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          Luminous Lemurs: A New Eco-Perfume to Help Save Habitats
          Fragrance News

          by John Biebel
          10/17/20 10:28:03 ( 17 comments )

          Lemurs and Lucious Lemurs Perfume.

          San Francisco’s Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has released a new perfume to help raise awareness of the crisis that many animals are facing as their environments are changing across the globe. The all-natural perfume Luminous Lemurs focuses on this particularly fascinating native of Madagascar. As the lemur’s native habitat is rapidly becoming deforested in that country, many eyes throughout the world are focussed on efforts to help save the lemur by ensuring it has enough forest in which to live.

          Lucious Lemurs 30 ml bottle.

          Laurie Stern, perfumer for Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery, was first struck with the idea of creating a charity fragrance for the Madagascar lemur when she was gifted a bottle of exquisite ylang ylang oil from the island nation. She says, "Luminous Lemurs got its start when a friend who has traveled to Madagascar on many conservationist treks brought me ylang ylang essential oil as a gift from a distillery that she visited. She put this natural treasure in my hands and told me about the lemurs she saw there, and how the dense forests where they live are dwindling from deforestation.” One of the people that her friend met was Dr. Patricia Wright, a conservationist who works at Centre ValBio in Ranomafana, Madagascar. Their efforts include working directly with the populace to reverse damage of deforestation through educational programs and research. Lemurs are some of the most highly endangered animals on the planet, so the effort is urgently needed.

          Mother Lemur and baby in Madagascar.

          Stern also mentions that the lemur create a rather fascinating scent of their own through mating rituals - ring-tail lemurs emit, through scent glands on their wrists, a smell reminiscent of fruit and flowers. With this curious fact in mind about these highly social and gregarious creatures, Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has created a Luminous Lemurs, a fragrance that uses many ingredients are either responsibly sourced from the island, or inspired by items that are commonly grown there. Not unlike the lemurs themselves, Madagascar vanilla has also undergone a crisis of scarcity, and Stern was fortunate to have some reserved, aged Malagasy vanilla to include in this perfume. She says, "Almost 20 years ago, I heard about the overharvesting of sandalwood and chose not to buy any more. More recently, the perfume world is talking about the overharvesting of Frankincense and Madagascar vanilla. I stopped buying these materials many years ago too – instead, I am carefully using what I have.”

          Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery's Luscious Lemur Solid Perfume.

          A generous portion of the sales of Luminous Lemurs will help to fund the Centre ValBio. It’s of particular need now due to the impact of COVID-19. Much of the center's recognition and income would usually be covered by tourism and study abroad programs, but most of that has been curtailed due to the international health crisis. Velvet and Sweet Pea hope to shore up some of these costs through its perfume offering.

          Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery's Luscious Lemur

          Luminous Lemurs


          Blood orange, Madagascar ylang ylang essential oil and concrete, Egyptian carnation, antique clove bud, nutmeg & cinnamon, 20 year old sandalwood, 20 year old Madagascar vanilla.


          You can purchase Luminous Lemurs in a few formats: 15 and 30 ml spray eau de pafum editions, various solid perfumes (which contain a slightly higher concentration of the eau de parfum,) and a special 30 ml glass-stopper bottle of the perfume as well. You can find all these options, along with more information about the charity and cause at the Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery website.


          John Biebel

          John Biebel Writer

          John Biebel (johngreenink) is a painter, writer and software designer currently living and working in Rhode Island, US. He is a graduate of the Cooper Union in New York City where he received his BFA in painting and photography. He currently divides his time between work in user experience design, painting, and his independent perfume company, January Scent Project. He has particular interest in perfume chemistry and the history of perfume making.

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          News Comments

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          Vanilla Vibes

          orangecloud 10/21/20 14:14

          I wish I could buy these in the UK

          Algee 10/20/20 12:43

          This is good news and moving in the right direction. The lemurs are too cute 100 percent primates. I like the presentation the shape of the perfume falcon. It resembes a vintage medicine bottle and a solid perfume in gem stone in today's world - a rare find. I hope this gets more media attention -Thank you for the info John
          By the Fireplace

          osullik79 10/20/20 06:46

          The only thing people will be saving is their money the prices are ridiculous.

          UnearthlyApothecary 10/19/20 08:58

          @kml24 probably because many of us prefer not to be poisoned by potentially harmful synthetic ingredients, nothing compares to the real thing either ;) there are great conservation efforts being made towards protecting and renewing the natural resources perfumers use as well. And might I add these natural perfume houses are cruelty free: they don’t test on animals or use ingredients (musks etc) derived from animals. l have been admiring this house from afar for awhile, this one looks beautiful and I can’t wait to try it
          Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum

          kml24 10/18/20 06:17

          Why the fixation on all-natural perfume? This starts out egregiously expensive per ml and uses ingredients that are acknowledged to be of limited supply and the perfumer won't harvest new natural, so it will only get more expensive then disappear. There are brilliant scientists working to allow us to recreate nature's scents without damaging the environment and at an affordable price point for more people.
          No. 07 Akazie

          maartje 10/18/20 01:11

          I forgot to mention I also ordered 15 ml of the Calliope oil:)
          No. 07 Akazie

          maartje 10/18/20 00:53

          Wonderful article, John. Many years ago I ordered samples from Laurie and these are so special! Yesterday I ordered the 5 ml solid of the Luminous Lemurs and I am very very curious about it. I admire Laurie to do something good for the lemurs and hope many perfume lovers will be able to do that to by ordering something from her beautiful website!

          rickyrebarco 10/17/20 23:00

          I hope I can afford this, because it sounds like a lovely perfume and I adore lemurs!! Would like to help the fuzzy little pranksters.
          Noir de Noir

          Deutsch100 10/17/20 22:48

          LOVE this. Thank you for sharing this important article with us. The Lemurs are so cute, and the perfume sounds great too!
          Valentina Poudre

          heartmattmorris 10/17/20 17:28

          john, i’m so glad you’ve covered this. thank you! i recently got a small bottle, and i think it’s really special. <3
          Cherry On Top

          mmcgreal 10/17/20 15:51

          This is so great and the fragrance sounds amazing. I will be on the lookout for a sample for sure.Have been dying to get her Highway perfume since testing a few months back.

          VelvetKitty 10/17/20 15:33

          Thank you so much John, for spreading the word on CentreValBio and the lemurs! Great article! Yay! I also wanted to mention that I do have a few costly options of this perfume for the serious collector. I am a packaging freak as my customers know and the Luminous Lemurs solid sterling silver opal-esque jewel compact and the Brosse flacon come in fanciful boxes with my collections of antique millinery flowers and leaves and even purple lemurs! I make everything myself and love to share my arts and help the lemurs at the same time!
          XOXO~Laurie Stern, Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery
          Rose Snow De HJ

          joyjoy 10/17/20 14:51

          I’m looking forward to sampling this. Laurie has some beautiful fragrances (actually I’ve sampled pretty much her whole line & don’t dislike any of them). I really enjoy her body frostings & hydrosols too-especially the rose one. I need to try her Calliope body oil. I love her fun, whimsical, touch of vintage style & of course her love of animals. She’s truly so nice and generous too.
          Velvet Orchid Lumière

          Arida 10/17/20 14:24

          Well, I am not sure about the fragrance, but the lemurs are to die for. Such a cute animal...

          Mak-7 10/17/20 11:37

          $195 for 30 ml spray, and $345 for stopper flacon. A little excessive to charge 150 for a flacon....
          Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant

          deb.martinez 10/17/20 10:47


          Mc13Kenzie 10/17/20 10:40

          Beautiful idea!!

          Write your comment: Luminous Lemurs: A New Eco-Perfume to Help Save Habitats

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