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          Clive Christian Crown Collection: Crab Apple Blossom Pure Perfume
          Niche Perfumery

          clive christian cran apple blossom


          Clive Christian presents the newest fragrance, Crab Apple Blossom, from the new Crown Collection, which was immortalised in 1886. As stated by the brand, the collection is reimagined for a new era.


          clive christian crab apple blossom


          "Clive Christian is delighted to introduce the Crown Collection, a brand new perfume collection in honour of the perfume house’s unique and prestigious perfume history spanning nearly two hundred years. Celebrating Clive Christian Perfume’s foundations in the Crown Perfumery Company, the new Crown Collection from Clive Christian Perfume will bring to life archived and historic scents, reimagined for the modern day perfume connoisseur.

          "Searching through the Crown Perfumery Company archives, Clive Christian Perfume has researched some of the most infamous scents from this revolutionary British perfume house; loved by the aristocracy, politicians, artists and actors of the Victorian era and beyond. New versions of the archive's most outstanding scents will be reinvented from the 1800s formulations, transforming them into new works of art, created with the Clive Christian traditions of concentration, complexity and a dedication to using the finest ingredients.

          "New fragrances inspired by the archives will be brought back to life, reinventing timeless fragrances that shook the world of perfume as far back as 1872. Crown Collection perfumes will be launched individually to pay tribute to the heritage of the brand and the perfumes."
          - Clive Christian official page





          clive christian crab apple blossom


          "Arguably one of the most famous of Crown Perfumery products, this delicate perfume was first created in 1886. The original scent was inspired by the blossoming crab apple tree that grew outside the Crown Perfumery founder’s home in Kensington, London. William Sparks Thompson, through his Crown Perfumery Company, was the first to capture this unique ingredient’s elusive scent. First launched in 1886, by 1894 over half a million bottles were sold annually.

          "This year, the brand reinvents this iconic scent into a Citrus Aquatic fragrance, marking a new olfactory direction for the perfume house. Exploring 151 ingredients selected among the finest and most rare sources and a concentration of 25%, Crab Apple Blossom takes the wearer on a journey through reinvented royal perfume history, marking the epitome of haute perfumery."

          The newest CRAB APPLE BLOSSOM contains the signature spring flower Apple Blossom, used for the very first time in a Clive Christian fragrance.


          clive christian crab apple blossom


          The signature spring flower Apple Blossom is captured in the top, used for the very first time in a Clive Christian fragrance, it provides a mesmerizing smell, like a delicate kiss of spring.

          Green Rhubarb in the core of the composition adds a fresh bittersweet note, like a step into a quintessentially English garden. Both sharp and sweet, this brightening ingredient is harmonized by Mojito Fusion, for a modern expression of sugar and fresh mint.

          The base provides a sophisticated but powerful blend of a creamy Sandalwood of the finest sort, a sumptuous ingredient used in many of the Clive Christian trails.


          clive christian crab apple blossom


          Edition 2020

          Top notes: apple blossom, sea notes, bergamot
          Middle notes: green rhubarb, mojito fusion
          Base notes: sandalwood, driftwood


          clive christian crab apple blossom


          CLIVE CHRISTIAN Crab Apple Blossom is available as a 50ml Pure Perfume at the price of 309 € (Harrods, Clive Christian, Jovoy).



          Sandra Rai?evi? Petrovi?

          Sandra Rai?evi? Petrovi? Executive Editor, Writer and Designer

          Sandrina started her work on Fragrantica from the very beginning of the site. She has strongly participated in building the content as a perfume connoisseur and writer and has been responsible for the majority of the articles and encyclopedia records at Fragrantica, while nurturing communication with the brands. She tasted the beauty of investigative journalism and found herself in the reports and coverage of the prestigious perfume fairs, exhibitions, and events. She adores sunny and blissful perfumes that represent her inner spirit. Sandrina works as an Executive Editor of Fragrantica. She was born and based in Belgrade, Serbia.

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          News Comments

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          Angels' Share

          Gumbinator 11/01/20 18:53

          Great review! Very insightful how (after watching the YouTube video) this perfume house came to be. I had always wondered how the house was so old, but the first modern release wasn’t until the 2000s or something. I too agree that they should just release the original creation rather than tweak a formula. No one here has probably ever smelled any original Clive Christian scent dating back 200 years ago. I’d like to smell an original formula and to further understand what tools and resources they had back then to make that scent, as opposed to what we have now and what we can create.

          Kankuro 10/24/20 01:29

          It is an interview in german, you can find it when searching for "Geza Sch?n Interview Parfumo".
          Mandarino di Amalfi

          MrBolton 10/17/20 17:54

          Where is this interview? I can’t find it anywhere.

          DarlingNikki 10/17/20 10:40

          Ooo, all this tea being spilled in here LOL! Perfumer claiming a niche house uses cheap ingredients that he himself uses... Imagine that. *smirk*

          Kankuro 10/16/20 11:38

          @MoonLounger: Of course Geza Sch?n himself isn't any better, which is why I try to avoid his creations (also, most of his fragrances don't do anything for me). It's not like he was forced to work with Clive Christian, so why would he talk bad about the brand over a decade after creating two fragrances for them? It's certainly pretty shady. Also, he mentioned during said interview, that he regrets giving the formula of X for Men to Clive Christian, since it was one of his best back then (which would also insinuate that his best formula was made of the same cheap ingredients he bad-mouthed before, since he gave it to Clive Christian who according to him wanted cheap formulae). Long story short: He is a hypocrite.
          Spirit Rose
          Fate for Women

          Spirit Rose 10/16/20 09:58

          When I read "crab blossom", I imagined apple and floral, not citrus aquatic. I'm disappointed.
          Amouage Gold pour Femme

          MoonLounger 10/13/20 11:19

          @Kankuro its ironic how Geza Sch?n would complain about CC for using cheap ingredients when Geza himself uses singular, cheap, synthetic molecules, and sell it higher than most designer brands.
          Jean B Grenouille
          Fortnum & Mason Taif Oud

          Jean B Grenouille 10/12/20 11:00

          The correct price is £325.

          The scent is disappointing to me, like so much from CC these days. So much money for a fruity freshie with a seemingly endless synthetic musky-marine drydown rather than the advertised “powerful sandalwood of the finest sort”.

          Kankuro 10/12/20 09:15

          While the fragrance intself does sound interesting, I wish they'd just release the original formula. Oh well. Anyway, ever since perfumer Geza Sch?n (creator of 1872 for Men & X for Men) exposed Clive Christian for using cheap ingredients in an interview back in 2013, the house is dead to me.

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