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          Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior for women

          main accords

          white floral

          Perfume rating 4.09 out of 5 with 16,649 votes

          Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Hypnotic Poison was launched in 1998. The nose behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo. Top notes are Coconut, Plum and Apricot; middle notes are Brazilian Rosewood, Jasmine, Caraway, Tuberose, Rose and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are Vanilla, Almond, Sandalwood and Musk.

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          it's warm and supersexy and that's really all you need to know. downside is i smell it on somebody quite often. upside is that it's supersexy


          ..........And THIS is why you wait awhile and come back to a perfume later on, once some time has passed and re-test it incase you react differently to it.

          Years ago, I tested this fragrance and it was heavy, suffocating and all encompassing. I felt like I was being smothered, it made me feel sick to my stomach and gave me a horrendous headache. My fragrance journey had really just begun back then and I was a total novice. I wasn't experienced in all the different notes and I stuck to scents that were fairly light with woods or citruses. I tried many fragrances that were best suited for cold weather (Fall and Winter) but my senses had a hard time acclimating to them. I gave up far too quickly and gave away many beautiful bottles of perfume and sank back into my familiar, safe fragrances.

          Fast forward to 2019 when I decided that I was going to re-try a bunch of fragrances that I had previously tried and wrote off as being too much for me to handle. So it began. One by one, I started re-visiting all of the scents that I had previously given up on, Hypnotic Poison being one of them.

          I wore it today. Let me tell you, this is one incredible fragrance! I've never been so happy. It works for me now. No nausea, no headache, no feeling of being suffocated, instead it was like being hugged by something so special, I can now call myself a huge fan of this. It radiates off of my skin and I can smell that nutty vanilla which I can't get enough of. This fragrance is so well done. It smells expensive, rich, creamy and only slightly sweet. It's perfection in a bottle, a very pretty bottle!

          I am going to get a lot of wear out of this going forward and I regret only buying a 30 ml. bottle but I'm sure I'll invest in the biggest bottle that I can get my hands on soon enough.

          Lesson to take away from my experience, don't give up on any fragrance that doesn't initially work for you. Never be afraid to come back to it later and try your luck again, you just never know, it can leave a totally different impression on an experienced nose as opposed to a novice one.


          It's been a long ride for me and Hypnotic Poison. I strongly disliked it in 2013 or so. Tested in stores in 2018 and I wasn't moved at all. This year I bought two vintages; one from 2001 & another from 2006. I fully expected the former to wow me, but it didn't. I could take it or leave it. The latter is my least favorite, which does the same apricot thing as BCBG Star, which is to make the whole thing smell slightly dated and sharp, then dries down dusky, more powdery than the first.

          I learned that I have come to love the essence of Hypnotic, but the vintages weren't quite right for me. Very unpopular opinion here, yes. I knew there had to be an "in between" stage from oldest to most current formulas. A 2009 bottle passed me by, so I got ahold of a 2014 instead. I'm glad I kept going because this bottle is total perfection and the Hypnotic Poison sweet spot I've been looking for.

          This one has everything I love about the first & second formulas without overwhelming me with dusky powderiness. It opens softly spicy & hazy, like root beer. Slight smoky licorice in the mid. I don't smell true almond per se, but what I'd describe as something bitter, aerosol gas-like in a very controlled, addictive way. Every part of the fragrance feels seamlessly woven and smooth. Those who prefer a spikier Hypnotic Poison would love the vintage. The "play-doh" accord is more pronounced there, less so in the 2014, but still perceptible. I appreciate the vintages, but for me Hypnotic Poison benefited by being made to smell a little more modern. Another unpopular opinion here :)

          I find it hard to over spray this one. None of the formulas are beastly imo. Liberal application gives moderate projection. It becomes a yummy skin scent about 3 hours after application, which I love. It is very persistent however, radiating warmth and fuzziness in a gentle way, often into the next day. The old juice, I went lighter on the trigger because it is a bit more potent, but still not the 90's powerhouse others experience.

          I'm so happy with this version. Dior did a wonderful job not butchering the scent (again, can't speak to newer bottles). I'm glad I went through the process of testing each one because I no longer have FOMO over vintage Hypnotic Poison. I've owned and sold both vintages, now I'm more than happy keeping just the 2014.

          Bonus, I love the 2014 bottle design. It still has a somewhat rubbery feel, like a thin coating over the glass. But doesn't attract lint and feels nicer in the hand. I also like the gold rim and beautiful gold sprayer with "CD" on it. I am in the minority here, so take my experience with a grain of salt.


          what's wrong with me???I used to hate this one! i even have a bad review here from 2011. But now i like it... it's not that i don't recognize why i used to hate it (Vanilla's sweetness!) but now i feel so comforting when i smell it! I also like to layer it over LOULOU or other florals .


          I have a fairly recent formulation of the EDT - my bottle was purchased in 2017.

          IMO this is one the few fragrances where Dior hasn't compromised on potency and performance in its reformulations - two spritz on the back on my elbow and I get a minimum of 10 hours. Projects pretty well for the first two and I get whiffs of it up until the 6-7 hour mark. This is unheard of in present day EDTs.

          Because we have many more really good gourmands on the market (designer and niche), it is easy to take for granted the novelty and complexity of this one. On my skin I don't really get much play-doh. I definitely get the rootbeer-y concoction though. Hypnotic Poison truly develops on my skin over time - starts with the burst of bitter almonds. In about 20 minutes I start to detect the succulence of what is possibly coconut+plum. At some stage it's floral-woodiness (which could be and is a fragrance in itself). And then there's vanilla in the dry down.

          Vanilla in dry downs can be floral (like Lancome's Poeme) or sweet or dry. In this case, the dry down is juicy. It is almost as if the almonds from the opening reappear towards the fag end of its life on my skin. That along with vanilla+sandalwood is just so wonderfully comforting! Absolute stunner.

          This works fabulously well in winters, of course. But I've noticed it works even on moderately warm days - anything under 80F.


          Well this IS gorgeous. I hate gourmand fragrances. But somehow this is... hypnotising. Never tried the EDP, as I like to stick to originals. Layers beautifully with Addict edp. It is strong but it’s somehow cuddly and cosy. Perfect for fall time when ur cosy at home wearing pjs under a blanket. Heaven!


          Back in the 90's in highschool I thought this perfume was a Pure Poison in a literal way - very heavy... ! I don't know which bottle it was, too many versions now.
          But this exact bottle I sniffed today and it's an amazing perfume ! Of course it helps that it's almost winter and that I'm in my 40's .. so taste changes ! :))) Very rich and complex , stands out in a good way !
          On my wishlist for sure !


          You know those alien abduction skits on SNL? Three people (Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and whoever the guest host is: once it was Ryan Gosling) are being interviewed by the government after returning to Earth. Cecily and Ryan describe ethereal joy (“I was wrapped in a blanket made of light/I was shown the furnace of all creation... what you would call God”), while Kate listens in disbelief. “Yeah... uh... lil’ different for me,” she says before describing how she was dropped pantsless on the roof of a Long John Silver’s “with my coot-coot and my prune chute hanging out.”

          That’s how HP is for me. Lil’ different.

          Sandalwood tends to morph into salty Play-Doh on my skin. I knew this. I KNEW. And yet I was seduced by all the reviews describing this dark, visceral man-magnet of a fragrance. On me, I get no vanilla and no sweetness. Hell, I don’t even get Play-Doh. Instead, I get a charred, ashy, bitter impression of incense that’s been lit at the wrong end. If Pompeii had a fragrance, this would be it.

          The worst part: I can’t even scrub it off. Even after two showers and an exorcism, I still smell like a bougie chimney sweep. Looks like my coot-coot’s stuck on the roof ‘til the day manager can come help me get down.


          Hypnotic Poison taught me that I am not a gourmand lover. I don't dislike it, but I don't love it either. Somehow I thought that, perhaps, it has shades of the original poison from the 80's, which was a power house. I get chocolate and pralines from it from beginning to end, and very little else, maybe some coconut and almonds. I want to wear it on raw, rainy days. It is a comfort scent to me. For all its softness, is lasts fairly long; around 6 hours or so. On clothing, I can still smell it the next day. You will love it if you like the sweet gourmand scents.

          Mariamaija Amélie

          Hypnotic Poison edt is timeless, sensual, embrasing, warming, charming, comforting, pleasing, delicious!, and unique. It is actually, on a personal note, very close to everything I would want a lover to be ;-)


          I wanna wear this every Fall season ! .. i love the vanilla/coconut in this one, keeps you feeling warm and toasty.


          This is such a bewitching gourmand perfume that isn’t cloying! What can I possibly contribute that hasn’t already been gushed about?

          To my nose, it’s a creamy almond/vanilla/coconut cookie dipped in gooey caramel sauce with the slightest hint of freshness (almost like a laundry or freesia note running through even though these notes aren’t listed... maybe it’s the hint of tuberose?) The almonds are definitely a little toasty in this blend. I also smell the deep and dark plum note in the opening, but that doesn’t last long. It’s just present enough that it intrigues me and pulls me in a little closer. I do get a mellow root beer float aroma, too... but it’s an expensive and enchanting root beer float.

          Hypnotic Poison makes me feel extra warm and cozy in cold weather. Although it’s a comforting scent, it retains a sexy, smooth and alluring presence. It definitely seduces.

          At first, it honestly made me a little nauseous (as many gourmand fragrances do) and I did get subtle whiffs of play-dough as others have noted. However, once my nose adjusted to this sweet and nutty vanilla cookie blend and it melted into my skin, I became possessed by its delicious hex. The lasting power is average on my skin.


          I have revisited Hypnotic Poison after deciding a while ago that not only did I not like it, but that I could not smell it. I have recently been using it again, and I know this happens to many of us....now I LOVE it!

          It is still very strange that when I first apply it (usually 1-3 sprays is all I use) I cannot really smell it. I get a faint whiff of a semi-generic vanilla and a tiny bit of that Play doh scent many talk about (the Play doh scent does not last on me, thankfully).

          But....the magic (on my skin) with Hypnotic Poison begins 20-30 mins after I apply it...I can smell it!! After a bit on my skin, warmed up, the vanilla pops more and I get this incredibly smoky almond scent and the very long lasting dry down on my skin smells like a much warmer, less dry and dusty Atelier Vanille Insensee.

          Longevity on my skin is 6+ hours and projection is not a room filler, but those around you will smell it. I think this is a 2-3 spray max kind of fragrance.

          I hate masculine and feminine descriptions for fragrance, but I would classify the beginning of Hypnotic Poison as more feminine and the dry down much more masculine. I would easily rate this, by today's standards as Unisex (although in 1998 when launched, this was considered a woman's scent). Btw, "regular" Poison is awesome for us guys too....tons of compliments.


          A stranger stood next to me in a club once, started inching closer and closer, and then asked "What's that perfume you're wearing?"

          "Hypnotic Poison", I replied.

          He smiled knowingly and said "That makes sense..."


          I purchased a decant of this frag. Although I don't like original Poison I am interested in sampling the flankers.
          So, the decant arrived yesterday and at first (and second and third etc) sniff HP was very appealing. With soft and warm gourmand notes the fragrance is very cozy.
          Sillage is modest from a splash application, lasting power is a little better. I feel this fragrance is feminine, maybe a tiny bit unisex.
          So far I've no plans to invest more money in a fb. Still, this is a poison I can live with, comfortably.


          Too much compliments, i love this perfume, men magnet, one of my fav, sexy


          Too much compliments, i love this perfume, men magnet, one of my fav, sexy


          I would have to agree with the reviewer below who says this is a soft fragrance. I do not get any loudness or wouldn't wear it clubbing (not that I go nowadays!). Yes, I do get the sharp carroway scent in the opening that smells medicinal, and that play-doh vibe when I sniff my wrists up close like a crazy loon! But, if i just let it settle and enjoy the fragrance as it surrounds me, it is a beautiful and cosy Winter time almond, vanilla scent. It also doesn't scratch the back.of my throat like a of other perfumes, so that's an extra bonus. Beautiful!


          Love! It’s a very sweet fragrance. I found it to be a great layering fragrance as well.


          This is one of those scents where I can immediately see why it is called what it is.
          I’m not saying at all that ‘poison’ indicates that it is a bad scent, in fact, it is one of my favourites. It is beautiful, but at first spray, it is very strong and very intoxicating - in a good way! The exhilarating smell is second to none, it can’t really be compared to any other scent I have ever smelled before. Adaptions of the hypnotic poison range are about as close as you can get to this out of this world scent! This scent, has excellent sillage and lasting power, if you want a powerful out there scent that’ll stay for hours (and hours!), then this is the scent for you!


          I love this perfume so much...but I love the testers in the store more than the bottles I have at home. The tester may be more concentrated because it sits out with the cap off all day, under heated lights, while ppl spray it constantly (well...they don't right now). I cannot tell if the testers are older batches, or if sitting under lights all day pre-heats them. I left the cap off one of my bottles for 6 months but that didn't help (my thought was perhaps having the cap off testers starts to disintegrate the alcohol, which would make it more concentrated...it has to be something specific to testers, because I've tried the testers at different stores, all with the same stronger result).
          Anyway on to the review. On me, this smells like warm, divine, almonded coconut vanilla with something grounding it so that it doesn't get too sweet (probably the sandalwood). The first time I sprayed it from the store tester, I could not stop smelling my arm. All day. So much so that my family (weekend trip) started laughing at me because it got so bad I wasn't even aware of smelling myself half the time. My sister decided HP smelled like warm faeries snuggling on my arm. So I bought two bottles. Unfortunately, the bottles I have smell like watered down versions of what is in the store...weaker, notes not as strong. It's like the bottles being sold are an EDT of the EDT in the testers. I still love the scent, but I am frustrated that I cannot get the dense smell from the bottles at home as I do at the store (I literally would go to the store periodically just to spray myself with testers to get the same impact). If anyone has any hints about making it stronger DM me. Unfortunately, I suspect the testers are made stronger for this one because I've not had this problem with any other tester vs. bought bottles of any perfume I have. So I guess I love it, but am sorely disappointed in it.


          Why do I smell fabric softener from this or it's just me? Not so into the open notes but it's pretty seductive and warm after wearing for a while.


          This perfume is INCREDIBLE; smells exactly like a root beer with vanilla bean ice cream!! I love wearing this pretty much any day/time/situation, I just smell so delicious wearing this. I always receive complements with this on, and for HOURS after an initial spray from halfway across a room!

          Definitely something to be mindful of not over spraying, but even wearing too much of this would still be delectable.


          I used to stop by this perfume in the store and try it on for many years in a row, but hesitated to buy it. There was something in it that scared me a little, maybe the caraway note or the resemblance to root beer. However, it was magical enough for me to finally bite the bullet and treat myself with a bottle of this on my birthday.

          I'm so in love with it! The perfect fall/winter fragrance. Bottle reminds me of the shiny red apple Snow White took a bite out of. The scent is incredibly warm and edible, but not Pink Sugar edible. It has a 'poisonous' vibe which makes it a legendary fragrance from the 90's.

          EDT is surprisingly long lasting, yet the sillage isn't annoyingly out-there. Suitable for both daytime and nighttime.


          I really wanted to love this but the only thing I can smell is playdough. I tried to give it some time but I unfortunately I dislike it more each time I smell it!


          I would easily vote this to be the all time best gourmand fragrance known to mankind! Never gets old, never stops getting compliments, and I hope Dior never stops making it.


          One of the all time greats. So good. Perfect for fall but pleasant enough for anytime. Beautiful vanilla almond scent


          vanilla and almond DREAM. like a warm hug honestly. it projects like crazy and lasts insanely long. 10/10 recommend


          This reminds me of marzipan (probably the almonds and coconut). It is a true gourmand so when you’re in the mood for a sweet foodie treat this is beautiful. For some reason it also is slightly fresh to me a little shampooish. Quite lovely because it’s not completely weighed down by vanilla sugar candy. It also has its grown moments. I have to be in the mood for this one but when I’m in that mood it totally satisfies, love it!


          really don't think the sillage and longevity are OK, they're pale, in a bowl of porridge, poor and poorer. really don't know why when everybody despises today's Poison and admires the quality of the vintage ones, here everyone praises today's Hypnotic Poison and ignores the old bottles.

          Batch: 3V01


          What is even left to say about this masterpiece. I mean honestly. The pinnacle of the gourmand family. Rich, chewy vanilla, smooooth coconut, creamy sandalwood, bitter almond. To die. It's so deep and rich, yet somehow is so far away from saccharine. It's definitely strong, but has such amazing integrity that the scent never distorts, no matter the distance you're smelling it from. Quality quality quality. Two people have told me this smells like chocolate cake, and I can actually pick that up too, though it's not coming from any cacao or cake notes. So I don't know where it's coming from tbh, but I don't care. Sexy, smoldering, warm, elegant, all of it. This is a grown woman's gourmand and an absolute classic.

          Performance is incredible. Longevity = 10 hours on me, projection = moderate to strong. LOOOVE :)


          This is probably my favorite scent of all time. Just completely intoxicating in my opinion. I love a gourmand scent and this is just the top tier of all gourmands. I may be dramatic, but really this is just a masterpiece. Constantly getting compliments, asked what I'm wearing. I smell like a cozy, warm, vanilla dream. I definitely get the almond and sandalwood coming through. Very long lasting, can smell myself through the whole day. Timeless. Also my husband is obsessed when I wear this.


          The best perfume I've ever tried! I love all about this perfume and I think this perfume is so unique. No perfume is similar to this. For me, this perfume is so "dangerous" and "hypnotising" like its name "hypnotic poison". I adore this perfume from the first time I smell it and this will be my lifetime favourite.


          A beautiful cold weather scent in a lovely bottle! I got mostly vanilla and coconut from it and somehow chocolate, even though chocolate is not mentioned in the notes. Gourmand lovers will like this. Delicious and very long lasting.


          I’m happy to see they finally changed the main picture here ??


          Most complimented perfume ever! Through all of Dior's constant obsession with reformulating their fragrances, this one remains spellbounding no matter what. A masterpiece to be treasured.
          If comfort & Joy had a smell, this would be it!


          I have prob bought 30 bottles blind buy during this year it has kinda become a new hobby and passion of mine, and this is my most recent and oooooooh my gosh my absolute favorite. Its intoxicating and I am OBSESSED with it. Vanilla and almond are my two favorite notes so it’s no surprise that I would love this because they are the showstoppers in this one. It’s smooth and sexy. My only regret is not buying it sooner.


          I have tried this fragrance multiple times now and I have to say, I don't think this is worth the hype. All I can smell in this is sweet, powdery vanilla. It does smell good, don't get me wrong, it's just that I have a vanilla body spray from Victoria's Secret that smells almost exactly like this. Obviously this is a little more complex and dark than a body mist, and much more long-lasting, but I'm just not going to pay 60-70 euros for a 30ml bottle of something that smells so basic and well, boring!

          This fragrance is extremely long-lasting and strong and it projects well. If you love vanilla, then this is for you.

          Btw, I don't get any play-dough from this :)


          For people with a skin chemistry that meshes well with Dior Hypnotic Poison, this perfume is a dream.

          This is the signature perfume of one of my close friends, and she constantly smells like warm vanilla, in a sultry but also day-appropriate way. The perfume gives off vibes of cashmere sweaters, perfect lattes and warm embraces.

          She actually inspired me to purchase the perfume for myself, as I love gourmands. Unfortunately on me, Hypnotic Poison smelled waxy. I smelled like a fresh box of crayons rather than fresh baked cookies.

          The perfume has good longevity and sillage without projecting too much.


          Vanilla and spice, warm, woody. The almond and coconut don't stand out, but make it creamy and nutty. But it is just so sweet.
          By the time the drydown comes around it starts smelling chemically and its previous charms are lost for me.


          I know there are so many reviews on this fragrance already, but I have been wearing this perfume for over 12 years and still have an old bottle which I absolutely treasure.
          I never fail to get compliments wearing this fragrance. To me, it is absolutely beautiful.
          It is quite strong on my skin and is pure vanilla, almond & sandalwood through and through. Very sexy, very alluring & very sweet. It lasts all day on me and for couple of days on clothes also. Projection is also heavy.
          I will forever purchase this perfume. When you find one that just works its magic on your skin, you hold onto it and you never let it go!


          Valentina Poudre plus Crayons - that is what I get from this.


          Why I slept on this perfume? I spent so much money for hyped Parfums de Marly Pegasus, while there was a cheaper alternative which is actually much more smoother and pleasant. Pegasus feels like its a Hypnotic Poison made out of things found on a junkyard. This one is so much better.

          People say that Pegasus is more masculine that Hypnotic Poison. The only thing that makes Pegasus 'appear' more masculine is insanely aggressive projection.

          I've tried 2019 formulation of the Hypnotic Poison, and it was very good and rather long lasting. I suppose that older versions were stronger, but I prefer a milder projection.

          Also, this scent is VERY similar to the drydown of another masterpiece - Chanel Boy: same musky vanilla/sandalwood with powdery heliotrope.


          this is a must if you love warm, cozy scents. That coconut note is stunning. It smells to me like Baileys Irish Cream, not that alcoholic though. I also detect the sandalwood, it is very prominent too. It is a bit powdery as well. So, to sum up, it is a powdery almond with vanilla and a base of sensual sandalwood. Classy yet effective. It is a perfume that makes you think of Christmas a little bit, drinking a cup of tea or hot chocolate in front on the fireplace while smelling this gorgeous coconuty scent from the sweater collar.


          Sweet almond play doh- round.
          Smells like a regal women in red with gold jewellery
          Winter/night out/or inside fire place perfume
          The reformulation is missing a hint of patchouli or some spiky sparky note which elevated the original
          Smells like Valentina Poudre by Valentino


          On first spray, play-doh.

          Once it starts drying down, powdered vanilla almonds.

          Can't speak to longevity since she won't get a proper wear test in 90 degree CA heat. But so far, it's nice! Comforting. My bf likes it. I'll be interested to see how it performs in the winter.


          All I ever heard about this fragrance was how amazing and yummy this smells. I was so excited to finally try this.

          First sniff after spraying on my wrists, “Hmmm, this is odd. I’m not really getting that delicious vanilla or almond note.”

          10 minutes later - “This smells like old play doh that has been baking in the sun for hours!”

          1 hr later - “...play-doh and root beer.”

          And that’s it, that’s all I’ve gotten after wearing this for several hours. Granted, I know this is a winter perfume but I can’t see this changing much. I think I’m always going’s to get that play-doh smell but I’ll try this again in the dead of winter.


          Smells better than the EDP version,
          Most suited for winter and colder weather, I adore making my sweaters and jackets have the smell of hypnotic poison!


          I don't like this fragrance although I really want to. I love oriental vanilla fragrances and gourmands but to me this smells like white chocolate and nothing else. If you love white chocolate then go for it - there is nothing edgy or sexy here for me, just too sweet and white chocolate. To me it doesn't live up to the sexy name and bottle. I would maybe like this on someone who could pull it off.


          So warm, so cozy, so sexy ... performance is great. I will always cherish this beauty. I don’t think this is ever going to be out of style. Old but GOLD

          PS if you love it, don’t do the same mistake as I did, and recommend it to your friends... it became my two best friend’s signature scent and I can’t wear it now when I go out with any of them :-D


          I wanna love this perfume so bad but I can't. It's too much for me. Probably if I'll go to a ball or big events and had to wear gown at night. But even if I have this, I'll only wear it at date night and or special night events.


          I'm a sucker for gourmand fragrances and I absolutely love this scent! The almond and vanilla are blended beautifully and settles into a creamy, delicious intimate scent. It sits very close to the skin and the projection isn't too big. Although it is an EDT and i do have a newer version. But it's just delightful. I just wish it lasted longer, it would be my favorite scent for fall/winter.

          Fava Beans

          Does not work on me at all. I should adore it, based on the notes, but it is a headache trigger. There were so many knockoff versions of this scent floating around when I was a youngster that it is kind of harmed by association as well. It smells like 2003.


          It smells like a woman is a wearing a vanilla-based floral perfume and is out in the sun during the Summer. The heat from the sun is making her sweat. The floral notes are breaking down from the heat and sweat, and the vanilla base comes out with the inherent saltiness of her skin. She's on the cusp of developing BO, but she's not there, yet. Is that why men are so spellbound by this scent? Regardless, I think it has a lot of character and is intriguing/evocative.


          Thought I disliked this scent but there is something addicting about it. I layer it with Juliette has a gun mmm.. since they’re similar and HP doesn’t last/project as long alone.


          This will always be one of my favorite perfumes. It’s a fragrance I grew up with as it was my mother’s signature scent. I remember sneaking into her bedroom for whiffs from this beautiful bottle. I used to think the bottle was so mysterious and exotic looking and I would fantasize about a genie living inside. I pretty much live for powdery scents and orientals, this is definitely an inherited trait from my mother. What can I really say? I think this perfume is perfect. It’s sweet yet spicy and the almond note I pick up on reminds me of Italian love knot and Pignoli cookies.


          I first sampled this in Sephora back in 2010/2011, and would spray it on myself every time I went in. I thought I loved it but realized it gave me headaches. Fast forward to 2020 and I decided to try it again as I saw lots of chatter about reformulations. Much to my surprise, it no longer gives me headaches! I love this one. It smells like a sensual, delicious, dark vanilla almond pudding. The bottle is very fitting for it. It lasts forever on my clothes. The almond in it somewhat similar to that found in Serge Lutens Datura Noir, but that fragrance is much more floral.


          Very biting, very similar to Versace noir.


          @ Superfly_angel When it was released in 1998 I wore it and can say it was a BOMB, somekind of monster sillage comparible to original Angel.


          Breaks my heart to write such a review since this is one of my favourite perfumes BUT the performance of this sucks. Everytime I wear this I say a little prayer just so Hypnotic Poison lasts a few hours on me, it never does. It makes me so sad :(

          I have the 2012 and newer versions of this. They smell the same, like a Vanilla Marzipan Cake with some almonds. So beautiful. I do not get the play dough smell that everyone seems to get, neither do I get the root beer. Longevity and Silage are bad. Yesterday I wore both versions with a heavy hand and I still could not smell anything after an hour! So disappointing! On my clothes it lasted a little bit longer, maybe 3 hours, and even that is a stretch! I wish this had monster performance because I’d get rid of all of my collection just to smell like HP for the rest of my life! It truly smells beautiful for that fleeting hour.

          Not a safe blind buy IMO because people react differently to this perfume. I find it sexy, yet approachable and inviting. I can see it being beautiful for a 1st date or night out with the girls.

          P/S - I’m curious to know if the vintage performed as poorly as the reformulations. I heard that the vintage didn’t project as much but lasted a long time on the skin


          I’m selling an almost full 50 ml bottle of this on my Depop for only £35 if anyone is interested. My username is blacksabbats (UK only)


          I tried so hard to like this fragrance but I absolutely hate it. I love vanilla scents but there’s something in this perfume that makes it intensely suffocating and headache inducing for me. It’s more of a powdery scent than a vanilla one. I usually love strong perfumes but this one gets to my head too much. It might just be me though.
          I will note that this smells exactly like Fenty makeup (Rihanna) if anyone is wondering what it smells like


          Hello Lovely Fragranticans ????I have a 1.7 vintage bottle with plain black cap bout 3 quarters full and two 1 large 1 small of Poison Girl, I only like the new hypnotic poison????It’s soft almond Italian cookie smell.. Please message me if you would like one or all 3 in exchange for a newer bottle of HP! Thank you happy sniffing ????


          Love. love. love this one. One of my favs for 15 years. It`s all about vanilla. It`s silky, powdery, sensual perfume. One of those which you cannot forget once you smell it. It`s not a perfume you should wear during the day, as it is very heavy and it`s pretty intimate. It`s perfect for romantic nights out with your partner or for nights out when you want to be a walking seduction :-). Be careful not to blind buy Hypnotic Poison EDP. It`s not the same.


          One of the principal culprits of the last 20/30 years olfactory taste.
          After Angel and Hypnotic Poison we started living in Willy Wonka′s world. It′s been over 30 years since this started. How long it will last?
          Don′t get me wrong, it is a masterpiece but it is like a science break-throught that ends up being used for evil acts.


          I come from a background of really enjoying fresh unisex fragrances and this was my first oriental-vanilla fragrance purchase. I grew up in the 80s and smelt the original Poison and didn't care for it. I hadn't been interested in the line until I read on Fragrantica that HP reminded them of root beer floats and vanilla. I blind bought it and took the risk since I wanted a comforting "gourmandish" perfume during the pandemic. HP is so much more complex than root beer almond smell and is such a unique and comforting smell wrapped into one. I have very few perfumes that I know I will repurchase and this one is definitely one of them. This is an excellent vanilla pairing that can be considered a fall winter scent but is playful enough to wear any time. Please try it. It is a masterpiece from Dior.


          Twice I stopped a woman in the store to ask what she was wearing and this classic was her answer. When I took a whiff in Ulta all I got was almond, coconut and tuberose and those notes are NOT for me. I could see men loving this but it's not my jam.


          Heavy synthetic vanilla and sandalwood are the notes that stand out in my skin. I think my body chemistry does not work well with this kind of scent. Luckily I only bought a small decant of this fragrance, I won't buy a full bottle. Although, it has a good sillage and longevity, so if you like the scent, it's very worthy.


          The grandest Vanilla of them all! In my mind this is “Hypnotic Pleasure”. This EDT is not the powerhouse that the EDP is, but rather a creamy, soothing, comforting treat for the senses. I know others would disagree but in my book the EDT version of Hypnotic is suitable for any weather, any body, anywhere, any time. I feel sad for anyone who misses out on this one!


          After all the hype on YouTube I finally caved and bought the fragrance! I accidentally purchased the Eau De Parfum first and everyone on YouTube said they preferred the original Eau De Toilette. Well.... I am probably in the minority of people who prefer the Eau De Parfum! And yes they are different fragrances, having the both of them wouldn’t be redundant at all. With Hypnotic Poison EDT - yes there is the “play dough” note that everyone talks about but honestly to my nose it’s so subtle, if people didn’t mention it I probably wouldn’t have noticed. This fragrance did have to grown on me though but now I enjoy it as it very warm and cozy but in a mature and stands out as a fantastic flanker to the original Poison. The musk stands out to me here and I’m not the biggest fan of musk in fragrances however the scent of this fragrance absolutely lives coming back for more. Very alluring and deep, a lot of character to the DNA and worth checking out if you haven’t already


          People have various thinking with smelling this scent :root beer, vanilla icecream, warm fluid, drinks. Almonds, spiced rum, coconut, hugs.
          Its all true. This is the way to receive this scent sweet, not candy sweet.
          This is like flypaper...will kill every fly.


          This is one of my favourite perfumes! It is a beautiful warm gourmand scent it is literally so delicious and edible smelling. It smells like a vanilla and almond butter cookie. It has good sillage and lasts quite a decent time on me. If you love gourmand scents like me this is definitely for you!

          PS keep in mind this is completely different to the Hypnotic poison EDP, as I did not like the EDP at all!


          Beautiful scent, but I agree with other reviewers here it has a strong root beer vibe. The performance is moderate, but I guess good for an edt. I like the scent but not my favorite.

          Overall 6.5/10
          Longevity 6/10
          Projection 6/10
          Design of bottle 6/10


          Omg this perfume is pure heaven! So delicious warm and sweet. To me this is one of those perfumes you wish you’d could just eat because it’s so delicious smelling. I prefer to wear this perfume in the night time.


          Gorgeous scent. Juicy and delicious


          Delicious root beer scent. Perfect for fall.


          I am new to the perfume world and have been trying fragrances recommended by some you tubers I like. Hypnotic poison is my favorite of all I’ve tried, next would be La vie belle. Hypnotic poison had me smelling myself all day, just wanting to sniff it. To me it smells like playdoh, idk know why I want to smell like playdoh but I absolutely love it. I don’t have a nose for notes yet but this I’ll just believe whatever they tell me ??


          Got my hands on a couple of older bottles and "BAM"the love I felt for this years ago hit me again. I used to ONLY wear this, until I started feeling a little "meh" about it. I didn't know about reformulations back then and thought I had just got bored/desensitized to it, buying bottle after bottle.. But no, this is watered down and made into a virgin decaf version of itself. Very sad, because it was so rich and well.. hypnotic! I imagine french mistresses in expensive lace lingerie wear this for evenings of seduction ;) Still nice, but the original was pretty much perfection..


          Heavily synthetic vanilla. I adore it!
          I definitely recognise root beer note too, despite being British and the drink not being very common here. There's nothing natural about this fragrance. Hypnotic Poison transports me back to my goth days, when I would wear this a lot. I always, always manage to finish a bottle of this very quickly, and that's rare for me.


          Ok - unpopular opinion coming in. I don't love this fragrance. I want to note that I consistently hate coconut in perfume and I do pick it up as a note in this scent.

          It does smell like a root beer float, almost like the Coca-Cola gummy candies, mixed with a salty note. It smells waxy, but light on me and it is such a weird scent. I can totally see how people love it but on my skin chemistry, it doesn't work.

          Disclaimer, I am a HUGE gourmand, sweet lover. I wanted this to smell like Amaretto so so badly, but it just didn't. I don't hate it but I will be returning my bottle.

          Maybe there is too much going on, but this doesn't vibe with me at all.

          Longevity on me is 8-10 hours - it never dries down nicely and I get a very synthetic smell for that long. Not great. Silage is moderate on my skin.

          Overall: 5/10 for me - I get the idea of the hype but it really doesn't get me.


          Naughty yet innocent. For me, it’s perfectly used in summer. My all time favourite. I got the whole hair mist/roller & body cream set, cause why not!


          Unisex easily. Pumpkin spice laced with vanilla and Cyanide????


          Second review for Hypnotic Poison (EDT). Just wanted to say that I finally took the plunge and purchased this.. and I'm so happy I did! It has just the right amount of sweetness and powder to be totally comforting and addictive. I get rootbeer and powder from this, with a nice, creamy vanilla note. The vanilla gets stronger in the drydown, and it's my favourite part.

          The powderiness reminds me a bit of Narciso Poudree, however of course it doesn't have the musk that's present in that one, and it has the addition of vanilla. Prefer this one for sure.

          Sprayed it once on my wrist three hours ago and it's leaving the most beautiful sillage each time I move my wrist. Definitely no issues with longevity so far. Also.. I honestly think it has the perfect amount of strength for what it is, any more might be too cloying and make it lose its magic.

          The version I bought is 2019, just FYI. Wish I could have compared it to the older versions which almost everyone says is better, but I am very happy with the recent formulation. So I don't think anyone should hold back if they're on the fence for that reason :)

          Excited to wear this once the weather starts cooling down again in 6 months, but for now I'll definitely sneak some sprays over the summer just because it's so good. Comfort during these crazy times.


          This has been one of my favourite fragrances since its release, I am never without a bottle of it in my collection and it was my signature scent for many years. Warm, sexy, and way ahead of its time back. Has since spawned many copy cats but this is still the best.


          I've owned Hypnotic Poison in a few iterations and I think the EdT may be my favourite of the lot. Play dough and root beer are compared often and both are apt, but its much nicer than both. I like the current version as much as the vintage, and both have roughly the same longevity. The current version, which I have now, I am really enjoying for the cold, cold Australian winter. It's a real comfort!


          Ohhhh how I love this!!
          Almondy, warm, cuddly, cosy... Its a hug in a bottle. A big soft cashmere sweater.. A tiny fluffy snuggly kitten... Absolutely fabulous. Guaranteed to get compliments wearing this. Kinda nostalgic too due to a mild resemblance to play-doh. Which I also enjoy the smell of, or even kinda marzipan.. If you like those notes then you will love this. Lasts well, I can still smell this on my scarf days later. If you are a fan of sweet, gourmands/cosy cuddly scents, then this is for you.

          Midnight cat

          What can I say for this one! So unique so classic
          Beast of longevity and Sillage !
          It’s a masterpiece smells like nothing else
          That’s why everyone trying to copy it soooo many years now!
          I don’t really like sickenly sweet perfumes or gourmand
          But that is very unique it’s a category on its own !
          Creamy nutty a very different vanilla ..Very deep deep scent unusual !
          But you don’t need much that’s the secret !
          Also reminds my mom and my teenage years ohhh those
          Memories of careless years !


          The olfactory equivalent of a soft, fuzzy acrylic blanket. Milky musky almond with a light saltiness that together with the powdery heliotrope lends a nostalgic childhood play-do association. The rootbeer is there, but softly to my nose. I had hoped for a stronger, richer, witchier cyanide and seductive dark herbs scent, but really, any spell of seduction should be as gentle and unsuspecting as this. It makes me think of Dorothy falling asleep in the poppy field.


          This may be my all time favorite.
          Mine is the EDT. I didn't see a separate section for EDP vs EDT.
          With most perfumes, I have to be in a certain "mood" for them.
          But this one...no matter where I am, or what mood I'm in, it smells AMAZING. If I can't decide on a perfume...this is it.
          I know people cite a play-doh vibe...but I LOVE the way Play-doh smells! :D This is like magical almond vanilla with a touch of spice.
          My only issue is that despite people saying it has great sillage, I personally can't smell it on myself after only a few hours. I am afraid to reapply because I don't want to overdo it for others around me!
          OH! And the bottle....the bottle is soooo beautiful. Every time I see it on my vanity I think of something from that show Once Upon A Time. A very gothic snow white apple kind of look. I LOVE the bottle almost as much as the scent!

          Margarita Birda

          One of the most iconic and timeless perfumes ever! It is a very well blended and rounded creamy vanilla Jasmin and almond scent that warps around you like a warm bubble. Although it's an EDT it performs like an EDP. I wear it day and night all year round except maybe very hot days


          Oh how I wanted to love this! Unfortunately it does not love me! There is a note in this that just does not agree with me. There is a beautiful warmth and creaminess to this fragrance that I love. The vanilla in it is deep and inspired. However, there is something else in it that gives me a wretched headache and almost makes me feel nauseated. It's really too bad. The fragrance is very well done and top notch quality. I will have to stick with Pure Poison, it seems to like me a lot better!


          Ok I know people are probably over seeing my comments here lol but I just love this scent so damn much i still have so much to say about it.
          I couldnt wear either new or vintage last year while I was pregnant, for some reason it just turned to rotten white flower petals and sweat. I thought it was forever tarnished after that and went to sell it on ebay, but just couldnt bring myself to part with it. But I've been wearing it again for a few months and she's back; my sweet, heavy vanilla almond jasmine bomb is everything I ever loved once more.
          I just dont get playdough at all lol, I don't know if maybe it's more the texture that makes people think playdough? It's got such a dense thick texture, not a single ounce of freshness in this one. I bought a brand new gift set on ebay with a still sealed 50ml perfume and shimmer body gel, and recently replaced my 2017 formula too, i don't get all the hate with that one really. The old one is sweeter and heavier on the vanilla first up, whereas the new one is a lot less fruity and sweet on first spray and has a slight bitter rubbery note which soon dissapates into pretty much the same scent as the OG formula, the fruity coconutty almond and vanilla, it's all there. So don't be scared away from that one by all the negative reviews (I actually didn't care much for that one in the shiny red bottle with the gold neck and black cap; it had a weird chocolate smell and was not really much like the original).

          Im talking about the burgundy ombre coloured bottle too, not the newest bright red one..that one is very very weak.
          My bedroom pretty much permanently smells of HP these days lol and it seems to cling to my skin for days, its addictive, so addictive. Polarising I've noticed by the reveiw as well, but for me, this will always be in my top 3 most adored scents.
          I live in hope that the elixir or pure parfum will be re released lol.


          A very nice mix of gourmand notes that leave an interesting scent. It is sweet but the vanilla mixed with the nutty and fruity notes leaves a more mature scent oddly enough. It works for all ages. It is not my favorite perfume out there but I do think it works well for the right time and place.


          I got a nice vintage bottle, pre reformulation, and I was so excited but this is some WEIRD STUFF to my nose. I mean it is literally root beer and playdough, and that’s it! I will give it a few more chances before I re-Ebay.. I will probably update this after I learn to understand it..

          Ok, update. So at first this just didn’t smell like perfume to me. But I decided to try it again and now I kinda like it. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. For example Gourmand Coquin. I did not expect perfume to smell like rising bread! Although that is a lovely smell.. Well this Hypnotic Poison makes me smell like a cross between root beer and playdough- but these are things I never wanted to smell like! But now, thanks to the wild daring of the perfumer, it smells earthy and sensual to me, perhaps with some flower (white) notes in the mid to drydown. Crazy! Gonna keep it!


          I got a sample of this due to the fact that Eugene’s wife (U Smells Good) Maria stated that this was one of her favorite scents. I have also been starting to enjoy licorice type notes lately, but I wanted something warmer and more comforting.

          My realization, this smells exactly like Absinthe mixed with Licor 43. I know this because smelling this made me crave some absinthe in a sweet drink and after some experimentation I landed on Licor 43. Experiment with the proportion you like but I like it 1 part absinthe to three parts 43. For some this might be too herbal, but you’re welcome if you also enjoy this scent. I like it with a little water added as it is more balanced ;)

          Needless to say I’m regularly enjoying my bottle of this fragrance during quarantine and also the drink it inspired.


          Seductive, glamorous gourmand. I love this so much. It is reminiscent of the most beautiful, adorned and exciting women I knew from my childhood in the 90s. But it also smells current and relevant. I love the combination of marzipan vanilla and ultra feminine white florals. The perfect fragrance.

          I know it’s an autumnal/ winter choice but I don’t care. I’m wearing it through spring.

          It’s sweet and perfectly rounded.


          I can't imagine anyone not loving this fragrance. It smells how it looks; sweet, inviting, seductive, a bit dark, warm, comforting, tasty.

          Perfect for a date in the evening on a colder night. I used to wear this all the time and went through multiple bottles; took a break for a few years, and now I'm back to loving it. It's to me, an unbeatable fragrance DNA.

          Sweet, vanilla, almond, cozy, seductive. You can't go wrong.

          It's a 10/10.


          Cyanide sublimation. This is currently my favorite scent. It does open with a rich root beer note - so much so, I can feel the bubbles in my nose. Then you get the almonds... the bitter almonds that signify that signature cyanide, and honestly, you’re ready to die for it. The creamy vanilla holds this grand, intoxicating potion together. I can smell it 9 hours after first spritz. Fitting for a femme fatale.


          Hypnotic Poison, is a delicious almondy, heliotrope, creamy gourmand heaven..
          My partner never comments on my perfumes, and I’ve got a heap of them. But he loves this one.. it’s cosy, cuddly heaven.. especially comforting watching Netflix on the couch amidst this period where self isolation is becoming more necessary..


          This is a nice unique scent, but not my favorite. It’s intriguing enough when first applied but as it settles it becomes less desirable and not as fun to wear. Overall I don’t dislike this perfume, I think for the right setting and occasion it could work well, but it’s not my favorite.


          The review directly below mine is SPOT ON. The almonds are acrid, almost sour, very artificial, plasticy, sharp, and then it dies down to a dusty bitter powdery skin scent in 1 hour.

          If smelling imitation almond extract with bitter alcohol is your thing, by all means, buy this junk juice. I gave my bottle away, then the person I gave it to gave it away.


          This is the most horrible perfume I have ever smelled. The almonds in this must be what creates the scent of 70's plastic toys melting in the sun. Numerous rounds with soap and water has not removed it.


          Okay, then, this is not at a all what I expected. While I'm really intrigued by Poison, this won almost knocked me over with sweetness. Not so much candy sweet as flowery sweet. I got mostly that almond and coconut right off, and I should have known better. I just don't seen to like perfumes with coconut, almond, heliotrope at the top. I think I'm more about vanilla with patchouli and spices and tuberose! But, even though I don't like it by itself, it is much better now that I've layered La Curie Incendo over it. The smokiness made it far more sexy. Not gonna buy any, but I will enjoy wearing the rest of my sample like this.

          PS-I'm envious of those who can wear it, knowing that it really is a classic.


          I get mostly root beer. It's Def long lasting and projects well on me.


          Maybe I sprayed it from a tester gone bad but there is no delicious scent for me with this one. Will try again, though.


          One of the best! As a guy, I wear this in winter time. Funny I dont ‘crave’ wearing it until like November-December every year. I love almond and coconut and this is the perfect fragrance for that. It’s creamy and warm


          i adore this one. i get a spicy root beer that dries down to a warm nutty vanilla. it’s so cozy and comforting to me it’s one scent i always go back to


          Can’t say much that hasn’t been said about this scent. The “play dough” people are smelling; yeah, that’s bitter almonds for ya... ;) More than anything this is sex in a bottle. If you don’t identify with being a femme fatale, I can’t see you ever comfortably wearing this fragrance. It is ageless however, in my opinion. When I was younger, I referred to this as my Porn Perfume, haha... yeah those were the days, memories... :D Always gonna be a love for me.


          This scent is like family to me. It just wraps you up and hugs you. I get a bit of root beer if I spray it in my hair, more vanilla almond on my skin. Just amazingly powerful and entrancing.


          Oh my goooooood
          I have it here again, this red potion brought to me from a gorgeous witches hut from the woods, made at the time of full moon, made of vanilla, almonds.
          This one is always always on my top 5, winter no. 1, wearing it makes me so damn happy. The smell is almost suffocatingly dense, intense like a fog of vanilla and bitter almonds with all the other notes. It gives you this feeling of being on top of your world. I loooooove it.


          I received a bottle of Hypnotic Poison from a friend as a Christmas present in, I think it was, 2001 - so the original formulation. I could NOT wear this even thou all the notes are some of my favorites together. To me, it smelled of playdough gone bad... fetid. No vanilla came through. Maybe the combination of almond, coconut and fruit were what I found disagreeable. I ended up giving the bottle to a friend who's chemistry worked - smelled quite good on her. Proving once again that one of the most magical qualities of perfume is its ability to transform into a unique entity for the wearer.
          Edit: after reading that a huge number of other reviewers also got the playdough (playdo!) vibe, I feel validated in what I thought was an odd way to describe what I was smelling. I need to go check out the new version and see if its still playdough heavy.


          I can't believe I have never commented on Hypnotic Poison--until now.

          It was one of my top 5 favorite fragrances at one time. And really it is a permanent favorite as that I have continually bought bottles since it was relatively release.

          The first thing that drew me to this fragrance is its name.
          !!HYPNOTIC POISON!!
          If poison has to be hypnotic ---than yes, it would have almond in it, aniseed notes (fennel), coconut, and sophisticated vanilla. I feel as if I saw in a below comment that it is the fragrance choice of strippers( so who conducted that census???), as well as Madonna. As that it is a favorite of mine, I realize I may have the soul of a stripper myself---well... no maybe about, I know I do.
          Anywho, the red apple bottle and its presentation is exactly what it is. Upon smelling Hypnotic Poison the first time in 1999, I was glad the scent match the name/presentation.

          Well, I thought it would be more spicy and so I always think I smell an essence of cinnamon on my skin( anise and fennel perhaps). When it was release, I thought it was terribly modern and against the grain. In a time where Estee Lauder Pleasure and Ralph Lauren Romance ruled --this was every bit of that vampish character they used to advertise it and quite retro original.

          I recently purchase a bottle as a Christmas present. My last bottle (a 1.7 fl oz) purchased in 2012 miraculously took forever to go through before it was un-miraculously stolen. So hopefully the new rollerball will be sufficient.

          So, this look like it will be one of my permanent fragrance ( even though I have tried to replace it with other almond scent. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire was use as a substitute for some reason. However, nothing can really hit Dior Hypnotic Poison originality.

          P.S ( 1/19/20) The packaging from Dior Online was exquisite!
          You would have thought I bought a gold case fragrance from there couture line with the box it came in and note card(which I wrote to myself) !!!
          Nice Work, Dior--and much needed after I felt like I had off service from a dept store--as if they are tired of seeing me.


          Before the reformulation This was real poison dangerous and daring a femme fatale In a bottle Now its just a sweet playful naughty scent It very nutty almondy coconut and vanilla
          with a synthetic red lipstick vibe and a hint of sugary sweetness
          Its quite youthfull for my taste


          Warm, fizzy and slightly sweet. That’s how I’d describe this one. Remember once someone comparing the smell of Hypnotic Poison to root beer.. and I’d say that’s a pretty good description. It has a bitterness to it that tempers the vanilla, and this note that somewhat prickles your nose a bit - the fizziness. Nice, mellow woods ground it all.

          I really like this one, it’s like a gourmand for adults. Not sure I’d buy it for myself, but if I had it, I can see some occasions that I’d wear it - especially when I’m craving something comforting and a little sweet. Not sure I see this as super sexy the way some people have described, but there definitely is an alluring aspect to it. Also, I would only wear this as a fall/winter scent.

          Edit: I love the dry down so much. Soft, slightly sweet vanilla and woods with a hint of spice. I think I’m going to buy it.

          Lady Nightshadow

          If you can't stand sandalwood and beast mode almonds, this quickly becomes a big NO - this particular bitter and woody note heavily overpowers vanilla and just fills your nostrils like there's no tomorrow.

          The more you think about its bitterness, the more it butchers you, and you can't really do anything about it, because this perfume is so persistent that there's no way you can make it shut up with a shower.

          Why am I here to talk about it, then?
          Even if I'm more on the gourmand-fruity-sugary-talc-vanilla side of the spectrum, I indeed love this when I catch it on others, so I tried multiple times to have it on myself.
          It just annihilates me, to the point of having stomachache, while I will be happy to smell HP again on someone else.
          Projection is really pleasant.

          I need to warn you - if you like reassuring, sugary types of vanilla this is NOT for you.
          This has personality and it could actually get that Ph.D degree before you do.


          As a guy i find this unisex! And i will say i am quite manly..

          i dont find this much more feminine than many of the offerings from armani paco raban, mugler! I dont get the crazy preformance. But a lovely scent. Dont let the bottle scare you.. try it!



          This is a yummy root beer float with the most delicious sweet vanilla ice cream. I think a lot of designer houses would have tried to "balance" this by adding some fruity notes in here, but I'm so glad Dior didn't- I love the overload of creamy, sweet vanilla goodness. It's EDT concentration but performance is really good, more like an EDP (and yes, I have the current, 2019 formulation).

          I must have tried this fragrance 20-30 times at the store before finally biting the bullet and making the purchase. I hesitated for a while because I find this perfume very, very sweet- I really have to be in the mood for that to wear this. But when I *am* in that mood, I adore it.

          This is a classic for a reason!


          To me, Hypnotic Poison is a sweet, but not quite gourmand fragrance. I smell vanilla and almond notes, which are very creamy together. But the musk and wood notes keep it from smelling like a foody gourmand.

          I do smell the root beer other people smell in it, mostly in the beginning. But no play dough or bandaid.

          It projects quite well and lingers for hours. This is the original formula with the plain red band below the cap that I have, an original batch. I don't know why I haven't used it up by now. I prefer it on chilly days and nights though and live in a warm climate, so not many days a year I reach for it. Which makes sense.


          can't even smell this but smells like anise, menthol/mint, and bandaid to me, very very dry woods, not juicy, sweet or fruity


          This is the ultimate fall and winter fragrance! Omg this is the perfect vanilla and almond scent I’ve ever smelled. At first spray I get the notorious root beer note. I don’t smell any play doh. Then it turned into a cozy vanilla and almond on me straight away. Can’t wait to get a full size bottle!


          Sadly this one is way to weak for what you should be able to demand for what it costs. I can spray this multiple times per day and still never feel it really on me.

          Other than that, I LOVE this scent. The vanilla in this one is a masterpiece since it is so dominant, but never takes over completely as many vanilla perfumes tends to do. It is not your typical vanilla but rather a soft and cozy vanilla that always mixes with the almond.

          More almond fragrances please! And Dior, please look over the performance on this one. I know many people in love with the scent but that is reluctant to pay the price if it does not last at all on your skin.

          Lastly, this is the most cozy perfume I ever smelled!


          Coming back to this scent feels like seeing an old friend after a long time. After a series of experiments with new scents, some successful some not, this is always cozy, feels just right, like a warm cup of something on a chilly evening. I feel cuddled and warm :)


          All I get is a spicy, sweet play-doh like scent??
          Got no compliments, just people asking me “why does it smell of play-doh here”
          After a couple of hours later it’s actually a bit more bearable.

          I can’t say wether I like or dislike this scent.


          I’m really arguing with myself over how I feel about this perfume. I love the scent but I find it quite cloying and suffocating, this coming from someone who is always on the hunt for a perfume with strong sillage. I like my perfumes to have strong sillage and longevity, but something about this heavy vanilla is actually quite headache inducing for me, even though the scent is nice.
          I’m going to give it a couple more tries and see if my opinion changes because I really do want to like it. I don’t have high hopes though. It’s extremely heavy.
          It actually smells identical to Rihanna’s Fenty makeup powder and primer.


          This is my second review of this fragrance and I hope everyone who's appreciated and loved this fragrance for a while will forgive me for absolutely blasting it in the past.

          What was I thinking? Where I thought it was cloying and simply Play-Doh-like in the past, now I simply cannot get enough of it. What changed? Have I matured? Have my tastes refined? I'm not sure. All I know is this fragrance is DELICIOUS.

          I get a ton of compliments wearing this. It's a crowd-pleaser. And I'm not surprised people love it as I, myself, have become a part of the Hypnotic Poison crowd.


          It's only taken me 21 years to wear this fragrance! I first smelled it on a Uni classmate of mine back in '98 and have always associated this fragrance with her, even though she seemed far too quiet and shy to wear such a bold, head-turning and mysterious scent. I bought Hypnotic Poison EdP and thought I loved it, but it is very thick and linear on me and feels like it's just lacking 'playfulness' and may be too heavy and 'serious' for my personality, even though I love rich vanilla scents. I started craving Hypnotic Poison EdT - it has a list of ingredients that seemed right up my street - and I went to my local Dior counter to test it last week, only to discover that it was completely devoid of any of the oomph that once made it such a standout scent. I ordered a 33ml tester spray of the EdT on Ebay only to discover to my delight when it arrived, that it's a vintage travel bottle and smells exactly how I remember - completely unused since 1998! I've just fallen in love with it and although I can't pick out the individual notes due to its complexity (it's far more complex than the EdP in my opinion), it's so much more interesting and edgy than the EdP. I would like the coconut to be more prominent, but apart from that, I'm really enjoying this perfume and am so glad that the one I bought turned out to be vintage, because there really is no comparison.


          huh....interesting. I'm not quite sure what to think of it. I had finally grabbed a sample of this because of the hype. I've been wearing it for an hour and here are my random thoughts:

          -I feel like for the most part this frag is linear. Congrats....I appreciate linear.

          at first spray
          -vanilla? almond? what is that?...
          -I then had my mother smell and she said, "gross! I would never wear that...it smells of root beer. "
          -I smelled it again and I can see what she means but she had to point it out. I guess there are a few people on here who agree.
          -I don't hate it but not quite sure why it's so adored

          -30 minutes later.
          -still vanilla, still almond, no root beer, a little coconut maybe ...but also....I suddenly realize the "play-doh" thing people are talking about.
          -it DOES kindof resemble the sent of play doh if play doh didn't have that weird chemical smell in it.
          -still...I don't hate it but don't get the hype either

          -1 hour later.
          -still vanilla, still almond, the coconut cuts through the vanilla so it doesn't really smell "sweet". The sweetness it super super faint. It's almost boozy I would say.
          -play doh smell is still going strong

          I FINALLY understand the hype!.(I think)....I was expecting this frag to remind me of other vanilla frags but it doesn't at all. This is a super unique frag (I wasn't expecting it to be) AND a crowd pleaser (apparently)...meaning it's not really polarizing I guess. It's hard to achieve both those descriptions. Not necessarily niche quality but doesn't really fit in with designer frags either....I feel it deserves better than that title.

          I can see why people call this a masterpiece. ...BUUUT...after an hour I've decided it's not really for me. while I have tremendous respect for it I still don't see why everyone loves it so much. I see a particular type of person wearing this and I don't fit the bill.
          I know this is sups popular among dudes (though I don't know why) so I'd probably wear it on a first date with a guy i was attracted to.

          A few more thoughts:

          -I don't really understand why people say this is definitely a night out frag or winter frag. It's complex ...yes...but it's not that intense IMO. Certainly you could wear it on a night out but from beginning to end it has stayed close to the skin on me. Its mainly vanilla folks and while I wouldn't call this a light perfume, it's not rich or heavy either. IMO anyway.


          Dior Hypnotic Poison EDT: Yikes. At first I thought I would like it, but then shortly within 1 hour it was a far too heavy vanilla/chemical smell on me. It almost started to give me a headache. I don’t like these types of cloying/suffocating vanilla perfumes.


          “She smells like angels ought to smell, the perfect woman... the Goddess”, is the first thing that came to mind after smelling this fragance. Love at first sniff. It’s a masterpiece.


          This is not a daytime fragrance. This something to wear in warm spring nights with a pair of skinny jeans and nice white blouse. The hotter the night gets the more you will feel like singing that song by Shania Twain " I feel like a woman".


          Weird, annoying yet attractive smell!
          Based on the reviews I loved it, and decided to give it a try.
          Went to the shop many times trying to convince myself liking it.. Not sure if I should own it or not!


          Oh my...I.LOVE.THIS. I tried edp years ago and I loved it then too but this edt is, dare I say it? Better! My bottle is 2017 batch but it’s great. I do not get the play dough thing and I just get a little bit of licorice in the beginning and then this long lasting warm vanilla dream. I know I’ll be using this often, you can really go crazy with the spraying and not to make yourself sick from sweetness, it’s perfectly balanced in that aspect. I adore this, it might move up to my faves soon if I keep getting longevity. That my deal breaker. So far so good though, it’s hanging in there :D


          Just purchased new full size bottle. And I’m not understanding all the comments I’ve read on the internet about how the vintage bottle is better. I had the vintage before and I loved it. However I actually like this smell better. Not sure how or why but I mean I do notice a difference but I like it more. .

          Yes I repurchased. It’s almost like rekindling an old flame but the only difference is now we’re both grown and mature. Also I wanna say that this is my answer to finding a female version of “Jean Paul Gaultier La male”.....yes their both very different but their both in my opinion have the same vanilla base. Yes I am back in love with H.P. ?? I really am and just in time for my favorite season ??????


          I have a girl at work that wears this and omg, I was literally hypnotized by her smell when she was new.

          It also has a 1 meter sillage for over 7 hours on her.

          I think it's the best female perfume out there, the musk, vanilla, woody notes are just fantastic.

          Moss in Snow

          I'm a long time lurker on Fragrantica but only newly registered so I thought it was fitting that I do my first review on the oldest bottle of perfume I own!

          I have an original 1998 50ml EDT stopper bottle of Hypnotic Poison that I bought in Andorra in the winter of 1998 when I was just leaving my teens. On paper, I was far, far too young for such a scent but something about it just completely arrested me and I fell in love. Because I bought it in winter, surrounded by snowy mountains, it has always held a magical quality for me. It seems in some way mischievous, like a happy secret that a mysterious group of merry elves will lead you through soft twinkling snow to find. For me it is sweet and warm and slightly alcoholic but it retains a cool note of crystalline frost that keeps you on your toes and ensures you keep chasing that mysterious secret.

          Most perfumes have terrible longevity on my skin but this one seems to become stronger on my skin instead of fading. A little goes a very long way. It also smells exactly the same on me as it does in the bottle, another minor wonder. I wore it a lot for the first couple of years I bought it... but then had to stop for a while as a guy I was seeing detested it! (As someone who has visceral reactions to many perfumes, I always try to respect when someone close to me dislikes a scent) I never really got in the habit of wearing it again after that interlude and it is pretty unique in my collection in terms of the fragrances I am more normally drawn to these days. Now I rarely wear it - there is probably less than 10ml left in the bottle so I save it just for me for when I want my mind to take a snowy but warmly magical meander through a sweet and spicy winter scene. I haven't tried the newer iterations of the scent yet and I don't think I will until the last drop of the original has left my bottle. I'm still chasing the secret with this one, but enjoying the ride.

          natasha calli

          Men love this perfume because of its vanilla scent. It’s perfect for dates, dinner or a night out on the town with friends but this is just not for me. It’s a wonderful perfume but I don’t I’ll buy this again. It’s not a signature scent. Sure many guys would like this because they love it but it’s just not for me.


          People I need help, I buyed this because of the reviews and I CANT SMELL anything on my skin, don't get me wrong I think the perfume has smell but I can't smell it is like my nose is not able to detect any smell of it... Am I the only weird person with this problem??


          I really should love this- i love the original Poison, love the creamy vanilla of Dior Addict, love marzipan, love strong sexy and warm fragrances, love the red bottle.... but RHUBARB.

          All I can smell is rhubarb simmering in its juices (with sugar). A nice enough scent, but could never seduce me.

          Everyone says I smell fantastic, and I so so want to love it, but rhubarb!

          Enjoy this for me all of you who don't smell rhubarb!


          I bought the recent formulation from the store, I haven't smell the other ones so I can't compare, but I'm in love with the one I got!

          It's a minty coconut vanilla almond scent, a rootbeery marzipany cookie. It's very smooth, creamy and energizing. For those who are wondering, I can't be 100% sure there is coconut or if this is a combination of other notes, but it surely feels and smells coconutty creamy on me. The projection starts heavy, after 1-2 hours it's more moderate, the mint calms down and the almond comes out more, plus a bit of apricot plum and slightly woody. It's softer after 3-5 hours, still sniffable. It's not the best or the worst perfume performance-wise, I wish it lasts better, but it's not a deal breaker