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          Review: Under the Spell of Caron's New Masculine Fragrance, Aimez-Moi Comme Je suis
          Fragrance Reviews

          by Sophie Normand
          10/20/20 23:25:44 ( 4 comments )

          Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis Caron

          The French house Caron unveiled at the end of September 2020 their latest masculine perfume, named Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis (Love Me As I Am.) Nine decades after the famous Pour Un Homme (1934), the brand founded by Ernest Daltroff and Félicie Wanpouille at the start of the 20th century, carries on its heritage with this novelty, the name of which is a nod to two feminine fragrances: N’aimez Que Moi (1916) and Aimez-Moi (1996). It seems Caron is reclaiming its DNA by blurring the line between feminine and masculine perfumes.

          Caron Aimez Moi Comme Je Suis

          By connecting genres, freeing oneself from archetypes, the new in-house perfumer, Jean Jacques wanted to offer a gourmand flavor to this masculine fragrance through a hazelnut-vetiver accord. This muddling of feminine and masculine aspects follows in the footsteps of the brand's icons: Tabac Blond (1919), a balmy and leathery carnation scent designed for men and adopted for women after the war as a symbol of female emancipation, or Pour Un Homme, with its lavender notes edged with a creamy and powdery vanilla, which was until then mostly reserved for women's perfumes.

          Jean Jacques therefore worked on a gourmand and woody score for this new male opus. Around an overdose of vetiver (10%), of which he emphasized the hazelnut facet, he composed a citrus top in which grapefruit underlines the acid nuances of this Haitian woody note, alongside ginger. Neroli brings sweetness to the fragrance, before it plunges into a dense and comfortable base, where vetiver is dressed in tonka bean, vanillin and musks. A tobacco absolute stretches the woody texture of the fragrance, alongside cedar and vetiver.

          Aimez-Moi Comme je Suis Caron Notes

          Around the earthy and smoky notes of vetiver, an iconic note of the male fragrance wardrobe, Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis reveals dense and creamy curves, which perfectly match the pinch of the woody notes. A beautiful contrast effect that is reminiscent of the structure of Pour Un Homme, which as mentioned before plays with the herbaceous freshness of lavender and, on the other hand, the sensual warmth of vanilla and coumarin. At the final stage of the new fragrance, although it is not mentioned in the pyramid, I perceive a violet / violet leaf nuance, like a nod to the powdery one of Aimez-Moi.

          The new perfume deploys a beautiful sillage, at a decent volume, with just the right amount of air to never become heavy or heady. It's a real success, as pleasant to wear as it is interesting from an olfactory point of view. And how enjoyable is it to discover something new in the masculine landscape that breaks free from the omnipresent amber woods! This vetiver-gourmand accord is quite original, even if it's not totally new in itself; we can think in particular of Habanita which combines oakmoss with vanilla and amber notes, or of Fat Electrician d'Etat Libre d'Orange , another take on the nutty side of vetiver... Or, in a subtler and lighter style, Vetiver Tonka from Hermessences, which mixes the sprightliness of wood with the roundness of the tonka bean. 

          In a few words; a nice surprise, both pleasing and of excellent quality.

          Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis Caron ad image

          Even though the name evokes Caron's perfumes N’Aimez Que Moi and Aimez-Moi, the bottle takes the shape of that of Pour Un Homme, in a refillable version thanks to a 125 ml aluminum refill sold separately. It illustrates the eco-responsible approach of the brand, which also has chosen an essence of vetiver from a responsible sector, to contribute "to the local development in Haiti, ensure fair working conditions and wages for farmers, and protect the island's ecosystems." The box was produced with FSC certified paper, which promotes "ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management."

          Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis, available since the end of September 2020 at all the brand's outlets priced at 75 EUR / 75 ml, 98 EUR / 125 ml, and 78 EUR for the 125 ml refill.



          Sophie Normand

          Sophie Normand Editor, Writer, Translator

          Sophie Normand has always been a perfume enthusiast, ever since she was 13. One day, she smelled Habanita for the first time and fell in love with the world of perfumes. A few years ago, while working as a web copywriter, she decided to share her passion on a blog called MyBlueHour where she writes about perfumes that she likes or that feels are original enough to be mentioned. Today, she is a perfume freelance writer, but most of all, she remains a perfume lover who likes to share her crushes on the internet.

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          News Comments

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          Pour Un Homme de Caron

          Luna_J 11/26/20 12:28

          I hate to direct folks elsewhere, but Zealot Crusader has a fantastic review of this on (ahem) another fragrance website that I encourage you to check out...Richly detailed attention to both the composition and the brand, and also somewhat supportive of Houdini4's review below.

          Houdini4 10/25/20 16:28

          Please to the commenter below, this is a perfume that needs a chance to charm you. I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling that this is immediately uninspired, I thought the same.
          However, wear it and experience how it changes and how it lives on skin, and a collection of seemingly dated and common tropes becomes more than the sum of its parts. I think this is a technically great perfume too, I’m marvelling at a composition based around an admitted overdose of vetiver, which doesn’t even smell like vetiver.

          kl99 10/21/20 04:11

          Very Nice, but nothing special. Office frag. It Smells like a scent of the 90sbeguin of 2000s.
          Chanel de Lanvin
          Shaghaf Oud Aswad

          Chanel de Lanvin 10/21/20 00:25

          Yes, beautiful materials, we agree.
          But the point is not followed to the end, I would love to smell a real nutty and that beautiful vetyver - without the bulky candy.
          Everyone around me feels more or less the same.
          I really can't like this eau de toilette, I can't wear it.
          the anarchist is a thousand times more interesting!
          I hope that Maison Caron will not allow its extraordinary heritage to deteriorate and invest everything in these banalities that claim to be "trendy".
          What is the point of using large resources to create a "good quality mainstream"?
          An ecologically appropriate,
          Socially beneficial and economically viable forest management is the new sales slogan, why not after all.

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