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          Issey Miyake Nectar d'Issey Première Fleur
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          issey miyake Nectar d'Issey Première Fleur.


          Issey Miyake presents Nectar d’Issey Première Fleur, a fruity fragrance with fresh floral notes embraced by a soft and creamy woody-musky cocoon. The newest creation follows its predecessors of  L’Eau d’Issey Pure from 2016, L'Eau d'Issey Pure Nectar de Parfum from 2018, and L'Eau d'Issey Pure Petale de Nectar from 2019.



          "Time to bloom. A few cool, delicate dewdrops add the perfect touch to this new ode to nature: the opening of petals, blossoming flowers.

          In the cool morning air, dew alights on petals. Still-dozing nature slowly awakens with the sunrise. An impatient flower opens gently, revealing itself, radiant, generous, bright. Time passes, unchanging. This is Première Fleur."


          Nectar d'Issey Première Fleur


          In the opening of the fragrance, there is fresh watery fruit together with a juicy Nashi pear, followed by a floral scent of peonies and jasmine. The base offers a special smoothness, combining sweet white musk and sandalwood. The perfumers of the creation are Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal.


          Nectar d'Issey Première Fleur Issey Miyake


          ISSEY MIYAKE
          Nectar d'Issey Première Fleur

          Edition 2020

          Opening notes: Nashi pear, watery fruits
          Middle notes: peony, jasmine
          Base notes: white musk, sandalwood


          Nectar d'Issey Première Fleur


          "In an oblong bottle created by Todd Bracher, the new fragrance Nectar d’Issey, Première Fleur makes its debut. The bottle is clad in nude tones, variations of a delicately copper-colored rose. Drawn in broad strokes, the petals of an open, generous flower are revealed."

          Nectar d'Issey Première Fleur  is available October 2020, as a 30ml, 50ml and 90ml Eau de Parfum.




          Sandra Rai?evi? Petrovi?

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          drugstore classics

          drugstore classics 10/25/20 16:03

          My skin doesn't take 'watery notes' well, but my do I love pear and sandalwood! :D I'd love to test this, even so.

          B!tchBrisket 10/25/20 07:00

          Sounds delicious
          Escale En Indonésie

          gunmetal24 10/24/20 19:52

          I’m really attracted to the flacon. The list of notes makes me think this is going to smell very chemical but we will see.

          zaraatlantic 10/24/20 14:54

          I want this!
          L'Interdit Eau de Parfum Intense

          s801959 10/24/20 08:36

          Here in Canada, The Bay (Husdson's Bay) has it, even on line.

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