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          Avon Charmed Avon for women

          Avon Charmed Avon for women

          main accords
          white floral

          Perfume rating 4.00 out of 5 with 1 votes

          Avon Charmed by Avon is a Floral fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Avon Charmed was launched in 2020.

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          I had to do it. I'm not sure what came over me, but I spent the $1000. It did come with "$1000" in "free" skin care, so that's basically free right? The initial blast is full-on vintage Avon, that same musky, musty smell you've smelled many times before when spraying an Avon scent from the 70s or 80s or earlier. I have to admire them for going there though. It's totally fitting for an anniversary Avon scent, and considering that's not even their current scent profile, it's pretty gutsy. When you're making a fragrance that costs approximately $975 more than your average fragrance, I guess you get to be whimsical. As it settles on my skin, I detect a harsh note amongst the floral, something almost like leather with a touch of dirty smoke. As it progresses, I'll have to update you. I will tell you that you can save your $1000. The presentation is lovely; the scent is okay, but there's nothing here worth four figures. I bet you're shocked, SHOCKED, to hear that.


          @bel.gravia in response to your comment, since 2016 Avon USA is a separated company from Avon Products Inc(Avon Worldwide), and its now called NEW AVON COMPANY, acquired in 2019 by corean company LG HOUSEHOLD & HEALTHCARE. Avon USA is only for sales and distribution to the USA, Canada & Puerto Rico.
          since 2016 Avon Products Inc, moved their headquarters and operations from New York, USA to London UK, and they are responsibles for the sales and distribution of the brand in Europe, Africa, Asia and LatinAmerica.
          last year the brazilian direct selling beauty company NATURA, with presence in the majority of latinamerican countries, presented an intention to acdquire the 74% of Avon Products Inc, so in the first trimester of 2020 it became a reality, and Avon joined Natura and together they are now THE NATURA & Co. formed by the brands Avon, The Body Shop, Aesop and Natura, becoming the fourth largest beauty group in the world right after The Estee Lauder Companies, Shiseido & Co and The L′Oreal Group.
          Avon USA is working to bring back and preserve the Avon heritage, the new collectors edition fragrance Charmed are only 1,886 pieces made to sell, the peacock is made from 18k carat gold with Swarovski crystals and the bottle looks really cute, the price is very high but the product is made in corea, and they are not going bankruptcy if they do not sell the 1,886 bottles of this fragrance, how many people lives in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico? i bet they are millions so this corean owners are taking Avon USA to a new era and bringing Avon heritage available for the lovers of the iconic brand. cheers!


          I Don't know if I'll ever get my hands on this Bottle as Only 1,886 were produced in Honor of Avon's 1886 Heritage, There is a scratch and sniff in The C.24 Brochure where it's being launched and from the Faint smell I was like I think I've smelled this Before...I'm getting a previous Avon release from 1986 honoring at the time Avon's 100 year anniversary, that sent is DEVOTEE, It was a Glorious Rich Sweet Fruity Amber scent with some white flowers, so if This Is Similar It Will be a Beautiful fragrance But That $1000.00 price (which is a sale mind you as it retails for $1,200.00) will keep me from ever finding out Even as a Long time Rep! ...The Master Perfumer for Charmed is Caroline Sabas.


          The new Avon perfumes haven't been worth the forty dollars they charge so far. I'm willing to bet this one won't make the thousand dollar mark! Avon used to be far better than the prices they charged...my how tables turn. I don't even understand how a company can downhill so fast!


          Yes since Avon was sold for a Brazilian company in 2016, they have launched luxury £300 skincare, this perfume....
          They did some good job by introducing Luminata (£15), Artistique collection (£18) I admire that. Those scents are getting away from the "Avonesque" smell and are worth extra £8-£6... good luck on Avon trying to become a luxury brand.
          Ouch that hurts.


          I simply love this super-tacky Kitsch-bottle and it would be very nice to be able to test the perfume, as I am a big fan of white flowers.

          Now, I have just read on the internet that Avon have changed their owners twice since 2016, so I suppose this explains a lot.

          Does anybody know who created the scent?


          Go home Avon, you're drunk! Allure reports it will cost $1200.00?? What a shame.


          I actually like the concept. It seems like you are paying for the bottle.

          I know that Avon is known for its economical nature, but Avon can merit this kind of pricing, due to it history/proof of dependability, and specifically with this, creativity.

          If I had the money and like the notes, I would consider purchasing because of Avon's history -track record of releasing good scent despite their identity as economical. Imari(Iconic), Extraordinary, Far Away, etc.

          I saw in the news section on this website, a company, who is niche (I guess),,, asking for $300 + for a new release and I questioned why. Trust, history, creativity... should also be a factor in pricing. Avon has all of that.

          Charmed seems quite interesting!!!


          Not sure what Avon's current business strategy is or what market they are targeting, but I think they are losing their long-time loyal customer base, of which I am one.


          The day, when I cannot afford Avon, has come :D


          Omg what a spectacular presentation ?! But for $1,000 and its an Avon perfume, as said by violetstorm, I think I'll have to pass.


          just an fyi lol........this perfume is being priced at 1,000 dollars.............yep i sed 1,000............craaazy lol.......not the avon i use to know lol...........i saw this in the catalog & went whaaaat & then laughed......i am a peacock fan so props to the bottle :)

          hopefully they will launch the scent in an affordable bottle lol :)
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