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          Best in Show: Honey Fragrances (2020)
          Best in Show

          Honey, which invariably conjures its makers (bees) is a substance steeped in history, mystery, and texture. There are as many layers to the tapestry of honey as there are separate hexagonal capsules within a hive. Honey has been gathered since the dawn of humankind, and depictions of people gathering honey can be found on cave paintings in what is now modern day Spain and the Republic of Georgia. The smell of honey is almost universally appreciated - one of nature’s sumptuous, achingly sweet and complex aromas. The general idea our brains connect to the smell of honey can shift based on many factors, all of which contribute to the territory that honey inhabits. The bees themselves pull their nectar from flowers, and the flowers they choose will greatly impact the flavor of the honey that they create. Closely associated with this smell is the smell of beeswax (the building blocks of a beehive) bee pollen (the protein and flower pollen that the bees use for food,) and propolis (resin, balsam, and wax produced by the bees to help seal and add structure to their hives.)

          One of the earliest perfumes to use honey as a perfume note is Jean Patou’s Que Sais-Je? This very early gourmand was a precursor to many nut-and-honey formulas that would gain popularity at the beginning of the 21st century. Patou’s formula was made in 1925, but it must have been an interesting day in the lab when this was created. Despite its proliferation across the planet, isolating the scented components of honey has never been very easy. Honey’s chemical composition is unusual, but clearly working with it not easy: It’s extremely sticky. For a long while, other ingredients have been been used to approximate the smell of honey, some coming from flowers that either have kinship with the smell, or are often the flowers of choice of bees. Frustratingly, honeysuckle (a plant that has a very honey-reminiscent smell) also eludes replication from nature. Beeswax, also sticky in its own way, produces some of the more animalic and “fuzzy” scent qualities of honey that make it so distinct and warm. Over time, synthetics and naturals have come together to create some of the many profiles that communicate the smell of honey in modern perfume.

          There are two faces to the smell of honey, something that perfumers have delighted in when including it in their fragrances. On the one hand, it is the sweet stuff that covers waffles and fruit, and on the other hand, it is the illicit temptress, suggesting a sweetness that ought to be left alone. By Kilian’s Back to Black plays shamelessly with this notion, promoting its perfume as an aphrodisiac, wrapping seductive honey around such innocents as almonds and gingerbread, and more “dangerous" notes like cherry and saffron. Christian Dior’s original Poison uses honey as one of many sweet but deadly notes, grouped together with plum and tuberose to create a dense and impenetrable velvety floral sugar. Incorporating more of the full spectrum of the bee’s world is Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal, combining honey and beeswax to form a super sweet and humming melange of fruit and flowers. 

          Fragrantica’s editors have selected their favorite honey fragrances - what are some of yours? Please let us know in the comments below!




          Sergey Borisov

          Chergui Serge Lutens

          Some poets call sweet nectar and honey the flower's soul, since honey is the essence of fragrant flowers, but really it's just a sweet gift to bees for participating in plant pollination. For ages, honey was the sweetest thing available to humans, and you may recall the ancient words from the Song of Solomon, "Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride; milk and honey are under your tongue."

          That’s why I chose Chergui: Serge Lutens for this article; the honey note in its pure form feels too sweet and cloying to my taste, so I prefer my honey perfume to be mixed with something bitter and dry. Christopher Sheldrake made the honey here to be a sweet and lasting accent for the tobacco and hay absolute, stretching the experience from bitter to sweet. Being built as a spicy oriental fougère, Chergui starts fresh, green, and spicy-metallic in its top notes, then draws down to honeyed tobacco and drying grass, slowly descending to a warm, oriental amber and sandalwood base. For about half an hour, you can smell how green grass withers into dry hay under the hot and dry desert wind (Chergui is named for the Moroccan wind that blows from the East over the Sahara desert.) Coumarin and bitter tobacco keep the fragrance from falling into a honey trap, and the honey, in turn, keeps the whole away from a Tobacco Vanille clone.

          Chergui is a warm and long-lasting comforter; it’s simply a perfect perfume for the cold European seasons. A concentrated, hot and dry, honey-smelling wind in your drawer; a friendly genie in a bottle.


          Chanel BeigeElite IV Bois 1920Parfumerie Generale Mio BjaoOnde 7 Evody ParfumsL'Envol de CartierAcqua di Cuba Santa Maria Novella



          FOR WOMEN AND MEN 

          John Biebel
          BY JOHN BIEBEL

          Beige Chanel

          Honey is an opulent note in perfume, something that feels like it smells and smells like it tastes. Honey also recalls one of the most sophisticated parts of the insect kingdom, the world of bees. Their complexity and hierarchies mirror the intense social systems of humans (though we’re probably less organized.) It seems fitting to me that a favorite honey perfume reflects the elegance that honey has built into its DNA, and my nose immediately thought of Chanel’s Beige. One of Les Exclusifs from 2008, and first released as an Eau de Toilette, and then in its current version of Eau de Parfum, this is one of my favorites of that line. It's a perfume of gentle sweetness and refined sensibilities.

          Beige, the color which is often relegated to the generic color of walls, is also the color of sand, dusky sky, and pale leather. It has become the neutral color on which many people project so much else - it’s a backdrop, a blank canvas, a setting on a stage. Chanel decided to take three primary elements (one more typical for perfume, and two quite unusual) to create this “trench coat”-colored fragrance: Frangipani (the more common of the perfume ingredients,) and then the curious accords of hawthorn blossom and honey. Hawthorn is one of the oddest folklore notes in perfume. The tree’s blossoms are both fair and foul (both sweet and dirty at the same time) but it’s a particularly apt element to pair with honey, which fits a similar profile. Honey carries that same dark, animalic aspect with so much sweetness on top. Something as purely floral as frangipani is necessary to fold into such a strange mixture of positive and negative forces.

          Freesia, that flower of strawberry-like brightness, is a final touch which completes this simple but striking profile. It bursts at the beginning and unfolds throughout the smelling experience, adding a top note to a warm and luminous honey. From the middle of the perfume to the base, honey is the primary focus of Beige, becoming a foundation. Beige is rendered as a study of transparent, liquefied honey in soft, gentle tones, held back artistically and with deft fingers. It is this restraint that makes honey a purring animal as opposed to the clawing savage. In typical Chanel style, it suggests a tailored, stately bouquet of purposeful sweetness, in just the correct amount.


          Envol de CartierHoney Aoud MontalePatou Collection Heritage Que Sais-JePhaedon Tabac Rouge 



          Rouu Abd El-Latif

          Back to Black by Kilian

          For the gourmand-disinclined I have become over the years, honey eventually became a less-favored note for me. Nevertheless, one of the very best template mixtures in niche perfumery is the note of tobacco with honey and whiskey. Back To Black is a pronounced tobacco scent but wouldn't be what it is if not drizzled with honey. A complex and sophisticated (but delicate) scent, it offers the perfect accords of what portrays wealth and class.

          Back To Black is a truly opulent composition of fresh pipe tobacco, vanilla and honey. It brings many weighty fragrances to mind, but it always develops to something smoother and creamier, with a soft spicy trail. It gets darker with time, but never heavier. It gets woodier and spicier, but less so than many fragrances playing with the same accords. It develops a little tannic and fruity, with a hint of spicy saffron and a subtle raw honey note that wraps everything together skillfully. It's dark, melancholic, and infused with tar/cedar-woody effects, pronounced and thick but never sticky or glazed. It dries down balsamic and sweet with a reddish autumn potion of spiced honey; very rounded and enveloping like a cuddle.

          Back To Black is a velvety smooth honeyed amber fragrance; it instantly takes me to a cabin in the woods with buttery leather and warm mahogany furniture pieces near a roaring fireplace and a vast collection of high quality liquors waiting for a great evening. As a female, I found this utterly delicious on a man; it vibrates confidence with an irresistibly hypnotizing sexiness aureole.


           L'InstantBeigeElie Saab Le Parfum 



          Miguel Matos

          Meleg Perfumes Honey and Deer Musk

          If you look for honey in a fragrance, but you don't want to be running away from bees and wasps when outdoors, this can be a good choice, since it is not pure honey, and it's not sweet. Honey and Deer Musk is another one of Matt Meleg's demonstrations of how to use animalics unapologetically. Honey is already an animalic ingredient, and if not treated in a way that enhances its sweetness, it can become dirty and sensual. Exactly how I smell it in this composition.

          Here, the honey is not syrupy nor glistening in gold and sweet tones. It's closer to honeycomb, with that waxy undertone. But the secret is really what musk does to this dollop of honey. It brings air into it, while expanding its complexity. The scent 
          becomes clean and dirty, bright and dark, and a bit dense, but never heavy. There is a sweetness to it, but also something earthy.

          Honey and Deer Musk is a crepuscular fragrance, moody and bright simultaneously. It has a definite vintage vibe to it, and it clearly represents well the style of this perfumer, especially his love for the notes of natural civet. The result is a mix of traditional elements and artisan ingredients that might seems so challenging today; however, this is done in a fashion that doesn't scare and might even seduce many. 


          Bee Zoologist PerfumesGiorgio Beverly Hills for MenLa Nuit de Paco RabanneParfum de Peau MontanaGolden Acacia Salvatore Ferragamo


          FOR WOMEN


          Stefanie Jahn

          Reminiscence Tonka

          "Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.
          - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

          Golden brown, warm and spicy, viscous, delicious honey, accidentally diluted with perfume alcohol and garnished with a large tonka bean. The name can't be right, Tonka is too simple to label this honey trap. This should be called Bees' Pride or Bees' finest; I'm sure Winnie the Pooh would have tried to inhale, drink and splash around in his bear dreams of swimming in a pool filled with Tonka.

          Tonka smells very warm and enveloping, at the beginning showing a bit of cool aniseed, warming up into soothing cloves that add a light spiciness to this golden brown honey-tonka team. A few pieces of wood, a little resin here and there; this honey is the liquid effort from industrious forest bees. Durability and projection are as good in Tonka as in the other offerings by Reminiscence. A splash on the back of my hand and countless hand washing, rinsing etc. later, I still smell a honey-glazed, golden shimmering Tonka bean on my hand. Autumn and winter feel like the natural habitat for this beautiful warm, almost lulling, sweet scent that is neither kitschy nor sticky due to the subtle spices. I am sure that this would be a very inviting smell on a gentleman as well, best worn as an addition to a fluffy, warm wool sweater.


          L'Instant de GuerlainHoneymania The Body ShopHoney I Washed the Kids 





          Elena Vosnaki

          Miel de Bois Serge Lutens

          The question of honey and fragrances is one of genetic perception. The main constituent in commercial and niche perfumery is the substance phenylacetic acid, which has that odd and compelling quality that some ingredients possess to lean one way or another in the attraction or repulsion scale according to your genetic makeup apparently, and its ability to pick up a certain size of molecule (for another, try grapefruit synthetics, which turn sulfurous to some noses' perception, like garlic, or various musks which are infamous for their ability to reveal partial anosmias.)

          Miel de Bois (Honey of the Woods) by Serge Lutens uses phenylacetic acid and therefore some people perceive it as intimate and honey-dripping like thick honeycomb, while others pick up a musky-urinous quality to it and get immediately distanced. It's a toss of the dice, really, and you have to try it out yourself to find out in which camp you, well, camp. And it's the reason why, although initially launched in the so called export range, it soon reverted to the Parisian exclusive range of Serge's, in the purple seraglio of his at Les Salons du Palais Royal in Paris. But it's worth the hassle procuring a sample at the very least.

          It's not a particularly complex fragrance, as its effect is mostly constant like a basso continuo in a church hymn from the pre-Baroque period, however there is the charm of a floral component that peeks through it recalling yellow sweet clover on a spring field. There are a few fragrances with a urinous undertone, like Une Fleur de Cassie Frederic Malle, and Shalimar Eau De Cologne Guerlain and I'm drawn to them, which makes me think that the underlying musk effect is what does the trick, as I'm a big fan of dirty musk. So, there, Miel de Bois is really more complex than initially given credit for.


          Ramon monegal CuirelleRoxana Illuminated Perfume to BeeTom Ford Moss BrechesCimabue DSH PerfumesHedonist Viktoria MinyaField Notes From Paris by InekeJo Malone French Lime Blossom




          Elena Vosnaki
          BY NAYELI CANO

          Keiko Sheri: Loukhoum.

          As a biologist I’ve always been fascinated with honey. From the taste to the way bees make it, those incredible insects have an extremely complex system - and they work so hard all the time, being one of the most important animals in our world thanks to their role in the pollination process. But as a perfume lover, I find honey to be a difficult note for me. To be honest, I don’t love animalic scents, there’s a few that are just ok with me, but love is never there. As much as I love all things honey-bee related, honey-centered perfumes tend to smell very animalic on my skin, that skanky smell is always present. Although there are some perfumes that preserve that delicious honey smell on me without evolving into something skanky and weird. 

          One of these scents is Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri. The take on Turkish delight is just perfect, I now understand why Edmund couldn’t resist eating those candies offered by the White Witch on Narnia. You really can smell those chewy jellies with honey and crunchy almonds infused with rose water; a little bit powdery which makes it more mature and it’s not animalic at all but you have to love sweet perfumes to enjoy this one. It's a very well blended, grown up and heavy gourmand that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale, about to betray your brothers just for a few bites of the irresistible Loukhoum.


          Winnie: Winnie the Pooh.Chanel: Beige.By Kilian: Back to Black.Jo Malone: Nectarine Blossom and Honey.


          Have you enjoyed reading about this selection of honey perfumes? We'd love to hear about your favorites, please join the conversation below!



          Elena Vosnaki

          Elena Vosnaki Editor, Writer & Translator

          Elena Vosnaki is a historian, archaeologist and fragrance...

          John Biebel

          John Biebel Writer

          John Biebel (johngreenink) is a painter, writer and softw...

          Miguel Matos

          Miguel Matos Editor, Writer, Translator

          Miguel has been a Fragrantica editor and columnist since ...

          Nayeli Cano

          Nayeli Cano Editor, Writer, Translator

          Nayeli joined the Fragrantica team in 2016 as an editor f...

          Rouu Abd El-Latif

          Rouu Abd El-Latif Editor, Writer, Translator

          Rouu is a financial analyst who holds a PhD in Economics....

          Sergey Borisov

          Sergey Borisov Editor, Columnist

          Sergey Borisov studied Physics at Krasnoyarsk University....

          Stefanie J?hn

          Stefanie J?hn Editor, Writer, Translator

          Stefanie has been interested in fragrance since her early...

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          News Comments

          Write your comment

          jero 10/25/20 06:35

          Bee and Moth for the mature and Hummingbird for the young, don't forget Exit The King, in heaven!
          Armani Code for Women

          antihero 10/25/20 03:45

          No Slow Dive?! That is the thickest honey I've smelled. Divine.

          Lom 10/23/20 12:14

          My favorites are by Killian's Light my Fire, LAP Mechant Loup and Meharées by L'Erbolario.

          Calvini 10/23/20 11:33

          I have searched long and hard for a rich pure honey scent not overrun by other facets, but there is none; however, I greatly enjoy Absolue Pour Le Soir, Mamluk, and all the tobacco ones :)
          Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling

          Barbamama 10/21/20 22:59

          Best honey solinote: Slowdive Hiram Green and Honeymania The Body Shop
          Best fragrances with strong honey note: Ambre Narguilé Hermes and Kiste Slumberhouse
          (I wish that I could try Absolue Pour Le Soir)
          Tubereuse 1 La Capricieuse

          Betsywoolbright 10/21/20 22:08

          I noticed surprisingly few references to Diptyque's Volutes (top 3 of all time), which is less tobacco and more honey on my skin. It is conceptually similar to Chergui, as others have mentioned, although the comparison isn't really a good one in practice―Chergui is more coumarin-heavy to me.
          I didn't notice any mentions of Alkemia's Miel de Sauvage et Tabac, which I really enjoy, and which is a lot like a very heavy Volutes, but "dirtier" and more heavy on beeswax.
          Another filthy honey scent is Al Rehab's Dehn al Oud, which along with Montale's Honey Aoud is my definition of skanky. (In a good way!)
          Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore

          johngreenink 10/21/20 14:17

          These comments are great, and will definitely expand my repertoire of honey fragrances - thank you all for that :-)

          MelissaJane1 10/21/20 11:39

          I love and own many of the perfumes mentioned, but for a lovely honey note I always turn to Camille Beckman's Tuscan Honey, and CJ Scents Honeywood, which smells so much like our beehives when the sun warms up the wood the hives are constructed of.
          Nuit d'Amour

          rickyrebarco 10/20/20 20:47

          All great honey scents! The ones I like the best are Chanel Beige in the pure parfum extrait- it has the strongest honey vibe, Lutens Chergui, Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Guerlain L'Instant de Guerlain, and Zoologist Bee. L'Antichambre's Le Tabac is another great tobacco and honey fragrance.

          dmaw 10/20/20 09:16

          Many years ago there was a limited fragrance from The Healing Garden Organics, Wild Honey. I still have my bottle and use it sparingly, occasionally. If you can find it, it is worth trying. It is honey and rose, I believe. I paid about $12 at the drugstore back then.

          FragFrog 10/20/20 07:46

          Once in Venice I entered a Chanel boutique and was unexpectedly given a mini bottle of "Beige" .
          Since that time it is my signature perfume and always reminds me of magical Venice.
          Do not underestimate the power of samples and minis !

          vanillaOrpatchouli 10/20/20 04:31

          one honey perfume that i find pretty addictive: sheikh al faranssi by maison anthony marmin. it's a rich perfume... somebody mentioned oud al amir... i'd say it has just a tiny bit compared to the former one. also boss number one GREAT stuff (but the moss makes it unberable to me) and givenchy gentleman YES. let's not forget calice becker "niche?" creations velvet orchid gold knight (poor performance but great honey scent) ...

          max_fumehead 10/19/20 17:38

          Honey scents have been my staple this year. Very keen to try the ones listed here! I've been wearing Slow Dive by Hiram Green, Dirty Honey by 4160 Tuesdays, and Chai by Baruti, which despite not listing it as a note is a major honey fragrance on me.
          Rouge Absolue

          FunkyTomo 10/19/20 14:33

          I ordered what I thought was Whinnie the pooh on eBay ages ago, for my little boy. We got a Tigger instead. Disappointing! Love that it got a mentipn among all the serious and proper perfumes.
          Rouge Absolue

          FunkyTomo 10/19/20 14:08

          I always thought I didn't like honey dominant scents. Some of these modern gourmands like Scandal do not smell good on me. Then I realise it's in Poison, which I love.
          This article is making me seek out a sample of Black to Black too.
          Fendi Theorema

          Vanillastorm40 10/19/20 12:59

          One of my favorite notes!! I live MAC Velvet Teddy although it means more tobacco than honey to me. But honey as listed as a note in it so it makes the list!

          ezsuzsannaí 10/19/20 12:30

          Wow, now that was a really fast answer to my request on a honey based best in show! :)) :-D Really enjoyable, thank you, thank you, I'll take it as a nice birthday present from fragrantica for my upcoming Bday!
          Ginestet Botrytis, Viktoria Minya Eau de Hongrie and Hedonist are all great honey stuff, but they're just too much for me for everyday use.
          Yves Rocher Miel d'oranger and L'occitane Eau de Miel are my favorites, although weak and barely accessible anymore. Still looking for the real thing that lasts but doesn't kill off.
          Iris Dragées

          SaffySafarelli 10/19/20 12:23

          La Fille de Berlin. Beautiful rose with just the right amount of honey.
          Eau des Sens

          fragrance2016 10/19/20 11:02

          The first scent I had with honey as a prominent note was ESTEE LAUDER SENSUOUS back in 2007. I smelled the prominence of honey along with some orange.

          Guerlain has a lotion from it makeup line call ABEILLE ROYALE. It's has a nice, quiet, honey trail. I usually wear my free sample w/ purchase with L'HEURE BLEUE, which when it doesn't conjure up the idea of a gothic church, L'Heure Bleue conjures up an ambery honey concoction to me for some reason.

          DIPTYQUE VOLUTES is honeyed with the dominance of tobacco, and this note that goes by the name of immortelle, a supposed flower. Honey is in the background of Volutes though. It sound like SERGE LUTENS CHERGUI description from above, though I never pick up the honey note under all the peppery smoke in Chergui. I'm concluding that honey and tobacco possibly go hand and hand. I feel like BOIS VANILLE from Serge Lutens also, has a honey like nature to it as well.

          patrickBOOTH 10/19/20 10:11

          Schiaparelli's Shocking.
          Clair-Obscur (Jasmine)

          Bella 10/19/20 09:33

          @InfusionDeZanzibar: thanks for the heads up, fixing it right away!

          antitheist 10/19/20 09:31

          As has already been mentioned, Xerjoff Naxos! Although my favourite fragrance with honey, at this time, is Profumi del Forte's Toscanello.
          Velvet Haze

          InfusionDeZanzibar 10/19/20 09:07

          ps a whole bunch of links are not correct in the honorable mentions
          OTA Mom
          The Exact Friction of Stars

          OTA Mom 10/19/20 08:19

          My favorite honey-centric fragrances:

          L'Occitane Miel & Citron
          Viktoria Minya Eau de Hongrie
          Solstice Scents Sun Warmed Honey
          Tokyo Milk Honey and the Moon
          Kim Kardashian Pure Honey
          Portrait of a Lady

          Furriner 10/19/20 06:33

          A couple of years ago I went on a honey hunt. Nothing to me was as good as Miel de Bois. I really love it. Luckily I have two 50 mls of the original release and a bell jar (which is different, although still good). I also am a big fan of Back to Black and some of the honorable mentions above. You have introduced me to more fragrances, which I'm now really curious about sampling. Thanks!

          ellimac 10/19/20 06:09

          Hiram Green's slow dive is hands down the best honey I have ever smelled (and i am familiar with most of the fragrances mentioned)

          Phantomias 10/19/20 05:50

          Has anyone mentioned Knowing by Estee Lauder? The vintage has a deep, delicious honey note. Anne Klein I also has honey, and so does Rumba by B. Several Krizia frags use honey in a lovely way.

          AvecPoesie 10/19/20 04:22

          Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian is really quite divine in its simplicity and femininity. Not too gourmand but warmly enveloping nonetheless. A true compliment magnet of monumental proportions for me.

          Andrew5177 10/19/20 03:47

          As multiple have said, Absolue Pour le Soir not being mentioned is madness!

          varykino 10/19/20 02:49

          Vintage Ysatis, Dior Mitzah, and VanCleef & Arpels First are my honey faves. The actual smell of real honey can be quite off-putting to me - I couldn't wear AA Flora Nymphea for its realistic, raw honey note, so I ended up giving my bottle to my daughter. I do love it on her - it's aromatic and a bit different.
          Lord of Misrule

          Oudaddict 10/19/20 00:47

          I'm surprised that 3 of the best ever were not mentioned:
          MFK Absolu Pour le Soir
          Papillon Bengale Rouge
          Hiram Green Slowdive

          CGV 10/19/20 00:45

          My Choices: Ted Lapidus Pour Homme, Boss Number One and Antonio by Antonio Banderas
          parfums d'obscurite
          Incident Diplomatique

          parfums d'obscurite 10/19/20 00:38

          I thought at least one of Fragrantica's crew would slightly share my taste. My favorite honeys are Montecristo, Absolue Pour le Soir, MKK and DHS's Foxy. ??

          mattissonelise 10/18/20 22:23

          Lail from 109 parfums should be in here; the purest and sultriest honey fragrance by far.

          moonfish67 10/18/20 22:16

          honey was used in perfumery in pre-commercial times as well - let's recall Kyphi, the mythical perfume of Ancient Egypt, as well as the new perfumes inspired by Kyphi in modern days
          Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme

          Manny44 10/18/20 21:42

          Not a mention of Naxos? Ok, well I'll nominate it then.

          Kyuu 10/18/20 20:55

          Mellifera by Tsvga Parfums. magical

          RamenBandit 10/18/20 20:38

          Gold Knight is the best honey forward scent imo
          Oud Ispahan

          mikemuscles21 10/18/20 17:44

          I really like Back to Black also, Golden Acacia Salvatore Ferragamo, Floris Honey Oud. I love sweet.
          La Petite Robe Noire Intense

          smellagent 10/18/20 17:14

          My faves are Asmar Sooud love SHL’s perfumes. Boadicea intense is great ..... I love Hongrie and Hedonist by VM. The funkiest I own is Smell Bent Gimel A Break....love Jo M Honey Crocus. And a few others

          NebraskaLovesScent 10/18/20 16:30

          Smell Bent Prairie Nymph and Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery Honey. Both lovely honey scents balanced by floral notes.
          Essence No. 4 Oud

          christophersisk 10/18/20 16:27

          I don't think I've ever associated Chergui with honey despite the note pyramid. From my own shelves, I'd have to recommend : Sheikh Al Faransi & Oud Al Amir by Maison Anthony Marmin (formerly Abdul Karim Al Faransi), Oud de Carthage by Boucheron, The Dark Side by Francesca Bianchi, & El Born by Carner
          Olympic Amber

          Bubbles1964 10/18/20 15:46

          Can’t forget the beastly projector from Houbigant, Quelques Fleurs Royale. Go easy on the trigger as more than two sprays will surely clear a room. Also Miele by Kyse Perfumes is a lovely honey solo note on my skin.
          Kenzo Amour Le Parfum

          cumulnimbus 10/18/20 15:42

          La nuit_ Paco Rabanne
          Vendetta_ Valentino
          Immortelle de Corse_ L'occitane
          Tocade 2013

          LadyIva 10/18/20 14:58

          MFK Absolue Pour Le Soir
          Zoologist Hummingbird
          Burberry Weekend for women
          Diptyque Volutes EDP
          Jacques Zolty Cubata
          Chanel Beige
          Tom Ford Velvet Orchid
          Van Cleef & Arpels First
          Jitterbug Perfume Lover

          Jitterbug Perfume Lover 10/18/20 13:37

          Lutens Miel de Bois is perfection, but so is L'Attarine, which is on my wish list. I also really love SoOud Asmar Eau so Fine, L'Occitane Eau de Miel, and Viktoria Minya Hedonist. Absolutely ADORE La Lune de Miel by Parfums La Lune who is a friend of mine. I also really love perfume with a prominent beeswax note such as Slumberhouse Sova, and Hiram Green Slowdive, and especially Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Indus. Thanks for a great article!!

          sleepy*weasel 10/18/20 13:30

          Mamluk by Xerjoff, is my favourite; then, Absolue pour le Soir by MFK; finally Sideris, by Maria Candida Gentile, which has beeswax, the whole lot. I do love honey, so Rêve de Miel by Nuxe is a great shower or bath gel, to layer under any of these :) x

          gangix 10/18/20 12:48

          My favourite honey scents are Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Royale, Armani Prive Bleu Lazuli and Chanel Beige.
          J'Aime Elixir

          lipstickzombie 10/18/20 12:21

          If only it cooperated with my body chemistry, I'd throw Swiss Arabian Noora in the ring. Also sadly not in Fragrantica yet is Ibraheem Alqurashi Confidence Dose. I love seeing Honeymania by Body Shop gets an honorable mention even if it raises my blood pressure knowing it's discontinued and painfully priced in my place. I'll always love Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian.
          Bengale Rouge

          Proust_Madeleine 10/18/20 12:21

          How could you even publish this without a mention of Slowdive by Hiram Green? Insanity! ;-)
          jean-marc sinan

          jean-marc sinan 10/18/20 12:17

          "Boheme" by Olivina Napa Valley is a black-peppery honey 'grape' floral....very ethereal. And from Serge Lutens "Rose de Nuit" is predominantly honey on me, even a bit beeswaxy, super sensuous and shimmering. My husband, who is not a collector but is a natural with perception it seems, just mentioned "Diva" from Emanuel Ungaro. And sure enough...:) And he loves his all time favorite our "Shocking" bottle from Schiaparelli, glorious and floral, expansive like silk satin!
          Whispers in the Library

          Jitka77 10/18/20 12:14

          Slowdive by Hiram Green is honey-tobacco perfection for colder months.
          Ombre Rose L'Original

          jazzfan 10/18/20 12:07

          Diva, exuberant but surprisingly elegant and quite dirty, '80 drama queen. Honey is present from the beginning until the end.
          Soir de Lune, creamy, decadent, soapy, and very classic chypre rose.
          Cuir Venenum, where orange blossom and leather animalic facets were enhanced by honey.

          Some floral aldéhyde classics have almost hidden honey note that makes the floral notes more round, opulent and addictive like in First, Estee and White Linen.
          I enjoy that decadent honey touch.

          rosequeen 10/18/20 12:03

          La Lune de Miel Parfums Lalun. This stuff is the best. Rose, honey, and patchouli belting it out in nearly equal measure. The small bottle is even covered with honey colored wax giving it a real tactile feel when you rollerball it over your skin. The seller is on etsy.

          pgs 10/18/20 11:15

          I loved the Winnie-the-Pooh quoting, and I like wearing L’envol eau de parfum.
          Les Années 25

          ekoeko 10/18/20 11:06

          Botrytis by Ginestet - as a bee keeper, I can tell this is the closest to the real smell of honey as it can be.

          perfumeninja 10/18/20 10:53

          Rumba by Balenciaga has a lot of honey in the mix. In fact I am going to wear mine today. It is a potent little number so just a dab is all you need. I read a review somewhere and the reviewer described Rumba's dry down phase a being "surrounded by a 1000 beeswax candles." I agree.
          Avon Honey Blossom Flourish is another one I read as honey/floral loveliness.
          Au Coeur du Désert

          GabbieSmithWindley 10/18/20 10:45

          Tom Ford Moss Breches. Best use of beeswax in a fragrance. Incredible.
          pontifex maximus
          Armani Code Absolu

          pontifex maximus 10/18/20 10:42

          Absolue pour le soir is my favourite...smells like raw honey. L’Envol de Cartier is a great one too.
          Old Herbaceous
          L’Ambre des Merveilles

          Old Herbaceous 10/18/20 10:38

          A more affordable honey option is DKNY's Nectar Love. I smell a strong honey note in that.
          Tabac Blond

          chinchillagabor 10/18/20 10:23

          Happy to see Paco Rabanne’s La Nuit mentioned. I loved it when it was first on the market and still love it. If only it hadn’t been discontinued...

          halael 10/18/20 10:21

          I'm wearing Bee by Zoologist today, so this was a great article to see. L'Envol is another favorite for just how wearable it is.
          Love the way you Feel

          6opar 10/18/20 10:19

          Absolue pour le Soir + 1. It's in its own league.

          krukmary 10/18/20 10:14

          My favorite honey is the criminally discontinued Botrytis.
          Rose Gold

          framorena 10/18/20 10:03

          How could you forget Xerjoff Mamluk? :)
          L'Interdit Eau de Parfum Intense

          Kenzoh25 10/18/20 09:59

          Great article! Love honey note in TomFord Moss Breches. But Serge Lutens Miel des Bois is the best honey scent I’ve tried so far.

          Atomikbomb_ 10/18/20 09:39

          This sort of article is really enjoyable. I love reading differing opinions on notes ??
          Jules (2016)

          Macassar 10/18/20 09:36

          L'envol Cartier
          La Nuit Paco Rabanne

          Sanskilainen 10/18/20 09:28

          Absolue Pour le Soir! Bombastic skanky honey to die for.
          Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue

          irisartworks 10/18/20 09:28

          Among favored scents with a honey note, I would include Armani Code and Estée Lauder Sensuous.

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