/10

          God bless. John 3:16


          I find this scent absolutely offensive to my nose. It garnered such popularity and all I smelled was old lady powdered wood. It actually reminds me of sharpening my pencil as a kid and the aroma you'd get from the pencil shavings. I went out to dinner with a friend and could smell this monstrosity on her and gagged. I don't get it but to each their own.


          Fresh cut apple/citrus. Unisex. 8.5/10. Much better than the men's cologne.


          I wonder if people think this has been reformulated because we are bombarded with ever sweeter and fruitier scents and Light Blue seems more like laundry soap in comparison. I still wear this classic but full disclosure I often layer it with a floral. Special about Light Blue is that it is completely unisex with its soapy powdery lemon and woods but still beautiful on a woman and hot on a man. Plus on a day too hot and humid to wear almost any perfume Light Blue is still perfect


          This is my "Go-to" perfume. I have been wearing this for years now. Though I still love the smell, I don't always reach for it now because of how popular this is now. It is the safest perfume to wear. Fresh, light and not overpowering.


          I work with a girl who wears this all the time. It smells wonderful on her. To me it evokes the ocean. I don't know why it makes me feel that way but whenever I smell her it makes me feel like a day at the beach. I really like it and plan on getting my own bottle soon. I just hope it smells as good on me as it does on her. As an aside, I don't care if everyone else wears it. I want it for my own enjoyment.


          I wasn’t expecting to like this fragrance much as I’m not a huge fan of citrus, but it turned out to be much more pleasant than I thought it would be.

          It begins with a fresh blast of lemon, but it is almost soapy in its concoction, not overly sharp. The green apple is also clearly apparent underneath the citrus, and the woodiness is soft and easy to sense even underneath that. It is well-rounded from the beginning, not at all offensive and quite soft.
          As the scent dries down it becomes a little more floral and chemical/soapy, and the citrus and fruits fade to a soft background scent.

          It’s beginning to lighten up here in the UK and the weather is getting sunnier; I can picture myself wearing this fragrance on a warm day picnicking in the sun, on a day at the beach or poolside, or even as an everyday summertime scent.

          It’s not a love, but I like this fragrance and feel I will be happy to wear it in the right situations and will get use out of my sample of it. If you enjoy fresh, summery, citrus scents with a hint of floral and don’t mind a soap-like undertone, you’ll likely really enjoy this.


          never thought i would use it but my daughter ,who got it as a gift did not like it so she handed it to me. i usually tend to use chypre, nostalgic perfumes but i figured: it's for free so why not :-). it's almost full summer here and the temperatures are rising. this is the best season to use this one. it's a summer scent .no doubt about it. safe for the office and also for a summer vacation. the first half hour is a blast of lemon juice. i think that was the time my daughter decided to let it go :-) . that's the part i also dislike. never the less if you are patiet enough you will win and get to the heavenly part of this scent. it's like flowers odour coming from a distant field mixed with a scent of a little stream of clean water (i know water have no scent, but that's the feeling). wonderfull ,freshy suitable for every age. and i even got acompliment from a lady that stood next to me and said i smell just beautiful. (and i rarly get compliments for perfumes i wear). holds for 4-5 hours. sillage medium-weak


          The edt never worked on my skin.. the refreshing body cream is gorgeous! No more flat cedar chips. The florals and apple linger with the cream.


          Latafan, I ve just sprayed Light Blue on and I like it..Intense versions are mostly not as fresh as the regular ones, so I think I ll stick to those..
          Thanks for answering !


          @renzo i think so, definitely! My husband wore the eau intense version of this for quite some time in hot summers and everybody around him (including me of course) loved it.

          i think this fragrance line is very unisex


          thank you Peters155 !

          I will try it :)


          @renzo. Renzo it’s one my favorites to wear and I get good feedback from everyone. Another good female freshie you should try is Versace versence has a lot of similarities as Light blue


          Dear ladies,

          can I, as a man, wear this ? I like it ...

          thank you in advance !


          I don’t get all the hype over this perfume! It’s weak weak weak!! Doesn’t last over 10 minutes! The intense version isn’t any better neither is any of the flankers! It reminds me of a bath and body works body spray only bath and body would last 3 times longer than this dud! It’s a skin scent it doesn’t project worth darn!


          Everyone has a perfume in collection for special occasions. Strangely, this is one of my night time favourites. I spray it after shower and till I dress up and have make up, Light Blue turns to beautiful musky floral soap with touch of luxury and sophistication. I think bluebell note idea was accurate, it has something lightweight sweet, sensual and fragile in the heart notes. White roses have that clean musky scent. I do get cedar but not too much. On my husband it smells more woody and basic while on me Light Blue gets more feminine shade. Good advice is to test perfumes few times before buying, because skin might betray you or award.


          I wanted to love this one, and I am still in search of a signature light refreshing scent for summer as I typically gravitate towards warm and spicy gourmands. Tested it with a deluxe sample for quite awhile, and while at first I get that light, watery, somewhat woody smell, it dries down to something... synthetic and inexpensive-smelling on me. It smells very one-dimensional on me, and I ended up giving the sample away to a coworker. Still on the search!


          It's light, clear and very youthful. It lacks depth and base. It smells clean and fresh but it's not for me.


          The new formulation screeches so much it makes me ache for women to stop wearing it. It's a really sad rendition of the original. It smelled lovely and light and fresh on my mom. Just heavenly. She went to buy a bottle and returned it because the new formulation smells like burnt plastic and cedar. It smells cheap now. Really cheap. It wasn't a bad bottle either. We checked. She's still sad about the reformulation :(


          What happened to Light Blue eau de toilette? I don't wear scent everyday, in fact only once or twice a week but when I do, I want a lovely experience. Is that too much to ask? Light Blue eau de toilette used to be gorgeous enough that total strangers would come to to me in stores to ask, What are you wearing?!? It smells so wonderful!! I could also smell it and it was a consistent pleasure for me to wear as well. :) According to the old bottle it was manufactured in Germany. Whatever.. The time came last week to replace the formerly much loved but now empty bottle of D&G's Light Blue. My most recently purchased bottle of Light Blue eau de toilette is manufactured in France. It is nothing like my previous bottle in terms of how it smells! The new bottle was purchased from a well known department store where much of their market consists of beauty products for women so it's unlikely to be a fake. I have been searching and searching the internet for any information. Am I the only one who feels this way?


          Very clean and light fragrance. Decent sillage and longevity. It's not aggressive, so you can apply couple of sprays more for stronger projection. The smell is familiar, so you'll not be over the moon with it, but also there is no reason not to like it. Safe choice, should be a staple in any fragrance collection.


          Very light in sillage and longevity. I tested it with Moschino's I Love Love and ILL is a Huge LB with sparkling berries without sugar. I Love Love ILL.

          S G

          I feel like everyone knows at leased 1 middle aged mother who lives in the suburbs, drives a SUV, sings along to Nickelback & has a bottle of light Blue on their dresser.


          That was one of my biggest Disappointment I bought it Blindly after reading some reviews but I really regret it , it smells like Lemon and alcohol but a cheap one

          BRUJA DEL MIEL

          Smells like Florida in a bottle


          Light Blue used to be my signature scent. It’s fresh, clean, refreshing, just perfect for hot days. I’ve used it all throughout my teenage years. My Mom would always buy me a small bottle of it.

          Whenever I run out of Light Blue, I’d usually buy those cheap imitations so I could still wear it. Yup, that’s how much I love it. Some copies were good, some were not.

          It’s a safe perfume and doesn’t sting my nose. It is really popular and you could literally smell it everywhere. Then one day I stopped using it.

          I tried the Eau Intense version, I’m not sure if they reformulated the EDT, but the moment I smelled Eau Intense, it felt like the EDT used to smell like that 10 years ago! The EDT that I have now smells more lemon and more like a watered down version. Longevity and sillage is moderate. Lasts about 6 hours on me.

          I don’t love it anymore as much as before. Maybe I’ve outgrown it. Nevertheless, I will always have a bottle of it; Light Blue is a classic scent, perfect for days that you just want to smell fresh and simple.


          Me and my mum used to wear the male and female versions of this around the time she died so has a special place in my memory. Can't buy it again unforts


          Absolutely my signature scent. I actually got my bottle as a hand-me-down about 10 years ago and it's lasted all this time. It's unlike any fragrance I've found. Very fresh, not too sweet, not too young. It has a lovely bitterness that isn't offensive. If you're looking for something simple yet unique that'll make people say "what is that lovely smell?", this is what you want.


          ?? ??? ???????? ?? ????? ?????
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          ?? ???? ?????? 10 ??? ?????? ???
          Scent & Quality: 8/10
          Longevity: 7/10
          Sillage: 7/10
          Creativity & Uniqueness: 7/10
          Affordability: 8/10
          Overall: 7.4/10


          At some point of our lives we get nostalgic and try to relive some of our childhood or teenage experiences. This is the perfume I reach for whenever I feel like going back in time.

          A very clean, fresh and citrusy scent. This is summer in a bottle. Projection and lasting power are somewhat underwhelming, but that's understandable for an edt and for freshies in general.

          I have been hearing nice compliments about the intense version which will be my next purchase.

          Scent 7/10
          Sillage 6/10
          Staying power 5/10

          Personal rating 7/10


          This one, like Envy, has a double nature--

          On a good day, Light Blue smells like sweet lemonade and apples, roses and cedar, and finishes with cool musk.
          On an off day, it can smell like old shoes and lemon oil disinfectant.

          Oddly unalluring for such a popular fragrance--though sweet and fresh, there's no come-hither, smell-me-closer-tiny-dancer to it anywhere. The projection is a pretty shield around the body, encouraging a step backward--respect for personal space, rather than an invitation inside.


          This scent smell like fruits and florals combined together, I don't love it or hate it, It's like i'm not that much of a big fan of this, The scent reminds me of summer


          I haven't actually tried this in years but remember very well how it smells as both me and mum mum used to wear it so I had to write a review. I have tried ALOT of perfumes recently, well over 500, I've been on a perfume mission and out of all of them I have only been able to pick out 30 that I really like/love, I wasn't expecting this, even though I'm really quite relieved too as I just wouldn't of been able to choose between them!, but because there are actually so few that I ended up really liking it made me think about the few perfumes I wore in the past. I think at that time I had only tried a few and took them for granted a little because I assumed that their were soooooo many better ones out their, but now after trying so many of learnt to appreciate this more amongst a few others. The only reason I only liked it but didn't love it was because it turned very woody on my skin and it didn't feel feminine enough for me, I had always hoped I would find a perfume one day that smelt like this minus the wood, ..I did...lanvin eclat de arpege is the closest I could find and I love it..BUT I do have a new found appreciation for this now, the wood does keep it from being too suffocating. I might have to try a sample of this again soon , I do think it's a lovely scent especially after all the others I've tried recently, it just made me realise how special some perfumes were that I took for granted


          This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s one of those classic fragrances, where if you walk into Sephora or any dept store and they still sell this and it’s a best seller it has to be good. My sister, mom and I have all worn this for years now. Not exclusively, we each have a big fragrance collection but we always have Light Blue in there. This has smelled good on pretty much everyone that’s worn it. It’s inoffensive to me, just a fresh nice scent. I don’t care for the new intense version, it has a strong opening note that I don’t like. This has okay longevity, not the longest lasting but pretty good for an EDT. I think you could gift this fragrance to most women and they would like it. I see on these reviews that a lot of people aren’t impressed by this or think it smells like cleaner etc but everyone I’ve come in contact with that smells this really likes it.


          I'm kind of disappointed. I really wanted to like this one. On the tester paper I could smell all of the different notes. It was lemon forward, but I could smell many things at once. On my skin, however, it is JUST lemon. And as others have said, it's like a soapy, lemon-cleaner lemon and it does not change. If it were a little more of a sweet lemon, I think I would like this more and I'm honestly contemplating layering it with another "warm sugar" type that I have, so I may update this. But on it's own, it just doesn't work for me.


          The opening is sharp and meh, but in a few minutes the bamboo comes in and smells very zen. Smells almost identical to this air freshener named "Blue Bamboo" made by the company "Botanicus", which is now defunct. :( Blue Bamboo was amazing, and this is the closest thing to it.


          This perfume smells like a furniture polishing rag after you wipe Pledge off of wooden table cleaned with Murphy's oil soap...not a bad smell but to me nothing to wear as perfume...waxy detergent lemon..ick


          This perfume was my choise for the summer of 2015. During the summer.....i really hated it...it smelled like a strong lemon juice?!?! It almost made me sick! But when November arrived it turned up to a heavenly pleasant and light perfume!!! Go figure...i would definately rebuy it in a winter!!!!! (if it helps i live in a mediteranean country, where the heat during summer is really strong)


          Can we add a "Meh" button in here, please?
          I don't really dislike this fragrance, but I don't like it either. It's something so bland and uninteresting that I just can't be bothered smelling it twice.
          Sorry, Light Blue, I thought I was going to like you, but you're too boring. Too meh... *shrugs*


          It's not offensive and likeable, but I don't understand someone loving it. It's not sexy or particularly feminine. I think the ad campaign had a huge impact on its popularity.


          I can't smell Light Blue on other people or myself included. I imagine how it smells just from shop testing. But I never know if anybody is wearing it, that's even funny. One of my friends constantly wears it and gets compliments but I hug her and I feel nothing.


          I have a “love hate” relationship with Light Blue. One moment I’m in love with the beautiful citrus opening, and the next it smells like toxic oven cleaner. And it plays back and forth this way through out it’s long life: interesting then banal; pretty then ugly; natural then synthetic.

          I’m going to part ways with Light Blue (and it’s flanker, Light Blue Intense) simply because there are more interesting perfumes in my collection that I want to wear, and not because I think this is an unworthy perfume.


          Sexy Musk

          For the last two years this is my signature. I don't bother finding another perfume because I think nothing can be better than Light Blue.

          There are three stages of scent: lemon, cedar, musk. If you get to the level of musk, you are addicted for the lifetime. It has the most attractive base notes, clean and soapy, slightly sweet, I can imagine bluebell or bamboo can smell like this. It seems fragile but cedar note makes solid unisex frame and doesn't let it go to the flower fields.

          When I smell it on paper, I get the view to the beach: pine trees, wind, salty sea fizz. On my skin it's more fruity and woody with that delightful sexy musk. I like to layer perfume with Molecule 01 when I want to add powdery sweetness. The longevity is more impressive than I think, people compliment me even when I feel nothing at all.

          I think Light Blue is popular for many reasons. It's suitable for modern active woman who still wants to be sensual. Also it's great choice for people who are sensitive for perfumes. Even if you think that it smells like soap, it's high quality Italian soap.



          When I first sprayed this fragrance. I was very unimpressed. I even made a review of it. It's two or three reviews below this one. It opens quite nice, but it turns into a lemon dish soap smell.

          Somehow over the past few days, the fragrance doesn't turn to the cheap soap smell. It opens up into this beautiful, fresh scent. It reminded me of a spa. The lemon bamboo combo adds a soothing, but energizing aura. The florals act as a nice middle ground allowing everything to beautifully melt. This scent stays like that then slowly dissipates into a soft powdery scent. It not the most amazing fragrance experience, but I really like it.

          My rating was initially a 6/10, but I think I'll bump this up to a 7.5/10 to 8/10. It's still generic, but it's not an overly sweet teenage generic. It's safe for every environment. I can easily see this becoming someone's signature scent with the downside of it not smelling so unique.


          I purchased for my Mother in Law, and seriously considered keeping it for myself! It was so clean! Very elegant and classy. I want a bottle for the summer.


          I used to hate how generic this perfume is and could not understand why is so loved. But I grew to like it because it's a happy scent, uncomplicated and can't imagine and appropriate for pretty much any occasion /season. So, here I am, giving credit to a scent that even if generic manages to also be special.


          Delightful at first spray, I can totally smell the lemon and green apple, completely crisp and fresh... sadly those top notes only last 5 minutes on me before the dry down takes the wheel and that's when everything goes downhill, the rest is just an hour long shitshow of how the bamboo wants to shine but it is overshadowed by the musky scent of cedarwood while there's that synthetic lemon scent at the background, at least that's how it develops on my skin.
          I get that 90's vibe with this perfume as it is not so feminine (for me it's unisex) and I totally see the idea of the chick on the sea wearing a white bikini on a sunny and breezy summers day, I whish it could smell like that on me, but I can't help myself from just smelling like the lemon essential oil defuser my dad had in his Ford escort that gave me headaches.


          This scent was okay, but it's not nearly as amazing as it's hyped up to be. I was prepared to have my mind blown, but it is so "eh"

          Basically, it opens fairly beautifully with a whiff of lemon and apple and bamboo. I really like the bamboo note. The opening is very pleasant, but then the scent settles into a generic flower scent. We all know that flowery scent. It's not bad, but it doesn't warrant the level of hype this scent achieved. Lastly, It doesn't smell delicate. I was thinking it would smell delicate because of the word light in the name, but it kinda has a sharpness to it that I don't like. I can't put my finger on it. I don't hate this scent but dislike it enough to not buy it again.

          BTW, this smells sweet on me, but on my mom, it smells like soap so beware.

          Overall, I'd give this a 6/10.

          Edit: Somehow, the lemon note crept back in, but instead of smelling like fresh lemons just as it did when I first sprayed the scent, it reminds me of Ajax lemon dish soap. I would at least prefer it to smell like the soapy smell I smelled on my mom which, smelled more like a bar of body soap instead of a cheap $2 dish soap. I'm wondering if the sharp smell is from the lemon note. With all that said, it doesn't smell terrible. It's not a strong dish soap smell. It smells like my hands after I finish washing dishes and dry it off. Very faint. It also still has all the other notes, except for the apple note.


          Eew I hate the word mouthwatering... Yuck. Anyways I kind of liked this one until the intense version came out. Now I camt stand the original bc it reminds me of the atrocious intense!


          In my opinion, This original version is still the best compared to its other versions!
          The other versions, flankers and dupes can't still hold a candle next to the original D&G Light Blue eau de Toilette.

          I've recently repurchased a full bottle of this one after giving away my Light Blue eau Intense. I've dented about 30 percent of the perfume juice in my LB Intense before fully deciding and realizing it isn't for me. It was always turning into a super strong musky scent on me. Yes, it lasts way longer than the original LB eau de toilette, but the heavy dose of musk in there ruins it for me. I could only enjoy the first hour in that perfume.

          I've also tried the newest version, LB italian zest, which is the one I have contemplated in buying since it was really beautiful in the opening but it turns sour on me. I felt something was off from it because it has heavy dose of lemon.

          So to satisfy my cravings for this scent.
          I've decided fo just come back to the this original LB eau de toilette. And im so happy.
          This has the perfect balance of all the notes. No unsettling huge dose of musk or lemon.
          Just the perfect balance.


          Bought this for myself about 10 years ago and my mum went and bought some too - we share the same skin. She's kept up with her purchases but I let it go, until now. Playful and fuzzy on me. Warm sun and cool breeze. Kicking back, cruising in the passenger seat with bare legs, bare feet up on the dash. Lemon slice with some nice big ice cubes clinking around the bottom of the good quality gin. Heavy bottomed glass.
          Might be time to treat myself again.


          All I can smell is harsh synthetic lemon. Like washing up liquid. Tested on card and smelled beautiful and fresh, but when i sprayed on my arm it smelled awful. Disappointed to say the least, not worth the hype imho.


          A couple of years ago a client came in and both me and my colleague almost fainted from bliss when we caught a whiff of her perfume. It was the most lovely scent I had ever smelled, it was such a perfect blend of juicy citrus, cedar and bamboo. The entire effect was so well balanced and we both smelled something that neither of us could identify. It turns out she was wearing Light Blue. Both me and my colleague (who is not into perfumes at all by the way) rushed out to get ourselves a bottle of this magical elixir.

          On my skin Light Blue opens a little harshly, the lemon is very pronounced and a mixture of lemon juice and lemon peel. Then it settles into a sweeter “friendlier” scent with gentle whiffs of bamboo peeking through every once in a while. The cedar note is what I enjoy most about this though I find it really pleasant. Interesting enough my mom smells a strong musk in this especially in the dry down which I do not pick up on at all. She is sensitive to musk and normally dislikes musk, if you have a similar sensitivity test this one before buy and especially allow it to settle for a few hours before you decide. It is a great fragrance for hot weather, although it is my colleague’s signature scent she wears it all year. I really like this but I doubt I will repurchase once it runs out. It is nice and refreshing on me but somewhat boring on my skin chemistry. Neither me nor my colleague fully experienced the magic that client did who introduced us to Light Blue. I guess it is her skin chemistry that brings out the full magic in this, I am infinitely envious of her and all other people who pulls this off in such an indescribably beautiful way. If Light Blue smelled like that on me I would never wear another perfume in my life.


          The best....very nice fragrance. I always buy this for my gal.

          Soulfully Yours

          This was a gift from my husband for my birthday and I really like this one although I'm really not a citrus fragrance person, but I love this surprisingly. It really makes me feel super super fresh and I cannot explain how much I love the dry down. This would definitely be on my list of holiday, summer and light daytime wear. A really sophisticated cool fresh feeling that lasts for around 2 hours on my skin.
          Might repurchase this only because of the fresh feeling. Unfortunately it doesn't stay.

          Scent 10/10
          Sillage 6/10
          Longevity 5/10
          Price 7/10


          I liked this when I first bought it but I then realised that the smell is very harsh. I wouldn't mind the citrusy scent of the perfume if was softer, or balanced with a more floral note but in my opinion this is quite screechy and it's just not appealing. It is fresh which I like in perfumes in general, but overall, not my type of scent as it's just too sharp.


          Lemon, Apple, Bamboo: these are the notes that remain in my nose for hours. This fragrance could be safely unisex. It gives the charge and above all it's a breath of freshness when it's hot outside. A good D & G, even one of the best. Obviously behind it could not be a big nose!


          Not sure why people go so crazy for this scent.

          It’s beautiful, fresh, and crisp on a fragrance card and I wish I could smell it all day long but I guess the chemistry does not work with my skin because the fragrance is gone in less than 10min.

          All I can smell is green apples, even after the dry down.

          It doesn’t have any dimension and you could well accomplish the same thing by rubbing apples all over your skin.


          I buy this perfume EVERY SUMMER for the last 8 or 9 summers. This perfume brings me all the amazing summers I have experienced and sets my mood for the approaching ones. It is clean and fresh and suits well a young woman. It opens with lemons which quickly fade away opening the way for clean musk.

          I have heard many times that this perfume is too popular and everyone wears it. I am very familiar with the scent and in all the years I have yet to meet a person who wears it.


          I bought the body lotion, shower gel and Edt.I am a bit disappointed because it does not last long at all.
          All I could smell was lemon and a bit musk that's it . I am not buying it again.


          Air freshener, but don't worry: It doesn't last long.

          Power of Three

          Lush Lemon and woody aromas make this my sophisticate scent for business and family events as everyone seems to enjoy it. Reminds me of a "sunny day".


          I heard raves about this scent and the notes appealed to me before I got to try it on. After trying it on, I can tell you it's a powerhouse but not for the kind of scent that I like. I think it is a fabulous scent, just not for me. People around me seem to like this! So don't get discouraged from my review.

          It's ads of ocean-esque visuals match up to the scent, and it is dominated by citrusy notes and gives you an image of a clear sky. Good scent in itself, just not something I would wear. I am still glad I tried it! I don't reccomend for a blind buy; See if it suits you first. It is like a vacation scent you would wear on the beach in my sole opinion.

          Another thing I'd like to note; this scent has a distant cousin I thought was similar; Olympea by Paco Robanne is the same genre as this perfume. Ocean-Citrus-Open Sky.


          Still rocking this in September. My crush asked me what perfume I was wearing and told me it smelled really good when I wore this. Definitely getting this again after I use up my 25ml bottle, this is FB worthy for me. Such a lovely scent, it works on all occasions. I can even see myself wearing this on a night out. It's so chic and fresh.


          I am a huge fan of citrusy perfumes - I can hardly like a scent on myself if it hasn't got citruses in it. I got Light Blue as a gift, and while I probably wouldn't purchase it again as there are perfumes I like better and I'd give priority to them, I did enjoy wearing it. It smells fresh, marine, with strong and crisp citruses, and as someone already said, it can almost be considered an unisex. It has a good longevity and a little spray goes a long way (I've had the 50 ml bottle for 2 years and I used to wear it daily at one point). It smells similar to Mare by Byblos, which is much cheaper, so if you enjoyed Light Blue and you're seeking for a cheaper version, give Mare a try. It smells slightly fruitier than Light Blue, and to me it feels more girly. Overall I'd say a 4.2/5 .

          I started wearing Light Blue again and well, I appreciated it only now. There's something warm and spicy I didn't seem to sense before. It smells super refreshing, and now I get even a sexy hint. I'm actually ashamed I used to label it as unisex. It's not. It's feminine. I hadn't smelled it for a while, probably I'd forgotten how deep, beautiful and intoxicating the citrus was.
          I will probably buy it again. I don't think you can make a straight up citrus perfume any sexier.


          It's fresh summer scent..Light blue give me the soul of summer season. It's my favourite perfume when iam in high school..


          I received a bottle of D&G Light Blue from a friend.

          It has fresh and oceany scent like you just came from a warm refreshing bath. I can smell the citrus in the middle and as it fades the woody lingers. Can be used for men though.

          This is one of the perfumes that gives me migraines at first few wears.


          I'm on my second bottle. While I love the smell, sillage and longevity is poor for me. My friend who I first smelled this on, had better projection than I did.

          Menna eldeeb

          I had this as a gift set from someone,at first i didn't like it so much i feel like it's normal but try this at summer and in the beach it's really summery freah scent can't suit anything else
          Projection okay
          Longevity okay too


          I've always been curious about this scent. Maybe now that everybody's tired of it I might give it a try.

          Miss Fussy

          A really fresh fragrance. I really like it.

          Mish Mash

          This is a OLD LOVE of mine in somehow every 3 years I return to this relationship.It is FRESH fruity FEMINE and light floral. It has ONE NEGATIVE .Even if its so long on market the price is still high.


          A modern classic, for good reason. This is the fresh, vibrant scent of summer. On me, it opens with lemon and dries down to cedar, not becoming sweet or sour. It's not actually my favorite citrus, but it's a great starting point. It's a smell of clean, perfect for a hot day.

          Moschino Funny! is a cheap dupe. Moschino I Love Love is a sugary orange, not a lemon and cedar, so despite the "smells like" votes on this page, I wouldn't recommend that one as a dupe.


          I sprayed this on yesterday at Sephora and I'm convinced it was reformulated. It's still nice and fresh, but the original Light Blue for women was WAY sexier and flowery. It smelled like heaven. Someone wore it to a final exam when I was in college in a lecture hall and it calmed my nerves for the duration of the exam. I've always liked the women's perfume much better than the men's, anyway. I wish I would've had the nerve to wear it. I smelled it twice at Sephora since writing this review and it's a big disappointment compared to what it was!


          I will preface this by saying I know this is uber-popular. Some people complain about that. Call it basic.

          I. DONT. CARE.

          This stuff is heavenly in the way that a warm breeze rushes across your sun-kissed lips and makes you feel as if the world is spinning around you, and you are the center...and everything is quiet and the sun is not too hot and the dew on the grass is the color of gold as evening sets in.

          So, yeah. I love it. Mechanically speaking, this never turns sour on me, which so many fragrances do, and I am forever grateful of that.

          Juiceman 0331

          I’m a guy and I sometimes wear this because my wife has it in her collection. Sometimes when I get tired of my 60+ summer mens perfume with their strong citurs vibe, I go for my wife’s perfume wardrobe and reach for this without hesitation. I like wearing this when I just want a light citrus and little sweetness for very hot days. There are times when I just want to wear a plain white shirt, shorts and white snickers then spray my wife’s D&G Light Blue and not my own light blue or other summer colognes. I think, I’ll have to buy one for me and one for my wife when her light blue runs out and it’s going to be soon.
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