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          Coco Mademoiselle Chanel for women

          Coco Mademoiselle Chanel for women

          main accords

          white floral
          yellow floral
          warm spicy

          main accords

          white floral
          yellow floral
          warm spicy

          Perfume rating 4.16 out of 5 with 20,385 votes

          Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Coco Mademoiselle was launched in 2001. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Polge. Top notes are Orange, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Orange Blossom; middle notes are Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Mimosa and Ylang-Ylang; base notes are Patchouli, White Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Opoponax. This perfume is the winner of award FiFi Award Best National Advertising Campaign / TV 2008.

          Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Espa?ol, Fran?ais, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικ?, 漢語, Nederlands, Srpski, Roman?, ???????, Укра?нська, Монгол, ?????.


          Perfume Pyramid

          Top Notes

          Mandarin Orange
          Orange Blossom

          Middle Notes

          Turkish Rose

          Base Notes

          White Musk
          Tonka Bean

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          My husband goes crazy when I wear this! He even said that it turns him on...


          A scent I overlooked for so long because it's sadly extremely common, but this week I bought a bottle and have to confirm that CM is a gorgeous, flawless fragrance fully deserving all it's success and fame. It is beautiful, classy, likable for all ages, fantastic performance with an instantly recognizable trail, I can't think of a bad thing to say about it other than that I wish it was only mine! Me and half of the world right?

          The SA gave me samples of the EDP Intense too which was perfectly lovely but not topping the original. I understand Chanel's effort to offer something new, but IMO if you're buying Coco Mademoiselle, just get Coco Mademoiselle! This time around I bought the EDP but I also like the EDT :)


          This is my go to perfume when I want to feel feminine and elegant. And I think wearing this got me the most compliments from both men and women. Coco Mademoiselle is a light and sensual fragrance for a modern, independent woman. I feel quite sexy and sensual when I wear this perfume. Sorry for my bad English, its my second language.


          No matter how many other perfumes I try, nothing beats this. It smells incredible, and it has it all - sophisticated and energetic, bright and warm, fresh and creamy, not too young or too old. This smells like a confident, charismatic woman who can accomplish anything she puts her mind to and have fun doing it.

          Beautifully balanced, it feels empowering and limitless - this one is still my signature and I think it will be for a while!


          Longevity + silage ??


          I think this is pure class in a bottle
          The most comforting rich smelling perfume ever I dont like the smell of mimosa but it blends in well in this perfume


          Somehow I have only just become familiar with Mademoiselle (I came across it from a wall print image which intrigued me to look it up), the Channel Chance line is what was/is popular in my area it seems, as I have never heard anyone talk about it, and I definitely have not smelled it prior.

          When I saw it ranked high on citrus notes (my preference) with orange plus Bergamot, I knew there was a high likelihood of really enjoying it. I never, ever buy at first sniff since scents change and I want to know of its longevity too, but this was an exception, I bought it without hesitation and have no regrets.

          It is obviously much more than citrus, the woody, green, earth, rose and patchouli blend are SO perfectly intertwined, making this a more unique fragrance than I would have guessed. It is one of those EDPs that can be worn day to night, along with any season very seamlessly (btw: the EDT has very different notes and doesn't even smell similar to me). The sillage is strong, so one to two spritzes is definitely enough, and the longevity is amazing! I prefer perfume to be on my clothing and it pretty much remains until the clothes are washed, this is why it is my bathrobe scent; it always smells fresh and welcoming.

          Lastly it even layers well, if I want it to lean more citrus/lighter or more warm/thicker, it is so easily accomplished. It truly is a beautiful perfume!!


          I must say I have a love and hate relationship with this scent. Sometimes I love it sometimes I do not but one thing is for sure it's the most elegant and sophisticated perfume that I own and smelled. The lasting power is like a monster, it may stay for more than 12hrs on your skin. Perhaps use it moderately because too much scent of this perfume will make you feel nauseous and dizzy. It's best used at night times. Chanel coco is a work of art, you can sniff the richness and quality on how they made this perfume magnificently.


          Timeless, elegant and beautiful
          One of my favourites


          Unfortunately CM doesn't do well on me. I like the opening notes but then it's barely there after 30min.

          Milena Milivojevic

          I didn't want to buy it for some time now because so many women wear it. But I did, it was a blind buy based on reviews only, and ohh boy...
          It is the most beautiful fragrance I came across (not my signature and not my top favorite, because I have a specific taste), but the only word I can think of when smelling Coco Madmoiselle is BEAUTIFUL. Masterpiece! Great longevity and projection. I think that every woman has to have it in her collection.


          I cant believe that it took me all these years to really fall head over heels for coco Mademoiselle ,, am in my thirties now and it becomes one of my top favorites,, even though i have smelled hundreds of nich and high end perfumes ,, i have a part in my heart for Coco Mademoiselle ??


          Update. This one must be so well blended because I never smell any citrus at the beginning. It doesnot smell heavy on patchoulli on my skin. It smells like heaven, so dense, balsamic and nice.


          Just WOW! As they say, 'oldie but goldie'.
          This fragrance has stood the test of time indeed.
          It is very fresh, clean, citrusy (not cleaning product smell), mature and classy. A boss chick will rock this fragrance in her designer white suit pants and CLB heels. It reeks of confidence and class.
          Definitely long-lasting and very good sillage, so be careful not to overdo it, or you quickly go from boss chick to olfactory murderer :)
          Hands down, one of my all-time fave. I recommend!


          This is one of my favourite scents of all time. In my top ten scents. I even choice this scent prior to my wedding day, knowing that I wanted to wear this particular scent on my wedding day. Not many scents have such a citrusy/woody like vibe combined together. But it works beautifully together (not to mention the added patchouli note). I love this scent. I can safely say this will always be one of my favourite scents, and a can rarely ever say that about any scent. A true favourite.


          This is very balsamic and creamy on my skin. Smells flowery and feminine. I am in love!!!


          I honestly do not undertsand the hype about this fragrance. To me, it is very sharp, headache inducing. I tried all the versions more than 10 different times in different weathers but i just can’t love this perfume. The only thing i understand is that it might be a status symbol that when one wears it people would know youre wearing chanel. My husband always tells me i smell like a man whenever I have this on after test spraying it (1 on the back and 1 behind each ear)

          Im happy for those who love it but this just wont work out for me.


          This scent I wish I could love. This is again, like almost all Chanel, a no match. The current formulation is much better than the original 15 years ago. Sillage is a monster and longevity easily goes through one shower. The top is in the updated version much more likeable than the original, soft and warm.
          But the middle and the base... cold and dry. This is one of the few scents that smells just the same on all skin type and all temperature. Very adequate three phases. The top is soft and feminim the base and heart is masculine almost like a bad breath. It smells in total rich, rather mature and gender neutral. The marketing and the scent is not overlapping.
          The drydown is simply chanel musk, patchouli and vanilla. Honestly after 5hrs I would not be able to tell if it is chance or mademoiselle.
          Not a headturner not unique not sexy. In a professional setting in moderation not unpleasant but rather lame. Really it is a two puff scent. Be careful when you apply.


          This is exactly the kind of perfume that would make me feel sick if i had to smell it all day long. It's way too agressive, complicated, synthetic smelling. I would not want this standing in my toilet as a toilet spray even. I have no idea what i'm smelling, it's too sweet, too spicy/woody and a very strong synthetic citrus smell. A weird combination to me and i'll never spend a penny to this bottle ever. If this was bottled in an inexpensive perfume bottle i would not even notice the smell is from a pretty luxurious perfume brand. It's a no from me.


          Reviewing a 17 year old bottle of mine. I own old bottles of both Coco and Coco Mademoiselle. This perfume is carefree, confident and complicated. I love it!

          It has so much to say, that as much as I love it, I save it for special occasions like a date night.


          I find this perfume to be quite weak in the uk. I cannot smell it after one hour.


          OMG I LOVE this!!!
          This is a beautiful offering from Chanel!!
          I don't tend to like most Chanel fragrances as they're usually so citrus heavy, and even though this has a citrus opening, it's devine.
          This & Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet are my two "pretty girl" scents, but this, unlike MDBB actually has some lasting power.
          This is an easy signature scent, although you probably won't smell unique, as this particular scent has a HUGE following, but its plain to see why.
          Gorgeous, inoffensive, and completely girly, without smelling too "young" and definitely not cheap :)


          2018 I first bought this and I did get anything from it all.I gave the bottle away because I couldn't smell it at all.Last month I bought it again wow the new one smells sooooooo good. I understand the hype .


          Will forever be one of my most treasured, favorite fragrances. Yes, it's completely recognizable and mainstream, however I have some of my best memories wearing Coco Mademoiselle as well as I've probably gotten the most compliments out of any perfume when I wear her.

          It's the epodime of class and elegance to me. Perfect for any occasion, any season. It's one of those fragrances where if you can't decide which scent to wear that day, Coco will never do you wrong. Ah, I just love it so much!


          Nothing unique about this scent, it does not smell exquisite or sophisticated, nor is it refreshing or up lifting . Mediocre at best.


          I have the EDP and... WOW. The longevity from one spritz to the decolletage lasts longer than any other perfume currently in my collection or sample bag. Things just don't last on me. I smell this one the next day and that's saying something. If I ever get through the full bottle I have, I think I'd get it in the EDT formulation because it's a powerhouse and a little bit too much of a good thing.

          This has that recognizable Chanel base to it. I don't know how to describe it. It smells expensive. I imagine perfumes as personas sometimes. For this one, I imagine a classy lady grabbing a french pastry while wearing designer clothes.

          The only thing I dislike is the lime? that I get at the beginning. It reminds me subtly of a mixed drink. It calms down though.


          Although I recognize this as a Chanel when I smell it on my friends, and it is flattering on them, I don't really like this one. I like Coco Noir very much, but I can't stomach this one. I love the earthy patchouli note, but it is just okay to me in combination with the other notes. Not unique enough for me to buy and wear because everyone seems to in the fall/winter.


          A very popular fragrance and not surprisingly so. It has the Chanel DNA but much easier to wear, especially if you're younger and not used to very heavy scents but still want something that feels classy and timeless.
          Very appropriately named. A younger woman but someone stylish, feminine, who has ladylike behavior and cares about the etiquette= a mademoiselle.
          This is a floral, uplifting fragrance with citrus notes which also retains just a bit of that soapy and balsamic feel of a Nr.5. If you are very young or you're used to cheerful fruity-florals you'll find this different, more clean and polished with just a pinch of an old-school vibe. It will also seem a high-quality fragrance with great longevity and sillage in comparison. In reality it probably has moderate longevity but still, it doesn't disappoint.
          For me personally, I love all these aspects about it and I like the opening a lot but after wearing it a couple of times I realized that as it dries down it has a harshness to it, at least on my skin that makes me like this scent less the more I wear it. I prefer fragrances who become much softer as the day goes. I also prefer scents who do quite the opposite and with every wear, make me love them more and more, but this is not the case.


          The very SECOND I smelled this I burst out into THE biggest smile in my 10 years of perfume hunting and collecting. FRESH-citrusy-flowery-patchouli goodness. This is the scent of my dreams.


          You're camping on a cliffside, waking for the morning sunrise, and after leaving your tent, you scoot up to warm yourself by the embers of last night's fire. Your girlfriend comes out and then pours some orange juice for the two of you to share. She comes over and cuddles next to you in your thick sweatshirts, and the cool, brisk air chills you both as you wait for the sun. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.


          The name of this fragrance is accurately on point because it smells very lady-like. It opens with a nice blast of citrus peel, then slowly drifts towards white flowers, to end in a bed of roses and very clean patchouli.
          It's a very agreeable fragrance that can be used year-round to most occasions, though it smells like everyone and your mother due to its popularity, which is funny because I tried it because it's my mother in law's signature. Don't get it if you're looking for something striking and personal.



          The Earth isn't flat, this is. One of the last reformulations I've smelled, not the original one, that beautiful gar?onne floral patchouli built in a flush deck of orange glow and amber.

          It voiced so fluently the Chanel tradition of soapy florals warmed by skin (think the jasmine de grasse and ylang of No.5, the frangipani and lush rose from Coco and giant iris from No.19) and abstract coldness--the inviting you-but not-welcoming you- Chanel greeting-- but made anew, a No.5 reset for a generation that wears bomber leather jacket with zigzag zippers over a striped breton shirt. A streamlined Angel without chocolate smudges in its clothes.

          Now it is a little barebone in comparison but backtracked in the Intense version which rekindles the original's incantation of making you feel at least 3 times more attractive than you are, of swimming in sex-appeal while giving off the vibe of being oblivious to it, so self-assured that you are deaf to your own ego.

          Don't lobotomize the smart ones Chanel.


          Not sure how I feel on this perfume. There's a lot of compliment on this, never tried it then now I bought a full 100ml bottle. First spray it was citrusy then a bit floral.. Slowly to vanilla and patchouli all the way that kinda smell like soap on me (its not bad). But its a nice buy, different from my normal collection and no regrets.


          I don't have it on me, so these are notes I jotted down when I sampled it.

          "Sweet, fresh, clean, creamy, bright, sunny sweet water"
          And I rated it 5/5 and intended to buy it (but lamented in parenthesizes that there was no wood or musk).

          Then I scratched this out and revised to 3/5 and wrote "Sours and sharpens in dry down"

          Now I want another sniff to see what I was talking about when I had a sample...


          Heavy, headache inducing for me. Yesterday I was shopping in Lidl and while waiting to pay there was a young woman in front of me who was probably bathing in this perfume (for shopping. In Lidl!!). I was 2 metres away from her but I’ve got a punch in my nose from Coco Mademoiselle and couldn’t wait to get out of the store. I instantly reminded how much I dislike this one and not because it’s a strong perfume (I love Chanel 5 and vintage Opium), it’s just a very annoying scent for me and I cannot say what note is the culprit because the notes listed here are among my favourites so I really don’t get it. I got it as a present years ago, one of many uninspired perfume presents. I wasn’t able to wear it not even once.


          Lovely, timeless, sophisticated and sorry modern dandy, but this is for women..go explore the masculine Chanel scents, there are gems there..
          I believe it was tweaked a bit, as it is more floral,, less harsh also..it has lost its heaviness, but it is still a recognizable perfume... not in my collection for the moment, but I know a couple ladies who wear it beautifully...to me it is a bit of a cold scent also, classy.


          I may have purchased 6-7 bottles of 100 ml of this. I love this perfume but it is now so common that everybody recognises it, and I don’t want to be like everyone else. It is beautiful but it is everybody signature perfume and I am an individual. Having said that is powdery, fruity, classy and very sensual.


          I am not going to go into notes because so many people have done that already and probably better than I could. All you need to know is this smells like the fragrance so many brands are trying to imitate and fall short. There is a reason it is popular. Coco M is perfectly balanced and nuanced; Classic and contemporary, feminine but not soft, intoxicating but not strong. It lives up to the hype!


          I absolutely hated this at first. Stupidly blind bought a 200ml bottle too. In the process of selling I became increasingly reluctant to let it go, It’s a power scent for sure. Im a very young adult and this makes me feel very ‘womanly’. My bf loves it and I’m starting to as well. I wouldn’t re purchase but I think i can enjoy this for now. My complaints are bad longevity and low sillage beyond the hour mark. I was definitely expecting more from a chanel perfume and am thinking of testing n5 after this is finished.


          I get soapy patch/(rather aggressive) citrus/vetiver combination, with some peony, white flowers and a hint of fruits. Very fresh and summery. Sorry ladies, it smells really unisex, its more a men's cologne with few added flowers/fruits and extra soapiness.


          Bought this because it reminds me of something my mother used to wear. It smells nice and clean. I love this perfume despite the fact that it is so popular. Sadly my boyfriend does not like this on me, he said it's too musky and strong so I'm not wearing it so much anymore.


          I was a bit hesitant to try this because anytime I brought it up in conversation or looked it up online I was met with "everyone wears it, don't buy it". I ended up caving because my favourite "genre" of perfume is oriental floral and CM is loved by so many people so I had to try it. Thank GOD that I did because this is so sparkly and feminine and beautiful, I can't believe it took me this long! I was a bit worried about the citrus but it's not sharp at all, it simply lifts the florals. IMO they did such a wonderful job of balancing the notes. It's not too spicy or floral or too sweet or fruity it's just perfect.

          I agree with the miss dior comparisons but the dior one to me smells a little sweeter and I can see that one being great on younger girls as well. I think this one is more classy (not in a mature way) and lasts a really good time on me. I would say it's a pretty safe buy.


          I first sniffed this perfume last winter, I didn't like it much. The citrus and patchouli came too strong and smells rather playful and young for my age. Giving benefit of the doubt, I tried this perfume again this summer. Boom, I love it!

          First note: citrus and floral with a hint of patchouli. After an hour, the citrus melt down, the floral scent vaguely left my skin and patchouli became stronger. It last forever on my skin, 12 hours! I decided to purchase 100 ml. I'm gonna use it a lot.


          Assuming I am reading Fragrantica correctly, Coco Mademoiselle is the most popular fragrance in a database of over 60,000 at this time. That’s an impressive achievement and made me seek out a sample to acquaint myself with what so many clearly love.

          Right off the bat from a tester strip, I get an appealing fruity sensation with a definite feminine sweetness. It’s not overly sweet or synthetic to my nose, as can be the case with competing fragrances from other houses. Just a very attractive opening which I find quite inviting. Shortly thereafter, the citrus and fruitiness give way to rose, which serves to enhance Coco Mademoiselle’s feminine grace. The patchouli is present to give the fragrance a strong foundation, but it does not overwhelm my nose.

          It only takes a few minutes to understand Coco Mademoiselle’s popularity, which seems to have endured for a number of years now. Always a good sign. I am, of course, no expert, merely a curious observer. What I observe is that Coco Mademoiselle would have the power to amplify whatever quality the wearer would want to project. Depending on the context, I would imagine encountering this scent on a woman would lead me to think she is more professional, supportive, influential, resolute, and yes, sexier. In the realm of easily available, mainstream fragrances, Coco Mademoiselle has many imitators, yet easily surpasses them all. This fragrance, much like Chanel as a whole, is in a class by itself.


          I use to love this 4-6 years ago especially around Christmas time and my old jacket still smells like it! Nowadays I don’t enjoy this smell but bought a small bottle because everyone compliments me on it. I bought the original Coco and picked a Mademoselle sample and everyone complimented me on the sample. I was upset that that preferred it over Chance eau Tendre and Coco because I don’t find it that pleasing these days. Does anyone else feel this way? Nothing that special about it but others love it on you? I had to buy it because my bf was begging me to wear it


          Straight after “Chanel Mademoiselle Intense” I purchased this legendary jam.

          Perfection. Simply perfection. Woman’s DNA. This is how a beautiful, positive and young women should smell like, in my opinion.

          But I do still believe that this fragrance is so much popular, wearable and well known that it literally day by day looses it’s value... nothing to surprise with ...

          I just want to have it in my collection, to spoil my inside girl with pinky, juicy, bubbly, bright, sparkling smell and time to time to remind myself what a great taste in perfumes I have ??

          Good luck and be inspired ??


          Crowd pleaser extraordinaire. You really can`t go wrong with this. My skin amplifies the orange note making it a great feminine leaning pick for summer. The white florals are present but never overbearing. I get a lot of compliments wearing CCM. The only drawback is you will probably smell just like half the women in your office. This one is popular with the masses.


          This parfum is one of my favorite parfums of all times, it lasts very long and it smells amazing, everyone should buy this parfum and the bottle is super nice and cute.


          I must say throughout my life I have smelt many perfumes, mainly at department stores. Some of them I loved, some I liked, others I didn't like. Never ever have I had a reaction with a perfume like I had with this one. It smelled so weirdely bad, like none other... It's even hard to describe what I was smelling. The best picture that comes to mind is of a very old lady, wearing clothes that have set for ages in her closet and smell kind of mouldy, with a leather jacket that she hasn't washed for a long time. So she has this sweaty, mouldy smell on her clothes and decides to spread perfume on her. She puts some rosy generic perfume along with some citrus generic perfume, and maybe other perfumes I can+t describe.She finishes off with some drops of a man cologne that to me smells like old spice. She has always been a heavy smoker, so her clothes are impregnated with smoke of cigarets, that kind of ashtray smell. This messs of smells is what this perfume is to me. My advice on this: Of course never blind buy it, and once you own it and adore it, never give it as a present thinking that there is no way the person won't like it. We're all different.


          Gorgeous scent profile! I love this perfume because it lasts all day, but isn’t over powering. It is classy, sophisticated and popular for a reason!


          I super love this!!! I wear this in the office. So elegant and classy!!


          Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle is as sophisticated, upscale and timeless as the brand itself. From the opening to the dry down, Coco Mademoiselle remains bright, joyful and creamy with the patchouli and the orange notes being the stand out stars of this fragrance. It is a compliment getting fragrance for sure, there is no way someone will smell this on you and not enjoy the fragrance that you’re wearing! Coco Mademoiselle is unforgettable and recognisable isn’t always a bad thing; when people have recognised Coco Mademoiselle on me, it simply evokes joy and nostalgic memories whenever they smell it. It has actually managed blend a classy and sophisticated fragrance in with the mainstream so well, it is iconic and well respected for good reason. Simply amazing and a fragrance i love having in my collection.


          THE millennial's first "real" perfume, it seems. For me, it was a step up from Stella and L'eau d'Issey, just because it is Chanel. The bottle is so sophisticated, but the scent inside did and does smell deceptively edgy just based off of the flacon and the pink juice inside. I really believed all of the stereotypes about patchouli before I smelled Coco Mlle., and I honestly do not even know if I knew that patch was an actual plant. (What I thought it was, I do not know; perhaps a resin or incense? Not the point though.) The patchouli hits my nose as earthy in the most literal sense, as in it smells a little like dirt at first, but it does not smell dirty at all. The flowers definitely help to soften the patchouli just a little bit, and the fragrance has always smelled like a nicely arranged bouquet. I will say that, on that note, I don't think that I can easily pick out any of the notes that easily, and some people might interpret the fragrance as bland or lacking complexity. I think that Coco Mlle., like many of us who came of age in the early 2000s, are full of contradictions, and that is okay! A fragrance can be simple and also captivating. For many of us now Coco Mlle. is a nostalgic scent, and I definitely do feel comforted when I wear it, since it is warm and effervescent. Coco Mlle. was a girl that was everywhere, knew everyone, but few people got to know her well in her youth. For me, at least, I am less exhilirated by her and much more relaxed to her. Coco Mlle. used to go to the clubs a lot, but now she might spend three weekends a month at home doing projects or watching Netflix. Yes, I am projecting, but I personally cannot think of another scent that on an individual and cultural level captures what being a young woman at the turn of the millennium was really like.


          Very elegance And Not like anybody.Have a Signature smell. very stylish fragrance and long lasting perfect for every female person.


          Despite this fragrance’s long term popularity, I wasn’t familiar until late 2018 when I visited a friend in Turkey. She had this beauty in her cabinet and I had to try it for myself. Wow was I blown away! I am typically a fan of sweet gourmand scents, but something about the oriental orange notes in this perfume are an instant mood booster. I feel extremely feminine, classy and confident when I wear this. It is crowd pleasing and perfect for all occasions including office wear. I wouldn’t say it’s a very sexy or alluring scent but it is beautifully crafted and deserves a spot in most ladies collection. I prefer this fragrance during the warm summer months. In cold weather I find the white florals to be too sharp and soapy. Silage is great but non-offensive and you will easily get 8-10 hours wear.


          It's been around so long and seems so popular - I was curious to try this so got a sample. Well, I'm glad I didn't blind buy. Sharp and cold on me for quite awhile, something about it doesn't sit well, almost nauseating. The citrus and patchouli doesn't mesh well on me apparently.
          Modern sophisticated vibe, maybe a stewardess. But doesn't seem to work for me.
          About four hours in and the sharp notes have burnt off - it's starting to smell nice. Too long to wait though.
          Litchi/lychee isn't listed as a note in the EDP, only in the EDT, but I feel like it might be the nauseating fruity note that's bugging me. So I don't know if the pyramid is wrong, if my sample was mislabeled EDP, or if it's just my imagination.
          Checked Chanel website and there also there is only mention of lychee (and grapefruit) for the EDT.
          I lean toward thinking it's just not for me.


          Elegant with personality but very feminine. In my opinion this is a fragrance to wear more like in formal occasions.


          This is a perfume I just can't get used to. The dry down is horrible on me, I'm not even sure what to compare it with - I have never, ever smelled anything like this. If the perfume had continued to smell like it does in the first minute,then I would be happy with it, but about 5 minutes in...oh my. And it's not like I haven't tried! I have owned this two times and I have also bought the edt. Same thing. I give up. I don't get it.
          Edit: #Beta Tuga: MOLDY! That's it! :) In the dry down it smells like a damp basement.


          This fragrance took me a while to understand. I previously owned the original Coco which is gorgeous but this has only little to do with the original. Don't get me wrong, the original lingers around but this version definitely has its own personality. It's funny the name alludes to a youthful scent but I get a great sense of maturity here. Not mature as in dusty but sophisticated, stylish. At first spritz its cold and kind of fresh which I absolutely love especially at this time of the year. I think the freshness is the almost whisper rose note and this later settles down to what I think is the patchouli and later a soft and somewhat spicy vanilla. It sounds strange by the way I describe it but I promise it is glorious. This has been on my top shelf since I broke down and bought it and I can say with confidence it was worth every penny for me at least. I feel like a wealthy woman when I wear this not because it's Chanel but because it smells so well done you can smell the quality and style. I will repurchase and probably get the EDT as well, it sounds beautiful too!


          Years ago I wanted to try it but I don't know why, I had the idea that it was a vintage aroma. Of pure preconception only. Until I read good reviews and tried it on my skin. With its start, the same happens to me as with NR for her EDP, I sprayed it and ran literally to not smell the first minute.For me it is a messy start and it does not do justice to how beautiful it is in its drying. After 30 min it is already delicious.
          But when I finally bought it, I sprayed it on my forearm and didn't smell this rare entrance. I Wait 10 minutes and when I'm going to feel it ... nothing,total anosmia. I get scared, I ask my boyfriend to smell it, and there it is, he feels it. I don't know if it's because of the cold weather,I don't know if it's the medication I'm taking, but this makes me desperate! I want to feel this beautiful perfume!....so sad
          I'm going to try it again in a couple of days and tell you.
          EDIT; it has sealtle down marvellous , it is so classy, elegant and lovely.
          As well I think you can’t no blindbuy it.


          This is such a wonderful perfume.
          It is not very sweet, nor it is a soapy clean or sharp. It is sensual, feminine. I strongly dislike rose galore perfumes, but this one has just a hint of rose that blends so well with the other ingredients and as a combination it turns into something amazing and unique.
          It really is a unique perfume and a masterpiece.
          I dont ever want to live without this perfume. It is that good. I am very picky when it comes to perfumes. And I also easily get headaches but this one is just love! So feminine and long lasting!

          * Also, Chanel is the first house to me, that makes perfumes that don't smell like cheap alcohol. they are just divine from the first spray till the end. Like if you compare cheap vs. expensive wine...

          Mademoiselle is fresh, but with a hint of non gourmand sweetnes, just a touch of it to add character. Amazing perfume!


          It is 2005, very cold, windy and snowy November. I was wearing this during classes at the University. I never liked it however it gave me self confidence and power. I felt classy and mature in this. I had a friend who always sit over me to smell this. I feel cold, metallic patchouli and citrus, some rose. It does not corresponds with my skin. It is very cold on me, even bitter. However my mom smells very beautiful in this. I don't like it, but I found it classy and elegant for modern woman.


          Guys, I need your help. I just smelled this perfume for the very first time. Before I sprayed it, I held my nose up to the sprayer, and got a wiff of fishy urine. I thought maybe something had leaked onto the bottle? But then I sprayed the juice on my hand, and the very first note detected was unmistakable fishy urine. Sugary, fishy urine. I wondered if I maybe got a bad batch. But I have let it sit now on my hand for about 20 minutes and the urine scent has, for the most part, disappeared to reveal a pretty well balanced citrus floral when I put my nose within an inch of my skin. But if I don't put my nose up to my skin and instead sniff the air, I smell faint pee rot.

          Has anyone else had this experience? I promise that it isn't me that smells like pee, as I did not smell like pee prior to spraying the perfume.

          What note, or mixing of notes, could be accounting for this smell?

          EDIT: Right now, on my skin, it smells nice - of juicy oranges and slight woods. It's lovely and inoffensive. However, when I smell the bottle, or when the perfume is still wet (prior to drydown) it smells like fishy urine. There is a note in here that my nose picks up as quite fleshy, in a bad way. I'm not sure if it is a deal breaker yet because once the perfume is dry, it smells nice on my skin. But the smell from the bottle is hurl-worthy.

          EDIT: After 5 hours I had to scrub this off. It just doesn't smell good to my nose. It settles into a soapy rose that smells both generic, and trendy and dated at the same time, and the urine smell comes and goes. It is just not for everyone.


          She is timeless and ageless. A teenager could rock it and so could her granny. That oh-so-soft citrus note makes her even more likeable and trustworthy.
          Used to be my signature scent when I used to believe in signature scents. Everythingyou want a perfume to be. A constant in my collection for almost 13 years. She knows my story like no one else.


          At first spray i was like ‘ okaay whats the hype abt it? It s not even good’ and i tried a couple of perfumes n walked away from the store, then i realized amazing smell surrounding me, i literally stopped and smelled it for A minute And tried to remember which perfume i sprayed onto my left wrist, then i realized that it was Coco Mademoiselle, i immedieatly went back amd purchased it. Elegant, warM, sexy yet suitable for every occasion. Good smell balanced well with creamy roses , very modern, would work for any age, definetly a classic and worth to all the hype!


          I really did not like the citrusy opening. Felt sharp and heavy to me.
          But after an hour it turned really beautiful, creamy, floral with a hint of vanilla.


          Stunning timeless classic for anyone, at any occasion. Long lasting, creates a beautiful aura around you. Uplifting, happiness in a bottle. 10/10.


          I'm so incredibly glad that I finally gave in and purchased this. I have the EdT (I used to prefer it to this) and the hair mist as well. My preferred concentration is either this or the extrait, which my friend let me try from her 900mL bottle. This lasts AGES. The EdT is a bit sharp and heavier on the patchouli, whereas this is a harmonious blend of all detectable notes. Very rosy, very citrusy and very patchouli-y. I love it! ?


          a floral masterpiece suitable for any occasion
          good for office, daytime, spring, fall and winter


          Love it. Last long. Really classy. Sometimes can be heavy and gives headache. It s just good for night out. Normally I get lot of comments for my perfumes but with this one never got any from anyone


          I was expecting a roaring declaration of femininity bold and expressive because you're a Mademoiselle, but I got a tame shy girl who doesn't have a formed opinion on the world.
          A tad dissapointing and the silage isn't great, may be my skin chemistry but doesn't last more than 2-3 hours.


          I purchased the Edp in 2009, a year after this perfume won a FiFi. It was my first Chanel. I wore this for several months and eventually gifted it to my mother. Fast forward 10 years later...while helping my mom move she hands me the same bottle I purchased in 2009 with 1/4 juice left. Not sure if this has gone through reformulations or not, I assume such, however this smells exactly as it did the first spray. Citrus burst followed by sweet jasmine and rose that settles to an ambery patchouli base. Longevity is one of the best I have ever experienced and sillage is like a weapon if sprayed heavily. I can shower and STILL smell this on my skin after a good scrub. Clothes as well! I have the Intense and IMO it smells closer to the vintage- only stronger on the patchouli. This draws daily compliments from men and women alike. I am a guy and get asked what cologne I am wearing by other guys! Lol. I haven't tried the current version, but I hope they haven't messed this one up too much. There is a reason it is still one of the most popular perfumes worldwide.


          Patchouli and citrus, a LOT of patchouli and citrus, and you know what? thats exactly why I LOVE Coco Madamoiselle!

          This is one of those tales where I smelt it on someone else and loved the earthiness of the patchouli mixed with tart, fresh citrus notes, except it wasn't CM that I'd actually smelt, oh no, it was the 2012 Miss Dior!
          A friend of a partner was a die hard Miss Dior fan, she collected the various flankers of it and was gifted bottles of it every year by her grandmother.

          Being enchanted by this gorgeous patchouli bomb, I sought out Miss Dior EdP in John Lewis, only to be disappointed by how it smelt on me, it bore no resemblance to the gorgeous, earthy, citrussy patchouli that I smelt on my exes friend, I gave up and just assumed that it was my skin chemistry worked against me.

          Later on that year, I received a sample of CM Intense, I recognised the citrussy patchouli, the familiar classy/hippie vibe and after doing a lot of trawling on here I discovered that Miss Dior 2012 is totally different to the current Miss Dior EdP, and that CM and CM intense smells very similar, if not the same. CM Intense was, quite heady and strong on my skin, so I went for the regular CM EdP and I regret NOTHING!

          Its long lasting, easy to wear, classy and a really versatile scent: can be dressed up or worn with jeans and a tee, it to my nose smells quite unisex too, probably because of the wonderful patchouli and citrus notes.

          Yes its popular, but as with LVEB by Lancome, its popular for a reason and when worn in light quantities it is just stunning, I'm so glad I finally got this <3


          There's nothing like a bottle of Chanel fragrance- beautifully made and of the highest quality. Coco Mademoiselle is simultaneously wild and elegant, she's full of confidence, she doesn't want anything in her life that is below perfection, she desires to be treated like a true lady. The fragrance opens with a zesty burst of citruses- orange, mandarin, bergamont, followed by the heart notes where blooms clean jasmine, classical romantic rose, soft mimosa and rich, narcotic ylang-ylang. To conclude the marvelous dance of top and middle notes, chic and delicious patchouli emerges, accompanied by the balsamic tonka bean and intoxicating opoponax. What a luxurious finish! Mademoiselle is a little cold and classical but she is a great dancer non the less.


          I blind purchased this fragrance; I'll be honest, mostly for the bottle and the iconic-ness that is Chanel.

          However, I really like the scent. It's sophisticated, a tiny bit mature in a good way, and very complex. It's fresh and woody, lightly painted with floral notes and just a single grain of vanilla and tonka to ground it.

          For the confident, well maintained woman who knows what she wants and doesn't need to wear something mainstream sexy to be sexy.

          I don't think it's one I would reach for often, but when I do, I think I'll feel just that much more put together.

          The bottle is absolutely exquisite and I look forward to seeing this sitting on my perfume counter.

          It's pure class, a staple in any woman's collection


          Gokcen Nur Altay

          Whenever I smell this perfume, I always fill with positive energy. Even if you listen to it after years, it is like your favorite song that will make you happy. I use this perfume when I want to go back and look at my memories.


          This is my mother's favorite perfume.. God knows how many bottles of every Coco Mademoiselle incarnation she's gone through. Chanel started the recipe of sour orange blossom with sharp jasmine, rose and patchouli, with a creamy vetiver and vanilla base. A lot of other notes dance around this majestic recipe.. often imitated (ehem Miss Dior & La vie est belle) but unique in its own way. It's common but nothing this feminine and girlie will ever be ordinary.


          Ahh Coco Mademoiselle, such a mystery to me. This is my mother's signature scent and because of that I am familiar with it and want to love it. However, I can't help but think this one is a tad bit overrated. The longevity is awesome and when my mom is wearing it I think she smells great. When I put it on we run into problems. The opening is enchanting and beautiful, but as it dries down it becomes a patchouli bomb on my skin and it does not leave the same great trail on me. I want to love CM because of my mom, but it just isn't the perfume for me. Oh well!


          This is the fragrance you may wear when going to theatre or classical concert. It is really pleasant and elegant...perfume that is suitable for a woman who is rather calm, elegant, self-conscious. It lasts well and has a good balance that creates a complex and beautiful smell. I must say it is one of the best frangrances I know.

          Cameo Autumn Noelle

          That's my Mom's signature fragrance! Elegant and very French! I sometimes wear it! Love it!


          Happy Mother’s Day :-)


          Yes everyone may wear this but surely that's a good sign of a perfume that will become timeless?.

          A perfect work scent ! I'm very happy to own this.!
          I've smelt it on others and I've loved it, now I get to wear it too , As my parents kindly gifted me a 100ml bottle for xmas.

          I'm personally such a fan of Chanel fragrances, I currently own 4 now.. opps
          Chance Eau Tendre, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle and Chanel Paris Venise.

          I just think Chanel fragrances just project luxury and class and the bottles look gorgeous on the dressing table.

          If you want a timeless fragrance you can wear through-out the years then Coco Mademoiselle is a safe bet.


          This perfume reminds me completely of my mother. She had me when she was 18 so she grew up as the young, classy and sexy mum. I just have a memory of her getting into a beautiful black dress and spraying this sparingly on her neck and collarbones. And she would leave an amazing scent trail wherever she'd go. She smelt divine. I will never wear this perfume because it epitomizes her image, however, it is a BEAUTIFUL fragrance.

          Classy, sexy, elegant and beautifully crafted.

          Definitely a scent for a young woman I'd say mid 20's. It is very versatile, I can imagine you could wear this for every occasion.

          longevity and sillage is excellent!

          A perfect signature fragrance for the right woman! A modern classic.


          I am very late to the Coco Madam game. I stumbled across this fragrance during my search to replace my old bottle of Flowerbomb. I was devastated when I went to repurchase and discovered that it was a shadow of its former self in terms of sillage and longevity. I had been hunting for a solid year for something that I could love as much. I honestly would never have considered this scent because everyone and their mother has it; I was walking away from the perfume counter and on a whim I grabbed the tester bottle. At first I was unimpressed. It’s opening was steady, not explosive. It got to the point a few weeks later that I could not live without it. I purchased it and haven’t looked back. It is as beautiful at first spray as it is 8 hours later. I cannot articulate what it smells like, other than heaven. There’s a reason that everyone and their mother has it; it is amazing. I am 29 and work in an optometrists office. I receive compliments wherever I go. Don’t buy it...because I want it all to myself


          CM Intense is so much better.


          Beautiful fresh floral. This has been my signature for 15 years. I always get compliments for this still. Definitely an easy blind buy and for giving as a present. It’s just beautiful. I know so many people who’d worn this on their wedding day because it’s their partners favourite fragrance.
          It’s getting very popular now so I’ve been trying a few new fragrances, but I always seem to come back to this one. I wear it to work everyday because I work in a hospital and it’s easy on the nose. Lasts all day with only one or two sprays.
          I couldn’t count the amount of bottles I’ve gone through over the years, but it will last you ages as you don’t need to spray too much and certainly do not drown yourself in it. An all season, all occasions perfume. It’s perfect.


          It's strange how I haven't reviewed this, despite it being my signature scent. I think it may be because Coco Mademoiselle is so hard to pin down for me. It isn't just one thing- and that is why I love it.
          The opening is bright and beautiful, and gives me energy and confidence. I don't read it as sharp, as some have- it's too well blended for that. It's a sweet mandarine orange scent to my nose, but grounded with the mid and base notes, which do shine through.
          Then it gets even more gorgeous as the florals develop. I can't tell you how beautiful this, to me the most long-lasting stage, makes me feel. They are full-bodied, rich roses and jasmine in full bloom, still slightly sweet, but not overly so. This is a woman's scent, not a teen's.
          The dry down is possibly my favourite part on cozy days at home. It has to be on your skin- I don't get the same soft, peaceful skin scent on clothes. It's a tonka, vanilla warmth with that calming patchouli base that just makes me close my eyes and smile.

          I chose this perfume for my wedding day because it is classic, and very representative of our time. It's a perfume that my generation grew up aspiring to, and as a woman in her 30s, I now feel I am worthy of. I hope it's a scent that my husband and future children associate with me. I know it is one that will stand the test of time- even with my fickle nose that gets bored after less than a year! It's been longer than that with this, and so far so good.


          This is maybe the women's fragrance, that I detect most often in public. So many love and wear it.

          I get it, it appears sophisticated and mouthwatering. But it's not mysterious at all.

          And the bitter, sharp mouthwatering effect is a little too much for me. It's too strenuous. I prefer more calming scents.


          God, this is a modern classic, and it SO deserves its platform!

          The opening is intoxicating, and is the greatest citrus top note combination I've ever come across.
          I have a love / hate relationship with citrus. Sometimes it's God-awful in-your-face. In this case, it's head-turning, joyous, and DAMN CLASSY.

          I've been obsessed with this scent since I first got a sample. I recently had a little extra cash recently and bought my own bottle - My perfume collection had a "CM"-shaped hole in it.

          The middle notes have a delightful, understated floral scent. That classiness and elegance lingers gently in the air.

          The base notes are a perfect blend of subtle longevity. The tonka bean and vanilla allows to remain beautifully sweet. The patchouli and white musk ensures the intoxication continues.

          The sillage is enchanting, and the longevity is awesome.

          This is the perfect all-rounder:
          All seasons.
          All hours.

          I'm so happy.


          Kitty rating: 10/10! <3


          4 years ago I disliked this perfume for several reasons. First, it’s a common scent for every It Girl. Second, it was too heavy in my nose, a punched in my face. Third, unreasonable overpriced. Suddenly a month ago, i was craving for this scent. Dying to have it in my collection after I smelled it again on one of my colleague. It’s beautiful, classy, elegant, an everlasting scent. Heavy patchouli and pretty roses is definitely the main character. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a popular perfume. You can smell it everywhere since many people adore this scent. It’s still a heavy fragrance in my nose, initial spray is the heaviest. But after a couple of minutes, delicate roses will shown. It’s pricey indeed, but really.. for such a high quality of fragrance, I wouldn’t mind spending more. Longevity is no joking, it lasts for 24 hours in my skin. The second perfume that lasts forever in my skin after Baccarat Rouge 540. I know many dupes out there for this scent, but you won’t get the same quality as Coco Mademoiselle has.


          Yes it's too popular, but I still absolutely love this juice and the performance is incredible! Brings back a lot of memories. The problem is, those memories are with my ex.


          i wore this for a whole year but ultimately didn’t like it. it’s very strong on the opening to me but i enjoy the dry down. unfortunately i didn’t like the scent that lingered on my clothes and the opening is just too sharp for me. i can see it smelling good on the right person though


          Airy with a bright and clean citrus note, Coco Madamoiselle is a sweetheart. I can imagine fairy gardens and pixie dust while wearing this scent. Pretty, youthful, girlish, and coy.


          This one is kinda my all time favorite. My first and everlasting love. Its so good, fresh but have a characteristic which can make it so special. Citrusy meet patchouli is such a bomb! Always loving this one. One of my blind buy which really success winning my heart.


          Best for day wear and hot summer months. It sings in warmth. This opens fresh citrusy and turns creamy fresh floral gardens with a soft vanilla tonka musky base. The tonka and patchouli are just divine, and lend a bit of sweet spice to this very elegant and ladylike scent. Its lovely and one of my favorites of all time. Brings me to memories of warm NYC weekends on my way to brunch or shopping with the girls. Its perfect for a summer day, and makes you feel so feminine and soft.


          If I could only wear one scent for the rest of my life, this would be it. I’m 34 and this is my signature scent. She gives this sexy/confident/dominant vibe. I get more compliments from this with both women and men. Simply amazing. If lasting power is an issue, try pairing with one of the cream/lotions. Mmmm


          Purchased a big, 100 mL bottle of Coco Mademoiselle EDP before heading to Paris on my student exchange in 2016. Wanted to smell like this while visiting one of my favourite cities in the world.

          This perfume is beautiful - opens up bright (although quite strong) with citrus notes, that slowly tame down and allow the patchouli, rose and vanilla to round it out and shine through. Much prefer the smell of this one after a couple hours, when it warms up and becomes less strong and masculine, and more soft and complex. I find this one even more beautiful in the summer, the heat does something special to it (just can't over-apply). Also really love how versatile it is - can be worn day or night, for any occasion, IMO. Classy but understated.

          Overall, I love this perfume, and I hope to always have it in my collection, but due to how popular it is, and the fact that it represents another time in my life for me, I barely ever reach for it. Quality fragrance overall though that definitely deserves its popularity.


          My 1st Chanel & blind buy.did smell the infamous cat piss on my 1st wear,had a moment of initial regret when it didn't last long.since it cost a fortune in my country, i give CM more time to blend well & spritz it properly.and yes, CM did "grew" well and i love it more and more and more in every wear. it makes me feel manly yet still feminine, sophisticated professional.absolutely great for work,it build up that confidence of strong woman.lasted whole day for me and i still can smell it on my skin after 14 hours+..my tip is just give it time to blend into your skin.i was skeptical for Chanel being "old ladies perfume" but CM proved it wrong.looking forward to add in more Chanel in my collection.


          This perfume smells very classy. In my mid 20s I wouldn't buy it.

          Lady Nightshadow

          I add my review mostly to remind myself what's going on while I'm here analyzing Coco Mademoiselle both on skin and paper in this precise moment.

          The opening is really fresh, sparkly and citrusy. Not precisely orange, nor lemon, just refined citric acid. Polite and clean.

          As it develops, Coco Mademoiselle takes completely different paths from the opening - it is more complex than expected and it indeed takes turns and blooms as time goes.

          There's a bad moment when it's shifting from citruses to floral - some may smell cat pee, I would have said it's some strange animalic odour covered in citruses leaves. It just lasts a couple of minutes and it's nowhere near the definitive scent of Coco Mademoiselle, but it's definitely not pleasant.
          On paper, this lasts a lot more, so I suggest to wait and bear it a little.

          However, what is really going to stay is beautiful - patchouli and sweet mimosa - it's the scent of the earth when it rains (in a garden maybe), sweetened (a lot) by the flowers, when they begin to wilt and become more sweet than fresh.
          Vanilla and Ylang Ylang definitely play a role in sweetness, without being overpowering at all.
          Tonka bean gives a bit of spiciness, it's almost undetectable as it only serves to enhance the main characters without taking the scene.
          Somehow, this middle phase reminds me of the drydown of Hermes Twilly Poivree.

          The drydown of Coco M. becomes a little deeper and a bit soapy.
          Great longevity and good sillage.

          Overall, Coco Mademoiselle is a polite, young but also professional scent. Fashionable teen girls can flaunt it without giving the impression to try too hard.
          I can totally see why some associate this with light coloured clothes and perfect grooming, but we are far from standing out in the crowd.

          The reality is that the undeniable success of this fragrance cursed it and opened the market to countless and well-made replicas, so I don't know if it's worth spending on the real thing, thinking that almost everyone could have something identical without even making the effort to save up for it.
          Go for it only if you really love it.


          The scent is refined, the EDP and EDT smell similar, but I think the EDP is more round and in my vibe. The opening is orangy (not in a sharp way) and rose. Patchouli centered perfume, but I personally didn't found it disagreeable as in some other perfumes. The projection starts moderate strong and then stronger, I'm glad I didn't put a lot. I got good sniffs, even better while walking. The perfume gets greener and after 2-3 hours the sillage is moderate softer, it's sweeter, still orangy and florals. After 7-8 hours on me the smell is faint, but still noticeable. I would say it has a good performance overall. The perfume is nice, I'm glad I tried the sample from my mom collection, but since the EDT is my mom signature fragrance, I just don't see myself buying any of the Coco Mademoiselle.


          This is still a nice perfume that performs better than some of the other poorly reformulated Chanels now ( Coco and Allure) . But if I could be a fairy who granted wishes I would supply all those who love this with a bottle of the EARLY CM from around 1998 . It was drop dead beautiful and far superior to what is produced now .


          Coco Mademoiselle is the great mystery to me. My mother's signature fragrance and beloved by so many around the world. I have a bottle because it feels weird not having it to try. It also gives me the opportunity to take it out and ponder its popularity. I was wearing it this morning and once again trying to figure out why this is the best selling perfume around the world today. My main issue with CM is that I don't think the dry-down and base smells very good on me. It smells very nice on my mother and I notice/compliment her when wearing it. Maybe it doesn't mesh with my body chemistry and I won't ever be able to truly appreciate it.

          The opening of this is enchanting and draws you in immediately. It's fun and feminine. As it continues I find the scent to become cheap, overwhelmingly patchouli, and quite overrated. I think the fact that you can smell this on a number of women in your day to day turns me away as well.

          Today's test run with it did not do much to change my mind on the fragrance. I will keep smelling and testing it to see if my thoughts ever do change. I want to love the hype around CM... but for now it is not for me.

          Palmer Eldritch

          A very classy, mature fragrance, perfect for cold weather. A very nice choice for more reserved yet sophisticated perfume wearers. Greatly suitable for professional environments.

          Very inoffensive yet not simple. The patchouli is nothing like the ones in Mugler perfumes, its very smooth and scrumptious and compliments the florals and fruits well.

          The performance is SUPERB. The sillage is HUGE and this fragrance is still on my skin after 12 hours.

          I fully recommend even blind buying this fragrance. I put it in the same category as the Mon Guerlain: Irresistable, Mature, Sophisticated. But professional.


          Not sure what's wrong with my nose, but I got a free sample of this from Sephora, and as soon as I sprayed it, I gagged. It smells like garbage rolled in cloves, with the slightest hint of cat pee. My husband agreed and said it was probably the worst perfume he remembers me ever trying. The dry down after a couple minutes was a tiny bit better and less repulsive, but I still ended up having to wash it off. I'm not sure if it was a bad batch, or if it's the fact that I absolutely loathe patchouli (maybe that's what I smelled?) Either way, I unfortunately won't be wearing it again, and if I can't find someone to give it to I'll be tossing it in the trash.


          I wanted to love this. It smells beautiful on paper during first 5 minutes. But on me it turned sour smelling. So gross. My favorite chanel is Chance Eau fraiche. The only one that has ever agreed with me. But maybe it's a good thing considering how popular it is.


          Start Citrus then Floral and heavy Vanilla
          need to spray in the air and run through it cos it's quite heavy. Suitable for cold climate. not suitable for hot and humid day


          Start citrus, then vanila rose i definetly fell sweet red roses


          OMMMGGGG!!! This is classy, elegant, and sensual fragrance!
          I read the reviews and smelled in a friend of mine but wanted to make sure how it goes on my skin. Sister, this is the heaven, just wearing it right now cuz I went to the Perfumery to try it on and , IM GETTING THIS DIAMOND TOMORROW!
          I dont know who needs to read this , but if you love Citrus and white flowers you have to get this Friend! You not gonna regret!!!!!!!


          You get the big orange citrus blast at the start, then it becomes a lady like fragrance, mildly musky with other notes. It smells like my stepmom, who made my dad cheat on my mom and she would blackmail my mom by phone saying "He loves me. He loves me." They're unhappily married now and my mom became a successful woman from the divorce and married to a retired veteran.


          To me this is a classic, at the perfume counter, lovely bouquet of earthy florals, women in pearls, red lipstick, evening out, little black dress, etc perfume...

          It has very high popularity. It's like the new 'Pleasures' by Estee Lauder. But for the modern 25-40 year old. This 'aint for women (or men) that like body splashes, sweet celeb scents, gourmands... this is the polar opposite. The "classic, wearable, young version of No.5"

          High quality, great sillage, great longevity. The dry down is always a pleasurable, earthy tea leaves moment with some incense, smoke, and sweet honey...

          Love it.


          Perhaps it's because, as earlier reviews stated "Everyone wears this." I cannot bring myself to love this! I adore several other Coco Chanel fragrances! Coco Chanel Noir remains a favorite but I just can't seem to love this one. I agree with others that it smells differently on every person. Too sweet with cloying undertones for me.


          It's refined, classy and crowd-friendly...and I don't love it with all of my heart and soul because of that reason. I steer toward more unique fragrances, and usually more polarizing things.

          This is graphed as being heavy on citrus, but I'm surprised by that, because I easily smell as many florals and vetiver with patchouli. To me, this is like a very classy townhouse with 3 floors, each evenly as much square footage as the next, with no jutting edges or loud trim.

          I like it and will probably reach for it regularly. I live a life full of social interactions (despite being introverted and not necessarily preferring to), and this is inoffensive and passable to others. I won't need to worry about offending all but possibly the most judgemental and sensitive people (or people who just hate fragrance in general, because this does have moderate sillage). It's close to what one might imagine when thinking of "nice, but quality" perfume. This might become a "dumb reach" for me because I can see that it would be good in every season. It would elevate casual situations, and match formal ones. I enjoy it because it is well done, even if it doesn't have an 'X Factor'.

          This one of the rare things that is suited to every season or situation. It's so round and smoothed with mainstream notes that it's virtually incapable of being a faux pas.


          Gorgeous fragrance! Too bad everybody wears this. Still love to wear it though. Smells different on everyone! Repurchased this, like, 20 times already.


          I’ve been staring at my winter perfumes wanting something that’s primarily just the warm base notes but not lacking in interest or texture. This is the closest thing I’ve found. Earthy but not dirty patchouli; musk, rose and jasmine, and just the suggestion of bergamot which kind of blends with the patchouli in a full-circle kind of way. I agree with those who say it’s not especially remarkable, but it’s warming and grown up and ticks a number of boxes for me at the moment. As an aside, my “Shower Fresh”-scented deodorant which for some reason smells a lot like honey on me is mingling with Coco Mademoiselle in a cool way. Another fragrance featuring honey or resins could be interesting layered with this.


          I don't like citrus, but this is so lovely. Everything here is blended to absolute perfection. This a beautiful, easy-going, moneyed, soft, feminine, delicate scent. Fresh, elegant. I could go on forever. I don't think of this as a 'statement perfume.' It's not enigmatic or intriguing. It wouldn't have me rushing down the road to catch the person wearing it so I may ask what they are wearing. But not all perfumes need to be a moment. I imagine the person wearing this as the richest girl in your university (college) class. Coco Mademoiselle is absolutely gorgeous in a very relaxed, very posh way.


          This is such a beautiful scent. This scent reminds me of a beautiful, strong woman. She’s put together, she’s ambitious, assertive and confident. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. I think this can be worn to a fancy event or even with jeans and a cool T-shirt. This girl owns who she is and wears what she wants to wear. Sure - this perfume is popular and recognizable - but the girl who wears it doesn’t care. She likes what she likes. This perfume is suitable for any age, and for me it can be worn day or night.


          Quizas Quizas, Loewe


          This is a fragrance that is really blended wonderfully. It's a great every occasion scent that is certainly not generic or boring-smelling. The base notes of musk and patchouli are there to really give body to the scent, while still retaining its distinctively feminine qualities.

          It's similar to Flowerbomb in the sense that the fragrance is really the sum of its parts- it's hard to pick out one note that stands out. It's all about how everything works together to create this wonderfully complex scent.

          It is feminine, elegant, sophisticated and beautiful. I wouldn't say that it's light/fresh- it's more a perfect mix of citrus, florals and patchouli/musk. It's a great all occasions scent- any season, day or night. Perhaps it may lean a bit more fall/winter because of its depth, but I believe it's wearable whenever.

          It lasts long and projects. Love it.



          This beautiful, feminine bottle belies the choking, patchouli-laden bomb of a juice inside. If you are someone who cannot stand heavy, "thick" scents that have seemingly unending sillage and longevity, this scent is not for you. If patch' and amber are notes that indicate a scrubber for your body chemistry, this scent would be best appreciated in photographs and the glowing reviews of others who can see its complexity, elegance, and class.

          For me, Coco Mademoiselle is the epitome of why you cannot blindly trust marketing, or a bottle. This scent *looks* like it should be fresh, fruity, and flirty--however it is anything but to my nose. It smells like a perfumed French aristocrat from the 17th century... The kind that might heap on oils and scents for days before their weekly bath. Every single time I come across this scent, it becomes the only thing I can focus on for the duration of my encounter--along with how I can escape as soon as possible. The vaguely citrus, brick-heavy patchouli and amber dry-down notes haunt me each and every time. I cringe when women wearing Mademoiselle hug me, because it transfers easily onto my skin and clings like a rabid koala of fragrance. Then I have to deal with the perfume wafting up from my neck until I can locate a washroom and desperately soap my skin (which still doesn't help in most cases--so kudos for the longevity, at least).

          For those who enjoy CM's skillfully crafted notes, I'm sure it is probably a sensual, pleasant experience. However, for me, I feel like my nose is being stuffed with highly fragrant cotton until I can barely breathe.

          I wanted so much to enjoy this scent like everyone else. But I also like the ability to breathe...

          Jacklyn's Perfumery

          I have the original formulation of this and it is so strong, but during these cooler months this is so amazing. I actually have been enjoying the intense version much more lately, but when I pulled this one out and got that robust citrus mixed with musk & rose I now remember why I loved it so much. This one can cause you to have a love hate relationship with it some days because of the intense white musks, but my goodness spray this one now during the cooler months...it's amazing and it lasts for awhile. I hear the newer formulations are short lived. I can't speak for that because I have an original formulation that will last all day. I will never be without Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Edp & Intense..they are so elegant and fresh and make me feel good when I wear it.


          This perfume smells like you have money! A very strong scent, powdery. It’s a distinct smell. It’s definitely a working woman’s perfume. I wore it out at night. I really don’t feel this is a night fragrance. It’s potent and expensive. Smell the tester before buying. The dry down doesn’t change into anything other than the lighter smell of what you sprayed.


          The opening smells like white-out. The dry down smells like fresh fish.

          I like the Intense version better, and the watery salmon note is also in that one, but that one is a fun experience.


          Gorgeous fragrance. Love how the patchouli is done in this. It's pronounced without making you smell like a hippie. However, like ever other Chanel fragrance except for No. 5 it lasts 20 minutes max on me! WTH Chanel!!


          This one makes me feel beautiful and sophisticated. I generally dislike citrus and fresh scent and typically am attracted to heavy gourmand scent. There is something special about how this one makes me feel, I feel feminine, lady like, feel put together. This makes me feel Chanel! I bought a 100 ml bottle right away after wearing it twice.


          This is latest formulation review. Yes it cause nausea for 1hr and then it becomes skin scent. This is Chanel, create good scent, then lighten it to produce double number of bottles
          They did similar with Allure homme sport. Once they get good number of customers they lightened it too much and created another one name "Eau extremem".
          Chanel has become third-class tactic company.
          People who have old version, 2-3yrs back are getting more than awhole day of pleasure. But new formula is $15 scent. Shame on Chanel.


          CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle EDP: I heard this was a popular perfume so I bought a sample. It's sweet but not in an offensive way, and not overly floral. It didn't smell bad in the application/drying process ever, but was far too strong, and very “alcoholic” smelling when smelling close to the wrist. One spray on each wrist was too much. I might consider trying the EDT version, but I don't think this is the scent for me.


          I bought it years ago off Ebay. I hunted for it and picked a 35 ml bottle, sprayed once or twice. It was reasonably priced because used and the size made me believe it was genuine item.
          I have no idea if it is reformulated or not but made me curious to test this what is availble now and I am looking forward to do it. Mine was made in 2010 or 2011.
          Anyway, after the initial spray it is quite strong. When my husband asked me in the car what perfume I am wearing I didn't know it was a good sign or bad... But he said it was ok
          It is quite long lasting on my skin but after a few hours it (or me!) smells very masculine. Maybe it is patchouli or bergamot?
          I can smell the very popular Brut:)
          Will not get rid of that bottle because it is a classic and I like it. Not love but like. This is not that moment of my life yet to get rid of all "like" and keep "love" only.


          This perfume has so many positive reviews. Luckily, I got a sample from a department store. This perfume isn't what I expected on my skin chemistry, much to my disappointment. The opening is beautiful, with the bergamot and orange blossom.

          But, it quickly turns medicinal. Mint+eucalyptus. Just like a cough drop and tea. Definitely not a safe blind buy, in my opinion.

          Hoping to find a sophisticated, without being too mature, fragrance. This didn't fit.


          My wife recently added this perfume to her collection and she is generally happy with it. But for me it's a complete patchouli heavy nightmare and I can't stand it. I had to get her to promise never to wear it on date night.

          Moss in Snow

          This is all middle and base notes on my skin, the top notes dont come through at all for me. As a result, I find it far too sweet and cloying - it actually makes me feel a little nauseous and I have had to move seats on a bus more than once if the person beside me is too doused in CM!

          I have tried it various times, at different times of the year, and yet the top notes always remain elusive.


          I had high expectations with this perfume because it is the most expensive perfume in my collection. But when it was delivered I didnt feel anything special. Yes, it smells good. But I don't think im wearing a $180 scent.. Citrusy and fresh... good for everyday use. (except price)


          Lovely, light scent that lasts for ages. Zesty and soapy but still pretty. I don't think I'd repurchase as I prefer sweeter scents, but very young fresh scent. Try this one.


          This is my first bottle of real perfume, and fortunately I LOVE IT!
          I blind buy Coco Mademoiselle because of the reviews, and I'm not disappointed of my expectations. I usually hates citrus, but this one made me fell in love. It's feminine, sexy, and just elegant. I guess this works with my body chemistry very well.

          This has a REALLY strong scent. Half region of my house is filled with this fragrance after I sprayed this. And I usually just use one spray because it's enough. It lasts for a very very long time, I can still smell it after 12 hour, but the scent is kind of 'melts' into my skin and it produced a unique fragrance.


          This has beenmy #1 for over a decade. I smelled it on a friend's luggage in my very early 20s and fell in love. It is perfect.

          When sprayed, I immediately get the patchouli and rose notes, followed by vanilla and ylang ylang. It dries down to a crisp and clean yet somehow dirty sexy scent at the same time. One of those scents that just "is". It's its own scent and after awhile I can't even discern the individual notes. It will last through a whole day and stick around on pillows, scarves, etc. for days or maybe even weeks afterward.

          A little bit goes a long way, so a bottle will normally last me several years and it makes me not mind the price tag so much. But as others have said, this is the one scent that I will buy with little regard to the price to begin with.

          Alas, another fabulous perfume that has fallen victim to its own popularity! I wish I had smelled this when it first came out, not because the current formulation has changed from the original, but because I see why people might call this "generic". When I smell Coco Mademoiselle, I get a deep, shimmering orange-patch-rose gem with highlights of bergamot, neroli, and mimosa, and lowlights of vanilla, tonka, and musk. For me, CM never gets too sweet or too sharp; it’s certainly not a sugary gourmand or a strident citrus-floral. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Chanel with better lasting power and projection (and that's saying something). It's only surpassed in those criteria by the original Coco, which I find outmoded and clumsy in comparison (you can read my review of it). I haven't smelled the Intense or Noir versions; the former seemed too vanillic and sweet, the latter too rosy and soft. I wanted the sparkling freshness promised by the original, and boy, did it deliver! Juicy, pretty, cheerful, and just a little cheeky. If you don't like the austere but luscious elegance of No. 5 or the green, reserved poignancy of No. 19, Coco Mademoiselle may be for you. It's one of the most versatile of the house in terms of season and gender, but I'd say this works slightly better on a younger person, for daytime wear, and for more casual occasions. And as I mentioned, this fragrance has been imitated by so many other brands that now many things smell "like" Coco Mademoiselle, even in a synthetic, cheap, astringent way. So if you try CM and are put off by how it reminds you of some chemical body spray from B&BW, wait a minute. Let that first spritz dry and warm and meld with your body chemistry. Then sniff again. You'll find that it blooms and radiates its notes in perfect harmony. And you'll definitely get compliments. ;)