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          Introducing Mutant Flowers, Oliver Valverde's New Fragrance Collection Via Crowdfunding
          Fragrance News

          by Miguel Matos
          10/20/20 14:50:33 ( 3 comments )

          It's been a while since we've heard news about new launches from the talented Spanish perfumer Oliver Valverde. But in fact, as we already announced back in July, there is a lot to tell, and this shall be updated and talked about here on Fragrantica very soon. First of all, his collection of fragrances, Oliver & Co. is now renamed Avant Garden Lab. And he is also coming up with a crowdfunding project for the upcoming collection, Mutant Flowers.

          Mutanf Flowers Crowdfunding

          "For those who know my work as a perfumer you may have noticed how much I love the use of pure natural ingredients combined with extraordinary man-made aroma molecules. This collection is not an exception. Each of these 4 new fragrance formulas include heavy doses of flower absolutes such as tuberose absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, jasmine grandiflorum absolute, cassie flower absolute, and one of the most loved raw materials for any perfumer: orris butter.

          "We artisan perfumers, artists, and small brands are now living in very difficult times due to the global pandemic. This is why I need financial support for the production and launching of this collection. By supporting this, you will help me to make these fragrances come alive," says Oliver Valverde.

          Oliver valverde

          If you want to support Oliver and see these fragrances come alive, please visit the Crowdfunding Page and discover the different options. You can also learn a little about the compositions and find out what the perks of being one of the supporters are.

          Here are the four future floral perfumes from Avant-Garden Lab:


          IR1S x TROP1C4L

          Avant Garden Lab

          TUB3ROSE x F1G

          Avant Garden Lab

          JASM1N3 x CAL4MUS

          Avant Garden Lab

          C4SS1E x AMB3RNYL

          Avant Garden lab

          As of the moment this article is being written, the crowdfunding is reaching 13% of the €16,000 flexible goal, and there are 27 days left to enter the project. If you donate now, you will get your products by December 2020. For everyone else, the perfumes will be available at regular price from February 2021.

          Retail price vs Crowdfunding price (50ml bottles):

          IR1S x TR0P1C4L - 170€ vs 90€

          TUB3R0SE x F1G - 140€ vs 80€

          J4SM1NE x CAL4MUS - 130€ vs 70€

          C4SS1E x AMB3RNYL - 130€ vs 70€



          Miguel Matos

          Miguel Matos Editor, Writer, Translator

          Miguel has been a Fragrantica editor and columnist since 2013, and his work has been recognized by the Fragrance Foundation and the Perfumed Plume Awards several times, as well as by the Art and Olfaction Awards in 2019. He has a list of olfactory art exhibitions, including Making the Body Think, in Los Angeles, at the Institute for Art and Olfaction. He wrote the book "The Perfumed Zodiac" (in Portuguese) and launched his own line of fragrances, Miguel Matos Olfactory Art. His perfumer portfolio includes fragrances made for Bruno Acampora, Calaj, Der Duft, Horai Studio, Nishane and Sarah Baker.

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          News Comments

          Jardins de Misfah

          pepperoniann 11/11/20 18:48

          Thanks for sharing Miguel. Based on my personal experience shopping from his online store, Oliver is a very honest perfumer/small business owner that cares for his customers. The prices are extremely reasonable and his blends are definitely niche, having a fluid hybrid touch between natural and synthetic odours and highly definitive. Sorry to hear he was having issues, but hopefully the crowdfunding event turns tides. Good luck Oliver, and keep up the good work!
          Dent de Lait

          scorpio_rising 10/20/20 16:52

          Clearly, "Capitalism is [not] killing you." Crowd funding warranted because of a "global pandemic" seems mighty opportunistic to me!

          johngreenink 10/20/20 15:26

          Oliver is abundantly creative - I've been watching how his new brand has developed and it's been so interesting, extremely art-driven, very abstract but also very intentional. The new perfumes are really fascinating, I can't wait to try them! I think the crowdfunding goal here is very specific and cool - Great way to develop the idea.

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