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          J'adore Christian Dior for women

          main accords

          white floral

          Perfume rating 3.75 out of 5 with 17,541 votes

          J'adore by Christian Dior is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. J'adore was launched in 1999. The nose behind this fragrance is Calice Becker. Top notes are Pear, Melon, Magnolia, Peach, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot; middle notes are Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Tuberose, Freesia, Rose, Orchid, Plum and Violet; base notes are Musk, Vanilla, Blackberry and Cedar. This perfume is the winner of award FiFi Award Best National Advertising Campaign / TV 2007.

          J’adore is a modern, glamorous fragrance, which has become incredibly popular, and for that reason developed in number of variants of different concentrations. J’adore is a luminous fragrance. Its opulent, golden scent shimmers on skin like sunbeams. The classic and ambitions of this fragrance reflects in the bottle shaped like Greek amphora. J’adore presents a new conception of Dior feminity, a scent so new and so in line with Dior style at the same time – sweet but balmy, slightly sharp floral with fresh mandarin in the top; jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart; and amaranth, musk and blackberry in the trail. It was created in 1999.

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          I have purchased this for a very special woman in my life, and I can tell this is one of the classiest floral in its range.


          at first i felt it was too subtle, now i can't live without it. fresh, clean, sexy, classy, still subtle, you can have a heavy hand with this one, i can't describe how beautiful this scent feels on skin. it's no my-skin-but-better, it's my-skin-but-divine. i just got sad because i started thinking about how one day i'll finish it and maybe for some reason not be able to get another bottle.


          I never smelled the original J'Adore, so I can't comment on or compare to past glories. The present version, however, strikes my (admittedly not utterly refined) nose as very nice. When I first spray it on, I smell peachy, soapy notes; normally I would find both of those things unpleasant, but they combine in this one in such a way that my brain simply registers 'clean!' Which is very nice on a hot, humid day, so I can see myself wearing this one often in summer. I have had it on for about three hours now, and while the scent seems just as strong as it was when I put it on, I've noticed it has changed somewhat; the fruit is less clearly one thing, the overall impression far more elegant, but inoffensive; it's a scent I can see wearing from work to a classy event. I like it.


          Of course it is an amazing scent, classics!
          Sometimes results in the field :"This perfume reminds me of .." is so laughable and remarkable, like here:
          What does J′adore of Dior reminds you? and people answer:
          "J′adore of Dior edt,
          J′adore of Dior Extrait,
          J′adore of Dior L′Absolue" ..:)

          I would tell it reminds me J′adore in joy, J′adore Voil de Parfum, J′adore Lumiere edt, J′adore Adoration..Wow, I bet I just have opened an America!
          There are already almost up to 20 variants of J′adore:)!
          ..Its not a secret, that all variants of J′adore of Dior will remind each other:)) LOL.
          P.s: But..to be honest, I would add here is less predictable, but similar perfume, not from Dior even..but there is no field available:)


          I love this - the perfect office fragrance for all seasons, but especially spring and summer. It's pretty inoffensive and just smells like clean, fresh, soapy flowers.

          I've seen everyone describe this completely differently, so I can only really say how it smells on me, but I don't really get any of the fruitiness and the sweetness is more of a floral way, like pretty sweet white flowers.

          To me, this is very elegant and classy, without being obnoxious. I'd wear this in any setting where I want to be respected or be respectful - at work, at a job interview, formal but daytime family events.

          I don't find the longevity or sillage to be amazing, but I can live with that. I usually get a few hours before I can't smell it anymore, and I can smell it quite strongly for the first hour or so before it fades to a skin scent.

          I'd recommend this if you're looking for something wearable, pretty and kinda basic that doesn't stand out too much.


          I was under the impression that I didn't like this one. I have a bottle from 2015 (2013 formulation) that I only bought because I love the bottle. (And since I had it engraved with a reference to Matt Smith's 11th Doctor, I will not part with it!) I remember trying it a couple of the times over the last few years and being meh about it. However, I put it on this morning as apparently I've moved on to my Dior bottles.

          This is lovely. To my nose, it is honeysuckle, some sort of white flower, fruity, and something warm in the base (maybe sweet amber?). In looking up the notes from the 2013 formulation, the honeysuckle-white flower scent must be the champaca, the fruits are plum and blackberry, and the warm base is some combination of musk and wood. (According to the Non-Blonde's blog, the notes in the 2013 formulation were ivy leaves, champaca flower, mandarin, rose, orchid, violet, plum, blackberry, musk, wood. I scent no trace of rose, orchid, or violet, so I assume they must be there as a support to bring the champaca flower forward. I also don't smell musk, but I guess a sweet wood in the base is what is grounding it...I don't smell an obvious woodiness. UPDATE - scratch that, after about an hour the sweetness is toning down and I can smell the wood note coming through).

          Since I vaguely recall a screech in the opening that made me unconcerned with wearing this one, I have to assume the notes become better with age. While this isn't a "wow" fragrance, it is pretty and not overly sweet...something nice to wear if you are going to be around a group of people and don't want them constantly crinkling their noses or asking what you are wearing. A solid like.

          UPDATE: After about 5 hours of it smelling the same and still going strong I had to scrub it off. Nothing wrong with it, I just got sick of smelling the same thing and wanted something different.


          This is one of my top ten all time favourite scents. A true beauty, with a beautiful mix of (mostly white) flowers, and fruity scents too, including pears, peaches, citrus, melons ect. It has several different notes. It has very good lasting quality too.


          I believe my vintage bottle would meet the definition of a modern chypre. Had a bottle for ages and use it when I want to smell like a classic lady-who-does-lunch with a modern updating. It has a sharp bite to it, but not in a bad or cheap way. Sounds like it was reformulated since I bought my bottle, but at the time it was a top seller among men, presumably because the musk Dior used in it was a scientifically proven pheremonal aphrodisiac for hetero males. (Succesfully used it to attract a tiger in the wild or some such, in addition to social experiments on humans.)

          I also recently stumbled across Un Coeur en Mai by Parfums MDCI which has a very similar sensibility and a cult following. If I run out of my J'adore, and the new J'adore is a wretched reformulation that is a sad sorry shadow of its former self, will probably cry and then buy the MDCI.


          I got a tester of this, and I agree with the other reviewer who called it 'screechy'. I was fully expecting to 'adore' this, but I don't get what the hullabaloo is about. This reminds me of the perfumes that Avon used to make in the seventies that screamed "I am perfume" but don't have any particular 'smell'. Super artificial. I believe the Avon fragrance I am thinking of was called "Topaz", but I'm sure they had a dozen more indistinct fragrances that would qualify for the same description. And although it wears off quickly (literally, within a matter of minutes), the 'screech' is right there at the beginning, and then it becomes a completely forgettable scent. It's 30 minutes later, and I cannot detect that I sprayed anything at all on my wrists. Zero longevity.

          I may try it one more time in a few weeks to see if I feel differently about it, but there is such a lack of any distinctive smell, such a complete lack of imagination, I can't imagine I will. The sample will be hitting the trash can if the second try conjures zero.


          I happily got a tester vial of this last week, so thought I'd make a test between this and an old partially-used bottle Mom had. [Side thought: The big bottle is so pretty, but the tiny bottle is the most fabulous! I think I might have a 'thing' for teensy tiny bottles, haha!]

          On to the smells! The vintage had a more "fruity" opening--coming online today I realise it was the melon that I smelled in it. The new version was mostly (very pretty) florals. The vintage ALMOST made me think of it as a fruity version of "Sung"...almost. The drydowns were very similar in smell; the exception being that the vintage was deeper and richer, and much more worthwhile.

          The vintage had sillage that filled the room, and was still going strong six hours later (when I had to go to bed). The new was a skin scent, and was completely gone in four hours.

          Overall, if I was looking to add to my collection, I would definitely look for an older bottle rather than the new one. The new one just doesn't have the depth that the old one does (although it didn't have a huge melon scent either, which is my preference!). I don't think you'd go wrong with either: I echo the sentiments that "J'Adore" is very wearable and likeable.


          Okay now I get it! Finally managed to get my hands on a bottle from 1999. It’s beautiful. It really does feel golden and sparkly. Very summery. Even though the reformulation kind of smells the same, I don’t get the cheap shampoo vibe from the vintage as I do from the currently sold reformulations.


          I like this. This is classy.
          I am missing something though.
          During the day i like a very light floral cologne or edt. In the evening i like something a bit more spicy. Thats why this isnt for me. But i would love to smell this on someone. Its comforting and really pleasant!


          sunny? shining? cloudy? hide feelings? 24 Faubourg for me is a ture voyage of sailing to the sun, at the same time my J'adore EDP seems has more to be told. after his/her all those splendid gold-like images, this fragrance actually makes me moody, thinking about things past. this is an unfamiliar flower, maybe with some already very ripen fruits aside, the pear? though I don't have Ofresia of Diptyque, the undertone of J'adore makes me recall the day I tested it, and is like the opening of Olene.

          a flower still strange to my senses, narcissus(Narcissus pseudonarcissus?) maybe an exotics orchid in a far away country, or those superstars who are actually beyond my world, and my imagination. I would describe this is a scent of abundance.


          This is a beautiful floral fragrance that lasts about 4 hours on my skin. There is very little sweetness to my nose. I picture a beautiful bride walking down the aisle, in a lush garden ceremony. For me, it's graceful and timeless.


          OK this is a really nice scent I agree.I understand why it is a one of the best selling perfumes...

          ......because it smells like "every woman"
          a nice delicate not offensive at all.
          you wear it and you just smell nice
          pleasing everyone's noses
          getting many complements

          because it is a crowd pleaser
          in my opinion it doesn't have much character
          it says...i am a lovely clean lady who smells nice.

          i enjoy it every now and then but personally I prefer scents which make a bigger statement-more for individuals.


          A beautiful fragrance with a touch of depth to keep it from going linear. Very feminine. My body chemistry amplifies more floral than aquatic. Different from others on the market at the time - fy 2000. This is in my collection.


          I am getting a bunch of cold, harsh, bitter florals with great intensity. It almost hurts the back of my throat.

          I am not getting any of the sweetness of the fruits (absolutely zero pear or melon or peach), or any creaminess of the tuberose.

          Just harsh magnolia and a bunch of other white florals I am not a fan of.

          It reminds me of Bombshell.


          I'm here to give you my basic b-word opinion. So I got mine on Macari for pretty cheap. It's 4 years and 25 days old. I checked. Got it super cheap from a lady who looked rich. Barely used.

          This is a beautiful WOMAN, white floral perfume. Not no little girl perfume. But not grandma either. I'm 37 and don't have a lot of money. So, from my perspective, I can't wear this daily because I am too broke to smell so fancy. But if I wanna impress on a day time outing or date, she'd be the one.


          I was over at my mom's this afternoon, and she brought out some old perfumes she'd found: a four-pack set of 5mL mini Dior bottles ("Dior Addict", "Dune", "J'Adore", and "Pure Poison") bought in early 2004 (the receipt was still in the box, lol!) It was really neat to get to smell these original formulations!

          I only just sniffed this out of the bottle, but it seemed a bit overwhelming floral to me...and I like Alfred Sung! ;) I am absolutely in love with this little bottle, though!!

          *****UPDATE***** When I told Mom I thought this was hard to find nowadays, she said she's happy to sell it on if someonehas been searching for it--if you are interested, just drop me a message. :)


          For those that fell in love with the original J’Adore from 1999, but fell out of love with the newer reformulation of the EDP, Dior listened to you. This fall is going to be yours with the launch of the new J’Adore Infinissime! Demachy brought back the tuberose!

          J’Adore Infinissime
          Top: Blood Orange, Bergamot
          Heart: Grasse Tuberose, Sambac Jasmine, Centefolia Rose, Ylang Ylang
          Base: Sandalwood

          USD: $115/50ml, $145/100ml
          CAD: $129/50ml, $185/100ml

          The bottle looks STUN-NING!


          Beautiful clean , crisp scent (but not your typical crisp). I would say it’s for 30+. I would totally purchase this however I feel like a lot of “mothers” wear this and I don’t want to remind my young friends of their mother or aunt. Would purchase in the future.


          I collect miniatures of perfumes I’d like to try and recently acquired a 2011 miniature of this. It is a moderately strong Jasmine fragrance with hints of magnolia & lily of the valley. There is sweetness to it from the fruits but I suspect that’s from the honeydew melon & peach.

          It is a nice enough scent but it reminds me too much of a floral/soapy/sweet wood polish. I don't think I’ll be buying a full bottle but if you like that kind of thing it is a good perfume to go for as sillage & longevity are pretty good.


          This is such a classy, mature and sophisticated scent. This reminds me of bubbly champagne and gold. This would work great for someone 25+, it might be too much for someone younger maybe with great taste. The staying power is amazing, this lasts for a long time on my mom who usually sprays this in the morning and I can smell it on during the afternoon. In the winter, this is such a warm scent, like someone bundled in cashmere.


          Recently I tried this one. Again.
          I remember the smell of J'Adore when it was launched. Unique floral fragrance with some fruity touches. It was floral but you could not describe or recognise a particular flower. Some jasmine, some ylang ylang, magnolia. Really an imaginary flower. And very beautiful. Not to mention the fantastic bottle.
          Well, the bottle remained fantastic but I can, t say the same about the fragrance. Nowadays J'Adore is watered down, which is by far not the worst. It became somewhat soapy, too much. The quality of the flowers is not the same. The elegant base became very musky. So what you get is a deluted flowery peachy average designer fragrance with a lot of "modern" musks.
          Definitely not what Dior should sell at that price and definitely not what an already an emblematic perfume should be.


          I just got a new bottle at Ulta. It seems it has been reformulated again? so watered down! poor longevity and almost non descript, I would think it was a fake if it had come from ebay, but I got it from a very reputable store.
          I feel sad. I used to love this in the past.It was fruity floral, not really very intense but not this bland water in a expensive bottle! Now it feels like a vague memory of what it used to be.


          Not a fan of the scent. Maybe because to my nose the white floral on this one is too prominent.

          Nothing special to me and definitely not buying one in the future. Sorry guys.


          Timeless, elegant, classic white floral! If you like those things you'll like this


          This is the best of the early 2000s in a bottle. It carries with it that same hope and aspirations that the early millennia had. It's bright, very uplifting, very big florals, a bit of fruity sweetness, it's very optimistic. Very happy. I'm glad to have gotten a sample, because it has reminded me of some good childhood memories. 6/10


          Around 15 years ago, the best friend of mine of those times used to wear this perfume. It was matching her, a young woman with wonderfully thick and long fair hair, in an amazing way.
          Year later, I received J’Adore from my man as a gift, and enjoyed wearing it as well (although I am not that gifted with my hair ;-).

          This is a complex composition, in which a sea of white flowers, peachy-peary fruitiness and rose can be discerned, but, finally, a whole new symphony emerges, which lets you forget about separate components and makes you float in a sensual cloud of femininity. The bottle is just a masterpiece.

          For me, it is the incorporation of modern elegance, which is still contemporary and vivid, although the scent has already been for more than 20 year there. It can be worn both for a date and for work. It just makes you adore the feeling it gives you.

          Fava Beans

          First time ever sampling this, but I see why it got as popular as it did. It’s got a fresh green, under-ripe-fruit opening, followed by a gentle, mildly sweet floral. Has definitely been imitated a lot! I think it is charming. I’m glad I finally gave it a whirl.


          The perfume bottle is very elegant, classy and simple. The perfume smells lovely I get classy grown woman vibes 20+ but the only downfall is that it doesn’t last long after 4 hours I can’t smell it on me at all. Which sucks cause I paid $100 for it I expect it to have good staying power. I wouldn’t buy again cause it doesn’t last.


          My 30ml bottle was a gift from my dad, so it gets good vibes just for that, but that's only relevant to me so let me tell you what it smells like and how it performs!

          Initially, I only smell sweet green fruit, probably a mix of the pear and the melon. This settles quickly into a mix of floral notes that becomes warmer with wear, as the more watery freesia and orchid settle, the lily of the valley remains and the jasmine and the tuberose begin to bloom. It becomes a medium floral musk by the end.

          Spraying once, this lasts all day with limited projection from my skin. I enjoy it, will keep it and wear it, but I don't love it. I definitely think it smells older than its time of creation 20 years ago and I also think it is terribly overpriced, despite the pretty bottle.


          J’Adore to me smells like luxurious soap that you’ll find at a 5 star hotel. The floral and fruity notes here are so creamy, classy and smoothly done and you can tell this fragrance is for a more mature audience, whether that be mature in age or mindset and personality. Yes, there have been so many fragrances that imitate the DNA of this fragrance - people say that J’Adore has become dated however when a fragrance has been copied so many times that’s when you know when a fragrance’s DNA is timeless!


          It’s nothing special for me, blends in with all the other perfumes, nice but it gets forgotten in 5 minutes and it’s not long lasting either


          I don't know if they watered it down or I got a knock off at Ulta but no one could smell it on me an hour after I sprayed multiple squirts on each wrist. I don't mind paying a lot for quality perfume but I think it's disgraceful to sell really low concentrations at eau de parfum prices. One of my friends wore this 15 years ago and you could smell it on her for days. I truly miss the 90's and early 2000's for the projection and long lasting perfumes and for many other reasons.


          For me J'adore is always the most juicy, crispy and beautifully blended pear scent.

          It always projects me to the shinning goddess, who gracefully smile upon from above. She wears but nothing a transparent silk wrapping around her and the sun shines for her to let her skin illuminating glow.

          The scent is not too plain or groundbreaking, however it is yet subtle with a hint of inviting element, elegant yet seductive (pear is always my sexy element in perfume). The longevity goes downhill, they are driven by profit rather their famous former exquisite in quality.

          Longevity: 2/5
          Silage: 4/5
          Uniqueness: 4/5


          J' Adore by Dior is a pleasant but not ground-breaking scent. I normally wear it during the Summer months. I find the warmth and humidity of Summer makes the notes bloom and open better.
          At first application, I get a more fruity impression, the floral notes appear after about an hour. It's a nice daytime or lunch date perfume, it projects a bit much for office-wear but I find if applied with a light hand, (one spray under clothing) it might be OK.
          Projection is excellent, longevity is also excellent, I get 10 hours of wear out of it but I have scent-glue skin.
          This and Hermes Jour d' Hermes are a little similar to one another, I find the Hermes has more of a green/floral impression.
          If you want a more ambery, warm version of this perfume, I love J`Adore L`Or, it's a fantastic interpretation of the original, and garners many compliments, especially from men.


          Not sure if this is because I've smelled this when I was younger or what but this smells really dated to me. Is it the dizzying array of notes or a few in particular? I'm not sure.

          Longevity is great, as is sillage. Definitely feminine. Unfortunately, my bf loves it, but me? Not so much. Kinda turns my stomach and I LOVE white florals. The fruits seem to culminate into a general apple-y accord. Maybe that's just my nose. My partial bottle will be MORE than enough for me. Definitely sample before buying.

          Miel de cerise

          I am very surprised with the bad quality of the bottle. I don’t care about the bottle/packaging, but still didn’t expect this from a house like Dior. The golden coating on the lid comes off just by touching it! And it’s even worse around the atomizier.. too bad! I get small golden dust every time I rub my finger on it.
          (The bottle is authentic)

          Otherwise the scent is divine!
          This must be how angels smell like ??


          Pro's: Wearable, likeable, pretty bottle
          Cons: Unoriginal

          An every day fragrance that is hard to "dislike", which comes with the backdrop that it is not a special nor complicated at all. A hint of fruity sweetness, but still rather elegant and fresh.


          This smells so amazingly fresh, fruity, and sweet. Like a delicious shampoo. Lasts forever. I have a sample but I want a bottle so bad!


          This is a fresh perfume that stays fresh , unlike others that gets old or change throughout the day
          Its also light (Safe to wear)
          Floral fruity but more on the white floral side
          & MY GOD that's way too much notes
          smells like the 90's
          It smells expensive but not the most outstanding perfume ever created
          Not sure why it's so popular
          Good for summer/ spring time
          I'd buy it if it was on super cheap discount $


          I get melon and ylang-ylang clearly, even though ylang-ylang isn't listed in the notes. Other than that there is an air of a general syntetic white floral scent.

          Unremarkable, it isn't even nice. But, if you smelled it on someone else you would think - how nice, she is wearing a scent.


          Totally classic, totally safe (but totally... kinda boring). It is nice though. I think everyone needs a super safe crowd pleasing perfume in their collection that won't make anyone bat an eye and this is a good one for that. I wouldn't say this is sexy or anything, just pleasantly nice and cheery. I reach for this when I just want to smell "easy-nice" and dont want to put too much thought into a scent profile. The scent lasts a decent amount of time and doesn't really change much. The nice thing about this one though, is I feel like it's ageless - young and old can wear this no problem. Great intro perfume to anyone, also. I would have liked this as a teenager. I think J'adore will be around for a loooong time, it's a classic already. But I wouldn't go running to buy it. I actually won a full size bottle in a door prize at a fundraising event lol... no complaints!


          Smells like every other floral (RL Romance, flowery VS Body Sprays) n is very boring to my nose.


          I get a very fresh, clean, sparkling citrusy floral. U love it


          clean, warm, feminine floral bouquet but not really a memorable scent. I think it's a pleasant and safe scent targeted for mass appeal. It definitely reminds me of a generic shampoo smell that I would smell on somebody else.


          UPDATE 5/13/2020
          Ok so the bottle I bought my sister for Xmas is clearly a fake(29.99 for 3.4 oz too good to be true! Careful on eBay! I was in a rush lol) I did a side by side comparison of the full bottle and a sample spray, fake bottle is so watered down almost takes on a Burberry Classic vibe(except nowhere near as pretty) still smells good but doesn’t last as long, and never my intention to hook people up with fake fragrances. The sample spray is more Jasmine, richer and a bit deeper, no surprise it’s still promoted everywhere, big money making crowd pleaser, for all ages, especially with the beautiful ad campaigns. Working on finding her an authentic bottle, ugh lol

          Not complex at all, crowd pleaser, pretty floral feminine fragrance. It’s fresh but still floral. Timeless. Its 20 years old and still ads all over for it as if it’s brand new. I’ve said there is many other fragrances from Dior that deserve to be mass produced and promoted. Like Poison, Midnight Poison, Hypnotic Poison, Addict, Dune. But I guess this is just so innoffensive that its enjoyed by many, of all ages.


          This is the most "perfumey" scent I can think of, or at least one of the most. It is luminous and floral, and I can see it being headache-inducing after too many sprays. I only have a mini bottle and do not see myself purchasing a regular-sized one because it is not something I would reach out for. It is beautiful, classic, and elegant, yes, but perhaps for a more mature woman. It is good for most occasions I would say (though daytime, spring, and the office seem extra-adequate), and it would make a great signature scent. It is a nice comfort scent, sure, and classy and clean in a sparkling way but I prefer something more unique. If you want a beautiful signature scent that is inoffensive yet makes a statement, J'adore is for you.


          Turns slightly rancid on my skin and gives me a headache immediately. This happens more often with citrus-white floral-musk frags that are 'fresh' and 'lovely' on other people (according to them). I'm trying to figure out what exactly is so detrimental for a scent on my skin, but I haven't figured it out yet.

          After the opening I only smell a lot of lily-in-the-valley soap. Reminds me of blocks of soap in the nineties, so my association with this is 'clean'. Somehow mixed with screechy and laced with rancid. I can see how, on other people, this might be a pretty and feminine scent.

          Definitely try before you buy because skin chemistry seems to be a big factor in the development of J'adore.


          A beautiful and fresh mix of jasmine, melon, and pear. This is light and inoffensive as the fruity and fresh notes are likable and wearable for all woman of all ages. The bottle design is fun and adds to the allure of wearing this classic scent.


          This perfume is my all time favourite. It just is the type of fragrances that may be your signature one. Although it is floral it feels rather sophisticated and womanly - it is young woman but not girls′ fragnance. I have liked it years and I find it still so good that I would wear it all the time.


          I'm not typically fond of floral fragrances but this is one of the few exceptions, it is a sweet rose that smells sophisticated . Even though it's sweet, it can be worn in warmer climate as it also has a clean soapy smell. A classic that will always remain in my collection


          This will forever be my comfort scent. The pear and jasmine make it elegant, bright, and lovely at the same time. I’m 21 years old and though many say this is for grown up women, I still wear and love it. I’m normally a sweet, fruity, and gourmand girl but this perfume holds a special place in my heart. I got a 5-oz bottle for my mom so I could steal a few spray from times to times.


          It used to be my signature scent. Used it since 2008. I absolutely loved it. Magnolia and melon, welcoming, comforting, elegant scent. Could wear it everyday, any time of the year, day or night.

          Not anymore. Something has changed, nowadays I can only smell lily of the valley. I thought maybe it was me getting used to it and I took a six months break from it, but that was not the case. It’s not the sophisticated scent I loved, anymore.


          Finally got to try a vial of J'adore after hearing its name for ages! I expected it to be another one-of-a-kind scent like the legendary La vie est Belle or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. But J'adore is nothing like them. It's soft, tame, and very feminine. Almost to a point it's on the teeny girly side, oh it is. The jasmine in this one is prominent, if you like flowers and jasmine and a generally happy lovey girl scent you will love this. To me it's wearable, but is it worth the hype? Probably no, J'adore.


          Pears and champagne! Sweet, tart and sparkly opening - vaguely acidic, again like the first sip of a champagne cocktail. Dries down into a pleasant vanilla and white floral.

          I got a bottle for my seventeenth birthday. Doesn't stand out for me as a wildly interesting fragrance, but still classy and pretty.


          I first smelled this perfume back in 2002 when my sister purchased it and I never got over it I is now 2020 and I still love it and always have to get it once I run out. This is a very elegant, rich, and chic smell that I never get tired of it. I wear this perfume when I go out to family parties as its not too strong but since you are welcoming relatives with hugs there is more chances of them smelling this good scent.


          I enjoy this fragrance. It’s floral and pretty, makes you feel good and comfortable. The dry down is like any other floral fragrance but this is still fun to wear. A great perfume for a teenage girl!


          I like this perfume. White flowers with opening of pear and light peach. Theres musk in the dry down. It is a more mature scent, late 20's and up I think. Its such a popular perfume that everyone has it or wears it, which stops me from wearing it. I wouldn't say this is a sexy perfume it is a beautiful perfume though. When I do wear it I feel pretty


          Smells like mama’s hugs... in a good way. My mom wore this a long time.. when I was a kid. Once it got super popular, she stopped wearing it. The bar soap, the lotion, they all smelled so good.

          How can you not like this fragrance? It is timeless. It is mature, but not granny... maybe 30s or 40s... and up.


          Very fresh and not at all grandma smelling like some say...Beautiful, elegant, daytime during spring and summer.I'm smelling J'adore in 2020 for the first time and I must say it's very unique and just a little bit sexy, just a little bit

          Zahra Aliyeva

          I have been wearing this perfume for more than 2 years and l would say I like it. It is festive flowery and strong enough so I was wearing it for special occasions. There is one tricky part of this scent - do not spray too much, literally. 1-2sprays will be enough. If you overdo it, it gets more musky, but that musk is sort of bitter-sour. Thus, instead of pleasant flowery scents you will hear irritating dry musky notes.


          "cute" is the way i can describe this best lol ... pleasant, fruity, almost shampoo-ey but in a classy way. i guess that's why it's universally-liked, it's easy to wear because of how linear it is. i don't get "floral" from this at all. can be worn by anyone (though target marget is women, I think) of all ages . cute perfume, not overpowering or strong or juvenile .... just generally likeable.


          I wear this during the day to work. It took me a long time to appreciate it, but now I really like it. I love woody, powdery, spicy orientals so this is a big departure for me. It’s not romantic, heavy, sexy, or alluring; rather, it’s sophisticated, like red lipstick and hair in a French twist - straightforward, approachable, but no nonsense. It smells expensive and tasteful in the best possible way. Crisp, sparkling, yet it deepens and warms during the day, like the librarian finally taking off her glasses. To me there is complexity and it is quite long lasting. Not a love for me, but a strong and appreciative like.


          I had J'Adore when it first came out, it was too much for my juvenile nose and I gave it away..

          Today I decided to re-visit it and I am shocked, it's not only extremely toned down but it didn't even last on my sleeve for a couple of hours!!!

          I'm so sad. As much as I love the oldies, I'm really considering not buying their shadows anymore..

          BIG SIGH!!! Wish I could have my old bottle back..


          Just this year I discovered this fresh lovable scent as I was gifted a bottle - that is so elegant by the way, it has resemblance with the Masai women wearing their necklaces stapled around the necks.
          Wearing this perfume is also like wearing a necklace, it lingers around me and makes me feel charming. I understand why it is considered a true classic: many flowers and it could be worn by all ladies, old and young.


          I underestimated this one so much,always thinking it was stuffy and too perfumey until I have come across a sample and tried it properly.This smells so beautiful a d classy,feminine and modern,no wonder it is so popular.This could easily be a signature scent as it is suitable for everyday wear.I must get a bottle

          Miss koku

          Midemi buland?ran bir keskin beyaz ?i?ek kokusu.Anlams?z b? parfüm.orta ya? i?in s?radan.sevmiyorum.ke?ke üretimden kalksa


          Heavy on the pear and melon But almost synthetic fruity, white floral and musky my nose . My taste in perfume has evolved over the years as I disliked this at first thinking it was too “old lady” but now I love it! It is definitely more a grown up perfume but beautiful none the less!!


          10/23/19 - So many reviews, and here I am - I’m not very good with describing scent notes; I definitely do not consider myself any type of frag connoisseur. But I’ll dive right in and give it a try in the hopes of helping others who are looking for a quick and simple review...

          So the notes are described as:

          Top: slightly sharp floral with fresh mandarin
          Mid: jasmine, plum, orchid and rose
          Base: amaranth, musk and blackberry

          I have no idea what amaranth is, but I definitely am experiencing the “slightly sharp floral” - I’d describe it as flirting with floriental notes. But there’s something buttery and creamy that is teasing the experience away from that - keeping it breezy-warm and sunny.

          I love clean, fresh, feminine, spring-summery scents you think of when the sky is blue and the sun is at its peak, with a warm breeze wafting over a field of flowers and clothes on the line. And I get that experience with J’Adore.

          Please, for the love of all those around you, don’t heavily spray this on! A little goes a LONG way and you’ll be guilty of ruining the entire experience if you buy into the belief that “more is more”. Not with this. Let others around you enjoy it too ?? ??


          It’s funny, Addict 2 or Addict Ray fraiche maybe they call it now is in my top five all time fragrances, and I guess when I learned how much it would cost to keep me smelling like that day in and day out I sort of surrendered to not going near another Dior fragrance ever again haha and I was given this tonight as a sample and I must say I really enjoy it. It’s a very grown up Dior girl, and while I may be, in a technical and physical sense a close to but won’t say how close to 40 year old women lol I have children graduating high school and middle school, so I really didn’t think I would like it. On paper it would generally entice me, but I never thought of it and now this. It is so beautiful in a sophisticated way, without seeming overly entitled. It’s just got this fruity, floral but sparkling kind of notes! Nice find! If I find a cheap one I’ll torallky buy it

          natasha calli

          The original formulation is perfect but I don’t understand the reformulations. Before, I would use this perfume because it can be used for all occasion and for all seasons of the year. But now they ruined it by changing it.


          I remember when it came out, it was splendid in its haughty amphora. Dense liquid, intense aroma and emotions. Magic of memories.
          J'Adore now seems to me too slightly different and a little deprived of its thickness, fullness and depht.
          In any case, its current being falls fully within my preferences, so that I believe that one of these months it will be on my vanity.
          With a single prayer if anyone is listening, please, if you can, bring it back to the splendours of the past, so glorious and 'adorable'.
          In recent years we have been prized by countless flankers, all worthy of note and merit, but none of them, with few exceptions, has reached the sensory perfection of the original, to me.


          Where can I buy this for cheaper or discounted prices where it’s reliable and definitely not counterfeit?


          A classic, yes some people say it's boring but to me it says glamour !
          I love this on me and it's the most complemented one in my collection.
          My skin chemistry must love this one , because it lasts for ages on me, my bottle is from 2015


          I am lucky enough, or perhaps unlucky to have the dregs of a vintage bottle, and the memories of what this fragrance used to be, a few sprays would create a warm, decadent cloud of delicious white flowers. It's now an echo, it tries to emulate what it once was, sadly it no longer hits the spot, it's pretty, but so light, both in EDT and EDP forms.


          Disclaimer: I've never properly tried OG J'adore. This review is for recent productions, around 2017 onwards.

          I tried. I really did.

          All I can smell is green. And it's not a pleasant green either. I know how a lot of people love the scent of freshly cut grass, but personally, this particular scent makes me feel nauseous. I'm afraid I could not get past that particular hurdle no matter how long it stayed on my skin so I can't really tell how it developed.

          It's so weird, because I have pre-2018 J'adore L'absolu and that's just beautiful to my nose and on my skin. I have a feeling it's the combination of melon, lily-of-the-valley, and tuberose that's doing this. I adore Diorrissimo, which is a gorgeous lily-of-the-valley, but I know this flower has a tendency to have green-ness to it. Tuberose gives me the same vibes. Again, I don't normally mind these flowers, but the melon in particular I feel is what pushed it over the edge.

          Simply put, there's just too much going on. It's all just a muddled green mess and the end result for me makes this a scrubber.


          I fell for this one the moment I first smelled it back in 2006. I'm a big lover of white florals and this for me is one of the most sophisticated incarnations. An absolute classic fragrance, it can take me from day to night, and is suitable for any classy occasion. I went through several bottles in the past but currently don't have one in my collection. As I feel this could suit a woman of any age I have always had it in the back of my mind to repurchase at some point, but now I'm feeling concerned by these tales of reformulation. I do hope this elegant beauty hasn't been ruined too.


          I remember when J'adore first came out. I got a sample from the counter, tried it on and fell so in love with this perfume. But by the time I got home, my allergies were kicking in and I knew I could never own it. So to see if it was still the same, I got a fresh sample of the most recent version of J'adore to see if my allergies would kick in on the reformulated version. In almost all cases, my allergies will not be affected with a reformulated version, which makes me believe that part of why they reformulate is if ingredients are irritants, not only because the ingredients become unavailable or limited. At any rate, they need to give this perfume a new name, because it is not J'adore at all. This is a completely and totally different perfume. What is gone is the magic of the original. The J'adore we have now is a super-floral romp through a garden full of sickly sweet flowers. I have no idea who the audience is. Ladies who want to recall super-sweet seventies perfumes? I have no idea, but this is a really terrible fake-out, to sell this under the name of the perfume that it barely resembles. It's like having a popular gorgeous shoe and re-designing it so that it is a pretty pink bathroom slipper with feathers and calling the shoe the same model. It is not the same and should have a new name. This perfume is not for a discriminating nose and is just a mess of floral blossoms competing with each other. Blech.


          I am wearing Jadore today because I actually do love it, but strangely enough it's not one I reach for often, but when I do I am lucky enough to own a 50ml bottle of the original J'adore. I won't be re-purchasing when this has gone because of all the reformulation horror stories.....
          As this is now a shadow of it's former beauty, I find myself looking for smell-alikes, and there are many, with much better longevity & sillage, and smell just like J'adore. Rasasi Hope is one.... Kate Moss Truly Adorable is another. Then of course there is the excellent dupe by Perfume Parlour. try them they are affordable and better performing than j'adore. I know it sounds bad to tell you about other perfume companies, but if Dior wouldn't treat us so badly.......watering down their perfumes while still charging the earth for them, then people would be more loyal to the brand. If they can do this, then I can look for something reminiscent of their scent which lasts and projects better...


          Today is my first test of J'adore (current version). On freshly showered, moisturized (Nivea) skin I put on 3 sprays...one on each forearm and one on my chest, then put on my clothing and added one to the shirt (total of 4 sprays). That was at 6:45 am it is now 10:30 am and it is barely a skin scent on me. I am so underwhelmed at this point. I will try it again later this week.


          Used to own this and loved it but revisiting after having babies and I don’t like it anymore. Too heavy and perfumey, brassy if that makes sense. I’m leaning towards more fresh fruity, softer sweeter florals these days. Such a shame because it has great sillage and lasting power.


          Dry down is lily of the valley which I do not like. Was sensational when it came out.


          Well... I owe an apology to many of You that stated here that J'adore after reformulation is just a devastating shadow of it's former self in terms of scent itself and projection.

          I was wrong thinking You're exaggerating...

          It's horrible what happened with this perfume. I really am not one of those people who complain about every reformulation on the market, I actually think that there are perfumes that have gone gracefully through reformulations (Pure Poison, Poison, Obsession). This is not one of them.

          Former J'adore smelled maybe not very complex or groundbreaking but it was beautifully balanced, made from the best ingridients and it really showed. Now it's just a mess. It smells like a peach body mist, it has none of it's former substance. Staying power and sillage? The second is non existent my friends. Staying power? It's gone after half an hour.

          I'm really suprised of what happened to that iconic beauty and I have to sadly agree with all of You, who warned about this in comments below. I didn't take Your advice, I bought J'adore and now I really regret it and want to warn others about a tragedy that happened to this perfume.


          Imagine a fresh floral bouquet that is a tad sweet, a tad sharp, and very feminine. This is not my style, but I see why people like it.


          Like a lot of the perfumes that came out in the late 90's and early 2000's, there current versions don't perform and they are replaced with iterations containing lower concentrations of weaker ingredients. One of my friends wore this ten years ago and I could smell it on her for hours. Now, even with a few sprays on each wrist and behind the ears people tell me they can't smell anything. From what I've read a lot of these designers sent the manufacturing to Coty. Think exclamation and vanilla fields perfume brand. Yeah... no wonder these are now garbage.


          Does not matter where you buy this, it simply does not perform . It also has lost its personality and the only constant with Dior perfumes now is the high price and weak longevity .

          This was once a lovely and distinctive scent .From my point of view, the perfumes that used to be the very finest are now the poorest performers ( Estée Lauder, Chanel, Dior,
          And Givenchy ) . Sometimes they are so bad I honestly have to pinch myself to believe it .


          Be wary of buying this off the internet unless it's a site that's an authorized dealer like Fragrancenet or FragranceX. My friend told me that this scent is number one for counterfeit and the bottles are loaded with bacteria and debris you can actually see by holding the bottle under a light. If it's a deal that's too good to be true it probably is. It's not worth jeopardizing your health over a perfume.


          I so wanted to like this. But it is so syrupy-sweet on me, as well as migraine inducing... I had to put it away. It might as well be liquid candy, and the Southern heat may have contributed to the overall effect. Perhaps another day we shall meet again, but I am running straight back into Mugler's arms.


          The first note is some sort of floral, I cant place exactly what floral (my nose hasn’t been trained to pick out scents that well yet), but my first thought was “mature”. Then I smelled the juicy melon. After a few minutes the scent becomes heavily floral, I want to say magnolia and maybe jasmine. It’s pretty strong and a tad overwhelming if I keep my wrist to close to my face (I did two squirts of the sample vial which might have been too much). I would say I like this scent, but maybe not my preferred scent on myself. Personally it’s a little too mature for my taste (even though I’m 25 I still tend towards sweeter more “youthful” and in some cases “trashy” scents). But if I’m ever gifted this or find it for a good price, it would have a place in my wardrobe for when I want to smell more mature and sophisticated.

          Ken H.

          This makes me think of bananas in the beginning. It smells great and I would really like to smell this on a woman. It's a nice creamy floral fragrance. To me this would be fit for a more mature woman around 30 years old. I give this a 9.1/10


          Very beautiful citrus floral, extremely sunny and clean. The melon note isn't my favorite, but it works here because it keeps this scent from going too far in the dry green direction. Instead, it's juicy. This would be a good wedding scent I think.

          Note, this is much better, as well as stronger, than the EDT version. J'adore is such a wonderful fragrance that I find myself interested in the more concentrated extrait or absolute version but not necessarily needing one in addition to the perfume.

          I probably would have absolutely fallen in love with J'adore if I hadn't, on the same day, got a sniff of Guerlain's L'heure Bleue. Totally different perfume with the exact opposite vibe, but the quality of that old world masterpiece knocks this out of the park, so I might not be giving J'adore as glowing a review as it honestly deserves.


          This smells like fancy soap. I couldn't stand the smell and had to wash it off after 15 minutes. I'll stick to my florientals and gourmands.


          I just received my 1oz bottle this week. I have smelled previous bottles of this in department stores and finally pulled the trigger. I totally agree with the previous (most recent) review. I used to smell a lot of fruit in the opening. This is a completely different opening - total floralbomb - white flower musk. I do like it, but I miss the citrus.

          HOWEVER - the perfomance has been improved. This one lasts a nice amount of time on my wife and I must believe they have further reformulated this one.


          Scent 8/10
          Longevity 7.5/10
          Versatility 10/10
          Sillage 7.5/10

          Solid perfume.


          This is my second review of J'adore, the first one dates from Sept. 2018.
          My first review was rather unflattering, calling J'adore
          cheap and an insult to the fine perfume making of Dior's earlier fragrances. Ahem ... well, my opinion has changed.
          Recently a mini of J'adore arrived, and the fragrance is quite different from the bottle I'd reviewed. The new one is a strong floral with good sillage and lasting power. I don't get any fruit notes, and the musk note is very discreet. The opening notes remind me of mock orange, rather than jasmine. Not particularly sharp but pleasant, I'm growing fond of this fragrance now.
          Maybe the earlier sample was a reformulation? I've no way of knowing the age of either bottle, and it probably doesn't matter.
          Work safe and feminine, J'adore is a modern floral that's enjoyable to wear.


          I snapped up a purple-oval bottle of this on Ebay, hoping for a pre-2005 formulation, and turns out this bottle is from 1999 -- the year J'Adore was first released. So this review relates to the original formulation. I really want to compare it to a later formula, so will update this review when I get a chance to sample. :)

          Apparently the first iteration comprised of bergamot, mandarin, champaca flower, ivy leaves, jasmine sambac, Turkish rose, violet, orchid, blackberry musk, wood, and plum.

          For a scent based on the concept of gold, it's surprisingly airy and bright. Last time I tested J'Adore was perhaps 5-6 years ago and I remember it as a heavy, dense, high-pitched jasmine. This is nothing like that. There's a faint grassiness and the cool green of ivy, and the slight sweetness of mandarin. The jasmine emerges within ten minutes or so, and it's intoxicating, perfectly pitched.

          It makes me think of when you're walking in an unfamiliar garden and suddenly realise you're surrounded by a cloud of beautiful scent, so you look around and discover the waterfall of jasmine cascading over a fence, half-hidden by surrounding ivy. It's not like putting your face up against the blooms, but rather catching the scent in the air.

          Rose and violet soften everything, and combine with the musk to create a lovely, super-feminine skin scent, always with that airy jasmine wafting around on top. It warms up into a peachy, golden, slightly grassy/leafy floral that I'm guessing is champaca.

          It's truly beautiful and I'm so glad I was lucky enough to find this gem. Longevity is good on me. Sillage is average, but I think I'm saying that because of the surprisingly airy nature of this scent -- I have a feeling it's one of those perfumes that projects well but in a delicate, wafting way, more than the wearer perceives. Definitely worth hunting down!


          I've always liked this perfume so tried it again today to as a starting point to find a new day time scent that I will love.

          The first notes were certainly fruity and fresh, the middle notes were lovely with the flowers and the base notes were unexpectedly much more delicate and chic smelling.

          It didn't last as long as I thought it would but I enjoyed sniffing my wrist all day!


          I weep a little inside because this perfume has been ravaged by reformulation. I finished a 3.4 oz bottle that i bought two years ago. I recently ordered a 1 oz of the new formula and although it still smells the same...the longevity and sillage are gone. The new formula barely lasts an hour on clothes, my old bottle could be smelled on laundry a week after spraying. BUY vintage if you can find it.


          This must be an all time top fragrance. Masterly put together to represent a sophisticated floral fragrance.
          I agree with another who said it's like walking into a flower shop.
          I can pick up white flowers such as lily of the valley and jasmine, with citrus such as mandarin.
          A feel good fragrance.


          This was an airport purchase when I realized I couldn't bring perfume on a plane in my carry on. I thought "Dior. What could go wrong?" This is what I consider a "smoker's perfume". It's strong enough to cover up the smell...and the smell of food, flowers, other people, life in general.

          I wanted to like it but it was so overpowering. I'd rather spend an hour in Yankee Candle than put this on again.


          J'adore is indeed a tranquil and sparkling fragrance, elegant and regal, but one that is so popular that my more exclusive side considers it "basic." Now, I don't consider myself a "basic bitch." But I receive the most compliments on this fragrance of any other I have ever worn, hands down. It's the only scent my significant other has ever complimented me on (though that was very early in our relationship and I think he was just trying to be seductive; I wore it around him again recently and he was underwhelmed). I've had female coworkers demand to know what I was wearing and insist on sniffing my neck. Which was awkward.

          I've always preferred greener, crisper, less popular scents, but J'adore is a crowdpleaser and is great for winning people over, something I often have trouble doing. It's like a queen who is popular with her subjects, or a female politician who somehow manages to negotiate with her opponents. When I run out of the many samples I've received, I may finally buy a bottle. I already own the hair mist.


          I've tested this scent at department stores, and as ubiquitous as the fragrance is I'm sure I've encountered her in my personal life again and again, without specifically knowing as much. The reputation of this fragrance proceeds itself, and sometimes in a negative manner. Ubiquitous, common, dated.

          Oh, how wrong I was.

          My new bottle of 2019 J'Adore starts off with the siren song of soprano fruits and florals. It feels like, for a moment, you have a pretty, young woman in your midst, and you underestimate her; but slowly her class and grace emerge without you even noticing. She becomes more worldly, her experience and wisdom come along with her delicacy and elegance.

          I would not have loved this scent like I do when it was her time and mine. She peaked when I was her target audience but I wasn't ready. I appreciate her for who she is only now. Cheerful off the bat (mistaken for shallow), but delicately lovely, graceful, charming, likable, warm and sensuous if you take the time to know her.

          Minty Mouth

          The notes on Fragrantica are surely outdated because the official Dior Website lists Ylang-Ylang as a top note, and that's not listed here.


          This is honestly so good. It's floral yet smells like you are clean (kind of soapy) but not cloying at all. Just beautiful.


          This is honestly so good. It's floral yet smells like you are clean (kind of soapy) but not cloying at all. Just beautiful.


          This is a classic pretty clean smell. But everyone is wearing it and seems generic so i will not get it :(


          A wonderful bouquet of flowers if you are a floral fan. You are a walking shop of flowers.I get more flowers than fruits. The overall effect is still airy and light but not shy. People can smell this on you while standing and talking to you. One lady even hugged me to get a better whiff. Not headache causing. Very nice floral.Definitely for spring and summer.


          Intense and soapy flower bouquet. It's too sharp and heavy for me. I don't think it would fit for hot weather or if you sweat easily. I'm glad I only bought a decant bottle. Obviously it's for 25+ women.


          Nice, clean any soapy white floral with a hint of something sweet/fruity in the backround. Sounds generic and it indeed is. But I like it. It's all occasion, all season, signature scent and it is a shame that it is that mainstream.


          I don't understand the hype around this fragrance. It's really boring in my opinion. Maybe it was groundbreaking when it debuted, but now it's nothing special.


          On me it smells pretty common and it s not interesting in anyway. I received it as a gift but I will not purchase it even though the bottle looks nice.

          Lille Rosse

          I smelled J'adore for the first time almost twenty years ago. A relative, then a pretty young girl, used to wear it. It smelled nice and strong to me. Nothing I would have worn then, but thought it was nice. And for that period it was quite unique. Over the years we have got used to other fragrances that are inspired by J'adore. I also think that it got somehow more sparkly and fresher since then. Maybe it has been reformulated.

          I like it very much and find nothing cheap or old about it. It smells fresher and more modern than many of the today's generic shower gel kind of designer perfumes.

          It is simply young and beautiful. When I smell J'adore I can see her white little spirit happy and smiling in her tiny bottle and the invisible flower gardens around her become suddenly visible to me.


          This is one of those non-offensive scents. It is polite, feminine, grown up and classy. White florals at the beginning and a bit of sweetness towards the end to mellow it out.
          It is very interesting to see how a lot of people find J'adore a bit too much, too flowery, too cloying - and this is coming from someone who gets a headache from floral perfumes!


          It's a classy, elegant scent but gives me a headache. Pity.


          What is happening here??? I smelled it last year and quite liked it. Now, however, it leaves an oily, buttery scent behind which makes me almost gag! So strange...
          If anyone can pinpoint what note might be causing that, I'd love to know!


          Jasmine and gold.

          I was Chanel and citrus fan at a time, when J'adore became common in my area. Everyone praised it and wore it but I wasn't keen because it caused me headache.

          The guy I was dating gave me a bottle of J'adore for Christmas and I put it aside as I couldn't handle the piercing metallic scent. It was really like a smell of jewellery.

          I have rediscovered it later when summer came up, my beau was gone but scent remained for a while. Then I could feel fizzy fruity jasmine, it was delightful in humid summer mornings. I would put on white crisp shirt, pencil skirt and 1 spritz of J'adore was the final touch for professional look.

          Even now I think this is only warm/hot season appropriate.


          Received a bottle as a gift, I liked it. It wasn't unforgettable, but classy and luxurious. I couldn't quite place the notes, but I felt feminine and lovely while wearing. Good for work, church, casual day occasion. My daughter said I smelled like a day at the pool, sunscreen, coconut (very little sweetness)and oddly enough, a bathing suit! It has a chlorine note! That isn't always bad, I like clean fragrances. It was light and moderately lasting.


          In 1999 I was 14. It was a cold winter evening and I was out Christmas shopping with my dad. In the streets were lit with beautiful festive lights and there was an advertisement for J'adore. My dad liked the picture of the lady bathing in gold liquid so much, that he asked me if I knew the fragrance. I didn't. So I took me to the perfumerie and asked a pretty SA to show us the fragrance. I liked it so much and my dad too. He bought me a small bottle as a Christmas present. I have always adored this perfume, even wore it on my wedding day. My husband has bought me bottles of it more than once, and each time it takes me back to that magical first time I smelled it. The fresh melon, the white flowers, the hint of pears... It never grows old, and it can be worn any time, any place, any age.


          I loved the smell of this in the shop on the tester card so much that I ended up ordering it online when I got home. I sprayed myself with it and drank in the burst of sweet floral goodness. An hour later I sniffed my wrists and the bouquet of beauty had dried down to the sickly sour smell of a £1 scent that you sprayed on your teeshirt when you were 12, thinking you smelled sophisticated and grown up. Whatever it is in my skin chemistry, this is not one for me. I'm never buying a perfume from a test card again, not before I spray it onto my skin and give it some time.


          It has a nice fragrance. It reminds me of shampoo or bath gel, not an expensive perfume though.


          Wow, what can I say about the beautiful, romantic head turner known as J’adore. A very flowery, slightly fruity, and absolutely elegant perfume. Its notes of pear and jasmine make for a wonderful mix, and the dry down is just as nice as it is when first sprayed. J’adore is easily my most complimented perfume of all time and for good reason! It gives you the feeling of being a queen when you wear it.

          I have so many stories of people telling me how nice I smell with this one! Although the website has this rated as stronger in longevity and sillage, I still enjoy layering and spraying a lot of this. I’m definitely one who uses a lot of perfume, but I almost always get compliments when I wear the trifecta of the shower gel, body cream and perfume.

          After hopping out the shower before a date night or anything similar, I love to lather myself in the cream and spritz this all over myself around 6 to 8 times. I typically do this an hour or two before leaving, then spritz the back of my hair a few times on the way out. With this technique you get a beautiful trail of elegance, with men and women following you to ask what you’re wearing! Give it a try and tell me you weren’t complimented ;)

          You cannot go wrong with J’adore. I’d wear it any day any time of the year! That’s how much I love this stuff.


          This one is a solid like in my collection. I wouldn't say that it blew me out of the water but I like it. Most definitely most suitable for day time wear...and most suitable for spring and summer. I would categorize it as a fresh-fruity-floral. The fruity notes (mostly the pear and melon) play very well with the white florals. I love how neither the white florals nor the fruity notes overtakes the other. They are very "in harmony" and you can easily smell both components.

          It may not be the most original concept or "category" of perfume in the world...but it most definitely is unique WITHIN it's category. I'm pretty sure most of us would easily be able to pick out J'adore out of a line up of fruity florals with a blindfold on.

          I would also like to add...that it is refreshing to have a fragrance in my rotation that has a SUBTLE sweetness instead of the thousands that have an overbearing sweetness. This one is a "fresh" type of sweet from it's floral and fruity notes...as opposed to all the perfumes out there that have such a blatant sweetness in more of a "candy" or "sugar cube" type of sweet.

          All in all...this one is a strong like for me. As I said it's a great choice for a daytime perfume whether that be to the office, a lunch date, or just running afternoon errands. It's very clean in a pleasant type of way (once you get past the astringent, screechy opening) but that only takes about 10 minutes.

          Scent Itself - 7.5/10

          Longevity - 5 hours.

          Projection - About 3 feet for the first two hours. Then 1-2 feet for the rest of it's duration.

          Overall Score - 7.5/10

          Side Note : Beautiful bottle! Some scents are a classic. I consider this BOTTLE a classic! I love it!


          Although this has been around for ages, I never experienced it nor did I own it. I purchased a collection of fragrances at auction recently, and an almost full 100 ml bottle was included, so I sprayed it on before bed last night - thought I’d better give it a spin before taking it out in public.
          I have to say I was surprised to still smell it on my arm this morning, so 10 out of 10 for longevity. A little sweet, a tad fruity - yes I can see how many people can attribute that to a melon note, altogether pleasant and somehow has that Dior cosmetic vibe to it.
          It won’t be my favourite, but I will probably wear it in warmer months.


          I will never understand people, who say they don't like J'adore...If you don't like it, may be you don't like to smell fresh and clean...It is at lesat a fresh scent!!!
          Also for me, it's elegant and feminine in a very special way, it makes me feel happy, feel good, well-dresssed, etc!
          J'adore can be wear all the year - morning, noon, evening, spring, summer, autumn, winter...it is just nice to smell like this, people!!! if not for you, but for people around you for sure :-)


          On first spritz i get detergent like soapy cleanness which then develops on me quickly into mainly soft musky and powdery white florals. I might be perceiving the slightest tickle of pear in the background, wondering though if i had been able to identify it had I not seen the notes beforehand.

          It's clean and soft and quiet and feminine and pleasant enough.

          Nevertheless I don't think I'll ever buy a whole bottle (got a miniature of it).

          It just smells a lot like that snobbish girl in high school who came to school with a huge LV purse rather than a backpack first, who wore cashmere shawls and made a point of wearing only high end makeup even at age 15 all the while trying so hard to act as 'adult' as possible and turning up her nose along with an annoyed flutter of her eyelashes at our 'childish' shenanigans. Looking at when this was released I am pretty convinced she made her parents gift her a bottle. It smells that much like her.

          To me it's a scent for the young girl who wants to appear more classy and grown up than she really is or for the office lady who wants to wear a classy fragrance but doesn't dare to pick something with more character.

          Not saying it's not nice. It sure makes a non-risky gift or a safe office pick. But with scents being so closely tied to memories and the strong emotional associations that come with them, I could personally never bring myself to wear it regularly.


          I love the scent but it just doesnt last on my skin at all. 1hour at most. I have had other dior parfumes that last days on my clothes. This one i won't buy again.


          My initial impression was "wow that's definitely pear". I think this perfume is pretty safe. It's like a pear meets soapy clean scent. Reminds me a bit of a bath a body works bubble bath. I don't think it's overly sweet, it's well balanced.


          Pretty floral but as of 2016 when I bought it, it has been watery, minimal oils, mass-produced feel. I needed to bathe in it to get anything going - and even then, it soon vanished. After this one, I just about wrote off designer/mainstream fragrance.


          I don't know why I bought this when I was 15 because tbh I don't feel confident enough to wear it even in my early twenties! It suits classy, confident, mature women. I might come back to this in two decades.

          Also, there's a soapy/detergent-like note in this that I don't like very much.


          It's been sometime since I've worn this beauty! And today once again in Spring I'm reminded of what a lovely fragrance she is!
          A Bright, sunny and feminine floral! Effortlessly elegant!
          J'dore is a staple in my collection as it's so easy to wear in many different settings!I think I' might take it with me camping this weekend!
          Clean, ladylike & non offensive!-<3


          This is ok, but in my opinion there is nothing special about it. It reminds of shampoo and I personally think there are other much nicer perfumes than this one. Also a little overpowering. I know it is really popular, maybe that's why I would prefer to wear something else :) Just feels a little overrated to me.


          Timeless and lovely. I selected this to wear for my conference with 12 other staff on this chilly Autumn afternoon. It is the perfect choice for professional occasions, with its blend of florals and fruit. Not surprised this has remained a favorite since 1999.


          When it comes to classy floral arrangements. I close my eyes and immediately I see a world of meadows and castles and I hypothesize that when the beauty met the beast had to have this perfume on her. I imagine carrying a basket of flowers with her and when I think of the latter I think of the majestic, sparkling Rose: "The rose that the fairy had offered him was really an enchanted rose." A timeless classic just like the fairy tale whose beginning is Intriguing and the final sweet and enveloping.


          As someone who has disliked pure florals for as long as I can remember, J'adore has remained the floral I find distinctive and appealing. I think the fruity notes that were chosen to back the jasmine in J'adore are genius; the melon and pear are water-rich, sugarless, and juicily opulent when mixed with the floral notes. Where to me virtually every other floral on the market resembles an overripe bouqet decayed in alcohol with a studio fan behind it, this one is impeccably smooth, bright and golden. I would say that it is neither "fresh" nor "seductive"; it would make an awesome special event scent where femininity, glamour and class are being conveyed. Additionally, because it is such an anomaly among contemporary department store florals, it can enhance any woman (or man) of any age without pigeonholing her into the teenybopper or old lady categories.


          Man. This scent has just cheapened so much. It reminds me of shampoo and those overly-fruity body sprays. Gone is the gold, sensuous, warm aura. I just don't get it... I had J'adore years back and liked it. I'm not even sure if that was the "OG" J'adore, but it was more elegant and sophisticated.

          I'm not sure how many times Dior has significantly altered the formula, but it's noticeably worse off.

          I keep reading that the original was beautiful, and considered getting the L'absolu for this reason (it's been compared on numerous sites), but they just dropped the updated L'absolu and I'm really skeptical.

          Just top with formula alterations. What is going on?


          I bought a bottle of contemporary j'Adore some years ago and quickly sold it away: I couldn't imagine why I had once liked it - until I accidentally bought a bottle originating from the turn of the millennium. The vintage one should probably have a review page of its own, the smell is so different.


          I first smelled J'adore on a bleak winter day a couple of years ago. It was on a bottom shelf but the beautiful bottle caught my eye. The sales assistant gently told me it is for “older ladies” and tried to convince me to try whatever the newest launch at the time was. But J'adore left such an impression on me, I felt instantly happy and cheerful with it on my skin and while it is a refreshing scent it feels golden and luminous to me, it truly feels like rays of sunshine but at the same time it feels like a refreshing stream of cold water. Eventually J'adore was added into my wardrobe I could not get it out of my mind.

          It starts out strong with a strong almost metallic melon scent combined with a bouquet of white florals. The melon calms down quickly to an almost sheer juicy sweetness that lasts until the dry down. It is hard for me to identify any particular flowers in J'adore but they are there. This is a juicy fruity fragrance, a sheer almost aquatic scent and at the same time it is woody and floral. I know it sounds confusing but J'adore is a perfect blend of all those elements. This is probably why so many people find it to be boring and unmemorable. For me the balance is part of its' allure, it makes me feel more balanced.

          J'adore dries down into a slightly more woody base but it smells pretty linear to me after the harsh opening. I love J'adore, it is well behaved, predictable and so versatile. Appropriate for pretty much every occasion. Do spray lightly though, this is a powerhouse on me. It lasts all day and one spray has decent silage on me. This will forever be in my wardrobe, it makes me instantly happy and makes me feel calm, alert and balanced.


          Love it <3


          Musky melon and white floral.. very mid 90s and somewhat generic, like a fruity shampoo scent. I always wanted to give this perfume a chance because the bottle is beautiful and it's clearly a very popular fragrance.. but alas, it is not for me. Projection is outstanding but it just makes me think of freshly washed hair and not perfume.


          The fragrance you currently find at the market is something flat, ugly, terrible, uninspired that is not worthy to keep the same name of my beloved J' Adore. Shame on you Dior.


          I picked up a 50 ml bottle of the EDP in a thrift shop, with about 8-10 mls left. Vintage unknown. I try to like it and I feel I can vaguely smell the golden shimmer that apparently marked out this perfume as one of the greats. What I get is a pleasant floral fruity shampoo. If this was the only perfume I owned I would certainly wear it with enjoyment. It is an easy-wearing, all-occasion fragrance, rather safe, but it makes me feel pleased with my day. A masterpiece it ain't.


          I received a micro mini of this scent recently. T