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          Burberry Her Burberry for women

          Burberry Her Burberry for women

          main accords

          Perfume rating 3.70 out of 5 with 2,065 votes

          Burberry Her by Burberry is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Burberry Her was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian. Top notes are Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Sour Cherry, Black Currant, Mandarin Orange and Lemon; middle notes are Violet and Jasmine; base notes are Musk, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Cashmeran, Woody Notes, Amber and Patchouli.

          Burberry Her, a new pillar fragrance for the house, comes out in October 2018 and is the first one whose packaging is marked with the new logo.

          Burberry Her is designed to capture the youthful spirit of the city of London, the creative and eclectic metropolis; a spirit that is lively, adventurous and brave. It is made for those women who feel Londoners at heart. The composition is signed by Francis Kurkdjian as his interpretation of a floral-fruity theme with gourmand undertones. Crushed berry fruit from the top is combined with middle notes of violet and jasmine, based on woods and amber.

          "Her Eau de Parfum by Burberry is unique because it is a memorable signature. To achieve that, you need a strong accord, an olfactory story that translates your vision. ?The combination of these sunburst berries and British spirit blended with the ambery musky accord brings this very unique signature. You can immediately recognize when someone is wearing it. It is a signature scent." - Francis Kurkdjian

          The face of perfume is model Cara Delavigne, representing her home city. Burberry Her is available as a 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.


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          Top Notes

          Sour Cherry
          Black Currant
          Mandarin Orange

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          Perfume longevity: 3.50 out of 5.

          Perfume sillage: 2.74 out of 4.

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          In all honesty I hated this fragrance at first. It was a present for my daughter since she really liked it. I thought it was interesting at first with the strawberry oakmoss combo, but I got too much patchouli in the dry down. The patch never seemed to fade from clothing, it lingered for days. But something happened. I don't get so much patch in the dry down anymore, if any. If it's my nose or if it is a chemistry change, - I don't know. Now I mostly get strawberry and the base notes. The parfume turned into a big love. I now absolutely adore this delicious strawberry milkshake scent with an (oakmoss) twist and I inhereted my daughters third bottle.


          I received a Sephora sample of Her, put it in my sample drawer, and promptly forgot it.

          I finally ordered a decant of Baccarat Rouge and was reading reviews in anticipation. Many pointed out a similarity to Her, which caused me to remember my sample. I tried it on and was blown away. Wonderful! I think I’ve found my next fragrance purchase. (Especially since I probably don’t want to pay the high price of BR540.)

          Her starts out with a marvelous cotton candy scent, which kind of reminds me of those candy necklaces of my childhood, but in the best way. The scent quickly becomes ripe, sugared raspberries. Soon they bloom into florals, which are mixed amongst the berries like a Lifetime snow scene. Then it ends with lovely burnt caramel. The only woodiness I get is very slight and at the very end, when you may want to respray. On me, it lasts about 5 hours. Sillage is barely there but my sample is not a spray and I was careful dabbing it, since I don’t yet have much.

          It is sweet but in a charming way, and I certainly fell in love. I haven’t liked a fragrance this much since Mon Guerlain came out. (Not that they are in any way similar.)

          Burberry seems to be good with fruits, although I’ve not smelled many in the line. I thought Burberry Black with its boozy peach was also a lovely fragrance, and bought a rollerball of that. This one though, deserves a bottle.

          I seem to have moved from florals to gourmands in my old age. I wore heavy animalic white florals in my 20s (and am still fond of them) and in my 60s go for Cotten Candy. It’s a terrible myth that fragrance has an age, or that if one smells something they don’t like it’s a “grandma” smell.(which is different that something reminding you of your own grandmother.) For all who say that-it is your ignorance of fragrance notes and what appeals to you as well as a lack of descriptive terms that lead to this meaningless phrasing. There is no Grandma accord, although that would be funny for an indie perfumer to come up with!

          A good fragrance is ageless and can smell good on anybody, crows feet or not.

          Rant over. I hope BR540 isn’t worlds better than Her or my wallet will suffer because one or the other is going in my collection. This is beautiful. And I’ll probably stop into Ulta and spritz a bit of Cloud for comparisons sake, although I sure don’t want that ugly bottle on my shelf!


          EDIT: After a few more days of wearing this perfume, I get a lot more strawberry now. I think maybe I was just somehow anosmic to it at first? It's not a fresh strawberry but a warm kind of strawberry syrup note. Also I've rapidly become obsessed with this perfume - something about the juxtaposition of fruit, warm sweetness, and mossy woods is addictive!

          I've had my eye on this one for a while and finally got to test it - From the reviews I envisioned a bright, fluffy strawberry with some woody notes in the base - along the lines of Montale Mukhallat or YSL Mon Paris. Instead, I find the amber/vanilla and woodiness to be more dominant - it's more of a warm, sweet, vaguely spicy scent with light strawberry breeze throughout. The strawberry is most pronounced in the opening, it's slightly artificial smelling and almost cough-syrupy, but in a pleasant way. As it settles, Her turns into a warm, almost gourmand kind of woodsy/spicy scent. Overall, it kind of smells like lightly-flavored strawberry frosting mixed with a splash of men's cologne.
          To me, this smells VERY similar to the original Burberry for Women fragrance, which makes sense as they share many common notes, but I had not seen discussed as thoroughly as its similarities to BR540. Her is kind of like a lighter, more feminine version of Burberry for Women, with a younger vibe and a slightly more shrill fruitiness. I've never smelled BR540, but I can see how it would be a good dupe based on what I've read, as the strawberry note that's purported to differentiate the two is not very prominent past the opening (at least to my nose). Overall I think this is a lovely scent, just a little less strawberry-forward than I expected.


          I bought this without knowing that it was a dupe for BR540. They do smell a bit similar, but this one is sweeter and better suited for warmer weather in my opinion. The berry notes in the opening are incredible; it smells like a strawberry milkshake. I find that it projects well for the first 3-4 hours and becomes more of a skin scent afterwards, which lasts all day. While it is delicious smelling, it isn't sickeningly sweet, so I think it would be appropriate for any age. Definitely worth trying if you enjoy sweet, feminine fragrances!


          It’s a very deep, warm and strawberry dominant scent. Citrusy notes freshen the sweetness up, giving the fragrance an exciting albeit puzzling energy. I’m surprised the lemon and mandarin orange don’t have more votes, because they’re clearly present every time I spray this on myself.

          It’s fruity, but then becomes grounded with the amber and cashmeran.

          I must add that this perfume is very well blended. A thorough mix of every ingredient and note listed. It’s easy to pick out your favorites and focus on them.

          I worked out and I could still smell this after, so yes longevity and sillage are top tier. I’ve gotten compliments for it, one from like 6 feet away. It’s really hard finding modern fragrances with such a performance.

          It’s quite one of a kind to be honest, which makes this one of my favorites. However if you ask me if I prefer this or Burberry Her Blossom, I would have to go with Blossom. The fresh and sweet combination in Blossom is pretty unmatched and something I admire a lot. I do feel, however, that the original Her has more going on than Blossom, which I’m sure makes it the favorable choice for many.


          It's pretty, very suitable for someone with a cute vibe going on. Smells exactly like an Ariana Grande Cloud + Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire baby.

          Only Just Me

          This is a reincarnation of SJP NYC, just more complex. And here I thought those days were over. What fun.

          Rose du soir

          I've never had a fragrance undergo a radical metamorphosis like Burberry Her on my skin.
          The opening matched the Fragrantica notes quite closely. It's a sweet but also fresh and slightly milky strawberry, halfway between fruity shampoo and strawberry syrup with milk, on a very soft woody base. A bit synthetic but also comforting and quite nice. But the opening didn't last at all. 15 minutes later, the strawberry shampoo was already gone and oakmoss hit me in the face with full force, together with patchouli and mildly animalic musk. These were the only remaining notes. They projected quite strongly, lasted two days and survived a shower.
          My skin amplifies oakmoss like crazy, to the point where this note eventually covers all others, but no perfume ever did it as fast and strongly as this one.
          Not a safe blind buy, but original and unique. Great for Spring and Fall days.


          To me, it is a nice comforting uplifting stay home scent. It is a lovely pick me up, puts a smile on my face when i spray it. Little pink bottle of happiness and comfort I need in 2020!( it is a strong like but i feel not a love)


          Oh no, this is really a no-go scent for me. I own a sample and today I decided to go on Fragrantica to check the topnotes as well as middle and base notes, because I eally wanted to know which ingredients I dislike so much...My guess is the sour cherry puts me off but the whole combinations stays absolutely wrong. Nothing to do with my body chemistry, because I just sprayed it in the air.


          Witness below hit the nail on the head with the fruity dental office. It reminds me of the strawberry-scented rubber noses they put over you as a kid before you inhale nitrous oxide. My daughter had ear tubes put in and got to keep her little face mask and it smelled like strawberry and this is exactly what it smells like. A plastic strawberry scent but lovely.


          i ignored this release because i'm not a big fan of burberry fragrances, but i finally sampled it in store and it made my eyes roll into the back of my head. it's a powerhouse on my skin. to me it smells like someone wearing a beautiful fruity perfume in a dentist office- that was my first impression when i sniffed the test strip, and became more tenacious applied on my skin and i mean that in the best possible way. it's not groundbreaking but it's still a stunner. i picked up a 100ml bottle and now i'm eager to try the flankers


          I just love that I made this purchase. There are so many levels to yhid perfume. My dry down ends with the strawberry note. I didn’t really get it at the opening but it’s definitely there at dry down and I love it. My best perfume purchase to date.


          Smells beautiful


          Berry berry good, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice <3


          If you’re buying the vial just to see the difference between this and baccarat rouge then dont! This beautiful scent is beautiful on its own. Mason Francis Kurkdijan made this for Burberry a while back and with all those notes it turned out really beautiful and girly fruity! Although I think the bottle is too simple and thats why it’s unnoticed and under rated. Kurkdijan then turns around and creates masterpiece like baccarat rouge 540. Yes its a beast! you cant compare it to anything! But Burberry her I really like! I smell strawberry and amber and woody notes. Very fresh fruits! Not ripe like D&G limperatrice but fresh. I do not smell the powder whatsoever. Burberry has other versions of her so people might mistakenly think this one has powdery notes. I love this one! Im getting a bottle


          This is very sweet, but not cloying. I think if you're not a fan of fruity or almost-too-sweet sweet scents, you'll probably want to give this one a pass. I really enjoy it, though. It's flirty and fun and young but not immature. I put on my wrists and my neck early in the morning before work. I could smell on my wrists strongly for about 7-8 hours, which is very rare for me as my skin tends to eat most fragrances. I thought it had evaporated but when I got home, about 10 hours post spray, my husband said he could still smell it very strongly on me (and he loves this fragrance). Will be buying a full bottle.


          Received a sample. Wow. Starts with jellybeans and slowly swirls into facial powder and white pepper. Musk with continued sweetness for hours. Definitely reminds me of Cloud which I wear often, but I think I’d like to have both and explore the differences over time.


          It is funny how everyone`s body chemistry is so different. I own about 50 bottles of perfumes atm and only came across a handful of perfumes that did not agree with me, this unfortunately is one of them. All I can smell on my skin is a strong woody musky fragrance :( when I tried this on a card I could smell the fruit which I love but on my skin this scent is foul to my nose.

          [email protected]

          I sampled this today in the store. I was sniffing the top of my hand on my way home and thought, wow, this is similar to Ariana Grande's Cloud. I got on here when I got home and sure enough hundreds of other reviewers agree! Here's my thoughts... I liked Cloud - but not enough to buy it. It was too masculine and unrefined. It was trying to be fluffy but it just wasn't. Too synthetic. Here comes Burberry HER. It's what Cloud isn't. It's softer. It's more well rounded. More fluffy. More refined. Less cheap. More mature...and less marshmallow. The longevity is insane. I've washed my hands several times today already and I can still smell it on the back of my hand. This fragrance is a big fluffy white blanket wrapped around a strawberry milkshake. I do get the strawberry chapstick funnily enough, but it's so strange...I totally dig it and would buy this. This is a SOFT pale pink strawberry, powdery, woody, cashmere-y, dreamy fluffy snuggle up winter fragrance. I love it. ?????


          When I was a child I had a doll called strawberry shortcake. She smelt of sweet synthetic strawberry’s and plastic. This perfume smells exactly how I remember the doll smelling, it’s uncanny. On me this settles to a skin scent in 15 minutes, it does last on my skin for quite a while but does not project at all.


          Someone else described Burberry Her as smelling like BR 540 and Strawberry Lip Smackers. I love both of those things so I blind bought this fragrance — only to discover that it also has a pretty obvious powdery accord. I strongly and categorically dislike powdery smells, so I destashed this immediately.

          If that powdery vibe wasn't present, I would enjoy this fragrance. I wear BR 540 quite a bit, and smelled the similarities between Burberry Her and BR 540 right away. I liked the berry notes - synthetic, yes, but also sheer and fresh. They aren't aggressive or syrupy. In fact, the whole composition is very airy. It hints at sweetness, but isn't overtly candied.

          I unfortunately can't comment on longevity or projection, because I had to wash this off the moment I detected the powder. But if you enjoy berries, BR 540, and powdery scents, you might enjoy this as well.


          Recently tried again and either i have or something has changed. Powder and woody notes are still evident but now the woodiness supercedes - i didnt notice that before ?
          The woodiness is a bit overpowering for me and almost verges on acrylic like at times. It is a demanding fragrance to wear, regardless of its pink associations, and i think you need to be young - ish and resilient or made of stone. Well, it is a "HER" with all nuances for HER, after all !
          I still like it, though it doesnt seem as well crafted as when i first experienced it - maybe its a little coarser to me now ?
          You still get the crushed strawberry life saver candy - milkshake element included in the deal, but there is also a persistent WOOD like top heavy smell.
          Guys also definitely, dont look at the bottle but just give it an honest try.


          I tried this one with an open mind, and I’m so glad that I did! The opening is a blast of sweet berries with a detectable citrusy/tartness hanging in the background. It slowly softens up into something resembling a fizzy and buzzing butterscotch aroma. It is lovely! Finally, it settles into a soft and delicate strawberry milkshake. Her is feminine, sweet, and pretty. I love it!


          I am at a point where light, fruity fragrances don't really do it for me, but as soon as I smelled this I thought I like it so much, I would actually wear it. During the summer, in a sunny morning heading out in a hurry or when I am tired of stronger, "perfumey" fragrances. It's the kind of scent that makes perfect sense for someone very young, who up until recently only used body mists but now wants a step up from that. It smells like the notes listed pretty much but it's so nice and well made I see how it could make its way into my collection as well.

          I then found out the nose behind it is Francis Kurkdjian and I understood why I felt this way. I also then realized that the comparisons with Baccarat Rouge are very accurate. I would not call it a dupe though, because in the end they are different perfumes with very different target audiences. BR540 is more complex, very long-lasting, with amazing sillage. After I realized the similarity I sprayed BR540 next to this one and it erased pretty much the scent of the Burberry. Baccarat also goes through different phases, takes turns, and on me, it smells quite different from one moment to the next. The dry down on these two is not similar, Burberry becomes a candy-like scent that I don't like so much, and overall is more linear anyway.

          Even with all these differences, I agree that there's an unmistakable connection between these two fragrances. BR540 would be an affluent, 40-year old woman, while Burberry Her would be her 15-year old daughter. Different people who are capable of different things, but who definitely share a genetic bond. I am now interested to try the Intense version.


          This is a very strong strawberry, with a waxy and menthol tinge.

          This smells nothing like Cloud - the only commonalities are notes of childhood toys (in Her this manifests like a Strawberry Shortcake doll and strangely, almost exactly like a specific scented teddy bear I had, and in Cloud it’s babydoll/My Little Pony powdery plastic) and freshness (in Her it’s a very, very sparkling feel and in Cloud an airiness).

          I get very little creaminess in this one. It’s straight up Bonne Bell Lip Smackers strawberries and effervescent pink champagne with a background note that, if you grew up in the 80s or 90s, will drive you crazy trying to remember exactly which toy you used to have that smelled just like this.

          [email protected]

          My husband loves how this smells on me. I know I have a unique chemistry because so many perfumes people rave about and are universal favorites smell either rancid or like cleaning solution(D&G Light Blue!).

          I applied hours ago and the scent is still on my wrists. Some perfumes give me headaches so I have to be careful- even if I scrub they still make me sick. Very light and feminine- a nice daytime scent, especially in spring I would think. The sillage is amazing for me. I tend to have to reapply my scent a couple times of day but not with this one.

          I think of this as a complex scent but so well blended and balanced, no one or two notes overpower, this just harmonizes.


          This smells like raspberry cough syrup dipped in latex on me. I was looking for a dupe for MFK Baccarat Rouge 540. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a true dupe for BR540. I smell ripe strawberries with BR540 and I smell synthetic raspberries with Her. This perfume is gourmand with moderate longevity and arm's length projection. I don't consider this a safe blind buy.


          I bought this perfume for my sister for her 18th birthday (the year after it came out) and this has pretty much been her go-to scent since then. It is a perfect late-teens scent, grown-up but with familiar fruity-florals; grown-up but still safe. For me, on her, it smells like a high-class funfair - raspberry/strawberry lemonade, caramel or toffee and a sniff of smoke on the air. The way I imagine Hallowe'en to smell. Funnily, after she started wearing it, a lot of her friend's parent's accused her or smoking!


          I am in love with this fragrance. It is really a duplicate for the Baccarat in the beginning after a while becoming the one" personality which is strawberry sweet nice and beautiful caracter


          The top notes of this perfume are to die for!I so wish they stayed through the whole duration of this perfume!

          Alas, in a minute or 2 we enter the heart notes which are nice just not as 'wow' as the top ones, and the base notes which is the phase of the perfume that lasts the longest, are an exact dupe of Arianna's Cloud.

          Does any Fragrantican know of a perfume that smells like the top notes of this one as soon as you spray it (but has actually tested it and knows by personal experience, not just suggesting it based on the notes) that stays in these notes throughout its duration?I would love to find such a perfume!Please pm me if you have any suggestions! <3

          ps:it is still a love fragrance with good projection and sillage!


          Smells like a plastic, medicinal McDonald's strawberry milkshake with musk overload. -Or- Imagine an attractive, devious, blue-eyed AI dressed in all pink wearing strawberry lip gloss, sent to take over Gen-Z. That's Burberry Her.

          Palmer Eldritch

          100% frothy strawberry milkshake on me!

          I love it! However this is really BR540 if the sweetness was from red berries instead of the earthy notes/medicinal nuances.

          It's sweet but not sickeningly so like The Body Shop Strawberry or Raspberry EDT. It's mildly synthetic and not offensive.

          Very feminine & doesn't smell cheap. However one needs an acquired taste of strawberry milkshakes to enjoy this one :)
          Moderate to skin-scent silage and moderate longevity.


          I decided to blind buy this because I found it cheap. It has such mixed reviews on here that I was really worried I wouldn't like it, but I love it! It definitely is very fake candy strawberry, so it's super sweet, but that's why I like it.

          I've never smelled BR540 so can't compare it to that, but I have Cloud and they smell pretty similar, except this is like the fruity version of Cloud. Cloud smells sweet in a milky, coconuty, vanilla-desserty way whereas this is sweet in a gummy candy way.

          I can see why this is a bit sickening to some people. If you don't like SUPER sweet fragrances, this isn't for you.


          This made me feel kinda nauseous. Reminds me very much of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid which had the same effect on me. It's like the berry / vanilla notes aren't mixing well with the rest of the composition? I can't tell if it's the oakmoss or what, but, I can't make it to the drydown (which is very nice on a card) without washing it off. Tried twice, tried 4-5 times with TF, I just can't do it.


          I don’t like it at all. It’s almost a scrubber for me, which was surprising because I was really successful with other Burberry fragrances, like London and Brit. Now that I read all the reviews here I see that I could have foretold my aversion, because I really didn’t like Cloud, which is a dupe for BR 540. There are some faint similarities, and it seems what I don’t like about this might be exactly what I did like about cloud. This isn’t offensive, not terrible. I just don’t find it appealing.

          I agree Her could be compared to the smell of Flinstone Vitamins. That is what I smell. That isn’t how I want to smell.


          This to me, as others have said, smells strongly of strawberry chapstick, and yet it is sophisticated! I like it! I get that medicinal note if I smell my skin directly, but not from a distance. Stays linear on my skin and my goodness it lasts a long time.

          My daughter comments how good I smell whenever I wear this sample I have. I think I might have to get this for us to share.


          Easy to wear everyday perfume.

          I found myself reaching out for Her the most once the weather gets chilly outside. For me, that is a perfect opportunity to feel the charm of the scent. Besides that, this perfume never fails to lift up my mood!

          It is delicate, velvety, and softly sweet. The combination of berries and musk is wonderful. Out of other notes, I also get violets. Despite having such a variety of notes, to my nose, Her is quite linear. It reminds me strawberry cotton candy. An expensive one, hahaha.

          Still, I expected Her to be a bit louder. A bit more special. The performance could have been better. Perfume, overall, is not a disappointment, but there is no wow-factor either. At least to me.

          If you have nothing particularly on your mind, just want to smell good, then Her would be a good choice.

          Do I consider buying it again, once I run out of 30ml? Right now the answer is no. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind! Will see.

          EDIT: I guess I surrender. Burberry Her somehow made its way right into my heart. It will remain in my collection for sure!


          This smells like chewable vitamins I used to have as a child, those powdery tablet ones. I didn't notice any resemblance to either Cloud or Baccarat Rouge 540 at all so the comparison is confusing to me. On initial spray it was a nice berry scent then became vitamins shortly after


          This is not a review for HER technically, but I have a BBW wallflower plug-in in “In the Stars” scent and my whole house smells exactly like Burberry’s Her. I know- I had Her and got rid of it...now I have that smell in my house. I am not sure if the body mist or the perfume are as close of a match to Her (or Cloud, which apparently smells like Her, or Baccarat rouge which apparently Cloud smells like ..) but could be worth checking if you are looking for something similar to all those mentionned.


          Thank you all fragrantica peolpe!!! I search for Cloud and it cost like 3 Bueberry her !!


          This perfume reminds of me winter holidays even though it's not a typical cozy winter scent. It's not a strawberry milkshake scent like others have stated; it's more of a woody strawberry with a hint of creamy vanilla. It also doesn't last very long on my skin but works well on clothes and hair.


          Burberry Her smells weird.
          If you have ever owned a barbie doll, that's exactly the smell. I smell no cream or strawberry, just sweet uncanny plasticky.
          Perfect Christmas gift for your annoying teenage cousin.


          The beginning indeed smells like a strawberry milkshake. It's very sweet and creamy.

          Then about 20 minutes in it develops into a strawberry cough syrup in a plastic bottle. It's a little nauseating at this point, the "plastic" is jarring and there's a medicinal undertone. Projection is also very soft, just a few inches.

          Four hours in and it's absolutely only a skin scent, now it's a strawberry scented doll head.

          For a smoother strawberry milkshake try Cacharel Yes I Am.


          The opening is very strong berry tart candy but the dry down is soo good. Its soft fluffy and super cozy. But very very poor sillage and projection from the moment u apply till the end of the day. It is basically a skin scent that no one around can smell. Infact even the person wearing cannot smell it in the air. Why burberry why??


          I have mixed feelings about this one. I dislike the opening (probably because of the blackberries and cherry as I don’t really like too many berries in perfumes) but once it’s dried down it’s a nice soft sweet smell. The opening is nothing like Ariana cloud but the dry down has similarities.


          I really dont see the BCR 540 similarity.

          Burberry Her is:

          -dominantly strawberry candy. this is a 'victorias secret' strawberry, if you get my gist... very shampoo-like. Fresh. Flirty. maybe a bit juvenile

          BCR 540 Extrait (i dont own the EDP) is:

          -fresh, juicy, slightly tart strawberry preserves
          -slightly medicinal in a way that only compliments the other notes

          i prefer BCR 540, by a long shot. Burberry Her makes a good hair scent, but its not anywhere near the legendary composition of BCR 540.

          edit a few hours later: the drydown is muuuuuuch nicer. but its barely there, which is a bummer.


          If you wanna smell like cheap, strawberry chapstick or the scent of a hospital - pick this up! Fortunately for me, this doesn't last long at all. I wanted to get it off me as soon as I tested it. Francis Kurkdjian trolled us and wants us to try BR540, I guess.

          Uniqueness: 1/10
          Sillage: 2/10 (skin scent)
          Longevity: 1/10 (lasts less than 30 minutes)
          Sweetness: 7/10 (not cloying)
          Season: Any
          Overall: 2/10


          I think Burberry Her and Ariana Grande Cloud are siblings and the nickname for Burberry Her would be Strawberry and Ariana Grande Cloud would be Milk. I own both, what I can say they have same DNA (vibe) but different personality (main note) just like siblings


          On my skin this is very light and reminds me of being at the pediatric dentist when they would fill those trays with foam fluoride treatment. Sickly sweet and artificial fruit. This smells like a sanitized hygienist with pink healthy gums hoping you'll be just like her. For so many notes there isn't much to distinguish, I get the juvenile fruit salad at the top, but it's a fizzy blur with a sterile alcoholic musk for a base.


          This one actually surprised me as I haven't liked any of the other Burberry scents I've tried. It's strawberries and whipped cream on me, but dries down with just a tiny bit of tartness that reminds me of hairspray. It's a decent perfume but not full bottle worthy to me because of the slight hairspray vibe.


          It smells strawberry and whipped cream. I like it, but my friends don’t at all I don’t know why, although for me it smells nice. But they keep telling me it smells generic and cheap

          Edit: when it settled i feel like i can find this scent easily in body mists. Honestly not worth all this money


          I find Burberry Her to be the same but opposite from Ariana Grande Cloud meaning Burberry Her opens sweet but dries down masculine on me and Ariana Grande opens masculine but dries down sweet on me. The masculine notes are almost identical though but I have to say I enjoy Cloud more.


          I thought I had left a review for this but I can’t find it....so I buy those gift box sets from Shoppers Drug Mart that give you 10-12 samples and a certificate for a full bottle of whichever one of those samples you prefer. I was trying to branch out from my very standard and my normal so although the box had at least 4 that WERE actually ones that I love, I went for this. Problem was...I sprayed once smelled for a second and thought okay when I go to the store I am getting whichever of these four is the most expensive-that’s how I always do it with those boxes lol so this one was the heavy hitter in the financial department so I left with this. I WISH that it either hadn’t been at Covids peak (and by peak I mean the scary lockdown had just started malls closed lines outside stores for hours etc) because no returns were allowed at pretty much any place that was open. This fragrance smells straight up like pee after it’s been on me for two minutes maybe less. Not just my skin but on my clothes too. I did try to bring it back they even agreed it smelled that way but because of the no return policies there was nothing I could do. It is literally full on my perfume shelf just collecting dust-anyone wanna trade ? Lol it’s too bad because it smelled so different in the sampler box, perhaps a bad batch or something I don’t know. All I know is that on me it smells like pee, not a good look lol


          First of all, I love the bottle design, which is simple, chic, yet very girly. As far as the scent itself...hard pass. This is hailed as a BR540 dupe, but I think anyone who fell in love with that fragrance (at least with the extrait) will be sorely disappointed as Burberry Her has a very plasticky, artificial quality and none of the richness of its inspiration. This is like taking BR540 and infusing it with a Bonne Bell berry chap-stick. As far as the BR540 fruity dupes go, Ariana Grande's Cloud is a much smoother and yummier fragrance.


          I bought two 100ml bottles of these thinking I would absolutely love it as I usually love Burberry fragrances and they really suit my skin chemistry. However, I really can't get on with Burberry Her at all. I have only opened one of the bottles and sprayed it once but I keep going back to it and smelling the atomiser - I probably prefer that to the smell on my skin. I was going to give this another chance in the colder months but I have such a large fragrance collection that I no longer keep any that I don't reach for or that don't work out for me. I am selling both bottles on Ebay (UK buyers only) if anyone is interested.


          Burberry Her by Burberry is a surprising like for me because normally I avoid sweet fragrances. I think I liked this because it is fruity and not foody. Those sweet cherry-berry top notes come through in the opening, it gets a little powdery with the violet and blends with a fluffly musk and some jasmine, and the base is woody and cozy with the cashmere, amber and vanilla. Depending on your chemistry the vanilla can come through quiet strong in the dry down – so I only wear this in the colder months so I don’t overpower my nose and get a sugar scent headache. What stands out to me is that I can wear this and like the scent as a mature woman and not smell like I’m 14…but, I can totally see a 14 year old wearing this for when they want to dress up! So it is very versatile for all ages and occasions and I must admit that I love the little song in the commercial!

          joe blingx

          nothing like cloud or bk rouge.. Sort of syrupy bubblegum..some form of berry more mixed forest fruit..Men seem like it..Not floral which is a bonus for me! good for lasting
          bk 540 once the salty ambergris gone is like a burnt sugar.. like those round crispy hard sugar treats... that part of bk is lovely..last long both on skin and clothes

          cloud is like a marshmallow coconut.. last well on clothes.. not on skin

          joe blingx

          nothing like cloud or bk rouge.. Sort of syrupy bubblegum..some form of berry more mixed forest fruit..Men seem like it..Not floral which is a bonus for me! good for lasting
          bk 540 once the salty ambergris gone is like a burnt sugar.. like those round crispy hard sugar treats... that part of bk is lovely..last long both on skin and clothes

          cloud is like a marshmallow coconut.. last well on clothes.. not on skin


          Update: I recently realized that the "latexy" note I used to hate is probably the combination of oakmoss, wood, and musk. I'm still trying to get used to it since I really like how this fragrance opens.


          I really love this scent even though it has cherry, amber and patchouli - three notes that absolutely hate my chemistry and make me smell like I haven't bathed in days :/

          "Her" doesn't do that to me - thank you - because I really like the sweet berries, woods and musk combination.

          This scent warms to my body temperature (the amber) and projects, lingering in the air around me throughout the day.

          It can be heady and cause headaches if my hormones are in flux and I am sensitive so I only wear it when I'm confident.

          "Her" adds nuance to my collection as I tend to go for more clean aquatic fragrances but I do like this combo and can finally say I'm wearing cherry, amber and patchouli successfully.

          It is a nice warm, cozy scent more suitable for the fall and winter IMO.


          I think this is different from both cloud and br 540- I like all 3 and feel they all offer something different- Burberry her is not like br540 at all to me- its fruity and musky yet fresh-a little more casual than br rouge and fir sure more fruity- it is sophisticated and though sweet not gourmand to me- it smells like a nice cologne / perfume not like something edible- I do smell the strawberry note But don’t feel it smells like a strawberry milkshake as some YouTube reviewers describe it- it’s vibe is upscale, classy and refined yet can still be casual where a milkshake makes me think of something outside of the vibe this scent embodies- I feel it’s worth checking out if you enjoy cloud and br540- I enjoy all 3 fir different reasons:) I have not tried the intense version but am curious to test it out


          Definitely much more likable than the Intense version, in my opinion. I noted in my review of Burberry Her Intense that there is that strong medicinal note, likely due to the Benzoin. Although there is no Benzoin in this one, I do still smell a medicinal quality if I put my nose directly to my skin, but it is very minimal and the sillage of this one almost has no detectable aforementioned "cough syrup" scent. It is definitely sugary sweet, but I do actually enjoy this one and purchased the full bottle

          As for the comparison to BR540, there are definitely similarities. Both have this sweet quality to them which I do enjoy, however I will say that BR540 has a hint of something that almost smells salty or oceanic, whereas this one smells more fruity. They don't smell like "dupes," per se, but I will say that I think one could definitely be a flanker of the other. They have a very similar DNA, but they are definitely not identical. On my skin, BR540 definitely pulls very sweet and fruity, like candy, which makes it similar to Burberry Her; it is not, however, as synthetic as Burberry Her. Personally, I don't think BR540 is worth the price, but I will admit that there aren't any scents that transform on your skin quite like that one does


          I didn’t think this smelled like BR540 when I was wearing it, however, my husband HATES BR540 and said to me “are you wearing that perfume I hate again??” So I guess there are definitely similarities to the untrained nose! Haha.


          I adore this scent!! With two sprays, I can still smell it after seven hours. It's light, but pretty. I think I prefer this on cooler days, because it seems to last longer + the citrus really shines through.

          I must be the only person on here who hasn't smelled either BR540 or "Cloud", so I can't judge if they are similar.....but it's definitely NOTHING like "Her Intense", or the other "Her" flankers I have tested.

          I just know this is a lovely 'girly' scent that makes me happy when I wear it. :)

          The rating I would give it (based on scent, longevity, originality, quality/price, versatility, and likelihood of me repurchasing it) would be 92.5/100.


          First off, this smells NOTHING like BR540 or Cloud. I really don't get the comparisons. I think everyone just thinks everything smells like BR540 now, especially because it's the same perfumer. Maybe my nose is just too sensitive but I pick out so many differences that I cannot consider these the same at all. Not even remotely. I do find that Cloud smells like BR540, but even then it's about 80%, not 99% or whatnot. But anyways, Burberry Her stands on its own. Tbh I really didn't like the opening- it smells a bit too "perfume-y" and like chemicals to me, but after about 10 minutes, the strawberry softens, and I'm liking it more. What impresses me is how Kurdjian managed to make the strawberry note not smell too artifical or cloying. It's actually quite a subdued strawberry, smelling much less sweet than an actual strawberry. All the other notes are supporting roles to the berries, and they add a bit of sophistication, even though this is overall a younger scent. But it's not a Victoria's Secret-type fruity nightmare, thank goodness. I really think it's well done, for what it is, but I would not invest in a full bottle because I don't love it, and it's not quite my type of scent.


          The opening blast smells like the sweet component of BR540 (minus the dentist's office and minus the ocean breeze vibe) with a big dose of artificially flavored strawberry candy throw in. A few minutes later, it turns into a strawberry throat lozenge on me and stays that way. I feel that it's a very young scent. Even younger than Ariana Grande Cloud, which has a bit of maturity due to the lavender note.


          I normally try my best to elaborate my thoughts and it usually takes a couple lines,but this , this is cheap strawberry baccarat rouge 540.


          Sorry to be harsh but hated this. Smelt like berry cough syrup. I finally bought BR 540 and omfg it smells just like my AG Cloud at initial spray, its insane. I don't know where the hell anyone sees the comparison with this Her perfume, smells nothing like BR 540. I feel like ppl are just pushing that bc of the same perfumer.


          Nice strawberry accord, but so pale. 8 or so sprays and never rises above a skin scent. Try Lanvin Modern Princess for a fruity yum that lasts for hours and costs sbout $20.00 bucks.


          Does anyone else think the opening strawberry note smells like Butterfly by Hanae Mori? (Or just named Hanae Mori--at least the EDP)? It's a nice fluffy strawberry syrup and cream. It's easy to like, quite sweet, simple, yummy. To me it doesn't compare to BR540. BR540 has a salty note and it has more woody notes that gives it a different dry down/base.


          This was a blind buy for me, and I really liked it in the beginning when I wore it in winter, but as the weather warmed up, I noticed that the berry notes became syrupy and sort of synthetic. Not sure if it was the weather or body chemistry or just that my nose became more trained lol.


          Burberry Her is such a beautifully crafted scent and you can tell that it takes its inspiration from the niche Baccarat Rouge 540 (after all, they are by the same perfumer!) The fragrance begins with a very fruity opening - you would think that with the berries mixed in with the citruses that it would lean a little more playful and juicy however, the added musk and woody notes help balance Burberry Her to give it its rich and sweet character, making it a more unique berry fragrance in the mainstream. You can tell a lot of thought was put into making this fragrance stand out in its own way. Francis Kurkdijian is absolutely right, it is a stunning and recognisable signature scent which is great all year round. Great for layering too, I usually love to layer this one with Girl of Now Forever and Jimmy’s Choo Illicit and get complimented when I do so!


          I recently picked up a gift set with lotion after smelling it at Ulta, the intial spray is more fruity strawberry, but the dry down is more of a Baccarat Rouge 540 vibe. I would say BR 540 is the older brother to Burberry Her and Arianna Grande Cloud, they all have a similar vibe but not dupes. This is a lovely perfume that’s very wearable and cozy, not offensive at all.

          Bottle design 7/10
          Longevity 8/10
          Projection 7/10
          Smell 8/10
          Overall 7.5/10


          The first time I just tested this perfume to pass some time and because it was a new release, I passed it immediately. Well, "Another berr-ish girly perfume" I said. And I was right. Kill me, but I have smelled way better perfumes from Burberry.

          I can't forget Rhyth for her, Body EDP and Body Tender EDT. Of course Brit versions that are crowd pleasers and easy to wear for a good reason, mostly in British weather conditions. I am also sure for those who have it or love it already that will hate me, but people, I never said it's a bad one, just give a try on Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, I am Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture, Because it's you-Emporio Armani, Passionate kisses-Victoria's Secret. You will appreciate them somehow.

          This time, the only reason I am here is Baccarat Rouge 540. Does it really reminds you of such a niche perfume? You know why? Because they share the same creator guys, Francis Kurkdjian. To my nose is more like Ariana's Grande-Cloud, way more fruity and without that 'celebrities perfumes sweetness' that hit the teens. All three are sharing only one common value. Perfect-creamy-expensive make up-youth-peppy character. Her's light soapy lasting power is good, but sillage is just like all fruitchoulis in the market, kind of weak.

          Now, to be more serious and accurate: Burberry Her is the flirtatious British girl that loves her city, she is the younger and cuter sister of BR 550, she is dressed nicely with her classic plaid scarf, she is decent but...thirsty for some adventure. I get a whisper of jasmin on forest Bur-berries that strangely a Trident strawberry/bubblegum looks like it shines brighter than other notes and of course a calm powedery soapy base due to violet, musk, cashmeran. I can't get any citrus or patchouli & woods, but the last two are just as much needed in the combo to help with it's lasting power. Should I try Intense version? No, I really don't agree with the house that advertise it as a signature scent that everybody will recognize, but to save the day and end with something good, because I feel like you will all pop my ballons with sharp needles, I can nominate it as No.1 safe perfume to gift to all 18-30 girls in the world for 2020.

          p.s: It's a modern Miss Dior Cherie in a sheerer, light pink vibes version!


          After like 4 or 5 different reviews, I ended up loving this. My bf really likes it too. My favorite fragrance is Angel Muse EDP but he hates that one so I wanted to find one that wouldn’t offend him but I could love too. When I wore it, he out of the blue said he wondered how latex gloves were made so I know he picked out that note without me even saying anything lmao. I bought a 3.3 bottle and a box set with a 1.6 perfume and 2.5 lotion. I’m stocked up! I ordered the Intense flanker too so be prepared for my multiple reviews of that!


          I totally get the BR540 comparisons. When you get whiffs of it in the air it's sooo similar, but as soon as you get in close you'll pick up that strawberry. It's like those Mommy & Me outfits: same fabric, same designer, both really well made, but one(BR540) is elegant and sexy while the other(BH) is playful and cute.


          When I first smelled this in the store I thought it was too young for me. It smells like a blushing bride. Once I took a sample home it became a definite must buy for me and frankly I don’t care if it’s too young. The perfumer is MFK so it isn’t like wearing Viva La Juicy. This is quality. The strawberry note is very prominent in this. It smells of strawberries and cream or sugar. This could be the ultra feminine sister to Baccarat Rouge 540. This is a strong love love love for me. I could bath in this stuff. It’s the first perfume I wore at work that I received a compliment on. It admittedly did slather it on both my skin and clothes quite thick.


          lmao part 3 to my Burberry Her review. There’s something latex glove about this. Like when you go to the dentist for a cleaning and they give you that strawberry stuff (fluoride?), but also go rummaging around in your mouth with their gloves on. I found it to be a very authentic strawberry in my first review but now it’s coming across as artificial. I just took a shower so maybe that made a difference? Someone mentioned a strawberry chapstick and I can see that. I guess if I ever found a cheap rollerball, I might get it, just to get used to it and maybe find a way to like it. It’s weird and it’s making me curious about it enough that I’m thinking I’m gonna wanna smell it more past the 2 sample vials I own. Will update more if need be!



          Smells like cherry Chapstick plus the sweet muskiness of B&BW's Winter Apple.

          IMO, too strong/sharp of a scent for on the skin (sensitive skin & nose), but would be great for leaving on a sweater/scarf.


          Wanna add a mini part 2 to my review. When it dries down it is a marshmallow-y vanilla. Much better than the beginning and middle of the fragrance experience. But the sillage drops down to a skin scent in a mere hour or two. Will not be buying a full bottle!



          I got 2 sample vials and I’m glad I did. This is weird. When I first smelled it, it came off really sweet and fruity and I was sure I was going to get a full size bottle. But when I sprayed it later to form more of an opinion, I changed my mind. Also this does NOT smell anything like Cloud to me. Cloud smells much better. But Her has the longevity, Cloud lasts 5 minutes on me. Her is strawberry dominant. Her is very natural and not synthetic. My nose isn’t really sophisticated so it’s hard for me to pick out notes on my own without them being listed, but the strawberry is definitely there. And raspberry and cherry upon closer inspection.

          There’s a green scent to it too. As if the fruit leaves were added in as a note as well. I don’t smell vanilla but there is a warm smell holding it all together, I believe it’s the Amber because I don’t have a fragrance with Amber and it’s a smell I don’t recognize.

          I think a young person and an older person can wear this. It’s not overtly feminine to me either, so if you’re a man, you honestly might like this. The deeper and leafy notes make it unisex to me. It’s nowhere near a strawberry milkshake. It’s fresh fruit in a tree/bush with Amber surrounding them. The Amber has a whisper of lemon inside.

          Definitely don’t blind buy this. Get samples first.


          I love the fragrance of this perfume! I went into the store looking for something sweet yet fresh, and this was what the sales associate recommended - it hits the mark! At first spray, I get the fruitiness mostly from the strawberry and cherry. Once it settles on the skin, the creaminess of the vanilla and cozy cashmere come through. My only complaint is the longevity and sillage isn't great. While I appreciate that this isn't super strong and irritating, I just wish it lasted longer on me. Even with 6+ sprays, it lasts for an hour at best before it becomes a skin scent. I've smelled the intense version hoping it would be the same with better longevity, but the notes are slightly different and it smells like bug spray to me. Overall, I'd recommend it as a light sweet scent that you can top up throughout the day.


          Definitely has a BR540 DNA. The opening on paper smells similar to BR540 but sweeter.


          From the second I smelt this fragrance I’ve been trying to put my finger on what it smells identical to, I realized it smelt like an artificial strawberry candy I had when I was little, still couldn’t put my finger on it. Thought it smelt like how the little Nesquick Strawberry Milk juice boxes tasted. Also, everyone has said this smells like a strawberry milkshake and I agree but to me, it reminded me of something more I still couldn't understand.

          Finally, after wearing it today it finally dawned on me, this smells identical to how the Strepsils Strawberry Lozenges taste!! That was what I felt when I said it initially smelt like an artificial strawberry candy I had when I was little, strange how fragrances can bring you back.

          Has the exact same vibe sort of cough syrup medicinal musky taste, also has an airiness the smell for the lozenges if that makes any sense. Please let me know if anyone else gets this. To me it could not smell more identical!!


          The more I wear this perfume, the more I love it and the most I love Francis Kurkdjian. Firstly, I don’t like it much and feel a bit of cherryish (not strawberry) and remind me of baby cough syrup. And yes, it is artificial fruit but in the nice way.
          But when it comes to middle and base note, I can feel something like burnt sugar, vanilla and amber. The scent is very unique, not too sweet, not too floral or fruity or too young or too old. Everyone can wear this perfume in every season.
          Longevity is last about 7-8 hours for me but the scent will drop and close to my skin after 4 hours and the cherry scent will drop down while amber and burnt sugar will show up more which I really love.
          This is my another new signature scent for daytime (another is Chloe’ EDP). But for night is “My Burberry Black” and yes, still Francis Kurkdjian. ??????


          Burberry her

          First off this behaves similar to Chloe Nomade, kenzo world edp, so all these three are similar in feel, kenzo goes a bit weird like Mugler style weird, but still nice etc.

          Fruit and woods are super apparent for me. I’m not flash in the dry down, it almost drags on my nose -this was a summer test, it’s now autumn so it may change.

          Oh, I’ve tried Ariana’s cloud, which in my opinion is nothing like Burberry her. Nothing. Cloud is fine in beginning, but it’s synthetic, a but fruity, cloudy light, aquatic or wet.. it turns sour and strange. I have done a review for cloud.
          I just want to point out that these are not similar, for me on my skin, the aforementioned kenzo, Chloe and Burberry feel alike.

          Fabulous Kevin

          After testing Burberry Her i could say that the opening was really like BR540, i meant the burn sugar vibe but it quickly morphed into a sweet musky strawberry scent which was kinda nice. If you are into strawberry scent i prefer Escada Ocean Lounge over this!


          Im in love with this perfume but sometimes i feel like this is perfume of red fruits which is fell to the ground from tree. Its has Baccarat Rouge 540 sillage but more teenage fruity version of it. When i was in class there is a girl who wears Burberry Her and i can smell it from everywhere, it was filling the room. Strange thing is there is only me who can smell the perfume metres away. Maybe its all about the selective perception.


          It's nice. Like a strawberry daiquiri on a cruise ship nice. Like they try but there's nothing special there. Some artificial fruit and lack of passion. But is that what you wanna smell like. I don't. Longevety less than average.


          I like a few others purchased this as it was made by and allegedly held similarities to BR540. I do like this scent it is fruity, vanillic (milky type) and musky at the same time whilst has some sweetness to it. You can smell the strawberry sweetness. I would not say that this is a replacement for BR540 although it uses different notes, it does bare some resemblance as it is a lovely fragrance in it's own right.

          Longevity on this one is good (for my skin!) as it lasts around half a day and it doesn't feel too heavy if you need to reapply. Bonus points as the other half can smell it and likes it on me.

          A keeper yes, not sure that I would repurchase after though as although it is nice, it doesn't feel special enough to me.


          My first wear of Burberry Her wasn’t a good experience. Maybe the mini I received was old or my nose has changed since last year. All I remember is after the initial blast of berries wore off it smelled awful.... I chalked it up to the patchouli making me smell like a litter box.
          Luckily I recently got past my hatred of patchouli and was dying to try this again. I grabbed a rollerball at Ulta this morning and I’m SO glad I gave this another try! I can’t even detect any patch this time around

          Oh is this heavenly. Bright juicy berries with a fluffy, powdery cloud of amber, woods & musk. I can detect a tiny bit of the violet and jasmine.

          I LOVE berry fragrances and I’ve been an avid wearer of Cloud but recently I’ve become bored with it. This is the perfect replacement. They do both have that same fluffy/woodsy quality to them. I can’t compare to BR 540 as I’ve never smelled it. But Francis Kurkdijan must obviously be a fragrance genius because BR has such a buzz surrounding it & Burberry Her is a masterpiece.

          This is such a fun, “pink”, girlie scent and I think if Barbie had a signature scent this would be it. I’m definitely getting a full bottle of this as soon as possible because this is my new signature scent!

          This layers really well with the Strawberry Poundcake shower gel & body lotion from Bath & Body Works!


          I smelled this walking by the fragrance counter and thought hmmmm burnt sugar! I liked it so I asked the salesperson what it was. I tried it on my skin and over time the sweetness of the berries became less noticeable, leaving more of the Amber base.


          No, not weird. ( comment below) it does have a synthetic smell to it. I wasnt sure where it was coming from until I asked a friend of mine who was sitting right in front of me. She pulled out this perfume from her handbag.

          This is literally BERRY! Bur.....BERRY.

          Eventhough this is not my type of scent, Im super curious to experiment this on my skin.

          Something easy to distinguish, a signature scent, PLUS...not so mainstream imo.


          OK, so where do I begin. Sweet. Very sweet. Berries. Plastic. I know... weird, but that's exactly what it smells like. Artificial, sweet plastic berries. Sure lasts a long time too. It's lasted 12 hours thus far. It's fun though, so don't expect to be taken seriously when someone smells this on you.


          I think I might buy this when I run out of Cloud, they don't exactly smell similar, as this is very berry (almost like forest fruit flavored yogurt) and Cloud has nothing to do with berries, but there is something similar in the base, the aura is similar. Sweet, borderline edible, with hazy feel. This to me is more sweet because of berries, yet despite that it doesn't feel 'kiddish', the haze makes it almost mysterious.
          This is how I wanted Thank U Next to smell purely based on the pink bottle and the fact that I expected it to be related to Cloud.
          I need to test it more but so far it gets a big thumbs up!


          Don’t smell this out the bottle it will make your nose hurt like a burning sensation. When I first got this the Macy’s sales lady shoved a bunch of these samples in my bag which I was upset about because I didn’t care for the smell. I needed up wearing it to the laundry at one day and I liked the dry down. It is a sweet cherry smell. I mix this with my ed hardy perfume and I will say it last a good while. It’s a fruity scent and it’s currently winter, so I was impressed. I may possibly but thing thing. Not a love at first sniff but I like it

          Eve Lee

          I blind bought this because so many people were talking that this was a fruity version of BR540. To be honest, I don’t really get the similarity. Yes, the sweetness at the opening does have some kind of BR540 opening vibes but other than that, I don’t know. This doesn’t have the woody quality of BR540 which makes it special.
          I like Burberry her though and I admit that it’s a very pretty scent. If you’re into strawberry notes and want to smell like it, this might be the best one to go for. But on my skin, I don’t really get the woody base notes and it’s straight up strawberry syrup to the end. It’s fruity and fun, but I’m not the biggest fan.


          I so wanted to love this perfume. I sprayed it on a tester and it was gorgeous. All. These beautiful berry notes came out. I sprayed it on my skin and all I get is plastic berry smell. Reminds me of when you first took your Barbie out of the box mixed with raspberry. I didn't even know I remembered that smell until this perfume. Since this smelled so good on paper but not me, I recommend trying it out on yourself before you buy.


          absolutely love this fragrance


          second test, skin, summer,

          strange base today, it had a fresh sort of wood/ocean note which i normally would like.

          Her opens as a syrupy sweet berries scnet with a dusky haze to it.
          then later on you get mossy, woody/bark, amber layered through that.

          it has something in common with Nomade too - the fruit+earth+wood combo


          Smooth..Suave. They're my first tboughts. Why wouldnt you come closer to someone wearing this. You cant deny the smell of creamy strawberry yoghurt with maybe a musk lifesaver crushed through it. Nice.
          Not much of a shape shifter, it stays creamy for most part with something that anchors it later that allows it to fit perfectly on just about anyone (even freshly showered well groomed men).
          It is like some gourmands out there, but holds its own in quality and style. Rebelle fleur as an example is harsh by comparison - but i still like it.
          You could sicken of smelling Burberry Her on a daily basis, but otherwise..its subtly provoking !
          A powder pink (innocent) cream dream with a sexy agenda.


          Gorgeously delicious


          This wasn't milky, powdery, make-up-y, spicy, or musky on me.

          This was exactly ~ and I mean EXACTLY ~ the scent of Chapstick brand berry chapstick from the 80s.


          The dry down of this fragrance reminds me of a sophisticated strawberry milkshake. My husband loves it on me because he loves fruitier scents. It's not my all time favourite scent, but the vanilla in it really stands out to me so I love that quality of it. I'm going through a phase of wearing it because every time I do, my husband goes on about how good I smell! :)

          Oh and I can understand how some are saying it reminds them of AG Cloud. The dry down really reminds me of it, except this is much fruitier.


          Used to be obsessed with this scent when I first got it in September 2019 but now it is just mediocre to me. I don't know if it is because I am bored of it but the fragrance is played out and it now reminds me of clorox for some reason plus I get headaches whenever I try to wear it again. I will be holding on to it just incase something changes.


          Got myself a sample of this and honestly didn’t have high expectations. I have only ever smelled one Burberry fragrance that I liked, sorry I guess two, I own and love them both but every other one from them I can’t stand. So when I sprayed this and LOVED it at first sniff I was shocked. It started so beautifully sweet/gourmand buuuuuut that very quickly turned into this over bearing synthetic sweet smell. For the longest time I would only wear fresh scents and just in the last few years I’ve been venturing over to gourmand sweet fruity types. It takes a really special fragrance within that range to wow me, I’ve only got maybe 15 within my fragrance collection and of those I would say that I really only wear a few of them. Sadly this is yet another gourmand pass for this gal!!!


          I absolutely love this fragrance. True, you have to like very sweet gourmands, but if you do this is excellent. Someone described it as Strawberry Musk and that's what it is. Very sweet strawberry essence mellowed with a sexy muskiness. It just smells so good and delicious. I literally want to bathe in this.

          It's definitely the closest dupe for BR540. Just lighter, more strawberry, but it still has that slightly oily, ambergris note. I freakin' love it. I would totally recommend it instead of BR540 if you don't want to shell out the money.

          The longevity is not the best. I had a Rollerball first which disappeared after literally 10 minutes, which is why I hesitated to get the EDP. But the EDP is much better. It stays strong for 4 - 5 hours. Could be much better. But even so it still lingers at the end of the day. Worth it IMO.

          I hate harsh fragrances, too spicy or too green or too sharp. They smell like crap on me. This is soft and inviting and I just want to smell it ALL THE TIME.

          I love lov elo


          this is a berry bomb ! tart, sweet and fresh, reminds me of punch and sherbet . personally, it's too fruity for my liking, but a nice spring and summer option if you're into sweet fruity scents. do test it on skin as it can give off some sourness .

          really feminine and almost 90's vibes. i guess it's because of the zesty and vibrant accords. sillage and longevity are great, easily stays on me the whole day.


          Sprayed it at 7am and completely gone by noon.


          Berry Delicious! (Sorry, had to do it)... What can I say, my skin chemistry LOVES berries, especially sour cherry, and this is a total win on me! It's Gorgeous and Yummy, on my skin the Cherry and Blackberry are more prominent than the Strawberry, but It's definitely there. A perfect balance of juicy berries and light florals. I've already received several complements on this one. I think the blend is very versatile and can be worn in all seasons, the performance is good too. It's top shelf worthy for me.


          Yummy Strawberry Sorbet!
          It remind me of VS body spray at first but better quality.
          I love it.


          I love this just as much as the intense version. This has more freshness for spring. Intense is for winter. Both are fab!!


          This is waaaay to sweet for me. I personally like and use baccarat 540 but this feels like the sweeter and more fruity variety. I like the strawberry note at the beginning, but after some time the sweetness takes away all of the other scents.


          I don't think this one worked with my chemistry, but reading some other reviews it seems some have the same experience. Sprayed on paper this smelled nice -- fresh, fruity, tangy, and sweet. When I sprayed it on myself all I got was a really terrible sour, bitter, and musky cherry.


          If Strawberry Shortcake were a real person, she'd probably wear this perfume. Berry burst. The only thing it has in common with BR 540 is the perfumer, but I bought it because I am a child of the 80's/90's and this smell is so nostalgic. I'm highly impressionable during the holidays, and I smell like Strawberry Shortcake.


          Just got this today in the mail : it should be called "Every Strawberry Scented Thing You Have Ever Encountered in the 1970s and 1980s: The One". LOL.

          From Frankenberry cereal to strawberry Chap-Stick to Avon strawberry bubble bath to Strawberry Short-Cake dolls to strawberry incense to strawberry Bubble Yum to strawberry lip gloss to strawberry head shop body/sex oils and all down the strawberry line.

          What makes this a cut above a "novelty" fragrance is that there are some nuances to the composition and also longevity is very good indeed!

          If you are a strawberry fan (mainly strawberry scented products) : this is blind buy safe!
          I cannot wait to layer this with Cloud on my next day back to work!
          EDIT: Only issue: longevity is sketchy.


          Not that I think fragrances have textures, but there’s something in all my favorites that have a “smell” (for lack of better words) that translates to me as resinous, fuzzy to the point of almost becoming tactile. Cloud has this quality as well, which I think is what gives them relatively similar vibes. This, however, blew me away! It has that resin-like feel from first spray through the drydown, which is outstanding with the strawberry dominated top notes. I don’t necessarily get the ice cream/sorbet typed strawberry here, but I saw someone say jammy, and I feel that describes it wonderfully. Strawberries with caramelized sugar, that melts into a not too sweet cream that gives a really beautiful dense feeling to it. It doesn’t drydown to any bandaid or antiseptic smell to me, but it holds up very, very well. I haven’t worn a Burberry fragrance since high school, but I’m so happy to have this. It’s definitely worth a trip to ulta or sephora just to try.


          Heavenly sweetness.


          it have something hypnotic and very sexy! its the young sister of hypnotic poison. love it


          Nice strawberry into floral scent! Very fresh & REAL. You can sample it at Ulta Beauty in the USA. Yummy!


          I can definitely see the comparison to BR540 - that unmistakable scent of bandages. Nope.


          I've never encountered a likeable fragrance with strawberry as a top note until i sniffed Her by Burberry. When this fragrance was announced, i was slightly interested, but i just knew the strawberry would ruin the entire fragrance. So i passed on it due to owning several fragrances with strawberry in it that i highly disliked.

          It wasn't until the day i was shopping at Ulta i had no idea this would blow me away.

          At first sniff, on paper, it was a pretty okay scent. I took the tester strip home to let it dry down and it transformed into this berry-creamy-woody scent, and i could not stop sniffing the tester. So i purchased a 1 oz bottle to see how would perform on my skin and i fell completely in love with this scent. It has amazing projection and last about 4-5 hours on my skin. I just purchased a full size bottle because I'm pretty sure I'm going to run through this smaller bottle.

          Scent: 9/10
          Packaging: 7/10
          Performance: 8/10


          Absolutely hate it. I agree with the Ariana Grande Cloud comparison. Also had a little reminiscence of Gucci Rush on my skin, which must be the patchouli. I had heard really good things, and normally I tend to fall in love with black currant and blackberry fragrances. But this one is a scrubber. Hard pass.


          I don’t seem to pick up any sweetness or berries like others do. It’s very strange but I get a slightly sour masculine scent that reminds me of Glossier “You”. Maybe it’s the iris, maybe it’s the oak moss or maybe my chemistry just has a strange reaction to this. Don’t know. In any case I am strangely drawn to this and it is growing on me. It’s very powerful and is casting a spell on me, I think.


          It’s long lasting sweet berries sherbet scent.


          I think itd be funny to buy this, decadence, and good girl and set them all together on a dresser. Your got your heels, your purse, and your vape! All ready for a night out! Oh! And not to forget your flask of opium!


          Comapred to the intense, this one is sweeter/fruitier- there is more strawberry. The intense focuses on the blackberry and amber.


          I must admit that I only smelled in a magazine scented strip but i am amazed that so many people voted it reminds them of Baccarat Rouge 540. BR 540 is a rather unisex scent full of amber and saffron. Burberry Her is woodsy and fruity. I think one person who said that it reminds them of a vape, got that idea right-because i feel same way. There is something weird about it to my nose. I generally like woodsy and fruity but this scent smells like berriesh vape with wood base. Not for me. I also don't think it smells anything like Burberry Her Blossom which is a rather typical light fresh floral


          Its delicious.. couldn’t resist it.. It last 2 hours .. very strawberry.. fresh .. I had a complementary when I wear it.


          This looks like a vape and smells like one too. Definitely for the younger generation, and I mean younger than us millennials. I do love when a huge pyramid is done correctly though, so there's that...


          berry version of guerlain insolence - very sweet, very chemical, very pungent, very obnoxious but recognizable and signature-worthy. it's got a big personality. i want to hate it but i can't - it's too good at what it does.


          I love sweet smells so I'm a big fan of this.
          The dry down can turn a bit masculine but that maybe down to me overspraying.
          The performance is amazing on this one. A nice alternative to BR540.


          I think it's different than Baccarat. This is a strawberry fruity perfume alright. Sweet and girly, something one could expect from body shop line, more refined of course. Apart from good silage, this scent is very long lasting too, cant help to feel young again wearing this.

          Some might find this too sugary sweet, so i say it's not a safe blindbuy.


          I actually really like this, at first i wasn't sure, it is VERY sweet and very strong, but it has really grown on me, the best way I can describe it is strawberry milkshake/lipsticky it's really very nice. I don't think this smells anything like Cloud, I really really loved the smell of Cloud well what I could make of it as it was literally the lightest scent I've tried thus far, the sillage was bloody terrible unfortunately, I think I would have preferred Cloud over this if the sillage had been better. Cloud is more coconutty and creamy, whereas this is more strawberry and more sort of "twangy" lol difficult to explain lol but in my opinion I don't smell much of a similarity

          Benjamyn Blue

          Sorry but the drydown is nothing like cloud.

          Top note is...

          Burberry Her dries down like a berry milkshake....

          Cloud is hairspray and Berry drydown...

          This is a delicious, and not cheap smelling. Layer it over Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme...

          And you are literally in heaven xx


          Sweet powdery, candy-ish scent!!

          Not heavy, or sickly sweet as mentioned below, nor artificial, it’s an easy sweet cozy scent as a day-to-day perfume, I agree that it is a sweet sister to mon Guerlain, not complicated, not sure about the similarities between it and baccarat Rouge 450, I would wear each of them to a different occasion!!

          While we see a huge number of many commercial perfumes comes out every day, we get bored of many of them really quickly, but I guess this one survived “at least for me”, the moment I saw this perfume in stores I thought “ok another sweet fruity scent”, and I didn’t even care to try it out, but surprisingly I was impressed when I smelled it by accident, and immediately thought I need to buy it as a daily perfume, I don’t mind to finish a full bottle, and moreover I really do enjoy it even during these super hot days, as I’m picky when it comes to perfume, especially with summer period, as I hate to wear something that would bother people around me, but this lovely works just fine!!

          I wish it has better performance, and sillage though.


          I do not think this smells like BR540. That one is blood-orangey and woody to my nose, while Burberry Her is little girl's strawbery lip gloss and musk. Both are very sweet is all. Is the fact that it's signed by Kurkdjian framing the experience so all people think they smell is BR540?


          I finally got to smell Burberry Her and I have to say I like it more than baccarat 540, it’s less medicinally on me. Very similar tho like almost identical, Burberry is sweeter, less medicinal. And mizensir tres chere remind me of that same vibe but no medicinal note.


          I received one of those card testers of this and it's giving me DPM Delina vibes?!!!?!?! Am I crazy?


          Well done but quiet different to all the other fragrances from Burberry so don’t be to hard on it and give it a try. It‘s sparkling fresh and revitalizing. Perfect summer fragrance where all notes fit together and make this smell youthful and modern. A bowl of red fruits topped with lemon and grounded by wood. Never sweet, always well balanced. Good for the office or sports but too inoffensive for a date or smth.
          Lasts very long on skin. Good solid perfume!


          This scent makes me nauseas. Smells sticky like strawberry waffles and syrup and add harsh leather on top of that.


          Opens very sweet and berry but the dry down reminds me of cigarette smoke.


          The berry top notes are not a good welcoming sign. Too sweet and artificial, it screams Celebtity fragrance. The berries melt away leaving a trail of amber and vanilla , they are surprisingly less sweet and obnoxious than the first notes.
          From then on it morphes from sweet to woody, to slightly dry and musky.
          The dry down is very nice, in fact, it’s the best part of the perfume.


          I first thought it was too sweet then it developed into a beautiful strawberry and finally a strawberry field with something added, I am not sure if it is lemon or oakmoss but I love the mix of sweet and sour on my wrist. It's light enough that I will not be afraid to wear it at work or in the classroom. I do not usually go for fruity perfumes so this is a pleasant surprise. I am not very young, but I like it anyway :)


          I first smelled it on a piece of paper and it seemed so pleasant, gourmant, like yogurt with berries and powder. Warm without being, overwelming, very tender and soft and really mood lifting. But just for 20 minutes! Half an hour later I couldn't even smell it, it was gone. I ended up purchasing it, because I thought, oh it's just me that I can't smell it, but I think it's the first time I regret buying a perfume. It doesn't last on me at all, maybe it's due to the hot summer in Greece, but apart from that half an hour later, it just smells nice, like very light powder with a hint of flowers.

          It's winter time now and I thought I would try this again. I absolutely love it, I can still smell it after hours and others have commented on it, while during summer it was like I was not wearing a perfume but a mist. So it's a great perfume that I will be wearing in colder weather, it is so different and weak on my skin in hot climate.


          To me, this smells like strawberry cotton candy+ musk+ barbie doll. I like it. The longevity and sillage is okay too.


          I don’t mean to insult this fragrance and I think the way this smells to my nose may be a rare experience and for other people this could be wonderful if it reads as an airy creamy strawberry fragrance but it contains a powerful synthetic amber-musk note that I am sensitive to and that smells very loud to me. There are a few fragrances that have it - most recently I came across the loudest version of it I’ve ever smelled in Mancera Roses Greedy — and to my nose the loud presence of that note whiped out all the other more delicate surrounding scents and makes it impossible for me to enjoy a fragrance. Musks are particularly likely to be perceived differently by different people - almost everyone perceives musks to various extent and there will be at least one musk or molecule that each person is anosmic or partially anosmic to but that musk could be different from one person to the next. So it’s likely that I’m in a small minority of people who read that musk as being extremely loud smelling and that it smells differently and more toned down to other people but if you’re sensitive to musk I would say this is not a safe blind buy. To me there’s a gentle strawberry note that is very quickly overpowered and overtaken by this intense chemical Amber and musk note that reads like loud fuzzy chlorine/gasoline +pine sol floor cleaner to my nose and to make it worse my skin amps up that note so 10 minutes after applying it, it was all I could smell and I had to wash this off twice before it did not give me a headache and ruined anything else I put on. I was intensely disappointed because it sounded so nice and I would have loved a creamy strawberry milkshake scent that was not too cloying. I’ll have to be more careful - I think this note is getting more popular - I also get a toned down version of it in Amouage Blossom Love but it’s much more subtle in ABL and the other notes are potent and they come through despite that note. In this composition it’s all that is left on my skin after 10 minutes and it gave me a bad headache.


          There isn't anything to dislike about this scent in my opinion, its lovely. It isn't very complex to my nose considering the amount of notes listed, it is just a very soft musky/creamy strawberry scent, I can also make out a tiny hint of blackBerry, but even though this smells very simple it's also quite unique at the same time but not so unique that it could be a love or hate fragrance in my opinion, although when my son sniffed it he said hmm that's ok mummy but its a bit wierd but my boyfriend absolutely loves it..so I could be totally wrong lol, but to me it's really nice and easily likeable scent. I don't get any lemon like somebody else mentioned and i dont get the wierd oakmoss that others are talking about whatsoever thankfully, I just get a musky creamy strawberry scent that is somehow quite unique even though it doesn't sound it.

          Someone mentioned that this is a kind of makeup/lipstick scent and I agree, but it isnt the normal kind of lipstick scent, if you like those scents like I do though then I think you'll really like this, I also get the milkshake vibe like others do aswell but it isnt sickly,..yet anyway..I'll have to test this out for a few more days to be sure. Overall I really like this one so far and both sillage and longetivity are quite outstanding.

          Update - ok so I'm still dwelling on this one, it is really really nice as I said before but I'm not sure that it's a love for me, my boyfriend has been sniffing me like a maniac since I recieved the tester but it's started to make me feel a little bit sickly, it isnt too sweet I don't think but I think it's just the milkshake vibe that is starting to make me feel a little sick. I have also just sampled Ariana grande cloud and they are similar in that they are both creamyish scents but they don't smell alike to me anyway, burberry is straight up creamy strawberry to my nose and the strawberry is quite loud where as Cloud is creamy with a hint of coconut and praline, i can make out all 3 notes but they are well blended too so it isnt too sickly for me. I never thought I would say this as I haven't liked any of ariana grandes previous perfumes but I actually think I might prefer Cloud to this one, Cloud isn't too sickly and I prefer the creamy coconut scent I just wish it had the sillage and longetivity of this one as it is very low sillage, it's a skin scent for sure. I think I may give this one a miss now, even though it is really nice it just gets a bit much after a while, I think this one probably smells better at a distance.

          Another update - Layer burberry with cloud..oh my it is heaven!!! Cloud takes the edge off of the loud strawberry and they just blend so beautifully together, smells alot more well rounded when they are layered


          Lemon zest, bitter bitter bitter. That is all I smell. Sadly, I bought it because it smelled OK at first glance.


          I tested it on my skin today and I must confess I was surprised by the unexpected twist. It was supposed to be one of those light summer strawberry scents, that you only wear if it's over +25C outside and you are barely 18. Yet my skin has turned the innocent fragrance into a cheap stinky air freshener. Like the ones, you spray in office restrooms if you don′t want any of your colleagues to smell what you just did there. The most surprising part was that I couldn't wash it off. It held even after 3 washes with soap. This is something I did not expect from the fragrance that light and fruity.


          i do not own Baccarat or Cloud as mentioned in the previous reviews below, but i own Burberry Her.
          My Burberry is a sophisticated super floral creation from House of Burberry, and Burberry Her is the super girly, flirty, fruity one.
          the dry downs , after hours of wearing Burberry Her, has a lot of similarities to My Burberry.
          i love both.
          i'll wear MB whenever i feel sexy and seductive ( a night out), and I'll wear BH for an evening stroll in the park, carrying my picnic basket with my bff.


          I can see how there have been comparisons between Cloud and this. Burberry is similar but the difference is that it has this strawberry sharpness whereas Cloud is creamy sweet coconut lacking that sharpness. Sounds like there would be a large difference by hearing this, but there is a similar base and vibe in the top and mid notes.

          I wouldn't have thought of a similarity between this and Baccarat 540. Maybe because Burberry has this fruitiness that reminds me of opal fruits and is quite a simple fragrance. It also reminds me of the simple fruitiness that i find with Lacoste femme sparkling.


          Sweet strawberry.. girly fun fragrance. Its nice for daily, office, collage, school


          I was pleasantly surprised by Burberry Her; it's like strawberry milkshake with a bit of vanilla. Light, fresh, softly fruity but maybe a little too young for me. I can imagine I might have worn this in my teens,twenties and early thirties.

          Molly Smith

          This a pleasant, light, sweet girly perfume. Smells like strawberry candy. Reminds me of something like Ted Baker's Sweet Treats Mia, but fuller and with a better longevity.


          Ooh, this is lovely. When I went to Ulta to sniff perfumes, this was my absolute favorite of the many I sampled. My boyfriend also enjoyed it. It's fruity in a very pleasant candyish way, but it's not cloying. It's very flirty and playful. It would be perfect for a girl just coming out of high school or starting college (although I'm still going to wear it and I'm in my mid-20s). I was wearing Ariana Grande's Cloud when I sampled this, and they don't smell similar to me at all.

          Joys of life

          Burberry Her is super-duper sweet and plastic, with an artificially flavored strawberry/raspberry scent. I can’t get past that opening so I’m not sure how this one develops. It reminds me of various Victoria’s Secret body sprays. If that’s your bag you’ll like this, baby.


          Yes it's byredo slash mfk BR 540. Love it and mostly bcoz it's reasonable price. It last long too.


          This smells like the Lip Lickers strawberry lip balm from the 80's that came in the little slide open tin but in the best way possible! Unfortunately though once it dries on my wrist, POOF! It's gone. I had bought an awesome gift set but returned it. It is similar to AG Cloud but that one has much better sillage and longevity with less berry sweetness. I loved the bottle though!


          This is a true Burberry fragrance. The dry down has the Vurberry signature all right. The sweet opening is good, still making up my mind about whether I like this one.


          I LOVED THIS PERFUME AT FIRST SNIFF AND IT SMELLS DELICIOUS ON....but everyone is wearing it now. I do not go one day without smelling this on someone. I think it’s a unique scent so it’s very noticeable?

          Luxury Problem

          Strawberry Baccarat Rouge 540. I get the strawberry milkshake vibe and then the same “bandaid” dry down as BR540 and Ariana Grande Cloud, which may be a skin chemistry thing. I have to say, I accidentally spilled this on myself before going to the grocery store and got four compliments from random strangers, which never happens. I also have to say that I am an 80’s baby and this smell gives me nostalgia for my old strawberry shortcake doll. I swear she smelled just like this.

          I did really enjoy wearing it, both for the sweet creamy strawberry milkshake aroma and for the 80’s nostalgia. This perfume is sweet and catchy like a pop song. It also has fantastic longevity and sillage, though the late dry down six hours on is dominant with that bandage note from BR540, at least on my skin. I still want a bottle, though. Overall, it’s a smell that just makes me feel happy.


          It is wonderful fresh fruity in the opening, but I dont care much for the drydown. It has a strange perfume-turned-bad note, as I experienced With "Cloud" by Ariana Grande. It just smells weird and old now. Too bad, cause the opening is so Nice...


          Im a guy and discovered this shopping for fragrances for the lady. I really enjoyed this one. Its a sweeter version of Baccarat Rouge 540 which I love as well. Alluring, fruity and youthful - for a woman beneath her cougar years.


          Burberry Her is a sweet, fruity, oriental musky fragrance with a unique earthiness. You get notes of strawberry and raspberry for sure but they are overtaken by the other, less sweet notes. It has very strong, prominent woody, earthy notes that make it feel almost masculine (both on clothes and on skin). That's probably from the oak moss. I don't mind the slightly masculine tones of it, it makes this fragrance really unique. It does smell exactly like Cloud by AG. Cloud has the same slightly masculine aftershave vibe going on. As I said about Cloud, this smells like a fruity bath and body works scent mixed with a high quality expensive men's aftershave. I personally prefer Mon Paris by YSL as a modern sultry strawberry musky perfume. It's more feminine and lasts much longer than this too. I absolutely love the bottle though and if I had to choose one of the similar scents to buy (Cloud by AG, Baccarat Rouge) I would choose this because the bottle is the most elegant, unique and pretty.


          This fragrance went to my top shelf , it’s a milky airy strawberry , raspberry and cherry delight. The sandalwood makes this smooth and creamy in a milky sort of way ,and the musk makes it clean . It never fails to get lots of compliments from family and friends. Burberry Her is a sweet fruity gourmand but it’s light and fluffy and completely non sticky ! HER feels like a cloud and yes smells like a strawberry milkshake as some mentioned . Even though fruity fragrances are all the rage at the moment there is nothing out on the market that smells like this. Her Burberry is quite niche and special. I also smell a hint of violet and powder which makes this fragrance a complete winner. Love the simple bottle.


          A very nice perfume. However I don't really get the strawberry milkshake association. Upon spraying, it smells sugary, very sweet with a hint of citrus. Then after 30 minutes, it starts to smell like a sweet version of D&G Light blue Intense as the musk will also start to peek out. Then comes the dry down. It smells like a less jammy version of Benetton Tribu. Longevity is good for 3-4 hours, after which you might need to re-apply. Sillage is average.


          Strawberry milkshake! Girly perfume but zero projection and longevity. Great for teens as a gift.


          This is a very sweet beautiful girly strawberry scent.
          I would recommend this for a 12-18 year old.


          Just purchased this perfume couple days ago & I love it!
          Wearing this perfume makes me feels excited! Fruity with a hint of sweetness that makes people wonder what are you wearing


          This...This is strange. A strange concoction of fruit, florals and God-awful oakmoss all wrapped up in a cacophony that makes no sense. Honestly, if the oakmoss wasn't here I would probably regard this as unremarkably likable, like some pale, pretty pink thing appropriate for Spring, but that oakmoss--so musty, fusty, dry, herbal and BITTER. My nose must be overly sensitive to it because I had the same reaction to the oakmoss in Chloe Nomade--that note is just not my thing. Eurrrgh, ekkkk, gakkk! Can you tell I don't like oakmoss? LOL!


          I love this scent so much!I was coming back from Malaga Spain.. And I went to duty free. I really wanted to buy the fragrence. I checked Burberry station...and I am like oh.. a new from them...
          I sprayed and I falled in love.

          I back to Bruxelles and I was thinking about that fragrance.

          Yesterday I went to Perfume Planet in Brusselles and I said... day have come I have to have it.

          Without testing again I just purchased.. and sprayed all over because I knew I will love it as I have felt it in Spain.

          I went to my car... and ... Huge strawberry milkshake from USA stand in from on my eyes.
          I am so in love. To me its not at all Europe. Its ... USA closed in the bottle To me its .. scent of American icecreams or Milkshake from vintage ice cream store. For exmple Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale - Arizona. If you google that store- building is pink, pink as fuck as we say in USA. But yes thats how pink you will become, even more pink :) than Victoria Secret underwear.

          It's so American... I have no clue why UK company made it?
          If I would smell it blindly I would be 100 percent sure its a milkshake from USA.

          It's my top, top and fav fragrsnce .. from last few years.
          LoVe it.

          Especially I am far away from USA and any time I put it on I feel like I'm In Chicago, LA or NYC... absolutly my current number one.
          Thank you Burberry <3 <3 <3 <3


          I really like this scent. I recently got a sample of it and am enjoying every note. Overall, it is a refreshing sweet, feminine, and fruity scent. It doesn't smell like every other cheap sweet fruity perfume (I'm actually not a big fan of fruity scents in general), but this has something that sticks out to my nose. Something about it reminds me of my childhood. At first I actually thought it smelled like honey dew, but I'm guessing that was the strawberry mixed with the other berries. It also initially reminded me of a type of hard candy I used to get as a prize from arcade tickets when I was 6. Now knowing what it is, I do smell the strawberry predominantly, which almost smells like a strawberry shampoo, mixed with a touch of powder that in my opinion brings more depth. I actually love the dry down which allows some of those sweet notes to fade back and the muskier notes and patchouli to come forward. It gives it that depth and masculinity that is needed after so much bright, cheery, sweetness.


          I agree with @terezzz. It reminds me of Ariana Grande Cloud fragrance smelling it from the bottle. But Cloud is a more coconut scent and I like that one more. Ok so Her by Burberry is super cloying to me. too sweet and strong. I tend to dislike super sweet patchouli heavy perfumes. Especially if they are fruity. Example Mon Paris!


          I find this very addictive! I had 2 samples and as soon as I finished them I had to go buy a bottle! I don’t know why I got so addicted to this, it’s got no unique notes yet I couldn’t fathom being without it! It’s like a smooth berry , mostly strawberry, milkshake - there is a lot of creaminess here- but in this mix there is also somehow a cozy element. It is sweet but not sickly sweet, it is kind of fun but very versatile! There’s a certain freshness to it too, it puts a spring in my step! Not blind buy safe, and I think it’s better tested on skin, because it’s quite musky. I can’t detect any patchouli whatsoever. Fabulous longevity and great sillage, like most Burberry perfumes, one of the strongest perfumes I have tried recently. It’s not what I expected Burberry would come up with but at the end of the day I like it when a house surprises you with something new and unexpected, instead of putting out flanker after flanker, so good on them!


          I completely agree with @JackieM's review below. It's Interesting to see that something such as a fragrance can make some people so upset. After all, it's just a perfume and if you dislike it then don't buy it. It's just like with music; there are different genres and obviously each one won't be for everyone. I mean will you get mad if people make and listen to Country or Heavy metal? But to each their own...

          I personally really like this fragrance. Yes- it is fruity but i love fruity. Some people tend to associate fruity perfumes with being cheap, poor quality or smelling like celebrity fragrances but this doesn't smell cheap to me. I'll admit, it's not what I was expecting from Burberry but at least it's something new instead of the "same old". It's sweet and jammy yet there is a freshness to it not making it overbearing. It does remind me of Ariana Grande's "Cloud" perfume but only when sniffing it out of the bottle. On the skin there is a prominent note of cherry and overall it's more complex. Longevity is about 10 hours and sillaget moderate.


          I don't know, when perfume, any perfume, makes you genuinely angry for any reason.... maybe it's time to step away for a bit? The stakes of any one item you don't like in a wide genre that you do should never be that high. It simply comes with the territory.

          Personally, I kind of love it. Enough to buy it. Yes, it's sweet (not a sin if you ask me, maybe I'm just not old enough), and it certainly does have that undertone of *laundry*. But it doesn't smell like sugar or candy to me, more like a fruit smoothie just out of the blender lol. It also has an addictive short of summery sharpness that is a real antidote to the current trend of attempting to sell everything as unisex. Doesn't meant it can't be for men (anything can be for anyone if you want it!) but to me there's no way around the femininity here.


          Way too sweet. A berry explosion, just like when you just start chewing a strawberry flavored gum.


          This is cherry & cashmere on me. Its a nice scent. I do love cherry, that & plum are probably my top two fruit scents I love. Just explaining why I probably like the scent more than most people. The sillage when you first spray it is good but that doesnt last. After only 3 hours I couldnt smell this at all anymore. Not on my clothes either which is really crazy. My husband could no longer smell it either. Most Burberry perfumes last on me so this was a big disappointment. I'll enjoy it on days I can respray often but I will not buy this again.


          I'm so confused when they wrote that is was "designed to capture the youthful spirit of the city of London, the creative and eclectic metropolis". Isn't that what Burberry Brit (the perfume? was designed for? Make it make sense.


          One of the most generic scents I've come across recently. It reminds me of so many young, fruity fragrances that it's quite tricky to point at only one. Not exactly my cup of tea - too fruity, and not enough sophisticated, it disappears into nothingness pretty soon due to the absence of solid base notes. Actually, this is one of the few scents that smells better directly after application, rather than after an hour of wear.


          I received this as a gift in swap from one very generous fragrantica member. To me, it smells like Burberry Women with berry twist. Light and summery fruity-musky scent, slightly synthetic, but pleasant and feminine.

          The comparisons with MFK Baccarat Rouge really puzzle me. I own and wear Baccarat Rouge myself and they don't smell much alike to my nose, despite being created by the same perfumer.


          I was really surprised by this scent. I expected a fruity scent, but instead I got a lot of incense (although the note is not listed).
          It was sweet incense, but incense nonetheless.


          This is currently my go to fragrance, it smells clean with a subtle sweetness. The strawberry notes are not surprising but I wouldn't put it as a top note, it's definitely in the background still quite fruity though. I can see myself layering this with a berry body spray or maybe something a bit powdery.


          Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry. Not the fresh sort. The shiny wrapper, hard strawberry candy with the jelly center that you take from the candy dish at the doctor’s office kind. It smells exactly like that to me. Synthetic, sweet, strawberry candy. There is a bit of freshness to this, but it is overcome by the strawberry. I do not detect any woody notes on my skin; a bit more would have made this more interesting to me. I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it, either. Almost like a waaaay watered down Hanae Mori. I’ll pass on this.


          perfect for spring. This reminds me of BBW In the stars or Gucci rush for women...fresh and fruity yet still cozy


          Her is quite a surprising release from Burberry in my opinion. It has a completely different style from their other fragrances, it's polarizing and super sweet.
          This smells like a giant mixed berries flavoured plastic milkshake. Like a drink for Barbie. Something Sailor Chibimoon would wear. Extremely pink smelling. It's milky and dense, with strawberry as the main note and some other berries as supporters. In the drydown the berries become a little darker and less milky, as if some overripe strawberries got mixed into the milkshake. I don't get any amber or florals from this, maybe a sliiiight hint of patchouli and musk, but not really. It's just that while this fragrance is very berry-like, synthetic and youthful, it has something to it that lifts it from berry scented drugstore product to wearable perfume.

          Burberry Her is a perfume for fun, carefree times, for parties, fairs, eating ice cream and maybe for dreaming of having fun, too. I hate rules that make work more miserable than it has to be, so I generally think every perfume can be worn to the office. But if you want to come across as very serious and business-like, this scent would be out of place.
          Be careful, this has a very strong projection and can feel intrusive and annoying when oversprayed.
          In my opinion Her is not that close to BR540 and Cloud. It has a similar vibe, but it's less metallic/dentist-like and very foccussed on the berries that these two don't have.


          I fell in-love with this fragrance, upon my very first sniff. It’s very unique and so lovely! To me, it carries me back to my youth.. it smells like a delicious strawberry lip gloss! ... This is not to say it is a scent only for the youthful... not hardly! It simply brought me back to a more carefree time in my life. Who couldn’t use that? ;) it is a sweet fragrance, though certainly not sickeningly sweet. It’s a very subtle ‘strawberry gloss’ fragrance, that can be enjoyed by all. I do wish the Sillage was greater and I really wish this wonderful scent would stick around longer.. but I am so in-love with it, I can look over those factors.
          * also, I’d like to note that this perfume has such a lovely bottle, with the most amazing atomizer I’ve ever used. It generates a nice, long spray.. enough to carry from elbow bend to wrist or one side of the neck to the other, with one effortless sweep ;) very nice!


          I haven’t been on here in a while, but had to make a special trip for this review. When Francis Kurkdjian put out Baccarat Rouge 540 I did a very short review stating it smelled of cotton candy and all things pink and girly and was it not a $300 niche fragrance everyone would be complaining about another sugar laden addition to the market. What Kurkdijan did was very smart though. He allowed people who felt they were too sophisticated for such offerings to love one. It’s no surprise the fragrance is so popular it has lead to cheaper spinoffs including this one also by Kurkdijan. The other is Cloud by Ariana Grande. Burberry Her is sweeter and less woods but oh so similar. Cloud is lighter and muskier with obviously less quality ingredients but, again, it’s close. People are up in arms at the suggestion a fragrance they paid $300 for could possibly be replicated for a fragrance a 1/3 or a 1/4 the price but it is. I have to say I’m amused because as I predicted people are complaining Her and Cloud are overly sweet, overly girly sugar scents but they’re at least 85% dupes for Baccarat Rouge 540.

          If I was forced to pick one, my pick of the three is this one. Her has a touch of a lipstick/cosmetic powder vibe I prefer. However, any of the three fits the bill of a cotton candy fragrance with a twist. The main difference?

          Baccarat Rouge 540 = $300 and a bit more cedar

          Burberry Her = $100 and a bit more lipstick vibe

          Cloud = $50 and bit more musky

          Elisabeth M.

          To my surprise I instantly had a crush on Burberry her. I've never been much into English perfumes but Burberry did very well on this one. Her is a well blended mixture of berries, musk and light creamy amber in the drydown. Yes, it's a gourmand but not sugary cloying. The sillage is sleek modern powdery very 21st century. Love it!


          I was given a sample of this and got the full size bottle the next day. I absolutely LOVE this perfume. It is extremely fruity (Berries! - strawberries/raspberries/blackberries) and so juicy on my skin. Normally I don't like scents that are fruity as I fear they are childish, however, this is so feminine and beautiful. Also, the bottle is so simple. Sleek, modern elegance and looks great on my vanity.

          Ocd scents

          I tested this at Sephora and it was love at first sniff! Usually I like orientals, but I've been expanding my horizons and this is so fresh and fruity I couldn't stop sniffing it. It has great longevity, I could smell it for hours. It's on my wishlist and I'm hoping my boys will get me a bottle for Mother's Day!


          Seriously what is wrong with the reviews?? I get if this was polarizing like angel because of a standout ingredient like strong patchouli, or cloyingly offensive, but to have such a high ratio of dislikes for this likable perfume is a little ridiculous. Unless there's a bad note in there only certain people detect?

          I instantly liked it. It smells good yet still unique. And the bottle is simple but pretty.


          I just tested on a blotter and it reminded me of Baccarat Rouge. I went on Fragrantica to check whether I am wrong, and apparently, I am not alone :)

          WHILE it will not substitute BR (I own a FB), it has a similar vibe and totally different pricetag. Nice offering from Burberry.


          Nothing like baccarat rouge 540, it's totally different perfume


          I do get the affinity to BR, as some people mentioned before. Maybe the Burberry is slightly more juicy, but definitely I can sense the same vibe. It is vibrant, light and never gets too sweet. I tested twice and am considering a fb.


          This is odd. It's a "no" for me. While I do smell the strawberries, there's something that smells off to me. I can't even figure out if its overly ripe/rotting fruit, or like someone else said sour milk.

          This note isn't just on me or the dry down, but I smelled it immediately after spraying. Its like a creamy scent that makes me want to stop breathing. And I love sweet scents.


          This takes me back to the 80s. Sexy, not too strawberry, unisex. I like it a lot but it’s too young for me.


          It’s kind of girly fruity-berry scent. Playful and sweet but nothing like Baccarat 540 rouge. I’m surprised why people compare them. Baccarat is very femmine and much heavier balsamic fragrance while this one is more like Viva La Juicy and etc. but plain.
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