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          Euphoria Calvin Klein for women

          main accords

          fresh spicy

          Perfume rating 3.85 out of 5 with 15,451 votes

          Euphoria by Calvin Klein is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Euphoria was launched in 2005. Euphoria was created by Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. Top notes are Pomegranate, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Persimmon, Peach and Green Notes; middle notes are Orchid, Lotus and Champaca; base notes are Mahogany, Amber, Musk, Violet, Patchouli and Vanilla. This perfume is the winner of award FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Women`s Luxe 2006.

          Exotic floral-fruity fragrance Euphoria was launched in 2005. The fragrance is luminous and luscious like fruits notes of which are captured in it. Euphoria is mysterious and appealing like dark exotic flowers. It invites you to enjoy in joys of life. The main notes are rose hip, Japanese apple, green leaves, Lotus, black orchid, red woods, black violet and amber. Euphoria was created by Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong in 2005.
          New limited edition Euphoria Crystalline 2007.

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          This is a good CK unisex scent. Unique for a man to wear.


          I was keen on this at first, it's one of those perfumes that have went from "meh" to love. At first it smells like a very sweet pomegranate, raspberry cocktail. After an hour it starts to smell musky, tart and woody, but still sweet. Deep Euphoria is my favourite, but it has been discontinued and the only nearby shop that sells it is Debenhams. So I decided to give this a try and I'm glad I did.

          It's suitable for all sorts of occasions, casual or heading out with your friends. It smells almost exactly like Imperial Leather shower gel Cotton Clouds. It reminds me of Gucci Guilty but it's sweeter.


          Sweet, tart, syrup-ish pomegranate with a touch of indistinguishable wood and not much else. A good dumb reach, smells a bit generic and very inoffensive, would do well in a non-corporate office. Not light enough for use in the heat IMO.


          why don't they make perfume like this anymore? Cant believe people are calling this outdated already just because it isnt a cloyiny sugar bomb.


          To me, this is the daytime version of Tom Ford's Black Orchid.

          Neither of these two are in any way suitable for warmer climes - they are best reserved for chilly evenings in autumn and winter. But if you like Ford's Black Orchid for its wild, unorthodox, dark, sexy side you will be very likely to love Euphoria. It's wild and fun, young and carefree, sexy and inviting - yet mysterious and aloof.

          If you have made Black Orchid your evening out signature but feel it's too heavy and prominent for daytime use, Euphoria is your daytime alternative. It's dark and sexy and androgynous and warm in the exact same ways that Black Orchid is, despite only having the orchid note in common with it.

          Sillage is not overwhelming but definitely more than simply 'moderate'. Longevity is - for an Eau de Toilette and for its price - very decent. If you can, try and get your hands on the original formulation as this has been reformulated and made more... idk, 'palatable' I guess. Less edgy and sexy and masculine in the drydown, more soft and feminine. The original formula is what I'm talking about here.


          This is warm and dark. Pretty strong so you won't have to heavily spray. It smells like a girl who's not too feminine and would only wear a t-shirt, leather jacket and jeans. It's masculine-ish so it would smell nice on guys too. Would wear this on a cold night or a late-night bike ride with a special someone.


          Extremely warm woody fragrance, very long lasting and very intense. It gives me headaches but in a good way.. perfect first date perfume.


          I am posting a review on this fragrance as I smelt it on someone in a shopping centre recently and it reminded me that I never liked this fragrance when it first came out & I still do not like it now. I find it to be very obnoxious and headache inducing :(

          I am longing to smell it on someone and actually like it because I don't enjoy disliking fragrances this much but this one is just too much for me.
          I'll give it to the creators though, they made a fragrance that was extremely popular, everyone I knew had this. It is instantly recognizable and the longevity is amazing just sadly not one I enjoy.


          Intoxicating blend of heavy woods, juicy fuit and deep floral fantasy called orchid.

          Even now, in its curent form, Euphoria is still unique among its companions on the departament store shelves. The reformulated Euphoria is tamer, with the violet note detectable, while in the original version was nowhere to be found( or my nose less trained). However, they made it easier to wear, less dense, adapted to modern sensibilities. I can also feel (more than actually smell) patchouli and I consider it to be one of the first fruitchoulis to hit the market, a taste for what's to come. None of the later fruitchoulis are as deep, as mature (read adult), as distinctive as Euphoria. Threading a fine line between deep feminity and tempting masculinity, Euphoria manages to evoke an exotic sensual vibe. It blends with my skin, the notes interplay changing with the weather or even the mood. The pomergranate adds such a juicy accord, I can feel the sweetness dripping all over my skin. The colour purple translated in scent.

          A commercial hit of the 2000s, it used to be everywhere, especially in clubs. I guess it is a talent of Ropion to have his creations adored by the masses. As in LVEB case, it is well deserved for Euphoria. It truly is exceptional.

          I Have a 2017 bottle and I am happy with the performance. Not quite beastly like before, less dense, more airy, but still Euphoria. It will last me a night out and still be there in the morning as a skin scent. I don't like to classify perfumes as sexy, but if I were to call a perfume that, it would be Euphoria.


          I tried this on card today, and the initial spray is a very very strong alcohol smell mixed with a variety of different fruits. A bit of sour, bit of citrus, a bit of fresh. When I gave the card to my sister she recoiled and said it almost made her choke the alcohol was so pungent. I got some sour-sweetness in there. Then as it it dries down it just becomes a very linear floral-woody scent. It’s quite dated in my opinion. It’s okay, but I think there are better perfumes nowadays that have achieved what Euphoria wants to be. This is obviously a review of the most recent blend of Euphoria, so if it has been reformulated as some people suspect it’s a shame.

          Alwayssmelling good

          Very dated and overdone fragrance. Not to say it's bad at all but I have no problems not revisiting this one, it had it's time.

          Mohammad Nasser

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          My beloved roommate during an extremely sweaty July in Italy wore this, like in heaps. Like, so much. It was the best summer and the best smell for it.
          I bought it a few years later for nostalgia and had a good run with it. Definitely iconic for that late 2000 - early 2010s "all the fruit all at once" time.


          Such an intoxicating scent!
          I prefer more "masculine" or "spicy" scents, and this one is perfect for me. My favourite are the base notes; it starts off with a flowery opening, and then mellows down into amber and patchouli.
          It's a classic!


          I have the 2016 version, very nice but doesnt hold


          My mom's signature scent. It is so unique. Mostly woody, but also floral and kind of fruity. Very mature and seductive. Lasts for such a long time.


          This used to be a great scent. It was the signature of a person I worked with when it first came out. I tried it recently and it no longer smells the way I remember. It could be that it just didn't work with my chemistry, but I think Kitty's comment is probably more likely. This has been reformulated. It smells very woody. I only got the fruity notes on initial spray and after that it became all wood on me. It used to smell sweet and creamy, a little spicy, a little fruity, with a powdery vanilla dry down. The wood was only a note that grounded the fragrance before. Now it is a main feature and smells very masculine to me. It seems to have been striped of the nuances that made this fragrance feminine. Getting wafts of it coming off my fellow employee was a delight. The way it smells now, I think would smell better on a guy.

          Itu.sets, I respectfully disagree with your last point. If you think that only other people should smell your perfume and not yourself, that's fine. But I, (and I'm willing to bet most members of this site) wear perfumes for me. If I can not enjoy the perfume I sprayed on myself, there is no point in me wasting money on perfume. If other's get enjoyment from what I am wearing that's a plus, but my enjoyment is primary. I'm sure many of us here didn't spend 100s, 1000s, and 10s of 1000s on perfume collections that we can't smell on ourselves, or just for other people's enjoyment. I feel sorry that you don't seem to get the same enjoyment out of your perfumes that we do. Maybe you should reconsider whether you are wasting money on something, that according to you, doesn't bring you much personal satisfaction.


          Summer: Y
          Versatility: 5
          Longevity: 5
          Sillage: 5
          Uniqueness: 8
          Overall: 8


          I was really happy to get myself a bottle after many years but unfortunately there was too much peach in this perfume. It’s sad but there is nothing memorable about this perfume anymore. I remember smelling it a few years ago and the woodiness (which I guess is the Mahogany) was absolutely beautiful ...there was something about this note that gave it depth. If you happen to find an older bottle keep it! The ones they are selling now smell like distilled peach water. Luckily my aunt likes distilled peach water. Had to give it away.


          Sit back, folks, because I'm about to ruffle some of those quarantined-groomed feathers.

          This perfume ain't all it's cracked up to be.

          Once upon a time, this probably was a great perfume. It likely was that exotic, unique, dark, sexy, fruity, woody, strong perfume it's been advertised to be. Based on the bottle I have (and after one of the many reformulations this perfume is said to have undergone); it's simply not now. If you like 80% wood and 20% iris as your signature fragrance - this is for you. That's not to say it smells bad. It actually doesn't. But it's not special, and also... *ahem*... quite dated.

          It has small longevity, and NO sillage to speak of. I spray gallons of this on myself, and my husband can't smell it unless I shove my wrist under his nose. Granted, it lasts better on clothes. On clothes (particularly with copious amounts across the chest and collar), I can occasionally get whiffs of this.

          If I'm honest - this smells like CK's idea of a 50-year-old divorcee attempting to re-enter the dating game at a seedy bar.

          I think this did used to be great, but now - unfortunately - this current scent is quite boring. Calvin Klein (the company) has reformulated this to a pale version of its former glorious self.
          Euphoric... no longer.


          Kitty rating: 3/10.

          EDIT (06/09/2020):
          I threw this out last night. I can't remember the last time I willingly threw out a perfume bottle (that wasn't empty, obviously...:P )
          Also got Hubby opinion: "What...is this meant to be?"


          Very linear scent, tom ford black or velvet orchid vibe. Can’t detect any notes.


          This is 00's old-fashioned. If you were a teen/young adult/attractive lady in the 00's, this would've been your scent. For a young lady to wear this scent in 2020, it would be clear that she used her mother's perfume. I believe this will also be the fate of La Vie Est Belle in 2030: it will become old-fashioned, heavily associated with it's glory years


          I was so excited to receive the mail with several of the new perfume samples, it was a birthday week -- I sprayed about 6 different perfumes on my arms to get the first general impression and to distinguish which of the 6 worked the best with my chemistry - and lasted the longest on my skin.

          Euphoria was so introverted and wore so close to the skin that it was lagging behind the other fragrances for the first smell test. However, do NOT pre-judge this one, without giving it the undivided attention that it deserves.

          I was convinced that I couldn't really even smell this one - was making an attempt to send this one back, then one last time - did an inside elbow nook test, where this was the only fragrance that I wore - after a fresh shower.

          This blends incredibly well with my pH and body chemistry.
          This is why it is important to wear this after a shower - and to just wear this alone, without another perfume competing for attention.


          Euphoria is in the same realm with one of my other favorite perfumes which is Poison, the original tempting berry sensation that became almost a fragrance cliche' in the 1980's. It was so ultra popular back then, that although I loved it and adored it -- I wouldn't dare wear it, because it was too distinguished -- and frankly, too many other people were drawn to and were wearing the same exact thing. And to be perfectly honest, Poison was something that I may admire from afar, but wouldn't dare wear - because I was afraid that it was too provocative to wear for certain everyday routines. It hinted at forbidden pleasures, and at that point in my life, I didn't allow myself to wear anything that was THAT blatant.

          It would be after the year 2008 that I would rediscover my love for Poison, after sampling it again at a fragrance counter. By then, the public had moved on to more "popular fragrances" and had left one of the best berries completely to itself.

          Euphoria has some similar notes to Poison. There is a forbidden sensual love chemistry happening with the ingredients in Euphoria that is alluring and completely covertly "naughty". These are definitely perfumes that you need to strategically wear, because otherwise - you are going to have men chasing you around like a puppy dog.

          The bottle design matches the mood of the perfume juice. It is sensuous, sultry, with a forbidden like quality to it. It is definitely registering in the dark purple berry family of colors. The bottle is salacious, it has a quality about it that lets you know that the marketing team was striving for instant sex appeal. If you've studied subliminal psychology in advertising and art, where even ice cubes are manipulated with photoshop to send more provocative messages - you are certainly going to read more into this bottle than most people would. This bottle design could definitely be used as a great example of phallic symbols used in marketing. It is pretty blatant, isn't it? Please, don't tell me that you think I have a dirty mind! Didn't YOU pick up on this too? LOL...

          The name Euphoria?
          I like this name - but I don't feel that this name really matches the fragrance juice and the vibes that I get from the whole presentation of the bottle.
          This fragrance is Salacious! Isn't it? It is Sensual... not so much Euphoric.

          I would expect a higher register soprano to be named something like "Euphoria"... something maybe along the lines of David Yurman's original gold bottle edition, which bubbles like champagne.

          Euphoria, I sprayed this first on my arm - and it wears mysteriously, deep and lower register like a base note chord -- it is much more introverted than Narcisso Rodriquez for Her. This blends into my skin, almost as if I had applied an oil, rather than spraying a perfume. This wears extremely close to the skin. I agree with the review that said this is "faint and fades too quickly". If you are someone that likes more presence and silage with your perfumes, this may be such a light scent that you will have the same experience.

          Reviews have said that this is a STRONG fragrance, but this is wearing so close to the skin - that I can barely smell it.
          Does anyone else have this type of impression of Euphoria?

          I have Narcisso Rodriquez for Her - which is one of the most introverted scents that I own. It wears extremely close to the skin, the silage appears to be only out a few inches from the skin. I love this one because shortly after spraying, the musk scents appear and I notice this intoxicating aroma that draws a ton of compliments. I LOVE THIS Fragrance!

          I have Imari Elixir by Avon, which is also a lower register type base note chord that ranges through a lower alto level -- with blackberries and dark juicy berries... it projects in a way where it is much more extroverted, very like that of the silage of the classic 1980's fragrances. Imari Elixir has the similar notes as Euphoria, but makes a much louder statement... the silage of Elixir projects several feet away from me. If you are one of the people who truly LOVE Euphoria, you'll really want to try Elixir by Avon. I LOVE THIS Fragrance too! So many compliments on this, non-stop!

          I'm tempted to send Euphoria back because it doesn't even appear strong enough to project. Does anyone else have this type of issue? Did I get a bad batch - or does it literally wear THIS CLOSE to the skin?

          A few other people have given hints in their reviews that this perfume has undergone changes since first introduced. Many have stated that this is no longer the same strength as what they first remembered this fragrance being - when they first tried it.

          One person mentioned that you could become "nose blind" to this - that you spray this then it absorbs so quickly into the skin that you no longer can detect the silage or strength. I am having trouble even smelling this 30 minutes after I spray this. -- This sometimes happens to fragrances that I have worn as a signature for a number of years, where I can no longer even smell the fragrance on my own skin, but constantly receive compliments on it - because other people definitely can smell it.


          I was going to send this back, but took a warm shower - which opened up the fragrance quite a bit. This may be the way to wear it. Spray it, then take a shower about 30 minutes later. It seems to really open up the floral register notes - and berries. It projects much better after steeping like tea in the shower!


          Imari Seduction by Avon is quite similar (in the same family with Poison, a dark juicy berry)...Imari Seduction goes on the skin slightly softer, almost as if using the damper peddle with piano... slightly hushed and muffled, but has great silage and lasts for hours. Euphoria starts much more bright and clear - and wears much stronger in the first 30 minutes of wear...then melts into the skin with much tighter silage, almost undetectable.

          30 - 40 minutes of wear - and Euphoria begins to match the softness of Agon's Imari Seduction. It would take a very discerning nose to be able to discern these two from each other after about an hour of wear. They are very close to being exact dupes into an hour of wear.


          Strong and fruity. Very rich. This would be terrific on a man too. I was lucky to find vintage samples and it's good stuff. Autumn would be the ideal time to wear this with a chill in the air.


          This perfume is a perfect example of the deep fruity scents of the early 2000s. It is floral and woody enough to balance the fruit which makes it fun and an all around good scent. I can see this being worn year round. I have the new formulation and don't think it is very strong. It lasts about 6-7 hours on the skin. Great multi-purpose inexpensive perfume and for me lots of great memories.


          This smells quite exotic in warm weather, it smells to me like pomegranate or papaya and nougat (those pink chewy bars with nuts inside) it's fruity but it's toned down by the woodsy note which creates that nougat smell.
          In cold weather it's slightly sharper but generally smells the same. I really think this is an all weather scent although most people say it's for the winter I have to disagree. I like this a lot


          I have repurchased Euphoria so many times as it is one of the best Calvin Klein fragrances and yet every time I buy a new one it always smells different. The one I currently own is a lot more woody even in the opening and comes across a little more unisex than usual whereas previous formulations, the fruity pomegranate note is the star of the show as it blends perfectly with the woody notes. The beauty and quality that made Euphoria the dark horse of Calvin Klein fragrances is starting to fade in my opinion which is a shame because this Fragrance back in the day was timeless and stunning and I would get compliments when I would wearing. People would stop and look back when I walked past when I wore this fragrance. Now the scent is different and the impact just isn’t the same. the one I have now does last a lot longer than the one I had previously (eventually decluttered that one, wasn’t even worth having in my collection!) but I do have to overspray to get that effect.


          It has been reformulate more than once over the years, I have always loved it. The original version was very strong, certainly not an office scent and best worn at night or on cold days. The current version is not nearly so strong the sillage is certainly a lot lot weaker than the original but that is what I love about it, it smells the same as it always did, it still has good longevity with the added bonus I can wear one of my favourite perfume any time of day, any time of the year with confidence knowing that I am not going to suffocate everyone around me in a Euphoria bubble!!


          This is one of my favorites scents. It has a very mysterious, sexy yet creamy fragrance. Black orchid, amber and patchouli are the notes that I feel the most on my skin.
          Although I recommend using it only in colder days, otherwise it can get a little cloying. It lasts a long time on my skin and have a good sillage. Definitely a keeper for me!


          Has this been changed? I had a sample sometime around 2010 that I didn't use until recently and it's stunning! But I bought a bottle and it smells like a spicy vanilla mess...

          (I'll write a proper review eventually, I promise!)


          Euphoria has been one of my favorite scents for a long time. On my skin it smells a bit fruity and woodsy. It makes me think of the first few days of autumn when there is a distinct crispness to the air but it there is a faint sweet lingering of summer. I find this scent to be incredibly wearable in any season and any setting. I used to have the Euphoria body lotion as well and when I layered the lotion and the perfume it had amazing lasting power. This will always be a special scent to me and I know I will always have it in my perfume collection.


          I'm with bluejellyfish444, deadxxxmoon, and S4r4 it smells like it's been reformulated to be more generic, non-offensive, and lighter. Based on the sample I had, it's a pass for me. Interested in seeing if I could ever get my hands on whatever it used to be, because the description sounds delightful but it's not in this bottle anymore.


          It’s pretty. Dark, rich, Very sweet. I’d say definitely cold weather fragrance. Heavy in fruity and patchouli


          Reminds me of D&G The One for men. Might be to masculine but it's a nice alternative for Opium YSL and this league. Affordable price give it a try.


          this is a great fragrance i use to wear eternity and still do but this has great performance, smells very nice. i like it as a everyday scent but spray lighter in high heat or its too strong. the price is reasonable too. the bottle is unique as well..i would recommend this perfume.


          The best Calvin Klein fragances′ season were the glorious 80s Saddly in the 3rd milleniun C.K. only makes flankers and generics as Armani, Paco Rabanne, Ralph Lauren... all of them complete forgotten them iconic creations and them special style. But Euphoria has this particular and out of common vein as Obsession for example: a magnetice force field. I totaly agree with @XoXoL.o.V.e with it sounds masculine, for me in the Prada Amber Pour Homme, or BY D&G or may be Champs Ellyses for men ... Resinous and balsamic, but rough; earthy and spicy too . Wonderfull bottle! Euphoria rescues the Calvin Klein′s spirit from the 80s


          Has this been reformulated? I tested it recently and couldn't smell any of the notes listed here except for patchouli.


          I think Euphoria has recently been formulated because it smells so generic now.
          It's very sweet and fruity; safe scent. Not woody (enough imo,) timeless or as striking as I remember it.


          I whore this perfume from the moment it came out in 2005 and for around 3 years after that... I craved it recently and had the opportunity to try Tender from La Rive wich is supposed to be an exact dupe, and I was so disappointed! It was so not what Euphoria was about in my memory!

          I bought a tester from Euphoria, and now I understand why people think Tender is a dupe! I dont know when, but Euphoria has definately been reformulated since I was wearing it! It's unfortunately not the same at all! Especially the opening, it is now so generic! The dry down is still a little similar to what it was, but it was not my favorite part, so this one is a no from me now! Such a beautiful scent that has been ruined, it makes me sad that I will never be able to smell it again! ??



          My hubby really likes this so it's one of my "special" scents. :)

          It's good! Really....good!

          Happy sniffing everyone!


          I really LOVE the opening, you can really smell the pomegranate and chocolate, it’s incredible!

          Although very quickly the pomegranate disappears, I wish it would last longer as it adds such a beautiful dimension!


          Love love love.


          I keep trying Euphoria, because it's made with so many things I love--pomegranate, passionfruit, patchouli and violet, mahogany--but they're all swallowed up by the amber and musk in a way that sours my throat.

          I liked the candle in the store, but at home it haunted my house and made me edgy.


          This smells strangely familiar, and much like the 90s. I would have thought it was released a lot earlier than 2005. Although it's spicy it has a cold edge to it - a little bit fresh and rather aloof. On skin I get red fruits to begin with, then woody florals and a slight hint of green. It's perfectly non offensive, but not very exciting. The packaging fits the scent much better than the name, it's a pleasant purpley metallic scent, but certainly not euphoric.


          Cold winter day in canada. I was in grade 5 when this fragrance came out. 2005. I am now 24 almost 25 next month. A woman walked by me and was wearing this and i was shocked. i ran up to the lady and asked her what she was wearing. Keep in mind i am a boy in grade 5 asking an older woman what perfume she is wearing and she is looking at me shocked. I told her she smells really good and that i wanted the perfume. She wrote down the name and yes i went and bought the perfume. Since 2005 this fragrance has been my signature scent. Yes im a male wearing a womans scent but i honestly think this is a unisex scent. Extremely sexy. It's also my moms favorite. This fragrance definitely lasts for hours on my skin.


          love this one! woody and pomegranate, a little bit sweet and spicy. in my opinion it has similar vibes to la nuit tresor. its not that they smells the same, but both of them have this deep, dark, intoxicating vibes to it. however the woody notes in euphoria is quite potent. i can see this to be a unisex fragrance. definitely worth your money!


          Really love this one and wear it when I want something different. It IS different, and I like the masculine aspect of it. It’s refined but earthy - log cabin and cashmere. I prefer it in winter and fall - in warm weather it lightens up considerably, but turns to a real cotton candy note that is too cloying for me. In cool/cold weather it stays woody with beautiful sweet (as opposed to medicinal) patchouli. I definitely think this one is under-appreciated.


          I am testing this in the summer and uhhh! It was very strong upon first spraying! Definitely huge silage.

          I can't decide if I love it or hate it. I keep catching myself sniffing at my wrist and sometimes it feels too loud, woody and sweet, but then sometimes it feels nice, smooth, velvety amber and just the right amount of woods with some vanilla...

          It's a love / hate perfume, this one, that's for sure.

          I will test it again in winter so I can judge it fairly.


          This is still one of my favourite fragrances.It must have gone through reformulation because it is not as deep as it used to be however it still very good.It is a very sexy scent even after hours of wear it leaves a sensual sweet aroma on the skin which is quite unique.Also even the biggest size can now be purchased at a very good price which is a plus.


          One of my go to perfume. Absolutely love the smell. Definitely not teeny girly perfume,for a grown up woman. Can use it as any time perfume.very versatile.

          Alces Alces

          I bought a gift set of Euphoria back in 2006 or 2007, not too long after it came out. It was still new enough that I made the purchase at an actual department store. Mainly I just wanted something new and trendy at the time since my knowledge of fragrances was limited. Euphoria was good, and I wore it regularly, but the original bottle I had leaked all over so that my bedroom and later my house basically smelled like Euphoria all the time. I threw out the leaky bottle in a move, but kept the lotion from the original gift set. Once I moved out of that house, I more or less forgot about Euphoria.

          A couple of years ago I started using the lotion again for nostalgia, and the renewed memory made me purchase a tester of Euphoria online. It was a good scent, cold weather only, and unlike anything else I had. One of Calvin Klein's current best.

          Anyway, for the past week or so I have had the flu and aches and fevers and occasional nausea, but for some reason Euphoria makes me feel better. It's strong, but comforting. I would not have expected a strong woody oriental fragrance to sit well in my current state of having a fever, but this does. I have tried wearing other things this week, but Euphoria is the only one I have been able to smell at all. Says a lot for its power!

          The Liquid Gold and Gold versions are also worth seeking out.


          The first time I tried this was in 2005 and while I don't remember the scent itself I recall the excitement I had when I smelled it.
          Fast forward to today. I tried it while shopping and this is a difficult one:
          On me it starts off very fruity but not too sweet. I think I might detect the pomegranate and the passionfruit. Soon after this it gets a deeper, softer note while maintaining the fruitiness. The amber gradually blends in with the woods and, unfortunately, starts to dominate those deeper nuances. I think I'd adore this if it had less amber and more vanilla.


          I remember trying this fragrance a long time ago and it was a beast when it came to the projection. Recently, I have bought it and from the bottle familiar intensive smell came, but as I wear it, I can hardly smell it, its like a pleasant very distant fruity/woody scent. I think it must have been reformulated, the notes don't last or project. Very safe office scent :-)


          This one’s going to be a process for me, I think. First time wearing it: pleasant, dry, mature, for use with large cozy sweaters. Second wearing: for use on formal occasions, increasingly antiseptic/medicinal. Other attempts: all the above rolled into one. I’ve been wearing much sweeter fragrances lately which might, by comparison, be highlighting the more strident medicinal qualities of Euphoria. With that in mind as well as some positive feelings initially, I’m keeping an open mind and will probably contentedly use up my bottle. But I would say not a safe blind buy.


          My favorite perfume!! Woody,floral long lasting and super sexy and very different bottle


          My favorite perfume!! Woody,floral long lasting and super sexy and very different bottle


          This one is unique. In my personal opinion Calvin Klein's fragrance line is very underrated. They may not be Tom Ford, but I do think they have some wins for sure. They may have a lot of boring, generic scents...specifically a ton of summer fragrances that just smell like citric fruit juices...but they also have a bunch of very unique, POTENT fragrances. Two examples off the top of my head are this perfume as well as "Beauty" with the silver bottle and yellow juice.

          This one is quite strong. And for a lot of women...will be too masculine. It's a sin that this wasn't advertised as unisex. It is 100% unisex. Not for women. Gentleman...there are "colognes" for men that are less masculine than this. And I mean that in a good way. This stuff is a very woody perfume with an obvious amber base and sometimes mixes to make a very "spicy" aroma. Sometimes I swear the notes combine to make a peppery accord too. But I know there is no pepper as a note. The pomegranate is there...I can tell it's there...but it's in small quantity. Adds a slight fruitiness to it but the woody spice is definitely at the forefront. I can also smell the patchouli but same deal...it's very much in the backround. Not patchouli-heavy or Earthy like Jessica Simpson's Fancy Nights.

          I really like this stuff. It shines in colder weather. I wouldn't recommend it for summer. Definitely a fall and winter perfume for me anyway. This is also a good gym scent when it's really cold out as you will smell warm and clean and it's one of the scents that doesn't get "altered" by sweating. Some scents change drastically with sweating but this one really "sticks" if you know what I mean.

          Overall...as much as I love this...I'd have to say I don't consider it blind-buy safe. This is a definite smell-before-you-purchase perfume. No doubt. It's bold. Very bold. Not for the shy or faint of heart type of personalities. Not for those who want to hide in the corner of a party. This fragrance has some real depth and character and is for those who don't mind being noticed or standing out.

          I'm going to say it one more time. This is unisex to the max. Just like Fergie's "Viva." Manufactured and advertised as "for women" but is UNDOUBTEDLY unisex and far too masculine for people who like super feminine, floral, or sweet scents. If you are one of those I recommend you try something else. This is for a woman who is comfortable with her womanhood, is daring, doesn't mind being unusual or different, and possibly even edgy.

          I love it. I really love this.

          Longevity - 5-7 hours depending on amount of sprays. And lasts 12-24 hours on clothing.

          Projection - Starts off strong but not nauseating. About...4 feet projection. Doesn't weaken for several hours.

          Overall Score - 9/10

          Tip :: For those of you who like this perfume but thinks it's slightly too masculine for you to pull off...get Nicole Richie's debut perfume in the clear bottle. That perfume is also gorgeous but is the sweeter, younger, and undoubtedly more feminine sister to Euphoria. Smells absolutely beautiful and is dirt cheap now a days.


          It smells very strong. It does dry down nice. I think this is more meant for a more mature person. It has a woodsy scent nothing sweet.


          very safe fraganamce choice, not complex, sweet and fruity and fun. Hard to imagine it being offensive to anyone’s nose. Relaxed and happy, I think it’s a good bargain buy. I like the smell and loved it when I was in high school. Great review on YT channel - Perfume Real


          One of my favourite scents...
          I had it for years and I am thinking of buying it again.
          Fresh, warm, suitable for all occasions and seasons. Love it!


          I hate it.very common and usual fragrance


          I like this fragrance which is surprising since I find it to be rather unisex (I actually find it to be a bit more masculine than feminine). I know that there is a men’s version; however, I feel that the women’s version can be worn by either sex with no issue. I find that the top & base notes pull masculine on me, which I believe may be due to the mahogany & green notes. I smell a bit of fruitiness in the top notes as well for a short bit before it fades away & becomes a masculine, slightly sweet scent. It’s not a favorite, but I do like it.

          Edit: The more I wear this, the more I like it. I think the masculine edge it has just makes it more sexy! It’s one of my favorite scents to wear to bed.


          I like it, smells like the mall.


          Very nice fragrance. Well balanced, no specific notes stand out stronger than others to me. Sweetness develops over time and lingers on the skin for hours afterward. Not particularly strong on my skin and I reapply after a few hours.


          When I was 17, I worked in a hotel cleaning rooms & there happened to be a guest that was staying multiple nights. When I went to go clean her room I was hit with a phenomenal scent, I immediately scanned the room to see if she left out her perfume bottle so I could figure out what I was smelling, and lucky for me, she did. I ended up going home and telling my mom I wanted Calvin Klein, Euphoria for Christmas that year. Fast forward a dozen or so years and I still really like this fragrance. I've found that as I get older, I'm not really a fan of the anice or amber undertones, and this does have that, but I still wear it occasionally.


          I bought this perfume after I saw a lot of compliments from YouTubers ,I didn’t like it ! Its strong and too spicy for my taste . Im wandering what should I do with the bottle Now


          A very deep, cosy scent that just made me feel good wearing it . It is a strong scent , good longevity, sensual and warm. a little bit of masculinity but overall a woman fragrance . its sophisticated and modern. good for everyday wear. I wore it in winter , it is a lovely comforting scent for cold weather. I wouldn't recommend someone blind buying this as it won't be something everyone would like or suit


          somehow reminds me of gucci rush


          This is my mom's signature fragance. I fell in love with it when I was a child and have been using it ever since. It is my "vieja confiable" for formal events. It makes a statement and lasts all night. It is very elegant, sexy and strong without being too much. For me, the most predominant about it is the woody notes but it is also very sweet (without making you feel like a walking edible candy). When I smell it I think about this sensual, strong, fearless, elegant and expensive woman. I would say Anne Hathaway's Catwoman would blow minds wearing this. Totally gives me confidence <3


          The pomegranate is very potent on this scent, its very long lasting and its not your typical fruity sweet scent, the drydown is even more beautiful. Absolutely a bomb in your nose kind of scent, can be cloying so watch out if you over spray it can be disastrous.

          Overall, a 4.2 out of a 5 for a CK fragrance. Just cant understand why this has so many flankers...!!


          Blind bought a 50 ml bottle with no regrets. A beautiful fragrance. It is so well blended that I cannot distinguish one note from another. It is this deep woody, floral, slightly sweet scent. I can say I was not looking for another patchouli scent but it doesn't stand out in this fragrance at all. I really love this one. I used 6 sprays and it has been 6 hours now. The scent is close to the skin so much so that my co-worker didn't really smell it until I walked by him to grab something off of the copy machine.

          Longevity: 6+ hours with 6 sprays on the skin
          Sillage: starts out at a few feet and then slowly pulls itself into a skin scent towards the end.
          Recommend: Most definitely
          FB Worthy: yes and it is a safe blind buy.


          This is a great (STRONG) perfume.
          It's long lasting, and delivers the notes that are listed in the description.
          The only down fall is , this CANNOT be over sprayed!
          I mean it ladies & gentlemen.
          This will choke people around you.
          I went with 4 sprays one time, it had people sneezing.
          I just knew it was Euphoria...

          The most I'd spray would be 2 :)

          It's perfect for a cold chilly night!
          Suitable for dates too.

          Smells quite sexy.

          Enjoy it with light application. ??


          When watching vids about the sexiest perfume I found this in the list but when I went to figure it out I wasn't impressed at all. It is not special one.


          I like to smell this on a lady, it's very natural, subtle and sexy scent.


          This perfume smells like Christmas to me. It is such a beautiful one! It does indeed induce an euphoria-like feeling. I do feel the woody vibe, but it is so well crafted, that I can't pick out the different notes. It is cozy, like a favorite sweater in wintertime. It is long lasting. If I spray it in the morning, I can still smell it on my clothes in the afternoon.

          In my opinion, this perfume would suit best a 30-30+ woman, confident but not flashy. It is OK for office wear, if you don't overspray it.


          According to the recent reviews Euphoria has been reformulated, and the new version isn't very good. My bottle has great performance, so it's probably the original formulation.
          E. is typical of CK frags in that it's rather intense. Not as thick as the vintage CK perfumes, E. has a strong presence. The prominent musk note gives it longevity, and there's a resemblance to Cacharel Noa's, which is also strongly musky/floral in a non-sweet way.
          E. is work safe if applied lightly, as previously stated this fragrance sticks and projects. Since there are woody notes along with the floral musk, men might want to give E. a try, the fragrance isn't sweet.
          I'm not a big fan of CK's scents, E. is the big exception. I really like to wear it, it lasts for hours but doesn't beat me into submission. There are a number of flankers available, but I'm only familiar with Deep E. Sadly, Deep E. doesn't have nearly the presence and appeal of its parent. Stick with the vintage original, it's a lovely modern fragrance.


          I wasn't sure about this at first, a bit too heady and patchouli smelling, but the dry down was delicious and I found it beautiful and sexy. I love the amber notes and the warmth of the vanilla. I would wear this, though I don't think it is the day time office scent I am looking for. I can't wait to try this again!


          This reminds me of Red Pearl, though not as heavy on the fruit. Both are sheer though and that is where I am getting that vibe. I don't like the initial spray but the dry down is very nice, though a little sweet for my taste. Fortunately, it is not a cloying sweetness. I'm not one for fruity fragrances but I think this one is very nice and very wearable anytime and anywhere. It's a non-offensive fragrance.
          Mine was produced in 2018 so I can't speak to the original though silage and longevity seem okay.


          I bought my Euphoria on the cusp of reformulation (so 3 years ago)...mine was awful watered down body mist...bought it retail and loved the scent but it is soooo weak. Don't buy the newer version, look for ones pre 2015


          According to the pyramid, this has definitely been reformulated. I loathed the original so I might try the new one. They should have given it a new page like they do with mist reformulations because all of old votes, comparisons, and descriptions make it very confusing

          Zuzuz Petalz

          All I can say is how you make me feel. Euphoria, you wrap me in a warm and sexy blanket of intoxicating amber. You are deep and complex and all your notes come together perfectly.


          Fruity. Pineapple!


          I'm remembering the first time I tried this, on first sniff it gave me a flash of Christmas! Not sure why that is since we didn't have pomegranates for the holidays, but this was a notable and unique feeling I got from it! Wish it lasted better!
          Count me as another one who's having performance problems with this one - I like what I can smell of it early on, but kind of faint and fades too quickly. Maybe I'm having trouble smelling some of the notes?


          " It is VERY synthetic-smelling on initial application, then it sits on skin for about an hour plus smelling like thin sour-berry water, reminiscent either of $1.99 berry/fruity-scented liquid soaps or hand moisturizers. After a couple of hours it's just gone. Very sad! I was never a huge fan of Euphoria, but I considered it to be the best out of CK perfume line. It was memorable, unique, deep sweet/woods'y and seductive - just like reviews say about the old version of this scent. Such a shame what happened to it!
          Who would want to spend money on it now when there are so many $15-$20 celebrity fragrances in discount stores - some of which are less synthetic-smelling and better-performing than modern-day Euphoria?"

          THIS TIMES A MILLION. Luckily I got this in a raffle and it smells CHEAP. Ugh. Who is in charge at CK? They used to have pretty awesome perfumes and now it's gone to sh*t.


          Like several recent reviews noted Euphoria was so atrociously changed by reformulation that I think it's probably just 20% of its former DNA left. It is VERY synthetic-smelling on initial application, then it sits on skin for about an hour plus smelling like thin sour-berry water, reminiscent either of $1.99 berry/fruity-scented liquid soaps or hand moisturizers. After a couple of hours it's just gone. Very sad! I was never a huge fan of Euphoria, but I considered it to be the best out of CK perfume line. It was memorable, unique, deep sweet/woods'y and seductive - just like reviews say about the old version of this scent. Such a shame what happened to it!
          I asked the SA what year exactly the reformulation took place, so I could look for old batch code #s online. But SA didn't even know the difference between the reformulation and the flankers - she started mumbling something about Deep Euphoria instead. Oh, well, what can I say?
          I'm curious to know what do execs of CK brand think about when cheapening a nice fragrance with a loyal following, like that? It's still quite high-priced considering terrible quality of it these days. Who would want to spend money on it now when there are so many $15-$20 celebrity fragrances in discount stores - some of which are less synthetic-smelling and better-performing than modern-day Euphoria?


          Has this scent been reformulated ? Does not last at all .


          I really didn't like this one much which is so wierd as I love all the notes, but then I've rarely loved a calvin klein fragrance, ever. The only one I quite like is eternity, my mum used to wear it and that was really quite pleasant. I'm still quite shocked that I didn't like it though as a few reviewers mentioned they felt the same about ck fragrances but fell in love with this. I think for a ck perfume it is pretty good compared to most of them but it sorta was just a mishmash on me and was veeeeery woody, sort of reminded me of walking into a perfume shop and smelling all the different perfumes at once with a heavy sharp wood note. It might work on other people so it's worth a try plus I haven't tried the edt yet so maybe that one might be more to my taste


          Berry and patchouli and lasts all day. Really good for winter. Cosy perfume. Love it!


          Euphoria (2005) was IMO the last of the truly distinctive, signature -worthy C. Klein fragrances. It’s complex, deep and decadent, with its sweet-tart pomegranate and clean patchouli topnotes, herbally green midnotes, and creamy woodsy base. Definitely a “fruitchouli,” and in its way kind of a modern and de-skanked version of Obsession, which was also an Oriental and also had that contrast between sweet and green notes. Lasting power is phenomenal. Euphoria rode high on the pomegranate fragrance trend of the mid-00s; perhaps it even started that trend. The ads featured sultry ladies wrapped in sheer, flowing pomegranate-hued fabrics. The metallic taco-shaped bottle with purple juice is definitely in a league of its own (even though it’s pretty unwieldy to put in your purse).


          Sorry guys, please don't hate me! This is truly awful. 100% a man's spicy aftershave on me. Really unappealing unfortunately. Have not met many CK fragrances that work for me.


          This fragrance is like a narcotic. It's intoxicating and sexy.


          I tried this yesterday and it feels too masculine for me, so not my type of scent. It gave me a terrible headache and I gave it away immediately. Longevity is excellent though, it lasted all day long and still lingers strongly on the clothes I was wearing.


          Ah Euphoria! where have you been all this time?
          I probably wouldn't have appreciated you a decade ago, but now... Heavenly!

          A blend of sweet tartness from the Pomegranate, Magical Orchid and smokey rich deep dark Mahogany!

          Ultra feminine in a mature way. And despite that I think it would work very well on men.

          I don't think I ever loved a scent that much before.

          And to my surprise, it lingers for a very long time, I keep catching whiffs till the next day, while most perfumes last no more than an hour on me.


          I was planning to get a sample of this, but today I put it on my wrist at the store and it ren=minded me Gucci Accenti-bold fragrance for mature women. Later on it developed into real masculine scent. It was Ok, nice, good, but not something I wuld own these days. Too masculine. Although I adore most of Domonique Ropion's works.


          I really like this perfume for fall and winter. It's warm and comfy, like a luxurious cashmere robe. It's definitely not girly, it screams WOMAN. It's sexy, it's sumptuous, it's sensual, it's classy. This gives me a confidence boost every time I spray it on my skin.


          I can't believe Euphoria is around since 2005, over decade, time flies fast. Few years after release I got it as Christmas present from my auntie.

          Sadly, it was too sweet and strong woody scent on my skin. The top notes were lovely fruit, but what it was later, made me feel uncomfortable.

          I asked my boyfriend, my husband now, how it feels and he was very positive. I sprayed on him just for fun and the result was intoxicating like catnip. Since then Euphoria has become my husband's favourite and that wasn't the last female perfume of my arsenal to come to his cabinet.

          On his skin Euphoria produces soapy lotus and sweet wood. I am always enjoying scent, no need to say it.


          Disclaimer: I've always been a fan of CK fragrances and especially the older ones. I've worn Escape religiously during my teens (am 32 now) and also happen to love Eternity, Beauty, Secret Obsession, CK one + Summer Editions - you get the idea. Generally speaking I feel that CK fragrances stand for classic but modern fragrances, if that makes sense. I at least see a common theme in their portfolio.

          But there are also some wild childs, some more successful than others - to this day I believe that the timing for Secret Obsession just wasn't right but it is a gorgeous scent. Actually, I might try to find another bottle of it.

          Euphoria is also one of the wild childs and funny enough didn't get much love from me when it launched. A friend of mine had it as her signature back then and it fitted her perfectly. I was more of a Tommy Girl back then and also my body chemistry and Euphoria didn't match up. But now - woody, darkly floral and creamy goodiness with a pinch of tart fruit. Heaven.
          My ex boyfriend gifted me a bottle (guys apparently love this one) and I like to wear it during winter, meaning now :) It gets better the longer you wear it and since I apparently have an older bottle sillage and longevity are impressive. The bottle is also a pice of art and looks gorgeous on my dresser. A truly unique and elegant fragrance!

          PS: In a way the trail of Euphoria slightly reminds me of a darker Coco M. - the overall feel. Like a distant cousin that, instead of finishing her studies at Harvard, decided to be a roadie for a couple of years to figure her life out. Not as prim and proper but equally beautiful.


          One of my absolute staple fragrances. SO UNIQUE! I will always have this in my collection.

          To me this is one of the few that I have that can truly work all year round. Honestly it can work In the coldest winter to the hottest summer and be suitable, in my opinion.

          The scent is a woody floral with a juicy pomegranate.

          Scent: 8/10
          Longevity: 9/10
          Sillage: 9/10


          Funny how we decide we like a fragrance that we didn’t really care for when it came out. Well I’m really enjoying it now. It’s fruity, sweet, Ambery, long lasting. I think colder weather is ideal. So it has Pomegrante! Guys seem to dig it too.


          Euphoria is really an acquired taste and it is definitely strong and more on the masculine side. However, there is something really appealing and sexy about this fragrance. It really is a woody, amber, powdery and patchouli type of fragrance. Definitely recommend this fragrance for fall/winter as it sits on the skin beautifully. 1 or 2 sprays go a long way as it is overpowering. Always get compliments from men when I wear this! Love!


          Euphoria perfume by Calvin Klein: This is a sweet woody scent
          with a bit of flowers and incense. Those are the notes that
          are prominent on me. I like this perfume a lot and it is long lasting. Another huge success for Calvin Klein,since Obssession in the eighties when I was a teen. I like that one as well. Happy Perfuming!


          I recently bought this, just in time for our first couple snowfalls. Love it! Euphoria is beautiful for winter, perfect for a date on a cold night where the air is so crisp you can see your breath, the sky is clear and the stars shine through the Milky Way.

          Euphoria is smoky upon first spray, almost like incense, with the pomegranate and orchid very present. The first half hour is intense, so spray lightly. Then it quiets down and becomes a slightly sweet, musky/woodsy skin scent - or at least I don't smell it much on myself, but I know it is still there and lasts a while. This is an alluring scent for a confident woman, it is sexy, yet cozy. Could be unisex. It doesn't feel creamy or powdery to me, more velvety or even leathery. This is what my scarf needs to smell like this winter! Gorgeous!


          this is a very smooth, floral, dewy yet warm scent. just to be descriptive: it's like a really warm foggy morning on a hillside of orchids and peaches. Muted, calm, slightly sweet. Just a moment in time captured near a blooming forest after rain. Magic in a bottle.

          Of course, I'm kind of nuts and like things to be in-your-face gourmand and sweet, so it's more of my mother's thing. But I'd definitely wear it if someone gave it to me as a gift!


          I almost fell over ! I purchased Euphoria at a store and was angry because I believed it was a fake. I was about to write a critical review of the store . Today I sampled Euphoria EDP at two stores and was in shock. It smells like fruit punch that is watery . I will never purchase this again.

          I also sampled Aromatics and Tabu out of curiosity . The Aromatics I smelled was really subdued and weak . The Tabu smelled likeCola water- unrecognizable with out reading the box. I am not making this up . Estée Lauder Beautiful smells like almost nothing . If you purchase new stock on many perfumes you are in for a shock. If you find a bottle that smells decent, it is old stock most likely ( before the new 2018 IFRA Regs ) .

          ( My new bottle of Organza Indecence has a scent that lasts less than a half hour at the most. The old bottle lasts many hours . )

          I plan to have a life with less perfume .


          I was 100% expecting this fragrance to be listed as 2 notes: smoke, and incense. How are they don’t listed at all? To me, this is not a warm fragrance, it’s a hot one and I am talking temperature. I like warm, but this is too warm. It’s so monotone, deep, and smoky. I usually like those characteristics but this is overboard.


          Euphoria edp it's just a nice perfume and that's it! Easy to wear an every day fragrance. Sillage and lasting power are average.very dilluated. Dissapointed .! My bottle is a new one made in France.I'm sure back in 2005 used to be a bomb...stronger and better.


          I remember when this first came out in 2005, at the tender age of 15 in high school. My rich friend let me borrow her bottle of Euphoria, and I thought it smelled absolutely amazing! She had all the high-end CK's, Diors and Chanels, I was lucky to have a couple body sprays! lol I waited all the way till 2012, never forgetting how awesome this perfume smelled. I saved up and bought a 100ml bottle. I was given another 100ml bottle in 2015, but I still have the older bottle. This is still one of my favourite scents. The price has dropped a lot over the years. I'm into the extremely heavy oriental spicies now, but this one will always have a place in my heart.


          Euphoria is amazing from CK... it stays longer and also gives a sultry smell. Really love it!!


          Nice perfume but that is all for me, it does smell good but I find it dry if that makes any sense it kinda smells dry I was expecting something more mouth watering and fruity but all I get is dry sharp smell


          I find its incensey drydown almost healing and definitely a mood booster. It’s such a unique and mystical scent which develops beautifully. I can’t find words to describe what a memorable fragrance Euphoria EDP is. Plus, it remains contemporary even after 13 years of its release. Well done, CK!!


          What is this wonder?
          I was hypnotized after hearing it on a woman! I was about to jump on her but she had the boyfriend (damn). I could not help but ask: "What divine aroma do you wear?" and his answer was "Euphoria di Ck". I ran in perfumery to hear it. What a phenomenal arrangement, what a graceful note! In my opinion to wear in any season! MAXIMUM SENSUALITY!
          I LOVE IT!


          My mom always bought this again and again, I quite like it. It's really pleasant and unique, I still can't forget this smell.


          Someone earlier mentioned that they were anosmic to it. I was at first, too. I was vaguely aware of a fruity scent, but couldn't have described it beyond that. I think I must have over-sprayed it as a result, because someone standing next to me started sniffing (and not in a good way.)

          After a few attempts I put it away in a drawer and forgot about it, telling myself not to blind-buy perfumes based on the notes in future.

          A month or so later I tried it again, and to my surprise there it was, in all its full-strength glory. And I love it! Deep, woody, exotic, sweet and fruity with a hint of noir about it. It makes me think of a dark-haired, dark-eyed woman who is bohemian or artistic, warm and charming, but with a little mystery to her.

          This is going to become one of my favourites for sure. So weird that I couldn't smell it straightaway!


          The first signature perfume that I used was AVON Far Away. The creamy vanilla with woody base note and even though it wasn't really long lasting, I used it for more than 4 years.

          Then one day I broke up with my boyfriend and AVON Far Away started to smell so wrong on me. I guess it was the attachment that I had with my ex because he loved the scent on me. That was 4 years ago.

          For 4 years I tried on so many perfumes to find a new signature scent. I'm a very picky and sensitive person when it comes to perfume; one wrong note can turn me away from a scent that could have made me at least better (not happier like how I did with AVON Far Away back then).

          Among the prominent ones that I tried were Daisy Marc Jacobs (too light, too soft, feeling a bit like I'm a water lily), Midnight Romance (too sweet, top notes were fine but after 30 mins I'd be itching to get the smell off my skin), Bamboo Gucci (my boss complimented it on me but after 2 months I lost interest in the serious, strong persona that Bamboo Gucci carries) and even Dior Blooming Bouquet (too freaking expensive for a scent that can't even last on me for 3 hours).

          I was so frustrated. Until one day, I saw this Calvin Klein Euphoria on sale. I was suspicious (because the reviews are too good to be true) and when I checked the notes, they are quite similar to AVON Far Away. I decided to buy it.

          God, isn't that the best decision I've ever made.

          Euphoria Calvin Klein has the creamy orchid and (slight) vanilla smell as its top notes, and just enough tang of pomegranate sweetness to it. I can smell the earthy amber when I inhale the scent on my skin deeply, with my eyes closed. The notes are not as aggressive as some people reviewed here and the fact that heads turn to look at me when I pass by people? Yes, that's the sort of attention I'm looking for.

          It doesn't have that sexy, sensual thing going on for me but when I put it on, people take me seriously. Because the scent gives out the vibes of an elegant, polite lady that can be the nicest person on earth to you, but also will give you hell if you crossed her.


          i like its odour. But it use almost every women.


          I have only tested this one on an arm and tester strip.

          I picked up on the most feminine and sexy floral notes. Which from the notes above I think it was the Orchid as I love orchids (don't own or get them often to be used to the scent but it was a familiar floral scent). The pomegranate had a nice smell to add to it.

          Sorry, I can't say too much, But I hope to own this one soon! Even though the bottle is a little lacking in beauty :o the scent is amazing.


          My new winter fragrance . I always loved it but never bought it . Now I have a 160ml bottle which will last me until the afterlife . 4 sprays is enough . It lasts and lasts .....I don't know if it's as popular as it used be . Could be easily a signature if you like sweet and woody fragrances . I am super late to this party and I am glad I tried it again . It gets a 10/10 . Calvin Klein comes out every 10 years with an amazing fragrance .


          This is SEXY . It is also SEXY . And of course, SEXY . It made a profound impact on me the first time I smelled it on a lady I knew. So much that I immediately headed to Macy’s to buy it . That was ten years ago and I still love it .

          This perfume gets compliments , and I have had multiple strangers ask me what I am wearing . I think it is the sexiest fragrance EVER and one of the most unique as well. Besides loving the scent ( original EDP ) I am grateful that CK produces some scents that LAST and have some projection , at an extremely affordable price . Obsession and Euphoria are bargains, and are more distinctive and longer lasting then some of the duds I had received from Guerlain and Dior this past year .

          I like Euphoria because it has sweet notes along with tangy cedar or patchouli ,which makes it both sweet and tart . I also find Euphoria suitable for a more formal occasion because it is sophisticated. The price these days is incredibly reasonable for such a long lasting , classy and sexy perfume. It is a quality fragrance and is not a run of the mill generic scent .

          I have been at the post office, grocery store, mall, and the doctor’s office and had strangers ask me what my perfume was because they liked it . I am no young thing, but it smells sexy on any woman. Some perfumes simply have a wow factor , and I think Euphoria has plenty of it . I think this scent is as good as any pricy niche scent because it is original , long lasting and pretty darn sexy . Spending more money does not assure one of getting a great scent


          I never care for this one. the pomegranate note doesn't do it for me.


          Perfume I bought by recommendation and I do not regret it, because they perfectly fit in my taste. They are sensual, expressive and very feminine. I like to use them for special occasions, especially since they will not disappear after a while, they will only be felt for long hours. The downside is that the bottle takes up quite a lot of space, but still it will still be on my shelf in the bathroom.


          Absolutely love this one! If you are a Bohemian at heart,free spirit, romantic and sexy, this fragrance is for you. This has been my signature scent for quite some time now and get the most complements. I think it's quite feminine and pretty!


          Uuuugh! Help, I can't get it off!

          After reading the reviews it sounded like something I would definitely like so I thought nothing of rolling it on right out of the box (ended up getting a great deal on 3 mini edp rollerballs, large bottle of the edt and the parfum gel). I'm not sure what the note is that is screeching at me from my arm but I am guessing the Rose? Good lord, immediately I felt like I couldn't breathe. I probably put on far too much?

          I will update after trying it again - the whole lot is up for trade/swap (US) if I have the same reaction. The parfum gel is still sealed in the box so I won't open that.


          I also don't get much of the much praised sweetness here.

          First spritz smells like a mild men's eau de toilette on me. Not so manly that it would disturb me, but definitely not what I usually go for when reaching for a perfume.

          Initially I get a slightly tart note (the pomegranate?) with a woody note. On dry down it develops a little bit more warmth and the flowery notes shine through a bit more, staying really close to my skin though. The woody note though is a constant on me.

          Bottom line, I can wear it, but it just doesn't wow me... on me(!).

          But I do actually like it when my husband is wearing it. Figuring it's just catching dust on my vanity, he started using it and he rocks it.


          I wish I could smell the sweetness others are getting with this one. My nose zeroed in on that strong mahogany note and would not let go, LOL! Smelled quite masculine to my nose and almost smoky/burnt. Would actually like to smell this on a man and see how it would turn out...


          I tried this in the store on a whim, and was surprised at how fruity and sweet it was. It's a sweet pomegranate. I don't think it's worth purchasing, but it's surprisingly decent and not a strong, offensive scent.


          My mom came over today and brought her bottle of Euphoria so that I can try it and....I love it! On my skin is this sweet and woody and a bit masculine but just gorgeous. Buying myself a bottle.


          Sweet, woody and wonderful. This is a stand-out Calvin Klein fragrance. It is my sister's signature and attracts many compliments. It's not the usual CK fresh vibe.
          Longevity is incredible, and as the day goes on, it almost melts into your skin.


          Euphoria has been one of my favorite smells for over a decade. But, I rarely wear it. It is quite heavy, heady, and heavy-handed. That said: it stands up to its name. It smells very sexy with its earthy and mostly musky tones. Great for when you want to feel like Eartha Kitt at her best.


          Mysterious and appealing - right words to describe it shortly. I remember having this as one of my first perfumes. It was very popular after release and none of current Calvin Klein perfumes managed to top it. There are generations with Obsession, Eternity or CK One in their memory books, and I had a chapter with Euphoria. I used to spray too much of it because I loved initial fruity notes. But it was a time when everyone was obsessed with patchouli like today they go crazy about aoud, so no one ever complained. Euphoria really smells like men perfume when you reach the middle notes, but later it gets soapy and clean with just a hint of woods. It's even difficult to describe in detail this scent because it feels like describing the scent of my own skin. I loved the fact that it smells oriental but clean.


          Like several others have alluded to, this has the generic smell of magazine sample strips, the kind where you peel back the tab to reveal what's supposed to be a specific scent, but actually smells like all the other sample strips you've smelled in magazines.

          It is pleasant enough from a distance but not one that I would love to rub my nose in. It is dark but clean with both masculine and feminine features, cool in the beginning, and all warm amber towards the end. Perhaps it's just my body chemistry, but I don't get spicy or oriental at all.

          Usually I get creative with my reviews and end up writing a scenery or really descriptive tale about the person who might wear this... my mind draws a blank with this one because it is so unappealing and bland to me. Again, doesn't smell bad or offend... but I would never stop someone wearing this to ask them what it was.

          Gigi The Fashionista

          Fragrance Review For Euphoria

          Calvin Klein

          Top Notes


          Middle Notes

          Lotus Orchid

          Middle Notes

          Violet Amber Musk Mahogany

          I picked up Euphoria at Macy's knowing as much about it before the purchase having experienced it second hand through so many girlfriends who have worn it. I was never one to follow the crowds but this perfume has grown on me. This is really not that bad. It has a rather typical fruity floral body of notes and though smells good doesn't have anything especially striking or complex. But it's beautifully formulated. The bottle is let's face it very unappealing and lackluster. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous artsy bottle. The juice inside is a dark pink similar to the color of some pink orchids that are native to South American jungles in the Amazon. I adore orchids (3rd favorite flower after heliotrope and rose). For me this is a feminine flower, an orchid, of night blooming genus. I find it more feminine than unisex as it begins and in it's middle stages. By the dry down as it fades into your skin it turns slightly woody, a tad musky and rather dark with a touch of amber. This part can be unisex but the whole thing is alluring as only a mysterious woman is alluring.

          The first spritz is pure pomegranate. Delicious fresh pomegranate, juicy and sweet. It was surprisingly sweet. Then it turns into something like a dark berry. It's quite subdued and modern but if it had been made in the 80s this would be Dior Poison with that sweet dark forest berry sweetness which develops into something else. In this case Euphoria goes from fruity berry to floral-woodsy-musk but in a very subtle and very nocturnal quiet way. It's floral heart is redolent with violet, lotus and a reigning orchid. The orchid is the main flower but it shares the limelight with a sweet purplish violet. The lotus too is present and adds a touch of exotica. All in all it's a beautiful subtle sweet safe sort of floriental. It's a good intro to both fruity florals and Orientals.

          The musk is never too strong and neither is the mahogany wood. The wood mixes with the amber which gives this perfume a longer lasting life. The scent can be worn with evening clothes but doesn't exude million dollar couture nor designer label. It's simple, casual, semi formal, a date night, a night at the club for dancing with friends or mixing and mingling with singles. It is not too mysterious nor too dark but seems to want to step a foot in that terrain. It can be pulled off by young women in their 20s and 30s. It is neither a mature fragrance nor a youthful fragrance but a kind of adult fruity floral for women who are into perfumes but have yet to become experts. This is pretty and even sexy. It's a classy sexy. Goes with a cocktail dress - black pink purple red, with high heels, either make up or natural look. Not bad at all.


          One of the very nice pomegranate fragrances out there. I still like it and I had it years ago when it was out. The only reason I have stopped repurchasing and wearing it (may sound silly and unfair to the perfume itself) is that it has become TOO POPULAR over the years, and MANY people tend to “overdose” it (it has happened with CK men’s too), on top of the fact that its sillage is already great and heavy to begin with. I have smelled this scent and the men’s version on women and men, pretty much in majority of big malls...

          Don’t take me wrong. It is still a great fragrance but I personally, for the first time, would like to smell “something else” different :) And of course, “less is more” still applies on many cases :)


          OMG I just smelled this parfum last nite and I cant understand where I were living... CK does it again, I love love this parfum... I know this is fragrance for girls but I dont care, it smells sooooooo sexy and adicttive. Good sillage and performance, besides, the price is very good. 10/10


          Thank you socorrosouza. Maybe it is the orchid note for me as well. I did not know that orchids even had a fragrance! I will try very small amounts and see if the anosmia lifts. I had the same experience with Fancy Nights and was so pleasantly surprised when i could finally smell it.It was when I started using it as a room freshener that I could finally smell it and now i wear it and love it. Hopefully Euphoria will reveal herself to me.


          Spray weekly but very softly with the smallest spray possible to try to get your nose receptors used to the accords. anosmia may lift but, again, it may not.

          Try to figure which note(s) created the anosmia, so in the future you don't buy anything that has this accord to avoid anosmia. I am anosmic to the orchid note, so I try to buy only perfumes without this note or in which the orchid has a very small part.


          Was excitedly looking forward to this. It was a blind buy online. I seem to be anosmic to this fragrance. I don't smell much of anything. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with anosmia.


          It brings me back to when I was a teenager rocking my leather jacket. Sexy scent, not a huge fan of the packaging but the performance is incredible.


          I tried this on a few years ago and thought "bleh, sharp, too mature and overwhelming!"
          So it sat on my shelf for maybe 3 years and today I decided to give it another shot.
          I don't know if my taste in fragrance has changed, if the bottle is old or maybe I had to just try it in different weather conditions.
          But this smells pretty lovely! I can see why it's such a popular fragrance.
          I love pomegranate and with the orchid it has a stronger presence, it's not juicy or fruity but rather dry from the woods.
          This stayed on my skin for maybe 4 or 5 hours and I can smell the dry down which is GORGEOUS!
          I used to have no idea what amber smells like, or what a "woody" fragrance even is, but I can smell a soft sweet-powdery type of scent which I think is the violet and amber together.
          To me, the dry down is my favorite part!


          I've found Euphoria to be a good "gift" fragrance for people who aren't perfume obsessed. It's attractive to the mass market and is a fairly safe bet as a blind gift.
          I don't wear or own it myself; I'm busily trying every niche scent I can get my hands on, but I've never had negative feedback about this one. Gift with confidence!


          I really enjoy this smell. It's deep, sweet, a bit floraly, and a bit spicy. I get some fruity, musky, woody, and vanilla notes in there. It is a very nice scent!


          similar to La Petite Robe Noire and other really good fruity frags; tart pomegranate with orchid, violet, musk, amber and some mahogany but the pomegranate and orchid reign


          This is the first rich, lush, velvety fragrance that I can wear without affecting my fragrance allergies! I absolutely adore the dry down and how long it lasts on my skin. I spray it on my wrists around 7am and reapply after lunchtime and I'm good all day. It's spicy, mysterious, super sexy and alluring. I cannot be without this scent, I love it that much!


          Very deep and juicy fragrance!

          Most of all I feel the black orchid, violet with pomegranate. The lotus note makes this fragrance a little bit lighter and watery. The mahogany base makes it very intriguing.

          I love this fragrance. It's so dark and mysterious! Its sillage is so catchy...


          Blind buy and I had high expectations of Euphoria, but... it's a bit too sweet for my taste. I'm not so sure how a sweet scent can be labeled noir or sexy, because these are surely not the thoughts that come to mind when spraying this perfume. I tend to avoid all gourmands as that category seem to be so generic and lacking individualit and depth. I will try Euphoria some more before presenting my final thoughts.


          I'm a guy and I bought this as a gift (blind buy) for my mum. It smells good but the performance is weak. The scent sticks to your skin in just under 2 hours. It won't last even if you swam in it. Projection is good for an hour or so but longevity is poor. Smells good tho. It has that delicious but not gourmand kind of vibe, It smells strong but not in an intrusive way and the dry down is sweet. I think this is what the color purple smells like. It has a mysterious classy feel to it. I really wished it lasted longer.


          Thee only appropriate thing to say about this one is - Sex in a bottle. How can anybody despise this is beyond me. Sorry not sorry.

          Flame Maiden

          This is a new one for me. I tested it and fell in love with it instantly. Florientals are my cuppa tea for sure but this has something a little different. It's night wear and sultry but not heavy in my opinion. I like all the stages of it on me. It has many facets to it.


          Tried a spray at the counter and the perfume hits you hard! Too strong and a bit masculine. After 2 hours it smelled good but then started to get stronger when it settled on my skin. Was suppose to buy it but had second thoughts since I might not be able to handle the scent. Too bad. It smells unique and a candidate for being a signature scent.

          Edit: I was able to source the 15ml version of this. It is not like what i have remembered. A bit strong and masculine at first spray, however it turns into a musky scent on me. Still on the fence for this. It is kinda growing on me now but I'm not sure if I would get the full size bottle of this. Over spraying this would 100% give me a headache. Do note that I have been using it on an airconditioned room. However I did try it on a 104+F tempterature and the heat amplified the strong and cloying scent. This is for cold or night time use for me.


          I have a lot of love for Calvin Klein fragrances. During the 90's, I always owned something from this house. Some CK fragrances don't work for me, but most of them do.

          Euphoria is quite nice. My mother wears this one a lot. It's a very sweet orchid floral with warm musk and powdery amber. It can be intense and a little goes a long way.


          My wife really likes this cologne. I think it's OK. I find usually the women like it more than the men, which for many will be counter productive. Like many say, it's masculine. Probably would get more compliments if worn by a guy as the girls would all love the smell.

          Kimmychoo 01

          Stunning Stunning Stunning - just a well rounded fresh clean soapy scent with a spicey edginess . Utter Nose candy !
          Staying power 5/6 hr


          I’m am so trying to love this one. I simply cannot figure out if I love it or hate it! I’m trying it again today and I feel a sense of warmth and comfort coming from my skin... not sure if I’m trying too hard to enjoy it lol. I’ll have to come back for a better review when I decide. I do however love the woodiness just not sure if the sweet pomegranate is what has me guessing.


          I love this one, and intend to try the other versions to compare.
          It's a unqie scent in my opinion. Different from what I normally like. It's not quite as flowery as eternity, I think the pomegranate really evens it out and gives it a sweet tone.
          I will give a more detailed review later as unfortunately my mini bottle came open in a suitcase and now I have some white sweat pants that smell really good, so I need to get more. But I definitely recommend it!


          I really wanted to like this but there is a note that I do not like. It is very sweet and it just ...its a nice perfume but there is just this one note that is off putting :(


          My friend always smells so amazing. Sweet and super feminine but still woody and a little "noire". I asked her today and found out it was Euphoria. It projects so well on her as well. I can smell it when she walks by or when she sits next to me. She told me she only does 3 sprays;
          1 on each side of her neck and 1 under her chin. Amazing sillage! Too bad it doesn't smell the same on me.


          The best female CK perfume, hands down. Rich, creamy, complex and long lasting. One of my staples.


          When I first sprayed it I got a strong aftershave and masculine scent with some heavy sweetness on top. It was so strong; I have a sensitive nose and it almost burned my nostrils a little!
          However, once the alcohol evaporated I was left with a vanilla, patchouli, spice element. I barely get the pomegranate everyone refers to; for me, I would say I do get a slight fruity smell but more deep, like a fig or a plum. Very nice oriental perfume, but a touch strong for me even after the dry down. Surprisingly, as strong as this perfume is, I didn’t smell it much after 2-3 hours; just a soft sweetness and deep floral whisper left.

          Pink Dolce Vita

          This gives me headaches. I cant wear it or smell it on others.


          Few words about this: The best woman scent in the world, sexy, woody and long lasting!


          I fall in love with this fragrance. I like orchid scent in it and it is all violet. Irresistible!


          My first reaction when I sniffed it was-heavenly,I felt nostalgic,I felt like I had smelt something similar to this but not this before..lovely pomegranate that settles into a musky note later makes me feel like a confident woman who is extremely lovable!My son tells me mumma you smell lovely when I wear this.good sillage and moderate longevity


          Euphoria literally smells like that cloud of 32084204 fragrances you walk into when you walk into the mall...and I've always wanted a perfume that encapsulated that, so I'm euphoric to have found it, I guess you can say :) It's a perfume-y perfume. Safe for wear anywhere, anytime.. a beautiful crowd-pleaser.

          This could even be a unisex fragrance as it leans masculine; woody and crisp and not super sweet even though there is a juicy pomegranate note. I also get sharp patchouli Angel/Angel Muse vibes even though patchouli is an unlisted note. This is strong stuff. A couple of sprays will do it...serious projection allll day.

          I also happen to love the bottle, it's highly unusual and looks great on my shelf!


          I had a original sample from 2009.
          Before any reformulation.
          Nice scent, sweet but good sweet. Comparing to scents that are currently on market that are too sweet and artificial and so toffi / chocolate way.
          In this aera a i like Euphoria,but in my personal taste it is not a match. I prefer different cathegory of perfumes.


          I tested it today because i wanted to know what all the fuss was about. On me, it is spicy,woody, cold and soapy. Not my thing and not what i would associate with the word "euphoria", but i understand why some people like it. It has a mature and a bit mysterious vibe to it. Anyway, like i said, not my thing.


          As a man, this is my favorite perfume for women.


          My favourite everyday perfume after flowbomb for special occasions
          So magic incredible long wearing
          Perfect perfume love love love it must have xx


          Since Euphoria was released, I always found the notes so intriguing and thought it was a good scent, one that I could maybe get some day when it's on sale, but I never did and I likely never will. Honestly, I'm kind of writing this review to get closure.

          I really enjoy the pomegranate note in the opening, it's very distinctive, exotic and well-made. Like many others, I get a phantom patchouli note that is even stronger than the prominent mahogany wood. The slightly aquatic lotus is also quite noticeable to my nose.
          I like about Euphoria that it's really fruity and at the same time heavy and oriental, but cooler and less sweet than similar scents, especially the typical newer fruitchoulis. It's darker and not as girly.
          But there is something missing. The creamy accord this should have (not listed on here, but everywhere else) is barely perceptible for me, it's just lingering in the background, like a faint whisper. And I think it should be stronger, to bring a little harmonic contrast to the sharp patch and woods and tart pomegranate. This perfume starts out promising and so strong I can almost taste it, but then it doesn't develope much and cause me nose fatigue. Sometimes I can't smell it anymore until I take a few deep breaths of fresh air, wait a while and try again.
          I think this is just not for me. I would like to like it more than I actually like it, if that makes any sense.


          I love the opening and dry down, but I wish it was stronger and lasted longer. I have to apply it every 2 hours for that kick start that I love.


          I never liked this scent, probably its the the bad memories along with the horrible mixture of mahogany and amber.

          White gold-mumma

          For me, way too strong and masculine at first. I thought I hated it straight away. But like every fragrance I try, I give it a chance to develop. Still sniffing my wrist 2 hours later, that same, potent "80's" smell. (I say that cos it reminds me of what every female adult smelt like when I was a child) It may suit other people but strong scents like that don't like me. Then I carried on with my day and every now and then got whiffs of pretty floral bouquet. I was not expecting it to change into a completely different fragrance. It kept playing tricks on me, I'd get a whiff, try to smell it on my wrist, and it'd disappeared. Then another whiff out of no where. Yummy and pretty. The floral kept popping its head up briefly all day. Then hours...hours!! Later I could still smell the floral if I sniffed my wrist. I knew it was notorious for being very strong so I only 'half' spritzed it! Strange one this one. I like it for the florals :)


          Euphoria beats them all, the best woody perfume so far, potent sexy and mysterious in the same time very safe, men adore it. I used to wear it for years but wanted something more original and less popular yet in the same vibe, even the fenciest didn't measure up, I had to come back to it. The only downside is that it massively worn out there which ruins a little bit the "mysterious" side.


          I have Euphoria for a long time and I can't waste it. It is by no means a bad perfume, but on my skin it is infrequent. It's not my perfume. An interesting idea, but not well realized. And I HATE the bottle.


          It has very strong woody and lotus scent but not to the level where it irritates you. It's not a safe scent to blind buy if you can't tolerate woody scents


          Definitely get pomegranate and orchid from the first spray. I almost feel like patchouli is in this, but it isn't listed as a note. It's very strong at first.

          Then, comes out the mahogany which might be my favorite part about it. It's not exactly completely girly, which I appreciate, but has an edge to it. Definitely see how this is fitting for night life. At the same time, however, it is also a great cuddly perfume during the cooler seasons.

          I don't find this to be creamy, however, but like pomegranates, orchid, and wood. I think maybe the mahogany tricks me into thinking patchouli is in this. P.S.) Patchouli oil or patchouli-dominated fragrances smell amazing with this. I layered it with Rihanna's Rogue and found that they work great together.


          I can't believe Euphoria has been out for so long and I've just sampled it in 2017!
          I've been missing out!

          A sexy and sensuous orchid creaminees that envelopes you. A cacoon of exotic spicy fruity florals done right. The musky dry down is wonderful and lasts around you all day.


          Euphoria is a very sexy and romantic sort of a sent. The pomegranate in the opening smells quite synthetic and I'n not much for it, but after about 30 minutes Euphoria turns into this woody - orchid - amber scent that is very seductive and sexy but also comforting. The lasting power is great, it lasts me easily 8 hours and the sillage is good. It's not suitable for office wear or daytime at all in hot weather, it's way too strong and too sexy for that and could easily become overpowering when it's hot.
          It's the perfect fragrance for an evening date, having cocktails out with your friends or a cold winter day.


          Such a gorgeous, intriguing, promising takeoff it has.... and what a nasty, synthetic drydown.

          Call this the "Tom Ford/Avon" malaise: Gorgeous head, synthetic base. Which, for me, places it no higher than the Britney Spears/Faith Hill drugstore category. Nowadays, SECRET deodorant and RENUZIT are using those same aromachemicals, so there's THAT.

          Sniff some SHALIMAR, MY SIN, FRACAS or ARPèGE... and notice how the drydown is just as luscious, swoony as the takeoff. It's in the basenotes that a perfume reveals her costliness, heft, swank and gravitas. No way around that.


          Total sitting in front of a fire place in dead winter, with a glass of red wine in your hand, wearing your favorite cashmere cardigan and a black lace nighty. Its sexy/sensual and comfy/cozy. Perfect date night or winter fragrance.


          COMBO TIP: Calvin Klein's Euphoria all over and a spritz of Dior's Miss Cherie at neck and arms. Miss Cherie brightens Euphoria up, just a little.


          I've had my bottle since its launch. Its now Nov. 2017. I NEVER wear it. NEVER. I was searching the net for ideas for a new fall fragrance and Euphoria was mentioned in several articles. I am a Tom Ford fan and wanted a Noir de Noir kind of fragrance. Revisited my full bottle of Euphoria and I am pleased. It is fitting the bill. Its dark and cozy. Its casual and comfortable. It is perfect for these cooler weathered days and I didn't have to plunk down $200+ for it. Its not as rich smelling or as sophisticated as my Tom Ford picks, Velvet Orchid, Black Orchid, Noir de Noir, White Suede, Tobacco Vanille, but that's OK. Sometimes you want to smell good and not bring out the big guns!

          Eau de Nikita

          I admit I am late to the Euphoria party. It's 2017 and I still haven't gotten a bottle! I would encounter this stuff everywhere smelled some paper samples and smelled on a woman and wasn't impressed. It wasn't until Christmas two years ago when my friend received this as a gift from boyfriend. I felt like this deep rich mahogany sophisticated scent was not her type as she usually goes for pink Paris hilton-ish juicy cotoure-ish type scents modern muse-ish type scents and I thought it was too masculine in her. So as I had always hated Euphoria but never tested it on myself. So as I was sitting in her car I snuck a spray. I sprayed myself and was like WAIT...this suits me. This smells good on me. No unsettling flower or girlish notes just a deep rich sexy sophisticated smell Oriental and maroon. Also I remembered a Dollar Tree body spray called Extreme Happiness. Low and behold it is a dupe of Euphoria so picked that one up as I was being cheap. But I feel I am ready for my Euphoria as well as the Euphoria deep. I wonder what took me so long to investigate this fragrance. Probably because it was a women marketed perfume and not my choice for a lady but for me! Also this is my journey to finally purchasing Euphoria and I feel like I have cheated myself all these years not having it and criticizing it without trying it in my skin


          This is one perfume you most definitely don’t want to over spray because this one is STRONG(!) One spray (two tops) and distribute to pulse points is enough. Any more and you’ll be giving yourself and others a headache.

          This starts out with a loud blast of pomegranate and persimmon that immediately goes into orchid and the base notes. It seemed the mahogany came in along with the orchid actually. Later, it dries down to a mahogany musky scent, slightly powdery from the violet, with a little sweetness from the orchid that still remains.

          This lasts for ages and sillage can be huge if you’re someone who is very warm-natured. That why I said to not overspray. This can be a room killer if you’re not careful. In moderation, this is a beautiful and mysterious scent that leaves a lasting impression. I don’t suggest wearing this eau de parfum version in summer heat. This is much too strong. I have not tried the eau de toilette version to know how that is. If you’re someone who wears musks very well, this might be absolutely gorgeous on you.

          This is definitely a “try before you buy” type of scent.


          I love pomegranate. Not in this. This is very cloying and smells like something even my grandmother wouldn't wear. This should be unisex. Not a fan.


          Oh, this one is strong, woody and with some masculine notes. The florals smell somewhat intoxicating. I love this smell, it differs from the mainstream-florals and it can not be mistaken for any other scent.

          It is perfect to wear on the bare skin, with dark, laced underwear and only then get clothed. Like hidden sexiness under all your clothing layers, only people, who come very close can smell this scent. This makes me feel confident and feminine.

          I will also get a couple of flankers to use them as crowd-pleasers, like Euphoria Blossom or Endless Euphoria. But this one I will always keep to treat myself.


          This smells SO GOOD. It starts off very fruity and just a little tart, then slides into this wood/musk/clean floral scent. It's definitely sexy but in a casual, dressed down way. It makes me feel like I could actually be the kind of woman who can throw on a pair of jeans, a white tee, cute heels and dash out of the house looking effortlessly cool and sexy. Why, yes, I *do* wake up looking like this!

          (I actually spent all day in sweat pants and flip flops. Hey, it's not magic, it just feels like it!)


          I completely agree with gabbi4god (the review that immediately preceded mine) and kind of have nothing to add to that as her assessment is spot-on. I really, really appreciate that deep, dark wood note which gives this one such depth and something of a dark 'edge' to it, in only the best way.
          I just applied this, having received my box of swap goodies in the mail from a friend, and intend to return for a more thorough, in depth review. So far, however, it's a good, strong LIKE.

          Edit: This is becoming more haunting and addictive; I find myself needing to smell this at least once per every approximate 24-hours regardless of what I'm wearing. No wonder Euphoria is so prevalent/ popular! There's an addictive quality to it that I attribute to the presence of the deep, earthy woods present here. Overall, a brilliant, well-done composition with better than average performance on all levels. A good, solid minimum 8 of 10.


          Very deep and sophisticated. Good strong fragrance. I felt at one time it was too mature but I have rethought that and actually love it. It feels a bit masculine but in a good way, a powerful way! I do smell a powdery wood smell. I think this one is perfect for fall and winter.

          Need to try the others now!


          Literally euphoric on the first spray. I could never mistaken this perfume with anything else. Euphoria has very intoxicating high pitched fruity top notes mixed with lotus. Later it surprises because from something loud instantly turns to soft soapy, I could swear there's magnolia. And the base notes are again another story - musky woody male cologne. There's combination of 3 different types of perfumes without blending, so I could recommend only for someone who likes complicated characteristic oriental perfumes. Also it must be tested, because there's risk you will be left with flat manly cologne since the first spray.


          On another site I found these notes. Is this a
          different Euphoria or has the notes on this
          perfume got a bit mixed up?

          Pomegranate, Persimmon, "Lush Green Accord"

          Lotus Blossom, Champaca Flower, Black Orchid

          Liquid Amber, Black Violet, Cream Accord, Mahogany Wood


          This is one of the first fragrances I fell in love with more than a decade ago, and the closest I've had to a "signature". I'm probably on my 3rd large bottle over the years. Its deep and romantic, confident and sexy, pretty and classic. A little does go a long way!


          Initially, Euphoria smells like a body spray from the 90s. It has a very light clean smell that was typical of the glitter gel and body splashes of the time. On me, the lotus and orchid come through the strongest, along with the pomegranate. Towards the end, this fragrance is faint, sweet flowers. I do not get much other complexity and prefer Deep Euphoria's depth. This one is safe (but not generic). Pretty average, in my opinion.


          I loved so much that I bought extra bottle because I can not live with out it


          Elegant, misterious and not only for night-time. It openes fresh and shortly with pomegranate and flowers I cannot distinguish, the drydown is, like someone already said: leathery, ebony woody and musky. It isn't too loud, it's not cloying and it isn't too sweet.
          It is not the usual sexiness, I think more of a young beautiful and confident woman, very aware of her value.
          Longevity: over 8 hours
          Silage: at least 1m in the first 4 hours
          Drydown stays linear as described right after the first 30 minutes flowery blast.


          A very well done, inexpensive fragrance. The direction Euphoria goes is straightforward and decisive. It doesn't dally around trying to figure out what it's supposed to be, and that's a sexy, elegant, red berry/fruit perfume securely grounded in woody freshness that borders on creamy. This is a good choice for someone who wants to explore man-eater perfumes.

          EDIT: I'm surprised at how many people feel this one is masculine! To me this is ultra femme. It's obviously a dark, night time fragrance with a bit of an edge to it on account of the wood, but that sweet pomegranate is so devilishly womanly. Euphoria reminds me of succubi, in all the best ways.


          I finally got my hands on a 100ml bottle of this fragrance and I love it! Exotic fruits, rich black orchid, and sensual woods turn this fragrance into a captivating elixir. Extremely long wearing, I still smell this after I shower in the evening into the next morning. One of the best orientals I have used in a long time. I am not a fan of very strong scents, more creamy and warm does it for me, but this fragrance really stands out against most bold scents. It's bold, but very wearable. Euphoria can easily be transitioned from day to night, and perfect for date night/ a night at the club. LBD, high heels, red lips, and a dazzle of euphoria is all you need. I highly recommend! x


          Very sweet throughout !also find this to be a creamy floral scent ,also when selling this to customers it's a marmite fragrance (love or hate) as it has caused headaches with some customers due its sharp opening


          I first smelled CK Euphoria on my mother. We were on our family vacation in New Orleans Louisiana and everyone was getting ready to go out on Bourbon Street. I smelled the most exquisite scent and looked over just in time to see my mom putting a small rollerball in her makeup bag. I asked her what it was and she said, "I bought it at WalMart. Euphoria." I distinctly remember smelling CK Euphoria throughout the night watching my Mom have the time of her life: dancing at a club with huge chandeliers in the gay district, eating seafood and gumbo in an old restaurant, drinking coffee and eating beignets at Cafe de Monde, and while talking to a police officer about public nudity when it was only acceptable during Mardi Gras (lol...she still kept the beads). I enjoy wearing this from time to time. It always reminds me of her. Such a fun and beautiful person! Identical to the fragrance.


          Euphoria is such a lovely fragrance and my introduction to the CK Euphoria line, of which I own two more as of this day (Forbidden and Liquid Gold, and that says a lot!) This is so dreamy, as soon as I applied it I sighed with delight. The sweetness is just so well integrated in the woody aspect of it that I can't help but love it. And it has the oompf that I need to feel great. I am not a woman that likes subtle frags too much. I am out there, a total extrovert, and I appreciate frag that fit to my personality. Euphoria is striking, not in a sexy or alluring way like for example Obsession, but Euphoria is a lady that demands your attention nevertheless, is super feminine and flirty. Really a great fragrance, and I intend to try more of this particular line, and if I am lucky, I don't like the others as much as I like the ones I own, because my perfume addiction starts to become quite costly. :)


          To me this is one of Calvin Klein's best fragrances. Best worn in the evening, this is a grown woman's perfume. Sultry,erotic and seductive. It comes on strong at first with amber,dark flowers and musky sweetness. A beautiful potion.


          Deep rich nice but typical. This is an average fragrance that could be confused with dozens. Strange inconvenient bottle.
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