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          Mona di Orio Passed Away Today

          We are sad to inform you of the untimely death of perfumer Mona di Orio.

          The report from her team on the company's Facebook page: "Today, completely unexpected and leaving us in great sorrow, our great inspirer, friend, colleague and name giver to her great loves, her beautiful parfum creations, MONA DI ORIO has passed away."

          Mona di Orio
          was born and raised in France to an Italian father and a Spanish mother. She had a lifelong fascination with fragrances. She would go on to graduate with an art degree, but a fateful encounter with famed perfumer Edmond Roudnitska led her on a new adventure. She was his pupil for 15 years, and for six years worked alongside him in his laboratory in Cabris, a small village near Grasse.

          Mona di Orio Parfums was founded in 2004, with partner Jeroen Oude Sogtoen. Her fragrances were crafted with respect for the traditions of the past, with a modern touch and an eye towards the future, or as the company describes them, "unconventional perfume traditions." Quality and craftsmanship were emphasized above all, and the fragrances captured the attention of fragrance fans with their unique scents and distinctive champagne muselet closures.

          Mona di Orio introduced Les Nombres d'Or collection beginning in 2010. Inpired by the concept of the Golden Ratio in mathematics and art, the fragrances strive for the perfect proportion of fine raw materials that would produce a melodious harmony. Les Nombres d'Or editions focusing on classic fragrance accords such as Vanilla, Vetiver, Tuberose, Amber, Leather and Musc were introduced beginning in 2010. A special luxury edition of the collection, Les Nombres D'or Oud, was issued in 2011.

          The passing of Mona di Orio is a loss for the perfume world. The world is always a bit dimmer with the loss of an artist's bright spark. We leave you with a quote from Mona di Orio describing her philosophy and aesthetic as a perfumer: "I want to create fragrances that make people feel, dream, travel, remember and surprise."

          The Fragrantica team expresses deepest condolences to Mona's family and loved ones. Rest in Peace, dear Mona.


          Jodi Battershell

          Jodi Battershell Editor & Writer

          Jodi Battershell (NebraskaLovesScent or "NLS") is a recent transplant to Philadelphia but remains a Nebraskan at heart. An appreciator of fine fragrances since childhood, she self-studied natural perfumery and created fragrance blends and handmade toiletries for a number of years, before hanging up her lab coat and approaching the fragrance industry from a different angle. She loves oakmoss, jasmine, cats, "Mr. NLS" and the color purple.

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          News Comments

          Write your comment
          Iris Silver Mist

          iBear 10/23/20 18:31

          @ Amy Ann Luca Turin is NOT American. We have enough idiots here, don't give us more.
          Joys of life

          Joys of life 10/23/20 18:14

          Condolences to her family and those whose lives she touched positively.
          Amy Ann
          Faberge Cavale

          Amy Ann 10/22/20 12:53

          Mona was a great perfumer, probably if she had sold herself to the big already existing houses she would have become a Master Perfumer in 2 years, but she wanted something else, to be free, she was still an artist, one with a diploma as she said, but above all, she was an effervescent and pleasant, refined woman. I met her twice and she immediately fascinated me, once in 2008 when she joined the European Feminist Lodge and she was at a presentation event where I was attending as a senior, and once in 2010 at a lodge charity ball in Luxembourg, both times I think we talked for hours, she was a person who spoke about perfumes with an incredible passion, with a fire in her eyes. I remember that in 2008 she was extremely upset by what an American monkey, that I never heard before, had written about her perfumes, which had caused some American idiotic companies to withdraw her perfumes from the market, I know she had received some advice from a few marketing directors at the lodge to concentrate on Europe more and forget USA and in some years they will got in their knees to give them permission for selling her creations. This happened quite quickly, and of course like a sign of revenge her company sent very few pieces and at very high prices, even tripled or more compared to Europe. In 2010 she was at the peak of success and happy. When I heard about her death, I was shocked. A person did not die this case, but an entire constellation went out, Mona Di Orio will be alive forever but unfortunately her creative genius went in the dark.
          Rest in peace darling, you will always be in our hearts.
          Jacklyn's Perfumery
          Lavandes Trianon

          Jacklyn's Perfumery 07/25/20 12:41


          Ustishrike 07/23/20 06:59

          Santal 33

          ladyofcamelot 12/24/15 00:03

          Such a sad loss. Heartfelt sympathies to Mona's family and friends. Mona, thank you for the gift of fragrance that lives on in tribute to your passion and talent.
          L'Air de Rien

          Kristina25 12/23/15 20:41

          Oh that's terrible! Only yesterday I was online searching for samples and added her name to my list. It's sad to read that someone in the prime of their career has passed away. My thoughts go out to her loved ones, family and fans. What a tragedy.
          L'eau des Hesperides

          cytherian 12/23/15 19:38

          I am only now beginning to explore Mona di Orio fragrances and feel so saddened knowing this beautiful and talented young woman was taken way too early. All I could find of any note was that the surgery was not of a grave or serious nature, but complications ensuing ended up taking her life. Who knows what was the true cause, if it was a weakness in her condition that made her vulnerable or if an accident happened that ended up being fatal.

          At least Mona lives on through her fragrance line, with most of her creations still being made and new ones following. I plan to sample as many as I can and have already bought one bottle (vetyver). But I wonder what will happen to her work... her business partner, Sogtoen, has said "Mona created lots of formulas but I have decided to close the collections made by Mona." So who knows what is to come... time may be running out to know her own creations before another perfumeur assumes the creative position at Mona di Orio fragrances.
          Hermessence Vetiver Tonka

          edooardo 12/12/11 13:15

          She studied so hard and realized her dream to meet the profesor!
          She is so beautiful! She is the art, our golden composer...
          OMG she would have so much to deliver!
          How Sad!
          Lipstick Rose

          Tovah 12/12/11 11:27

          This was posted on Basenotes:
          "Mona had to undergo a small surgery, during the surgery, some complications started to happen, and unfortunately our beloved Mona di Orio, never made it back, she died due to complications resulted from the surgery."

          from Osmoz (osmoz.com): "Her accidental death, caused by post-operative complications, means that Mona di Orio will join the pantheon of perfumers who died too young, alongside Laurent Bruyère, Béatrice Piquet and others."

          So, so desperately sad.

          It's a comfort to mourn here with people who appreciated her art and life.

          ScharlakenD 12/12/11 05:23

          I read she died while undergoing plastic surgery.
          Madame Rochas

          missk 12/11/11 19:15

          RIP Mona. I have never tried her perfumes, but now I will order some samples in honour of this wonderful lady.
          Iris Aistork
          En Passant

          Iris Aistork 12/11/11 17:31

          Dear, Mona, Rest In Peace! And thank You for all you've done to this world!
          Un Jardin Sur La Lagune

          mseidoom 12/11/11 15:50

          I am shocked! This is so sad. May she rest in peace. Thank you Jodi for the news.

          NebraskaLovesScent 12/11/11 12:31

          There has not been a lot of info available about what happened, but a couple blogs mentioned she had been hospitalized for an illness and died during or shortly after a surgery. So sad. She was only 42.
          Original Vetiver

          Gelladon 12/11/11 00:02

          R.I.P. Mona
          Rykiel Woman

          seatonica 12/10/11 14:56

          This is terrible - I loved her work.
          White Diamonds

          Croneangel 12/10/11 13:52

          Turn your face toward the heavens, open your eyes to see. In the clearest blue sky and the brightest sparkling star..... there you will find her.
          My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones.
          Jasmin et Cigarette

          lindy-fay 12/10/11 13:31

          Thank you for the lovely article Jodi! Her work does indeed make me dream of foreign places, inspiering me in so many ways .It's so incredible sad. Don't have words really.
          Condolences to family and friends.
          The Library Collection Opus IV

          sky76sky 12/10/11 08:57

          Another great loss :(
          Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense

          distortech 12/10/11 08:00

          I am absolutely devastated. Totally and completely devastated. Mona was a wonderful person. I will wear her wonderful Carnation today in loving memory.
          Angélique Noire

          chickenpotpie 12/10/11 07:48

          Whoa! that is really terrible! She was such an artist and I had a great love of many of her perfumes. I'm very saddened by the news.

          prot72 12/10/11 05:25

          This is horrible news. Few weeks ago I had pleasure to spend wonderful evening with Mona in niche perfumery in Poland. We were discussing her plans for the future... She was so creative person so unbelievably talented and focused to make people happy with her creations. I can't believe she passed away. Now is huge hole in the creative not mass marked perfumery and our souls. There are only a few people in the history that was so extremely focused and determined to show us the real beauty of surrounding world, and she was that unusual person. It will never be enough sadness to show our pain. I'm so sad.
          Elena Vosnaki
          Bottega Veneta

          Elena Vosnaki 12/10/11 02:58

          It's totally unfair that she had so many obstacles in her recent past and it's devastating to hear that she was looking forward to making more perfumes and continue to being creative.
          My sincere condolensces to her friends and family.
          Infusion d'Iris

          alaLavande 12/10/11 02:55

          I'm so sad. She was a great perfumer, an artist. Requiescat in pace.
          Roses & Chocolate

          Goldfinch 12/10/11 02:36

          She was so young:(... May she rest in peace.
          Gris Clair

          alfarom 12/10/11 02:35

          Incredibly sad news. It has been such a grea year for her...I'm so shocked.
          Rose 31

          Migotka 12/10/11 02:25

          It was a shock to have read about it yesterday. So young and so many new projects were about to come. Especially after such a fantastic year Mona had with her new, very successful line, it was a blow to the world of perfumes.
          Condolences to the family and close ones.
          Light Blue

          tschiepchen 12/10/11 00:59

          My heart goes out to her family and friends.
          It is always tragic when such a young life is lost.
          Dear Mona, you were a passionate artist, always working on new perfumes to the delight of your fans and followers.
          Rest in peace.
          Pink Wood

          perfumepharmer 12/09/11 19:46

          Such sad news, I do hope her family is OK :(
          Eternity Now For Women

          jeca 12/09/11 19:34

          Thank you, Jodi, for such a tender article ;o( Rest in Peace, Mona.

          naheed 12/09/11 18:59

          Thank you, Jodi. She died so young. May you rest in peace dear Mona.
          Cuir Beluga

          Kterhark 12/09/11 17:21

          Utterly devastating. This is one of the very few lines I would ever go out of my way to sample. Her passion for life came through in each bottle, and above all, you knew you were experiencing something unique and special.

          My thoughts are with her family and loved ones; how tragic to happen just before Christmas.

          Write your comment: Mona di Orio Passed Away Today

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