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          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa
          New Fragrances

          by Igor Masyukov
          10/21/20 19:53:31 ( 5 comments )

          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa


          The Neapolitan brand Mendittorosa has been known to perfume lovers for many years thanks to its fantastic bottles and unpredictable scents, divided into two collections: the Odori d'Anima Collection, "scents of the soul", and the Talismans Collection.

          The Odori d’Anima fragrances are connected with Stromboli; a living, breathing volcano. Stromboli, or Iddu in the local dialect, is Stefania Squeglia's symbol, muse and protection. "My perfumes exist to bring this energy and much more to you; as important tools and keys placed in your hands and on your skin in your search in life. Perfumed mirrors of the soul," says Stefania Squeglia, the creator of Mendittorosa.

          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa

          The fragrances from the Talismans Collection are meant to "protect us and grant us power; they are private prayers we hold close and whisper to in the dark. We wash them in tears. In times of shadow and ash, they remind us we are safe and loved, guided and sacred."

          In October 2020, Mendittorosa is presenting two new fragrances — Orlo and Athanor.

          First comes Orlo, from the Odori d'Anima Collection, the second chapter of the Versi Studio line following Ithaka.

          The second monumental launch is Athanor, the newest entry in the Talismans Collection.


          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa

          Head notes: Elemi , Pink pepper, Cardamom, Cumin 
          Heart notes: Lavender, Petit Grain, Neroli, Ylang Ylang 
          Base notes: Saffron, Leather, Papyrus Wood, Rhum, Oud 

          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa

          Orlo, an oriental floral composition created by Anne-Sophie Behaghel, is an homage to one of the greatest poets of the 20th century — Sylvia Plath. "Wear it and get courage and inspiration to combat the ghosts and spirits you meet in your life. Orlo is distinctness and determination," says Stefania.


          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa

          “She has folded
          Them back into her body as petals
          Of a rose close when the garden
          Stiffens and odors bleed
          From the sweet, deep throats
          of the night flower.”




          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa

          Head notes: Sulfur, Cassis, Saffron
          Heart notes: Iris, Cypriol, Fumencens
          Base notes: Cashmeran, Guaiac wood, Vetiver Java, Black amber

          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa

          Athanor, an oriental woody creation by Luca Maffei, is the perfume of mystique, magic, and real change. The essence of our life.

          According to the brand, "this extreme Talismans is tracing its roots back to the alchemical experiments and efforts made since the Middle Ages. Athanor comes with a unique sculpture that symbolizes the transformation and blending of elements made possible by fire at extreme temperatures in the crucible. Smell the sulfur from the process! Underneath and inside, you find a fusion of ethics and aesthetics to enhance the beauty of your personality. A blend of flowers and Fumencens will surround you. The result is a smell of pleasure and intoxication coming from the best oils in the highest concentration. Let Athanor penetrate your body and soul, and you will spread gold to the world like the nugget on the bottom of the bottle. Reach your core and light inside and share."


          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa

          Athanor and Orlo by Mendittorosa


          Orlo (Eau de Parfum) and Athanor (Extrait de Parfum) are already available online — they are presented in 100 ml bottles for the price of €200 and €450, respectively.



          Igor Masyukov

          Igor Masyukov Editor, writer

          Igor is an interpreter and journalist, a longtime reader and an active user of the Russian Fragrantica. While studying management and theory of translation at the Moscow State Linguistic University, he got interested in perfumery and began to study Russian and foreign perfumery authors. Now he writes for Fragrantica.

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          George Costanza
          No 89

          George Costanza 10/22/20 08:53

          Goddamn, this brand looks so dope. I'd love to grab some sample sets, but they are far from cheap and they're borderline unreasonably priced.
          Black Phantom

          unicolider21 10/22/20 08:16

          Glad to see some attention to this amazing brand. I have Rituale, Le Mat and Sogno Reale, all of them are superb.

          Forevermore79 10/22/20 04:17

          anticaarsov - it is the gold nugget :)
          Baptême du Feu

          Barbamama 10/22/20 01:58

          Amazing bottles, interesting and somewhat scary notes, supervillain names and poetic inspiration - what’s not to like?!
          By the Fireplace

          anticaarsov 10/22/20 00:38

          What is inside the bottle of Athanor? Little figurine? And never heard of sulfur as an ingredient in perfume, sounds crazy interesting :)

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