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          Samsung Launches Perfume With Olympic Medalist
          News Roundup

          by Eddie Bulliqi
          10/21/20 14:26:06 ( 46 comments )

          Samsung British flag

          In a bizarre, nonsensical collaboration with Olympic gold medalist Max Whitlock (a British artistic gymnast), Samsung recently launched L’Eau De Laundry – a new scent created “to celebrate the arrival of Samsung’s latest ecobubbleTM washing machine … presented in bottles which perfectly replicate the machine.”


          The fragrance accompanies parodic ads that mock the cliché hyperbole and confusing, abstract sentimentality of traditional perfumery media campaigns, most recognizably Chanel’s much-derided Chanel No. 5 monologue starring Brad Pitt. 



          British perfumer Sarah McCartney was commissioned to create “the elusive smell of clean sheets and machine-powered freshness,” following a Samsung audit of 2000 British adults of which 77% noted “freshly washed laundry” as one of their best-loved smells, followed by clean bedsheets with a 69% share. The final scent contains “four musks which evoke the smell of a fresh garden and fresh water, paired with aromas of lily-of-the-valley.”  

          Samsung man

          L’Eau de Laundry will be available to customers who purchase an ecobubbleTM washing machine from Samsung KX – the brand’s concept store in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross, London. They also say that a select number of bottles will be made available to win via Samsung’s social channels. 

          If you like the prospect of a comforting fresh laundry fragrance but won’t be making a trip to London’s King’s Cross to buy a washing machine any time soon, try Clean Reserve’s White Amber & Warm Cotton, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Universalis, or Hugo Boss’ Wool Musk instead.



          Eddie Bulliqi

          Eddie Bulliqi Columnist

          Eddie Bulliqi is a writer and speaker who analyses what people want from their senses, specialised in the interpretation of tastes and smells, with a background in musicology and history of art. He has worked with Coty, the Estée Lauder Companies, Esxence, the Institute for Art and Olfaction, and the World Perfumery Congress. For Fragrantica, he produces trend reports, interviews, raw material studies and reviews.

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          News Comments

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          In Fragrant Bliss
          Bel Ami Vetiver

          In Fragrant Bliss 10/27/20 18:28

          For once Samsung is ahead of Apple....
          Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette

          LP80 10/27/20 02:48

          @SueC - generalizing much?
          Boss Bottled

          rmcat 10/26/20 22:52

          @wilsonwc76 Lucky! Please do leave a review - this marketing has clearly caused very high expectations, LOL
          Sira des Indes

          SueC 10/26/20 21:56

          Men will be confused by this because most of them don't know that "laundry" is actually a room where dirty clothes mysteriously get taken to and washed.
          Rose du soir
          Angel Eau de Toilette

          Rose du soir 10/26/20 17:10

          The poster looks like a 90s version of Invictus ha ha ha !

          wilsonwc76 10/26/20 13:03

          I won a bottle! Can't wait to try it out!

          angelfishie 10/25/20 20:10

          Ahahaha I love the parody on perfume ads. As much as I love fragrance, I have long found the ads esoteric and often off-putting. I checked out the article because I was mind-blown by "Samsung Launches Perfume" alone, but this is just fantastic. As for the scent, I'm really with the 53% of Britain that loves freshly-brewed coffee scent best, but hey, I love the Clean line, which is based off soapy-clean scents. Free perfume with a washing machine doesn't sound half bad! Last time all I got were some confusing hoses and a cardboard box that barely fit back out my door.
          Claire Dessert
          Eau D'Hermes

          Claire Dessert 10/25/20 11:33

          OF COURSE this is a parody! And you’d think the Chanel adds with Brad Pitt and Gaspard Ulliel (Mr. ‘Bleu’) were a too, but no.......

          GoldIris 10/24/20 05:07

          Ow okay so this is a parody, cause I was already asking myself why they dressed him in the cheapest spartan Halloween costume.
          Shalimar Eau de Parfum

          chinook 10/24/20 03:07

          Yes, the sweet scent of a sweaty gymnast, sign me up (for the washer) haha. The washer looks questionable and the perfume is not appealing, but it definitely is a memorable ad and made me laugh. I love it

          DarlingNikki 10/23/20 18:36

          Let's hope the bottle doesn't explode

          Scentless_Nameless 10/23/20 12:07

          @francois75 check out the collaboration Le Labo did with The Laundress...

          Calvini 10/23/20 11:52

          Hilarious & sexy!
          I second @VikingWoman
          Bvlgari Man In Black

          matty64 10/23/20 04:14

          Introducing the newest Olympic event in the Men’s Gymnastics category. The Pommel washing machine. At least you can wash your sweaty clothes after the meet. Every pommel horse sitting in a gymnasium, somewhere, is so jealous! Lol - Oh, by the way, no, I didn’t overlook that prolonged stationary hand stand. The amount of upper body strength required is mind boggling. -Matty-

          francois75 10/23/20 04:05

          This is the most idiotic thing i have ever heard. What's next? Laundry soap companies are going to launch their fragrances? Ohhh what are you wearing?.... Eau de Persil with Oxy???? WTF!!!
          D&G Anthology L'Imperatrice 3

          silent_hill_dylan 10/23/20 03:01

          I honestly thought this was a joke.
          What. The. F**k.
          Dent de Lait

          scorpio_rising 10/22/20 12:04

          Brad Pitt is like Robert Redford reincarnated before Robert Redford is dead; parallel universes overlap; the space-time continuum dissolves into nothing and everything ad infinitum.
          miss misty
          In Woman

          miss misty 10/22/20 08:04

          Perfect add, refreshing to see something like this.
          Forever Neil
          Escada Casual Friday

          Forever Neil 10/22/20 07:44

          These types of scents are great for candles, not perfumes. I still can't understand how Replica fragrances sell. They pretty much smell like candles, not fragrances. Bring back old school fragrances, and stop watching youtube shills.

          Q80 10/22/20 05:03

          That Samsung add was quite gringing! the washing machine ruined the ad! i thought for once (before reading anything) that it was an "Invictus" new variation Paco Rabanne but nope.. it was Samsung and i have absolutely no idea what does the baby eating chocolate, & the horses had to do with the blend! .... But after all, they respect their customers cause they still sell their phones with a headphone, & a charger ;)
          Michael Kors for Men

          Alienatedkid 10/22/20 04:24

          Missed opportunity not to sell it on its own (yeah I get they want to sell the machines) but I love novelty stuff like this.
          Dulcis in Fundo

          Barbamama 10/22/20 02:16

          Charming sillyness! Personally not a fan of über clean scents, but it might be good considering the perfumer.
          The Brad Pitt ad - cringe! “Wherever you go, there you are” Sounds like something Fred Armisen would say in an SNL skit, or Jeff Goldblum on a talkshow
          Teint de Neige

          VikingWoman 10/22/20 02:15

          You just have to love that dry english irony. I dont think that people really get it. This is very little about the perfume - the real product advertized here is the Ecobubble. I just adore this sarcastic take on the ridiculous adds from the perfume industry. Maybe you have to be european to see why this add is hysterically funny. I can imagine someone like Rowan Atkinson aka Mister Bean to have directed this add. Most people don't care about washing maschine adds, so they invent another product that people love - perfume. Then they sneek the washing mashine in under cover of the perfume. This has to be the sexiest washing mashine add I ever saw. Keep them coming.
          Vanille Abricot

          LightOfJoy 10/21/20 21:56

          I thoroughly appreciated this commercial. The confusing Brad Pitt commercial (was he trying to win back Jennifer Aniston)? I'd never seen it before, but it made the Samsung one that much more enjoyable.

          Scentless_Nameless 10/21/20 20:57

          Apple, where is my white rectangular iSmell?
          Boss Bottled

          rmcat 10/21/20 20:15

          As bizarre as this is I'm glad at least that the ad is supposed to be a parody, otherwise I'd have been extra concerned ??Also have to admit I love that washing machine bottle!
          Professor Oakmoss

          Professor Oakmoss 10/21/20 19:47

          This must be for those people who loved Colgate pizza. Can't wait to call customer services and tell my Samsung has lost its top notes and when they ask what product I am using I will just continue babbling on using perfume terminology.

          Also this could be the hipster dream. What are you wearing? Anthony Hopkins layered with Samsung.

          GodKing 10/21/20 18:44

          This sounds like the worst marketing idea since the Ford Edsel. Does Samsung make toilets? If not, they should because I see this "idea" taking a Giant Flush within the fragrance community. Next!

          Mc13Kenzie 10/21/20 18:37

          Kudos to Mr. Whitlock for keeping a straight face. His manager must have had some explaining to do.

          Just think, years from now, one of us perfume freaks will find a bottle of L'Eau de Laundry while cleaning out our mother's laundry room and will have a good chuckle.

          I like the washer shaped flacon. Reminds me of the novelty Avon bottles of yesteryear. (Coming back in Vogue again, I might add.) Also, sadly, makes me think of Depression Era marketing add-ons. Hope it doesn't come down to that.

          FrkFors 10/21/20 18:29

          The man is very hot and the ad is funny. Sexy men doing laundry? Even better! It works for me. I love the ad, I love Samsung.
          Ala?a Eau de Parfum Blanche

          Tonkks 10/21/20 18:24

          It's true, clean clothes are undeniable. Add in clean sheets and you have my idea of a perfect day.
          scentsational taste

          scentsational taste 10/21/20 18:21

          I'm sorry I cannot stop laughing are they serious, Mercedes were bad enough with the new car smell but this takes the cake and the guy jumping over the washing machine???? I'm waiting for Jim's mowing to release fresh cut lawn
          Amor Amor

          eyi 10/21/20 18:10

          Nice idea, I love the picture of the guy with the flag, and the bottle looks nice. I wonder about the smell. I love doing laundry and clean clothes are awesome.

          blurryface24 10/21/20 18:01

          *yawn* where’s the Anthony Hopkins one? As ridiculous as it sounds, I’m dying to see the notes.
          Ala?a Eau de Parfum Blanche

          Tonkks 10/21/20 17:46

          That is the exact outfit I bought for handing out candy this Halloween! Well, now it's back to the drawing board.
          L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum

          LuisFelicio 10/21/20 16:11

          OMG !!!!
          I thought i've seen everything, and now comes Samsung ??
          What next ???
          Tupperware's smell of clean plastic containers ? ??

          Atomikbomb_ 10/21/20 16:10

          This is so odd to me, but I'm curious!
          Narciso Rodriguez For Her

          Mellyhelly 10/21/20 15:54

          I don't need a new washing machine, but if they give the man together with the perfume, I may think of buying it.
          Alces Alces
          Arden Beauty

          Alces Alces 10/21/20 15:25

          This is my new favorite perfume ad. Exotically ridiculous. And there is subliminal flash of a horse.

          Every day I wash clothes. I love doing laundry, smelling fresh laundry, laundry smells. Finally a scent in the great laundry aficionado tradition of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle and Betty Draper.

          Love the bottle, too.
          The Beat

          OolongLaLa 10/21/20 15:24

          The still photo at the top of this article looks like a riff on Versace ads! I hope Sarah McCartney also had fun on this project.
          George Costanza

          George Costanza 10/21/20 15:08

          Not impressed with Samsung customer service! I want to speak to your manager!

          VIPMEN 10/21/20 14:54

          2000 British adults of which 77% noted “freshly washed laundry” as one of their best-loved smells, followed by clean bedsheets with a 69% share.

          imagine being this boring
          Cheap & Chic I Love Love

          maci2222 10/21/20 14:50

          If this was stain remover as well ... sale made.

          FaisalBio 10/21/20 14:36

          Is it aggressive on coffee stains....
          Noir de Noir

          Deutsch100 10/21/20 14:36

          Smart and fun idea. Not a huge Samsung lover, but this looks good!
          Coach Platinum

          Ambroxer 10/21/20 14:31

          Does it come with a warranty?

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