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          Addicted: Yes, I Wear Room Sprays

          Addicted column logo

          "Who smells like a fireplace?"

          "Why do you remind me of a hotel?"

          "Are you sure that is supposed to be sprayed on your skin?"

          Chances are if you've ever heard these questions, then you are just as addicted to scent as I am. And of course I'm talking about wearing room sprays as personal fragrance. That's right - room sprays.

          I know what you're probably thinking...so let me clarify: No, I'm not talking about dousing myself in Febreze or scenting myself with sprays from aerosol cans of Glade. I mean using room sprays from actual fragrance companies. So many brands offer them and they are often much more affordable than typical eaux de parfums or eaux de toilettes. Many of them contain around 10% fragrance oils and so wear quite well on the skin. But I'm getting ahead of myself....I know, you're also thinking, "But if they were meant to be sprayed on skin, why wouldn't it just say so on the bottles?"

          Herve Gambs

          Well, let me begin my story with a trip to Osaka ca 2003, Herve Gambs and Takashimaya department store...I had been walking through a shopping arcade in the Shinsaibashi area when I noticed in one of the window displays an eye-catching array of silk plants and flowers, and something that looked potentially like bottles of perfume. I'm the kind of person that has the ability to spot a glass atomizer from half a mile away; it's a gift and a curse.

          Herve Gambs at Takshimaya

          Image of Herve Gambs products from Wickermoss blog

          I stopped dead in my tracks, turned 90 degress towards the department store door and walked straight up to the display. The original bottles, like the current iteration above, only displayed the designer and fragrance names and didn't immediately display the words "room spray" and so I picked up the first bottle I spied and sprayed it on my skin. Mmmmmm, warm amber. And then I picked up another. Mmmmmmm, brown tea. If memory serves me correctly, the back of the bottles read "Parfum d'Intérieur" which roughly translates to room spray.

          "Huh?" I surely exclaimed out loud.

          I looked down at my arms where I had sprayed the scents, looking for some sign that the liquid was eating through my skin. But despite my fears, I survived. Not even a rash.

          And a new obsession was born.

          I returned to Takashimaya at least three more times to buy more of Herve Gambs' amazing aromas, but that Brown Tea scent was hands down one of my favorites. I remember the sales woman spying me applying the room spray to my skin and rushing over to me, gently taking me by the arm and waving my bottle-clutching hand into the air from side to side! She pointed to her skin and neck and shook her head and made a cross with her arms. I nodded that I understood while thinking to myself, "If she only knew!"

          Sadly, Brown Tea is not a part of the current line up of Parfums d'Intérieur from Herve Gambs, but there are quite a few interesting options such as Encens Nobilis pictured above. Note: I can't attest as to whether or not the formulas/ingredients are similar to the ones I previously owned and wore.

          Costes Room Spray (Brown)

          That same year I had learned about another non-traditional scent that people were covertly dousing themselves in. Back in 2001, Olivia Giacobetti had created a sweet, woody ambient aroma for the Parisian Hotel Costes at rue Saint Honoré and the room spray was finally available stateside for purchase.


          Notes: Waxed wood, rum, mahogany, bitter orange peel, paprika, oak moss

          My first experience with Costes was a 2004 visit to Aedes des Venustas, the famed New York City fragrance boutique in the heart of Greenwich Village. I had fallen hard for Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's sandalwood room spray which had recently been discontinued. While conversing with one of the owners, I asked if I might purchase the remaining tester since the product was no longer in stock and no longer available and he very kindly obliged. I sheepishly admitted that I loved the sandalwood room spray so much that I might wear it as a personal fragrance; I half-expected him to burst out into laughter or warn me of the toxic dangers. Instead he admitted to wearing Costes.

          "Costes?" I asked.

          "Like the hotel...it's really an incredible scent. We spray it in the store and I spray it on myself," he explained.

          This was a huge relief to gain validation that there just might be something to this whole room spray thing. It felt good to learn I wasn't alone. But of course I decided then and there that I NEEDED to smell like a Parisian hotel lobby. And so I added Costes to my fragrance wishlist.

          And this led me to sniffing John Galliano's Essence. Yes, his Essence.

          Diptyque Essence of John Galliano

          Back in 2005 when John Galliano was at the height of his fashion career as head of Dior, avant garde fragrance and candle company Diptyque collaborated with Galliano and released his Essence to the world.

          "And what exactly does John Galliano's Essence smell like?" you might be wondering.


          Notes: Russian leather, dark bark, mellow musks and dried herbs...a wild, sophisticated scent.

          Ok, that might be true, but actually Essence of John Galliano offers a rich, smoky, resinous aroma that reminds me very strongly of this:

          And I LOVE smelling like that! Imagine Donna Karan's Black Cashmere, but not as ambery, and mix in a little smoked tea and you'll get the general gist of Essence. Upon its launch in 2005, this product was incredibly popular and I remember people explaining that they were wearing the room spray as personal fragrance...and I also remember thinking, "Oh I've been doing that for years now." I mean, if others weren't being hospitalized after wearing an ambient fragrance, I reckoned that I was still within the confines of safe fragrance use. But this opened a Pandora's Box. At the time, Diptyque had a large number of fragrant room sprays that correlated to their larger collection of popular scented candles. The biggest surprise was that the cost of the room sprays was significantly less than the cost of the actual eau de toilette. And so I quickly became a wearer of Diptyque's tuberose, sandalwood and orange blossom room sprays; I bought all three for less than it would have cost to purchase a single 100ml EDT!

          Voluspa Baltic Amber

          BALTIC AMBER

          Notes: Amber resin, sandalwood, vanilla orchid

          So at this point you're probably either thinking I'm totally nuts or you're now intrigued and considering attempting the same. Well, let me introduce you to Voluspa, a brand that actively promotes their products for both room and body! Just look at that bottle and box - it says right on the label "Room & Body Mist"!

          But of course this made me wonder if ALL room sprays were created equal; are Voluspa products different from many others in terms of safety for skin?

          Launched in 1999 by Traci and Troy Arntsen of the USA, Voluspa (named after the mythical Viking story of Thor and Odin) started as a home-based candle company. But the popularity of their candles quickly grew and soon they expanded into home and body fragrances.

          “Voluspa is truly affordable luxury. Our ingredients for fragrance are sourced globally and are on par with fine fragrance. Not your typical mid range candle fragrance. That is why we have such a cult and celebrity following for our scents.” - Troy Arntsen

          What is most exciting about Voluspa's room and body sprays is their affordability; most range in price between $20-$25 USD for up to 3.8 oz sprays. One of my favorites is their Baltic Amber, a creamy vanilla and amber aroma that is one of the company's best sellers. The longevity and sillage are both excellent considering it doubles as a room spray. They are constantly launching new scents (and sadly retiring old ones). Take a look at my review of their Atelier Provence Lavender over HERE.

          And this brings me to Milan.

          Fornasetti Room Spray

          While in Milan in the spring of 2016, Italian editor Lucia Remigi and I visited the showroom of Italian artist Fornasetti, now a brand that is quickly developing beyond home decor. We were invited to meet a brand representative to explore their candle, incense and room spray line. The first thing Lucia and I noticed upon entering the atelier was the intoxicating aroma wafting through the air - incense, spice, woods all greeted my nose.

          We descended to the lower level and were given an introduction to the brand and the opportunity to sniff some of their beautiful products, all of which are contained on or accompanied by a porcelain container showcasing traditional Fornasetti designs. I immediately recognized the aroma that had earlier greeted me - the "Otto" aroma created by Olivier Polge:


          Notes: thyme, lavender, orris, cedarwood, tolu balsam, incense, birch, labdanum

          First I sampled Otto as a candle, next I sampled it as incense and finally I sniffed it as a room spray. I so enjoyed it that I asked our host if I might spray it on my skin, joking that I was a long time wearer of room sprays and asking why something so wonderful wasn't being launched as a personal fragrance. To my delight his response was that the room spray really wasn't any different from a personal fragrance in terms of ingredients (yes!!!) and that Fornasetti (the brand) was considering a number of additional creative projects such that there might be some interesting developments in the future.

          Otto is one of three aromas, the other two being Giardino Segreto and Sole di Capri and refill bottles without the porcelain can be purchased at around $75 USD. I think I might have to splurge and make Otto my latest room spray acquisition.

          So I hope I've maybe opened a door of curiosity for you when it comes to expanding your scented horizons. But I do have to stress that one should always consider ingredients and do a modest skin test with a small spray before lavishly dousing themselves in a much-loved room spray. I've also had luck with Annick Goutal, Creed and L'Artisan room sprays and can attest to their skin safety.

          Now, I wonder if anyone has ever tried to wear incense or candles....

          (Note: As of this writing, I am awaiting the arrival of Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's Green room spray, an affordable find on a popular auction site!)

          Have you ever worn a room spray? Tell us in a comment below!


          Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

          Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison Columnist

          Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison’s journalism in the fragrance industry has appeared in international print and online publications such as Playboy, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health and the New York Times. Marlen is also a regular contributor to BeautyAlmanac.com and works as a graduate professor, thesis advisor and faculty supervisor for MA programs in TESOL, Education, Writing and Literature. Learn more about Marlen by visiting www.MarlenHarrison.com.

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          News Comments

          Write your comment
          Ange Ou Demon Le Secret

          miu 10/23/20 05:57

          Just received my 2020 IFF slow smelling collection, it says that all of them are house perfumes. Probably half of the bottles are moving onto my perfume table. It's a lovely feeling to smell like a fancy house!

          ascranage 04/17/20 13:47

          Thank you for reminding me to check the Target site for backup bottles of Noir Oud Wood + Musk. Sweet catnip! I spray it in the room, on the sheets, in my car, on my clothes... on the dog!
           Joy Forever Eau de Toilette

          Dawa23 04/15/20 22:40

          Room spray, never buy it, never use it.
          Perfume makes the best room spray, it's what I've used for years. And as a bonus, you can even use it as perfume too.
          Black to Black

          klix27 04/15/20 12:50

          Room spray is something you can smell and inhale, so by logic, you can wear it like perfumes on the skin. If it is poisonous, you will die.

          Yezza I've done it long ago when i get bored with my niche frags... loccitane room spray.. heheee...
          Ever Bloom

          Moreluvr 01/06/20 19:36

          Glade Cozy Autumn Cuddle is going on my skin tomorrow! I do cut up Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets and tuck them in my pockets and elsewhere. Thanks for the tip!
          Diamonds and Rubies

          Heretic_Housewife 01/06/20 14:15

          I used to wear a tobacco rose room spray as fragrance. I don't remember the brand, just that they had a whole line of home fragrance products at one of the "fancier" supermarkets, and I would buy the tobacco rose linen spray and room spray. I'd spray my clothes with the linen spray and use the room spray on my skin. Never had a bad reaction, but eventually moved on.
          Woman of Letters

          Woman of Letters 01/06/20 13:46

          Yep, I have worn a parfum d'interieur: Patricia de Nicolai has a wide range of room sprays, and I find thar Fines Bulles are actually pretty good. A bit flat, granted, but it's okay. Geranium is also lovely.
          Sugar Berry

          lmwimsatt 01/06/20 12:10

          I'm pretty sure the general public wouldn't be able to wear room spray because everyone's skin sensitivity is different. Maybe do a patch test 1st!

          perfumeninja 01/06/20 11:37

          We're a special bunch, and we smell great! ;)
          I just recently finished a room spray that I've had a looooong time and it was used as a room spray, not a perfume. I had it so long because it was:
          A: very strong
          B: DH didn't like it that much
          C: Got tired of DH asking "what's that weird smell?" every time I used it.

          It was Pottery Barn Tea Leaf from years and years ago. Every time I sprayed it one to three times each time, I would walk away with this lingering lovely scent in my hair and clothes that hours later I would think "what the hell smells so damn good?" After it was finished I unscrewed the top and poured an apple cinnamon scent in the un-rinsed bottle and wow another beautiful and unusual scent has transpired.

          Further confessionals of a perfumeaholic:

          My bottle of Vanilla Fields makes an awesome room spray that I only wish would smell that good on my skin.

          Claire Burke O Christmas Tree oil is one I've wanted to put on my skin but have been afraid to even though I'm not "sensitive" skinned.

          Pumpkin Spice candle wax is so yummy but that skin contact happened accidentally. That may have changed after reading this article/comments.

          Trish McEvoy #9 Blackberry Musk had a candle version which may have been blueberry musk??? But anyway I have never smelled a candle with so much throw to it. Ever. I imagine that had tons of fragrance oils in it. If it hadn't been at my workplace I would probably have rubbed that on my wrists.

          I had those Glade plug-in things in vanilla (they don't make them anymore) stashed here and there to freshen cars, closets etc... I had one in the console cubby in my car that had dried up to a powder. Next to it rested a fabric glasses case that now holds my extra readers for my portable sewing kit. Everytime I use those glasses there is this cherry-vanilla pipe tobacco deliciousness that drives me mad with desire to wear THAT SCENT.
          My perfume nutty brain has thought how much I wish I could bottle that very smell of those dried up plug-ins. I've never smelled a perfume quite like that smell.

          Lastly, I wish that Glade Icy Evergreen Forest were a cologne because I'm addicted to that as well. I bought back ups of a Glade spray! Gawd!
          Thank you for the enabling/validation! LOL!

          I will come back here for reference/research! LMAO.
          Sira des Indes

          anilinam 01/06/20 06:02

          After having read this article, I've become a room sprayer for about one year now.

          An honorable mention is L'Occitane Fruits Confits room diffuser. It is longevous: 8 hrs + on skin, not at all harsh on me and I am very prone to allergies, redness, etc, but this is fine on my skin and a sure compliment getter. That always makes me laugh. Gotta love perfume with a sense of humor!

          But my favorite so far is: Diptyque 34 room spray (on clothes). This has actually become one of my most loved fragrances in my perfume collection. It does open with quite a piercing citrus note, but it dissipates after 5 minutes and I love citrus anyway. I find this room spray to be a combination of Eau de 34 Diptyque and 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. It opens with lovely verbena, citrus, juniper, and then transitions to darker fig leaf, nutmeg, cinnamon, tuberose, myrrh, woods and cardamom. The key word here is "transition". This beauty takes me on a journey. I try to wear it on days when I can take the time to pay attention to each of its facets, which seem to be highlighted almost individually. I looove it. I find it much better than it's sold as real perfume counter parts. Ha!
          Vol de Nuit

          JC2109 01/06/20 02:49

          Ok, I finally caved in and I’m here to admit: Yes, I wear room spray!

          The Diptyque Mimosa room spray in fact. It is truly beautiful, the best mimosa scent I’ve tried: fresh, softly sweet and warm – truly evoking summer. Diptyque about Mimosa: “Like the mimosa flower, the scent of mimosa is very round, sunny, tender, and reassuring. The three principle facets are: Slightly iridescent floral, Powdery honeyed, Sweet woody. It also has gustative accents of green almond and orange tree.”

          There is no ‘room spray’ feel with this one, no harshness, and why this hasn’t been turned into a perfume same as Baies/L’Ombre Dans L’eau is beyond me.

          Yes, at first I was hesitant to wear a room spray, but there are no reactions, and I’m pretty sensitive. The ingredients mentioned on the box:

          “Diptyque mimosa ingredients: alcohol denat (sd alcohol 39-c), aqua (water), parfum (fragrance), hexyl cinnamal, butylphenyl methylpropional, hydroxycitronellal, alpha-isomethyl ionone, cinnamyl alcohol, anise alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, bht, tbhq, tocopherol. 80% vol”

          Seems to me the same as the ingredients of most perfumes. But then there is a whole text on the back of the box:

          "DANGER - Contains: hexyl cinnamal, ISO E SUPER (1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8- octahydro-2,3,8,8-naphtalenyl) ethanone) (OTNE), heliotropine, butylphenyl methylpropional, methoxyhydratropaldehyde, methylenedioxyphenyl methylpropanal, hydroxycitronellal. May produce an allergic reaction. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effect. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. - No smoking. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid release to the environment. IF ON SKIN (or hair): Remove/Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Removes contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention. In case of fire: Use a powder extinguisher for extinction."

          Yes, it seems this room spray is comparable to some sort of radioactive liquid... You know, it wouldn't surprise me if in the future all perfume boxes have to contain a line that says: 'Don't use on skin or hair'... What then, only look at it?...
          Soleil Blanc

          mayberry 02/17/19 18:08

          We used to call them Frebreez showers.
          Sira des Indes

          anilinam 12/09/18 11:01


          After reading this article, I have become a soy/coconut/paraffin based candle waerer and room sprayer on clothes.

          For a couple of weeks I've been shopping everywhere from Diptyque to TJ Maxx. Some are season appropriate, some will have to wait for warmer weather.

          So far, I've received compliments on L'Occitane's room diffuser, LOL! Longevity is great on the candles (6-8 hrs) and my skin is silky soft. One of them has become waxy after 3 hrs of wear, so it will remain as an ambient scent, but all in all, a terrific experience.

          Thanks again Dr. Marlen and thanks to all the contributors on this forum. I'm thrilled with this discovery!
          Carnal Flower

          zephyr1973 12/07/18 12:20

          Soooo, I'm not the only one that rubs melted or soft candle wax on my skin...good to know!
          Also going to explore some of these other ideas!
          Adelaide Rocks
          Mediterranean Honeysuckle

          Adelaide Rocks 12/07/18 09:57

          I'm wearing Thymes Fraiser Fir Home Fragrance Mist. I am a walking Christmas tree!
          Beach Walk

          bananas 12/05/18 23:59

          I am too ...'guilty' of wearing room sprays as perfume!!!
          The Voluspa range has a line-up of exquisite body mists/room sprays that are so different, so wearable & with tremendous longevity too.
          I am surprised they are not more expensive. I like them on ME, better than around my house.

          Andie68 12/05/18 10:00

          Wow I'm so glad I found this article, I can show it to my Hubby now and prove it's not just me and I'm absolutely "not nuts!!!".....lol Shearer Candles in the UK, Amber Noir, stunning :)
          Ombre Rose L'Original

          jazzfan 11/21/18 09:31

          Recently a friend admitted to another fraghead, me, that he is shamefully using several room sprays on himself. Immediately I remembered this article! After trying them myself, without any skin reaction and I have difficult skin and a lot of allergies, I have every attention to continue to do so.
          I can attest that room sprays from Phaedon and Trudon are safe. Don't know for the others, but I will find out...
          Sira des Indes

          anilinam 11/20/18 14:37

          Thank you Dr. Marlen! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

          Though not really a gourmand lover, for years I've been wondering when L'Occitane would ever make a perfume of their Fruits Confits room diffuser, while telling myself, that when they did, I would certainly become one.

          Thanks to you, I now am ready to dive in, and to try all your lovely suggestions!
          Eternity Air For Women

          JenJones28 11/20/18 14:03

          No. I haven’t. I’m too worried that it is unhealthy and that I’ll get a rash.

          Terfle 11/20/18 10:41

          I've worn a fruity room scent that hangs around my house, thank you Body Shop. It's called exotic and smells like mango/exotic fruit mix. None of my friends like it but too bad
          Vol de Nuit

          JC2109 05/21/18 05:37

          This is a tricky one... regardless of the ingredients (I think they mainly use a different, cheaper type of alcohol than with normal perfumes) - I already have so many perfumes, if I also start collecting room sprays, all bets are off! No, it's pure self preservation for me to avoid the room sprays.
          And now I'm trying to wrap my head around people wearing candles! Wow, that is something... And I thought I had already seen and heard everything in my life ;-)
          Crystal Noir

          MsMixtape 05/21/18 00:15

          I wear candles! Specifically the Nest Moroccan Amber candle, as the wax is soft enough to work as a solid perfume, and the spray isn't available in my area. It's heavenly!
          Matt Abdul
          Angel Gold

          Matt Abdul 05/11/18 05:43

          "I'm the kind of person that has the ability to spot a glass atomizer from half a mile away; it's a gift and a curse".

          I thought I was the only one thinking about myself like that. Hahah.

          Good information tho.
          Cardamom Coffee

          Lyndale 05/10/18 20:59

          I once found a candle, with a wonderful "Christmassy" scent, in a discount shop because something has gone amiss with the wax formula. Rather than being completely solid, the wax was more like a lipstick or something similar in texture. Something like a solid perfume! At first, I just applied it to my wrists but then I had a brainwave, mixed half the candle with a little unscented body lotion (which was easy thanks to the soft texture) and then used it all over after a bath or shower. It was the best "body butter" I've ever used. I ended up going back to the shop and buying all the candles they had left from that faulty batch!
          Eau des Sens

          fragrance2016 05/10/18 19:59

          I have just gotten into and am intrigued by using multi-purpose fragrance.

          Diptyque introduce me to the idea with the description online of Viniagre and Plureille. as multi purpose Eaux.

          I recently purchased Viniagre and love it. It simply an Eaux Friache Tom Ford Sahara Noir( incenses and neroli/Oranges) Supposedly you can use to wash your hair, cook, etc. ( It's a vinegar base fragrance)

          When I suffer from fancifulness, I spray it in the air or on my pillows.

          Plureille, a citrus and rose scent, is pretty too.

          I then discover Volupsa after buying a generous candle
          (and going online ) and I love the concept of room and body fragrance.
          (Great brand, affordable and the packaging, you'll be impress.---glad it was included in the article)

          My go to is Dark Linden and Moss. Beautiful oriental. Very sweet, gardenia like ( better as a body spray then a room spray in my opinion --same with Viniagre )

          Multi- purpose fragrance is a great experience, especially if you are a fragrance lovers.

          PS: I always said that if I got to a point that I couldn't afford fragrance I would use cooking extract( i.e vanilla or orange cooking extract) They are after all 90% alcohol.
          Baccarat Rouge 540

          dmarcus1260 05/10/18 18:46

          I have never applied room sprays directly on my skin but I have sprayed them on my shirts. Some of my favorite room sprays from Geodesis are Black Tea, Amber, Tonka, Balsam Fir, Tuberose, Bergamot, and Verbena.

          sherryberry 05/10/18 11:41

          Loved your your article Marlen. Yes...I've worn room spray before. Ha Ha!! It happened to me when I was at a Hallmark card store. They carried Thymes perfume and body products there. They had a tester for the Thymes Goldleaf room spray, but not for the perfume. I hesitated and then gave a quick spray to my wrist. It smelled divine and lingered on my skin for the rest of day. It was too funny!! So glad that other people do this too.

          ashypie2004 05/10/18 09:32

          I confess I've been using Habitat Cotton & Neroli as a personal fragrance for half a year. Thanks for the validation!
          L'Eau de L'Artisan

          robynheartsscents 05/10/18 07:24

          I think we've all used a fragrance we didn't care for on our skin as a room spray, so provided the ingredients aren't irritating I don't see why not! And I too am guilty of rubbing melted candle wax on my skin!
          Chance Eau Fraiche

          Anahata 05/10/18 06:56

          I wish Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle produced "room" scents in the form of sprays. So many fantasies would be fullfilled...
          Lipstick Rose

          chanka 05/10/18 06:12

          I bought Météorites room spray from Guerlain but it is too sweet and becomes cloying... later I found Meteorites perfume (discontinued) so I don’t use it but if it will be made better definitely i will ...
          I have beautiful candles from zara (musc and rose) and if there will be room spray like that i will buy it and wear it
          Lipstick Rose

          chanka 05/10/18 06:11

          I bought Météorites room spray from Guerlain but it is too sweet and becomes cloying... later I found Meteorites perfume (discontinued) so I don’t use it but if it will be made better definitely i will ...
          I have beautiful candles from zara (musc and rose) and if there will be room spray like that i will buy it and wear it
          So Elixir Bois Sensuel

          LadyPilot 03/04/17 14:46

          I don't wear room sprays but AmbiPur Freshelle Spring and Flowers smells like a perfume I used to know... and I love it! It's the only air freshener that I don't mind being sprayed with all over myself after leaving the restroom:D

          effjay92 03/04/17 13:16

          I love wearing l'air de colette - parisian department store Colette's room fragrance which permeates the whole store. it smells like a delicious greenhouse - tomato vine and fig. And only 30 euros!

          Calvini 03/04/17 11:14

          Yes I heard people "wear" incense in their hair and on their clothes! I've started to do the same--not with wood chips (can't afford) or bakhoor, but with Japanese incense sticks. It fumes my room, my clothes, and my hair; people say that's what I smell like (when I'm not wearing fragrances).
          Iris Torréfié

          orpailleur 03/04/17 07:50

          In the early 2000's, Guerlain sold a very nice Edt called Meteorites, a floral & powdery frag dominated by Iris, violet and heliotrope. It went off the shelves and since 2 or 3 years came back as a home fragrance which is not sold, but given away in 100 ml bottles in french Guerlain stores as a gift whenever you buy a few upscale parfumes. It is more concentrated than the initial Edt, I'd scale it Edp and I naturally use it just like any other skin frag, its actually one of my preferred frags.
          If you peak into Guerlain's website and check the fidelity member section, you read that it "costs" 100 points .... I never used my points for that as the boutiques easily offer the flacon.
          As a M.D., I just add that if your lungs accept a frag, your skin will accept it even more.
          Velvet Orchid

          kristenboris1997 03/03/17 22:04

          Wow, great idea! It is probably more affordable than "true" perfume (i.e. specifically made perfume for use on the skin) also. I have wondered if it would cause some nasty reaction if I dared to use a room perfume and now I wonder if I might just sneakily give it a try.
          Gosha Rubchinskiy Гоша Рубчинский

          lvxifer 01/05/17 12:24

          I wear and enjoy Castelbel Portus Cale Black Edition room spray.why not?wear what you want.
          Spiritueuse Double Vanille

          pammbw 01/05/17 08:40

          Febreze packaging states that it is safe for fabrics, so I would assume spraying it on clothing is safe. If you like the scent, why not?
          Carven Le Parfum

          weegee 12/29/16 17:47

          Sun & Sand diffuser oil from Yankee Candle is THE BEST "summer at the beach" fragrance ever created. I use the room spray as it was intended because it neutralizes odors, but I put the diffuser oil in a small roller ball bottle and apply to my skin. Simply grand.
          Skin Musk

          Fonna2 12/29/16 14:11

          LOL, now that is addicted......lol
          I can see this happening, though.

          I do on occasion use the perfume for room sprays.
          In fact, I do that a lot.
          I found it amazing how Cartier Baiser Voile really cleans the air.... and Je Reviens makes everything smell heavenly.....
          I even dab a little Chanel on my cats after their grooming so they can go from room to room, like little traveling air fresheners~ My little Queens.~

          I can say I'm addicted, too,
          but it runs the other way.

          Suzybee 12/29/16 10:48

          As always, a great write up, Dr. Harrison!

          I received my first Room & Body Spray 20 years ago from a cousin who visited London. It was Marks & Spencer Lavender Mist which was both powdery and floral. I found it odd, at first, but used it mostly on myself. A couple of years ago, I found The Body Shop had a series of Room & Body Mists. Totally affordable at $10 and great for warm weather when I want something lighter.

          Happy New Year!!
          Cashmere Mist Pearl Essence

          ptilda 12/29/16 08:48

          I TOLD those SAs at The Body Shop that when they tried to convince me that their diffuser oils were a totally different kind of oil from their perfume (as in skin) oils, despite the same ingredients!
          Miss de Molinard

          laura710 12/29/16 01:51

          This is amazing! I'm new to the world of perfumes, but this room spray thing could be a smart way to save quite a bit of money. I'm afraid this will start a new addiction :D
          Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile

          Yourfoxiness 11/27/16 11:06

          New rabbit hole.. Poor wallet.

          karrieann 11/27/16 03:40

          A few years ago I was cruising ebay for L`Occitane Ambre and spied a bottle that looked different than the others. It came in a short squatty bottle but the price was quite nice. I bought it and when it arrived I saw that the box said, "Parfum pour la maison Home perfume". Oopsie!

          The box also has the ingredients listed:
          Alcohol, water, fragrance.

          The very same ingredients in my other perfumes, just in a different order. My new to me Ambre Parfum pour la maison probably smells like Ambre Eau de Toilette, only less potent. Can't say for sure, as I've never tried the EDT but I can say the 'Home perfume' smells amazing on my skin.

          I actually feel it was a big score to have made this little mistake. A beautiful discontinued fragrance for a lot less money than the EDT.

          Gwenz 11/26/16 17:02

          I have a little sample spray of Antica Farmacista Prosecco room spray which I have worn on several occasions - it smells absolutely wonderful - light, crisp, fizzy fruit and champagne. Wearing it has done me no harm! Although it must be said that the same product is also made as a fragrance so I suspect there is not too much difference in the ingredients.
          On the other hand, I also have a Crabtree & Evelyn Peony room spray, which I also wear but only by spraying directly on my clothes, as it contains 2 ingredients - Castor oil and methylchloroisothiazolinone which I know can cause irritation / sensitization on sensitive skin. Clothing seemed the safest route for this one. Still smells good though!
          Poison Esprit de Parfum

          thedivinemrsmiggins 11/05/16 01:38

          I love this article and all the members stories underneath. I bought a bottle of Harrods perfume on eBay a few years ago, no one else had bid on it so it was a real bargain. I sprayed it on myself liberally when it arrived and was very pleased with the Champagne, Peach & Cassis smell in its very Chanel-style square bottle. It wasn't anything groundbreaking but it was interesting and very long lasting in summer. I later looked it up online and after much searching discovered -you've quessed it- it was actually a (discontinued) room spray, I couldn't stop laughing. I'm still wearing it occasionally and it still makes me smile and I'd certainly wear another good room spray if I loved it enough.~X~
          Burberry Her

          emyalda 11/05/16 00:45

          Im taking the leap into room sprays, i have tried so many good quality ones but never thought to wear them.
          I've worn the wax from candles before but never room spray.
          Fleur d'Oranger

          ejtannster 11/04/16 13:12

          ^^^^ YOU ARE NOT ALONE

          dorothea333 11/02/16 23:20

          I don't know about using room sprays as perfume, but it seems, that they are made of the same ingredients as edt and edp - and if they don't contain anything harmful I can't see why not.
          And I already checked out the website Sweetcakes recommended by Bibi Maizoon. Thanks.

          Anyway - I enjoyed this article immensely, and I laughed really hard about the 'Takashimaya Experience'. I'm still giggling 8-)
          Thank you for that too

          Gr8Vapors 11/02/16 18:25

          Ha ha fun to run across this article. I have a friend that always smelled so good but she would never ever tell me what she was wearing. Drove me crazy cause it was familiar but not. Then one night on the town she got quite tipsy and spilled her scent secret. She stated she bought a fancy atomizer and put Yanke Candle reed difusser oil in it with a touch of perfumers alcohol to thin it and there you have it. I admit I did look at her like she was bonkers but it worked for her quite well. Who would have thought.

          Purplegem 11/02/16 12:21

          Well my current room spray would probably make some of you balk if you knew I officially used it as a fragrance on myself. I don't, but it actually smells like some perfumes. Floral. Oust 'clean' scent (blue bottle). Some of the droplets fall on me. It is meant to clear any smells though. It made me think though when I consider the price difference. I have also used body sprays like body shop pink grapefruit as room sprays as it's quite refreshing. They don't sound quite as high end as the items used by the person who wrote this article but interesting article.
          Rose Rouge

          kati77 11/02/16 02:47

          In '99 i had a pillow and room spray from coty Jasmine Therapy. I was a teenager and didnt have money to buy a real perfume.
          Thanks for sharing Mr Marlen your story.
          Nouveau Nez
          Ormonde Man

          Nouveau Nez 11/01/16 21:45

          My name is Br--- and I'm also a room sprayer. :) And have been for years. My faves are Essence of J. Galliano and Edition de Parfums "Russian Nights" - the latter reminds me of Dries Van Noten and it's fantastic!
          Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere

          Tracyellen1619 11/01/16 18:45

          I haven't done it yet, but I certainly may start! Especially if anyone can tell me what scent is used at Sofitel hotels? Stayed in one last year and couldn't stop sniffing the air the whole time.

          ThatMakesScents 11/01/16 00:00

          A very good article.

          I think many of us have thought the same thing. However you did not fully cover the safety issues if any in this article. I think it would be very helpful to the community if you did.

          My mother uses amazing room sprays that I thought could pass as a cologne.

          Again great article but please complete it by researching safety and report back.

          Thank You
          Emporio Armani City Glam for Her

          SandraV 10/31/16 20:37

          Black Phoenix Trading Post makes wonderful atmosphere sprays that also smell great on your clothes and yes:a bit on the skin is nice.

          sistermoon 10/31/16 11:37

          L'erbolario Amber room fragrance is totally wearable for amber lovers!
          PHI Une Rose de Kandahar

          azcactusgirl 10/31/16 10:56

          With all the incredible fragrances available today, why would anyone want to do this? I'm sure it is not a safe thing to do....there are probably chemicals and other things in these sprays that are not approved for use on the body. Even if your skin does not show damage, they still get absorbed through the skin, which is our biggest organ of our body.

          As much as I love and adore fragrances, this is where I would draw the line....count me OUT on room spray!!

          MelissaJane1 10/31/16 09:23

          Voluspa is great, also Dana Decker. But my favorite shower clean musky scent has to be Pottery Barn's Ocean room spray and oil diffuser. Yes I use both the oil and the room spray on my skin. Oh the horrors!!!! ;)
          Delizia di Marshmallow

          mpbrown 10/31/16 06:50

          I love the Baltic Amber body/room spray! I have been known to wear room sprays after I accidentally got some on myself once and it smelled so good. My favorite was Crabtree & Evelyn's Aberdeen Heather - it's been dc'd forever, but I loved it so much that it's been sort of a quest for years to find something similar. I was accidentally sent the room spray version of Al Rehab's Soft and I actually like it much more than the oil version. And people always comment on how good I smell after I burn incense as well. Thank you for this fun article making it okay to experiment with all sorts of fragrant items!

          rubinstein1 10/31/16 03:58

          How wonderful, Marlen! Many times I have felt lonely in a large group of people when stopping to smell the air of a luxury hotel or a lovely spa... The group carries on without taking a breath, and I'm left behind trying to memorise
          the wonderful aroma :)!
          Tonka Oud

          isanie 10/31/16 01:46

          Good! I've wanted to do that for a long, long time but always feared it might give some allergic reaction or worse. But I already secretly suspected they weren't much different from regular perfume. So "Sacristy" from "True Grace", here I coooome!! Thanks for this article!
          Balenciaga Paris

          Fragaria 10/31/16 00:49

          Incense....yup! I've used a handful many times to drag through my hair and scent it! I rub it on my clothing and put it in dresser drawers to scent articles. Nag Champa and a very good sandalwood are favorites.
          Jules (2016)

          Macassar 10/30/16 23:37

          i do it with Mizensir's " Palissandre des Indes" and "Mousse et Patchouli" or Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier :" Bois Precieux" or " Ambre du Nepal" ...i've been doing it for a long , long time, when i find a room spray that i like ....
          Bibi Maizoon
          Orangers en Fleurs

          Bibi Maizoon 10/30/16 22:39

          I've bought Diptyque's Philosykos room spray & used it as cologne for years. I love Diptyque's perfumes but they are so short lasting I don't feel they're worth the price.
          There's a soapmaking supplies company online called Sweetcakes that makes incredible fragrance oil dupes for both the Costes scent & Fracas. I dilute them to make my own perfume & mix them in unscented lotion too.
          White Flowers

          Islandaromatika 10/30/16 22:26

          I still wear Agraria Bitter Orange room spray, despite there being a cologne version now. Its the same thing, perhaps not as strong, but hell...the price is SO much lower I can just re-apply!! Well done Marlen!! -Robert H.
          Un Bois Vanille

          Erekose7 10/30/16 22:15

          Wow, I was so apprehensive to admit that I was a fan of spraying my clothing with room sprays. This article really flipped that stigma and I feel great about it now.

          Time to get out there and smell like Pumpkin Spice Latte with a pep in my step!
          Bright Neroli

          HeidiLynn 10/30/16 20:44

          Well count me as one intrigued and contemplating exploring room sprays as fragrance! I think this is creative, frugal genius; and really, beauty is beauty. Is this any different than turning a panel of wallpaper into framed art? Or putting jewelry on display in a cloche or crystal cake saver? And some of the fragrances sound wonderful!

          ssdreamer 10/30/16 16:27

          Fun post! I've yet to wear a room fragrance as a perfume but I've smelled some delicious scents that are for rooms that I would love to wear on my skin! I do the opposite at times as I sometimes use perfumes as room sprays!
          La Petite Robe Noire Intense

          smellagent 10/30/16 15:33

          I have sprayed L'Occitane Amber home fragrance on my clothes and it smelled good.

          terryliciareed 10/30/16 14:26

          I've been using air fresheners for personal perfume for decades! Glad to know that I'm not alone. :-)
          Eau de Reglisse (Liquorice)

          Cybernoir 10/30/16 14:14

          Nest puts out some fragrances that are labeled for skin and for room sprays....

          kotunaplotu 10/30/16 13:57

          I recommend a home fragrance of YAYA 'cotton' - made by the Dutch Company doing clothes for women. It smells like Armani White - it's a quite nice substitute of the discontinued production.

          mikasminion 10/30/16 13:52

          I have wondered if the huge line of Diptyque room sprays was discontinued because so many people bought them instead of the perfumes. Every art and design student I knew did so. They were great for layering (basil + honey was my favorite) and the bottles are attractive.
          L'Occitane room sprays were another popular line for wearing and the Fornasetti refills are wonderful but often sold out, as I expect them to be now that you've let the secret out.
          Angela Agiannidou
          Perfume Calligraphy Rose

          Angela Agiannidou 10/30/16 13:46

          Hahahahaha, loved the article, many times I thought of wearing room spray myself but feared any skin reaction....I know, cowardy custard.....

          bibibling 10/30/16 13:38

          I use the Voluspa ones too! So incredibly good at such a great price. But until now I've always been paranoid about spraying on direct skin and just spray it on an old shirt or sweater instead (so if it ruins the fabric, no big loss.)

          But since it now has the Dr. Marlen seal of approval, I think I'll try it on skin next time!
          drugstore classics

          drugstore classics 10/30/16 13:11

          Oh, Marlen, I can't tell you how you've made my day! I laughed and laughed.... and I'm still grinning ear to ear. :D

          You see, I've long tested any room sprays before purchasing by spraying them on skin in the store! It has entered my head numerous times to use the same as body spray, but I never quite did it. Yes, some concern about safety occurred in my fragrance frenzied thoughts, but not much. Mostly I was simply annoyed that those darn room sprays didn't smell up to the job!

          So in future, should I encounter any of the absolutely charming room sprays you've discovered, I will give it another go. SERIOUSLY, this is a brilliant idea of yours. Offbeat enough to suit even me..... ;)

          Thanks for yet another Terrific article, complete with wacky delight!

          PS - I too am a huge fan of fireplace aromas. My favorite to date would be the animalic, woody smoke bomb that is Dev #2 by Olympic Orchids. Genius!

          NebraskaLovesScent 10/30/16 13:10

          Not a room spray, per se, but I've run my fingertips across the tops of Voluspa and Votivo candles and then smeared that oily, melted wax on my skin to wear the scent.

          (Which is kind of gross, now that I think about it...)


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