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          ScentXplore 2020: The Virtual Scent Experience this December
          Fragrance News

          by John Biebel
          10/17/20 17:05:10 ( 5 comments )

          ScentXplore 2020.

          2020 will once again bring ScentXplore to perfume enthusiasts the world over. What began last year as a niche perfume event in New York City will now be held as a virtual, day-long event on Saturday, December 5th. It has a full roster of perfume world speakers, fragrance brand presentations, musical performances, content presentors and panels, awards ceremonies, and giveaways. It all begins at 1:00 pm EDT and concludes at 10:30 pm that evening - and you can enjoy all the activities from the comfort of your home. 

          Scenes from 2019 ScentXplore

          Scenes from 2019 ScentXplore in New York City.

          The event is being coordinated by Max Forti, YouTube personality, content creator and fragrance reviewer. The following experts and familiar faces will be participating in the event:

          Cecile Zarokian, master perfumer; Dariush Alavi, perfumer writer and critic; content creators Buck of Big Beard Business, Kristen Capolino, Joescentme, Marc / Robes 08, Chris of Fragmental UK, Carlos of Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, Justin of Stayfreshproductions, Andrea Charls of Curly Scents, Steven of Redolessence, Josephine of JusdeRose, Clemence of CCFragrance, Dan Naughton / MrSmelly77, and Daver of Fragrance Bros. More contributors, speakers and panelists will be announced as they are added to the roster.

          Participants at ScentXplore 2020.

          Partipants for 2020's ScentXplore.

          Among the events planned will be Live presentations from perfume brands. This year’s fragrance partners include Amouage, Memo Paris, Amouroud, Zaharoff, Fragrance du Bois, Masque Milano and more. New releases will be announced by the fragrance houses themselves. Q&A sessions with the brands will also take place, so participants can inquire about current and future fragrance development. 

          Fragrance community awards will be presented, along with musical performances and keynote speakers. Altogether, it will be a full day of all things related to perfume and the people that make it happen.

          Amouroud Fragrances.

          Tickets for the event are just $29.00, and you can register at ScentXplore.com. Please visit the website for more information, and for details about all the activities and a schedule planned around ScentXplore. Fragrantica will be attending the virtual event and reporting the news as it happens, so look here for updates and more information from 2020’s premier niche perfume event in the USA.


          John Biebel

          John Biebel Writer

          John Biebel (johngreenink) is a painter, writer and software designer currently living and working in Rhode Island, US. He is a graduate of the Cooper Union in New York City where he received his BFA in painting and photography. He currently divides his time between work in user experience design, painting, and his independent perfume company, January Scent Project. He has particular interest in perfume chemistry and the history of perfume making.

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          News Comments

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          Cheap & Chic I Love Love

          maci2222 10/20/20 14:22

          Its a content creator convention lol

          neversmeltit 10/19/20 06:37

          I wonder how many of the you tubers will bang on about clones on the day
          L’Homme Ideal

          Lomasfuerte 10/18/20 17:00

          Wow 29.99 really?
          If it was free I still pass .
          But good luck

          antitheist 10/18/20 11:37

          When you take the (social media) content creators out of this there isn't much left, so I'll pass.
          Chanel de Lanvin
          Amouage Lyric Man

          Chanel de Lanvin 10/18/20 02:23

          Big names in perfumery, excellent choice.

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