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          AH Eau de Parfum Anthony Hopkins for women and men

          AH Eau de Parfum Anthony Hopkins for women and men

          main accords

          white floral
          fresh spicy
          warm spicy

          main accords

          white floral
          fresh spicy
          warm spicy

          Perfume rating 4.12 out of 5 with 8 votes

          AH Eau de Parfum by Anthony Hopkins is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. AH Eau de Parfum was launched in 2020. Top notes are Bergamot, Orange, Pink Pepper and Ginger; middle notes are Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Rose; base notes are Musk, Honey and Patchouli.

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          Top Notes

          Pink Pepper

          Middle Notes

          Orange Blossom

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          Blind bought this and it just came in today. This fragrance opens with a lot of orange blossom and then settles soon into a a bright bergamot and white floral fragrance that is completely unisex. Out of everything I’ve smelled in my life, this smells most similar to Thé Cachemire by Dior. I already own Thé Cachemire and love it, but I find this fragrance to be different enough from the Dior to warrant a purchase if you enjoy this style. In addition to the citrus and floral smells, I also get a very slight grape soda vibe now and then, which could be coming from the claimed musk note or maybe from the bergamot. While I think Thé Cachemire is a fragrance suited only to hot weather, I think this AH creation could be worn in moderate temps and hot temps. Is it a wow fragrance? If you told me to smell it blindly I would say it smells high quality, unique, and safe, but not bold. The wow factor for me is the fact that the legendary Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter) literally created this fragrance, modeling it after the smell of his childhood home’s garden. That is an awesome topic of discussion. And remember the mentions of perfumes in the Hannibal movies? I am so happy this fragrance and this brand exist.


          On my skin, I get an honeyed orange blossom bomb.
          Opening...citrus/white floral....musky underneath....the mid-notes remain as the driver of this fragrance..IMO.
          I don't "sense" patchouli...???
          This has to develop on the skin....so I think it is a good blend of notes. Not overly powdery.

          This also projects quite well....can be borderline "cloying" for some people.
          Unisex...??..Well....I see all fragrances as unisex,mostly, but if I had to say.....this scent is feminine IMO.

          I really "like" this scent....but it is not "OMG " remarkable. ....but I keep on smelling my wrists...so...something there is capturing me....lol.
          Sillage/projection/longevity (on my skin)...is above average.


          WOW...There were FAR more reviews than this...

          What in blazes is happening to all the reviews lately? They've gone AWOL...

          *scratching head*


          Oh no! This did not agree with me at all. One of the few citrus and white florals combo that really has a terrible effect on my olfactory senses and induces me to an instant bad headache. Nonetheless, this is some potent stuff. It lingers for hours and hours, at least on paper. I had high hopes, therefore, not a blind buy success for me. Money down the drain. Sorry, Hopkins. If interested, I split, decant, sell the whole thing, you name it.


          My first review. This is very powerful for a freshie, with a wonderful citrus opening, definitely leans more female but I don't have a problem wearing it because it isn't overly sweet. Very pleased with my purchase, would recommend.

          Pro: strong for a freshie
          Con: does not smell like liver and fava beans


          I just received my bottle today. I had hopes that it might be truly unisex enough for my husband to wear and enjoy, but the orange blossom and florals are really prominent and not to his taste. I like it quite a lot for myself, however. I can definitely pick up the spiciness of the pepper and ginger, also the indole of jasmine and sharp zing of bergamot. A hint of muskiness in the drydown. It is a very inobtrusive fragrance - perfect for work and I think it would be well suited to warmer weather. Not quite the wow factor I'd hoped for but a very likeable and wearable fragrance.


          Fragrance notes sound intriguing. If people were asking me what I was wearing, I would probably just say “ Good evening Clarice”

          [email protected]

          Can't wait to get one! He is my most favorite actor, true artist..Did you hear his classical piece? I'm at awe at his talents..obsessed with his voice..He truly is a gift to this world!


          Dr. Lecter it would be an absolute honor to blind buy your scent!


          I've already smelt it: It smells like liver with fava beans and a nice chianti. FFFFFFF!!


          I hope this will be available somehow in Europe.
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