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          Ganache Parfums News and Updates
          Fragrance News

          by Beth Carsten
          03/04/19 10:23:55 ( 39 comments )

          Ganache logo

          It has recently been announced that Ganache Parfums will be closing its virtual doors on March 15, 2019, due to personal issues on the part of the perfumer and owner, Jarekhye Covarrubias.

          Founded in 2017, Ganache quickly became the go-to destination for lovers of gourmand perfumes seeking an extreme dessert-like experience. Over the past two years, Covarrubias has developed many different types of gourmand scents featuring such delights as coffee (Joe), lemon (Lemon Eclair), coconut (Coconut Flan), and chocolate (Chocolate Ganache), among many others.

          Covarrubias has said, “In my 20 plus years as a perfumer and fragrance aficionado, I have discovered that nothing can spark fond memories and create powerful connections faster than a good gourmand fragrance." He further notes, "I am always in awe of how the pleasantly sweet aroma of a gourmand fragrance can create an atmosphere of comfort and instantly become a conversation starter."

          Former Fragrantica writer Jodi Battershell concurred, stating, “I've found that not everybody chooses to wear gourmand scents, but almost everyone reacts to them and in my experience, most people find them enjoyable to be around. Maybe we can't eat all the decadent, high-calorie desserts we like, but being able to smell their aroma (or something that replicates it) takes the edge off the craving...They're very much ‘what you see is what you get’ on the notes, but the fragrances also possess a complex ‘perfume-y’ quality that places them a level above something like the foody scents from Body Fantasies or Victoria's Secret.”

          Body cream

          Besides perfumes, Ganache also offers body care products such as body creams, as well as candles that are vegan and skin-safe; thus, they are suitable to be worn as solid perfume. Further, Covarrubias donates 10% of Ganache's proceeds to support kids who are aging out of the foster system. Additionally, Covarrubias’s day job is spent working with homeless youth at Covenant House in Berkeley, California.


          For more articles and information about Ganache Parfums, please read Jodi’s previous articles:

          Unapologetically Gourmand: Ganache Parfums
          New From Ganache: Taste of Summer and Pantry Collection
          Coffee and a Milkshake: New Fragrances from Ganache Parfums

          Up until March 15, Ganache Parfums is having a buy-one-get-one-free sale (BOGO) on their products. (Please do a search for “handmade,” so that the entire range of products will appear.) Visit the brand's website to place an order.

          Alternatively, you may wish to write to him personally at
          Ganache Parfums
          2703 7th St.; Suite 216
          Berkeley, CA 94710-2659
          The Ganache email is: [email protected].

          If you'd like, please post your favorite Ganache scents at the bottom and a word or two of encouragement to Covarrubias.


          Beth Carsten

          Beth Carsten Editor

          Beth joined the Fragrantica team in October 2018. She studied English and Education at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, and holds a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Perfumes are as necessary to her as getting dressed in the morning; therefore, she sprays generously. She prefers elegant and heady floral perfumes, as well as fruity-florals and gourmands, and will forever be in pursuit of the next perfect vanilla.

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          News Comments

          Write your comment
          Escada Collection 2001

          Catalinascents 10/23/20 12:04

          I just received an email from the company with new fragrance offerings! Maybe they've made a comeback?
          Le Bouquet de la Mariee

          Madamevanille! 05/10/19 09:07

          I just checked the website today. He has additional items for sale.
          Not A Perfume

          davis11b 04/22/19 19:13

          I'm confused. Is he closing up shop, or did he just take a break and is working on a smaller collection to have it be more manageable? It seemed like he was done for good, but I went and visited the site and now he has a new collection up for pre-order.
          Mango Skin

          Sevenbirds 04/21/19 09:19

          Has anyone here tried Ganache Gold Couture?
          If so, PLEASE share your impressions - Thank you!
          Fancy Love

          CaitlinBlair 04/16/19 23:03

          @adriana.armenta I experienced the exact same thing. I placed my order on March 16th for Marshmallow & Incense, and never received a tracking number. I waited a month and decided to check in with Jarek to see when my order would be shipped. He told me that my order was already shipped and must have been lost in the mail, and promptly refunded me. I appreciated the swift refund, but I am disappointed that I won't be able to experience that fragrance. :(
          Bel Air

          sweaterfreak 04/11/19 19:34

          Get excited! Jarek is open for business with a new collection releasing 4/21. Only $55 for (6) 1 oz sprays:

          Island Punch

          Peach Daiquiri

          Ginger Ale

          Pistachio Gelato

          Strawberry Sherbet

          Orange Ganache

          I already pre-ordered, and the order showed free US shipping, too...can't wait to smell these!
          Zara Femme 2018

          adriana.armenta 04/11/19 15:08

          I placed my order on the 15th of March and waited for my purchase of the 30ml of Shugared fragrance. I never got a tracking number and have been waiting nearly four weeks for it. I message the owner on the website about the dilemma and he said my order had already arrived and promptly refunded me. I'm a little miffed because I honestly really wanted to enjoy his fragrance before he closed shop, but now I'm not sure. I own his previous fragrance and love it, I guess I'll settled with that.
          By the Fireplace

          Debbie3 04/11/19 00:37

          I ordered 6 bottles before Jarek closed up shop but i live at the bottom of the world so wasnt convinced i would ever receive them .....well they all arrived today, 6 weeks later, in perfect condition and i have been slowly trying them. They are all lasting quite a long time on my skin. So far i have tried Ice Cream Shoppe and Delectation, both delightful, i aslo received Espresso Roast, Medium Roast, Vainilla Oscura and Lush Life. Thank you Jarek i am enjoying them immensely.
          Un Jardin En Mediterranee

          makeupmaven1967 03/31/19 09:16

          After having received Delectation and Chocolate Ganache, I wish I had ordered a couple more of Jarek's perfumes. However, I believe it is too late to do that now. Be well, Jarek. You have made some wonderful gourmands which will be remembered fondly.

          ChypreAnn 03/31/19 06:42

          I got my order yesterday! Everything arrived safe and sound! I do have one more order placed, and I have full confidence that I'll receive it in the next few weeks also. No rush whatsoever! I have plenty of perfumes to wear in the meantime, heh.
          Love Osmanthus

          baerro 03/30/19 18:12


          If you're reading these responses, I received my order of S.O.C.K.S. (along with candle), Lemon Pop, and Silver Couture.

          Thank you so much for creating these scents! And I hope you feel well again soon.

          corkscrewcurly 03/30/19 15:12

          Just wanted to add this as I received an email from Jarek on 16 March, text follows:

          Thank you so very much to everyone who placed an order. I apologize that things have taken so long to process. I’ve had a few issues with the shipping station due to the large number of orders we have processed exceeding their capacity to handle the number of packages. Unfortunately, this led to a group of packages being over looked and left sitting for over a week. And to add to the misfortune I was in the hospital for a few days, so I did not catch it. I am all caught up with orders now and I have switched to using a courier service as opposed to using the shipping station. I know a lot of people have questions about their order status. And while I would like to email each person individually to give a status update there is no way I can accomplish that and still process orders. So, I am sending a group email to give an update about orders. The information is listed below:

          Orders Number 1932-2071 were picked up by the courier today and you should be able to see movement on the packages either Sunday or Monday depending on the time the packages are entered into the USPS tracking system.

          Orders Numbered 2033-2170 will ship out on Wednesday March 20, 2019 and you should be able to see movement on those packages by Thursday, March 21, 2019.

          For all USA orders shipped via USPS first class mail I will email you directly with expected package arrival times.

          I apologize again for the delay and I appreciate your patience and understanding.

          Bee x

          corkscrewcurly 03/30/19 15:06

          Please give Jarek a chance to catch up with the massive influx of orders he's received.

          If you have placed an order but have yet to receive it, it is likely to be because it's not ready yet.

          If there is any reason why the order will not be fulfilled, he will return your money.

          Please give him a chance.

          Bee x
          Un Jardin En Mediterranee

          makeupmaven1967 03/30/19 03:35

          Hello, Jarek. I received my order, Delectation and Chocolate Ganache,and am enjoying them very much. I hope that you find yourself feeling better and recharged from this sabbatical. We do so much love your creations and
          look forward to someday being able to purchase them again.
          Night Watcher

          shiva-woman 03/30/19 01:23

          Just got my order of five scents and sweet, sweet hallelujah. They are in turns delicious, tasty but also elegant and surprising. Pearl Grey is the most...perfumey and quite lovely. Yankee Dolla is also more wearable than its coca cola note would lead one to believe. I got it all today March 28, but I did email him a cordial note indicating the order had a label... but hadn't shipped. He sent it the next day, packaged well. Worth the wait folks. Living the Lush Life...yum.
          Adelaide Rocks
          Remarkable People

          Adelaide Rocks 03/29/19 08:38

          The shipping status of my order (#2125) just changed to "on it's way" and says I should receive it by Monday. So apparently these orders are moving, even if not very fast.

          B!tchBrisket 03/23/19 05:02

          I clicked on the site on the 16th, just as I was about to order from them. I guess no Ganache perfumes for me in the near future then. Maybe one day
          Enchanted Forest

          weegee 03/22/19 18:14

          My orders of 2/22 and 3/2 arrived today combined in one large box, nicely packed and in great shape! I expect my order of 3/3 will arrive soon.

          Four of the bottles are back-ups (2 each of Fern Mayo and Ice Cream Shoppe) but 6 are new and I literally flipped a coin to determine where to start because I couldn't decide. So today I'm wearing Dark Roast and have been craving coffee all day. Can't speak to longevity yet though because I've been respraying all day to get those early morning "it's brewing right now" top notes. Very nice.
          Fancy Love

          CaitlinBlair 03/22/19 12:17

          I placed an order on March 16th, having no knowledge that Ganache Parfums was closing its virtual doors. I have always heard wonderful things and was excited to finally be placing my first order! I am sad to hear the news and I am wishing Jerek all the best.

          @tatercakes I placed an order for just one perfume, but still have yet to receive a tracking number as well... I know handmade perfume orders take time and he is very busy with the recent influx of orders, I'm sure, but I am getting a little nervous now. If anyone has any updates, feel free to message me, I would appreciate it!
          Enchanted Forest

          weegee 03/21/19 21:32

          Jerek is a fragrance genius whose creations have delighted those of us lucky enough to have discovered/purchased his limited editions. This man managed to create these SUPERIOR fragrances while devoting his daytime career/livelihood to that of supporting homeless youth who are aging out of the foster care system. (Google THAT if you're prepared to shed a few tears.)

          Jarek has, IMHO, not only created the MOST creative/authentic/enticing COFFEE fragrances, but also the most delicious "real life replica" gourmand fragrances from cotton candy/candy floss/ to pastry shop baked goods. He's been 100% up front about his goal of using Ganache's profits to help homeless youth who are aging out of the foster care system. What an admirable cause!

          I am a very happy customer to have received some truly marvelous Ganache fragrances, whether they've arrived in 2 or 8 weeks from my initial order/payment date. Given a choice between my dollars going to an international profit driven corporate consortium or a company dedicated to homeless youth, there's no hesitation that lets me sleep with sweet dreams every night.

          satellite99 03/21/19 13:15

          @Tater Cakes - Check out the forum under Gourmands for people updating delivery info. When a business is closing, it's probably not the best time to be a first time buyer (if this is your first time). I love Jarek's work and if I get my order in 20-25 days, then it's business as usual for a handmade order by a person with a separate day job doing his best. This time everyone jumped on the BOGO sale and things got busier than normal so I expect to wait a little longer.
          Miss Dior Rose N'Roses

          Tonkks 03/18/19 05:50

          I hope he is feeling better soon! I've never tried any Ganache scents, but he/you are so loved here, I'm sure everyone will be so happy if you just stay in touch and thrilled if you have a chance to offer some scents in the future!!!! xxxxoooo

          I Can't Adult Today is the best name ever ;)

          joliecat 03/17/19 08:00

          Good news ! Still wishing Jarek a strong recovery with health issues. A talent like his is unique and we really appreciate his art ! He works so hard ! He's so special ! Keeping positive vibes flowing to Jarek !
          Enchanted Forest

          weegee 03/16/19 20:38

          This information comes from a Ganache order update email I received today from Jarek:

          "What's Next for Ganache

          I have received a lot of love and support from so many people and I promise to personally respond to each email sent once the orders have all been shipped out.

          Because of the love and support I have received I have decided not to close the business completely. However, I also can't say with total confidence when I will reopen or what things will look like once I do reopen. I do have one last collection I will be releasing sometime in the next few days to weeks. This is going to be a very limited-edition collection as I am going to pre-make the fragrances and so the supply will be limited to the stock on hand.

          I will create a blog post and Instagram announcement giving more about this collection next week.

          Best Wishes,
          Enchanted Forest

          weegee 03/11/19 20:30

          I have reason to believe we may soon be hearing some very good news from Jarek. Stay tuned!
          The Only One

          NanaGram54 03/09/19 23:35

          Jarek, Though I am new to the "perfume" world; I knew I wanted the smells of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, booze, spices and LOVE. YOU have provided that through your work on Ganache and I KNOW you live that life everyday. I will think of you often and hope that your health improves with some rest from overworking yourself. I DO hope you will be back, hale and healthy, with some great new ideas for us gourmand lovers. Perhaps cheeseburger and fries? Pizza with all the toppings.....perhaps hold the anchovies. ;)

          Please rest and keep up with your ardent fans when you are able. You are cared about and thought about daily. Bless you always.

          Love Osmanthus

          baerro 03/09/19 17:41

          I went to the website to place an order, because it looks like this will be the last time I'd get to try any of the scents I'd been thinking about - but it looks like my top choice, "Summer Sangria," must have sold out (or been discontinued) a long time ago. Bummer. Well, I'm still excited about "Lemon Pop" and "S.O.C.K.S." and hope Jarek makes a smooth recovery!

          satellite99 03/06/19 16:27

          When I read Jarek's blog I was shocked by how hard he took the criticisms especially the ones here on Fragrantica including the forums, and the reviews on YouTube. I find all the love here now that he's closing somewhat ironic. As someone who prefers natural ingredients with the full awareness that they don't last, especially the lighter molecules like citruses, I was disappointed that he chose to go more synthetic even though it was not his original intent in an effort to answer to the complaints. He never got to hear from a few of us who liked it as it was just fine. If Ganache were ever to come back, I hope he stops with the large size samples - 3ml should be enough to figure out whether to invest in a full bottle, and the constant huge discount sales, and definitely no free domestic shipping for purchases under $100, like other indie/niche houses because shipping will continue to go up.
          Flower by Kenzo Essentielle

          fleurdefi 03/06/19 10:08

          I just bought a couple of bottles and a candle. I am sorry I didn't try anything sooner. Sending good thoughts and prayers...
          Enchanted Forest

          weegee 03/05/19 05:43

          Marvelous article. Well done, Beth.

          When I joined Fragrantica I didn't have even one gourmand but was introduced to the genre by several generous members. Now I own (far too) many gourmands and the majority come from Ganache. While I love and wear all of them I have to say that NO BODY does coffee fragrances that are as delicious and varied as Ganache.

          Jarek has a way of translating real world sweets and fruits into fragrances so realistic that it is difficult sometimes to hold back from literally licking one's wrists. To have created so many superb fragrances in such a relatively short period of time is testament to his artistry.

          I noticed Fragrantica has just added many, many more of Jarek's creations to the data base. Let's get some reviews posted ASAP so folks can make some purchases from the closing sale before March 15.

          Joining others in wishing Jarek a speedy return to good health and hoping he'll consider declaring this closing an open-ended temporary one rather than permanent. Ganache fragrances are simply too good to disappear.
          Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

          Forbiddenjade 03/05/19 03:19

          Dear Jarek,

          I hope you are reading so these few words will be able to reach you.

          Through your work you managed to give back big time and believing in Karma I know all the good you have done for so many will return to you ten times fold.

          That's a lot, because by means of work you managed to enrich so many people's lives, to make their day so many times. Thank you for being such a kind, sensible human being. I am only one, but sure of speaking for everyone I wish you the best for a fast recovery, and some more!

          Get better soon, this world needs the happy feelings and memories you are able to create and gift us with.

          Take care.

          Much love,

          exciter76 03/04/19 20:50

          Ganache Parfums created an upscale and photorealistic Neapolitan ice cream treat in Cheat Day. It was in my monthly rotation of top ten chocolatey scents for February. Plain and simple, it's a gourmand work of genius.

          I'm heartbroken he's decided to close up shop. I hope it's a temporary hiatus and not a permanent closure. Jarek is an exceptional perfumer.
          Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked

          kasey_skywalker 03/04/19 18:37

          @COSMICACENTS no he’s taking time and closing up to focus on his health. You can read about it on his blog. It’s linked on the Ganache website.
          Guess Seductive Noir Women

          COSMICSCENTS 03/04/19 17:01

          Weren't they just changing names? That is what they sadi on the email they sent a while back.

          joliecat 03/04/19 14:17

          I received the 2.0 Joe Project samples set and it's great ! It's hard to make a real coffee scent that lasts with strong projection, but Jarek has found the secret !
          His unisex perfume called Gin Fizz is the ONLY citrus perfume that lasts easily 12 hours with consistent moderate projection.
          ALL of the scents from Ganache are excellent from a truly gifted perfumer ! If I lived near Jarek, I would work for him for free, helping with orders and mailing. He has a large fan base that currently grows too fast for him. But I sincerely hope he gets well soon and returns to us, in good health.

          corkscrewcurly 03/04/19 13:02

          Thank you for posting this, Beth.

          I sent an email directly to Jarek, hoping he recovers his health soon.

          I hope he realises how much his contribution to the world of gourmand fragrances is valued and appreciated. That aside, he's a genuinely lovely man.

          TrephineArtist 03/04/19 13:00

          Tasty article! Many of these Ganache scents sound good enough to eat, no understatement! Looks like gourmand lovers (especially in North America) will be losing a real source of delightful desserts.
          drugstore classics

          drugstore classics 03/04/19 12:22

          Thank you, Beth, for posting this timely article!

          I LOVE seeing passionate indie perfumers such as Jarek take perfume to new heights of comforting delight.

          My hope is that he will someday reopen when he is up for it, because all of us will deeply MISS his gorgeous creativity!!!

          Wishing Jarek the best of health in the coming days. Deep respect for BOTH of his chosen professions. <3 <3 <3
          Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked

          kasey_skywalker 03/04/19 11:40

          I just bought “tinta roja” and “vanilla and tonka bean” about an hour before you posted this article. I hope he feels better.

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