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          Club De Nuit Armaf for women

          Club De Nuit Armaf for women

          main accords
          fresh spicy
          warm spicy

          Perfume rating 4.31 out of 5 with 358 votes

          Club De Nuit by Armaf is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Peach; middle notes are Rose, Geranium, Jasmine and Litchi; base notes are Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk and Vetiver.

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          first of all this does not smell like coco mademoiselle at all. it smells like cheap drugstore perfume.i also get a bad headache from this.


          This is very similar to Chanel Coco Madmoiselle, Miss Dior 2017 and a bit of Fan di Fendi EdP 2010. It is unisex to me and l like to wear all of them. It is light and belongs to the contemporary modern tutti frutti colognes of the century. Price is very good and inexpensive. Some of my male friends wear either this or the other expensive three. Nice find.


          The first spray within 30 seconds are sharp and chemical, but after that it turnout to be soft and intoxicating scent. For me this smell like sophisticated and beautiful women whom really nice and love to smile. I could wear it in any occasions and in any time because it's not to sweet or heavy. Also the price is soo cheap!

          note: I never smell coco mademoiselle before, so this review are purely made for this perfume


          I have come to realize that my skin picks up the lychee note really well. I like this clone because it is rather dense and tart on me thanks to that added lychee note that is absent from Coco Mademoiselle.


          I’ve had this fragrance in my collection for a month and it’s already more than halfway used. I love this! It has a very similar vibe to coco mademoiselle, so it would be a good idea to get this if you didn’t want to splurge. I find this fragrance pleasantly strong and very long lasting; if you accidentally get the liquid on your hand you can feel the oil in the fragrance. I spray this in the morning before work and I can still smell it after my 9 hour shift. This is definitely gonna be in my collection for a very long time!


          love this scents on a girl. a sexy, humble, sophisticated girl. love this.


          Bought this CDN and Signature, the Tresor La Nuit dupe.. CDN is a bit rough at first and kind of burns my nose. Then it smells exactly like a hot cup of green tea with a TON of honey and lemon.. Once it calms down I get the soapy florals..If I spray lightly it fades within the hour and if I spray a ton of it, it last a bit longer but then my nose burns from it.. I'm not crazy for the honey and lemon or the soapiness so it just sits on my shelf and I rarely reach for it so was a waste of money for me. The Signature one is a dark, juicy strawberry wine incense. Me and my husband both wear it once in a while in the winter time


          I like dupes when they're done well. Okay, this may smell like CM, but it smells like a dollar store air freshener version of CM. It really does. CM has a smooth, sweet, refreshing fragrance that doesn't smell like chemicals or make you want to cough when you spray it. It actually does smell quite cheap to even my non-fragrance enthused friends. I even had a hard time selling it for 10 dollars. Honestly, CM is not that expensive. You can get a small bottle for less than 120 dollars that will last you for years. So why settle for this kind of bad knock off? I'd suggest just getting something substantial that runs cheaper than going for the AMAF version of CM. It's just not good.


          It is beautiful scent, strong opening but it dry fast into intoxicating scent. It IS dupe for Coco Mademoiselle. It lasts long and even longer on clothes. I love it.


          this is all i want for perfumes
          price is very good ( cheap but not cheapy )


          I couldn't say this is a clone of Coco Mademoiselle. They are different, i could smell the similarity but you could tell which one is Armaf Club De Nuit and which one is Coco Mademoiselle. Longevity is acceptable since the price is very affordable compares to Coco Mademoiselle. In the end, it will always back to your own budget.


          I bought this because there are many reviews that this perfume is the clone of Coco Mademoiselle. When I’ve received it, I was very impressed with its performance, the box is thick and looking good than its price, the bottle is elegant and classy. But the smell is another thing,
          I’ve been using Coco Made for more than 10 years (although it”s not my only one). I think nothing is similar from top to base notes. It’s not very bad but not my type and I would say that much cheaper as its price (compare with Coco Made). And I’m sorry to say that I don’t like any of the notes of this perfume even top, middle or base all of them made me headache.
          But do not believe my opinion because I am a migraine woman that very sensitive to all kind of strong smell. I think perfume is the thing that you need to try by yourself before buying. Although in my opinion this is not similar to Chanel Coco Made but not bad, just too strong for me.


          Never tried Coco Mademoiselle before so no comments there however Club De Nuit is a beautiful, sophisticated bright perfume better suited for daytime in the spring and summer. It opens with a burse of Citrus, rose and dries down into a powdery vanilla that is sensual. The sillage and longevity is excellent especially if sprayed on clothing. Use a gentle hand on the trigger.


          No meu nariz, esse perfume n?o tem nada a ver com ccmademoiselle. Ele tem umas notas um pouco "estranhas", cítrico um pouco doce, e n?o consigo identificar uma nota pulgente que n?o me agrada. N?o deu pra mim. Outros da marca me conquistou mas esse fui com muita expectativa e acabou n?o sendo o que esperava.


          I tried a tester of CM on one arm and the Club de Nuit on the other, initially the opening was sharper with the CN but after 15 minutes you could not tell them apart and I do agree with other reviews that the longevity of the Armaf product is clearly better, lasts 12+ hours on your clothes and still smells delicious closeup! I would and have repurchased this due to longevity and price. Love this dupe!


          I’ve tried to make Club De Nuit Woman work, wearing it through Spring and Summer and again in mid-November. There may be something fundamentally wrong with my particular bottle, but the juice does not match in color or description above.

          On my skin, Club De Nuit starts with a synthetic chemical blitz softening quickly for a lovely few minutes before vanishing completely. The bottle itself is very nice, but the stuff inside is another matter.

          Unfortunately, this blind buy is a bust because the fragrance is not particularly good – and the longevity is dismal.

          In addition to poor performance, Club De Nuit Woman seems to be drenched in an evaporative chemical so aggressive it is impossible to detect any of the promised peach or grapefruit notes.

          Although compared to Coco Mademoiselle, I only get just a hint of rose with an underpinning of musk and patchouli. Club de Nuit Woman seems to lack any structural glue to hold itself together. It jumps from the gate, starts to collect itself and then falls apart completely.

          Would love to test another batch to check if I happened upon a bad bottle. I am happy to send a decant to anybody who has a good bottle and experience with Club Nuit so you can test and compare for me.
          Until then, Armaf Club Nuit is a very hard, ‘No.’


          I liked the notes in this, so when a deal cropped up, I grabbed a bottle. Sadly, this is not for me. All I got was florals. Heavy florals and a chemical cleaner undertone. One spray on my arm made my husband sneeze like crazy and start coughing and this doesn't happen often. After an hour, I can barely smell it unless I bury my nose into my arm. Still, nothing but floral. No vanilla, no citrus, nothing spicy, sweet or appealing to me. Just generic floral as I cannot even make out the rose and I do love rose. After two hours, it was totally gone. Husband was relieved and honestly, so was I.

          Another reminder that not all perfumes are going to smell the same on everyone and even the notes will show different depending on your chemistry/hormones/health.

          To the swap/sell/get rid of box it goes. On to the next perfume.


          Considerably, this could be worn year round but I prefer it in the summer the most.

          I obtained it last winter and was, only a bit, put off by the sharp musk opening that lasted an hour before smelling beautiful for the following 7 hours.

          Now that it's the end of summer I get absolutely zero of that funky, musky and toxic/chemically opening. It has turned out to be beautiful from start to finish in this warmer weather.

          I wore it starting early this morning until I showered after work this evening. My choice was to wear this again for the late evening after my shower. I rarely wear the same fragrance twice in one day. Especially with a shower in between the wearings.

          It is not an exact clone of CM. Similar in feel, yes. I love them both in different ways.

          I will never need a back up of this because I have Coco Mad (which I used to dislike) and Signorina Eleganza too. Each are not the exact same but similar in feel. I am glad to own all three.


          CDNW is some potent stuff! I like the scent, it is indeed very similar to Coco Mlle. I was looking for a "big girl" EDP for work so I got this. I don't know why it's classified as a fruity-floral. I think it's a modern chypre - floral notes with a hint of fruitiness that the mix is tangy in the best way possible, anchored by a prominent patchouli note. The drydown is unisex. I am sensitive to musks generally, but the musk note seems to be present in a low concentration here because my nose can't detect it. Nothing about CDNW screams "girly", that's for sure. It really smells like the drydowns of many higher-end fragrances.

          Come to think of it, this is why I will never blind-buy high-end fragrances; they are complex, rich scents. I saw someone who blind-bought Guerlain's Shalimar commented that it smelled like massala. I had a good laugh reading that! I really need to sample before committing to full bottles, but I digress! In the case of CDNW, I had to blind-buy because it was not available in my area.

          When I first tested this on my skin, I treated it like other fragrances - I spritzed it very closely on my target area. If you don't like a MASSIVE powdery patchouli drydown, don't do this! I was weirded out by the strong drydown, but learnt to spray it about 30 cm away from my skin. The drydown became more acceptable for me then. With two sprays, the scent had inoffensive sillage, and lasted about five hours from the top to base before fading away. I like the packaging, nothing about it seems cheap. I received a bottle from the 2018 batch, made in France. I am very pleased with the atomiser.

          Is CDNW a crowd-pleaser? No, I don't think so. It is quiet sophistication. If you're looking for compliments, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a pleasant little sister to CDNW, I recommend Mon Evidence from Yves Rocher. I sometimes layer CDNW and ME together to boost the lovely floral-fruity jamminess that I just can't get enough of!

          Is it good for close, intimate encounters? If the other person likes patchouli a lot, maybe yes. You have to play around with the spraying to get the softest effect.

          CDNW is very appropriate for work and other formal occasions, just go slow with the spraying! ;)


          One of the best clones of Coco Mademoiselle. ARMAF really did a great job. There are some differences though and I wonder if they were made intentionally :). I wish they were...because it turned out to be a sort of a flanker that I would call Mademoiselle patchouli. I know, sounds weird...
          On the other hand, some of my friends prefer the ARMAF version, because they say it is not as sharp as the Chanel one.
          Every time I go to the store with the intention of buying it, i change my mind, thinking I will stick to my Chanel. I definitely prefer Coco Mademoiselle.


          Packaging is very poor, like low quality products.


          I have both this and Coco Mademoiselle EDT. This is obviously a clone of the Chanel, but the vetiver in it is amped up to a point where it detracts from the composition.

          I disagree with the reviews that describe this as smelling cheap or chemical-ish, but I'm not a huge fan because of that vetiver. It's just too much for me.


          A good, cheaper perfume. I was gifted this. The scent is mature and sophisticated. Heavy on the patchouli and somewhat sharp in my opinion. I enjoy it and wouldn't mind smelling it on others. However, I don't personally wear it. I don't like when people put an age on perfumes, but it really feels too fancy and rich smelling for a casual college student. Not that I couldn't see other people in their 20's wearing this to an upscale event.


          I thought it smelled cheap and chemically. I didn't hit the notes it claims to have.


          Gifted to my wife. She loves it. Amazing longevity and sillage. Good stuff.


          I want to believe the reviews and I want to love this perfume but it’s an ok scent for me. I got mine from eBay so it might be a fake or a bad batch, but it just doesn’t last or project. The first two hours I can smell a cloud of fragrance around me. After that, it becomes a very soft skin scent. I even asked my coworker if she can smell anything on me, and she couldn’t really trace anything.

          However, it is a lovely scent. I’ve worn this in the office and the scent seemed very fitting. Given how soft the fragrance is, I can wear it for just about anything. It’s not something that will catch someone’s attention either. Doesn’t leave a trail nor does it fill a room. For anyone who’s got in online, where did you get it from? I found these at the mall but they were charging $90.



          I agree it's terrible. Very cheep and synthetic smelling... I made the mistake of buying 3 from this brand and they were all pretty bad, with the exception of Red Ruby, which is ok. Marjan Red was the third one, and that is either a cheap man's cologne masquerading as a woman's perfume or maybe the wrong product was poured inside the Marjan bottle during manufacturing.. Still can't figure that one out... I'm very disappointed but at least these weren't expensive. Won't be purchasing anything else from Armaf.


          ...am I missing something? Because this perfume smells like cheap bathroom soap. You know the kind of bathrooms you find in a drugstore? The ones you use only because you really have to? It smells like the hand soap you find in those bathrooms. Sprayed several times on my arm and it's super faint. Bummer. At least it was cheap. You get what you pay for I guess.


          AMAZING! It's so well blended and very rich, the vanilla has a syrupy-like quality, but it's not cloying, it sits and stays.

          Coco Mademoiselle is a touch creamier, and confers an almost cloud-like effect, like being wrapped in a luxurious cloud. Club de Nuit almost feels like a rich oil, it clings and spreads in the best way possible.


          Girls go Out and buy it, this perfum Is so good, strong performance AND excelent sillage. Aroma very close to Chanel, not the same but very close. I have bought two bottles: 1 for my mom and 1 for my sister, and works excelent, I mean, the perfume works for different ages


          Armaf's Club De Nuit opens with a harmonious gale of bright, vibrant citrus accords. The bergamot, grapefruit, and orange blend beautifully with a subtle note of peach, tempering the piquant tang with tender sweetness. The patchouli lends gravitas and depth to the heart of the fragrance without dominating.

          Any floral notes that have a presence are bare whispers on my skin. With time, the head notes lose their sharp edge; the citrus settles to a delicate hum and blends nicely with emerging vanilla and musk, creating a beautifully blended balance that never becomes too candied or cloying.

          Aesthetically, the bottle is generous and beautiful; the pictures don't do it justice, and as one who keeps her fragrances in a dedicated but somewhat mercurial drawer, I'm always grateful for a stable bottle with substance and weight to help keep other more delicate vials in their place.

          Having no recent scent memory of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, I purchased Club De Nuit with no expectations of comparison or representation. Instead, I was drawn to its compelling marriage of citrus and patchouli, along with an alluringly affordable price point. And I'm pleased to say that it delivers on its promises.


          I own both this and CCM. This smells so close to CCM but the price point is so much better! $100 less than what I paid for CCM. I always felt it had to be a special occasion to wear my coco mad now I can spray with abandon and smell just as wonderfully!!! I'm missing the green tea note from ccm but other than that this is so close and so classy. I'm currently in love with several Armaf fragrances!


          I own both this and CCM. This smells so close to CCM but the price point is so much better! $100 less than what I paid for CCM. I always felt it had to be a special occasion to wear my coco mad now I can spray with abandon and smell just as wonderfully!!! I'm currently in love with several Armaf fragrances!


          Another blind buy as I was buying a bunch of armaf perfumes. I dislike this a lot. I'm smelling a lot of the patchouli and it's just giving me headache. I tried washing it off my wrist but it has quite a hold. Nice significant bottle though.


          Just buy it and you won't regret. Not identical with coco mademoiselle but this will give you coco mademoiselle-like scent sensation. For 20USD (i bought from takeit2day.com) it is worth every penny and good investment. I am so addicted to this scent. For me CDNW is sister of CCM. Own both of them is not a sin.

          Alces Alces

          I don't love Coco Mademoiselle EDT enough to pay what it costs, partly because it is just SO popular and partly because it's not that interesting to me as a perfume and partly because I do own 2012 Miss Dior. But I have to admit it's an easy scent to wear, especially if you just want to smell nice like everyone else. There are times at work when it's better to wear something mainstream. And that's why I love Club de Nuit for Women.

          To a true Coco Mademoiselle fan, CDN probably falls short, but to someone like me who just wants an easy to wear perfume equivalent of a beige suit, this is it. CDN smells professional and appropriate. I love me some STONKIN patchouli, but not everyone else appreciates my Noir Patchouli (Histoires de Parfums) or Sumatra Patchouli (Jeanne Arthes) or even Patchouli Patch (L'Artisan), for example. CDN has a very sanitized Disney version of patchouli, a socially acceptable level. I can wear this around other people without someone asking whether the exterminator has been around recently. Fragophobes have no sense of humor or adventure, I tell you what.

          CDN smells like Coco Mademoiselle, lasts a long time, projects just enough, comes in a BRICK of a glass bottle, and costs very little. I love this and unreservedly recommend it as a safe blind buy to all but the most obsessed Coco Mad fans.

          Keep cranking them out, Armaf!!


          Bought it recently as ppl claimed it to be close dupe to coco chanel.. But u can clearly differentiate between the two as the original chanel has a bit creamy touch and less of rose dominance.. This on the other hand is more synthetic and with rose dominance.. Which I hate.. Also silage and longitivity doesn't apply in my case..

          Dimi M

          Got this as a gift to my mother.
          SHE LOVED IT!

          I am pretty sure a younger female would appreciate the smell as well but i'd keep it for women 25+

          My ratings:
          Presentation: 8/10 (box and bottle are nice,cap not so)
          Scent: 10/10
          Sillage: 7/10
          Duration: 9/10
          +Value for money 10/10

          total: 4.4/5


          Armaf does it again! Chanel just lost me as a customer since I can’t tell a difference between the Armaf and the Chanel on my skin. Very high quality perfume for a fraction of the price of CCM.


          I love how armaf line can copy niche perfumes and improvise them along the way!! This one is so good....the sillage is wonderful.in terms of longevity...it lasted 5 to 6 hours on me which is more than good for this new brand...this one is absolutely a dupe for coco mademoiselle edt but softer and sweeter which is why i prefer the chanel....its strength prompts the lasting power to be more satisfying...7/ 10....from me


          First of all, luxurious heavy bottle. Presentation is top notch. This is just another blind buy based on reviews and friend recommendation. The opening makes me think it is quite difficult for to wear. I don't find any peachy smell in this. I just don't like the tangy pungent opening, it's kid of too loud for me. It's like an older lady scent. After several minutes, the strong citrus-y scent becomes mild, developing the velvety smooth and silky sweet as the vanilla took over the harsh opening and the dry down turns into a aromatic, earthy and oud-y (even though there's no oud in its composition) and pleasant floral-y scent -- which I think came from the blend of rose and bergamot. It's not the kind of comforting English rose scent, I don't know how to describe -- a more mature rose that blends with citrus and musk, maybe? But I wanna say, if you love this fragrance so much, just don't overdo it -- 1 spray is all you need or you may 'disturb' people around you. Not hating it, but I need more time to love this, this is really something difficult and new to my nose.


          Hi all, i just received the perfume that i blindly purchase on the in the internet. After i read review, many says that its similar to coco madamosaile so decided to buy it online. As what everybody have been talking about, the perfume is very similar to coco mademosaile. I would say 98%.
          I need few more days to see the performance of this perfume. Whether it long lasting or not. As for now, i like the scent. cheap price with the good scent.




          Yep, it's CCM with a sight twist, that is very good. Less aldehydes, maybe a tad of pepper? Not sure, but it's very smooth. I bought it just to see how close it was & to smell this lovely scent that some like even better than Chanel! I don't know about better, b/c they have differences that some will prefer, & some won't. We are all different, so gender & age should never be an issue. But it's good & I love this brand. My 3rd frag from them!


          With the ability to opt for Coco Mademoiselle, I *still* chose this one instead because I prefer the superior performance.
          Armaf is profoundly under-rated, which is great news because that keeps their prices in the "sane"price- range and out of the "Screw you, Customer" price-range.
          Fragrance: 10+/10
          Performance: 10/10 It doesn't get any better than this
          Value = bang to buck ratio = ridiculously awesome, the cost for an Armaf is about 10% what it ought to be based on the quality of the fragrance.


          I have never bought a dupe before, and purchased this last minute with In Woman dupe for Armani Si. CDN is so....pretty. I love it. It is a beauty!


          My wife bought this Armaf perfume today.
          It's very very feminin.
          I really don't know exactly how smells Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, but this Armaf fragrance has an amazing scent. I am trully convinced and really love this Club de Nuit.
          I will have a sniff of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle and will make an update.


          I bought this because I can't really afford a bottle of Chanel Coco Madmoiselle EDT right now, but I do like it. I have a mini of the Chanel CM that's running on fumes. Anyway, this really is a good dupe for it! The opening, initial spray is not as smooth or well blended as Chanel's, but after 5 minutes it really is like the CM EDT pre-reformulation! This one also lasts longer on my skin which was surprising. Armaf impressed me again!

          The opening is that blast of borderline harsh citrus, middle is sweet and lovely... so well put together by this point that no one note stands out above another. It does have that slight powder to it which gives it a sophistication that other fragrances of this similar type lack. I give this fragrance a 9/10. I docked a point for the choppy opening. Beyond that, this is great! Great longevity, Moderate Silage with very few sprays, Great Price, Heavy, sturdy, thick glass bottle (a little ugly imho, but the quality of bottle is admittedly quite impressive for the price point.), And THE best dupe for CoCo Mad EDT in existence. If you wore this and told someone you were wearing CM I truly don't believe they'd know you weren't.

          I've never been into dupes. They're usually "off" or lacking in some way. Armaf truly never disappoints though! Usually they actually manage to improve on the "inspiration fragrance" in some way. With this one it's longevity for instance is far better than the Chanel on me. I could still smell this after 18 hours (albeit close to the skin by that point) But the original Chanel CM lasted about 6-8 hrs on me and it's re formulation only lasted a miserable 2-3 hours. So yeah, HUGE improvement with Armaf. This did not have the beastly, monstrous silage of the other Armafs I have. But again, Silage was acceptable and moderate. This is just such a no brainer, easy to reach for, appropriate for every situation fragrance. I really find myself wearing it a lot.


          Better version of coco mademoiselle edt ever since it was reformulated. This is a better investment!!


          What can I say. Armaf has done it again. Beauty in a bottle. I know I might get shot for saying this but I am a fragrance connoisseur with over 60 fragrances and always on the hunt for the next best fragrance. I stumbled across Amarf and have been testing each one by one. This is one right here is the first fragrance I have EVER! come across that's the next best thing to CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle.

          This is pure seduction, glam, evening wear type of scent. The bottle, the scent, the feeling. Treat yourself ladies.


          an ordinary scent. nothing special. too sharp to my taste .my teenaged daughter "adopted" it.


          So, I wanted to give my girlfriend a gift and thought about this fragrance. I own CDNIM and CDNIW and I like them a lot. So we went to the mall and have her try it on her skin. From the initial spray it was a "No-no" for her. She didn't like the patchouli. She said it was too strong for her (I really liked it tough) after a couple of hours I was getting whiffs of it. I was in LOVE on how it dried down. After about 7 hours I was still getting the beautiful fruty-floral smell. So I asked her again what she tought about it...well she now have the full bottle and can't get enough of it.

          It's a nice everyday scent that last a very good time (up to 8 hours on her skin, and could smell it easily while sitting by her side)

          Batch 07/2016


          Mid tone citrus floral. The brightness is damped down by the patchouli causing it not to be so light hearted.

          No fruitchuli here. Still a nice perfume however. I just wished it would have to patchouli in the base instead of the forefront.

          This does remind me of something. If i figure it out i will update.

          I think it's sanderling from yves de sistelle. And if i'm not mistaken that is a clone of a chanel scent.

          Will research further.

          Overall it's an ok perfume. It is pretty. It does smell nice. Longevity is average as is the projection.

          If you can find this for 20-25$
          I'd think that is a great deal for this!
          But not over 40.

          If you like the previously mentioned perfumes. Then you might find this interesting too.

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