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          Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia Chanel for women

          Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia Chanel for women

          main accords


          main accords


          Perfume rating 4.18 out of 5 with 964 votes

          Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia by Chanel is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Polge. Top notes are Aldehydes and Litchi; middle notes are Turkish Rose, Grasse Rose, Raspberry and Peach; base notes are Violet, Powdery Notes, iris, Orris, Tonka Bean, Mimosa, Benzoin and Vanilla.

          Chanel launches a new edition within the collection Les Exclusifs de Chanel in March 2015. It is a feminine scent called Misia, named after Misia Sert, a good friend of Coco Chanel and pianist of artistic origin who owned a saloon in Paris and was a muse for many artists of that period. The fragrance is for the free, modern and confident woman.

          The composition was created by Olivier Polge, and it represents his first venture for the house of Chanel. Olivier Polge is the son of Jacques Polge, who has been the official in-house perfumer since 1978. Powdery notes of violet, iris, orris root, Turkish rose and rose from Grasse evoke the era of the 1920s. The warm and seductive base is made of notes of benzoin from Laos and tonka bean. The fragrance is powdery, floral and reminiscent of the scent of expensive makeup.

          Available as 75 and 200 ml Eau de Toilette.

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          Tonka Bean

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          I actually went to Chanel store to get Beige which I wanted to get for quite sometime. As my luck would have it, they were out and even on the website it was out of stock. Le sigh.
          I decided to ask SA if there was anything else in this line that I may like so she suggested Misia. So I smelled it and next thing you know, I was walking out with small bottle of this and bunch of samples. Impulse buying is definately my problem lol

          I don't like initial notes. It smells very powdery lipstick like which I guess is from violet. I was also reminded of Chanel #5 which I am not a fan of at all. However, short time later, the heart comes in with green and floral notes of rose and iris. Which saves it imo. Today I only tried two sprays and I don't feel like it projects well. After 30 min I couldn't smell it unless I sniffed my arm.
          However, I also feel like it has the same vibe as Beige-very classy, elegant, ladies who lunch. Its not a fragrance for a teenager. It feels "mature elegant career woman".
          IT stays floral with hint of that lipstick sweetness for the rest of the time. I see it as mostly daytime scent, its not sexy or night to me. Still, its a beautiful fragrance.


          Like Creed Love In Black.. very powdery / dark / violets... it’s different and very strong


          Frivolous, blaze it aro powder aroma, like paris queen misia sert has feather fan, or her boudoir. She has artistic salon in Paris, and this perfume could reproduce the scene. top notes of lychee and sweet iconic aldehyde fleeting, after leaving the double sense of pink and violet Iris, very woman smell ....... Misia I think it should be brought back some memories about Paris .......


          I've been wearing Misia EDT now for 5 days and I'm spellbound by it. I usually wear a different fragrance at least every other day but each morning I can't help myself and I reach for this beautiful iris, violet, rose, powder, and suede masterpiece. I'm beguiled and surprised that it's found that place in my heart close to where Chanel No 22 dwells! I can't call it my signature fragrance quite yet but it's getting close.

          Misia possesses richness, depth, and a fullness that seems to wrap me in the comfort that cashmere might bring. I feel when I breathe it in deeply, it's as if I'm breathing posh ingredients!

          For me this is Olivier Polge's best work so far for Chanel, of the ones I've experienced anyway. And, yes, if I had to capture it in one description I'd say it does remind me of the scent of my mother's handbag from childhood - the leather, the rose-violet lipsticks of that era, and face powder. After her death I still found that scent in her handbags. Perhaps it's that comforting memory that captures my heart so.

          Alas, shall I replace my still beloved Chanel No 22 with Misia on the top line of my favorites? No, I think a lesser fragrance will fall instead. Thank you Mr. Polge for this beautiful scent. It provides this heart and nose a great blessing!


          The first signature of Olivier Polge for Chanel is still his best one in my opinion, to date (October 2019). A signature that we can even say is borderline-Chanel-limits… and yet conjuring a significant part of what we phantom her life was about – here we wrap our imaginations around the theatres, bohemian-intellectual soirees, the boudoir scents assembled on waves of poudre libre, lipstick and indefinite surfing of perfumes, more powders yet again.
          I absolutely give Misia EDT (have not yet tried the EDP) the recognition of all its beauty, femininity, transgression, tenderness and misbehave. It’s all there, mostly thanks to its LSD-like violet and its unique rose – a very distinctive rose from that rose making Chanel’s signature – a new rose that speaks of places that any good-family lady would be likely to avoid. The May rose from Grasse we find in Chanel’s signature is caring, translucent-pink and spotless, the rose in Misia is charged in red, had its share of scars, stands beside a glass of brandy, always endures some sort of smoulder around her.
          It buys time by means of posh garlands – orris, iris, benzoin…
          Misia defeats it all with the assistance of her make-up purse. She is dressed up for the night, even dressed-to-kill, if it comes to that.


          Taleria! If Misia was alive today ,I'd be her friend.
          All is fair in love and war.


          Tried Misia EDP for the first time today after receiving my 5ml sample. And it appears I've had a completely different experience to most other reviewers below.

          At first spritz, it smelled of nothing to me. So I spritzed the other wrist too. But I literally could barely smell a thing. I wondered if i was anosmic to it! After about 30-40 minutes I could begin to smell a faint whiff, presumably the violet and perhaps the powdery notes, but it wasn't doing anything for me at all (which was very disappointing because I've recently gotten into the powdery fragrances and was hoping to explore more violet themed perfumes!).

          The initial half our or so of the *non-smell* was just plain weird, then it became an okay smell but nothing special. Actually no, it was still just weird. I've not smelled anything like this before or had this kind of experience with a fragrance.

          Much later, after about 3.5 hours, it was more detectable as a floral type scent and quite a bit richer. The violet is much more obvious however it's still a very subdued scent.

          I'm glad I tried it, but it's not something I'd consider FBW for me.


          First things first . . . @Katereesha . . . NOTHING, not even a perfume, is worth selling your soul. NOTHING. That aside, this perfume, if this perfume is as similar to you as "Tokyo Spring Blossom" , is to others, is one of the most wondrous perfumes I have ever experienced. Seldom have any perfumes I have experienced felt that they have yet to be discovered or copied, but that is not saying a lot since I feel I have yet to experience a 10th of the amount of perfumes that have been originally made. '
          That being said, given your review , I am curious
          to experience this one. My experience/review will certainly come after . . .


          If there was a perfume I could sell my soul for, it would be Misia. It's unique, it has this amazing mystery about it and definitely makes me dream of the chaotic days when the most well-known impressionists were getting together in Montmartre in Paris. It's mature, deep, intoxicatingly beautiful perfume. You will definitely have a signature perfume with this one.


          Lots of violet, powder and iris. Hint of rose. Lovely sweetness throughout but not sickeningly candy sweet. Delicious vanilla ice cream in the base on hot days. Misia stays on your clothes. She is long lasting and loveable, one of those perfumes where you keep getting wafts all day without having to re-apply, and you want to keep surreptitiously sniffing your wrists.


          I have one of those 4 ml deluxe samples of Misia EDT (along with Gardenia and No. 22). I really wanted to try this and see how Chanel does violet and I am not the least bit disappointed. Misia starts out with a huge dose of iris that is almost carrot-like, but you can still smell the violet in the wings, waiting to make her grand entrance - who does she think she is? Tuberose?? Violet couldn't be a diva even if she tried. She is soft and comforting along with the powder, not as in your face as Insolence, which I love, but truly purple nevertheless. Actually, the iris calls to mind Caron's Violette Precieuse even more than the Gueralin. The big question is do I need a full bottle, since I already have the other two. Yes, I think I do need it, but will wait until my anniversary or Christmas, and ask my hubby to gift me. I have my sample, my Caron, and my Guerlain to keep me company until then.
          PS - Aldehydes?? What aldehydes?


          There are some fragrance themes I never get tired of, however many slight variations I collect in my (decant) wardrobe, and violet/rose/iris focused makeup scents is one of those. I've adored every incarnation I've ever tried, from heavy hitters with heaps of musk or powder (or both!), over sweet lipstick scents, to light transparent creations with just a hint of cosmetic waxiness. And everything from Chanel's exclusive line I've had the pleasure to try so far has lived up to the high expectations set by the brand's reputation and the line's almost ridiculous prices (you can't offer anything less than great and charge this much, or you'd go out of business). So I've been wanting to try Misia since it came out four years ago, and now that I've finally gotten my hands on a sample, it comes as no surprise that I really like it.

          The first minutes of the opening remind me a little of Lorenzo Villoresi's Teint De Neige, which I love: it's quite powdery at this point, but not at all in a dry way, elegant and a little musky (although that must be the association with TDN speaking, since there's no musk anywhere in the note pyramid, let alone in the top notes). Then it quickly turns into something else entirely, something quite sweet and even rather fruity, with lots of sweet violets taking center stage, while the powdery makeup aspect loses most of its power. It's not quite Insolence, but it goes in that direction. Which is lovely (I love Insolence!), but maybe just a little too brightly sweet for me in this early heart stage, since I was expecting more of a cosmetic feeling. It does dry down to that in the end: a more balanced and once again more powdery sweetness comes out, with more depth to it from the base notes, but longevity is so good that it takes almost all day to reach that stage.

          I have to mention that it doesn't smell at all like Lipstick Rose to me, aside from the make-up association.

          So I'm in two minds about this one - I like it a lot, but not as much as I expected, and not as much as I've like other (and cheaper!) variations on the same them. I wouldn't say no to a small decant to make up my mind, though, so I guess this part of my collection will have to keep growing...


          The EDT. Iris has a big punch in the opening; it's surrounded by violets, aldehydes and roses. The direction is clear and straightforward, the iris has the lead. Misia is vegetal, fruity, powdery. It’s very elegant, polite and serious. The very end is incredibly beautiful, a perfectly smelling buttery suede that feels like a second skin. It wears very close, it's light and intimate.


          completely surprised that Chanel would have a violet parfum.

          When i first sprayed it, the Violet comes on strong and then I got the familiar Chanel aldehyde, moved into a powder, then as time wore on, I got peaches, lychees with Violet appearing and disappearing.

          I love that the base has Violet. Usually in other Violet fragrances, the dry down becomes this heavy moody woody smell. but not this! It's almost as if its saving the best for last. The star finally comes out at the end and stays for a long standing ovation, q&a, and backstage drinks.

          The description says its suppose to evoke the 20s and yes it does. I totally get the Choward's Violet, pearls, savoring boxes of bon bons, perfumed necks, cupid bow lips, heavy smoked lids, soft soft hair.

          I am now torn between Insolence and Misia. Insolence is sweet but pouty and emo and Misia is sweet and giggly all the way through. sigh.


          This Is pure femininity! gorgeous!
          I think of Marilyn Monroe and beautiful film stars of the 40/50's when I smell this! It certainly has a bit of a vintage vibe going on! The scent of violet always feels old fashion to me! Not taking away from its beauty at all! I Love violets! This is beautiful!

          A Soft, comforting creamy cloud of violets! With a fruity touch.
          I only have a tiny bottle of this which I cherish! One day I hope to buy a decent size bottle as a gift to myself! Just because!
          I occasionally like to wear this as a break from many of my go to everyday fragrances! It is like a breath of fresh air!, a change from many of my bigger personality fragrances! Like My beloved Coco.

          This is Slightly sweet with a make up powder compact scent, reminiscent of bygone days! It has a distinguished high end feel! A perfume somebody would wear that has class and very good taste! Possibly a very cultured women! It is also quite feminine.

          I also think of Audrey Hepburn preparing in her room in front of the mirror doing her make-up in comfy attire before filming!

          I imagine this would be a nice scent for the Mother of the bride! A garden party! Or sheer luxury self time! I think of fluffy pink or white slip on slippers, a beautiful silky or chunky soft white robe! A good book and cold or hot drink!

          A classy elegant scent!
          Will always want in my collection<3


          I don't find any similarity with Lipstick Rose for Misia. Lipstick More is more powdery, yummy and confortable than Misia. Misia has some plasticity notes that I like it indeed. And more mat and fruity.


          This is a genuinely beautiful fragrance. I admittedly never knew about this scent for the first two years it had been available. Most of the Chanel boutiques I've been to hide it away in one of their little pristine sliding compartments and it upsets me. It opens with a very fruity lychee and a soft bergamot and perhaps lemon to unfold as a powdery, dewy violet. It's not exactly groundbreaking, but it does connect with the brand very well and I love that. It's like a sweet, fruity violet candy with a small amount of musk candy flavour. It's bizarre how well this works on my skin, it progresses so beautifully. The iris and orris root lean into a bit of No 19 territory, but stay far away from it's aromatic landscape. Misia is the scent of cozy nights at home after a long evening of chatting to socialites and high ups. I assume. For me it's just comforting, but that's the image I get.

          I just wish it’d last longer. I keep guiltily putting it away after using too much throughout a day. That makes me sad, but perhaps I’m just so used to it that it becomes a second skin that I don’t smell. Not that I buy the whole ‘you won’t smell a signature scent once it becomes yours’ marketing nonsense


          I feel expensive when I wear Misia. A lovely, powdery violet, a powder compact or a bright red lipstick sitting on a lady's makeup table. It's truly a beautiful fragrance and one of my personal favorites. There is not much sweetness to this scent, but it is bright, pretty and classic smelling.


          I'm so glad to see that this fragrance is finally getting the love it deserves. I sampled this and fell in love with it the week it came out. I kept my cool in the shop and talked myself out of the purchase, telling myself that I should drain a sample vial or two before taking the plunge. Upon returning home and reading reviews by a few prominent bloggers, I was dismayed to find that the community was pretty underwhelmed by it. What was I smelling that they weren't? Luckily, I trusted my nose enough to get myself a small bottle (and to subsequently snap up two 200-mL bricks of the EdT during the Great Chanel Panic of 2016), and I haven't tired of this fragrance since.

          The opening is deliciously boozy, smelling of some fantastical cocktail of brandy, violets, raspberries, and lychees. Then the rose and orris kick in. My God, the orris. I have been on a quest to find another orris perfume that moves me in the same way, and none have come close. After an hour or so, the tonka and benzoin come through, and the perfume lies beautifully close to the skin in a resinous haze. None of the lipstick-accord perfumes out there come remotely close to this; most feel two-dimensional in comparison and don't achieve the depth that I smell here.

          What I love most about Misia is her versatility, a certain chameleon-like nature that I have found in few perfumes over the years. I have worn Misia in every season and in every possible mood and have never felt like I wasn't properly scented for the occasion. The super-feminine combination of notes teeters toward the trashy, campy abyss, but that beautiful orris note and hazy drydown reel it back in and remind you that it's still a Chanel. She's perfect with hot-pink nail polish and heels, or with pearls and a classic flap.

          Or with all of them - why not?

          Cauda Pavonis

          Powdered violets. Smooth, elegant, perfectly poised. Really exceptional; I can see what all the hype was about. This is a somewhat old fashioned lipstick-y perfume (*not* fragrance, Misia is definitely a Perfume with a capital P). Glamorous without being gaudy. Comparable to SL's monumental Iris Silver Mist but with a completely different feel; while ISM is cold, almost inhuman, Misia is merely lofty. Not ice queen lofty, just a little removed from the common hoi polloi. Marlene Dietrich in a bottle. I really like this but I don't think it actually suits me. I'll stick with Nightingale by Zoologist or Malle's Lipstick Rose when I want something powdery and old fashioned.


          "Main accords: powdery." Yes, yes it is.


          This is everything everyone has said... makeup.. violet.. sweet.. powdery. But there is one thing about it that I can't exactly describe.. it feels like a hole. Like hole in the dirt in a forest where there is no bottom. It's just my immediate feeling whenever I spray this. It's seriously magical. The EDP is missing the never ending hole in the forest. It's a shame this one got reformulated. Now it's just a great smell.. but the alice in wonderland ish feeling is gone.


          This is very pretty, but all I can think of when wearing it is parma violets candy. I love that candy, but I don't feel like spending a hefty whack of cash on something that makes me think of cheap candy. Not that it smells cheap, it's just the association there. If you don't have candy associations you'll most likely be ok with this!

          Having said that, the sweet candy quality does level out a bit after a while so I can appreciate the flowers more.


          I'm surprised that nobody notices the very present Lychee note, I guess you people don't eat the fruit. Well I love me some lychee fruit, I always buy it at my local asian market and if you notice a slight twangy, sweet, wine like grape smell, that's the lychee and it pairs so beautifully with the violet and iris. This is a fantastic fragrance that I'm so proud to have in my collection. PEOPLE! Do yourselves a favor and go find some Lychee fruit, the fruit is amazing as is this perfume.


          Just tried this today. Very pretty, if it has an aura it would be light blue- violet. I love the orris, violet, slightly powdery aspects. Gentler than Prada Infusion d'Iris and not metallic like Balenciaga Paris. I definitely get the high end old fashioned make up vibe. Its not big sillage or very projecting but I'm not a big and loud fragrance kind of girl.
          Love it.


          First straight away after the opening is giving me the aroma of brandy and red wine. Balsamic vibe is so intense. What I get the most are balsamic and violety powdery scent. Nevertheless, I still can get little touch of floral and tiny tiny sweet. Aldehydes in the opening is a bit strong but not much as N°22, powdery, iris and violet coming up to bring the real scent of rich violet, rich makeup and lipsticky vibe in the 80s, it is so majestic, elegant, rich and warm. It is not a powerful scent if compare to Chanel N°22, I get 6 hours on my skin but it last amazingly on my clothes, it last 3 days on my cap and scarfs.


          Misia Sert a Polish pianist fav girlfriend of Coco Chanel.
          I don't know where to start it.
          I love the love story behind the pretty name Misia... it sounds so European and adorable... I am speechless...
          Incredible high class of French aristocracy... artists... lovers and passion, Art and high end lyrics. . .

          Of course you have to know Misia...in my opinion is one of the strongest from the whole collection.

          do I feel scent of cosmetics.. till yesterday I was thinking I don't... today I have checked my sprayed top.. and what I feel is..a red-orangy pomade from the end of 70 back to Poland.
          It was in black round box and this is smells like this ...
          When I spray it... I feel kind of citruses.. and medicine type of perfume like.
          I don't know what and how I say it but this is what I feel.

          Spray after 12 h is good. It's classy it would smell great on a man playing.... golf somewhere in Fairmont hotel... back to Princess Dr in Scottsdale...

          It's definetly scent of PAris.. and wild times of ...Toulouse Lautrec... Redon... and... other artists enjoying all kind of passions ...with poems.. and paintings..

          I like how classy it is...and how much French it is.
          I see ...paintings...Paris.. Russia... and atelier... maybe changing room... somewhere behind the cabaret scene....

          Unique...not for everyone ... and don't force yourself... to love it... just because you want to follow up with Exclusifes... from Chanel house...

          It's for a very specific of audience... and ...users...
          it's so unique... I am happy of the price...because I won't feel it in mainstream..... as I do Madmoiselle....

          Different..."level" and I mean it.

          If I look at the biography of such a talented ... Misia Sert.. I can imagine how incredible persona was she. ..
          This scent is like her biography .. . . Love and Storms... high end music... it's like the moment ... she put her finger on her piano.. and started...composing her emotions .. in to the Music...

          You need this moment.. as pianist need... before he starts to play.
          When you are in symphony orchestra... you can see a pianist...
          She sit... it's quiet.. and then she starts.. you need these seconds... of... focusing... before you spray it...

          Later... just be.. and let it tell you the story.......


          For me a beautiful parfum of violet and rose flowers. Smell like expensive boudoir parfum dresser table with cosmetics of lipstick eye make up and body powder talcum powder face powder toilet water made of Bulgarian rose and violet. This is sweet and soft and so feminine. When I first try on this parfum I smell the lychee and peach fruity candy smell. I smell later the violet and the roses. There is also many iris flower. Powder. Musk. Simple but elegant. This parfum is for mature woman who is age 27 to 50 or more. But the lychee and peach sweet fruit makes it so innocent and for girl so young girl can wear it too. Smell good for spring time and it's soft for lingerie and wear to bed. Sexy.


          This is delicious! I love it so much. I really like Lipstick Rose but this is more sour and rich than Lipstick Rose in my opinion due to aldehydes. If you like powder touch and class perfumes you shoul go for this. But if you want to smell like lipstick and fancy, you should go for Lipstick Rose. For powdery make-up, mature and mystery touch, go for Moulin Rouge by Histoires de Parfums.


          I am currently loving Iris and Violets and this is just an amazing scent for me.


          Misia is simply beautiful. I have searched everywhere for a perfect violet (Guerlain, Serge Lutens, Tom Ford, Balenciaga...) and finally I found it here.
          So, for me Misia is violet-centric. It's not as sweet and metallic as Lipstick Rose, and more powdery.
          It has good staying power and moderate sillage, but I can always smell it on myself, and on clothes it lingeres for weeks.
          A full bottle is on it's way to me right now :-)


          I was looking forward to this because of Lipstick Rose comparison, I wanted to try Chanel version of makeup/cosmetic perfume.
          It is a straight forward violets, soft powder, and hint of iris. Very simplistic, no lasting power whatsoever. And it does not smell like cosmetics at all.
          I have a violets perfume I purchased in France years ago and it is simple plain violets in a nutshell.
          Also, I don't find typical Chanel base here, I could not tell this is Chanel at all, unrecognizable.
          For a price tag not worth it. Could've been done better, Chanel and cosmeticky/lipstick scent, this is definitely NOT.


          I was dying to smell Misia from the Les Exclusifs de Chanel line for ages because I, for one, love all things redolent of iris and powder and vintage cosmetics. I finally got my greedy little hands on a decant...and I just like it. I can even say that I like it a lot. It's really, really pretty and definitely Chanel quality.

          But it's not a LOVE the same way1889 Moulin Rouge or Lipstick On were for me upon first sniff. On my third wearing of Misia I realized that this particular combination of violet and iris smells like Chloe Love and Bvlgari Pour Femme, both of which I own.

          So because of this, my pocketbook will be spared the expense of shelling out for a full bottle of Misia. Let's just hope for my bank account's sake I don't love Lipstick Rose by Fredric Malle when I finally get the chance to test it!


          An olfactory dream!

          I keep coming back to this one. Despite my insistence, to my ever weakening will, of it being too similar to other fragrances, Lipstick Rose, La Violette, Parisienne... It matters not at all when I spray it. In the cloud of such a beautiful fragrant experience, similar seems far from the same.

          I can smell almost all the notes, which is a pleasant surprise. They are clear and expressive. The violet and distant mimosa are delicate and feminine, the powder make-up like and the lilac just enough to add depth, the wood, structure. The aldehydes, I don't smell, but I feel the lift they provide to the florals.

          Misia is neither linear nor is it overly complex with layers of development. The changes (and there are changes) are subtle as the day progresses, but you never lose the initial burst of beauty caught on first spray. The pretty remains pretty. Pleasant. Perfect.

          I find myself smiling when I smell Misia. It's not whimsical, not exactly, but it is a fragrance for daydreams, one for what ifs and maybes. It's a fragrance to remind us take everything in. To smell every note, to hear every lyric...to dream.

          Crazy, I know, but true nonetheless.


          A beautiful, balanced blends of floral and powdery notes. I agree with many reviewers here, it smells like luxurious high end makeup.

          very feminine fragrance for an elegant, confident lady. i feel like its not meant to make a statement though. a confident lady doesn't need to scream for attention.

          a close to the skin scent. for me i would use this in colder days because of the sharpness of iris and violets.

          finally the delicate name, Misia..so pretty.

          Sam The Great

          Misia EDT is a gorgeous makeup scent with sweet violet. Reminds me of the smell of the Guerlain Meteorites powder pearls, those beautiful pastel colour pearls you use as blush, very girly and feminine. The EDT version is light and airy, perfect for a perfume that was inspired by the world of Russian ballet.


          I've only tried it once, but I'm got a hellava love for Misia. Vintage makeup powder indeed. Violet, iris and rose. Very powdery, slightly green, floral but very soft in character. It is elegant, refined and totally Chanel. Olivier Polge has done a masterful job. It won't be popular with everyone, because Misia is niche quality and not mainstream taste. The EDT didn't last long on me - 1 hr projection, and several hrs as a skin scent. But the good news is (I was informed by the Chanel counter specialist) that this, and all Les Exclusifs now come in EDP and parfum! I will probably be buying the parfum, as I am a big fan of "dabbing" on old fashioned Chanel scents, like No. 22. Misia takes me on a journey and transports me. It makes me feel like I am back in the Edwardian era, wearing an S shape corset in a white dress with lace upon lace, parasol and gloves, and a mauve wisteria blooming in the background...

          Update: I just read a review of Misia on Kafkaesque blog. The author said that like Coco Chanel herself, Misia Sert was a junkie and a Nazi! I didn't believe it at first, but there are reputable sources given. Misia, best friend of Chanel, was heavily addicted to opiates (morphine mostly) and spent a lot of time with Coco - going to parties, shooting up, and having lovers from the Gestapo. Coco was a raging anti-Semite, even though Misia wasn't, and they fled to Switzerland after the war to avoid justice inevitably catching up with them. The brand, Chanel, keeps this history firmly under wraps - but then they launch a fragrance called Misia? What were they thinking? They only want us to know the glamorous side: fashion, style, culture, music, art, etc. But in all honestly, it has not clouded my opinion of the brand. It is so much more than that. The brand is not Coco Chanel; it only started with her. Today it is owned by two Jewish gentlemen. Quel destin!


          I'm not sure what I think of Misia. It too sweet and yet there is something that makes me want to spray it on my wrist. Too sweet - gorgeous - too sweet - gorgeous. Confused. I think I'm good with the sample - no bottle to buy in sight.

          Vet inte vad jag ska tycka om Misia. Den ?r f?r s?t och ?nd? vill jag spreja den p? handen. F?r s?t - underbar - f?r s?t - underbar. F?rvirrad. Tror jag n?jer mig med provet, kommer inte att k?pa flaskan.


          I loved Misia from the first moment I smelled it, but I understand why people aren't loving the powdery quality - powdery perfumes can feel outdated or overpowering depending on the formulation, and it's such a subjective experience - but I think it has a lovely, experiential element which serves a purpose for its existence.

          It smells like makeup, and I think the powdery notes are completely appropriate and lovely in this case. Imagine sitting in a pretty, old-timey boudoir, looking at a dressing table: a bottle of a sweet, violet soliflore perfume, a small round box of delicate pink face powder, the waxy, slightly floral smell of lipstick, dried rose petals tied up in a sachet in a lingerie drawer.

          My first impression was a flashback to when I was first discovering makeup and perfume as a teenager, sitting at my vanity, trying to figure out how to become elegant and beautiful. It smells like a fantasy trip to a bygone era, almost like a "missing link" between the delicate, floral scents of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the complex sensuality of 1921's Chanel No. 5. Misia feels like a central point between the two, and while it's not something I can wear every day, there are many occasions where I find myself feeling like nothing else will quite cut it.


          Too powdery/ dusty for my taste. I like my fragrances a bit bolder and louder. I can make out rose and aldehydes in this one but they are muffled by all the powder/dust- which is the iris note coming into play, I believe.


          I get rose and aldehydes and iris, but they are muffled by a thick layer of powder/dust. I typically prefer 'bigger', 'louder' fragrances, which is why I view Misia in this way. To me, if you removed the powdery, dusty, stagnant layer of this fragrance, the true notes would shine through.


          Oof, this does not work on my skin. Probably the powder is to blame. As I sprayed I distinctly smelled a whiff of lily of the valley. And then it was gone, so was anything pleasant about this scent.

          Right now I can barely smell it (thank goodness) and what I get is sharp edged and mostly smells like makeup, not a scent I enjoy. This one is a scrubber.


          Wearing Misia proved to be a big surprise, but still a familiar smelling Chanel. Familiar because of the prominent iris note that seems to lurk in most of the LE line. But otherwise, fairly different from the perfumes they've released lately.

          The violet is very smooth, more waxy than floral (to me it smells like Chowards Violet Candy.) It counteracts the powder and iris, violet on top, dark iris, orris root powder on the bottom. I smell very little rose, much less a fruity rose that others are getting. (I can't really pull out any of the fruit notes listed.) The base notes on my skin are surprisingly vanillic, I get a lot of vanilla, tonka bean, and a dark resin. The powdery nature of Misia never goes away.

          The happy surprise is the longevity! This lasted a full day on me, I gave it one touchup spritz halfway through, but otherwise I could smell it on my person for over 12 hours, it smells great on clothing too. It is a skin scent, but not in the usual--"I can't smell my skin scent" type of thing. It just wears close to the body.

          The character of this perfume is kind of somber, dark, and silent. It is very serious, like you should wear it to museums or when reading Tolstoy. Maybe that's why others are feeling Misia as vintage, it does have an antique vibe to it. I like this very much.


          Misia doesn't remind me of any particular scent, but of another era. It is Edwardian, maybe late Victorian, full dress. Lace petticoats, tulle fabric, must be a violet color. Her boudoir...gifts of love. A violet nosegay, love letters, silver locket and powders. I love this fragrance so much for it's vintage feel, so elegant and refined. My Grandmother would have loved it too, it reminds me of her which is one of the reasons I love it so much...gorgeous. Powdery violets all the way.
          This is Oliver Polge's masterpiece. It is the vintage face powder perfume I have always been searching for...
          Misia is exquisite, classy and uniquely Chanel...the lady behind the empire would approve...
          Another one shooting an arrow straight at me...an instant love.
          Misia is vintage refined face powder to me I don't get any waxy lipstick at all...just perfected face powder from the 1920's sitting in an art deco powder jar. And the prominent iris in the beginning is stunning...where that gorgeous twilight violet color that takes over the evening...
          This one is so precious too me

          Southern Blonde

          Sweet, soft scented clouds of powder waft into the air from the inside of this Chanel bottle. It's violets and roses, irises and sweet peach and litchi. It's a floral fruity gourmand. There's also plenty of vanilla for us vanilla addicts. The benzoin and orris root are probably responsible for giving it that heft and first class quality we expect in Chanel. But it's almost like the Chanel version of Dior's Poison Girl. This is a vanillic rose. Love how sweet and girly it is. It also has mimosa which smells more like a heliotrope. The scent lasts a long time all day on me. Great to wear during spring seasons in the day time. Formal and informal. Beautiful. Classy.


          This is unique… Not everyone's cup of tea but I find it enchanting. Powder is not suffocating, rose & fruits are not sweet, violets are not dull. In my opinion it is blended and balanced so well, incredible. But why, oh why such a poor longevity??? Not mentioning the price, such a gorgeous fragrance deserves to be enjoyed for longer than 30 min, honestly! So frustrating. The shop assistant today told me the way to make it last longer is to apply Chanel fragrance-free body cream and them spray the fragrance on the top of it… I said ok and tried it this way in the shop. It lasted 1 hour. Better but still does not look like worth the price and the effort. which is a shame because the scent is BEAUTIFUL.

          EDIT: I am a happy owner of this beautiful fragrance! Could not resist. Impossible.

          globus pallidus

          The breakout character here is pressed powder-orris, cutting through sweet, rosy violets with my beloved carrotiness and a hint of Bois de Violette's ethereal cedar note. It's amazing, really. However. I wouldn't exactly call longevity and sillage "poor". I would just downright call them "sad"…

          Edit after more wearings: the longevity is better than I first thought, up to 6 hours on a good day - but only as a skin scent, as in "jamming nose on skin"-scent. Damn.

          Gigi The Fashionista

          This fragrance is a fruity rose with powdery "make up bag" qualities typical of 1980's perfumes for women. However I don't find it to be too powdery. It starts off with soft aldehydes and quickly leads into the fruity notes of peach and litchi. Very sweet. The rose is the dominant flower here although the iris/orris is giving it that powder. A violet and mimosa are also there. So this is a powdery floral, sweet, fruity, feminine, delicate and subtle. The dry down is vanilla and benzoin, very long lasting. I thought it was very nice and not at all like any of the other Chanel fragrances. If you can find it on ebay or at the Chanel store don't hesitate to buy it if you like powdery floral scents. The scent lasts a long time and it's perfect for spring and summer to wear as a day time formal scent, something to wear to a nice party or restaurant but it's also flexible and can turn into a sweet nice evening perfume. I don't think Chanel would have worn this herself because it has no wood and usually when there is too many flowers especially iris and rose (this has two notes of rose) it becomes powdery. But I like that. Smells great and feels vintage


          Debut fragrance after Oliver Polge joined his father to the Chanel family. It reminds me so much of those perfumes that falls into the "lipstick" category, Lipstick Rose from Frederic Malle, French Kiss from Guerlain... Yet Misia has a bit more of its Iris/Orris quality, which is more delicate, different and natural.


          Not really fair to compare with Lipstick Rose which is a very plasticky kind of scent compared to Misia - which is definitely more complex in its dry down - less sweet , more serious . Highly reminiscent of the backstage makeup smells of the Ballet Russe - all the melding of face powders and lipsticks and violet scented colognes of the 1920's - its very of its time i.e. the 1920's .

          I do love this but I spray all the exclusifs on my clothes rather than on my skin - its the only way they work for me - I often spray a scarf and wrap it round my neck to take regular inhalations during the day - this way Misia lasts .

          I cracked up when I rang Harrods to buy it and the person on counter called it
          " Miss-ee-ya" - its "Meesha"

          I love the Exclusifs but I deplore the longevity of all of them - they really are heavenly but on skin last about an hour at best - Chanel needs to increase the longevity to justify the price or create proper eau de parfum rather than just toilette water .

          SumoTigerCat - Chanel had a muse , a friend , maybe even a lesbian lover and she was called Misia Sert, long, long before Christian Dior entered the picture - perfumes are often named for muses or family members - even the very old Guerlains like Jicky . Its nothing new so I don't get why you think its "copied" - its just what it is .


          Tried it yesterday in London's most luxurious perfume place on the 6th floor, closest to heaven you can possibly be.

          Just like CHANEL #5 was the fifth take on creating a new ground-breaking abstract floral at the time, MISIA might be the former's more powdery sister with added Mimosa and Parma Violets.

          It is pleasant and it is radiantly yellow, like a Mimosa tree in full bloom. Yes there is a slight lipstick note, but it is not the same as F.M.'s "Lipstick Rose".

          The aldehydic volume is loud but in a well balanced way like a fat bass of a smooth soul record. The talcum powdery note makes it very old skool but luxuriously so.

          The picture I have in front of me is a youthful Aretha Franklin in all her vocal prowess, circa 1978, or Donna Summer in a yellow raw silk dress with matching hat.

          It would work well in a Jazz Club or a wedding in a very early and cold April, when snow might still be possible.

          It is the ultimate comfort scent for a special occasion or when you need to feel enveloped by warm raw silk and/ or a fat bass-ed soul record.

          This is balm for the soul.



          Yes, very creamy, comforting and sweet fragrance, not very different from Lipstick Rose, which I had the chance to smell already.


          Elegant light floral that is close to the skin. I love the soft violet used and it works best as a clothing perfume because on skin, it lasts about 5 minutes and then the drydown, which you literally have to press your nose to your skin to smell anything at all, and then it's completely gone in about 30 minutes.
          Still, the scent is unmistakenly lovely and elegant.


          Very pretty scent but not a full bottle purchase, yet. While it got many good on-line reviews and is on some "bests" lists, I also appreciated Kafkaesque's unusual, brave, and illuminating review.


          violette poudrée sur fond de chanel 5, particulièrement agréable quand on en met peu et pas tous les jours... un charmant sillage indissociable d'un gant en cuir..


          violette poudrée sur fond de chanel 5, particulièrement agréable quand on en met peu et pas tous les jours... un charmant sillage indissociable d'un gant en cuir..


          This has to be a short sweet review, for a short sweet scent! Dew-soft violets, irises underneath, all very delicate, and I speak as a person who doesn't usually like violet or iris notes. Still, I could appreciate the art that goes into making a fragrance resemble rain soaked flowers for the five minutes it stayed on my skin. Literally, five minutes, no exaggeration, I was walking towards a clock in the same room in the department store, and by the time I had reached it, there was no trace of Misia, no basenotes, no drydown, nothing. Never has a scent disappeared off my skin so quickly. Is this what evaporating money smells like?


          Such interesting notes! I'll be happy to try this perfume and enjoy it!


          Would love to try this fragrance.


          Не съм виждала този парфюм в България,но по описанието на пирамидата на аромата предполагам,че ще ми стане един от любимите.В моята класация са Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta
          ,Chanel 19 poudre,Guerlain Shalimar Initial,Balenciaga Paris,Thierry Mugler Alien



          Beautiful scent with a grand opening of Iris on a bed of roses which mellow down to a quiet accord of a powdered compact.

          Sadly that's basically it. NO FEET--I don't really smell basenotes. Doesn't last long either, but I love this scent nonetheless.


          I love this. it is beautiful.
          uplifting, violet rose, ladylike, Chanel.

          Definitely a lipstick note throughout this, plenty of Chanel roses, aldehydes, soft leather, beautiful iris, violets galore (a plasticcy greeness with the violet), softly powered, softly sweet. i haven't tried lipstick rose, so can't compare. There is a strange stage when it has a feint whiff of TCP (weird). I am putting this down to me having a cold and not on top form sniffing-wise.

          here is what i think about the violet centric perfumes i have tried:

          Annick Goutal smells like an Annick Goutal violet (the most similar violet to the Misia violet imo)
          Après L'Ondee smells like a Guerlain violet (more old fashioned, sweeter and otherworldly).
          She Wood smells like a DSquared violet (woodsy aquatic)
          Prada No.7 Violette smells like a Prada violet (iris and leather, verging on unisex, with wafts of powdery violets).
          Galliano smells like a Galliano violet ( incensey voluptuousness).

          and guess what?

          Misia definitely smells like a Chanel violet!

          i have loved every les exclusifs so far and Misia is no exception.
          And i do think that iris and violets combined, might be my favourite whiff of all time.

          edit: i can't stop wearing this...i really can't. it is utterly enchanting and luscious.


          The first time I tried Misia I felt less than impressed. I wrote it off as a nice violet scent, but nothing I hadn't encountered before; the notable difference being Misia's outstanding quality of materials used. I let it run its course on my skin, thinking I wouldn't try it again.

          I was compelled, weeks later, to give it another chance and, so it goes, I found love the second time around. Was it the weather? The first time was on a warm, very dry day, and the second on the first cold day of Fall where I live, after rain. Whatever the reason or season, Misia sent me into a state of rapture.

          This fragrance is like layers of tulle. The notes of candy-like violet, gentle rose and powdery make-up billow on top of one another, lightly fluttering and shifting; distinct pieces gracefully floating into a structured shape. Misia feels cool and warm, making me envision the orris/iris and tonka & resins pirouetting around one another with perfect balance.

          Misia is gloriously "old-timey" and theatrical, and it evokes the thought of my favorite kind of woman - strong-minded and clever, while embracing absolute femininity. Perhaps this is what Misia herself was like? In any case, this fragrance fits a range of personalities, from exuberant to reserved. I am SO happy this fragrance exists :)


          Smells like lipstick... but in an interesting way.


          Heavy violet, a touch of rose, and a little musk. Very feminine and playful. Smells like violette pastilles mixed with waxy lipstick. Wonderful!

          The first burst of fragrance, which is short-lived, is a beautiful, sweet, realistic blend of raspberry, peach and lychee. Smells like candies for a second or two.

          I love lychees, and I don't care if they are fresh or canned. If I see them, I gobble them. Every single time I come across a perfume that claims to have a lychee note, it is not realistic at all. Misia is the first time I ever smelled lychee that was 100% accurate. While the other fruit notes fade away, the scent of lychee remains on my skin the entire time. It blends effortlessly with the scent of violet. I am amazed at the genius of that pairing. On my skin, and to my excitement, lychee is one of the strongest notes. I LOVE that and will probably buy a bottle just for the lychee!

          It absolutely belongs in the Chanel lineup. It is a finely crafted perfume and seems destined to become a classic.

          Hot Tomato

          I adore Chanel No. 5 and have for years. I had a full bottle of Bois Des Iles a few years ago. I have obtained samples of No. 22 and of Misia. As a result, I am beginning to think that Chanel does indeed (or did at one point) have a "Chanelade." These fragrances, though slightly different in their focus and strength, are very similar. I found Misia to be too similar to Chanel No. 5. Aldehydes, rose, ylang, vanilla seem to be the main notes, though Misia has the violet addition. Still quite a pleaasant fragrance, just not different enough for me to purchase a full bottle.


          Very powdery and aldehydic violet, another rendition of the old-fashioned lipstick-type scent. The fragrance starts sweet, thick and oily to my nose; something fruity in the background, I can also detect rose and mimosa. I generally don't mind powdery perfumes, but personally prefer them to be fresher and less sweet. Misia is not bad, it smell expensive and serious, but smells a bit too old and aggressive to my nose, particularly in the opening, so I think I'm going to stick to No. 19 Poudre instead.


          This is an added review from the one I posted below. I am still enjoying Misia over the cooler months, it is so comforting, elegant and beautiful. I am wearing it to work and it is very office friendly, Makes me feel great. I hope that Chanel releases the parfum version of Misia, as they have done with 1932, Beige and Jersey....Please, I really hope so as this is truly a beautiful fragrance and I would love to try it in parfum form.


          Chanel Misia is a sensuelle perfume for every woman who wants to wear that for some perfect occasion, such as cocktail party, autumn and winter season.

          When you spray it on your skin, the smell will get started with rose and powdery. The smell of rose is dominating in 3 hours as your odor. The quality of rose scent is exclusive and elegant (of course!!!) in Chanel Misia. This is also sometimes reminds me of Burberry Intense, which I also like it very much.

          When you wear that in the autumn and winter season, the sweet bitter cool of rose will stay that longer on your skin for more another 2 hours. In the end, the smell will disperse with tonka bean, violet and vanilla. This is very recommended for above 28 years old women who live in big metropolitan city. It suits you!


          Great. Just great.

          It is the second perfume of Chanel Exclusifs that I bought without the second thought (after Cuir de Russie -- and this one it was initially more for the name then for the scent -- over the time this got to be one of my signatures perfumes).

          The initial blast is indeed "lipstick", sugary somewhat and rosy. Yet what matters are mid tones and the drydown. Those are fantastic, extremely feminine violets -- but not simple violets, the most sophisticate violet that one imagine. Somewhat green and somewhat musky. And very chanel (but the way my husband, at a blind test on him of the initial tester, said immediately "it is chanel") Just to repeat, do not be mislead that these are "just violets", there is much more to that which is indecipherable to describe.

          I put it on a scarf that was left in my office -- entering after a fresh morning walk into my office was just a marvelous experience, like about 14 hours later there was still a sign of the perfume in the room (ok with closed doors and windows) and this was fantastic.

          For Lipstick Rose -- I have a tester of it. It never touched me in fact. The initial smell is indeed comparable with Misia, but the dry-down is 2 for Lipstick Rose and 10 for Misia. Sorry guys at Malle.

          Now I regret of having bought just 75 ml instead of 200.

          To summarize, Misia now joins to my two most beloved Chanels -- Cuir de Russie and Egoiste.


          I love Lipstick Rose--it is my go to perfume for any occasion. However, as much as I love it, I always felt like it was a bit over the top and cartoonish for me, making me wish for something a bit more elegant and sophisticated. I also have and love Goutal's La Violette, but often wished that the woods were just a tad less prominent. Misia, then, was pretty much the answer to my prayers. It is perfect. I find the Violet in Misia to be very similar to that in La Violette, but with different supporting accents.

          I have both Bvlgari Pour Femme and Love, Chloe, although I don't really care for either one. I can see why people compare them to Misia, but I think of them more as cousins rather than siblings. Misia is dusky and powdery, while to me, BPF is rather very musky. Love, Chloe, while also a cosmetic scent, has a different character to my nose. LC seems warmer and more golden in comparison to Misia, which I see as primarily cool (not cold) and a light purple in color.


          Misia opens with a gorgeous blast of aldehydes alongside the powdery purple flowers. After it settles, litchi and rose come out. It's mainly a powdery candied violet scent (which I love), so this was a great take on that. However, I must give this one huge negative comment- its staying power and sillage are almost non-existent. Within five minutes of application it's already settled into its drydown, and within the hour it's gone. It's barely even a skin scent - I sprayed it one before bed so I was all curled up in it, and I could still hardly smell it. There are better powdery violet/iris scents out there, ones that last longer and are stronger. Misia does well by being slightly unique and having a wonderful fruity undertone alongside the fresh rose and beautiful initial burst of aldehydes, but it's all counteracted by the fact that it goes away so quickly. If this were stronger and lasted longer, I'd probably be head over heels for it. But as much as I love its scent, the juice itself leaves something to be desired.


          I don't think its been reformulated, I think Fragrantica simply got a clarification of the notes from Chanel corporate.


          For those who disappointed, I will tell you why. The reason is simple and clear, because the nose of Chanel has changed. Jacques Polge retired, and his son, Olivier Polge, now takes charge. It's just like Dior's John Galliano to Raf Simons.


          Misia is an evocation of the stage underneath ballet dancer’s careful and feather-like feet. Misia too moves gracefully like a ballet dancer, with its oscillations between each movement perfectly and carefully fine tuned. When smelled, I am taken back to picturesque fantasies replaying in my head like pretty little vignettes. I close my eyes and can image the dancers powdering themselves and sliding into costume, with lips and cheekbones stained a beautifully destructive red or ethereal purple. I imagine the room full of anticipation, perhaps Diaghilev on a private balcony sitting next to Ernest Beaux and Coco Chanel (which is not so hard to imagine, considering Bois Des Iles was inspired by Tchaikovsky’s opera The Queen of Spades). The air is scented heavily, thick with careful dabs of precious parfum placed on the most intimate and delicate of areas. However, the ballet dancers apply a thin blend of sandalwood oil to calm the nerves before the performance. This has mixed with their makeup and their scent has become Misia, Olivier Polge’s opening to the Chanel Les Exclusifs lineup.

          Misia opens like vibrant pastel hued powders being thrown into the air. A cloud of deep rose reds and violet purples tied together with cushion-soft powders. To create the lipstick accord, rose and violet form an almost edible feature, contiguous to the impression of Turkish Delight and raspberries, however this is pulled back firmly away from the gourmand sphere with a smooth leather note and a translucent backbone of heliotropin. What I think is most appropriate is how nose Olivier Polge has paid a subtle tribute to the Chanel style of permanency of taste and the fragrant stereotypes of femininity done without the obnoxious overtones. The rose, perhaps more suitably roses used in Misia boast the labels of both Turkish rose and Grasse rose, with them containing features of sumptuousness and powder respectively. Further, the generous addition of iris and orris adds to the vintage 1920’s charm of Misia, with these powdery notes saturated just enough with the unctuous rose and violet. As the powders develop, they begin to obtain a taut greenness which actually serves as a counterbalance to the flashy floral hues. This adds a warmth that for certain would be hard to develop in a perfume accord (with research however, I am led to state that this accord is due to the molecules neofolione and undecavertol, which both add a slyly green, warm, fruity-waxy quality to the fragrance, lending itself nicely to violet based compositions).

          Iris notes in particular often evolve into a vegetal territory resembling boiled carrots and carrot seed, compounded with warm yellow florals (mimosa; cassia). This is not absent in Misia, however attuned precisely enough that it becomes hidden somewhere in the heart notes. Much like Luten’s Iris Silver Mist however, on some days this is tipped over the edge and the limp carrot note is most present. When this is the case, I unfortunately find Misia unbearably cloying, and I must apply this with caution. Iris doesn’t like my skin sometimes.

          As the fragrance warms further, the tonka bean, benzoin and sandalwood achieve a pleasing thinness like the frilly skirts of female ballet dancers. These notes rush through the olfactory palette pleasantly, achieving a layered style seldom found in Chanel works. They shift delightfully, and the innate sweetness of individual notes supply the only saccharine glow that can be found. I think that therefore the vintage neo-classical vibe of Misia comes from its use of layers in a style very typical of the inspired time period, and the violet (particularly alpha-ionone in abundance) tonka accord adding to this impression. Finally, I shan’t not forget the leather note found here, alloying down the sweetness and blending itself in propriety with the other notes surrounding it. The leather becomes somewhat innocent yet mature, and impossibly very attractive.

          Technically a great work.


          This started with a blast of sweet Parma Violets but within half an hour had dwindled to nothing. Sniff and sniff at my wrist as I might, there was virtually nothing left.


          Misia opens on a sweet violet note which quickly deepens and flattens into a thick, opaque powder accord built of orris root, sandalwood and benzoin. Something about it reminds me a bit of peanut butter (in texture, not in smell). This part of the evolution is very dry, not a hint of sweetness to be found. After a couple hours the thick, dry powder remains but I start getting an occasional whiff of a beautiful rose note. This is how it sits on my skin for the rest of the wear time: thick powder with a few hints of rose now and then.

          The majority of Chanel perfumes are either likes or loves for me. Misia is a like but not a love and therefore a bit of a disappointment for me. When I heard that there was going to be a Les Exclusifs based around vintage makeup accords, I got REALLY excited. How could I not fall in love with a Chanel makeup scent?

          This is not a matter of the scent being well made. Misia is impeccable, made of beautiful materials and finely calibrated. However, its just not tuned to my specific preferences.


          I longed to feel in love with Misia at first sniff, but it didn't happen. Having said that, i don't dislike or loathe it. In fact, it is a nicely done Chanel fragrance and yes i do agree that Misia sort of filled up the gap in the le exclusifs range. It reminds me strongly of Lancome's Tresor and a hint of YSL's Paris. The violet is very prominent with the rose a close second and Iris too. I like it but to have something that is similar to one in my existing collection does require much more consideration and also the price too.

          Update: the powdery part is nice, actually did consider to get the 75ml bottle but the longevity is really short, about 2 hours on my skin and then it becomes quite faint.


          This has a beautiful iris violet trail that is very warm and soft (assumed to be tonka and benzoin), unlike L'essence that has a crisp sharper vibe. The overall accord to this is intoxicating and I would highly recommend this to any violet iris lover. Its not a radiation type scent that overwhelms, but a very personal perfume. If not for having so many violets I would purchase this for sure. The rose seems to balance out the iris and prevents it from becoming very green in a good way.


          I went to Neiman and tried a sample today.
          Agree with some of the comments below, except it is NOTHING like Lait Comfort.
          This is the night perfume, not for boardroom or day events. Too much of violet scent.
          May be summer night or black tie event (unlike my favorite Beige or Chanel 19 or Crystal or Chance - all great for work)
          My Chanel Gardenia was very lady-like and great for day time garden parties!
          Got a lot of compliments. Overall: Misia is another great perfume.


          I finally got to sample Misia for the first time yesterday and it was instant LOVE. It is officially released in my city tomorrow!, Violets and iris beautifully combined to smell luxurious and very feminine, classy. I love it and will purchase the full size bottle very soon. For now I will have to use my free sample very sparingly. It is very similar to Lipstick rose, Misia is probably more powdery and dries to more of a soft skin scent than LR. I also see the similarity with Love in Black so one doesn't need to purchase both Misia and LiB if finances don't allow. For me personally, I already have Lipstick Rose and I'm very happy that i do, but Misia is a definite must have in my collection, I crave it already!

          Update: just bought my 200ml bottle today, still love it every time I spray it on, absolutely perfect for the cooler weather that has begun here.


          Although it’s not my style at all, this is an exceptional offering from Chanel. A pitch perfect balance of sugary violet and powder sets this off, supported by a smooth oriental-style base of tonka and orris. Yes, it’s cosmetic smelling (although not as much as I expected), and yes it smells somewhat anachronistic (although it’s still quite modern), but there’s something about it that grabs your attention and holds it — an effect that, I think, is accomplished through the exceptional blending. Even though the descriptors are all true (makeup, powder, cosmetics), none of them get in the way of allowing the violet to radiate. I’m one of the few people I know who is generally left cold by Chanel’s offerings, but from a technical perspective, Misia stands tall. I suspect that, given what drives tastes of today, the audience for this might be small — but it can't be denied that their taste is exceptional. A fantastic perfume.


          Misia opens with a heavily powdered blast of resins and orris, topped with some aldehydes. Soon after, a shy lipstick rose peeks around the corner. Then, the orris becomes even stronger and even a bit green. The resins are almost medicinal. Next one up is violet, also powdery, and some iris notes. In this phase the scent becomes a bit softer. After the violet settles in and the aldehydes are gone, the rose shows up again. Now the scent cycles through orris, to lipstick, to resins and back to orris. The drydown is a soft orris with a soft lipstick rose, mildly powdered and sweetened by tonka.

          Longevity is long, sillage poor to moderate.

          Interesting shape shifter scent, I love how the three main notes of orris, rose and benzoin follow each other up every 30 minutes. The first thing I was reminded of when I sprayed it was the scent of my mother's Chanel lipstick, although Misia is is more powdery than creamy compared to the lipstick. I wish sillage was a little better. I'm not a fan of aldehydes, but then again a Chanel without aldehydes would be silly!


          I had to get Misia. At first it is a bit sharp and almost hard to handle but I waited knowing that Chanel fragrances have many layers just like roses do. The magic comes when the scent is in full bloom so to speak. Misia is mainly Iris, Orris Root and Violet as soon as the initial sharpness wears off. Mostly Violet. The Powder note to me is not overbearing but present at this point as well. The Rose notes which are beautiful come out about twenty minutes later on me as the Iris, Orris and Violet calm down giving off a very vintage feel.

          Misia at this point brings to mind my father's Swiss-German mother, who wore Guerlain's Apres l'Ondee, with her long pearl strands, her Chanel purse and her 1920's style elegance that is missing so much these days. Her inherent class of being is only a memory for those lucky enough to have known such ladies. The movies never have been able to depict the ladies of the period properly as they were from the most unique of times for women.

          This perfume does cause me to want to relish the memory of Oma Kauffman. To imagine her vibrant and young in the '20s sipping Champagne before she was anyone's mother. She said she was quite the flapper and had much fun then in her new home of Manhattan, America with her beautiful, almond eyed, soft-spoken, Swiss self....my young, handsome, stern Opa Kauffman very near. Her skirt never going above the knee I am sure. She taught me to be a proper Hausfrau and along with my other Welsh grandmother she taught me how to be a lady of distinction. I was the first woman in my family to divorce in 1996. Oh the horror!

          Back to Misia...

          The Tonka Bean and Benzoin are evident in the drydown when Misia morphs into a more creamy Violet floral for the duration. So amazingly soft feminine Misia in my opinion is a fragrance for ladies of distinction not for women on the prowl. We have Coco for that. It does remind me of the scent of some of my expensive lipsticks but it is so much more. Outstanding and gorgeous! Great commendations to Olivier Polge for his first from Chanel.


          There has to be aldehydes in the top notes of Misia.
          Right after spritzing it smells like straight up, bitter glue...
          Even though I like aldehydes, I'm thankfull that this very synthetic "effect" only lasts for about two seconds, as it's not all that pleasant honestly.
          Straight away, as the aldehydes start to settle the iris and violet emerge at full blast.

          This is def. reminiscent of Love in Black, Lipstick Rose and many other violet centered fragrances such as the scent of Guerlains iconic powder pearls "Meteorites".
          However, as already mentioned, this focuses quite a bit more on the iris, orris and powder notes and less on the rose.
          Because of this, Misia smells much more "violety" but also a lot nicer, richer, creamier and more powderlike overall compared to the others.
          As the initial "glue" note dissipates it smelles almost identical to Love in Black and many other typical violet scents I've already tried, and I think to myself; "Oh no, here we go again"!

          HOWEVER It instantly begins turning more and more simiar to the beautiful, tender violet from Meteorites by Guerlain plus a starchy iris.

          I always thought CHANEL was missing a violet centered fragrance in their Les Exclusifs collection.
          Needles to say, I was absolutely extatic when I found out about Misia!

          The Les Exclusifs range now have something to fit pretty much any taste.
          Take Your pick:

          Beige - Frangipani
          Bel Respiro - Green Notes
          Bois des Iles - Sandalwood
          Coromandel - Patchouli
          Cuir de Russie - Leather
          Eau de Cologne - Citrus
          Gardenia - Gardenia
          Jersey - Lavender
          Misia - Violet
          N18 - Ambrette
          N22 - Floral Aldehyde
          Sycomore - Vetiver
          28 La Pausa - Iris
          31 Rue Cambon - Woody Chypre
          1932 - Floral Woody Musk
          Boy - Fougere
          1957 - Aromatic


          This is a disappointing addition to chanel perfumes. It smells EXACTLY like yardley's April violets. I was really expecting a lipstick scent, as some reviewers are comparing this fragrance to malle's lipstick rose.

          If I ever change my mind about this scent, I'll buy a bottle of yardley for a quarter of the price.


          This is very beautiful and feminine. It does indeed remind me of Malle's Lipstick Rose, but with more iris and violet, less on the rose. Also seems more powdery and dryer. I'm not sure that a person would need both if they already own one.. but that isn't stopping me from wanting this one tooo! :)

          My big complaint is that this is a pure skin scent, but I think it's meant to be. LR has much better sillage but is just generally louder and more bombastic. This is soft and delicate, you really have to either spray a bunch on or wear it on clothing to get ANY projection. The longevity is quite good however. Certainly this scent is much better quality than many of the other Chanels that have been reformulated into oblivion recently.

          Edit, 5 months later... I am now the owner of a big bottle. Wore my decant more and more, this fragrance is truly addictive. I actually like that the sillage isn't that big, makes it seem more intimate and comforting somehow. Beautiful perfume.


          Thanks to a very lovely and generous fellow MUA member I finally got to try Misia! I am very much into cosmetic-inspired fragrances so Misia seemed to be my dream perfume!

          The thing I love most about Misia is how dry the powder note is, making it smell just like makeup! This is probably the most realistic makeup-y perfume I've tried because of the dryness. Also, Misia is very 'cold' rather than warm and cuddly- lending to the cosmetic vibe! The 'coldness' is something that I kind of associate with Chanel as well.

          Comparisons in reviews on Fragrantica and comments on MUA to both Meteorites and Lipstick Rose are spot on. Lipstick Rose smells a lot more aldehydic (this may be the 'waxy' note that people mention, I'm assuming?), more sparkling, and not as powdery to my nose. Meteorites (the room spray/EDT) is not dry, not really powdery, not aldehydic, has a lot less iris, sweeter, and very simple (the focus is on the violets). Honestly, Misia smells more like Meteorites powder than the room spray/EDT does, crazy enough!
          Also, a couple of reviews compared Misia to Balenciaga Le Dix. I can see why! Le Dix (I own a vintage mini parfum and vintage EDT) is floral, aldehydic, and powdery, quite classic and lovely. Misia smells like a fresh, modern take on this sadly discontinued fragrance!

          This is one of the rare perfumes I've tried where I like the opening more than the drydown. I detect violet, iris, powder, and rose. I'm not sure exactly what orris root smells like but based on Fragrantica's description I'm sure it's there. The drydown is mostly dry powder on me, a little vanilla (benzoin/tonka bean?) but sometimes I can smell traces of the opening which is so much like Lipstick Rose. I'm getting a little L'Heure Bleue in the drydown too (perhaps due to Guerlinade elements and violet/iris????) but it reminds me most of Chanel No. 5!

          I don't have much experience with Chanel perfumes. I've only tried No. 5, Eau Premiere, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, Coco Noir, Chance, and Allure. Perhaps the base I was smelling was the 'Chanelade' people talk about?

          My one issue with Misia is the sillage. It's pitiful, I have to stick my nose as close to my skin as possible without touching it to smell it, even right after I spray it! Sillage is even softer than some of the weakest perfumes I own: Apres L'Ondee EDT, Kenzo Amour, Vol de Nuit EDT, Balenciaga L'eau Rose, and Guerlain French Kiss (but I will say, this one lasts for hours and hours on me and is probably one of the longest wearing perfumes I have, making up for the poor sillage).

          One of my biggest pet peeves is perfume sprayed on clothes, I hate smelling the traces of the scent left behind, it irks me lol! But for testing Misia I sprayed a small bit on my shirt sleeve and it definitely projects more from clothing as opposed to skin!

          Longevity is decent, about 8 hours, better than most EDTs I own.

          All in all, I adore Misia but I still prefer other cosmetic-inspired scents such as Lipstick Rose (good sillage, great longevity) and Ombre Mercure (same reason as LR, plus I love its complexity and prominent vanilla notes). I definitely want to get a full bottle someday, and hope Chanel releases a parfum too.

          UPDATE 7/19/2015: I have now tried La Violette by Annick Goutal and the violet in it is similar to Misia's violet, so they do smell alike, but Misia is way more complex and drier. I do not find Misia comparable to Flower by Kenzo, Love Chloe, or Bvlgari Pour Femme whatsoever scent-wise, only in concept (which is powdery floral).


          I've long been obsessed with powdery lipstick/cosmetic fragrances, and I'm happy to report that Misia is my favorite of them all. Misia comes very close to the scent of Guerlain's Meteorites powders, but the iris is deeper, earthier, resulting in a more complex, more interesting fragrance. It's not too sweet, not too dry, not too powdery on the drydown. Absolutely lovely and easy to wear.


          I tried this yesterday at the Chanel Boutique here in NYC and fell in love. I love Iris and at first that was what I smelled. Then it was all violet with some rose and lots of powder. There is something earthy about Misia too. Not so much woody or patchouli. It is very grounding to me. I called my husband in supreme excitement. He laughed at my little girl joyfulness. He told me to purchase a bottle as an early birthday present. My birthday is April 4. He is in Aspen so he has not smelled me wearing this amazing new scent yet oh but he will. I am waiting to open it for him this coming weekend. I am so excited!

          Vanessa Dunlap

          I am having fun exploring some of the Chanel fragrances. I had given up on this brand years ago, due to my skin chemistry's non-compatibility with many of the most revered creations like Coco and Chanel No. 5. I have a generous sample of Misia that I will play with in the next day or two. I couldn't resist dabbing a bit onto my arm, at the moment. I have never tried Lipstick Rose or YSL Parisienne, as others have referenced, but I do have Apres l'Ondee, and I also have DSH Scent of Hope. Misia strongly reminds me of both Apres l'Ondee and Scent of Hope (without the peach). They both feature a strong, beautiful, carroty iris (I could almost bite into it). I get that iris with Misia, and then after a short while it settles down into a violet that is so clear to me I can visualize it sparkling in the light, coated with a dust of diamonds. As Misia dries down, then I sense a soft rose (very soft, it's not an in-your-face rose at all) coming out to join the violet. That marvelous dance of the Chanel rose and violet is what justifies my pursuing a full bottle of this, because I don't get that rose in ALO or SOH (but I love them all!!!). That rose helps to make it unique for me, and therefore to be desired and treasured. Christianne1's review perfectly sums up what I am feebly trying to say.


          This is very Chanel. The initial opening notes as it hits the skin are to me very cold and aloof, I find the opening moments of most Chanel's fall into 2 categories - aldehydic or cool and aloof, and this falls into the latter category. A very cold, earthy iris, almost a carroty orris type note, a little like La Pausa or even Apres L'Ondee and it brings to mind crystal clear cold water. And then almost instantly the violet explodes through in a bright, cheerful, pretty, purple violetty way! it is quite remarkable how this opening plays out, from cold earthy iris to a warm sweet violet in seconds.

          The violet remains the main note for me throughout, with iris being a very tight second The rose I don't detect so much as rose, more i sense it in the way it influences the iris/violet combo. It definitely has a slight sweetness but is also a very crisp and clean kind of smell at this point, perfect for spring. The iris makes this for me a "cool" violet, quite different to the warmer parma violet sweets type of violet. Over the hours the powdery notes develop more and give this the make-up smell others have commented on. I don't really detect the tonka or the bezoin.

          It reminds me a lot of how I would imagine Meteorites* as interpreted by Chanel. I haven't tried Lipstick Rose, the other scent it is being most compared to, so cannot comment on that. It certainly doesn't remind me of YSL Paris which for me smells of rose and cherry shampoo. But this is good, it doesn't have an over sweetness as some violet can, it isn't afflicted with an overpowering jammy rose, there is no tooth-aching caramel or sugar, it is a clean, classy scent, IMO. Completely what you would imagine from a Chanel violet scent!

          Sillage is reasonable, my hubby commented on the violet as soon as he came into the room where I had applied it an hour before, and longevity is moderate on skin but very long lasting on clothes. On uncovered skin it lasted about 6 hours, but on my pyjamas I was wearing when I applied I can still clearly smell it after 3 days!

          (*I haven't tried Meteorites perfume only the room spray which I am told smells very much like the perfume)


          Chanel and Guerlain should pay royalties to Ralf Schwieger, whose original genuine Lipstick Rose for Frédéric Malle I have been adoring and wearing for about 14 years now.

          Once upon a time trendsetters turning into copycats.

          I would like to know how the Prada one smells, by the way.


          Chanel Misia is released in Australia around 13th April for Aussie Chanel fans.


          Absolutely adore this! This is Violet Rose perfection.. to me. I want the biggest bottle of this asap! Its quite sparkly, waxy, sweet, powdery and very pretty. The Violet & Rose are of the sweet variety, though this is More Violet than Rose. I also get the unmistakeable Iris note: carrot & pencil shavings. For reference (to my nose) it shares the waxy lipstick note of Moulin Rouge, the sweet Violet & Rose combo of G's French Kiss, these fabulous notes combined to create the perfect blend. Rose & Violet lovers do try this!


          I'm shocked nobody's compared this to ysl paris, violet and rose. I even said this to the girl on the chanel counter as soon as i tried this and she told me its funny because when they did training before this perfume was launched, ysl paris came up as being in the same catagory as misia. To me it's the same, only difference being paris has more of a sharpness to it and misia has more of a powdery sweetness to it, still smells the same. IT IS THE SAME!

          EDIT 2016: Smelled this again the other day, reminds me of vintage makeup, like heavily perfumed makeup my mam had in the 80's. If you're a ballet dancer you should buy this perfume, It has that kind of vibe.


          not a whole lot to say here...la pausa plus a lot of violet. definitely more violet than lipstick. i much prefer 1932. another reviewer referenced insolence. misia immediately reminded me of broadway night, like insolence, created by maurice roucel.


          A beauty for lovers of powder, violet, iris, vintage-cosmetic-smell, and modern-meets-classic perfumery. 100% Full bottle worthy!

          Misia is everything I had hoped for and more. There is only a slight resemblence here between Misia & Lipstick Rose - Misia being more cool, powdery, and slightly more earthy, Lipstick Rose being more fluffy, juicy, vanillic & generally more loudmouth & in your face. They are not similar scents, but in the same vein of "powdery makeup" scents - where if you like one, you'll surely enjoy the other. (Though I would have to say if your collection already has one... maybe finish it before grabbing the other.)

          Misia opens up with a beautiful lipstick iris note, cool and grounded, polite & polished. A soft, powdery violet/rose is the next note to chime in, perfectly in harmony and in balance. Once the drydown is in full swing, there are no specific notes fighting for the spotlight, just an airy medley of a powder-puff accord on the skin. The orris here is just a whisper, it's only in the opening, and disappears into the drydown!

          The sillage is not as atomic as I had expected it to be, it's actually very people-friendly, bordering on "soft".

          I would also have to add this Chanel does not have the same feel as most of the scents from this house. It is much more romantic, and less stark. Utterly feminine, out of this world, and a delight to wear - Misia is definitely a hit!


          Coco's life fascinated me and i would like to read out this one sentence that describes her friend Misia the best. “Her duty was pleasure… She had understood, unlike most women in her set, that pleasure is not to be found in things themselves but in the way you take them…”


          I don`t think Misia is much alike Lipstick Rose. The whole idea has a certain resemblance,but they are different though.
          LR is more loud,girly,all fruity violet / rosy Lipstick thing. Utterly flirty,fiery and flashy,in a good way. Misia in contrast is more calm,elegant , smooth calm and poised,as would the LR adolescent girl turn grown up.

          I own and love both of them. They are like two sisters- - the one young girl and the other a young lady. Both charming in their own way, each for every attitude.
          My big love.
          Longevity and sillage on my skin- excellent.


          The opening smells indeed of lipstick. Then you have a violet candy heart with rose.
          On my skin it dries down to smell like a gentle version of Guerlain's Insolence. Hairspray note and all.
          I like it.


          If it is so - my dreams came true. I love Lait Comfort scent so much that I even wanted to write to Chanel factory in France. Very sexy and clean.
          So cannot wait to try it on.


          Shared a 200ml bottle of this with many people and here is their feedback
          "way to much lipstick rose"
          "nothing unique or groundbreaking"
          "the opening makes me think it is not for me, the drydown is wonderful"
          "smells like lipstick or a make-up bag"
          "i like it but I would not buy a full bottle"
          "you really need to wait for the drydown!"
          "very feminine and powdery"
          I'll add more as others provide feedback.
          Personally there, is a lot of wet lipstick like violet and waxy iris in the opening with a touch of rose and powery notes, the drydown about an hour in brings a make-up like vibe with lipstick rose, slightly creamy benzoin, lots of orris root, a little violet, powdery notes (like talcum powder) and a hint of tonka. A very conservative release typical of chanel. I'll pass on this one given my personal tastes despite it living up to the Chanel name and being very well done. Longeity, projection and sillage are all excellent. You must love violet, iris and powdery fragrances to wear it and want to own a full bottle of Misia!


          I am getting waxy makeup. I will say that I like it over Guerlain's French Kiss, but I'm still into the first hour of testing. This does not remind me of Mikhail Baryshnikov/ Misia very much. Although he is the best ballet dancer of my lifetime, I do not picture him smelling much like this. Oh maybe a tad if they have to powder his face before he dominates the stage. This also is very different than Lipstick Rose, that is TDF, but my senses are exhausted. I've not been into too many of my fragrances these past few months, and I'm even downsizing. So, to me, this is appropriate for day, not sexy enough for night out with your loved one, and not near dressy enough for a wedding or special event. I like it very much. However to me, it is not FB worthy. You should try it though if you are after the long lost makeup smell of years gone by. I love MEESHA, the Russian name. My heritage! But this is a pass for me.


          Very bright opening, floral in a way which I adore and which I mourn in the disappeared Le Dix.
          Chanel has hit the spot in creating an elegant spring floral full of class and embodying the spirit of Mademoiselle Gabrielle. I am sure she would have approved this Misia.

          It arrives with perfect timing as, after winter, we all long for a happy scent dipping us into spring. Misia is spring in a bottle.

          I might be partial as it contains all the notes I love (powder, violet, iris, orris and rose) but my opinion is honest (I always am!!!) and would dare to say this will become a new classic.

          I understand competing with other monuments in the Exclusive line and with the Master N°5 is not easy, but Misia has all the numbers to impose herself and become a huge success.

          Maybe not entirely original, but nonetheless a beautiful creation, a nice interpretation on a classical theme.


          The top notes are almost misleading: a damp, almondy iris that abruptly lifts to the main course of this fragrance, a bright violet with a waxy cherry note. Rose and a tea-like jasmine are in the mix, but very much in the manner of a floral of fifty years ago: perfumey rather than naturalistic. If I visualized this fragrance, it's pastel pink, and matte.

          If the Chanel aesthetic doesn't do much for you, Misia won't change your mind, and nothing here is starkly original or revelatory. However, if you like powdery, old-fashioned florals, or the notion of a Chanel-ified Lipstick Rose seems up your alley, give this one a shot.


          Full on Parma Violet, then softens almost immediately. Very little rose, a fair bit of powder but it is elegant and soft. The base is benzoin and woodsy with a velvety smooth cedar lingering.
          I love it, but I adore all violets and cedars.


          MISIA was a blind buy. My dear friend was sure that I would love it and since I do trust her opinion so very much...here we are and I am covered head to toe in EDT. She was absolutely right and I should have ordered it sooner. I am almost afraid that I should have ordered a bigger bottle of this stunning fragrance. I have LR by FM ..and there is a bit of resemblance, but MISIA is so much deeper and woodsier and OH MY... You can pick up rose, but it is more in the background. Violet and very velvety powder are upfront here, but made modern from 1920s..it is super elegant and light and classy. I don't see anyone really going wrong with it unless you really hate powder...but even then - still try. Powder here is so elegant. Top shelf <3 Thank you Germany for all your help and kindness


          MISIA is exactly what I expected it to be , a powdery, elegant violet cosmetic perfume with a balsamic undertone .
          A Jackie Kennedy , classy with a sexy edge !
          The cosmetic smell of Misia brings my thoughts back to the past but the way it's done it has a modern flair .
          First spray my husband and I said at the same time ; its Love in Black by Creed !
          Misia turns out to be softer as Love in black with no cloves and ceder but the over all smell is very similar .
          This went strait to my top shelf and its fighting with Love in Black to be my signature !
          Have been wearing this on a daily basis. Next purchase will be the big bottle.
          I love the benzoin and Tonka as it makes Misia really dense and almondy. With a dense , close to the skin almond, nutty sweetness.
          It is much like love in black in its densness and oriental balsamic kind of way.
          Lipstick Rose is quite different from Misia being more of a floral aldehyde with no oriental feel to it.


          I've been searching for ages for a perfume to take over from Le Dix when I run out. I have a bottle and a half of Le Dix left, and then it's all over. Now, I'm not saying Misia is the same as Le Dix, but it does have some lovely similarities. The big hit of violet when you first put it on for starters, and the lovely, classy, early 20th century-ness of it (I know, it's hard to explain, but when you smell it, you'll know what I mean!). I absolutely love this one, it's utterly feminine, and gorgeous. This will most definitely be my Le Dix replacement, and I don't feel so bad about that day eventually arriving now. Thank you Chanel!


          Chanel Misia is the first just released fragrance that I have ever blind bought because it sounded like it was made for people who are obsessed with lipstick/cosmetic type scents, which is absolutely me! I loved the notes listed and the early reviews supported that this was indeed a lipstick scent. So the day it was released, despite the cost, I took that leap of faith and blind bought Misia. It arrived just as I was heading out for a run, so I sprayed it on the back of my hand and took a sniff…ummmm, I had to double check the box to make sure it was in fact Chanel. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it as I sat down in defeat – then it hit me, it smells like that lick-and-stick dry adhesive stamp glue. At this point I thought “Oh NO!! Why!?” so I figured I might as well commit and see what happens. I sprayed on eight full sprays to my décolletage and arms, then went out for my run. Thirty minutes into my run I started to smell the most divine powdered iris and sweet rose! My body heat was projecting the scent as I ran though the cool night air and I was so incredibly happy! Yes! This is a gorgeous lipstick scent! The glorious vintage cosmetics women wore back in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s has resurrected itself in the form of Misia! I think that initially the violet was just too strong for my taste, but as it mellowed and the rest of the notes had a chance to develop I was able to appreciate the full complexity this scent has to offer. I absolutely love this fragrance and couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I highly recommend this to my fellow fragranticans who love lipstick scents! Chanel is pure class all the way!


          Initial impression after wearing this for about 4 hours on a frigid day:

          Really pretty & feminine. Opens with a blast of violet candy for about 15 min. Then the rose starts to blend in and it becomes more "lipsticky" with a bit of waxiness. I would call Misia sweet and powdery, but not in a super dry, choking way. I smell hints of YSL Parisienne and FM Lipstick Rose, but Misia keeps violet at the forefront and is stronger & fresher than either imo. There's a little plastic fruitiness too that is interesting . I'm still getting to know her, but I really like Misia so far!

          After several testings: While I love the smell of this, it is just way too light and fleeting for the cost. I have to spray 2x what I normally do just to smell it,and then it's gone in about 4 hours (even in my hair!). Maybe in warmer weather Misia will radiate more.

          *Yes, it's much longer lasting in warm weather! I think I must be cold-blooded :(


          Just got my bottle today and I am very pleased!! Total lipstick/makeup smell which is something I love. To me, it is like a cross between No 19 Poudre and FM Lipstick Rose (minus most of the rose, pinkness and sweetness) with an added dash of Ombré Rose made Chanel. Very easy to wear and so far longevity seems great. I get really long wear from Chanel though, even the ones people complain about last forever on me.

          Despite the comparisons to fragrances with rose in the name, there is no obvious rose in Misia so rose lovers may be a bit disappointed if expecting a rose bomb (or rose period). It is very well blended and the rose note helps create the lipstick/makeup smell more than adding any actual rose. The violet and iris are MUCH more prominent to me but I think the rose softens it up a tad so it isn't as harsh as say Love in Black (I can not wear LIB but like Misia). Misia isn't a super cold, sharp or abrasive iris/violet fragrance. It is "kind" and easy to wear. While a bit of a departure, Misia is still obviously Chanel and the base is that woody Chanelade we all know so well. I just wish it had a little more rose to make it feel more rounded and stand out a bit more. It seems like almost all iris, violet and wood. I was hoping it would have a pinker feel to it. It could be because I am such a rose head and was hoping for a more rose centered fragrance for the Exclusifs line. But it is still a very nice fragrance nonetheless and a nice addition.


          Smells like a softer, more accessible version of Creed's Love in Black to me.


          Bought this beauty today and it really smells like lipstick which I love! The longevity is good too. Lots of violet and powder! In my opinion Chanel No. 19 Poudre which I own smells different....


          Saw this at Chanel today and was so excited. The result?
          I got a cloud of iris with a puff of powder. My initial thought was that of No.19 Poudre. I had to look at the label twice to assure myself.
          Not that it's a bad fragrance but I expected something a little "more". It seemed a little pointless to launch this when they already have such similar and beautiful (not to mention HIGHER CONCENTRATION and "lower" priced) irises to offer.
          Maybe the parfum will be prettier if they ever decide to launch one. It did with Jersey and Beige...


          I had the pleasure of trying this at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC. The first thing that struck me upon sniffing it was, "Guerlain Meteorites!" If you have ever tried those famous candy-colored balls that add luminosity to the face, you will know exactly what this smells like. Powdery violet. It is beautiful, but personally not something I would wear, as I'm not a huge fan of violet. But it is undoubtedly feminine and a nice addition to the Les Exclusifs line!


          Ladies and gentlemen , the dice were thrown ! The inevitable occurred ! Olivier Polge has launched its first fragrance for Chanel which is a total surprise for all of us - a smell of makeup (probably his childhood toys). If this fragrance was launched by Van Cleef & Arpels would have cost 15 euros , if it was sold under the Valentino signature would have cost 60 euros, if it was sold under the Christian Dior signature would have cost 80 euros, but as these things don't happened, we have the honor to pay at least 300 euros on this masterpiece ...
          At least, for this money, Chanel dared to fit it correctly as a fragrance for women ...
          Let's celebrate !!!


          This sounds lovely and I can't wait to hear some early sample reviews but I'm probably going to blind buy since I love the notes listed (from my Guerlains) and I really like many CHANEL fragrances.


          Just very quick first impression.

          I smelled it yesterday in a tiny sample bottle under very secret circumstances. It smells to me like the lovely old pancake make up that my Mother used to wear in the 1950's. The kind they used to use in the Movies and on the stage. It is very bright, and sharp in its opening and then becomes lush and luxurious. I was told there are over 200 different types of May Rose from Grasse in it. 200! But to me it was more Iris and powdery. A stunning beauty.

          Bravo to the nose Olivier Polge for this magnificent debut into his career at Chanel

          Full review to come later when I can really get to know it.


          This is a must have ! It's exactly what this line is missing. A violet , Iris , rose , powder scent that resembles the smell of lipstick and expensive make up !,,
          My favourite notes, my favourite house !
          The chanel boutiques and Holt Renfrew will be carrying this soon , I beleiev samples are in stores as of February. Very exciting !

          Named after a friend of Coco Chanel, Misia Sert.


          Sounds very nice! The Les Exclusifs are favorites of mine. One thoughtthough... doesn't it seem as if they copied from the Dior Exclusives the idea of a friend of Dior's, named "Mitzah"?
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