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          Dahlia Bath and Body Works for women

          Dahlia Bath and Body Works for women

          main accords

          fresh spicy

          main accords

          fresh spicy

          Perfume rating 4.35 out of 5 with 20 votes

          Dahlia by Bath and Body Works is a fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Dahlia was launched in 2020.

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          I have the body spray of this and I really like it, smells sweet and floral fruity but not too powerful with the floral I do get a strong fruity sweet note though, pear? I see people say it's similar to good girl by carolina herrera, honestly I've smelled it before and I kind of forgot :( sorry people lol but yea smells good def a good buy

          Update, so there is a pear note in this I didn't even bother to look but yea strong pear note and the praline makes it very sweet


          Despite the notes and the main Accords listed above, this is not "in your face" sweet. I was encouraged to try it by the salesgirl and I do intend to return to purchase.


          This smells very similar to Good Girl but more.. innocent, if you will.


          This smells like Good Girl as others have stated but with a crisp sweet pear to make it airier than GG. They'd layer well together. I like it.


          This is nice and much longer lasting than average BBW offerings . I do find that it smells a LOT like Viva La Juicy which I like but never owned because to me it was just not that special. Dahlia has same pear vanilla vibe. ITs sweet juicy and warm. I like it a lot. I gotten small perfume spray and travel size body cream size and layered together those last several hours, unlike many BBW scents which fade in no time.


          This is GOOD STUFF!

          A slight resemblance to Good Girl but I did the 'right arm left arm' test with the two and they are definitely different. GG is a bit more dark - Dahlia is sweeter.

          In my opinion, both are good and have their time and place as to when to wear which.

          Happy Halloween everyone!
          Continue to wear your masks even after this weekend! ;)


          One of the better B&BW scents...IMO.
          Has the CH Good Girl vibe...although I say,IMO,not a complete clone/dupe.

          It actually also has decent/good performance too !!!


          I just came here to say this smells like CH Good Girl, but someone already beat me to the punch. That's pretty much it...ok maybe a little bit of MK Wanderlust thrown in too.


          This smells EXACTLY like “Good girl gone bad” by Caroline Herrera


          This smells EXACTLY like “Good girl gone bad” by Caroline Herrera


          This is a beautiful sweet perfume! The notes according to the back of the box are: velvet dahlia petals, crisp pear, praline musk, whipped tonka bean.


          Imwimsatt it doesn't smell like Kaleidoscope at all. Dahlia is more warm and fruity. If you ever smelled Beautiful Belle by Estee Lauder or Tresor In Love by Lancome it's in that realm. Mind you it doesn't smell like those but it's in that category of Fruity Florientals. Dahlia is very Pear Blossom but very warm at the same time. It has a slight butteriness about it.


          How does the quality compare to Kaleidoscope, the only bbw perfume I like?


          Finally it's in the database. It honestly smells more expensive than what it is. Beautiful warm floral. That's the best word to describe it just Beautiful.


          I can't get enough of this fragrance! The juicy pear is so lovely paired with vanilla and a deep floral. It is pretty strong too, especially if you layer up with the body wash, body cream, and body spray or edt. It's warm and cozy but it's not too sweet and cloying. It's perfect for the person who wants to smell warm, feminine, clean, and beautiful.
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