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          The Harmonist Sun Force
          New Fragrances

          by Sanja Peki?
          10/19/20 06:51:34 ( 9 comments )

          The Harmonist Sun Force

          Niche brand The Harmonist presents Sun Force, the second edition of The Prequel Collection. Moon Glory and Sun Force, two fragrances from the collection, are inspired by the dyad of Yin and Yang, seemingly contradictory forces that complement each other. In the case of this collection, these energies are represented by the sun and the moon as the two forces that inform all aspects of life on earth: the sun that provides light and energy to all living things, and the moon that regulates the ocean tide and has a cyclical impact on our lives and our bodies. 

          The Harmonist The Prequel Collection

          "Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting."  - Nathaniel Hawthorne

          Sun Force will come out in the fall of 2020 and represents solar energy and Yang energy. The composition is infused with citrus, exotic woods, and rose. The creator is perfumer Guillaume Flavigny. Sun Force "celebrates the vitality of the sun, a force that colors our perception and reveals the vibrancy of our surroundings.

          "Moon Glory channels the Yin energy of the moon, with floral and resinous notes that appeal to the passionate aspects of its masculine counterpart, while Sun Force is infused with citrus, exotic woods, and rose, a Yang energy to charm its romantic, feminine partner. Together, they are a balanced attraction."

          The Harmonist Sun Force

          Top: Hawaiian pomelo citrus, Bulgarian rose, saffron
          Heart: cardamom, incense, organic honey
          Base: sandalwood, organic benzoin, musk, vetiver


          The Harmonist Creator Lola Tillyaeva invited famous Los Angeles tattoo artist Doctor Woo to create a visual impression of the Sun and Moon fragrances. 

          The Harmonist Sun Force is available in a 50 ml bottle for $336.00 USD.


          Sanja Peki?

          Sanja Peki? Editor, Writer & Translator

          Sanja Pekic is a Fragrantica editor from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has joined the team in 2008 to update and maintain encyclopedia information, as well as work on perfume news. Sanja is passionate about fashion and martial arts.

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          Sekushi No. 7

          keith.claiborne 10/20/20 15:01

          I look forward to trying this ( hopefully owning). I own Morning glory from the prequel collection and it is just WONDERFUL! so I can only imagine this being along the same lines as that one!
          Rake & Ruin

          parkemuth 10/20/20 13:41

          The video is beautifully done. I hope the fragrance is too, but I would have to sample prior to buying.
          Chance Eau Fraiche

          SaturnSmiled 10/20/20 02:34

          Hadn't heard of this brand, but their 'gimmick' as it where is really intriguing! Might pick up a sample of Sacred Water at some point. They look lovely.
          Remember Me

          Blacktundras 10/19/20 13:50

          Harmonist who?
          White Linen

          SaffySafarelli 10/19/20 12:21

          The photo of the two models is really bizarre - what are they meant to being doing?!
          Vinaigre de Toilette

          fragrance2016 10/19/20 10:21

          The pricing needs to be corrected, too( ...being facetious).


          Is this company venerable enough( a substantial track record) to merit this kind of pricing? Why would I tell anyone I paid $300+ for an relatively unknown company, without a dynamic(enough) story behind the fragrance. What are you paying for, exactly? In my opinion, take, for instance, Avon, --they deserve this kind of pricing with their new Swarovski Crystal fragrance, Charmed. It would generate chatter to pay this amount for Avon, because Avon's history, identity. This, from Harmony, would generate what???-- I'm just saying.

          PS: Oh...I meant Harmonist ( I'm real catty today for some reason, maybe my yang is off or yin, or... meow)
          Beth C

          Beth C 10/19/20 10:17

          This sounds wonderful! I have Moon Glory, and this one truly looks to be the flip side of its coin.
          Clair-Obscur (Jasmine)

          Bella 10/19/20 09:53

          Done, Vahid01, thanks! :)
          He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood

          Vahid01 10/19/20 07:48

          Please correct the year of launch in the perfume page which is written 2002.

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