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          SISLEY Eau du Soir Edition Limitée SKIES
          Fragrance News

          sisley eau de soir skies


          True fans and collectors of Sisley's Eau du Soir fragrance will be delighted by the new, limited edition made in the colors of the deep and colorful sky sky. Shades of blue, pink and soft purple spill over the body of the bottle and the outer packaging, embracing the precious liquid of the cult fragrance Eau du Soir from 1999.

          "Infused with delicacy and poetry, the limited edition bottle of Eau du Soir, entitled Skies, was designed by Paris-born New York artist Sydney Albertini and celebrates the perfume’s captivating olfactory history through a contemporary expression."


          sisley eau de soir skies


          The interpretation of the colors of the sky on the bottle and box is an homage to the chypre and floral notes of the legendary scent. Sisley Paris states, "Owner Isabelle d’Ornano and VP Christine d’Ornano have a very personal connection to this signature scent; it is one of Christine’s earliest olfactory memories of her mother and she now wears Eau du Soir herself on a daily basis. When considering the artistic creations of Sydney Albertini - each described as 'a mental picture that comes to life through the creation of a sky' - the mother/daughter duo thoughtfully selected a deep and colourful sky to adorn the iconic Eau du Soir bottle." 


          sisley eau de soir skies


          This year's collector's edition held on to the traditional shape of the bottle, crowned with its recognizable stopper, an artistic sculpture by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof. The composition remains unchanged; a chypre - floral with accentuated notes of moss and patchouli, as well as a powdery veil of iris and a floral core of syringa, rose, ylang, jasmine, over which sparkling citrus notes of grapefruit and mandarin bring some zing to the composition. The composition was signed by  Jeannine Mongin, Hubert d'Ornano and Isabelle d'Ornano.





          Eau du Soir Edition Limitée SKIES

          grapefruit, mandarin orange
          carnation, iris, jasmine, labdanum, ylang-ylang, patchouli, moss, rose, lily of the valley, juniper, pepper, syringa
          musk, amber





          SISLEY Eau du Soir Edition Limitée SKIES is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum priced at 225 EUR as a limited collector's edition for 2020. (Sisley Paris)


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          News Comments

          Chanel de Lanvin
          Eau du Soir

          Chanel de Lanvin 10/22/20 11:39

          It is a splendid perfume that I wear wonderfully from time to time, a classic to have in his collection, but for me I will not make the purchase of this beautiful presentation, limited either.
          It's reheated unless you buy it and sell it in 10 years, since it will be a limited collector's item,
          otherwise I would have liked to have a brand new creation from this house.

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