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          Perfumed Horoscope: October 19 - October 25
          Fragrant Horoscope

          by Zoran Cerar
          10/17/20 22:00:36 ( 1 comments )

          Bright yellow leaves.

          This week we will see a more decisive turn away from our planet of cancellations to our planet of fresh opportunities. The veil of guilt trips and "being hard on ourselves" will slowly start to dissolve. We will enter this week with an open mind, since many changed plans last week (due to Mercury retrograde) open us up enough to be more patient and accepting of any sudden changes. Today we are recommending the fragrant intricacy of complex-simplicity called Affinessence.

          Autumnal landscape with birch trees.




          You’ve been working harder than any time this year. You almost don't notice it, because you feel good about it. Stay in that place, because this week will bring more of the rewards you deserve for being so passionate and committed. If you’ve been dreaming or working toward a leadership role (in whatever you profession is,) this is the week where it can easily come true. It will surprise you that your coworkers will actually choose you as a leader; and they do because you do have the insights into the next big thing. It is not yet clear if it will serve for all, but one definitely needs courage to line up with you. By Affinessence try Cuir Curcuma.


          You are in love and you probably will not admit it. It always feels better when others tell us that we are in love. You may still be in a state of refusal, but soon you will surrender. The process of surrendering will actually continue for the entire week, and you better be ready for it, enjoying every step of the way, every little sip, every little bite of it. What will feel almost as good by the end of the week is the sense of validation offered to you. You will start to believe that the past year was not a complete waste of time, but that there is something that you can put under your belt, and even profit from, maybe next year. By Affinessence try Cedre Iris.



          Very often there is nothing as important as the other twin inside of you, and endless chatter about what is possible and what is real. But then there comes a time where you can step aside of yourself, leave yourself out for a second, and just get involved in something that completely transcends your need to be yourself, and it is not a drug or a religion. It is called happiness, and it could easily become ecstatic if there is a partner who will be ready to pursue it with you. It could also be a parent whose sudden love will make you feel like it was all worthwhile. By Affinessence try Vanille Benjoin.



          You’ve been chatty and out of your shell now for a while, but there will be a whole new twist to your sudden openness and mood to intermingle and exchange ideas and experiences. The best thing is that it will help heal your relationship, which has had its ups and down over the past year. Ultimately it has been a learning curve. We learn how to cultivate love, it is not a given, and it may seem to take a lot of energy at the same time, but then, once it is in effect, it gives us back the health, the comfort, and even the kind of heartwarming fun that our souls really crave. By Affinessence try Musc Ambre Gris.

          This week you should feel your best for the entire year. It really could be a bench-mark, where all the different issues that were off-tilting you come together into balance, and finally allow you to be the roaring, creative influencer again. The two areas that will trigger the improvements all across the board are health and your work situation. Only be careful if you are doing some major shopping and have to sign some serious contracts. In your shoes, I would become more grounded before becoming more extravagant. Both will smoothen out. By Affinessence try Cedre Iris.



          You are the shining star of the week. The world will be happy to orbit around you. Best of all, it will come without any expectations, and it will not require any effort on your side. Life will be as it should be, and unless you are very indulgent by nature, progress on all fronts of your life should finally become a little bit more than obvious. If you were dreaming of offspring, this is also where the good news could come from. By Affinessence try Santal Basmati.



          Your dreamworld is out of control this week, and hopefully there is a strong creative mine in you, since it will be activated this week in a major way. In your dreams, there will be your "dream-home" prominent, and at some point you will not be able to differentiate between a real childhood vs. a fantasized one. This is where major healing can happen, which could help rebuild the relationship with your parents and your very roots. Folks around you will be surprised that you don’t have some kind of a degree in psychology. By Affinessence try Cuir Curcuma.



          You can finally take a little break from your ultra-ambitious self, and seek some inspiration in life. What you miss, believe it or not, are good conversations. Those where it is not important who is right, but which, by describing the internal experiences, lead to some kind of future projects very spontaneously. The best way to reach this mental nirvana is to reconnect with some of your brainy friends. You will be surprised how they have softened up, and you may feel they are now actually feeding your soul with their ideas. By Affinessence try Vanille Benjoin.



          You may have felt a bit unstable with the mixed messages coming from your professional front. This week the situation will shift to a better place, slowly and almost unnoticeably, but still drastically. By the end of this week, you will also realize that any financial concerns were not realistic as your financial situation starts to look much better. You should expect some interesting proposals leading you to new professional opportunities. You are open for a career change any time, especially if you know that there is a learning curve involved along with the adventure. By Affinessence try Cedre Iris.



          This could easily be the most important week of your life and if you read this column, you know I never use flashy phrases like that. There has been so much disintegration, and so much shifting at the same time, that you are still on the edge of losing hope. This is the week where things will slowly get together and will start to make sense, long-term. Possible plans will become real plans; and possible connections and skills will become repeated, proven to work in real life situations. And the best thing is, all the work is already done. You just need to allow for the entire thing unfold in front of your eyes. By Affinessence try Santal Basmati.



          You may be dealing with deep issues this week with much greater success than anyone else. You will be the gate-keeper to the great beyond, being the crisis manager, the rescuer, even the savior if you want. You do not like to take on roles, but it will be easier for others to relate to you, and also acknowledge the insights that you will also be sharing with them. And as you thought that you are pretty special, there is still amazing and unexpected stuff that can come out of you, giving you a healthy opportunity to be surprised about yourself. By Affinessence try Patchouli Oud.



          The uncommon, ongoing tensions between your partner and your social circles could dissolve out of the blue this week. It’s time to become more alert to the point of planning things that you have not done in a while. Stay ready to jump into action. Try to come back to these lines at the end of the week, and observe how much things have improved, beyond your expectations. You have finally gained trust both in your partner and also in a future, any future. By Affinessence try Cedre Iris.



          Zoran Cerar

          Zoran Cerar Writer

          Zoran Cerar (aka Hieronimuss) has loved delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984. With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few colleges in New York.

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          ilovefragrances 10/18/20 20:08

          First time I’ve come across this and I must say what a brilliant idea, fragrance+horoscope! The horoscopes are very well written too.

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